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               Unit Level Strategic Planning and Effectiveness Document

Department:     Continuing and Graduate Studies, FY 2011


The Office of Continuing and Graduate Studies promotes regional and international awareness of the
graduate programs in assisting the University in managed enrollment growth. In collaboration with
other academic departments, we provide graduate students the avenue to enroll and graduate,
articulate policies, and maintain the integrity of academic records. We provide educational
opportunities in a variety of delivery formats to students regionally and beyond. Additionally, we
support faculty and students in research and discovery by assisting in securing funding and fostering a
culture of discovery and research that celebrates the achievements of faculty, students, and staff.

Vision Statement:

The Office of Continuing and Graduate Studies promotes a climate of continuous improvement in
customer service, accuracy of records and access for future students on and off-campus. We support the
development of new courses and programs, innovative delivery methods, collaboration with other
educational institutions, and seeking alternative funding opportunities.

Goal 1: Continue enrollment growth in conjunction with goals set by the University.

University Goal and Objective: University Goal 1 (b) Manage enrollment growth; University Goal 4 (d)
                               Embrace emerging technologies.
Objective 1.1:                 Increase International Enrollment.

Budget Implication:             Current department budget.

Strategy:                       Work closely with the International Programs and Services office to
                                provide marketing materials for faculty and administrators making
                                recruiting visits abroad and attending international education fairs to
                                promote all programs offered at PSU.

Strategy:                       Work closely with the International Programs and Services office to
                                create one website or landing page for International Students to gain

Strategy:                       Employ international student(s) to respond to email questions for
                                country specific web page.

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Strategy:              Send communication via email to prospective student contacts in a
                       timely manner after each recruiting visit utilizing the Hobsons EMT
                       system with details about specific programs.

Strategy:              Increase awareness of graduate programs offered at PSU through the
                       Hobson’s online education site for international students:
              (located on Worldwide and Asia

Strategy:              Create country specific pages to link from the International landing
                       page, i.e. India page, China page, etc. Also include a page with the
                       calendar or chronicle of international recruiting visits made by PSU
                       administrators over the past three years and include pictures of visit if

Strategy:              Host an event on campus with the International Programs and Services
                       Office with our International Partners while they are in Kansas City for
                       the NAFSA Annual Conference in June 2010.

Strategy:              Evaluate current sources of perspective International student leads and
                       consider additional options.

Strategy:              Create a new color International heading stationary to use in place of
                       the PSU Seal Fact Sheet stationary.

Performance Measure:   International applications and enrollments are increased.

Performance Measure:   International Recruiting trips were made to make campus visits and/or
                       attend education fairs.

Performance Measure:   Promotional materials for each trip were provided for all
                       administrators/faculty recruiting abroad.

Performance Measure:   Landing page for International Students created.

Performance Measure: site updated and 6 Photo Web Tour and
                       Profile page completed.

Performance Measure:   Emails sent on a regular basis and communication plan is set within the
                       Hobsons EMT system.

Performance Measure:   Country specific web pages created. Calender/chronicle of international
                       visits created.

Performance Measure:   International Partners Visit to PSU occurred on June 4, 2010.

Performance Measure:   Report created and results evaluated.

Performance Measure:   New International color letter head created.

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Progress Summary:     International enrollment is unfortunately down this academic year.

Progress Summary:     In addition to other university recruiting trips, CGS Dean and Assistant
                      Director traveled to Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam during
                      October 2010.

Progress Summary:     Organized and pre-shipped promotional pieces to travel/recruiting
                      destinations in a timely fashion for all recruiting visits abroad.

Progress Summary:     Updated the International recruiting color brochure and
                      College/Program promotional Fact Sheets. Created new Fact Sheets for
                      PSU India and Vietnam promotion Spring 2010 and Fall 2010

Progress Summary:     International Student landing page has been created and was activated
                      Spring 2010,

Progress Summary:     After each recruiting visit a follow-up e-mail communication is sent to
                      the perspective students utilizing the Hobsons EMT system.

Progress Summary:     Updated the Hobsons site in December 2009
                      to include 6 Photo Tour and Profile page for graduate programs.

Progress Summary:     Created our first country specific page, India, during spring 2010.
                      Invitation to ask a current student from India questions via email are
                      being managed by the CGS graduate assistant.

