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									                            Tips To Design SEO Friendly Website

Don’t you think an appealing website can catch viewer’s eye? Yes it definitely can! But at the same time,
getting your websites on top is also essential in this competitive world. If making an SEO friendly website
is on your mind, then there are various things to remember before you go for designing sites.

Do not forget that, your website design, content and other things reflect your traits. Hence making a
constructive website help you gain more traffic towards your site. So as to enhance your knowledge
about SEO, different surveys have proved that SEO – search engine optimization plays a vital role in
increasing traffic to any site!

SEO techniques help your sites ranking high, so whenever you design your sites, pay attention to your
goal first and then the strategies of designing. Below are the tips to design SEO friendly website:

- Keywords are the KEYS to succeed: To generate more traffic, you should do proper research on
keywords and decide the goal of your site – what type of audience you are going to target! A strong
research on potential keywords is required and based on these keywords; you can get n number of
visitors. Moreover, get the contents done as per the keywords. Use keywords which are most commonly
used by users.

- Say NO to flash, banners, and advertisements: It is not only about APPEAL, appeal and appeal….Though
having flash, banners is tempting, it brings SEO rankings down! That is why it is essential to shun such
attractive intros. Since search engine spiders do not consider contents written inside the banners, it is
not necessary to keep banners on your sites.

- Have smooth SEO friendly navigations: If you keep odd navigations on your site then it becomes critical
for the page optimization. Try to avoid strong link structure. An easy navigation would always help users
move in your sites.

- Ideal placement of keywords: Include targeted keywords in different tags and titles in every page of
your website. Better if you stuff research keyword in title tags. This will be useful to rank your websites.
Include primary keywords in Meta tags, internal links, URL of the site, heading tags, alt tags, footer links

- Link sites with Social Media: Getting your website links on Facebook, Twitter will help boost the
ranking, thus you can also redirect the search engines by using several redirects. Increase search engine
visibility with the help of such resources.

- Images on websites: What we like to see is – IMAGE! Keep images relevant to the subject or title. You
can tag image according to the prime keyword. Thus you can get better results, and audience can get
tempted to explore your site! This will be beneficial for rankings.

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