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Chronicle October '12


									                      RIS Chronicle
       The Student Newspaper of Rainbow International School

                           Volume 2, Issue 1                                      October 17, 2012

                           The Big Event!
                           By Ms. Ross
                              The grade 4 stu-      thinking caps on and       buzzing with curiosity
                           dents have been work-    came up with a plan…       all week!
2-32 Yangjae 1-dong        ing hard since the       we would throw the             Friday, September
Seocho-gu                  commencement of          whole school a surprise    28 was the day to re-
Seoul, Republic of Korea   their IPC                                                          veal the
137-886                    Unit,                                                              BIG SUR-
+82-2-571-2917/8           “Express                                                           PRSE.
Fax: +82-2-572-2916        Yourself!”                                                         The           Along                                                              grade 4s
                           with their                                                         and 5s
                           partners                                                           went
                           in grade                                                           knocking
                           5, they                                                            on the
                           have                                                               doors of
                           learned a                                                          the ele-
                           lot about                                                          mentary
                           the socie-                                                         and mid-
                           tal and                                                            dle
                           scientific                                                         school
                           aspects that effect      popcorn and movie af-      classrooms just after
                           both human and ani-      ternoon! The grade 4       lunch. Teachers got in
                           mal emotions. For our    and 5 students used        on the fun and put on
                           final project and unit   their newly acquired       their best “surprised”
                           exit point, we decided   knowledge of advertis-     faces. Tests were post-
                           to attempt a challeng-   ing to prepare for the     poned, assignments
                           ing task ~make the       BIG EVENT. They            were put away, and
                           entire RIS student       made posters and           fun was had by all.
How Do                     body feel HAPPY!
                              The grade 4s and
                                                    movie trailers to in-
                                                    crease the anticipation.
                                                                                   We hope we made
                                                                               everyone at RIS feel
MacBooks                   grade 5s put their       RIS students were          HAPPINESS!!!

Help You?
By Grade 6

Ms. Maher asked her
grade 6 homeroom
students how having
a MacBook has
improved their
learning experience.
See some of their
answers in the chart
on the right.
Big Buddies/Little Buddies Reading Program
Submitted by Ms. Ross

   Some elementary school stu-            prove their reading skills and
dents have begun a really excit-          classroom conduct.
ing learning experiment called               It will also allow both grade 2
Big Buddies and Little Buddies.           and grade 4 students a chance
   Grade 2 students will be               to build confidence, responsibil-
partnered with grade 4 students           ity, and citizenship skills.
for one Language Arts class per
week for one-on-one reading,
book report writing, and inter-
active games. Students will take                  Grade 2 students
turns reading to each other and                   learn to use iPads
completing an activity together.                   to enhance their
   The “Big Buddy” will support                       educational
their “Little Buddy” with reading                     experience.
tips and strategies. Students
will remain with their partner
for four weeks in order to suc-
cessfully build trust and rapport.
After each four week cycle, stu-
dents will receive a new partner.
   The Big Buddies and Little
                                                                                                  Ms. Julia and
Buddies program will provide an
                                                                                                   Ms. Donna
opportunity for grade 4 stu-
dents to volunteer their time
                                                                                                 muscle groups
and enthusiasm to mentor
                                                                                                for grades 2 and
learners in grade 2. The pro-
                                                                                                   3 students.
gram will provide an opportuni-
ty for grade 2 students to im-

 Should Tigers Be Kept in the Zoo?
 A Pursuasive Essay By Semanur Saglam, Grade 5

    Should tigers kept in the zoo?        other people or other animals. Also,       and they need to get to eat as much
Some people say that tigers should        for humans it’s not good for tigers to     food as they want. They need to run
kept in the zoo. Others think that        be in the same area where people           and in zoos there is no space. As you
they very dangerous they should be        live because people could be               know tigers and wild animals are
kept in the small cages. But I believe    attacked by the tigers. However, if        very angry and they are very wild
in that they should not kept in the       animals are kept in zoos then the          (they are crazy sometimes) but if
zoo because they have brain they          natural environment will be mixed          they are in the zoo they cannot be
have heart maybe they are scared          up, so I disagree and think tigers         happy.
from the cages that they live.            should not be in the zoo.                     For these reasons, tigers or any
    Some say that tigers should be            I think tigers should not be kept in   wild or dangerous animals should not
kept in the cages because if we do        the zoo for many reasons. Tigers           be kept in the zoo. They really need
not put it in a cage it might disturbed   have to be in feel safe in their home      to be free.
We Asked Grade 1 Students: “What is your favorite thing at RIS?!”
                                           Submitted by Ms. Shouse

    “Korean class and extra-                                                              “Being in the gym and art
   curricular activities (ECs).”                                                                     class.”
             Serena                                                                                Gulmeena

   “Break time and computer                                                               “When I go to the roof and
             class.”                                                                            play soccer.”
              Reef                                                                             Abdulrahman

