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Executive Summary:

             Internship Organization: Haleeb Foods Ltd.

Internship Duration: June 25, 2007 to August 13, 2007


             This report covers the activities and responsibilities that I performed
             during my internship at Haleeb Foods Limited. HFL is the National
             Company with a burning passion to take on the international market. In
             the clutter of multinational companies HFL has a distinguished place. The
             report starts with the introduction of the company, then the mission and
             the vision of the organization and its structure covering all the
             departments. HFL's products portfolio, SWOT Analysis, Pest Analysis and
             Porter Five Forces Model.

             Then the next part includes my duties and responsibilities and the
             assignments and projects they gave the problems and then me and
             limitations I have founded while doing the internship and then

             Internship Assignment:

             The assignment was to work with a professional organization to get
             professional experience of the office routines and the working of the
             organization at the initial level.


             I worked their as an intern for the 7 weeks in the marketing department. In
             the marketing department of HFL I learned a lot of things related to
             marketing and sales. My boss gave me many assignments, which were
             related to marketing and sales, and also many other things that will help
             me a lot when I will start my professional career.


             My contributions in that department were valuable, because of my
             contributions I succeed in taking the load of work of my boss.

             Introduction of HFL:

             This report provides a cavernous insight of the departments and products
             of the company.
HFL is now one of the fastest growing packaged food companies in
Pakistan with an annual turnover of Rs. 9.2 Billion (F2006). It is a private
limited company. It started commercial production in July 1987. Due to
consistently superior performance, it has achieved undisputed leadership
in the liquid packaged milk category with a market share of over 52%.
HFL has a very strong brand portfolio consisting of dairy as well as non-
dairy products.

Haleeb Foods has segmented its product portfolio in 3 leading brands
including Haleeb, Candia and Tropico. Haleeb is the flagship brand of the
company. Haleeb UHT Milk is available in 5 Sku’s of Tetrapak
packaging. Due to its strong positioning of the thickest milk for best tea, it
has the highest top of mind awareness and penetration in the dairy industry
of Pakistan. In order to increase consumer and trade penetration of the
brand, it is also available in Tetra Fino Packaging under the brand
extension of Haleeb Dairy Queen.

Haleeb has also progressively diversified from UHT Milk to other product
categories as well. These product line extensions include Haleeb Butter,
Haleeb Yogurt, Haleeb Cream, Haleeb Labban (Drinking Yogurt), Haleeb
Asli Desi ghee (Butter Oil), Haleeb Funday Juice Drink, Haleeb Skimz
(skimmed milk), Haleeb N'Rish Full Cream Milk Powder & Haleeb Good
day Pure Juices. Haleeb Good day is the only range of 100% pure juices in
the country with a variety of 6 pure juice flavors.

Haleeb Foods, having a Franchise agreement with Cadillac France,
launched Candia Double Sterilized Milk in bottle format in April 1999.
Candia is also available in the Candia Classic variant which is positioned
for Tea. Another recent initiative is Candia Candy Up, which is flavored
milk for children.

HFL has one of the largest nation-wide distribution networks delivering
high quality products, even in the remote areas of Pakistan. With a
network of +1100 distributors the company ensures that the product range
is available in all the urban and semi urban areas of Pakistan. Furthermore,
concerted efforts are being made to develop the rural market as well.

HFL has an efficient and resourceful Export department, which has
successfully tapped opportunities in foreign markets including Korea,
Hong Kong, USA, UK, China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and the Middle

In order to provide best quality products to its consumers, HFL has a well-
developed supply chain infrastructure. It has heavily invested in a vast
network of company operated milk collection centers across the country.
HFL has a strict and stringent quality policy regarding intake of raw milk.
It is the only company that conducts 21 rigorous quality tests to ensure
that only fresh milk of the highest quality is accepted at the plant premises.
These internationally recognized tests are used to check for: a)
adulteration, b) microbiological contamination and c) adequacy of
nutritional contents. Further, Haleeb Foods is the only food company in
Pakistan that has the following international certifications of quality and

• HACCP (in process controls for safer products)

• ISO 9001 – 2000 (better quality for greater customer satisfaction)

• ISO 14001 (environment-friendly operations)

HFL believes in using cutting edge processing and packaging technologies
to meet consumer expectations of hygienic and high quality food products.
It has more than 30 Tetra machines for its UHT milk brands and 5 UHT
units with a capacity of producing more than 1 Million Liters of Milk
everyday. Keeping in view the volume potential and increasing growth
trend of the market, the company has recently inaugurated a second
independent UHT plant at Rahim Yar Khan.