Progress Summary:     In June 2010 at the NAFSA conference gathered information for other
                      sources for international leads and decided to contract with
                      HotCourses, Inc. for additional leads. The China, Vietnam and South
                      America web portals were created and activated in August 2010.

Progress Summary:     Helped to coordinate and host with the International Programs and
                      Services office the NAFSA International Partners on campus on June 4,
                      2010. This visit was a great networking opportunity between agents
                      from partner schools abroad and PSU staff that helped to highlight PSU
                      programs, services and facilities.

Objective 1.2:        Continue to promote graduate programs to current PSU undergraduate

Budget Implication:   Current department budget.

Strategy:             Attend career fairs and other events on-campus.

Strategy:             Give class presentations.

Strategy:             Continue regional marketing efforts through newspaper ads, radio
                      spots, TV spots, and billboards.

Strategy:             Email campaign to new and recent undergraduate graduates.

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Performance Measure:   Attended PSU career fairs and other events.

Performance Measure:   Increased number of classroom presentations.

Performance Measure:   Marketing efforts on local TV, radio, newspaper etc.

Performance Measure:   Email sent to upcoming undergraduate graduates to think about
                       Graduate School, i.e. Teacher Education majors.

Progress Summary:      During the Fall 2010, CGS participated in the Etiquette dinner, Career
                       Expo: Business & Industry, College of Technology Company Day, Grad
                       Finale, and Career Expo: Health, Human Services and Education fair.
                       Plan to attend all spring career fairs once registrations are available –
                       Spring Career Day and Teacher Interview Day.

Progress Summary:      TV ads run on KOAM, Fox 14, KSN, & cable, radio spots on KKOW and
                       93.9, and newspaper ads in the Joplin Globe, The Morning Sun, Miami
                       News Record, Joplin Tri-State Business Journal, the Collegio and
                       billboards. Working with the new Associate VP of Marketing and
                       Communication to update TV and radio spots. Fall 2010 also advertised
                       on the Jungletron during home football games.

Progress Summary:      Participated in Business Graduate School Panel during Spring 2010 for
                       Dr. Lynn Murray.

Objective 1.3:         Increase awareness of graduate programs offered at PSU through
                       various media avenues in the 4-state region.

Budget Implication:    Current department budget.

Strategy:              Attend career fairs and recruiting events in the four-state area.

Strategy:              Maintain Chamber memberships in areas where off-campus programs
                       are offered to promote PSU and to build networking relationships.

Strategy:              Continue regional marketing efforts through newspaper ads, radio and
                       TV spots, on-line and billboards.

Strategy:              Utilize email campaigns to market to a targeted audience – School
                       administrators and teachers, alumni, etc.

Strategy:              Continue to develop and maintain relationships with area educational

Strategy:              Establish communication plan to correspond with perspective students
                       in a timely manner utilizing the Hobsons EMT system.

Strategy:              Consider seeking Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) approval
                       for unique masters programs offered at PSU.

Performance Measure:   Attended career fairs and other events in the 4-state regional area.

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Performance Measure:   Participated in chamber events or other community events.

Performance Measure:   Promotional materials were created to use at career fairs.

Performance Measure:   Ads placed on local TV, radio, newspaper etc.

Performance Measure:   Attended events and created other opportunities to foster relationships
                       with area educational institutions.

Performance Measure:   All leads for perspective student inquiries have been put into the
                       Hobsons EMT system and an email communication is sent to them
                       regarding graduate school.

Performance Measure:   Decision to seek MSEP approval for MET and other unique programs.

Progress Summary:      Attended the Career and Graduate School fairs at the following schools
                       Spring 2010: OSU Tulsa, and Missouri Southern State University. Plus,
                       attended an Education Fair at Nevada Regional Medical Center during
                       July 2010. Fall 2010 attended fairs at: Washburn University, University
                       of Arkansas, Missouri Southern State University and Baker University.

Progress Summary:      Attended banquets/receptions sponsored by Joplin Tri-State Business
                       Journal 2009 Dynamic Dozen, 15 People to Watch (silver sponsor), and
                       2010 Most Influential Women (gold sponsor). Regularly attend the
                       PACC Chamber Coffees.

