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                                                                          OCTOBER NEWSLETTER
            “A nation`s durability depends on the education of young generations"

                                                                                           In this issue!
                                                                                          In this issue!
                                                                                           Principal`s Message ... 1
  Greetings! I hope all is well with you. Things here are great!! The 1st Quarter is      Principal`s Message ... 1
  upon us and there are many events that will be taking place at RIS. When you talk        Awards ......................... 2
                                                                                          ESL Corner ................... 2
  with your students, make sure that they keep you up to date on all the wonderful
                                                                                           Events ........................... 2
  opportunities they are having at school. I enjoy having them here and look forward      IMYC for the MS .......... 3
  to seeing their smiling faces each day. Please look for information sending you          Member Spotlight ...... 3
  about setting up a conference with your child`s teachers in the Parent-Teacher          Congratulations! ........ 4
  Conference Day. We have a goal of 100% parent participation. We can only                 Winter Social ............... 3
  accomplish this with your assistance and cooperation. We realize there are many         Investigators ................ 5
  activities and events that fill our calendars. Sometimes we seem to lose focus with      District Goals ............... 4
                                                                                          Field Trips ...................... 6
  all that goes on throughout the school year. Our main purpose is to provide
                                                                                           Committee Chairs ...... 4
  students with the best educational opportunity possible and to help them achieve        Student Council.......... 6
  academically. We really need parental help to ensure that the homework is being
  done and that studying for tests are priorities.
  One other quick thing that I need to mention, that is very important. Whenever
  possible, take time to read with your students. It doesn’t matter how young or old
  they are a good story or book is a wonderful thing to share. The Faculty and Staff
  are reading many wonderful books this year and are trying to share a love of
  reading with our students. However, there is no substitute for what takes place in
  the students own homes. You all do a great job of supporting your students and it
  is greatly appreciated!! Have a fantastic academic year!!

                                                                                          Iman Nishiki (Grade 2)
                                                                                          Kazuki Fujimoto (Grade 7)

                                                                                          Audri Ayman (Grade 1)
                                                                                          Iman Nishiki (Grade 2)
                                                                                          Wang Chun Lam (Grade 3)
Rainbow International School Mission Statement                                            William Kim (Grade 4)
Rainbow International School enables students to achieve academic excellence              Miju Rahman (Grade 5)
while being encouraged to be global leaders who promote global peace through equity,      Liyan Siddiqi (Grade 6)
innovation, diversity, integrity, community, care for the environment and self-respect.   Daniela Oh (Grade 7)
                                                                                          Cheng Hao Yeh (Grade 8)

   2-32 YANGJAE 1-DONG, SEOCHO-GU, SEOUL, REPUBLIC OF KOREA 137-886 PHONE + 82 2 571 2917 FAX + 82 2 572 2916

      ESL            Corner
                                                  Our Beginner Group just finished             Middle School ESL Students
ESL 1-3 Learning Environment                      learning about different shapes, colors,        Get Creative AND
When you come and visit ESL 1-3 you will          and food. Each student made a
discover a positive a learning environment,       colorful picture out of the shapes and
a place where students are comfortable to         colors they have learned and wrote          by Ms. Jaclyn Jones,
challenge themselves to enhance their             about their picture. Also, they created    Middle School ESL teacher
learning.                                         a very hungry caterpillar with their
                                                  writing!                                   Students in middle school ESL are
                                                                                             working together to prepare a skit
                                                                                             for the school-wide assembly on
                                                                                             responsibility! They have defined
                                                                                                In this issue!
                                                                                             responsibility as, “Doing the things
                                                                                             you are supposed to do,” and
                                                                                             they have also listed specific tasks
                                                                                                Principal`s Message ... 1
                                                                                             that      students             should    be
                                                                                             responsible for. At the 2assembly
                                                                                                Awards .........................
                                                                                             each student will each play a role
                                                                                             in explaining the concepts to the
                                                                                                Events............................ 2
        Learning Letter Sounds
                                                                                             student body, such as, “Do your
The     ESL     classroom is  a    place     of           Interviewing Friends               homework!” and “Be on time for
                                                                                                Member Spotlight ....... 3
encouragement               and         smiling   Our Developing Group takes every           class!” Middle school ESL students
faces. Throughout the day all learning            chance they can to use their new           areWinter Social ................ 3
                                                                                                  building their relationship skills
levels stop by our class to ask questions or to   technology as a learning tool in           as they team up to convey the
share something that is special to them. We       class. We have recently used our              District
                                                                                             message Goals ................ 4
                                                                                                                 efficiently         and
are very grateful to be able to contribute to     iPad's to research how to make a           accurately. They are also using
so many lives and watch R.I.S. students           kite. Come visit our classroom to see         Committee Chairs ...... 4
                                                                                             creativity to make eye-catching
excel in life learning.                           what else we have been busy                and engaging visual aids. Good
                                                  learning.                                  work, students!

