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									                                    Hampton, Virginia
                                CODE ch. 5, art. III, §§ 5-38, 5-43

Sec. 5-43. Unlawful care of feral cats

(a) Any person intentionally providing food, water, or other forms of sustenance to a feral cat or
feral cat colony must furnish a signed statement to the animal control office agreeing to comply
with the following conditions. Those persons who have furnished a signed statement to the
animal control officer agreeing to comply with the conditions contained in this section are
exempt from the requirements of Article IV of this chapter, entitled dog and cat licenses.

       (1) Annual registration with the animal control office as a person caring for feral cat(s)
       or a feral cat colony. There will be no costs associated with this registration. The
       registrant shall be deemed the owner or custodian of the cat(s) for purposes of this

       (2) Provide documentation of support by surrounding neighbors of proposed location for
       feral cat colony.

       (3) Assure responsibility and arrangements for feeding and providing emergency
       veterinarian treatment as needed to the cat or cat colony regularly throughout the year,
       including weekends, holidays and vacations and in the absence of the caregiver.

       (4) Regular and frequent trapping through use of humane box traps of cats over the age
       of eight (8) weeks to have them spayed or neutered.

       (5) It is highly recommended that all trapped cats be tested for feline leukemia, and to
       have those who test positive humanely euthanized or isolated indoors.

       (6) Identify all sterile cats by tipping their ears (tipping to be done by a licensed
       veterinarian); micro chipping is recommended but not required.

       (7) Arrange to have all trapped cats spayed or neutered and vaccinated for rabies in
       addition to any other vaccination or immunization requirement imposed by the
       commonwealth. It is recommended that such cats be vaccinated for distemper.

       (8) Any animal known to have an infectious, untreated disease shall not be released
       back to the colony or any other outdoor environment where the disease can be spread to
       uninfected animals.

(b) It shall be the duty of an animal control officer or a to issue notice of noncompliance
specifying that the caregiver has forty-eight (48) hours to provide a written response including
how the colony will be brought into compliance within a ninety-day time period. The caregiver
shall make weekly progress reports to the animal control office.
(c) Failure to comply with any provision of this section shall constitute a violation of this
section as well as section 5-38 and subject to penalties thereof.

(Ord. No. 1385, 10-13-04; Ord. No. 1437, 11-15-06; Ord. No. 08-0015, 9-24-08)
State law references: Animal laws, Code of Virginia, § 3.2-6538 et seq.; authority of city to
adopt ordinance paralleling state dog laws, Code of Virginia, § 3.2-6543.

Sec. 5-38. Running at large…

(b) Cats.

       (1) It shall be unlawful for any person to permit any cat owned or kept by him to run or
       go at large within the city unless the cat is spayed or neutered and properly licensed in
       accordance with Article IV, sections 5-51 through 5-60 of the Hampton City Code…

       (5) Cats identified as part of a managed feral cat colony in accordance with the
       provisions of section 5-43 shall be exempted from the requirements of section 5-38(b)(1)

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