Progress Summary:      Updated promotional materials, gorilla advantage flyer, graduate
                       program guides and online programs flyer in August & September 2010
                       to prepare for the Fall recruiting season.

Progress Summary:      TV ads run on KOAM, Fox 14, KSN, & cable, radio spots on KKOW and
                       93.9, and newspaper ads in the Joplin Globe, The Morning Sun, Miami
                       News Record, Joplin Tri-State Business Journal the Collegio, area high
                       schools (Carl Junction, Joplin and Bartlesville) and billboards. Also ran
                       internet ads with the Joplin Globe and KODE.

Progress Summary:      May 2010 attended the COE Roaring River event. Attended gathering
                       hosted by the Dean of the COE at his home in July with Crawford County
                       Educators. Hosted PSU Ready Partners in the Rua Press Box for the
                       October 30, 2010 home football game. Participated in the BEA/PACC
                       Mock Interview Day at Pittsburg High School, November 2010. Visit and
                       make phone calls regularly to the area high schools, Greenbush, SWC,
                       Pitsco and DEPCO.

Progress Summary:      After attending each career fair, all perspective student inquiries are
                       added to the Hobsons EMT system and an e-mail is sent to the
                       perspective student.

Objective 1.4:         Increase awareness of the on-line programs offered at PSU and new off-
                       campus programs.

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Budget Implication:    Current department budget.

Budget Implication:    If decision is made to use a contracted search firm to conduct survey in
                       KC metro area, additional budget will be needed. Other Strategy are
                       part of current department budget.

Strategy:              Create new promotional materials tailored to our on-line programs
                       including the four programs approved by the HLC Fall 2009 and
                       additional programs approved in the spring.

Strategy:              Assist with marketing the KC Metro Center and new Auto Tech program
                       proposed to begin Fall 2010.

Strategy:              Create/conduct survey for awareness of KC Metro Center and programs
                       offered working with the PSU Marketing Director and a contracted
                       research search firm.

Strategy:              Continue to promote the Salina, Paola and Galena off-campus

Strategy:              Create a reporting/tracking system to see the growth in our off-campus
                       and on-line programs.

Performance Measure:   New materials to promote on-line programs have been created.

Performance Measure:   Programs offered at the KC Metro Center and other off-campus
                       programs have been advertised through print ads and on-line.

Performance Measure:   Research firm costs and survey results have been evaluated.

Performance Measure:   Report created to track number of students in each off-campus and on-
                       line program.

Progress Summary:      Spring 2010 created brochure for the new on-line Educational
                       Leadership program. Fall 2010 created a new brochure for the on-line
                       HRD program and the on-line Educational Technology programs plus
                       updated all KC Metro Program brochures. Also created a general
                       brochure highlighting all online programs. Ran an ad for the HHPR on-
                       line program in the KRPA Membership Directory, Fall 2010. Updated
                       program changes to the web page and in Hobsons as they occur.

Progress Summary:      TV and Cable ads ran in the KC area, online ad through KC Star &
             , chamber directory ads in the KC area (Lenexa, Johnson
                       County, and Overland Park), Sun Publications, De Soto School News,
                       Inside Shawnee Mission, Lawrence School News, Ingrams Magazine,
                       area high schools (Olathe, Shawnee Mission, Blue Valley, Spring Hill, and
                       Mill Valley) and billboards.

Progress Summary:      Hosted Informational Meetings/Night for programs at the Kansas City
                       Metro Center – Spring 2010 and Summer 2010. KC Metro
                       representatives also attend an education fair at Blue Valley School

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                               District, spring 2010. E-mail campaign to area school administrators
                               was also used to promote these events.

Progress Summary:              Hosted Chamber Coffee in Paola at the Miami county campus of Fort
                               Scott Community College in November 2009. Participated in the
                               community fair hosted by FSCC Miami County in July 2010. Attended
                               Chamber Coffee hosted by the Miami county campus of FSCC in October

GOAL 2: Enhance level of customer service and continuous improvement through technology.

University Goal and Objective: University Goal 4 (c & e) Embrace emerging technologies.
Objective 2.1:                 Explore effectiveness of various media facets in communicating with
                               current students.

