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                   Subject    12 Ext 2 English
             Name of Task     Report

          Notification Date   17 May 2012

          Assessment Date     31 May 2012

            Feedback Date     7 June 2012
   Submission Instructions    Submit a stapled document which includes your

          Task Description    Write a report on your progress so far with your major

           Length/Format      1500w
                              10% (of 50% for a 1 unit course)

Resources on Oxleylearning    http://oxleylearning.org/english/year-12/
                              1. A student develops and presents an extended
                                   composition that demonstrates depth, insight,
                                   originality and skills in independent investigation

                              2.   A students reflects on and documents own process of
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                                    Task Description

Write a report outlining the impact of independent investigation on the
development of the major work.

You should:
   Articulate your current concept
   Detail the impact of these aspects of independent investigation:
            a) Form
            b) Content
            c) Style
            d) Through human sources
 Discuss how your research so far has shaped your writing.
 Reflection on drafting and editing processes
   Set goals for further research, writing and reflection
   Express yourself formally but personally
   Include brief quotations from various drafts of your work to show how it is
   Include a full bibliography

You will be marked on your ability to:

          explain the your focus and the nature of your major work
          demonstrate the impact of research on your progress
          reflect on your progress and set goals
          express yourself in a formal report with bibliography
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                                                Assessment Criteria

Part A: Critical Annotation

     Element                  1                     2                      3                        4                     5

   explain the      Demonstrates          Demonstrates           Demonstrates             Demonstrates        Demonstrates
    your focus        inadequate             elementary              the quality and           independent          extensive
                      independent            quality and             variety of                investigation        independent
    and the           investigation          limited variety         independent                                    investigation
    nature of                                of                      investigation
    your major                               independent
    work                                     investigation

   demonstrate      Demonstrates          Demonstrates           Demonstrates             Demonstrates        Demonstrates
    the impact        minimal                limited                 progress in the           pleasing             consistent
                      progress in            progress in             development               progress in          progress in the
    of research       the                    the                     of the Major              the                  development of
    on your           development            development             Work through              development          the Major Work
    progress          of the Major           of the Major            discussion and            of the Major         through lucid
                      Work                   Work through            sound journal             Work through         discussion and
                                             descriptive             entries                   articulate           detailed
                                             discussion and                                    discussion and       insightful
                                             limited journal                                   insightful           journal entries
                                             entries                                           journal entries
   reflect on       Superficially         Attempts to            Reflects on              Competently         Insightfully
    your              reflects on and        reflect on and          and justifies             reflects on and      reflects on and
                      justifies the          justify the             the processes             justifies the        justifies the
    progress and      processes of           processes of            of composition            processes of         processes of
    set goals         composition            composition                                       composition          composition

   express          Communicates
                                           Communicates          Communicates               Clearly and
                                                                                                                  Articulately and
    yourself in a                             undeveloped            ideas in the              cohesively
                       rudimentary                                                             communicates         enthusiastically
    formal                                    ideas with             form of a
                       ideas                                                                   ideas in the         communicates
    report with                               some                   report with a
                                                                                               form of a            ideas in the
    bibliography                              references             bibliography              report with a        form of a report
                                                                                               detailed or          with detailed
                                                                                                                    and broad

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