         Making Fruit Salad
We promote and embrace all styles of
learning. Our daily lessons always involve           Building Words with Letter Tiles        7 Things Your Quiet ESL Students
hands on activities. Take a look at some of                                                  Are Not Telling You
our recent class activities.
                                                                                              I’m hearing too many new words.
                                                                                              It’s too hard for me to do this on my
                                                                                               own. Can I work with a classmate?
                                                                                              Please don’t put me on the spot.
                                                                                              Please, be patient with me. I’m
                                                                                               trying my best.
                                                                                              I need some time to think before I
                                                                                              I don’t care about “Mr. Smith” from
                                                                                               the book. This is boring!
                                                                                              I don’t understand your handwriting.
                                                    Researching How to Make a Kite

                Phonics Games


 Teacher PD Day/October 26th          No School/October 26th Parent-Teacher Conference/October 27th/9:00AM-3:00PM
    IMYC for the              Middle Schoolers
Grade 8 News                              Hanguel Day                                  tolerance
                                          (Korean Alphabet day)
We began a new International
Middle Years unit (IMYC) on
Thursday, October 4th. The new unit
                                          We made a big T-shirts celebrating on
                                          the Hanguel day!!                         integrity
our     8th grade students will be
working on is called Identity. The big    Do you know the Korean Alphabet
idea is “Our sense of self, and that of
others, is continually developing
                                          The Korean Alphabet day is the 9th
through our different interactions
and impacts on how we exist in the        The great King Sejong made this letters
world.” During our focus in this          about 500 years ago
                                          for he felt the compassion for common
theme we can see examples of how
interaction     between       different   people       who    couldn't    express      diversity
cultures    helps   individuals    and    themselves without writing system like
communities to develop a sense of         this.
identity, and to understand that of       The Korean Alpabets consist of basic 14
others. Students will consider their      consonants and 10 vowels.
own sense of self in terms of their       * Consonant (14) :ㄱ ㄴ ㄷ ㄹ ㅁ ㅂ ㅅ ㅇ
cultural values and how these             ㅈ ㅊ ㅋㅌ ㅍ ㅎ
impact on the choices that they           * Vowel (10): ㅏ ㅑ ㅓ ㅕ ㅗ ㅛ ㅜ ㅠ ㅡ ㅣ
make.                                     We can make a word with a
                                          consonant and a vowel.
For our entry point students created      The Hanguel is so creative and easy to
self-portraits and completed I AM         learn so we Koreans are really proud of
Poems.                                    this.

Parent-Teacher Conference
Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC)
will be held on Saturday (9:00AM –
3:00pm). It's a chance for you to
ask questions about the class or
your child's progress. It is also a
time for you and the teacher to
work together as a team to discuss
ways you both can help your son
or daughter.                                         Grade 5 Students

Education is all a matter of building bridges.

