Dharma Wanita UB held Dharma Wanita Anniversary and Mother's

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					Dharma Wanita UB held Dharma
Wanita Anniversary and Mother's Day
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Dharma Wanita Persatuan UB (UB), Tuesday (29/12), held the event for the Birthday of
Dharma Wanita Persatuan and Mother's Day. Activities that took place at UB's PPI building
was attended by hundreds of participants from all work units that exist at UB. Some of the
activities held include Making Competition Sulam cloth ribbon, bazaars, and lectures about
Cervical Cancer presented by Dr. Eviana Norahmawati. Activities arranged in order to
remember and understand the struggles of women and improving the human aspiration to
understand the nature of women. The activity was also enlivened by the Remo dance
performances presented by SD BSS students.

 At the beginning of the material entitled Cervical Cancer Early Detection and Breast Cancer
Dr. Eviana Norahmawati convey, the issue of cancer treatment in Indonesia in general is
patients with advanced stage. Generally, according to Dr. Nora, so she used to be called,
the reason people come late is because of lack of knowledge about cancer symptoms, fears
for the surgery and cost constraints. UB's Medical Faculty was also presented data on cases
of cancer patients who experienced by women in Indonesia. According to the Cancer
Registry of cervical cancer registered the highest position, followed by breast cancer and
ovarian cancer.

 Cancer in Women

  The cause of cervical cancer is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection that is
transmitted by sexual contact and is influenced by immune status, high parity, smoking and
Chlamydia infection. Women who are at high risk of cervical cancer are women who have
first sexual intercourse less than 20 years, laboring more than 3 times, often whitish /
cervicitis with poor hygiene, frequently changing sex partners, sexual partners of high risk,
women with a mean age than 40 years and women with bleeding contacts. Early detection of
cervical cancer is by doing pap smear regularly.

 As for breast cancer, high breast cancer risk factors include among smokers, those who
undergo the Western type diet (high calorie, high animal fat, less fruit and vegetables),
weight gain, lack of exercise, radiation, family history and had suffered from benign tumors
breast. Early detection of breast cancer is to do sarari and realize once every month or do

 Ribbon Embroidery Contest

  Contest ribbon embroidery on linen tray followed by 15 participants from units in UB. The
jury consists of Ninik Chairani SH and Arien Suprastiwi SH. The assessment is based on the
level of difficulty, the technique used, the color composition, tidiness and harmony. From the
assessment results, second runner up is from the Faculty of Agriculture, with 124 point, the
first runner up from Faculty of Administration with 128 point, the third winner from the Faculty
of Engineering with 141 point, the second winner from the Faculty of Engineering with 151
point and the first winner from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry with 156 points. [nun]


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