Reception Curriculum Newsletter � Autumn Term 1 2012

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					              Reception Curriculum Newsletter – Autumn Term 1 2012

Dear Parents and Carers,

The beginning of the Autumn term marks a big change for children and parents alike,
but Reception are settling really well and enjoying exploring their new school
environment. Our topic for this half term is ‘All About Me’ and this will span across
all 7 areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage. I have provided a
brief overview of the learning that your child will engage in over the next few weeks
below. I hope you find this both useful and informative. PE is on Monday and
Wednesday, so please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days. If
you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask any member of the Reception

Miss Reid – Reception class teacher.

 Area of Learning                Content                How you can help at home

Communication and This half term the children          Talk to your child at home
   Language       will be developing their            and        model         good
                  speaking and listening skills       conversational skills such as
                  through class discussions and       listening.
                  by playing in our ‘Home’ role
                  play area. Children will be
                  given the opportunity to
                  develop their confidence
                  when      speaking to an
                  audience as we share
                  information      about       our
                  families and home lives with
                  our class as part of our topic.
    Literacy      Over the next few weeks              Talk to your child about the
                  Reception will start to learn       phonemes and ‘tricky’ words
                  single letter sounds, which         that we have been learning at
                  will be known as phonemes.          school.
                  Towards the end of the half
                  term, the children will begin        Encourage your child to
                  to consider how these               engage in mark making
                  phonemes can be blended             activity, and to hold a pen or
                  together to read a word, or         pencil using a correct pencil
                  segmented to spell a word.          grip
                  We will also be learning to
                  recognise     some       ‘tricky’    Share a story with your
                  words. We will continue to          child talking about characters,
                  develop our interest in books       settings and events.
                  by reading a range of books
                       during story time.
   Mathematics         Number recognition, ordering      Help your child to
                       and counting to 10 will be our   recognise the numbers 0 to
                       main focus this half term. We    10 and spot numbers when
                       will also be exploring the       you are out and about.
                       characteristics of shapes, and
                       considering how objects can       Whilst playing games at
                       be ordered by length or          home, or at any appropriate
                       weight.                          opportunity, encourage your
                                                        child to count in a stable
                                                        order,       with       1:1

                                                         Help your child to notice
                                                        shapes within their local

                                                        Talk to your child as you
                                                       weigh or measure things at
Personal, Social and   A continuous emphasis this  Help your child to think
    Emotional          half term will be the about sharing and considering
   Development         importance of turn taking, others feelings at home.
                       sharing, listening, considering
                       others feelings and following  Encourage your child to
                       our school ‘Code of Conduct’ dress/undress and toilet
                       and class ‘Golden Rules.’ The independently.
                       children will also think
                       particularly     about     new
                       beginnings and a sense of
                       belonging. As part of our
                       topic we will also be
                       considering how we take care
                       of ourselves.
Understanding the      As part of our topic the  Talk to your child about
     World             children will be exploring our important features of your
                       school environment and our local        environment     and
                       local environment. We will be community when out and
                       talking to one another about about.
                       our families and our home, as
                       well as considering the things  Talk to your child about
                       we like to do and those that any local harvesting you
                       we don’t. We will also be might spot.
                       thinking about our bodies
                       and the things that we can
                       do. As part of our Harvest
                       celebration the children will
              be looking at the changing
              season and the harvesting of
              crops in England.
  Physical    This half term the children           Praise your child as they
Development   will be exploring the different      explore      new    ways    of
              ways that we can move and            travelling, such as hopping or
              travel and the different             skipping.
              shapes our bodies can make
              through        dance         and      Practice holding and using
              movement in our PE lessons.          scissors effectively at home.
              We will also look carefully at
              the changes that occur within
              our bodies when we exercise.
              Developing fine motor skills
              needing for holding a pencil
              and cutting with scissors will
              be a continuous focus as well
              through our ‘Fantastic Finger’
  Creative    The children will continue to
Development   have lots of opportunities to         Encourage your child to
              paint, make and draw. We             draw or paint at home,
              will complete family portraits       selecting appropriate colours.
              using paints, a harvest still life
              using chalk pastels, create 3D        Use a variety of junk
              models of our homes using            materials at home to explore
              junk boxes and will even             making and joining.
              explore      painting       with
                                                    Ask your child to teach you
              toothpaste                   and
                                                   the rhymes and songs they
              toothbrushes!      Imaginative
                                                   have been learning at school.
              play will be developed
              through our ‘Home’ role play
              area and in music we will be
              exploring beat and tempo.

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