Haleeb Foods has a highly professional management team with a
progressive operating style. The management team comprises of highly
seasoned professionals with diverse global experience of managing and
developing brands. It can lay claim to be one of the very few Pakistani
organizations, which are truly following the model adopted by globally
successfully corporations, with clearly defined roles for shareholders and
the management team.

The company takes pride in being a model national organization
delivering international quality products and higher value for money to its
consumers. The management team at HFL strongly believes that Pakistan
offers enormous potential for food business due to a large consumer base,
high acceptance of packaged food, and a growing urban middle class
consumer segment.

Haleeb Foods Ltd. was incorporated on July
1st, 1984 with a capital of Rs. 46 Million under the name of Chaudhry
Dairies Limited which was renamed as CDL Foods Limited and now it
is known to be as Haleeb Foods Limited. At that time it had the
capacity of producing 80,000 / liters of milk per day having total area of
32 acres. Initially 150 people were employed at the plant. The
production process started with UHT liquid milk. The liquid milk was
the first product launched in the market, it started its operation in 1985
at that time 20 other dairy plants were also coming in, and all those
including MILKPAK were using obsolete technology that was used in
EUROPE. Haleeb Plant was the only plant based on the latest
technology and the basic idea behind that were particularly dairy foods
products. Haleeb is one brand that is toady known everywhere.

From November 1989 till December 1991 Haleeb had a joint venture
with fries land Frico Domo of Netherlands. This joint was amicably
dissolved on account of FFD's change in management in their global
strategy. Today as an ISO 9002 certified company, Haleeb is the
dominant market leader of UHT milk in Pakistan by capturing 52 %

Franchise agreement with Canada, a market leader in the liquid milk
market in France, was assigned in December 1998. Under this
arrangement, the company launched Candia range of value added
liquid milk product and also have assess to latest production, technical
and marketing know how.

Initially company launched different products but some of them could
not become successful. As the company's core concern is quality
           eventually company abandoned products that were not according to
           the market needs. In 2002 the company contributed 54% to the
           country's packed milk market.

           Problem and Purpose:.

           This report seeks to look at the operations of Haleeb Foods Limited.
           What kind if products and services HFL is providing to the consumers,
           also about the environment in which it is operating.

           Sources and Methods:

           • The greater part of information presented in this report has been
           taken from published material of the company like its broachers and
           website. The information regarding HFL is taken from the senior
           managers and the supervisor under whom I am doing my internship.

           • I tried my level best to write updated and latest information and in the

           • Main Sources of information are:

           Mr. Rehan-ul-Haq (Marketing Manager)

           Mr.Jawad Saleem (Group Brand Manager)

           Mr. Muammar Khakwani (Assistant Brand Manager).
           Marketing Department of HFL

The most important limitation in writing this report was the nature of
the company. Haleeb Food Limited is a private limited doesn’t allow
leaking any of its internal information, specially the information
regarding the financial position of the company and the policies related
to Human Resource Department.


The scope of the report is to examine in detail the operation of HFL.
The focus of this report is mainly on the marketing department of
Haleeb Foods Limited.

Organizational Structure of Haleeb Foods Limited:

                   Managing Director



                          R & D

                   Quality Assurance


  Human Resource


 Information System

    Supply Chain

   Food Services




  Quality sessions

   Quality Control

   Customer Care

    Brand Teams

                      Sales Team

   H.R Functions





                   Milk Procurement

                 Purchases / Imports




          Hierarchy of Marketing Department:

                    G.M Marketing













      Vision, Mission, Values and Policies of Haleeb Foods Limited.

      Vision Statement:
Most Innovative and fastest growing food company offering

products enjoyed in "every home every day"

Mission Statement:

Build Branded food business to improve quality of life by offering

tasty, affordable and highly nutritional products to our consumers

while maximizing stake holders' value.


a. Build branded food business to improve quality of life by

offering tasty, sage, hygienically processed, affordable, highly

nutritional food products through environment friendly processes

to our customers while maximizing stake holders' value.

b. Meet the requirement of all relevant legislation and regulation

related to consumer satisfaction & safety, environment and other

applicable laws etc.

c. To prevent pollution through controlling levels of harmful

emission, effluents and other wastes.

d. Contribute to safe and healthy environment for our country.

e. Promote mutual trust with customers, suppliers, employees,

shareholders and community.
f. Provide all the necessary resources for the continual

improvement in quality, safety of our products, processes and



• Enterprise

• Empowerment

• Accountability

• Trust

• Teamwork

Haleeb Foods product Portfolio:

1.1 Haleeb Milk in Tetra Pack:

Consumers everywhere know that only Haleeb Milk makes the best

tea ever because of its thickness. Haleeb is pasteurized,

homogenized, and standardized pure UHT milk of the highest

standard with 3.5% fats and 8.9% solid non-fats. It is Haleeb

Foods premier brand, and the choice of quality-conscious

consumers who only go for the best. Packed in easy to open, 6-

layered Tetra Pak Brick Aseptic packaging, it comes with a 3

months shelf life.


