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					                                           OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY - OKLAHOMA CITY
                                                                            O K L A H O M A                                  C I T Y

                                                                        FACULTY INFORMATION
                                                                        Total faculty – 404
                                                                        Full-time faculty – 81
                                                                        Part-time faculty – 323
                GENERAL INFORMATION                                     Student-faculty ratio – 34 to 1
                Type of institution – Public college
                                                                        Percent of faculty with advanced degrees – 20 percent
                Support – State
                                                                        Faculty involvement – Supervise independent study and advise
                Enrollment – 11,270
                                                                        students on degree programs and career paths
                Setting – Urban

                                                                        ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
                                                                        Entrance requirements – Having fully met high school
                                                                        curriculum requirements, see p. 12 for college and university
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City is a North Central
                                                                        admission requirements.
Association-accredited, state-assisted public college serving the
                                                                        Application process – Submit application online or in person
technical education and training needs of Oklahoma. Located in
                                                                        Application deadlines – Taking applications all year long
the heart of Oklahoma City, this campus enrolls approximately
7,800 full- and part-time students each semester. OSU-OKC has
grown from one building with fewer than 100 students in 1961 to
a campus today of 110 acres, 14 modern buildings and 585 full-          HOUSING INFORMATION
time faculty and staff. Curriculum at the university is designed in     Housing types – N/A
response to current business and industry needs, with input from        Food services – The Hub, located in the Student Center
professionals who serve on advisory committees. All energies are        Equipment/services in living areas – N/A
directed toward one goal: blending academic and student support         Access to technology – Computer labs open seven days a week
services to create a collegiate educational experience that addresses   and wireless Internet in designated buildings
individual student goals and job-source needs. The school provides
learning opportunities for students to complete a Bachelor of
Technology degree, an Associate in Applied Science degree, an           STUDENT LIFE
Associate in Science degree or a certificate program primarily in       Campus organizations – Twenty-five organizations, a wide
technical education. OSU-OKC prepares students for upper-               variety of departmental, professional, cultural and religious clubs
division academic study, maintaining an open-door policy, which         Intramural sports – Occasionally provided through the OSU-
provides access to higher education for all eligible individuals,       OKC Wellness Center
and valuing equal treatment of students with no discrimination,         Collegiate sports – All sports are housed at OSU, Stillwater.
regardless of social, economic or academic background.                  Special student services – Financial aid, services to students
                                                                        with disabilities, Hispanic student services, career resource center,
                                                                        deaf student services, veterans’ services, free tutoring services,
                                                                        technology support center, campus security services
 Academic emphasis – Bachelor of Technology, Associate in
 Applied Science, Associate in Science and certificates in selected
 technical areas.
                                                                        Tuition – $3,168
 Degree programs –
                                                                        Academic service fees – Course-specific fees are charged only if a
 Class times offered – Daytime, evening, weekend and fast-track
                                                                        student enrolls in the course requiring the fee
                                                                        Mandatory fees – $650
 Special programs – Select courses are offered through two-way
                                                                        Room and board – N/A
  interactive classrooms and Cox Communications television,
                                                                        Books and supplies – $1,392
 as well as online courses in general and technical education.
                                                                        Note: Costs are calculated for a freshman Oklahoma student carrying
 Academic calendar – The academic calendar for state institutions
                                                                        15 hours in the fall and spring semesters.
 can be found at

                     The Counselors’         RESOURCE BOOK         to Oklahoma’s Colleges and Universities 2012-13                         77
 Percentage of full-time freshmen who applied for aid – N/A
 Percentage who demonstrated need – N/A
 Percentage who demonstrated need and received aid – N/A
 Average financial aid package – N/A
 Application process – Complete FAFSA and scholarship
 Application deadlines – Completion of FAFSA by priority
 deadline is encouraged.

 Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City
 900 N. Portland Ave.
 Oklahoma City, OK 73107
 Phone – 405.947.4421
 Toll-free – 800.560.4090
 Fax – 405.945.8656

78   The Counselors’      RESOURCE BOOK        to Oklahoma’s Colleges and Universities 2012-13

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