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We offer a wide range of trade show literature racks in three styles: fully “collapsible” racks, an excellent choice if transportation is your biggest issue;
“flat packs” and “modular styles” which snap apart for ease of packing.

                                             ZEDUP 1
                                  The same great features as the
                                  Zedup 2 in a single width unit.
                                  Available in textured Black or
                                  high shine Silver. A soft carry
                                  bag is included.
                                  ZedUp 1 single width in Black:
                                  ZedUp 1 single width in Silver:

                                                                                                            Zedup 1 with optional hard case upgrade
                                                                                                            Black unit w/case: ZD-1-HC-B
                                                                             10                             Silver unit w/case: ZD-1-HC-S
                                                                                                                             LITERATURE RACKS
                                  ZEDUP 2                                                   ZEDUP LITE
                         DOUBLE WIDE COLLAPSIBLE                                              COLLAPSIBLE
Easy to use 6 pocket literature rack collapses and packs away for ease of          Lightweight version of the superb
transportation. Double width units in textured Black or high shine Silver. Hard    ZedUp. Constructed from aluminum
case is included. In Black: ZD-2-B In Silver: ZD-2-S                               and plastic for reduced weight.
                                                                                   Hard transit case included.
                                                                                   Available only in Silver: ZD-LITE

                                                      INNOVATE                                                                 ILLUSION
                                                       MODULAR                                                                  COLLAPSIBLE
                                           A stylish and practical 10 pocket                                           A fast-folding cantilever rack
                                           rack. The modular design allows                                             with 4 front facing pockets.
                                           you to pack the unit in 3 separate                                          Available as single or
                                           parts for reduced shipping size.                                            double width unit in textured
                                           Carry bag included.                                                         Black or high shine Silver. A
                                           Textured Black: INN-B                                                       carry bag is included.
                                           High shine Silver: INN-S                                                    Illusion 1 single width
                                                                                                                       in Black: IL-1-B
                                                                                                                       Illusion 1 single width
                                                                                                                       in Silver: IL-1-S
                                                                                                                       Illusion 2 double width
                                                                                                                       in Black: IL-2-B
                                                                                                                       Illusion 2 double width
                                                                                                                       in Silver: IL-2-S


              10 UP                                                    SLOPE                                                  REVEAL PRO
            FLAT PACK                                            FLAT PACK                                                       MODULAR
Strong and stable unit with 10                  Stylish and elegant, for impact in any                      Easy to use roll-away fabric literature rack.
pockets in a striking Black and                 surrounding. Packs flat, bag included.                      Unbeatable when shipping space is an issue.
Silver combo.                                   Black: SLP-B Silver: SLP-S                                  Assembles in seconds and attractively presents
Carry bag included: 10UP-B                                                                                  standard 8.5” x 11” literature with an option of an
                                                                                                            eight pocket model. Bag included. Black: REV-PR-
                                                                                                            B Silver: REV-PR-S
                                                                                                            Eight pocket model in Silver: REV-PR-2-S
                                                                                                            Eight pocket model in Black: REV-PR-2-B

              TITAN                                                                       JAZZ                                      VICTORY
              MODULAR                       TITAN MINI                                    MODULAR                                     MODULAR
Heavy duty 8 pocket rack, splits into             TABLETOP              An attractive rack with 3 angled pockets      Slim and attractive with 5 front facing
3 parts for shipping. Robust design     Heavy-duty, double-sided        that allow you to present either landscape    pockets and a snap together design.
is ideal for corporate receptions       version holds 8.5” W x 11” H    or portrait literature. Carry bag included.   Carry bag included.
or outdoor road shows.                  literature.                     Black: JAZ-B Silver: JAZ-S                    Textured Black finish: VIC-B Silver: VIC-S
Black only: TITN-B                      Black only: TITN-MN-B
                                                                                                                        LITERATURE POCKETS, SIGN FRAMES

                               SIGNATURE                                                                             SIGNATURE
                                  TABLE TOP                                                                            TABLE TOP
                               sold in packs of 2                                                                    sold in packs of 2

 Signature One has three pockets,          Signature Two has two pockets,               Signature Three has three pockets       Signature Four has four pockets
 8.5” x 11” literature : SIG-1             8.5” x 11” literature: SIG-2                 4.25” x 11” literature: SIG-3           4.25” x 11” literature: SIG-4

                                   LEADER                                                                                                   SYNERGY
 The LEADER is a versatile pedestrian guidance system featuring a retract-                                                            DOUBLE SIDED SIGNBOARD
 able ‘seat belt’ style barrier. Each barrier can be linked to the next bar-                                                         Our double sided, A
 rier to direct traffic flow. Sold as a set of two units the system is available                                                     frame signboard accepts
 with a black post and red leader belt. Maximum length of each belt is                                                               24”W x 34”H graphics
 82”. The heavy steel base features a non-skid bottom. Order ref: LDR-R-1                                                            or posters. Snap edge
                                                                                                                                     frames     make   graphic
                                                                                                                                     changes quick and easy.
                                     OASIS                                                                                           Aluminum components in
                              EXHIBIT BAG HOLDER                                                                                     an anodized silver finish,
                         A handy, 3 arm collapsible                                                                                  designed for indoor or
                         bag dispenser in a shiny                                                                                    outdoor use!
                         silver finish. Order ref: OASIS                                                                             Order ref: SYN-2

                                 TRAPPA                                                                               TRAPPA 2
                  SNAP EDGE POSTER FRAMING SYSTEMS                                                        SNAP EDGE POSTER FRAMING SYSTEMS
A framing system that looks equally great in a corporate lobby or exhibit               Deluxe framing system with mitered corners in a beautiful, anodized silver
environment! Available in either a deluxe anodized Silver or Black. Trappa              finish. Trappa “snaps” open to change messages or graphics quickly and
“snaps” open to change messages or graphics quickly and easily. Available               easily. Available in a range of standard sizes and our custom “made to
in a range of standard sizes and our custom “made to measure services.”                 measure services.”


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