• 1500 ml: 8 Packs / carton

• 1000 ml: 12 packs/carton

• 500 ml: 12 packs/shrink-wrapped tray

• 250 ml: 27 packs/shrink-wrapped tray

1.2 Haleeb Reshmi

Haleeb Reshmi pack is long life-packaged milk and offers

consumers premium quality milk at an attractive price. Due to its

multi-layered packaging material, Reshmi pack not only retains the

natural thickness of milk for a longer time, but also protects the

milk from light, heat and bacteria.


• 125 ml: 1.25 liters

• 250ml: 5 liters

• 1000ml: 6 liters

1.3 Haleeb Bottle:

The good thing about the Haleeb Bottle is that it is made out of

material that is 100 percent recyclable. Feel free to have your own

pick according to your need. , Haleeb Milk is all about making your

life simpler and easier. The Milk Bottle's convenient screw cap

makes it easy to use in our day-to-day life. The aluminum that

covers the mouth of the bottle ensures that the milk that reaches
you remain fresh. Approved by CCTPA the Haleeb Milk Bottle has

multi protected layers that keep it safe from bacteria and



• 1000 ml / 8 pieces per cartoon

• 250 ml / 24 pieces per cartoon

1.4 Dairy Queen:

Dairy Queen is Haleeb another standardized and homogenized

pure UHT Milk with 3.5% fat and 8.9% solid non fats. At an

affordable price it has won the hearts of consumers everywhere.

It is available in 6-layered Tetra Pak Fino Packaging, introduced

for the first time in Pakistan and has 2 months shelf life.


• 250 ml: 24 pouches per carton

• 500 ml: 16 pouches per carton

• 1000 ml: 9 pouches per carton

1.5 Haleeb Gold:

The Thickest Milk with Extra Cream. This marvelous product

provides all the benefits of the Thickest Milk along with the

natural goodness of extra cream. Haleeb Gold with its extra rich

creamy taste makes a perfect cup of Tea. It enhances your

performance and helps to maintain a healthy, dynamic lifestyle.


• 1000 ml: 12 packs/carton

• 500 ml: 12 packs/tray

• 250 ml: 27 packs/tray

1.6 Haleeb Tea max:

In tune with the Haleeb Foods tradition of providing consumers

high quality and value added products, Haleeb Tea Max is the ideal

choice for all tea and coffee lovers. Tea Max is special milk that

provides a rich taste in your beverage. It is also available in the

unique and delicious cardamom flavor, packed in a 6-layered Tetra

Pack Brick Aseptic packaging.


• 200 ml (plain) pack: 27 packs/carton

• 200 ml (cardamom) pack: 27 packs/carton

1.7 Haleeb Funday:

Haleeb Funday is a delicious juice drink especially for kids,

enriched with calcium, and vitamins A, C & D. An exciting treat,

packed with health and a great taste, Funday juices will surely be

an instant success with kids with their unique and amusing names,

Aamonka (mango) and Arrochee (peach and lychee). They are

packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging.


• 200ml Pack: 36 Packs /Carton Shrink wrap units

• 200ml Pack: 27 Packs/Carton

1.8 Haleeb Good Day:

Haleeb Good Day offers consumers a range of 100% pure juices

with the essence of four fruits in each glass, without any added

sugar, flavors or preservatives. For consumption absolutely

anywhere and anytime, Good Days’ six premium juices (apple,

pineapple, red grape, mango, orange, and mixed fruit) give you the

absolute delight in taste, and revitalizes you at the same time. It

is packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging.

• 250 ml Pack: 27 Packs/Cartons

• 1000 ml Pack: 12 Packs/Carton

1.9 Haleeb Cream:

The premium cream processed hygienically from pure fresh milk,

Haleeb Cream is luxuriously rich in its thickness and nutritional

value. It promises the richest assortment of tempting toppings,

delicious desserts and creamiest coffee with its unique taste, also

great for eating with bread etc. Packed in 6-layered Tetra Pack

Brick Aseptic packaging. 6 months shelf life.


• 250 ml: 27 packs/shrink-wrapped tray

• 65 ml mini pack: 24 packs/dispenser, 6 dispensers/carton
1.10 Haleeb Cream with Honey:

Haleeb Cream with Honey is an exclusive treat: delicious thick

cream fortified with the goodness of pure honey, making a

tempting spread on bread. Enjoy it anytime and exude energy and

freshness whole day long. It is packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pak

Brick Aseptic packaging.


