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					                                2012 LEGISLATIVE ISSUES
Please indicate if you support or oppose these proposed amendments to the Florida

   1. Amendment 1: Proposes to prohibit any laws from compelling any
Floridian or Florida employer to purchase, obtain or provide health care

Support              53 percent
Oppose               40 percent
Undecided             7 percent
   We approve this (not requiring employers to provide insurance) but overall I don’t like
   constitutional amendments - they need to handle all matters for the most part by passing laws
   not amending the constitution.
   I think everyone should have insurance. I am not opposed to offering it as an employer, but
   will need to have help in the form of tax relief.

    2. Amendment 3: Proposes to replace the existing state revenue limitation
with a new revenue limitation based on inflation and population change.
Revenues collected above the state cap are first to be deposited in the Budget
Stabilization Fund, then used to support public education, then be given back
to taxpayers if there is enough excess.

Support              48 percent
Oppose               27 percent
Undecided            25 percent

   3. Amendment 4: Proposes to prohibit increases in assessed value of
homestead and specific non-homestead property if the property's value
decreases. It also provides an additional homestead exemption for owners of
homestead property who have not owned homestead property for a specific
time and reduces the current 10% cap on annual increases for non-homestead
real property to 5%.

Support              61 percent
Oppose               26 percent
Undecided            13 percent
   4. Amendment 5: Proposes to address reforms to Florida's court system,
structure and function. It also requires Senate confirmation for Supreme
Court Justices.

Support           42 percent
Oppose            34 percent
Undecided         34 percent

   5. Which state agencies have you interfaced with in the course of
conducting your business? (multiple choices)

48 percent        Dept of Business & Professional Regulation
13 percent        Dept of Community Affairs
30 percent        Dept of Environmental Protection
23 percent        Dept of Health
30 percent        Dept of Transportation
21 percent        Agency for Healthcare Administration
23 percent        Other Agency?
         Agency for Persons with Disabilities
         Agency for Workforce Innovation         6 percent
         Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Services       4 percent
         Dept of Children & Families 4 percent
         Dept of Corrections
         Dept of Education
         Dept of Elder Affairs
         Dept of Finance
         Dept of Financial Services/ Insurance
         Dept of Juvenile Justice 3 percent
         Dept. of Revenue
         Regional Planning Councils
         Water Management Districts
         Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
         Division of Forestry
         Public Service Commission
         commission on independent education
  6. Has there been an instance when your business has been unnecessarily
burdened by a regulation or requirement of one of these agencies? Comments-

