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									                                   How To Select A Quality Dome Camera

A dome camera is an infrared camera that is used in surveillance and is positioned in a strategic location
to capture all movements within an area. These infrared cameras can be mounted and suspended from
a ceiling or wall with a bracket. The position of an infrared security camera will depend on what it is
being used for and on the required view. The dome camera is named that way because it is inside a
transparent dome which is usually tinted to hide its position. Dome cameras have different forms like IP
or analog, mobile or fixed. An infrared camera inside a dome can focus, rotate, or tilt. There are thermal
cameras with night vision and there are those with infrared illuminators that can only be used during

If you wish to install some dome cameras in your home or office, there are some things to consider in
making your choice. The first thing to check is the camera's resolution. You want a high TVL or television
lines of resolution. This is the measurement of the horizontal resolution and it has to be over 460 TVL to
be considered a high resolution camera.

The next thing to consider is the image sensor being used in the infrared security camera. The top
technologies used in the image sensors of infrared cameras are charge-coupled devices or CCDs and
complementary metal oxide conductors or CMOCs. Either of these sensors will work well for all types
of surveillance. You also want to compare the optical and digital zoom features of the cameras as this
is important in choosing a high speed dome camera. You want a powerful optical zoom especially if you
wish to cover a wider area like a parking lot or the lobby of a building.

Finally, you want to check the camera's day and night function because you want a clear view at any
time of the day. If you are looking for a camera for outdoor surveillance then it needs to have a high
resolution with a wide dynamic range function and infrared features. This type of speed dome camera
captures clear images even in pitch black areas or in overly bright areas.

If security is your concern and you know next to nothing about cameras then it may be a good idea to
consult an expert. You can also conduct a research on your own online comparing reviews of various
camera brands. Make sure the camera you choose fits your security needs to make your investment
worth it.

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