• 65 ml mini pack: 24 packs/dispenser

• 200 ml: 24 packs/tray

1.11 Haleeb Butter:

Haleeb Butter is the best natural source of Vitamins A & D for

everyone, and by far the ideal way of starting yet another busy
day. It is rich in its taste and revitalizes your energy for a long

tiresome day.


• 20g pack: 300 packs/carton

• 50g pack: 120 packs/carton

• 100g pack: 60 packs/carton

• 200g pack: 30 packs/carton

• 1000g pack: 1 pack/carton

1.12 Haleeb Yogurt:

Haleeb Yogurt meets the highest quality standards and gives

consumer’s unmatched quality, freshness and taste with every

spoonful. Offered in 450g, 200g, with freshness seal that keeps

the product attributes fresh throughout its life.


• Plain Yogurt 450 gm: 12 Units/Tray

• Plain Yogurt 200 gm: 24 Units/Tray.
• Zera Raita: 24 Units/Tray

• Mint Raita: 24 Units/Tray

1.13 Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee:

Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee is obtained from pure milk through the

traditional procedure of heating butter slowly. Haleeb Asli Desi

Ghee is free from all artificial ingredients; it has pure and natural

taste and is nutritionally preserved.


• 0.5 kg pouch: 10 packs/carton

• 1 kg pouch: 5 packs/carton

• 1 kg tin: 6 tins/carton

• 5 kg tin: 2 tins/carton

• 16 kg tin: 1 tin/carton

1.14 Haleeb Labban:

Lassi is an age-old traditional beverage in the South Asian

continent. Haleeb Labban aims to give its consumers the same

satisfying traditional taste of thick Lassi, along with hygiene,

convenience and accessibility. Haleeb Labban is the only ready to

drink packaged Lassi available in Pakistan. It is available in salty

and sweetened variants, packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick

Aseptic packaging.


• 250 ml pack: 27 packs/carton

• 1000 ml pack: 12 packs/carton

1.15 Haleeb Skimz Powder:

Skimz is a fat-free milk powder, naturally low in cholesterol; yet

high in proteins and calcium. There are mainly two types of milk

powders, full cream and skimmed. SKIMZ is a skimmed milk

powder. Full cream powder contains 28% fat, whereas SKIMZ
contains less than 1% fat. Moreover, the protein and calcium

content is higher in SKIMZ as compared to full cream milk powder.

It is best suited for weight conscious people as well as those

trying to maintain a low cholesterol level.


• 200 g: 12 skillets/shrink-wrapped tray

• 500 g: 12 skillets/carton

1.16 HFL also produces bulk dairy products.

Bulk Products Available:

• Instant Full Cream milk powder (IFCMP)

• Full Cream Milk Powder

• Skimmed Milk Powder

• Instant Skimmed Milk Powder (ISMP)

• Cream

• Ghee

• Butter

2.0 Products under the Umbrella of Candia:

2.1 Candia Milk:

Candia is Europe's Number One selling milk. Haleeb Foods Limited

and Candia of France have joined hands to bring you the highest

quality milk. Candia is pasteurized, homogenized, standardized,

double sterilized milk. This not only ensures the highest quality,

but also the best taste ever. For the first time in Pakistan, Haleeb

Foods Limited has introduced milk packed in food grade plastic

bottles. These bottles are manufactured from imported materials

at Haleeb Foods latest plant and guarantee longer shelf life,

highest quality and storage with ease of use.


• 250 ml Bottle: 12 bottles/carton

• 1000 ml Bottle: 12 bottles/carton
2.2 Candia Classic:

Classic times ask for Classic tea, a product by Europe’s No.1 brand

Candia. Its richness and taste is bound to add more life to your

cup, and it is an ideal choice for real tea drinkers.


• 1000 ml: 12 bottles per case

• 500 ml: 12 bottles per case

2.3 Candia, Candy Up:

With the backup of Candia, Candy Up has been launched especially

for flavored milk drinkers, in chocolate & strawberry flavors to

the sheer delight of children. The fact that it comes in a bottle

makes up for convenient usage as well.


• 500 ml: 12 bottles per carton
2.4 Candia Skimz:

Candia Skimz is the only completely fat-free milk with the

richness of pure milk. Minus fats, it is an ideal choice for weight-

watchers and heart patients. It is also high in calcium content,

which prevents osteoporosis. Packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack

Brick Aseptic packaging, it comes with a 3 months shelf life.