                          Diversity is who we are at Rainbow International School.
   It means more to us than what country we come from, what we look like, and what language we speak.
                                           RIS Students are Compassionate Community Participants

 ESL 4 – 5                                  Shaping Up in Third Grade!                Grade Six Social Studies
Our ESL program focus on improving
                                            Our bodies are the most valuable          In sixth grade middle school social
students’ language skills including         things we’ll ever own! It’s our job to    studies were are exploring our
speaking,    reading,     writing,  and     keep our bodies fit and healthy           creativity and how the world around
comprehension in a fun way. There is a      because it has to last us a lifetime!     us channels their creative spirit into
weekly vocabulary to enhance their          With this in mind, the Grade Three        productive and usable products. This
English. There are various activities in    students have been learning all           week we looked at the War Khasis
the lesson to cover every aspect of         about how best we can do that             tribe, from India, and how the create
                                            through our Shaping Up IPC unit. So       suspension bridges using only natural
language skills. Students make the most
                                            far, we’ve learned about the human        materials such as rocks, trees, roots
of their Ipad and MacBook and the           skeleton, muscles, and organs.            and dirt. After examining images of
smartboard by reading e-books, doing        Among many things, we’ve put              these beautiful creations the sixth
SMART lessons, researching, and using       together      a    life-size  skeleton,   grade class was tasked with making
educational       apps.     Furthermore,    memorized the names of certain            their own. They were provided
students have a homework folder to          bones and muscles, and became             materials of popsicle sticks, wire, art
take every night to prepare and review      scientists to investigate the effect of   straw and rocks. Their goal was to
                                            vinegar on chicken bones.                 make a bridge that could hold the
the lesson.
                                                                                      weight of a water bottle and was at
                                                                                      least 2 - 3 inches in height and 6
                                                                                      inches in length using only the
                                                                                      materials provided. They got their
                                                                                      creative juices flowing and created
                                                                                      several structures that fit these
                                                                                      requirements. They'll be able to
                                                                                      become members of the War Khasis
                                            As we continue our study on our           tribe in no time! Jerry and Joshua
                                            bodies, we will explore how to eat a      completed the sturdiest structure but
                                            balanced diet, all about the              everyone did a fantastic job. Head on
                                            benefits of physical activity, and        over to the sixth grade social studies
                                            even about the spreading of germs,        blog on LMS to view the kids in action!
                                            how much sleep we need, and how
                                            food advertising influences us. We
                                            can’t wait to see what’s in store in
                                            the upcoming weeks! Watch Video

                                                                                      Home Visits
                                                                                      Dear Parents,
                                                                                      RIS teachers will now be available to visit
                                                                                      our students through home visits. We feel
                                                                                      meeting with student’s families at home
                                                                                      provides a unique opportunity for our
                                                                                      teachers to better understand their
                                                                                      students as well as a chance to develop
                                                                                      a closer relationship with our RIS families.

                   Tolerance               integrity success                                 diversity
         Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.
                                                                                                           Chinese proverb

Grade 4 & 5 Crime Scene                          During this unit we will be focusing on
                                                 Science. In Science we’ll be finding out:
Investigators Training!                          • About several ways to investigate in
Over the next three weeks Grade 4 & 5            science                                           Fight the Flu!
will be following a unit of work on a            • How to make sure our investigations
                                                 are well designed and reliable              * Why do we need a flu shot?
theme that focuses on ‘Scientific
Enquiry and Materials’. This unit of work        • Ways to: collect, record, interpret and   A cold is not very serious,
is titled, “Investigators.”                      present our findings                        because it can disappear in a
                                                 • About several materials and their         week. But the flu is very serious; it
                                                 properties Watch Video                      can often cause side effects. So,
                                                                                             you can't prevent the flu by
                                                                                             having a shot.
                                                                                             * How often do you get a flu shot?
                                                                                             People should get the flu shot
                                                                                             every year. Flu viruses can mutate
                                                                                             very easily, because of that a
                                                                                             previous flu shot can't help you
                                                                                             * The effect of flu shot.
                                                                                             After you get a shot, you still can't
                                                                                             avoid all types of viruses. If you
                                                                                             get a shot, it takes two weeks for
                                                                                             the maximum amount of new
These days we have lots of science                                                           antibodies to start to fight viruses
knowledge at our fingertips; it can be                                                       and help prevent you from
                                                                                             having the flu for more than 5
found quickly and easily on the
Internet. The science knowledge in
                                                 RIS MASCOT                                  months.
books and websites is what other                 School Mascots are a terrific way to        * When to get the flu shot?
scientists have discovered in the past.          boost school spirit! They are thought to    In Korea, the flu spreads out from
To discover new things ourselves we              bring good luck. Do you know what the       January to March. Therefore, the
need to be able to be able to ‘do’               RIS mascot is?                              best time to get flu shot is from
science not just ‘know’ about it.                It’s the bottlenose dolphin! To celebrate   September to November.
                                                 our mascot, and promote the protection
                                                 of species and their habitats, we
                                                 recently adopted a bottlenose dolphin       Where to get the flu shot?
                                                 from the World Wildlife Fund.
                                                                                             Somang         NaeGwa       hospital
                                                 Don’t be surprised to see our new
                                                                                             provides flu shot. The hospital
                                                 dolphin friend out and about in the
                                                                                             provides discount for RIS families.
                                                 community. The grade 4 and 5 students
                                                                                             Staff, students and parents who
                                                 will be solving investigations along with
                                                                                             have medical insurance can get
                                                 their marine CSI partner.
                                                                                             the flu shot for 15.000 won.
                                                 RIS has adopted a Bottlenose Dolphin!
                                                                                             Hospital:   Somang     NaeGwa
During our unit we will learn how to ‘do’                                                    (Internal   medicine    doctor)-
science.    We     will     learn    several,                                                소망내과의원
important, scientific skills. These skills can                                               Location: 1-26 Yangjae 1-dong.
be used in a whole range of scientific                                                       Hana Bank 2nd floor
situations. However we will use these                                                        Phone: 02-571-0875
skills to investigate one branch of                                                          Time: 11:30AM-5:00PM Tue-Thu
science: materials and their properties.                                                     11: 30AM-06:00PM Mon-Wed-Fri
We will also see how these skills can be
applied to one real world context – the
exciting world of forensic science!