  EPA & State made it practically impossible to build our boat docks for the hotel. We
  eventually won after a 5 year battle. Dept of Transportation made it almost impossible to
  made necessary enhancements to the property due to parking space regulations as well as
  mandated changes to the layout of the parking lot.
  Turtle lighting laws lead to serious safety issues along the beach. People do not feel safe.
  Move the eggs like they do in Myrtle Beach.
  Haven't had problems with the state, but new Federal ADA regulations are a major problem.
  Time to complete and approve by DEP has been ridiculous. Minimum in reality for a DEP
  permit 6 months to 9 months.
  We have been hampered more recently by local cities various sign ordinances.
  Too much excessive regulation, prohibiting growth.
  DCA, Consistency issues with local comp plan, too much power in land regulation with
  local municipality, Volusia Growth management is a joke, they do not even require that
  local municipalities strictly adhere to the county policies, that are mandated thru the state i.e.
  Working Waterfronts, and manatee Protection..
  When fees for services were reduced by AHCA and APD, the requirements for service ratios
  and paperwork were not reduced to match the change. In other words, payments were
  services were reduced while the costs for providing the services remained the same.
  EPA lead law. Cannot work on homes built prior to 1978 unless you comply with.
  Unreasonable. And expensive rules
  10% cut to Healthy Start service dollars - reduced the number of families served who are
  expecting a baby or recently given birth F.A.C. Rule 64-D prohibits OB/GYN's from
  providing proper management of drug addicted women during their pregnancy, though pain
  management clinics can give the drugs out to anybody!
  Medicaid Managed Health Care billing!!!
  We need to reform the lawyers that attack with frivolous suits and put in a loser pays system
  and caps on judgments. Legal fees can be extortion example the lawsuit might be 2,500 but
  the court costs and legal fees could be 50,000. If the lawsuit is 2500 the legal fees can’t
  exceed say double the suit amount. A cottage industry exists with too many lawyers and
  small businesses are sitting ducks for then lawyers that are on TV and signs and radio
  constantly urging everyone to sue.
  We were recently assessed additional taxes for interest paid by the state when they had to
  borrow to fund UC.
  Greedy unscrupulous people oppose regulation for reasons of self interest with no regard for
  consumers or citizens or the future
  We are involved in much arbitration handled by the Division of Florida Condominiums,
  Timeshares, and Mobile Homes of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
  I am required to file for and pay for a workman’s comp exemption. I am exempt and should
  not have to pay for an exemption I am exempt from. I have to pay for 9 licenses plus 1
  exemption to own property and operate as a real estate broker and building contractor.
  I like regulations if they have a purpose, such as protecting the environment or keep
  businesses honest or covering their fair share of the of the cost for social burdens that are
   created by low paying service or manufacturing industry jobs that create the American
   DCA - Growth Management Laws DEP - Environmental review over and above other
   jurisdictions and agencies
   Unemployment tax. Stop the extension of benefits; we have someone who has been
   collecting for over a year and she is working off the books at a dentist's office. DOT -
   excessive regulations and fees for us to conduct our business. They make it hard to upgrade
   our license.
   over regulated in every aspect
   Regional Planning Councils look at city center developments as the ultimate and try to
   impose those qualities in areas that will not support condensed development - for example,
   placing residential units over a commercial mall area, or requiring parking garages in areas
   where these are not common or needed at this time.
   There is a lot of duplicity in government for example, DOH will do a health inspection and
   the AHCA will come into inspect and they will conduct their own health inspection. This is
   one of many examples
   General inefficiencies and lack of flexibility / common sense.
   We have been burdened not by the requirements so much as the ineffective, error-intensive
   administration of the requirements. DCF has lost pertinent information, made erroneous
   determinations, and required duplicative documentation and the result for us has been lost
   They micro manage the Telecom business
   Permit for a septic system which has to be renewed every year at a cost of $200
   New lead certification requirements. Why a new OSHA office with 16 new inspectors in
   Central Florida when construction is already devastated?
   My complaint is the same for all of the above 1. The time required for approvals is far too
   long. 2. Too many of the state personnel have a bad attitude and would be summarily fired in
   the private sector. 3. Many of the regulations are too vague and/or allow far too much
   interpretation by the agency personnel.

  7. What steps should the Legislature take to reduce government spending?
(multiple choices)

61 percent            Further Reform public pension system and benefits
53 percent            Combine or eliminate state agencies
42 percent            Further reduce state workforce
19 percent            Furlough state workers
81 percent            Investigate ways to reduce fraud and waste
10 percent            Have another idea?
   State workforce meaning clerical positions, not necessary strategic and oversight positions.
   Reducing the size of state government will not solve the problem the state of Florida faces.
   The state needs to have a steady revenue base to address the infrastructure needs of the state.
   Sales tax should not the only means by which to generate revenue. Also, need to eliminate
   tax loop holes for the wealthy as well as for large corporations.
   Why is investigating fraud and waste even on the list? That should be a requirement now.
   reduce legislature and senate benefits and salaries
   They should not reduce spending but increase taxes to generate more revenue. They are
   cutting programs that are crucial to the future of Florida.
   FL per capita spending on government is one of the smallest in the nation --- are further
   reductions necessary? Justified?
   Benefits provided to State workers such as insurance. Have employee contribute more
   towards such, especially for family members
   Increase revenue by addressing tax breaks - such as Internet tax
   Reduce salaries as responsibilities are reduced through regionalization and centralization
   budgeting reform, tax reform,
   cut state budget 5 - 10% across the board
   raise taxes
   Free medical clinics would be cheaper than the emergency room for bums.
   Optimize power factor at all state agency facilities reducing demand on electrical grid, less
   energy usage, less money to utility companies.
   How about something crazy like creating more revenue!
   Stop and/or reduce all tax breaks for religious institutions
   Tax reforms and examine outdated corporate tax exemptions especially for Fortune 500 level
   combine or eliminate state agencies where combination would be more efficient and makes
   reasonable professional sense
   Allow private sector to assist state with reviews and compliance with Florida FAC and
   Reward agency heads for reducing budgets
   Need full auditing and controller action on spending and waste
   Cut out wasted spending and duplication of services
   Outsource as much as possible and d so without burdening the private sector with
   requirements do take state employees and equipment.