• 250 ml: 27 packs/shrink-wrapped tray

3.0 Products under the Umbrella of Tropico:

3.1 Tropico Juice Drink;
With the quality assurance of Haleeb Foods, Tropico is the

premium juice drink, superior in taste and pulp contents, for that

invigorating fruity refreshment. Tropico is available in three

flavors: apple, mango, and mix fruit, packed in a 6-layered Tetra

Pack Brick Aseptic packaging.


• 1000ml Pack: 12 Packs/Carton

• 250 ml pack: 36 packs/carton

• 250ml Pack: 27 Packs/Cartons

3.2 Tropico Nectar:

Juices play an important role in the functioning of our body, have

many benefits associated with them, and help you achieve the

desired healthy way of life. Tropico nectar is another product

from the house of Haleeb Foods Limited, which is 100% pure

nectar, available in four sumptuous flavors including Red Blood

Orange & Kinoo, Mango, Apple and Kinoo. Haleeb Tropico is also the

only brand that is offering Red Blood Orange & Kinoo Juice - that

is so deliciously different that you will want to have it in your

house, all year long!

            • 250ml: 27 Packs/Carton

            • 1 Ltr: 12 Packs/Carton

Year of Launch of the Products:

1986    Haleeb Milk

1997    Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee

        Haleeb Cream, Candia Skimz Milk Powder

        Candia Milk, Candia Skimz Liquid Milk

        Tropico Juice Drink, Haleeb Dairy Queen

        Haleeb N'Rish Instant Full Cream Milk Powder

        Haleeb N'Rish Fortified Instant Full Cream Milk Powder
        Candia Tea Max Dairy Whitener, Haleeb Butter, Haleeb Plain

2003    Yogurt, Haleeb Lassi Drink

        Haleeb Good Day Pure Juice, Haleeb Fun Day Juice Drink, Candia

2004    Candy' Up Flavored Milk

        Haleeb Cream With Honey, Haleeb Tea Max with Cardamom,

        Haleeb Labban, Haleeb Good Day(Mix Fruit, Red Grapes, Mango

        Haleeb Reshmi Pack, Candia Classic, Skimz Pouch, Tropico Nectar

SWOT Analysis:


           • No 1 dairy company.

           • Growing Sales and profits.

           • Major shareholder in the food industry of Pakistan.

           • Efficient Distribution networks through out the country.

           • Quality Products.
• Environment Friendly.

• Socially Responsible Company.

• Haleeb Food's products enjoy strong brand image and market


• Innovative and constantly growing product line.

• Sales force is the major resource strength in terms of physical

resources of the company.

• Marketing strategies established by the company are innovative

and lure customers.

• Financial, marketing and sales strategies are formulated by

gauging the customer demands.

• Periodic research carried out to judge market trends.

• Highly sophisticated plant and equipment.

• Qualified work force.

• Focus on research and development.

• First and the only dairy company in Pakistan to get ISO 9002



    • Relatively a small and local company in comparison to its rivals.

    • Dependence on 3rd party for supply of milk.

    • No credit sales.

    • Low sales margins due to highly value added products.

    • They cannot launch many of its expensive international brands

    due to the lower income groups.

    • Selective investment due to uncertain economic and political


    • Feasibility of new products needs to be analyzed, e.g. Candia

    Drinking Yogurt was launched some years back but it failed

    because no customer demand exist it.

    • The packing line installed for N'Rish has a higher capacity than

    the actual demand of the product, resulting in higher overhead

    costs for the product.

    • Inadequate marketing.

    • Low promotional activities.

    • Comparatively weak distribution system.

    • Pakistan is the seventh largest producer of milk in the world with

    annual output of over 22 billion liters.

    • There are substantial growth opportunities considering the

    average yield of Pakistani animals at only 1,100 liters/annum as

    compared to 6,000 liters/annum for animals in Europe and USA.

    There are nearly 20 million milk producing animals in the country,

    mostly in Punjab (80%).

    • The overall milk market in Pakistan is 20 billion liters, out of

    which processed milk contributes only 3 million liters. Haleeb

    Foods along with other processed milk business contribute only 2%

    to this large market.

    • Haleeb Foods' has expanded its product range by launching milk

    in Tetra Fino Packaging.

    • Credit policy can be adopted to increase sales.

    • HFL can export to others countries.

    • CDL has been changed to HFL, so this change in name can help

    them to attract foreign customers.

    • HFL can go for related diversifications by producing pure juices

    and flavored yogurt.
            • HFL can go for joint venture with other companies to attract the

            market share.

            • Entering in to the market of baby cereals, which will help them in

            increasing their revenue.

            • Launching cheese would also beneficial for them to create the

            brand awareness.


