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                  Health Science Faculty

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                                        Evaluation of Students and
                                        Faculty in Healthcare Education
                                        October 21–November 17, 2012

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                                      • Call the Office of Professional Development at 919.515.2261

                                        Faculty Development Institute--
                                        Changing How We Educate in the
                                        21st Century
                                        December 12-14, 2012
                                        Holiday Inn Express and Suites - Raleigh SW/NC State,
                                        3741 Thistledown Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606

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 About These Courses

 A      s a clinician, you are an expert in your
        practice, but you may not be educated
 to be a teacher. However, clinicians often find
                                                       The required textbook for all online courses is,
                                                       Svinick, M. & McKeachie, W.J. (2011) McKeachie’s
                                                       Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for
 themselves thrust into teaching roles without         College and University Teachers, 13th Edition. You
 the benefit of formal training as educators.          may purchase the text from an online vendor.
 To increase the numbers and educational
 skill levels of clinicians, and to help new and       Enrollment is limited to 25 participants per online
 inexperienced teachers assume a teaching role,        course.
 Wake AHEC applied for and received a three-year
 grant from The Duke Endowment to partner with         General Continuing Education Credit
 NC State University for the development of these
 courses. NC State University has a long-standing
 history of providing academic programs of study       CNE Credit
 designed to develop faculty in the community          Wake AHEC, Nursing Education, is an Approved
 college and university settings, specifically those   Provider of continuing nursing education by the
 in the health professions. All of the courses were    North Carolina Nurses Association, an accredited
 designed by representatives from NC community         approver by the American Nurses Credentialing
 colleges, universities, clinical facilities and       Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Wake AHEC
 Wake AHEC.                                            will provide CNE Contact Hours to participants
                                                       upon completion of the course work.
 These programs are designed for health
 science faculty who are:
 • New to teaching                                     ACPE Credit
 • Need an update on teaching skills                            These courses are application-based
 • Need to meet requirements for faculty                        learning activities. The UNC Eshelman
    from the North Carolina Board of Nursing                    School of Pharmacy is accredited by
    or for accreditation standards for numerous                 the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy
    allied health programs                             Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy
 Each online course offers an asynchronous,            education. To receive CE credit, you will be
 intensive 4-week instructor-led course, requiring     provided with a protected password to access the
 the completion of one module per week. You will       course. Statements of credit will be mailed upon
 be required to engage in the course frequently        completion and evaluation of the workshop.
 each week (estimated 3-6 hours per week) over the     Program Coordinator for Pharmacy Credit:
 4-week period. Each course consists of 4 modules.     Diana Bond, PhD, RN-BC, Wake AHEC
                                             , 919.350.0454

For information, go to or call 919.515.2261.
 Additional Credit                                       A. The evaluated Teacher’s Resource Guides
                                                            (TRGs) that you developed in the three AHEC
 Other health professionals will receive Wake AHEC          online courses listed above. Be sure to
 CEUs and a certificate of attendance. License              submit only the TRGs where you received
 requirements are subject to change. Wake AHEC              an evaluation or other feedback from your
 recommends that you contact your licensing                 instructor.
 boards with specific questions.
                                                         B. A 1-2 page summary of lessons learned from
 Wake Area Health Education Center will provide             the three online courses you completed.
 Continuing Education Units to participants upon            The summary may address each course
 completion of the course work.                             separately or you may choose to synthesize
                                                            your learning from all three courses. Your
 Academic Credit                                            instructor for EAC 580 will provide you with
 Selected courses are eligible for academic credit.         guidance for this requirement.
 To apply for graduate level credit at NC State
                                                         Upon submission and successful evaluation of
 University, you must:
                                                         the dossier by NC State University faculty, you
 1. Successfully complete the following three            will receive 3 hours of graduate level credit for
    AHEC online courses: Foundations of Teaching         EAC 580: Designing Instructional Systems in
    in Healthcare, Teaching Effectively within the       Training and Development. Note that this course
    Curriculum, and Instructional Strategies for         may be applied to:
    Educators in the Health Professions.
                                                       	 • the Master’s of Education in Training &
 2. Apply for admission to NC State University             Development (
    through NC State University’s Distance                 programs/medonline.html).
    Education portal:
                                                         • the Master’s of Science in Human Resource
                                                           Education (
 3. Enroll in EAC 580 section 601 in either the fall       programs/msdegree.html).
    or spring semesters through MYPack Portal
    (directions for this will be given upon applying
    for admission to NC State University).             For more information or to register
 4. Once you have enrolled in EAC 580 section 601,     Go to or call the
    please contact Dr. Diane Chapman, Training &       Office of Professional Development at 919.515.2261.
    Development Distance Education Director,
    via email at Once
    you are enrolled in EAC 580, you will be asked
    to submit a brief dossier that includes:

