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 Your Rights and Obligations

                                               SERVICE DELIVERY CHARTER

                   Table of Contents
           TITLE                                              PAGE

           FOREWARD                                               3

           ABBREVIATIONS AND DEFINITIONS                          4

PART I     INTRODUCTION                                           5
           Service Delivery Charter

PART II    GENERAL INFORMATION                                    8-9
           Taxpayer Services
           KRA website

PART III   YOUR RIGHTS AS TAXPAYER                            11 -12
           General information, courtesy and consideration,
           privacy and confindentiality, your right to question,
           Motor Vehicle Registration, issuance of logbooks,
           licensing and processing of documents

PART IV    YOUR OBLIGATIONS                                     13-15
           Registration of motor vehicles,
           Registrar, Registration, Driving licences, Transfer,
           Duplicate, Dealers, Registry, TLB, Accuracy of your
           forms/returns, payment of taxes and fees,
           cooperation with KRA officers, disclosure and
           production of relevant information, records and

CONTACTS                                                          16


Dear Taxpayer

          e are pleased to present to you the Road Transport
          Department (RTD) Service Charter for 2008/09. RTD
          is principally a service department which handles 65%
of KRA customers. This therefore calls for consistent provision
of quality service to customers. The department has therefore
developed a service charter in consultation with the Results
Office under the Office of the President.

The RTD Service Charter outlines the service standards set to
serve our customers better. The Charter spells out taxpayers
rights and obligation and states the mutual expectations to be
upheld in that relationship. RTD is fully committed to meeting
these standards and ready to be held accountable to each
commitment contained here-in. As we move along, we expect our standards to improve
and change altogether.

The Department has implemented various tax reform measures which have culminated in
better service. The Department record management system is fully automated and has in
its custody critical data and digital images of important documents. The new generation
logbook is now a reality, the Customs ‘Simba 2005’ system has been fully integrated with
the Motor Vehicle Management System (VMS) thereby facilitating simultaneous payment
of duty and registration fees. The Driving License Management System (DLMS) has also
been created and data migrated to the oracle platform to facilitate decentralisation of
issuance of driving licences. The Department is in the process of putting in place a system
that will facilitate on-line lodgement of motor vehicle registration documents. To facilitate
this, the motor vehicle management system has been web enabled. Further, KRA is at an
advanced stage in establishing a call centre. The centre will be manned by skilled staff on
a 24 hour cycle.

KRA is committed to enhancement of services rendered to its customers through continuous
improvement of its processes. This way, the Authority will raise its service standards and
address the needs of its broad taxpayer base. However, KRA will be pleased to receive
sincere feedback from its customers to enable it improve its services. Taxpayers are at liberty
to criticise the Authority as much as possible, as it is through such criticisms that KRA shall
be able to improve on service delivery.

KRA also recognizes that the delivery of quality customer service can only be achieved
through a motivated professional work force. The Authority shall therefore continue to
invest in its staff and retrain them on a continuous basis. By outlining its commitments to you,
the Authority is seeking to match its quality of service to customers needs. KRA therefore
looks forward to continuous support from its customers as it embarks on implementing this
service charter.

Simon ole Kirgotty
Commissioner of Motor Vehicles

                                        SERVICE DELIVERY CHARTER

CIC        -     Complaints and Information Center
DLMS       -     Driving License Management System
KRA        -     Kenya Revenue Authority
PIN        -     Personal Identification Number
PSV         -     Public Service Vehicles
RTD         -     Road Transport Department
TLB         -     Traffic Licensing Board
VMS         -     Vehicle Management System


                           PART I: INTRODUCTION
  The Road Transport Department (RTD) is one of the revenue departments
  of the Kenya Revenue Authority with its headquarters in Times Tower
  Building, Nairobi.

  The Department is entrusted with the responsibility of registration
  of motor vehicles and trailers, licensing of motor vehicles and drivers,
  safe custody of all motor vehicles and drivers records and collection of
  licensing fees (with the exemption of road license fee which was recently
  transferred to fuel development levy under Ministry of Energy) and other
  levies relating to the administration and enforcement of laws as provided
  under various Acts including: The Traffic Act Cap 403, the Second Hand
  Motor Vehicles Purchase Tax Act Cap 484, and The Transport Licensing
  Act Cap 404.

