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									Element Project Rubric                                                         Name ___________________________
Your element project will contain 3 parts:
    - Element Research Project                                         Due: October 12
    - Creative Writing: Disappearing Elements                          Due: October 18
    - Build an Atomic Model                                            Due: October 26
Each portion of the project will be due a different week. It is important to plan out in advance how to
manage your time for each portion of the project. Make sure your name is on everything and that these
worksheets are turned in with each part of the project
Part I: Element Research Project
The following is a rubric for your element research project. It is a list of the items needed for your
project and how many points each item is worth. Please refer to it often when completing your project.
The method by which you will relay the information required will vary according to your presentation
choice. You will be able to choose any element you wish to research, however you will find that certain
elements have more information than others. Choose wisely!
Project Format Choices: Limit all projects to one sheet of 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper
1) Newsletter             2) Flyer       3) Brochure/Pamphlet                 4) one page information sheet
_____ (1 pt) element name
_____ (1 pt) atomic number
_____ (1 pt) atomic symbol                                                                           Due Date:
_____ (1 pt) atomic mass (with units)                                                             Fri, October 12
_____ (3 pts) number of protons, number of neutrons, number of electrons
_____ (1 pts) when discovered/first produced
_____ (1 pts) who discovered/who produced
_____ (1 pts) where it can be currently found/how made
_____ (4 pts) 4 physical descriptions: metal, non-metal, metalloid, color, texture, state, density, melting point,
           boiling point, physical state (S, L, G) at room temperature
_____ (5 pts) how it is used – AT LEAST 5 common uses
_____ (2 pt) group, period
_____ (3 pt) Pictures or drawings of element – visual aids to enhance project (at least 3)
_____ (2 pts) Neatness/spelling and color/creativity
_____ (2 pts) List of sources. For example, books, web sites, magazines, etc. (can be on a separate
           sheet or incorporated into information sheet). Must also cite sources for all images/pictures. Sources
must be specific…google images or are NOT specific sources. Copy and paste complete URL’s.
_____(2 pts) Name and Date

 Total / 30                     Comments:

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Part II: Disappearing Elements                                         Name ______________________________

Imagine, one day out of nowhere, elements in the periodic table suddenly began slowly disappearing
from the face of the Earth. Depending on the uses of the particular element, the effects could be
catastrophic. From your research regarding the uses of your element, your task is to write a creative
fictional story about the day your element slowly began disappearing.

You may need to do additional research to find more uses of your element to help you write your story.
It may help to research not only uses of the pure element, but compounds the element forms and how
the compounds are used. For example, sodium combines with chlorine to make table salt - NaCl. If
either of these elements started disappearing so would table salt.

Find a variety of uses for your element like medicine, engineering, nature and everyday life. Make sure
your uses are actually different. For example, saying that silver is used to make earrings, necklaces,
bracelets and other jewelry is only ONE use – all jewelry.

To help ensure there are 5 uses, highlight each key use in your paper. In the example above, you would
highlight the word “jewelry”.


_____ (2 pts) Neatness - Project is typed with appropriate heading
           (Name, class period, date, title that includes the name of the
                                                                                                      Due Date:
                                                                                                     Thurs, Oct. 18
_____ (3 pts) Length - Minimum 1 page, maximum 2 pages
           (double spaced, normal margins, 12 pt font,
           times new roman)
_____ (10 pts) Uses - 5 specific distinct uses of the element and how everyday life
           would be affected by the loss of this element. The 5 uses are highlighted.
_____ (5 pts) Creativity – There is a fun, creative plot to the story complete with characters, action
           and an ending – happy or sad.
Total Points/20 Comments:

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                                                    The Homemade Atom
                                                                Due October 26

Problem: What is your element's: 1) atomic number 2) Mass Number? How Many 3a) Neutrons
3b) Electrons 3c) Protons does your element have? Which element has the largest amount of

Hypothesis: Create your hypothesis about which element has the largest amount of atoms.

Materials: You may use any household item except perishable foods or dangerous chemicals.


     1. This is an individual project. Using the element that you made an ad campaign for, you
        must first determine your element's atomic number and mass number (use your Periodic
     2. Using the above number determine the number of neutrons, electrons and protons your
        element has in a single atom.
     3. Using the above numbers make a detailed sketch of an atom of your element. Make sure
        to display the correct number of neutrons, electrons and protons. This drawing will count
        for the lab grade of this project.
     4. Your next step is to get this drawing approved by your teacher. Don't lose this you must
        hand it in later.
     5. Take this drawing home and build a model of this drawing. Remember that this model
        must have the correct number of neutrons, electrons and protons. This is due one week
        after your drawing is approved.

Model Regulations: It cannot be bigger than a basketball, you cannot use perishable foods or
dangerous Chemicals, and this model must have an area where it can be hung by string.

Atomic Modeling Scoring Rubric
1. Element Name written on Model                                                 10
2. Element Symbol written on Model                                               10
3. Atomic Number                                                                 10
4. Atomic Mass Number                                                             10
5. # of protons stated on board                                                   10
a. correct number of protons in MODEL                                             10
6. # of Neutrons correctly stated                                                 10
a. correct number of neutrons in MODEL                                            10
7. # of Electrons correctly stated                                                10
a. correct number of electrons in VALENCE SHELL in MODEL                          10

Total Points                                                                      /100
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     - interactive table

     - interactive table, shows you what the element looks like!

     - - interactive table

     - - interactive table

     - - interactive table

     - - interactive table

     - - interactive table, very technical

     - helps with who is credited with

           discovering the element, and the date of discovery

     - tells elements that are in

           the body and estimated percentages

     - – list of website that have

           information on elements (check the validity of individual website sources)

Helpful tips:

The resources above are a brief list of places to start looking for information regarding your element. Be

sure to check the validity and reliability of the authors of different websites. Check several websites for

the same information to compare information for accuracy. Don’t simply trust the first website you

check! You should individually search for specific information regarding your element by name after

using the general sites listed above.

Ideas for Build an Atom Project:
cotton balls, candy, macaroni, straws, ornaments, felt, pipe cleaners, toothpicks, shoebox, beads,
paperclips, foam, yarn, cardboard, wood, Styrofoam, coat hangers, coins, army men, figurines, legos,
wire, clay, play-doh, ping-pong balls, construction paper, glitter, embroidery hoops, sticks, leaves, fake
flowers, ribbon, aluminum foil and many more. The shape is not as important as size…make sure
protons and neutrons are the same size and electrons are smaller.

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