For information, go to or call 919.515.2261.
 Online Course

 Evaluation of Students and Faculty in Healthcare Education
 October 21–November 17, 2012

O      ne of the challenges
       for instructors with
 evaluation is the assignment
                                  At the conclusion of this
                                  course, you will be able to
                                                                   Professional Credit
                                                                   To receive credit, you must
 of grades to students and        •	 Create student outcome
                                     evaluations.                  engage with the course weekly
 specifically, dealing with
                                                                   and submit ALL assignments.
 difficult situations. This       •	 List types of student
 course will provide you             evaluations.                  Nursing: 16 CNE contact hours
 with knowledge, skills and
 abilities related to the use     •	 Create an evaluation using    Wake AHEC CEU: 1.6 hours
 of evaluations in the context       a variety of tools.
                                                                   (16 contact hours)
 of healthcare. Formative,        •	 Describe stakeholders’
 summative and diagnostic            needs from grades.
 evaluations will be presented                                     Registration Fee
 and the uses for these will be   •	 Respond to students that
 described. Specific student         want a grade changed.         $319; $399 after October 14,
 evaluations such as multiple                                      2012
                                  •	 Demonstrate how to
 choice tests, behavioral
                                     calculate grades.
 evaluations, rubrics and
 writing assignments will         •	 Describe different
 be examined. You will be            approaches to how faculty
 required to engage in the           are assessed.
 course frequently each week
 (estimated 3-6 hours per week)   •	 Create a response and
 over the 4-week period.             suggested improvements
                                     from student evaluations.
 The content by week is:
                                  Enrollment is limited to 25.
 Week 1:
 Student outcome evaluation
 Week 2:
 Types of student evaluation      Diane D. Chapman, EdD
 tools                            Teaching Associate Professor
 Week 3:                          and Director of the Training &
 The assignment of grades         Development Online Master’s
                                  of Education and Certificate
 Week 4:
 Faculty growth from              Programs, NC State University

For information, go to or call 919.515.2261.
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 Faculty Development Institute

 Changing How We Educate in the 21st Century
 December 12-14, 2012 I Holiday Inn Express and Suites - Raleigh SW/NC State, 3741 Thistledown Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606

 This two-and-a-half day program will address
                                                            Registration Fees
 various timely topics and issues for classroom/
 clinical faculty and healthcare clinicians working
                                                            Wednesday only - $49
 in various healthcare settings.
                                                            Full Conference (Wednesday, Thursday and
                                                            Friday) - $245; $260 after December 7, 2012
 Consider attending this conference if you are
                                                            Group Registration (2 or more from the same
 an individual who would like to build your
                                                            institution) - $199 per person; $214 per person
 knowledge and/or skills in learner-centered
                                                            after December 7, 2012
 education for the 21st century. The conference
 content focuses on four major areas:
 • How to Move to a Learner-Centered Model of
 • How to Maximize the Learning Environment
 • Building Awareness of the Legal and Ethical
   Issues with Teaching in a Technological
 • Using Tools for Authentic Learning

 Clinical healthcare providers may be interested
 in attending special portions of the Summer
 Institute, such as legal and ethical issues,
 providing consistent feedback/grading, quality
 outcomes for evaluation, or how to maximize
 the diverse learning environment.