  Operations of the department are however decentralized in all regional
  offices in Kenya with RTD personnel spread across all the stations.

  Service Delivery Charter
  The Service Delivery Charter defines the rights and obligation of the
  taxpayers and describes the service standard that taxpayer’s should
  expect from RTD. Although some specific commitments contained here
  may have legislative links, the Charter itself does not confer legally
  enforceable rights on the taxpayer. It is an important guide for taxpayers
  as it documents the services and support due to a taxpayer from the

  It allows for an open and transparent approach which parties understand
  and can work within. The charter is a powerful tool for the department,
  management and staff to continuously improve service delivery to the
  general public and other stakeholders. It is a framework within which we
  seek to improve our customer relations culture and a means by which our
  performance as a department can be measured and benchmarked.

                                                     SERVICE DELIVERY CHARTER

 The Department subscribes to the Vision, Mission and Core values of
                  the Kenya Revenue Authority.

                              OUR VISION
To be the leading Revenue Authority in the world respected for
Professionalism, Integrity and Fairness.

                           OUR MISSION
To promote compliance with Kenya’s tax, trade and border legislation
and regulation by promoting standards set out in the Taxpayer’s Charter
and responsible enforcement by highly motivated and professional staff
thereby maximising revenue collection at the least possible cost for the
socio-economic well being of all Kenyans.

                            OUR CORE VALUES
We uphold the highest standards of honesty, truthfulness, r e l i a b i l i t y
and honour.

We ensure competency and efficiency and we focus on achieving

We are committed to applying the law consistently, responsibly and
administering our requirements reasonably.

We value differences in people and ideas and we treat others with dignity
and esteem.

Commitment and Team work
We support the principle of teamwork and nurturing staff commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility
We value all our stakeholders and collaborate closely with them to nurture
participatory social well-being.


  Road Transport Department being a constituent department of Kenya
  Revenue Authority is committed to developing a dedicated professional
  team, embracing modern processes and technologies and delivering
  customer focused services that enhance compliance and revenue
  collection. The department shall endeavour to continually improve
  revenue collection and service delivery by meeting the requirements of
  ISO 9001:2000 Standard on Quality Management Systems.

  • Develop a dedicated and professional team
  • Reengineer business processes and modernize technology
  • Improve and expand taxpayer services
  • Enhance revenue collection and strengthen enforcement

  • Registration of motor vehicles and Trailers
  • Licensing of drivers
  • Transfer of motor vehicle ownership
  • Issue of duplicate registration books and licenses
  • Issue of motor vehicle copy of records
  • Keeping and maintenance of such records
  • Promote road safety
  • Collection of Traffic Revenue related to Administration of
    Traffic Act, Second hand MV Purchase Act and TLB Act
  • Licensing driving schools and instructors
  • Licensing of motor vehicle dealers

  RTD promotes Road Safety by:
  • Ensuring all vehicles being registered are fit for the purpose
    which they are intended to be used
  • Issuing licenses to qualified drivers
  • Assigning vehicle number plates hence ensuring easy identification

                                                     SERVICE DELIVERY CHARTER

Taxpayer Services
Road Transport Department (RTD) seeks to assure quality, courteous,
and equitable services to taxpayers by providing comprehensive and
standardized tax education, information that promote partnership and
voluntary compliance. In conjunction with Taxpayer Services Division we

 • Simplify our business processes and retrain staff on customer relations,
   taxation, accounting and audit
 • Sensitize taxpayers on their rights and available channels of redress
 • Develop and issue simplified publications that contain information on
   all taxes administered by RTD
 • Assist taxpayers understand and meet their tax obligations

Road Transport Department Feedback/Complaints
RTD welcomes your feedback either in the form of a compliment,
complaints or queries. This may be done through suggestion boxes
strategically placed in our offices, electronic mail, postal mail or telephone.
Feedback should be made directly to the Commissioner, Station Managers,
Regional Managers and departmental heads and we shall endeavour to
respond immediately.