                                                     RIS Students are
         Critical and Creative Thinkers - Independent Learners - Effective Communicators      - Healthy Individuals
      Real-Life Experiences
           Field Trips!
                                                                            Field Trips
Student Council in R.I.S. acts as
                                                                                       Field Trips!
a student government, giving
students a voice in determining
school         activities       and
environment. Student Council
helps the students to promote
harmonious                 relations
throughout the school, organize
school events, work on student-
faculty relationship and get
involved in all aspects of school
to improve the environment.
Through       student       council,
students learn leadership and
                                                                                            Watch Videos of the Student Council
                                                                                                1. Intro
Student Council meetings run
                                                                                                2. Spook-O-Rama
weekly     during      the    extra-                                                            3. Spirit Week
curricular time.

Grade 2 and 3’s Field Trip!                 The students were also excited to look     Hooray.....Let's go on holiday!
                                            at various animals that can be found
On October 18th, Grade 2 and Grade          on different continents. There were        In Grade one we have started a new
3 went on a field trip to Seodaemun         polar bears, hawks and jaguars on          and exciting unit called 'Hooray, let's
Museum of Natural History. We had a         display, along with many others.           go on holiday'. As our Entry Point we
lot of fun exploring the 3 floor museum.                                               went on a field trip to 'Mr Sand, let's
Each floor taught us something new                                                     play!'. This was a great starting point to
about how the Earth and humans                                                         help the students visualize getting
have changed over time. The students                                                   excited and going on a holiday. While
were very excited to see real life                                                     there, we were guided through 6
dinosaur fossils! Starting on the third                                                different stations. The first was a short
floor, we explored how the Earth was                                                   puppet play about how pebbles turn
created, along with the various rocks                                                  to sand and then sand turns to mud.
that exist around our planet. On the                                                   Next we moved to a pottery area. We
second floor we began to see the                                                       took mud and made fossil necklaces.
various dinosaur fossils the museum                                                    We made sand art with colored sand,
has on display.                                                                        searched for buried treasure in the
                                                                                       sand, played in an ant house, and had
                                            We finished our tour of the museum         some time in a sand playground. Thank
                                            with a 3-D show about what a typical       you Ms Kim for leading our first field trip
                                            day in a dinosaurs life would have         in grade one :) More Photos
                                            looked like. The students really
                                            enjoyed and learned quite a bit!

Everything      from     the    giant
Tyrannosaurus Rex to tiny dinosaurs
that are believed to have been birds.
                          More Photos

            2-32 Yangjae 1-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 137-886 Phone +82-2-571-2917 Fax +82-2-572-2916.

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