            • Competition with Nestle, Engro Foods.

            • Effect of Seasonal ties upon sales.

            • Dependency on contractors for supply of milk.

            • Price fluctuations due to rupee devaluation as raw material are


            • The uncertainty of economic conditions poses a great threat.

            • The present economic crisis in the world, led to the withdrawal

            of foreign management from the company and the investment has

            come to a halt.

            • Price sensitive people.

            • Milk man (Gawalas) providing non branded milk in homes.

Pest Analysis:

The political conditions are not very stable in the country, but this does not

directly influence the trends and spending patterns of the customers. There

are no restrictions or barriers on the growth of this industry. So the political

conditions are favorable fir this market because food and dairy chain products

are consumer goods and they have to purchase it in any condition.


The economical conditions are not very favorable and the economy is facing

problems, but it is nit directly influencing buying power of consumers. If the

country is out of its current problems, it will further boost up growth of this

industry, as people will feel more secure economically and it will further

increase the attractiveness of the market.


The social patterns are changing in the country, as the world is becoming a

global village, and mutually share and accept patterns. People are becoming more

attractive towards the branded products. It is becoming fashion and young

generations as well as the children are getting more attracted towards this

industry. People are moving towards branded food / dairy products due to

hygienic reason.

High technology is the basic requirement of dairy and food industry. The

companies that are using latest technology have some cost benefits over the

companies, which are not using high technology. The key to survival for

companies in this industry is using high technology for quality and cost purposes.



Management of HFL claims that its products are still in the growth stage. Even

though the products have been in the market for more than decade and it is

considerably a long time period for any FMCG to compete its growth stage.

                           Porter Five Forces Model

     • Strong customer loyalty.

     • Large capital is required.

     • Government regulatory policies.

     • High marketing expenditure.

     • Brand Preference.


     • High number of suppliers.

     • Importance of volume to suppliers.


              • Switching costs is low

              • Brand loyalty is high.

     • Switching options are more.


     • Diverse Competitors like Nestle, Engro Foods, Noon Group, Shezan


     • Industry growth is high
    • Difficult to take competitive advantage.

    • Brand differentiation.

    • Exit barriers are high.

    • Economies of scale.


    • Loose products in the market are the major substitutes.



                                NEW ENTRANTS

                                                                LOW (+)

                                Intra Industry Rivalry


                                        POWER OF





                POWER OF


HIGH (-)

                            LOW (+)

HIGH (-)

HIGH (-)

Internship Assignments and Duties:

The duration of my internship was from June 25, 2007 to August 13, 2007.

In that time period I had worked in marketing department of Haleeb Foods

Limited. I was assigned different duties and assignments, the detail these

duties and assignments are given below.

              Marketing Department Internship Program For 7 weeks
Marketing Practice Orientation

Activity                 Details                                     Time Duration

New Product              NDP Brief,” out of box” ideas for new
Development              product with rationale

                         How to write a good research from given
Research Brief Writing                                               2 days

                         How to write a good creative brief from
Creative brief writing                                               2 days
                         given objectives


Marketing research       CLT or consumer survey     2.5 weeks (including

project (consumer)       for any HFL product. To    preparation of
                          compile presentation or   questionnaire, field

                          comprehensive report.     work, data tables &


Market Orientation        As per objective given
                                                    At least 2 weeks
(Retail)                  by brand team.

Report. My                Product review,

understanding of HFL      positioning,              2 days

brands.                   recommendation

                          A compilation of the

                          Intern’s experience at
Final internship report                             3 days for final report.
                          HFL including all

                          projects reports,
        1. Research through survey on Imported juices in Pakistan

                                                LAHORE REGION


The objective of this research is to get the information about the imported juices available in
the market & study their different attributes like brand name flavors, serving size, price &

Area Covered:

The stores spread over different areas of city like Johar town, Faisal town, Town ship, Model
town, Garden town, Wahdat road, Gulberg, Defence, Shadman, Mall road and Cantonment.

Sample Size:

Twenty-six departmental stores were selected for this research.

Target Market:

Most of areas belong to upper & upper middle class.

Category of Juices:

The imported juices belong to three categories namely:

                        1. Pure juice in which there is no sugar, preservatives &
                        artificial color added. It is 100% juice.

                        2. Nectar in which there is 30-50 % fruit pulp.

                        3. Still drink containing 10% pulp & remaining part include
                        sugar, preservatives & artificial colors.


     After going through data the major findings of this study is as follow:

            • Availability of Malee juices is 98%.

            • Availability of Lacnor is 60%.

            • Malee juices mostly available in 1-liter tetra pack but on some stores
            also offered in tin pack 240 ml.