                    Complaints may be addressed to :-
                   Complaints and Information Centre (CIC)
                        Tel (020)310900/ 281-7700

To facilitate review of your case we advise that you outline the complaint
in writing. State and provide the information specified below:-
      • Your contacts
      • Brief description of your complaint
      • Steps taken to resolve it so far
      • Copies of documents that you think are relevant.


  The department expects its staff to uphold the highest standards of
  integrity in their provision of services. This shall be in conformity to the
  laws of the land and KRA code of conduct. KRA wishes to appeal to
  all taxpayers and stakeholders to maintain high levels of professionalism
  and integrity in all their dealings with KRA officials.

  KRA Website
  You may also visit the KRA website: for more
  details and for enquiries you may reach us using the contacts provided
  in the last page.

                                                  SERVICE DELIVERY CHARTER

                      PART III: YOUR RIGHTS
Generally, as a taxpayer you have RIGHTS in your dealings with
the department and by extension KRA, on matters related to taxes
administered by KRA. These rights include:

You are entitled to complete, timely and accurate information on your
rights and obligations under the various Acts administered by Kenya
Revenue Authority.

You are entitled to demand impartial application of the law. It is the
responsibility of road transport department to collect only the correct
amount of tax, duties, levies and fees.

Courtesy and Consideration
You are entitled to courteous, considerate and non discriminatory
treatment in your dealings with the department’s officials when requesting
for information, arranging for an interview, audit or any other matters
related to RTD activities.

Presumption and Honesty
You are presumed honest unless there is evidence to the contrary.

Privacy and Confidentiality
You are assured that personal and financial information which you provide
to RTD shall only be used for purposes of carrying out lawful duties unless
we have your express authority to do otherwise or in situations permitted
by law.

Consistency and Equity
We will apply the law consistently so everyone gets their entitlement and
pays the right amount. We will take your particular circumstances into
account as far as the law allows.

Your right to Question us
You may question information, advice and service given to you. We will
inform you on options available for resolving disputes and will work with
you to reach an amicable solution.


  You have a right to demand an official identification card from any of our
  staff visiting you on official duties. You may also call your nearest KRA
  office to confirm the identity of the officer visiting you if still in doubt of
  the identification provided. The contacts for various offices are given at
  the end of this charter document.

  As a taxpayer you have a right to be represented by an authorized /
  licensed agent of your choice.

  Motor vehicle registration, issuance of Log Books, Licensing and
  processing of documents.
  Upon receipt of application and payment of the prescribed fees for
  various services, it is your right to receive services within the time frame
  outlined below.

 • Registration of motor vehicle                          Within 2 days

 • Processing and dispatch of new log books               Within 5 days

 • Processing and dispatch of duplicate logbooks          Within 7 days

 • Processing of transfer of ownership
    and dispatch of logbook.                              Within 3 days

 • Processing of replacement number plates                Within 4 days

 • Copy of motor vehicle records                          Within 1 day

 • Issuance of foreign vehicle permits                    On the spot

 • Issuance of certificate of ownership                   Within 1 day

 • Issuance of foreign vehicle permits                    On the spot

 • Issuance of interim/provisional driving license        On the spot

 • Processing and dispatch of new driving licenses Within 7 days

                                                  SERVICE DELIVERY CHARTER

• Processing and dispatch of duplicate              Within 5 days
  driving licenses

• Renewal of driving license                        On the spot

• Endorsement of additional class on
  driving license

   • Nairobi applications                           On the spot

   • Applications for out stations                  Within 5 days

• Issuance of TLB licenses
  for Public Service Vehicles                       On the spot

• Processing of PSV badges (Drivers and             Within 1 day
  Conductors )

• Processing of PSV licenses
  (for Drivers and Conductors)                      Within 1 day

• Issuance of Kenya Garage number plates            Within 1 day

• Caveat on motor vehicles and driving licenses     Within 2 days

              Delay in Service Delivery may result from
               non-compliance with your obligations


                   PART IV: YOUR OBLIGATIONS
  All persons who are taxpayers or are eligible taxpayers have obligations
  to comply with tax laws under the various tax Acts:

  Registration of motor vehicles
  You have an obligation to ensure that any vehicle(s) you present to the
  Registrar of Motor vehicles have been properly acquired and all duties
  and taxes paid in full. The Registrar of Motor Vehicles has powers to de-
  register any vehicle(s) which have been registered irregularly.