 Target Audience
 This program will be of interest to allied
 health, EMS and nursing clinicians, preceptors
 and new faculty. Seasoned faculty who are
 interested in applying new teaching strategies,
 tools and technologies in their educational
 toolbox will also benefit from attending this

Register online at or call 919.350.8547.
 Wednesday, December 12, 2012

 12:30 p.m. ........ Registration                                11:15 a.m........... The Current Status of Technology
 1:00 p.m. ........... From Teacher-Centered to Learner-                            in Education and the Unanticipated
                   Centered: What It Means and What It                              Consequences
                   Takes (without technology or very low                            Amar Patel, MS, NREMT-P, CFC Center for
                   tech model)                                                      Innovative Learning, WakeMed Health &
                   Joye Norris, EdD                                                 Hospitals
                                                                 12:15 p.m........... Lunch
                   “It is the one who does the work who          1:15 p.m.............. 15 Faculty Issues in Quality Outcomes for
                   does the learning” (T. Doyle). This                              Learning
                   session will focus on the how and what to                        Donna Bailey, PhD, RN, UNC-Chapel Hill
                   change the students’ engagement in the                           • Faculty consistency/inconsistency in the
                   learning process. Specifically, how to help                         classroom and clinical areas
                   students optimize their learning potential,   	   	              • Faculty feedback with a focus on
                   build their confidence, and hone their                              grading
                   communication skills. A learner-centered      	   	              • Faculty responsibility when student
                   approach, that features less lecture and                            outcomes are not achieved
                   more engagement--less of us and more of       	   	              • Faculty requirements for ensuring
                   them, will be demonstrated. This model                              quality outcomes
                   serves as a strong foundation for effective   	   	              • Gaps with nonresponsive, contentious
                   teaching and considerably more student                              and energy draining learner - ID and
                   engagement in the learning process.                                 action
                                                                 3:15 p.m.............. Break
 Thursday, December 13, 2012                                     3:30 p.m.............. Continuation of 15 Faculty Issues

 8:30 a.m. ........... Registration                              4:30 p.m.............. Closing

 9:00 a.m. ........... Welcome
 9:00 a.m. ........... Legal /Ethical Issues Involved with       Friday, December 14, 2012

                   Teaching Techniques                           8:30 a.m............... Registration
                   Graham E. Snyder, MD, FACEP, Medical          9:00 a.m............... Maximizing the Diverse Learning
                   Director, WakeMed Center for Innovative                          Environment with Tips, Tools and
                   Learning, Wake Emergency Physicians,                             Technology
                   PA, Associate Program Director, UNC/                             Amar Patel, MS, NREMT-P, CFC Center for
                   WakeMed Emergency Medicine Residency                             Innovative Learning, WakeMed Health &
 11:00 a.m. ........ Break                                                          Hospitals
                                                                 12:00 p.m.......... Lunch
                                                                 1:00 p.m.............. Health Literacy for Students

Register online at or call 919.350.8547.
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Registration Form – Faculty Development Institute –                                                                                     Online:
Changing How We Educate in the 21st Century                                                                                             Fax: 919.350.0467
                                                                                                                                        Mail: Wake AHEC
                                                                                                                                        Attn: Amy Sabatino
  December 12-14, 2012 -- Event 8590-36483                                                                                              3261 Atlantic Ave., Ste 212

  o Registration Fee 1: Wednesday only: $49                                                                                             Raleigh, NC 27604
                                                                                                                                        For questions, please contact
  o Registration Fee 2: Entire Conference: $245; after December 7, 2012 - $260                                                          Amy at 919.350.0485 or
  o Registration Fee 3: Group Registration (2 or more from the same                                                           
        institution): $199 per person; after December 7, 2012 - $214 per person
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  SS# (last 4 digits only) __ __ __ __ Degree(s)_______________________________________________                                         No refunds or vouchers will be issued
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  Clinical Specialty _______________________________________________________________________
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  Full Title_____________________________________________Badge Name_______________________                                              fee will be deducted from your registration
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  City____________________________ State______ Zip________Home County______________________                                             Fees Statement
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                                                                                                                               at least two
  Name of supervisor approving this training _________________________________________________                                          weeks prior to the program.

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