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					                                                                                                                              - Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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(103226)               As the owner or manager of a property, rent collection is the most important function of the position. If rent is not collected, bills
  Computers            cannot be paid and thus no business to run. Tenants also forget to make payments, so they will also appreciate a process to
(199928)               make rent payments convenient and user-friendly. It is a tedious role to be a property owner / manager, as you have to make
  Construction         several trips to your property or bank to collect rent and make deposits, keep track of who has paid, and apply late fees for
(26104)                appropriate tenants. Another painstaking aspect is when rent payments are returned as Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), which can
  Consumer (34792)     only be discovered days later after costing you more money. Thus, making it essential for you to not only collect rent but also
  Cooking (14381)      add late fees, returned check fees and other costs.
                       So by revolutionizing rent collection, both you and your tenants remain current on rent collection and payments without much
  Crafts (13204)       effort from either party. Remove the troublesome, inconvenient and time consuming process out of rent collection. Get automatic
  Cuisine (5398)       rent collection with time spared for other important things in life.
  Current Affairs                                                        ZoomACH offers you a quick, reliable and efficient rent collection
                                                                         method with its ACH payment processing services. By using this
  Dating (37879)                                                         automatic service, tenants’ in CA, NJ, NY and within the United
  EBooks (15229)                                                         States can conveniently have their rent automatically deducted from
  E-Commerce                                                             their bank account as frequently as they want. Our ACH (Automated
                                                                         Clearing House) payment processing gateway is the most cost-
  Education                                                              effective and efficient method of consistently collecting rent without
(134483)                     PayPal® in-Store Checkout                   the loss of time, gas, money and energy required with standard rent
  Electronics           PayPal is the simpler way to pay, online, on the collection. Under an agreed-upon date and frequency, ACH
                                     phone & now in store                processing will automatically debit the tenant’s account and deposit
  Email (5419)                                                           the same amount into your account without any effort from either one
  Entertainment                    of you. ACH transactions will enable you to collect bills while on
                                                                         vacation, working, sick or busy doing other tasks.
(22997)                                                                            The payments processing gateway offers a secure electronic
  Ezine (2735)                                                                     network for ACH or merchant services transactions to occur, which
  Ezine                                                                            can be viewed from any computer year round. If a payment is
Publishing (5182)                                                                  returned as NSF, you will be informed via email within 2 – 3 days,
  Ezine Sites (1375)   not a week later. ACH transactions are very reliable, easy to use automatic rent collection or automatic bill collection systems.
  Family &             After using ZoomACH automatic bill collection, you will never return to the old, burdensome method of rent or bill collection
Parenting (99336)      again. The best part is that ZoomACH can charge as low as 35 cents per ACH transaction. ZoomACH is a team of reliable
  Fashion &            professionals transforming all your paper based payments and bill collections to an automated processes. Call us at
Cosmetics (165294)     888.962.4665 or visit our site at for more information.
Entrepreneurs          More information available here:-Automatic rent collection and payments processing gateway.
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Description: ZoomACH payments processing in California provides automatic bill collection via ACH payments and merchant services for clients throughout the USA