            • Consumer generally buy traditional flavors like apple, orange, mango
            & pine apple but now in last few years the trend is also towards new
            flavors like lychee, black current, berry & fruit cocktail etc.
            (reference Victoria store).

            • Big stores in city like Alfateh, HKB consumer mostly buy Dew land,
            Safa, Caesar.

            • Price variation is also there like:

                            a) Malee ranges between Rs 125-130.

                            b) For Caesar it ranges from Rs 88 to 90.

                            c) Dew land ranges between Rs 88-100.

                            d) Lacnor ranges between Rs 125-130.



Area Covered:

The stores spread over different areas of twin cities. In Islamabad the
locations were Sectors G-6, F-6 (Super Market), F-7 (Jinnah Super), F-8, F-
10, and G-10 and in Rawalpindi areas were Sadder, Chakklala scheme 3.

Sample Size:

Thirty departmental stores were selected for this research.

Target Market:
Most of areas belong to upper & upper middle class.

Category of Juices:

The imported juices belong to three categories namely:

              • Pure juice in which there is no sugar, preservatives & artificial
              color added. It is 100% juice.

              • Nectar in which there is 30-50 % fruit pulp.

              • Still drink containing 10% pulp & remaining part include sugar,
              preservatives & artificial colors.


After going through data the major findings of this study is as follow:

       • Availability of Malee is 73%.

       • Availability of Safa is 70%.

       • Availability of Lacnor 60%.

       • Consumer generally buy traditional flavors like apple, orange, mango
       & pine apple but now in last few years the trend is also towards new
       flavors like lychee, black current, berry & fruit cocktail etc.

       • People in two cities mostly like pure juices & nectars.

       • In Islamabad people also consume Dew land, Almarai & Ceasar.

       • Price variation is also there like:

                      a) Malee ranges between Rs 120-130.
                           b) For Safa ranges from Rs85 –100.

                           c) Dew land ranges between Rs 88-100.

                           d) Lacnor ranges between Rs 75-95.

                           e) Ceasar ranges between Rs 85-100.


2. Marketing practice Orientation:

During my stay at Haleeb Foods Limited my supervisor gave me different office

assignments involving marketing practice orientation like

1. New Product Development brief.
2. Research brief writing.

3. Creative brief writing.

4. Brand identity model.

The details and format of which are attached in the following pages.

                                     New Product Development Brief

                                                             EPD (Existing Product
NPD (New Product Development)

                                                             c) Formulation Analysis or
a) New Formulation [    ]
                                                             Improvement [ ]

b) New Primary Packaging [ ]                                 d) New SKU or variant [ ]

                                                             e) New Secondary Packaging [ ]

                                                             f) Squeeze (Cost Savings) [ ]

                                                             g) Pack Design Changes [ ]

Retail [   ] Bulk [ ]

Project title               CARBONATED DRINK

Project No:                                                 Date:      June 19, 2007
Timeline:                    Immediate [   ]                          Longer Term [ ]

Priority:                    HIGH [   ]                MEDIUM [ ]     LOW [ ]

                      To be completed in full and in duplicate by the assigned brand team. A)
                      Attach additional info if applicable. B) Agreement is to be acquired from the
                      assigned NPD Team. C) Forward to GMM and MD for approval.


As HFL has history of being innovative & pioneer in dairy product its time to enter new
arena like carbonated drink & cash in Haleeb good image to give customer satisfaction. To
enhance strategic business units, there is large consumer base. Last but not the least high
acceptance of packaged food in urban based areas.



              Pepsi & Coca cola are two main competitors, while Pepsi is market leader.
              Consumer trend is to have drink for refreshment & also use with food items. Very
              popular among youth. People develop a psyche that guest should be served with
              soft drinks. the substitute products are juices, squashes etc. market volume size is
              100 million.

              End Consumer Price & Taste/Packaging profile for competitive/ substitute product:

              11 Rs for 250 ml, 40 Rs for 1.5 lits

         Taste/Packaging profile for competitive product:

         Pepsi a bit sweeter & less carbonated gas. Coke has strong taste a bit harder.
         Packaging profile for Pepsi Coke is same like both comes in 250ml.500ml& 1.5 liters


         Target Group:

         Youth (15-25yrs) because they are more receptive to change.

         Key Consumer Benefits:

         Comes in different flavors (strawberry, orange, lemon), low calories.

         Required Product Profile:

         Same as current


         Type of Research: Quantitative research

           Quantity required: different schools & colleges (let say 5000 consumers)

           Date by which prototypes required for consumer testing: 1 Sept, 2007



           For 250 ml Rs 10.

           For 500 ml Rs 18.


