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Bring the partys together-both political parties and Wine lovers! This is a bipartisan idea for a wine tasting party.

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									Election Evening Party with a Twist

Bring the partys together-both political parties and Wine lovers! This is
a bipartisan idea for a wine tasting party.

Temecula, CA, October 30, 2012 -- Whether friends are Republican,
Democrat or Independent, the question is still the same- Who doesn’t like
a party? Being imaginative and creative takes a great deal of effort.
This idea is sure to spark the interests of a large group of friends. An
Election “here come the results” evening party. Not just any election
party. How about something to compliment the gathering that will assemble
on election night? Imagine this- a bipartisan- wine tasting party get
together party? The twist is to add wine tasting to the mix.

For those invited to the party, each couple will need to bring a bottle
of their favorite wine, personal wine glasses and hors d’ oeuvres.

Invite over as many couples as desired, preferably those who all enjoy
wine and politics. Some may be familiar with Temecula-wine-tours, some
quite possibly have experienced Napa, or quite possibly no wine
experience at all.

Have some tasting bars set up, similar to what they have at the wineries.
If bars are not available, improvise with tables and chairs. If possible,
hire pourers, so that everyone can enjoy the event together. The other
possibility is to ask for volunteers to pour. A very small sampling of
the wine is all that is needed.

Copy down some pertinent questions about the wine, so that the tasters
can take notes and answer questions about the wine they taste. Provide
water and ice buckets to chill the wine. As the guests arrived, have the
servers place the wine in the ice buckets to chill.

Michele Waters, Local wine tour expert, suggests having a local vintner,
who grows grapes, and produces wine invited to the event, to make the
most memorable evening. “This is an opportunity for the Vintner to
promote the winery, while educating the guests. Vintners have a wealth of
information on how to properly understand the art of wine tasting and
appreciation.” Waters commented. Ask around at local wineries to see if
someone is in the wine production or is extremely educated in the wine
industry,-and knows a bit more than you do, it really is an added
dimension to the party. Most vintners and growers love to educate and
inform, what better way than to have them join in the fun? The Vintner
may discuss the various types of wine and the regions in California that
grow the various grapes, or possibly the process of wine making in a
shorter version.

A wine trivia game is also a great idea. The trivia can include some
history of wine, anatomy of a grape, and what foods to pare with wine.
Wine trivia questions may include some of the following ideas. Can white
wine be made from red grapes? The answer is yes. The color of wine comes
from the grape skins. By removing the skins immediately after picking, no
color is imparted into the wine, making it white. What’s tannin and is it
desirable in wine? Tannin is a natural substance, coming from the stems,
skins, and pips of the grapes. It acts as a preservative, enabling
certain wines to improve in the bottle. In younger wines, tannin can be
very astringent, making the wine bitter. Red wines have a higher level of
tannin then whites. Is acidity desirable in wine? All wine will have a
certain amount of acidity. Winemakers generally try to have a balance of
fruitiness and acidity. White wines generally have more acidity than
reds. An overly acidic wine has the characteristics of tartness, sourness
or acidic. Are all wines meant to be aged? Actually, no, it is a common
misconception that all wines improve with age. In fact, more than 90
percent of all the wines made in the world are meant to be consumed
within one year. Less than 1% of the world’s wines are meant to be aged
for more then 10 years.

The great tasting of the party-
Once the cork has been extracted, the tasting ritual begins. A moist cork
is a good sign, signifying that the wine has been stored properly.
Smelling and tasting are the next steps. At this point, look for flaws
that would make the wine unacceptable. When tasting the wine, remember
that anyone may be unsure after the first taste. Taste it again,
concentrating on the pleasantries of the wine.

 “As for the wine, generally, it is a great idea to include a few award
winners.” Waters, Owner of Execvipshuttle.com added. Discover local wines
that may be otherwise overlooked. You may actually be pleasantly
surprised at the results of the various opinions. “There are many local
wines that are award winning.” Noted Waters.

Throughout the election evening, a consideration may be to introduce a
new wine when the returns come in for each state, keeping in mind that
everyone needs to remain friendly, civil and cordial throughout the
evening. At the conclusion of the party, everyone can vote on their
favorite wine. “The most important thing to keep in mind, is to enjoy the
evening, making light of it-and plan a wine tasting tour for the next
gathering.” Suggested Waters.

Afterwards, everyone may consider going on a wine tasting tour. It is a
great way to bring people together, while enjoying a fun filled day.

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Executive VIP Shuttle
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