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The left hand column of the vertical code numbers to the left of the town die is completely missing by xV5RuU


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  Not much news this month, so I have decided to continue with the topic of ‘errors’. My
  meter of the month is an item from four years ago, but recently ‘re-discovered’. It is from a
  Neopost SM22 / SM26 machine which was incorrectly allocated a 6-figure serial number
  (instead of the normal 5-figure number).

  It is clear that it should have read 4NE11772 rather than 4NE411772. This example also
  includes the built-in message ‘First Class’ to the left of the slogan block – use of such
  messages appear to be uncommon on this type of machine.

  I am pleased to be able to update
  my report last month regarding the
  town die error on machine
  PB501724 (item 6, dated 17 June
  2003). The error was still there a
  week later on 24 June (item 29).

  However, by the 4 July the error
  had been corrected (item 56) and
  the town die now reads ‘EXETER’.
  The machine in question is being
  used in the new Met Office building
  in Exeter.

  A few other errors found recently are illustrated on page 33-3.


  My thanks to David Aspinwall and Peter Wood for their reports / correspondence this month.

  Meter News                              Page 33-1                                         July 2003
Latest Numbers
Below is a list of ‘Latest Numbers’ as at 27th July 2003 – as you can see, there is very little
movement this month. Please could I have updates for the next issue by 29th August.

             Sensonic 21-2600    FSC 223318             06.06.03
             Sensonic 2000       FSC 275922             13.06.03
             Mailspirit          FSC 700842             14.02.03
             Sensonic 2000?      FSC 901699             03.06.03

          EFS 2000/3000          EFS 558389             09.01.03
          Optimail               T 560702               01.04.03       Static for 3 months
          JetMail                FJ0560554              05.03.03       Static for 4 months
          MyMail                 FM0008083              08.05.03       Static for 2 months
          MyMail                 FM2110404              13.06.03

             4450                1NE 44502              25.04.03       Static for 2 months
             SM 22,26            4NE 20830              07.02.03       Static for 5 months
             5450, 5460          5NE 18779              10.02.03       Static for 5 months
             8500, 8550/8750     8NE 44109              08.04.03       Static for 2 months
             SM 75,85,95         9NE 50896              01.11.02       Static for 8 months
             IJ25                N1130109               03.06.03
             IJ65, 75            N1204218               03.07.03
             IJ35, 45            N1305701               21.07.03

Pitney Bowes
          Paragon                PBP82502               05.06.03
          Personal Post          PB256763               23.04.03       Static for 2 months
          DM 200?                PB310245               25.04.03       Static for 2 months
          DM 250?                PB321187               01.07.03       *
          DM 225, 300            PB378975               20.02.03       Static for 4 months
          Personal Post          PB412987               16.07.03       *
          DM 400 etc             PB502019               16.07.03
          Post Perfect           PB756212               03.06.03
          B921                   PB980421               02.04.03       Static for 3 months

             DP200               ST224535               23.04.03       Static for 2 months
             DP400               ST424463               27.05.03

*   These reports were kindly supplied by David Aspinwall.

Meter News                          Page 33-2                                      July 2003
Meter Error – Pitney Bowes

The item shown here (PB211454)
is from a Pitney Bowes Personal
Post machine. The left-hand
column of the vertical code
numbers to the left of the town die
is completely missing, leaving just
a single column!

Unfortunately, the example is partly obscured by the postmark, but it is dated 14 Aug 1999.
Other similar reports would be welcome.

Meter Errors – SECAP

The SECAP DP200 appears to be prone to losing part of the frank. I have seen a number of
examples from different machines where part of the print is lost. Here I illustrate two examples
from machine ST221465. The first has lost the lower left-hand side of the slogan, and the
second has completely lost the security coding block.

The example below from machine ST220794 has the top half of the frank missing:

Meter News                            Page 33-3                                 July 2003

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