   8. Which of the following is most important to reduce the influence of

24 percent            Ensure secret ballots in union elections
27 percent            Require unions to obtain permission from members to spend
                      money for political campaigns
29 percent            Limit collective bargaining to wages and hours
10 percent            Other….
   Conduct union training on site in all major hotels through their HR office or HR Attorneys.
   Unions are not a problem in the state of Florida and hardly exist within the state. Florida is a
   work at will state.
   Unions are governed by federal law. Unless the state legislature can change federal law, you
   are barking up the wrong tree.
   No unions in Florida, and no political contributions allowed, all secret ballots, and must have
   collective bargaining ONLY on wages and hours
   Not needed; I do not feel unions are the problem.
   Is the Daytona Chamber now a subsidiary of the Tea Party? This question is insane!
   I oppose any restrictions on unions
   Make it illegal for any government employee to be part of a Union since they are paid by the
   taxpayers. If they don't like it tell them to find another job in the private sector.
   All of the above!

   9. Would you support further state pension plan reform measures such as
switching employees from the current defined benefit program to a deferred
compensation 401k program?

79 percent Yes
21 percent No

   For New Hires 4 percent
   401(k) type plans are defined benefit plans. They make more sense than defined benefit
   plans in the current economic environment.
   Everyone else has to pay their own pension so state employees should not be treated better
   than the average citizen.
   Defined programs are a thing of the past in the private sector. Run the state like a business.
   I think you mean Defined Contribution, not deferred compensation. Deferred Compensation
   is a 457 Plan, not 401(k. You're mixing the two up.
   The retirement system is nearly fully funded and is costing less to support. There is no need
   to make any changes.
   I believe that this transition is essential. Reduction of governmental legacy costs can help us
   address our fiscal problems.
   I would use a phased in approach. All new employees would be switched from a defined
   benefit to a defined contribution. I would honor the commitment that the current employees
   were hired under.
   I don't think it is fair to switch horses in mid-stream, however a new plan for new-hires asap
   Follow the private sector model as free enterprise has the best economic outcomes, suspend
   match to 401K like private sector in hard times/economic crises.
   State workers should be subject to the same economic forces that private business has to face
   and should not have defined retirement funds or pension plans funded by tax payer dollars
   Provided those above age 55 are grandfathered under existing plan.

    10. E-Verify is the federal program that allows employers to screen out
illegal aliens at the beginning of the hiring process. Do you currently use E-
Verify in your business?

29 percent            Yes
40 percent            No
31 percent            I do not know enough about e-Verify
   11. If a state immigration policy is enacted, what provisions should it
contain? (multiple choices)
33 percent        Safe Harbor provision for businesses and individuals
17 percent        Industry-specific exemption rules
30 percent        Phased-In Implementation
49 percent        Single Integrated E-Verify and I-9 application
 9 percent        Other ideas

  Economic growth will be difficult without proper growth management regulations that
  promote the efficient and effective development rather suburban sprawl.
  First and foremost, an understanding from our elected officials that economic development
  does not happen in a bubble. Education, quality of life issues are just as relevant in the
  "package" of incentives we should have in place to attract new business, help current
  business expand.
  Exemptions for agriculture, but nothing else
  Illegal aliens should not be allowed to stay in the country or work in this country
  They should not be here if they have not entered legally.
  Harness the vast amount of unskilled labor into manufacturing industry. We need to make
  something for a nickel, sell it for a dollar and every household needs two of them.

