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					Marriage is one of the sunnah of Prophet SAW and is recommended
religion. Marriage mentioned in the Quran as miitsaaqun ghaliizh,
grand agreement, not just the ceremony in order to follow the tradition,
not merely a means of getting offspring, and moreover just as
sexual libido or distribution outlet for sheer lust.

Marriage is trust and responsibility. For couples who each
have a sincere intention to build a life together and Mahligai
realize that marriage is the responsibility and mandate, the marriage
they could be heaven. Moreover, if the two are menyintai.

Prophet Muhammad had said that it means, "Consider carefully
your wives. They're at your side like a surrogate, whose mandate
you should watch. They shuttle you through the trust of Allah and kalimahNya.
So pergaulilah them well, do not you lalimi, and fill
their rights. "

When talking about our responsibilities, among other Prophet
mentions that "the husband is the shepherd in his family and will be
held accountable for the flock and the shepherd's wife is
in her husband's house and responsible for the flock. '

Thus, men and women who had been tied up in the name of God in
a marriage, each against the other has the right and
obligations. Husband shall fulfill its responsibilities to the family and
her children, of whom the most important thing is to associate them with
better. Wife required to obey her husband and set up home

Each of the husband and wife take responsibility for the success
their marriage to get the pleasure of their Lord. When
each more attention and perform its obligations towards
partner rather than just demanding their rights, Insha Allah, harmony and
happiness in their lives will be sustainable until the Last Day. Conversely, if the
each only see its own right because it feels has advantages
or see the shortcomings of the other, then their lives will be
burden is often unbearable.

Respectively, male and female, both have advantages and pure
kekurangannnya alone. Advantages, it is not for
diperbanggakan or diperirikan. Shortcomings-lack was not to
diperejekkan or made demeaning. But all that is an opportunity for
both partners to complement each other. Both husband and wife together
struggling to build their family life with noble spirit and
maintaining the safety and keistiqamahannya always. Thus it would be
realization ultimate happiness in this world and in the Hereafter, Insha Allah.

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