   “I love all of school and my                                                                  “Soccer.” Haani
                Azra                                                                             “I like P.E.” Gaye
                                                                                           “I like to go to the gym.”
     “I love the whole school.”                                                                       Audri
               Hasan                       “I like to stay in the hut on the
                                               roof and computer class.”
                                                                                      “I like eating lunch.” Lamyeaa
      “I like P.E. class.” Emil                         Humaira

The Adventure of a Lifetime!
A Narrative By Joshua Choi, Grade 5

    Once in Cebu, Philippines in 2008 I    and took a deep breath through my         going to attack me but the fish were
went scuba diving with my dad and          mouth. It felt weird breathing through    after the bread in my hand. I felt like a
mum. It took about an hour to get to       my mouth instead of my nose. My           wildlife person. The fish were tickling
the ocean side and I was yawning so I      tour guide gave me some very soggy        me and I started laughing because
slept. When we got there                                                                        they didn’t have any teeth
we learned to get pressure                                                                      so they ate with the
out of our ears. My mum                                                                         mouths. My guide took out
wouldn’t scuba dive so me                                                                       a underwater camera and
and my dad put our gear                                                                         took photos of me feeding
on. I was jumping up and                                                                        the fish. Then he took off
down yelling “Yes!!!!!!” Our                                                                    his air tube. I was petrified
gear included air tank, air                                                                     with fear I wanted to stop
tube, a pair of flippers,                                                                       him but he shook his head
swimming mask and a swim                                                                        and opened his mouth and
suit. Then we entered the                                                                       made some air bubbles. He
water.                                                                                          made air bubbles shaped
    We walked on the sand                                                                       like rings I was so fascinated
until we were able to swim                                                                      that I swam there gaping.
freely like fish. The water                                                                     Then we took more photos
was cold but with my swim                                                                       and returned to the surface
suit on I felt warm and cozy                                                                    and my guide told me that
like I was lying in a field, baking in     bread, since we couldn’t speak under-     we were underwater for 5-10 minutes
sunlight. As we entered the water I        water he acted holding the bread          and we went 5 meters deep.
was amazed at what I saw. There            away from my body. Confused, I cop-          I told my parents that we should
were all kinds of fish, there were rain-   ied him and suddenly all the fish with-   go scuba diving again and we got a
bow fish, clown fish etc. I floated        in half a meter radius came rushing       DVD with all our photos of scuba div-
there gaping that I forgot to breathe      toward me. I thought that they were       ing.
Anti-Bullying                           Wolves Should Not Be Kept in Zoos
                                        A Pursuasive Essay By Aleena Faisal, Grade 5
Poster Contest
Grades 4&5 held a poster                    Should wolves be kept in zoos? Some people believe that wolves are
                                        dangerous so they say that they should be kept in the zoo. Others believe
contest to kick-off their first         that zoos are too stressful for animals, such as wolves. I don't think that
IPC unit of the school year,            wolves should be kept in zoos because they have feelings.
                                            Some people think that animals should be kept in Zoo like conditions.
Express Yourself!. Students
                                        These people think that dangerous animals should be kept in zoos for hu-
created posters that showed             mans safety so people don’t get in a serious injury or face death. Also be-
bullying is NOT tolerated at            cause if people want to observe them like maybe scientist want to observe
                                        their behavior to help animals increase their population.
RIS! The creator of the win-                I strongly disagree that wolves should be kept in zoo because they are
ning poster was announced               always pacing around and that is bad because they look like they are very
                                        stressed and trying to escape and they can die from stress, which can be-
during the RIS student as-
                                        come a big problem because they can all be extinct. Extinction is a big
sembly on September 17.                 problem because we want all of the animals to be alive since they all are
The winner, grade 5 student             very cool and they all have something interesting and are part of the
                                        Earth’s food chain.
Joshua Choi, had his design                 I don't think that wolves should be kept in zoo because there is no solu-
printed on a t-shirt! See stu-          tion for the wolves because they always like to roam around and hunt
                                        around a lot! So I don't think wolves should be kept in zoo. We all have
dents and teachers wearing
                                        feelings that is the same with animals. We would feel bad when we are in
the winning t-shirt below!              jail or cage so we should let wolves be free.

 Strangest Thing I Ever Heard!
 A Narrative By Miju Rahman, Grade 5
   It was the strangest thing I ever heard. It was also the last thing my uncle said before he died... My uncle worked
as an astronaut he used to visit space and other planets a lot. I visited him in the hospital. Then he did the weirdest
thing I ever saw. He wrote a word on a piece of paper. I couldn’t see it, and then he said something strange. All of a
sudden light shone out of his eyes and his whole body started shaking. I always wondered to myself, “Why does my
uncle go to space and other planets?” then when he died I was saying to myself just for fun that maybe my uncle is
going to Mars, but then I thought how can a human do that? Finally, I stopped questioning and followed his strange
advice. His advice was to take a trip to Mars. I saw him there and he wasn’t actually dead. He went to his home... in
outer space and guess what! He was an alien! “I was like what! What! Am I dreaming? I was like OMG! OH MY

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