   12. After the significant reforms in growth management last year, what
needs to be addressed next session to improve the process and make Florida
more competitive?
  Florida needs to be marketing international -- especially to the growing Latin American
  population (Brazil) with disposable income.
  Bring businesses TO Fla! Do not outsource to foreign countries. Make it illegal to outsource
  provide for our own country first!
  Lower Corporate Taxes!
  Insurance costs for property Defined benefits for state employees
  Get rid of the present governor and legislature and start over!
  More pro active banking community
  Now that DCA is out of the picture, there is NO one to hold a municipality to any standard,
  where does a property owner go to get their rights protected? If a property owner does not
  have the money to fight government then the government wins...need reform in courts for
  this, like three times damages and all court and attorney fees paid, if found inconsistent with
  state and county plans. Better yet get rid of all local municipalities within a county and have
  only county government, saves money for the citizen and gets rid of extra layer of
  Need new Governor
  Enforcement of current laws. In my industry rogue competitors are reducing the fees and it
  hurts business.
  Create business zones similar to China.
  Streamline processes for new businesses in relation to property purchases, business
  licensing, and professional regulation.
   Tort Reform let businesses not be distracted with frivolous suits.
   Continued emphasis on corporate and business tax and regulatory reform. Every additional
   regulation creates a burden and a reason to locate elsewhere.
   Repealing all laws enacted by the last year of legislation
   Economic growth will be difficult without proper growth management regulations that
   promote the efficient and effective development rather suburban sprawl.
   There is too much government in my life! I had to get a state license with all the overhead
   that goes with it to work on my own rental property.
   The ability to provide a stable drug free workforce.
   First and foremost, an understanding from our elected officials that economic development
   does not happen in a bubble. Education, quality of life issues are just as relevant in the
   "package" of incentives we should have in place to attract new business, help current
   business expand.
   Instead of urban sprawl have state initiative/incentive to develop old run down areas
   Harness the vast amount of unskilled labor into manufacturing industry. We need to make
   something for a nickel, sell it for a dollar and every household needs two of them.
   Consider eliminating Citizens Insurance
   Shortening review timeframes for projects
   We need regulatory reduction
   Strict growth management to maintain and improve quality of life. Reduce tax and
   regulation burden on businesses.
   Evaluate government spending in all areas of government.
   Keep it a safe place - increase police and fireman
   Reduced government regulation and easier standards to encourage development; and, never
   require a vote of the people to approve any development, commercial or private
   Ease business regulations and taxes, but not at the expense of environment. Be careful with
   water recourses and keep density from overwhelming existing schools and services.
   Get smarter and common-sensed people to work in government
   Make things less restrictive on businesses and reduce taxes on businesses so that they can
   hire more employees.
   Forget about growth. Focus on maintaining the current population.
   Eliminate jurisdictional overlap. For instance, storm water retention currently subject to
   review by local municipality, regional water management district, and in many cases Dept.
   of Transportation.
   Eliminate needless regulations prohibiting growth and new businesses from opening quickly.
   Employment incentives for all businesses

   13.The U.S. EPA is considering costly new water regulations on the State of
Florida called Numeric Nutrient Criteria. Florida has been very vocal in
opposing the implementation of these rules and went so far as to propose
legislation that would prevent state agencies from implementing any such
rule. Should this legislation return in the 2012 Legislative Session, would you
support the bill?
42 percent Yes

68 percent No

   I get my water from Aqua Utilities, one of the worst transgressors of public health criteria.
   Floridians need clean water and we need to stop Aqua Utilities from poisoning us.
   I wouldn't oppose any regulation that enhances a clean water supply.
   We want quality of life here but need to control our own water quality
   I am in favor of the State rejecting Unconstitutional federal regulations.
   Federal government should only provide national agencies like FBI, CIA, and HSA etc.
   States should take care of their own citizens.
   This is a biased question against our citizens & homeowners. Define "costly" for me. Big
   industry shareholders will kill our lakes and rivers in the name of profits. If this passes, I
   dare you to drink the water. If you need to pollute; pay for it.
   the feds do not understand our state like our residents and employees in this industry, but the
   state cannot drag its feet on creating regulations or another environmental group driven
   lawsuit will ensure,
   This is a state issue and not a federal one.
   I support anything that reduces or limits increased government involvement in any area;
   including environment
   Environment comes first.

   14.Under Florida law, local stores are required to collect sales taxes at the
point of sale, while internet-only companies are not. Would you support a
measure to level the playing field for Florida-based businesses by requiring all
retailers to collect and remit sales taxes the same way?

