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                          RATE LOCK DISCLOSURE

3629 Franklin Road Suite 207
Roanoke, VA 24014

BORROWER: Nicholaus R Williams

CO-BORROWER: Lydia J Williams

ADDRESS:          3628 Hamilton Mill Rd Raleigh, NC 27616

You have this day, in application to the broker listed above, and applied for a mortgage loan to be
secured by residential real estate at:

3628 Hamilton Mill Rd Raleigh, NC 27616
                                        (Property Address)

1. The loan terms, interest rate and fees quoted at the time of application are not locked in and
subject to change until the settlement date of the loan, unless noted below:

Interest Rate 3.750 Amortization Type          Fixed
Is Rate Locked?        Locked
Total Points and/or Fees    1,149.00
Term    30 Years                 Days Locked      43

Applicant (Initials)             Applicant (Initials)

Alcova Mortgage, LLC is NOT responsible for Interest Rate fluctuations in the market if
Applicant(s) chooses not to lock an Interest Rate at this time. Alcova Mortgage, LLC DOES
NOT charge additional fees for an Interest Rate lock-in commitment.

2. The essential processing time for closing the loan is 30 – 45 days. This estimated
   processing time keeps into account the time needed for the performance of any local
   government inspections and any functions necessary to close the loan.

   The actual time necessary to process and close the loan may vary from the estimate due to
   delays in the Lender receiving information from you or from others. Therefore, the Lender is
   unable to guarantee that your requested loan will be closed within the estimated time or prior
   to the expiration of any firm lock-in commitment. For this reason, you should assure yourself
   that the time period specified in the lock-in commitment is sufficient for your purposes.

   I/We certify that we have received a copy of this Notification toMortgage Loan
   Applicants and understand the provisions included in the notification.

                                                   Authorized Representative                Date

Borrower                         Date              Co-Borrower                              Date

A copy of this notice was sent to applicants on 10/11/2012

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