Budget Implication:            Current department budget.

Strategy:                      Survey current students regarding the types of media they prefer to use
                               for communications (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, etc).

Strategy:                      Explore texting important information to current degree-seeking

Strategy:                      Determine number of current graduate students who have chosen to
                               opt-in to receive text messages from the University.

Strategy:                      Determine legalities of texting with student consent.

Strategy:                      Have discussion with OIS regarding students opting in to receive texts
                               from our office.

Strategy:                      Continue to make the Continuing and Graduate Studies web site more
                               user-friendly for all students. (ongoing)

Strategy:                      Update on-line graduate catalog as changes occur. (ongoing)

Performance Measure:           Students surveyed and results analyzed.

Performance Measure:           Decision was made whether to continue with current communication
                               methods or alter plan to include texting.

Performance Measure:           Data collected on those who have opted-in to receive emergency texts.

Performance Measure:           Decision was determined by the lawyer on legality of texting.

Performance Measure:           Meeting with OIS determined whether we can establish a system to
                               allow students to opt-in or out of texting for alerts from our office.

Performance Measure:           Feedback gathered from GSAC. Web site has been revamped.

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Performance Measure:   Online catalog updated monthly as necessary.

Progress Summary:      41 students surveyed at GSAC Info Night 10/WF regarding preferred
                       means of communication for various types of information. Results
                       showed overwhelming preference for receiving information through
                       their GUS email accounts, with other email accounts being the next
                       highest preferred option.

Progress Summary:      The Continuing and Graduate Studies website has been reconfigured to
                       be more user-friendly for prospective and current students and faculty
                       and staff.

Progress Summary:      The on-line graduate catalog is updated monthly as requests are
                       approved through the Graduate Council.

Objective 2.2:         Enhance capabilities and functions of current management systems.

Budget Implication:    Current department budget.

Strategy:              Continue to work with OIS in maintaining and improving the current
                       graduate student management system in GUS. (ongoing)

Strategy:              Ensure that the graduate student management system in GUS continues
                       to “speak” correctly to all computer systems used across campus for
                       maximum efficiency in customer service and elimination of paper usage.

Strategy:              Develop any new fields in the graduate student management system as
                       they become necessary.

Strategy:              Explore possibilities of utilizing new E-Commerce system to allow
                       students to pay thesis, graduation and diploma reprint fees online.

Performance Measure:   Responded to requests from faculty/users for changes in data input.

Performance Measure:   Altered CGS to work smoothly with changes in other campus systems.

Performance Measure:   New fields created as needed.

Performance Measure:   All fees paid online.

Progress Summary:      The graduate student management system in GUS has been in use since
                       2006 and has been revised and improved upon as needed to enhance
                       customer service to both students and campus departments. With the
                       assistance of OIS, the online Thesis Steps screens have been amended
                       to disperse more information to students and faculty; the system now
                       receives electronic GMAT scores, eliminating the need for paper scores;
                       and Graduate Assistant Appointment Letters are now created, accepted
                       by the student, and stored in the system, again eliminating creation of a
                       paper letter and increasing productivity through faster processing.

Progress Summary:      Graduation fees are now paid online, as of late March 2010.

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Objective 2.3:                  Move to utilizing on-line thesis and making physical binding optional.

Budget Implication:             We already have the capability to establish this system, so costs should
                                be minimal if any. In achieving this objective, costs of printing, binding
                                and shipping will be eliminated.

Strategy:                       Investigate current binding practices at all state universities.

Strategy:                       Examine transition and final method of other state universities utilizing
                                on-line thesis storage.

Strategy:                       Work with the Dean of Learning Resources to develop action plan.

Strategy:                       Create and implement plan to transition to on-line system and stop
                                usage of binding paper copies of theses.

Performance Measure:            Information obtained on other state universities.

Performance Measure:            Processes identified.

Performance Measure:            Action plan developed.

Performance Measure:            Plan implemented.

Progress Summary:               Preliminary information has been gathered on systems that other state
                                universities are using.

GOAL 3: Work with departments in developing courses/programs using on-line delivery methods.

University Goal and Objective: University Goal 1 (a) Enhance Learner Success University Goal 4
                               (c)Embracing Emerging Technologies.
Objective 3.1:                 Identify an incentive plan for developing and delivering on-line courses
                               and programs.

