Whisky can Outperform Traditional investments, claims AAA by straightlinepr


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									      Whisky can Outperform Traditional investments, claims AAA
           Whisky investment can deliver serious returns on investment, claims AAA.

Boston, MA, October 29, 2012 - Whisky investment can deliver serious returns on investment,
claims Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

The alternative investment advocacy group is speaking out in favour of investing in high quality
whisky after a report by bloggers at Barron’s came to the same conclusion. The bloggers spoke to
representatives from whisky investment consultancy firms like Whisky Highland, who claim that
some whiskies have outperformed asset classes like gold and diamonds in recent months and

AAA recommends focusing on limited editions from sought after distilleries and big names in the
Scotch whisky world. An example of the returns possible from a relatively low initial outlay is the
value increase on something like the Macallan Royal Marriage whisky. They were sold in April 2011
for £150 each and are already worth four times that amount.

“It’s not difficult to see the attraction of investing in whisky, largely due to the fact that you can
have fun with it and learn how to make money from the asset class without breaking the bank,
explained AAA’s Anthony Johnson. “We think whisky is a good place to start for people that want
to turn towards alternative investments to diversify their portfolios,” he added.

A growing number of investors, from individuals to institutions, are turning towards alternatives in
order to seek out something tangible in exchange for their money. Following the economic crisis,
investors are far more wary of stocks and bonds as they have been known to loose value
overnight. Alternative asset classes like fine wines and whiskies, art, precious metals, timberland
and antiques are not as risky, but have, traditionally offered less scope for significant returns.
“This is all changing, “ exclaimed Mr Johnson. “There are alternative asset classes, like whisky and
timber investment via firms like Greenwood Management, that are delivering returns that far
exceed average stocks and shares returns.”

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
71 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02109-1320


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