Pre Primary Education and Concerns of ParentsPre Primary Education and Concerns of Parents by oakridgint


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									Pre Primary Education and Concerns of Parents

People say ‘Children see magic because they look for it’. The magic is all around the world. It is
just we have just lost the quality of identifying it within the course of time. It is not anyone’s
fault but it is the rule of the world and our existence. Children are not bounded with any
emotional barriers and have no fear to the world and surroundings. It gives a lot of space for
creativity and imagination. Children are found more artistic at a very young age as they explore
the world in a different style from us and it seems very colorful to them.

So to enhance the inherent talent in the children, parents are now sending kids to pre primary
schools where they learn the basics of every sphere. But the concerns related to pre primary
education are very high from the parent’s side. They have en number of apprehensions
regarding burden on children, safety issues, and health concerns etc. These are valid concern
which needs to be answered by people who are running such institutions. Form an outsider’s
point of view I would say that early education, if done properly, will save very positive function
as they receive the right push at the right time. If children possess any talent and need further
polish, it is possible through early education.

Early schooling sometimes makes children very homesick but it can be solved with the
comforting behavior of the teacher. But if look at the positive side of it the quality of becoming
social in behavior gets a starting in a child. Many children behave very much introvert due to
various reasons but this behavior can be changed drastically during the early schooling stage
where they will be introduced to new people and atmosphere. These days we can see many
schools coming up in our country with pre primary education centers. Especially international
schools in India are giving more importance to these as the kids will get a starting before the
actual schooling.

For example schools like Oakridge Top international school in Hyderabad focus on holistic
education along with overall personality development of the kids. They have the special section
allocated to pre primary education where they concentrate on the skills of the young geniuses
and comfort them with care and protection. Safety issues can be taken care with the
continuous monitoring of kids. Rest of the concerns of parents will go with the flow once they
see the progress of the young whiz kids.

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