Budget Implication:             Current department budget.

Strategy:                       Meet with faculty who have developed courses on-line and those who
                                have not to identify common incentives and inhibitors to developing on-
                                line courses.

Strategy:                       Meet with academic chairs to identify incentives and inhibitors in
                                developing and scheduling on-line courses.

Strategy:                       Identify committee of faculty, chairs, deans and Director of TLT to take
                                both lists to identify incentives and solutions to developing on-line
                                courses and programs.

Strategy:                       Designate resources to support online courses/programs.

Performance Measure:            Meetings have occurred.

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Performance Measure:   Written Incentive Plan.

Performance Measure:   Resources designated.

Progress Summary:      None at this point.

Objective 3.2:         Identify possible programs to move to on-line in the next five years.

Budget Implication:    Current department budget.

Strategy:              Identify programs that have several courses offered on-line.

Strategy:              Meet with departments with these programs to discover interest.

Performance Measure:   Programs Identified and meetings have occurred.

Performance Measure:   Written Five Year Plan for development of future on-line programs.

Progress Summary:      None at this point.

Objective 3.3:         Develop within GUS Scheduling a new classification of Hybrid courses.

Budget Implications:   Current department budget.

Strategy:              Meet with chairs and deans to develop guidelines of meeting times for
                       hybrid classification.

Strategy:              Work with OlS and Registrars Office.

Strategy:              Obtain approvals from the various campus organizations for hybrid

Performance Measure:   Academic Meetings have occurred.

Performance Measure:   Proposed Policy developed.

Performance Measure:   Proposed Policy approved.

Performance Measure:   Hybrid classification in use on GUS Scheduling.

Progress Summary:      None at this point.

Objective 3.4:         Survey Students for interest in on-line courses and programs.

Budget Implication:    Current department budget.

Strategy:              Write and administer Survey.

Strategy:              Analyze Survey results.

Strategy:              Distribute Survey results to departments in connection with Objectives
                       1 and 2.

Performance Measure:   Survey Completed.

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Performance Measure:            Results of Survey are analyzed.

Performance Measure:            Share results with departments.

Progress Summary:               Survey Completed.

Progress Summary:               Survey Results are analyzed.

Goal 4: Enhance discovery and research.

University Goal and Objective: University Goal 2 (b & d): Enhance discovery and research.
Objective 4.1:                 Provide Incentives for faculty to submit proposals for funding.

Budget Implications:            Currently there is not a budget for incentives.

Strategy:                       Investigate how incentives for submitting proposals are allocated at
                                peer institutions.

Strategy:                       Determine if academic departments provide incentives for submitting

Performance Measure:            Completed draft proposal for university wide incentive for submitting

Progress Summary:               All four colleges have been contacted and the College of Technology is
                                the only college or department with a standard policy regarding
                                incentives for submitting proposals.
Objective 4.2:                  Increase recognition for faculty and students who conduct research.
Budget Implications:            Current department budget.

Strategy:                       Highlight one research and/or grant project every other month on the
                                Continuing and Graduate Studies web page.

Strategy:                       Publicize the Student Research Colloquium by email and in the Collegio.

Strategy:                       Collaborate with the Advisory Council for Research and Scholarship to
                                create a plan to increase recognition for faculty and students who
                                conduct research.

Strategy:                       Add a poster session to the Student Research Colloquium including
                                prizes for recognition.

Performance Measure:            Number of research projects highlighted.

Performance Measure:            Number of entries in the Student Research Colloquium increased by

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Performance Measure    Written recommendations for a plan to increase recognition for faculty
                       and students who conduct research.

Performance Measure    Number of students participating in the Student Research Colloquium
                       Poster Session.

Progress Summary:      A Research and Grants Headlines web page was created and nine
                       articles have been posted.

Progress Summary:      The Student Research Colloquium was advertised by e-mail and in the
                       Collegio resulting in an increase of fifty percent in Research Colloquium
                       entries from twelve in 2009 to eighteen in 2010.

Objective 4.3:         Formalize an institution-wide undergraduate research program.

Budget Implication:    Funding for 1-5 representatives to attend Council for Undergraduate
                       Research (CUR) Training Program ($500 plus travel each).

