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									Suffolk’s library service
in Waveney
Councillor Judy Terry and Guenever Pachent
Learning from the Spring 2011
• People valued their local
  libraries as hubs in the
  community providing more
  than only books
• They are especially important
  for children and young
  people, vulnerable and older
Suffolk people said they wanted their
library services which
• Provide for reading and literacy through books to borrow,
  books to download and through activities
• Address loneliness and social isolation, and provide a shared
  community space where people feel safe
• Help with learning and skills and finding a job
• Provide activities that improve health and well-being
• Provide information and the internet, both self-service and
  with the help of skilled staff
• Hire films and music, currently DVDs and CDs
The review and evaluation
• In July, we published the 2011 Review of Library Services and
  Cabinet agreed the new vision and access model
• It was agreed to set up a central organisation to support
  libraries and run seven pilots to test local community
  involvement (one in Waveney)
• Since then, we’ve evaluated
  three models for the central
   • In-house business unit
   • A company limited by guarantee,
     SCC owned
   • An Industrial and Provident Society owned
     by local library groups
Our ambition for libraries
• Put them on a strong and sustainable footing for the future –
  keeping them open and relevant
• Give local people more say
• Free the service from the bureaucracy of a large organisation
• Retain statutory duties
• Libraries as hubs at the heart
  of their communities
• Create a service fit for
  the 21st century.
Waveney libraries

•   Beccles
•   Bungay
•   Halesworth
•   Kessingland
•   Lowestoft
•   Oulton Broad
•   Southwold
          • Activities include:
            grandparents play and talk,
            Scrabble Club, Bookstart, Top-
            time, Live Lounge (teenagers
            performance space), Poetry
            Club and Creative Writing Club
          • LEAP centre
          • A community hub which
            support learning, and skills
          • 141,075 visits in 2010/11
          • 137,976 books or other items
            borrowed in 2010/11

         • 58,859 books or other items
           borrowed in 2010/11
         • 49,160 visits in 2010/11
         • Activities include scrabble,
           creative writing, embroidery,
           calligraphy, beginners internet,
           Top-time and Bookstart
         • Bungay Library Community

• 63,937 books or other items
  borrowed in 2010/11
• 73,247 visits in 2010/11
• Activities include: Time out
  (Top-time), Bookstart, IAG job
  advice, credit union, and
  Registrars sessions
              • Part of a very sheltered
                scheme, in a centre which
                includes Parish offices, café
                and a community room
              • 23,485 books or other items
                borrowed in 2010/11
              • 24,454 visits in 2010/11
              • Activities include: Prime time
                (for older people) and
• Award winning building
• Activities include teenage
  reading group, Bookstart,
  reading groups for adults, Top-
  time, Checkmates Chess,
  careers advice and CV writing.
• 493,175 visits in 2010/11
• 302,275 books or other items
  borrowed in 2010/11
• LEAP centre
Oulton Broad
• 48,308 books or other items
  borrowed in 2010/11
• 25,994 visits in 2010/11
• Activities include Primetime
  for older people, Bookstart,
  internet starter sessions, and
  children's Sunday club
• 35,275 books or other items
  borrowed in 2010/11
• 36,925 visits in 2010/11
• Activities include: Time our for
  older people, reading groups
  for young and old, Bookstart,
  craft and chat and Book-sales
• Innovative partnership with
  Latitude festival
What we are doing
•   Appointed Founding Interim Board
•   Recruiting four more Interim Board
    members from community library
    groups and one from staff
•   Recruiting the General Manager
•   Working on the contract between
    the IPS and SCC
•   TUPE consultation about to start
•   IPS takes over May/June 2012

• Any questions?

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