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					                                                                      Brian Nettleton

                                  CD Holder Challenge

                                    The Situation
The Mr. Principals desk has been getting more and more cluttered as the school year has
progressed. Detention slips, tardy slips, and absent excuses keep piling up with no end in

                                    The Problem

  With all of the paper piling up, Mr. Principal is having a very hard time keeping his
collection of Vanilla Ice CD’s organized. He is spending too much of his valuable time
           searching for his favorite CD’s under the mountains of paperwork.

                                   The Challenge

      Design a desktop CD holder for Mr. Principal to organize his CD collection.

                           The CD holder must hold 10 CD’s
 The CD holder must fit into an area that is 10 inches wide, 10 inches high, and 7 inches

                                        Task #1
Using Isometric grid paper, make an Isometric sketch of your CD holder design. Include
                        all dimensions and any important notes.

                                       Task #2

Use Pro Desktop design software and the information from the Isometric sketch to make
 a 3-D model of your design. You must use at least 3 different features. Use album to
   render your design to show the material that will be used to construct your design.
            The following features may be useful to complete your design:

                                 Task #3 (Optional)

        Use materials available to you and construct a prototype of your design.
                                   Possible materials:
             Styrofoam                                       Modeling Clay
             Cardboard                                            Paper
             Sheet metal                                          Glue
              Plexiglas                                           Tape

                 Each Task will be graded with the following Rubrics.

                             Task #1 Isometric Sketch

                  Excellent- 4      Acceptable -3     Minimal effort -2       Poor -1
Line Quality   Crisp straight lines.     Effort has been       Light lines. Some       No attempt has
                  Corners meet         made to make lines     smudges. Some stray    been made to make
               precisely. No stray      straight. Corners        lines. Corners         a professional
               lines. No smudges       meet precisely. No      overrun or do not       looking sketch.
                                        stray lines. Some             meet.
                                            light lines.
Construction   Centered. Precise          Off centered.       Lines not at correct     Lines missing.
                 measurement.                 Precise         angle. Measurement
               Lines are in correct       measurement.                off.
                   positions.          Lines are in correct
Constraints    Design can hold 10              N/A                   N/A             Design does not fit
                CD’s. Design can                                                      the Constraints.
               fit into a 10” X 10”
                     X 7” area.

 Title block   Name, date, class,      Name, date, class,     Inconsistent height.   Inconsistent height
               and drawing name        and drawing name                                and line weight.
                 correct. Letters        correct. Some                                   Information
                made with single        inconsistent line                                incomplete.
                stroke. Letters at          weight.
               consistent height.
                 Consistent line
Dimensions     All dimensions are      All dimensions are     One or two missing     Many dimensions
and Notes      present. Important      present. Important     dimensions or notes.    and notes are
               notes are present.       notes are present.    Lettering and arrow    missing. Sloppy
               Letters and arrows        Most letters and         sizes are not         lettering.
               are consistent size          arrows are         consistent size and
                and line quality.      consistent size and        line quality.
                                           line quality.

                 Task #2 Pro Desktop design and Rendering
                  Excellent- 4           Acceptable -3        Minimal effort -2           Poor -1
   Design      Design is consistent    Minor differences       Little attempt was       Design looks
                     with the          between the sketch      made to make the       nothing like the
               preliminary sketch.        and design.         design look like the   preliminary sketch
                                                              preliminary sketch.

Construction        Features are           Features are       Only 2 features were    Features contain
                properly used. At       properly used. At         used in the        errors. Only one
                  least 3 different      least 3 different       construction.       feature was used.
               features were used.     features were used.      Constraints are
                Proper constraints         One or two               missing.
               are given to sketch        constraints are
                lines and features.          missing.
  Rendering           Rendering is        Rendering is not      Materials used in   Very little attempt
                       realistic.            realistic.         rendering are not     was made to
                    Background was        Background was          realistic. No          render.
                     used. Proper          used. Proper         background was
                     materials were        materials were             used.
                         used.                 used.

                               Standards and Benchmarks
Standard 8: Students will develop an understanding of the attributes of design.
    F. There is no perfect design.
    G. Requirements for a design are made up of criteria and constraints.

Standard 11: Students will develop abilities to apply the design process.
    I. Specify criteria and constraints for the design.
    J. Make two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations of the designed

 This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under
                                   Grant No. 0402616.
 Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material
are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science
                              Foundation (NSF). June. 2006.

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