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									                                 BYARD ART
                         14 King’s Parade, Cambridge, CB2 1SJ, UK
                         T: +44 1223 464646 E: info@

                              Claire Moynihan

Group Exhibitions (recent & forthcoming)
   2012       Christmas Cracker at Byard Art, Cambridge
               ABC Alphabet Exhibition at Byard Art, Cambridge
               Mixed Summer at Byard Art, Cambridge
   2011        East Wing Collection, The Courtauld Institute, London
               Mixed Summer Exhibition, Byard Art, Cambridge
               Portraits in the Making, Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery, London
   2010        Summer Exhibition, The Royal Academy, London

   2009        Winter Warmth, The Park Gallery & Callendar House, Falkirk
               The Bug Bazaar, The Millenium Gallery, Sheffield
               Designer Crafts, The Mall Galleries London
               The Embroiders Guild Graduate Showcase, London and Harrogate
               Art & Insects, Cube 3 Gallery, Plymouth
   2008        New Designers, Business Design Centre, Islington, London

   Merit Licentiate of the Society of Designer Craftsmen

   Bugs Britannica by P. Murren & R. Mabey, Chatto & Windus,May 2010, p.283,
Artist’s Statement
   Claire Moynihan meticulously hand embroiders British insects onto felt balls,
   which are beautifully presented as entomological collections. Claire processes
   local alpaca wool to produce the felt balls and stitches larger than life insects
   onto the surface. This allows the viewer to appreciate the diverse details of the
   insect world through her careful observations and intricate embroidery.      The
   highly collectable works aim to celebrate the underrated moth and the valuable
   contribution of insects to our fragile ecosystem.

   Through her research into the Common Clothes Moth at the Museum of Zoology
   in Cambridge, Claire discovered the incredible diversity of the insect world. “I
   was inspired by the beautiful display cabinets full of rows of insects and, in
   particular, the hand written labels.

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