Strategy:              Survey faculty to define the existing attitude toward undergraduate

Strategy:              Attend Council for Undergraduate Research Workshop on starting and
                       administering an undergraduate research program.

Strategy:              Create policies, procedures and guidelines for a university wide
                       undergraduate research program.

Strategy:              Complete an inventory of undergraduate research activities currently
                       conducted on campus.

Performance Measure:   Document the results of Undergraduate Research Survey.

Performance Measure:   Send four faculty and the grants coordinator to a Council for
                       Undergraduate Research Workshop.

Performance Measure:   Written recommendations for policies, procedure and guidelines for a
                       university wide undergraduate research program for submission to the

Performance Measure:   Create an online brochure documenting undergraduate research
                       activities currently being conducted on campus.

Progress Summary:      In the spring of 2010 faculty were surveyed about undergraduate
                       research. Eighty percent of faculty who responded agreed that
                       undergraduate research is a valuable learning activity.

Progress Summary:      The process to select faculty to attend the Council for Undergraduate
                       Research Workshop and required activities after attending the
                       workshop have been approved by the Provost.

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GOAL 5: Promote staff development and individual improvement.

University Goal and Objective: University Goal 1 (e) Enhance learner success.
Objective 5.1:                 Encourage professional development and recognize exceptional
                               performance in job duties and general customer service.

Budget Implication:           Current department budget.

Strategy:                     Encourage staff participation in identifying appropriate workshops and
                              seminars for professional development.

Strategy:                     Construct system for awarding exceptional performance.

Strategy:                     Encourage opportunities that focus on physical, emotional, and
                              personal growth and well being.

Performance Measure:          All staff should have the opportunity to attend at least one workshop or
                              seminar for professional development annually.

Performance Measure:          Develop award system for staff who earn at least two rankings of
                              exceptional on their performance review.

Progress Summary:             Our office currently has: 1 on classified senate, 1 on the unclassified
                              senate development committee, and 1 participating in the Regional
                              Leadership Academy.

Progress Summary:             2 staff members attended the annual NAFSA conference, 1 attended a
                              Hobson’s seminar, and 1 took at international trip to Japan, Indonesia,
                              Thailand and Vietnam.

Progress Summary:             3 staff members received their flu shots, 1 continues taking courses
                              toward an undergraduate degree.

Objective 5.2:                Incorporate all staff members into the process of developing goals and

Budget Implication:           No cost associated with this objective.

Strategy:                     Conduct regularly scheduled staff meetings and an annual retreat.

Strategy:                     Assign all staff to one or more long range goals to monitor progress and

Performance Measure:          Hold at least seven staff meetings in 2010 and one retreat.

Performance Measure:          Hold at least nine staff meetings in 2011.

Progress Summary:             Have held __ staff meetings, scheduled monthly.

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Objective 5.3:                  Promote an environment where staff feels valued and appreciated.

Budget Implication:             No cost associated with this objective.

Strategy:                       Encourage office staff to express what makes each feel valued and

Strategy:                       Determine possible changes that could be/need to be made within the

Performance Measure:            Implement at least two ideas from discussions.

Performance Measure:            At time of evaluation, staff will be encouraged to rate the office’s
                                attempt to create an environment that makes each feel valued and

Progress Summary:               It is always a good to make all staff feel valued and appreciated;
                                however, the means to achieve this goal for each individual are not
                                always known.

GOAL 6: Improve office sustainability initiatives.

University Goal and Objective: University Goal 6(g) Institutionalize environmental sustainability by
                               reducing and ultimately eliminating waste streams on campus.
Objective 6.1:                 Decrease the amount of paper used by the office.

Budget Implication:             Decrease the amount of money spent on paper.

Strategy:                       Consider options to eliminate the remaining printed graduate student

Strategy:                       Print two sided documents when possible and reuse the blank side of
                                paper for drafts.

Strategy:                       Notifications to the campus community will be sent by e-mail instead of

Performance Measure:            Amount of paper ordered during the calendar year.

Progress Summary:               The graduate appointment letter for assistantships is now online.

Progress Summary:               Graduate Council eliminated printed agendas and attachments and
                                made them available electronically.

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