73 percent Yes

27 percent No
   If retailers cannot compete with online, that is their problem. The retailers should be offering
   FL Resident incentives to buy direct from the stores/hotels.
   Florida sales tax should be only 2% as originally passed.
   many businesses do not even pay sales tax by operating a sole proprietor and are advertising
   on internet and from other states come in and take local businesses jobs
   Our state's failure to implement this in our current fiscal environment is irrational. This isn't
   a new tax!
   It will help increase revenues, and everyone knows they have to pay sales tax!
   I know FL Internet only firms that charge sales tax to FL residents???
   This is just an additional means for the legislature and government to avoid facing the facts.
   That would be another tax on citizens. If keep adding another and another tax we will be
   paying 100% tax. No one will have a reason to go to work.
   Internet businesses reduce the impact on land by often not requiring local stores and
   additional strip malls, thereby reducing impacts to the environment, traffic and gasoline use.
   Internet sales should be encouraged and the non-sales tax of these goods acts as an incentive,
   much the way a local government would reduce property taxes and impact fees when trying
   to get a company to move to the area.
   We do not sell anything on the internet, but I believe that the state already collects enough
   taxes and in some case to much.
   Sales tax system would need to be simplified so national internet companies could easily
   Most companies have both an internet and brick/mortar presence in the market. It's best for
   the consumer as-is, and the playing field is level. The government does not need more
   revenues, especially from a new source.
   It would take away the 6.5% "discount" advantage that online stores enjoy.

   15.Would you support a law that clarifies existing practice that a third
party online travel company, that charges a service fee for booking transient
rental property (hotel, condo, etc), is not required to assess or collect a tax on
that service fee?

48 percent           Yes
52 percent           No

   OTA's provide massive global marketing that independent hotels cannot match in markets
   like Daytona. In addition, their sites are translated into 30+ languages. As a result,
   international travel is up (including Canada). CVB's and individual hotels cannot come
   together to spend the kind of money OTA's can and do on global advertising for FL
   Destinations. In addition, unless the CVB's are held accountable to book groups, the gained
   money would be completely wasted with no guarantee of ROI. The Ocean Center needs to
   figure out a way to pay for itself through booking convention business or reduce staff.
   no new taxes; we are already taxed to death
   We don't need additional regulation that imposes fees and/or taxes.
   Like it the way it is
   We need to ensure that these taxes are collected across the board to protect our local tourism
   businesses and the overall industry/advertising, etc.
   This should be done by the actual vendor of the service, i.e. hotel, airline, etc. promote bookings in FL. Let the rental property charge the fee on-site.
   They should pay tax also.
   They should pay taxes on the retail amount of the sale that the consumer pays.
   Tax should be collected on the service fee. The end user thinks that is what they are paying
   for the lodging. Otherwise, local hotels should start charging a service fee for cleaning the
   room or the reservation system.
   16. How do you feel about casino gambling in Florida?

58 percent            I support casino gambling in Florida
22 percent            I oppose casino gambling in Florida
20 percent            I have no opinion regarding casino gambling

   Had we allowed casino gambling years ago we would be way ahead of the game. As it
   stands we are well behind in the game and need to catch up. I have heard the same mantra in
   this town about wanting to be a family destination for 40 years. Time to take our head out of
   the sand and move on to other opportunities.
   Expedia, Orbitz & Travelocity are not the enemy. They provide millions of dollars into the
   Daytona economy (as well as many other destinations). In addition to direct hotel revenues,
   the guests have a trickle effect into restaurants, bars, beach parking and souvenir shops.
   15 years ago gambling could have given FL an economic edge. Now so many states have it,
   I don't think it is a major concern or advantage to have it.
   I think Daytona should get casino gambling and would be a great way to revitalize the e-
   We already have it so why not expand it.
   Don't bring it in and you all will continue to make nine dollars an hour the rest of your lives.
   We need it in Daytona to help revitalize.
   Bush League way for a State to raise money.
   WE NEED CASINO GAMBLING IN FLORIDA!!! We will have more money for
   education, improvements in infrastructure, roads, schools, hospitals, you name it. WHY DO
   Casino Gambling brings big money and can also bring the lower end of life. Right now all I
   see in Daytona is "the lower end" so I would embrace the classier side to help balance what
   we have now. Driving along A1A is pitiful, people riding bikes doing night time drug deals;
   it would not be tolerated with higher end Casinos. Yes maybe other type of things would
   prevail but it wouldn't look desolate and abandoned and scare families away
   Gambling leads to drugs/crime to ending up like Atlantic City. The profits go out of area.
   There are enough locations that offer casino gambling. Florida is unique for its environment
   beaches, swamps, sunshine, etc. We need to focus on what makes us unique and capitalize
   on it. We do not need to be like everyone else.
   State should legalize pot, tax it heavily.
   Revenue, revenue, revenue
   I do not gamble or visit casinos and I will not stop others from doing so.
   The Legislature should stop shifting more cost to county government and egregious cuts to
   education that further discourage corporations moving into Florida. We rank very last in
   child well being indicators often researched prior to a company moving into the state, have
   the second highest number of uninsured children and families, and have an ever increasing
   number of families in poverty. To enhance financial resources tax reforms need to be
   considered prior to expansion of gambling casinos.
   The Native Americans have made millions on casinos; the state could increase income
   through casino profit taxation.
   I support the gambling, if a percentage of the profits is given to the state to support
   education etc.
  17.What are the top three issues the Florida Chamber of Commerce should
make as its priorities for the 2012 Legislative Session? (multiple choices)