  Other obligations:

  When applying for the services provided by RTD, a taxpayer has an
  obligation to use prescribed documents obtained from RTD offices,
  downloaded from KRA website or received through official mail.

  The registered owner of a motor vehicle/trailer has an obligation to apply
  for replacement of lost/defaced logbook and number plates.

  Any person with insurable interest of a motor vehicle/trailer has an
  obligation to ensure that he/she is the registered owner.

  Any person importing a second hand motor vehicle/trailer has an
  obligation to apply for registration to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles
  prior to exiting the designated custom area.

  Driving Licences
  The holder of a Driving License has an obligation to apply for replacement
  of a lost/defaced License.

  Any taxpayer in possession of certificate of competency issued after
  passing a driving test has an obligation to apply for driving licence from
  the Registrar of Motor Vehicles within 90 days. Failure to which, the
  certificate shall be deemed to have expired.

                                                   SERVICE DELIVERY CHARTER

Any owner of a Public Service Vehicle (s) has an obligation to ensure
that his/her drivers have valid driving licences, PSV lincenses and badges,
while conductors have valid PSV licences and badges.

Driving School owners have an obligation to employ only licensed driving
school instructors.

You have an obligation to transfer ownership of a motor vehicle or trailer
within 14 days from date of purchase.

Upon transfer of ownership of motor vehicle or trailer, the registered
owner has an obligation to inform the Registrar of Motor Vehicles of the
change and address of the new owner within 7 days.

Any registered owner in possession of a duty free motor vehicle has an
obligation to pay taxes prior to transfer to a non exempt buyer.

The transferee of a motor vehicle/trailer has an obligation to pay all
applicable fees prior to transfer of the same.

The registered owner of a motor vehicle/trailer has an obligation to
notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles on any material changes and
Modifications made on the vehicle/trailer.

A registered dealer has an obligation to inform the Registrar of Motor
Vehicles of any vehicle(s) held for resale and the address(es) of new
owner(s) within 7 days after sale.

Any person carrying out business of buying and selling Motor Vehicles/
Trailers, has an obligation to apply to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles for
a dealer’s licence.

Any person who imports more than four (4) vehicles in a calendar year
has an obligation to apply to the Registrar of Motor vehicles for a dealer’s

Any person(s) in possession of a dealers general licence has an obligation
to renew it annually.

  The registered owner of a written-off motor vehicle/trailer has an
  obligation to surrender the logbook and number plates to the Registrar
  of Motor Vehicles.

  Any registered owner of a motor vehicle intended to be exported
  permanently out of Kenya has an obligation to apply to the Registrar of
  Motor Vehicle for a de-registration certificate.

  Any owner of a PSV vehicle has an obligation to apply for a Road Service
  Licence and thereafter renew it annually.

  Accuracy of your Forms/Returns
  When completing forms/returns, you have an obligation to ensure that
  the forms/returns and declarations represent full and true disclosure
  of the transactions. RTD may cross check the information you have
  provided. The Law provides for penalty for an incorrect form/return and
  or prosecution in case of gross negligence or fraud.

  Payment of Taxes and fees
  You have an obligation to make payment of taxes and fees on the required
  services. Any taxes/fees that remain unpaid after assesment/demand will
  attract penalties as stipulated in the various Acts.

  Cooperation with KRA officers
  You have an obligation to accord KRA officials cooperation, due respect
  and freedom to carry out their lawful duties. You should not intimidate,
  abuse, threaten or influence them in any manner whatsoever, whether
  financial or otherwise.

  Disclosure and production of relevant information, records and
  You have an obligation to disclose and produce all relevant information,
  records and documents required by RTD’s official and by extension KRA
  when carrying out their lawful duties. It is an offence to refuse to give or
  to withhold information, records or documents. Penalties for this offence
  have been prescribed under the various revenue Acts.




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