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                  Subject    11 Standard English
             Name of Task Summer of the Aliens essay
              Type of task Submission of a critical essay

         Notification Date 27th July 2012
         Assessment Date 10th August 2012
            Feedback Date 24th August

   Submission Instructions Type your essay, following the layout instructions on page 2 of
                           the task.

          Task Description Critical essay
                             Answer the set question based on your understanding of Summer
                             of the Aliens and your independent research.

           Length/Format Critical essay
                             1500 words (+/- 10%)
                Weighting 25%
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                                 1 A student demonstrates an understanding of the
                                   relationships between composer, responder and context.
                                 4 A student describes and explains the ways in which language
                                   forms and features, and structures of particular texts shape
                                   meaning and influence responses.

                                 7 A student selects appropriate language forms and features,
                                  and structures to explore and express ideas and values.

                                10 A student analyses and synthesises information and ideas
                                  from a range of texts for a variety of purposes, audiences
                                  and contexts
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                                               Task Description

  Submit an essay on this topic:

Explore ONE theme in Summer of the Aliens, discussing how it has been represented in the play as a whole,
                                      including through subtext.

  In your essay you should:
  •       select ONE main theme of Nowra’s Summer of the Aliens, for example: growing up,
          prejudice, gender, memory
  •       explore the ways in which this theme is used and developed throughout the play,
          touching on the role of subtext, other relevant symbols and language forms and
  •       discuss the biographical research that has enriched your understanding of this aspect
  •       footnote references, whether they are quotations or paraphrased ideas
  •       include a bibliography

     1. If you are absent on the day of the task you are required to bring a medical certificate and then submit
     the essay on your first day back at school.
     2. Documents are to be laid out as follows:
              • Header: title of task, your name
              • Footer: pagination
              • Footnotes: size 9 calibri, grey
              • Font: calibri; header/footer size 10; body of document size 12; headings/subheadings 14-18,
                 select colour as you see fit
              • Give your essay a title
              • Include a small image under the title of your essay
              • Spacing: 1.5
              • Margins: 2cm on all sides

  You will be marked on your ability to:
               o analyse the relationship between context, composer, text and responder (outcome 1)
               o analyse language forms and features of Summer of the Aliens (outcome 4)
               o write in the form of a formal essay with footnotes and bibliography (outcome 7)
               o compare and integrate information from a range of sources in answer to the question
                   (outcome 10)
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           Assessment criteria

    Element                   1                          2                        3                          4                          5
compare and          Partially or            Inappropriately          Explores theme and        Thoroughly explores       Insightfully explores
integrate           inaccurately explores      explores theme and        its representation in      theme and its             theme and its
information from    theme and its              its representation in     the play as a whole,       representation in the     representation in the
a range of          representation in one      two or three parts        integrates                 play as a whole,          play as a whole,
sources in answer   or two parts of the        of the play,              information from a         skilfully integrates      skilfully integrates
to the question     play, little to no         attempts to               range of sources           information from a        information from a
(outcome 10)        attempt to integrate       integrate                                            range of sources          wide range of sources
                    information from a         information from a
                    range of sources           range of sources
demonstrate          Partial or              Mention                  Describe                  Explain and evaluate      Thoughtfully explain
your                inaccurate reference       biographical and          biographical and           the significance of       and evaluate the
understanding of    to biographical            critical information      contextual                 biographical and          significance of
the relationship    information               Partially accurate or     information                contextual                biographical and
between              Partially                appropriate              Accurate analysis of       information               contextual information
composer,           inaccurate,                analysis of the           the relationship          Developed analysis        Perceptive analysis
responder, text     inappropriate or no        relationship              between composer,          of the relationship       of the relationship
and context         analysis of the            between composer,         responder, text and        between composer,         between composer,
(outcome 1)         relationship between       responder, text and       context                    responder, text and       responder, text and
                    composer, responder,       context                                              context                   context
                    text and context

analyse language     Little to no use of     Limited use of           Some use of               Frequent use of           Frequent and wide
forms and           quotation to support       quotation to              quotation to support       quotation to support      ranging use of
features of         argument                   support argument          argument                   argument                  quotation to support
Summer of the        Inaccurate or no        Partially inaccurate     Mostly accurate           Accurate and mostly       argument
Aliens (outcome     analysis of material       analysis of material      analysis of material       appropriate analysis      Accurate and
4)                   Unsuitable range of     Limited range of LFF     Suitable range of          of material               appropriate analysis of
                    LFF commented on           commented on              LFF commented on          Considerable range        material
                     Inaccurate or no        Insufficient             Attempts to                of LFF commented          Wide range of LFF
                    attempts to                attempts to               demonstrate                on                        commented on
                    demonstrate                demonstrate               causality between         Fairly clear causality    Clear causality
                    causality between LFF      causality between         LFF and its effect         demonstrated              demonstrated
                    and its effect             LFF and its effect                                   between LFF and its       between LFF and its
                                                                                                    effect                    effect

write in the form    Significantly           Unfocused                Somewhat focused          Focused and               Highly focused and
of a formal essay   unfocused response         response                  response                   insightful argument       insightful argument
with footnotes       Minimal structure:      Unclear structure:       Clear structure:          Strong structure:         Excellent structure:
and bibliography    introduction is mostly     introduction does         introduction sets out      introduction sets out     introduction sets out
(outcome 7)         narrative and              not set out the           the structure and          the structure fairly      the structure including
                    response is chaotic; a     structure                 response follow it         clearly and response      theses and texts to be
                    disjointed response        adequately and/or         with some attempts         follow it in a            explored and response
                     No referencing of        response is not           to create a cohesive       cohesive response         follow it in a highly
                    sources, no                ordered well;             response                  Frequent                  cohesive and fluid
                    bibliography               mostly disjointed        Some referencing of        referencing of            response
                     Unsuitable               ideas                     sources, simple            sources,                  Thorough
                    example of essay          Minimal                   bibliography               bibliography              referencing of sources,
                    writing in terms of        referencing of           Suitable example of       Developed example         comprehensive
                    form, layout,              sources,                  essay writing in           of essay writing in       bibliography
                    register, tone and         bibliography need         terms of form,             terms of form,            Excellent example of
                    voice                      to be formatted           layout, register, tone     layout, register, tone    essay writing in terms
                                               appropriately             and voice                  and voice                 of form, layout,
                                              Partially suitable                                                             register, tone and voice
                                               example of essay
                                               writing in terms of
                                               form, layout,
                                               register, tone and

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