11 percent           Develop Comprehensive Energy Plan
44 percent           Education & Workforce Development
18 percent           Continued Lawsuit Abuse Reform
39 percent           Reduce Government Regulations
29 percent           Lower Health Care Costs
51 percent           Reduce Government Spending
14 percent           Property/Auto Insurance Reform
17 percent           Infrastructure Investment
 9 percent           Expand Opportunities to Promote International Trade
 5 percent           Incentivize Alternative Water Supply
11 percent           Immigration Reform
19 percent           Save Space Industry Jobs
22 percent           Address Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis
18 percent           Establish Fair Internet Sales Tax
 5 percent           Lower Unemployment Compensation Taxes
11 percent           other issues
   Work to enhance tourism is our city (Daytona Beach)
   Get the state OUT of insurance NOW!
   Develop the Beach Street, beachside area. Need to relocate homeless, and clean up the area.
   Would like a real family friendly, crime free area. Please help.
   government regulations
   Eliminate state funded retirement plans for all new state employees.
   Work on ways to make investments in our local community easier. Simplify the process for
   permit approvals.
   overturn Obama care
   Figure out some incentives for businesses to come in, stay in and bring their own workforce
   into Volusia County if needed. Make it worth the investment. We cannot live on a
   fluctuating population bringing a fluctuating income with them. The "Snowbirds" are dying
   off so what comes next?
   instead of urban sprawl have state initiative/incentive to develop old run down areas
   Making it easier to start a business - low interest loans
   The safety of Florida's children
   I am tired of hospital taxes in Volusia County...we are no longer rural. I am tired of the
   millage rate adjustments on property taxes, so the government gets the same amount of
   money yet my property is worth half what it was 4 years ago.
   do anything to reduce government regulation or people voting on commercial development;
   encourage commercial development
   RETENTION and expansion of existing businesses!
   Focus on the current population and not on growth.
   incentives for hiring

18. Any additional comments, suggestions or questions?

As a registered Republican I am sick and tired of a small minority of Tea Party radicals
controlling the legislative process and both the national and state level and will donate
money to candidates that don't sign stupid pledges of no new taxes in the 2012 campaigns.
Let's focus on job creation and stop targeting public sector workers. If we all work together,
share ideas and look toward the future, I am sure we will all be better off. Cutting public
sector jobs, does not create private sector jobs. We all want the same thing, a healthy
economy and vibrant community.
I am very concerned that substance abuse and mental health funding will be a target for
reductions due to our success in avoiding reductions during the 2011 session.
Would love to see the State provide more funding for cultural and historical properties.
Museums, etc. add a great wealth to local communities but our funding from State
government is next to nothing.
Address the real issues. The "old timers" with the old ideas are dying off so we need to go to
the next level. Let Daytona be the revived, youthful city it should be. With the economy as it
is and will be for a while, we can no longer look exclusively into vacationing and Snow
Birds. Shame on Daytona for letting this happen and become who the Nation thinks we are,
bring some class into this area
The Daytona Beach Regional Chamber has become too politicized and pays no attention to
the non-political concerns of Small Businesses. That is why I will not renew my membership
when it expires.
I think we should develop a transportation system for the tourist of Daytona Beach, Re
Vamp Dolly the Trolley into something more modern that connects beachside to Beach St.
and other area attractions-. Bring in new business to Beach St. and Main St. and give them
more to do in all areas. Make beach driving part of our history and limit driving to One area
for tourist to see the old Daytona History (Make it an attraction).

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