           Volume and Value Estimates (for 12 month period- including launch volume):

           1.6 million (10 million of 250 ml & 0.6 million of 500 ml

               Test-Market Launch volume required:

               60000 of 250 ml & 45000 of 500ml

Packaging: -- 250 ml & 500 ml plastic bottle, transparent, label color brown shade,
bottle cap brown for cola drink & for fruits flavors like apple, strawberry, lemon color
of label & cap varies

Strawberry pink color

Lemon green color

Apple yellow color

               To be completed by the GM-Operations and discussed and agreed to by groups
               directly involved including QAD, Purchase, etc.
TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY: (including comments on any CAPEX required, available
literature, guidelines, samples, know-how)

LIMITATIONS: preservatives permitted, low calories

TIMELINES: four month for research time

Project start: 25 June 2007

Project ends: 25 Sept, 2007


           Name                        Signatures         Date In     Date Out

Marketing: ABM




Production: AH



Finance: SMS
Sales: RHU

Marketing: LAC


C.c.: Assigned Brand Team, Assigned NPD Team, General Manager Marketing,
Managing Director

Note: In case of denial, this document is to be filed with the GM-Marketing.

                            MARKET RESEARCH BRIEF

      CATEGORY                   BRAND        PRODUCT                          DATE

DAIRY: UHT treated               Haleeb     Flavoured milk                        July 26, ‘07


       We intent to launch a new product in a market i.e. flavoured milk. For this purpose we
       want to have a fair idea about consumer perception about the tetra pack flavoured milk &
       most importantly the target consumers.


        MARKETING                                            RESEARCH

 What business decision
                                  Primary Information need            Other useful information
  are we trying to make?

Our motive is to diversify our                                                          Brand
                                  We need the following
product line from UHT                                                                 perception
treated milk to flavoured milk    information:                          based on
so that give full value of                                              packaging.
                                                    Flavoured milk
money to consumers .to build
                                                 consumption               Inputs on
strong brand image in minds
                                                 habits like where,     various
of consumers. Thus we want
                                                 when, how much,        attributes.
to obtain consumer insights
                                                 how many times,
to help in determine launch
                                                 who, what.
of flavoured milk, right target
                                                                        of brand name.
market& positioning.
                                                 perception towards
                                                 flavoured milk like
                                                 positive & negative
                                                 thing about

                                                    Their liking of
                                                 different flavours.

                                                 level w.r.t. Current
                                                 variant of flavoured
                                                 milk in market.

                                                    Kinds of
                                                 flavours children
                                                 most like.

                                                    Their feeling
                                                 about current
                                                 brands available in
                                                 the market.

   TARGET MARKET                         TIMING                         BUDGET

Housewives:A,B urban
income groups(KHI.LHR)
age 25—35 yrs, children:
school going

Current user of COUNTRY,      Top lines July 10, ‘07
BRANDS etc                    Report July 20,’07

Moderate consumer atleast
2-3 times a week as well as
high consumption of
product 5-6 times a week.

Performance Standards

The minimum performance standard for acceptance

      Not applicable


      Not applicable                                   Not applicable

        For Haleeb Foods Limited                          For Market Research Agency

                             HALEEB ENERGY DRINK

                             Launch Advertising Brief


Consumers purchase energy drink mainly for themselves. They belong to A & B
SEC. Energy drink has been recognized by athletes, sportsperson, busy
professionals, active students & long distance drivers all over the world. With the
increase in literacy rate & exposure to electronic media there is big market for
energy drinks. Also government intensions to improve the infrastructure of sports in
country & emphasis on fitness of players an effective energy drink is the order of day
& also in coming age.

Haleeb energy drink will be launch in December 2007. With the campaign focusing
on “performance enhancer”. So far the competitors in this business comprises
RED BULL, RED OX & other imported brands like ENERGRADE etc.

          1. Achieve brand awareness level to 20% among target consumer by
          April 2008.

          2. Achieve market share of 15% by April 2008.

          3. Establish clear brand differentiation versus leading competitive


          1. Brand slogan for use in advertising campaign (based on BIM).

          2. TV concept (please see execution guide lines).

          3. Out door designs. (60” x 20”).

          4. Print Ads (Urdu & English).

          5. POP

                           Poster design

                           Shelf talker

                           Mobile design



          1. For TV we would like to focus on 20-30 sec shot spots, involving on
          sports celebrity endorsement,. Like tennis star ESAM-UL-HAQ.
             2. We would prefer concept that celebrity playing his respective field or
             doing some adventurous stuff like mountaineering, but it is not

             3. Consumption shots must be a par of the execution.

             4. Brand identity model BIM should be followed religiously.

             5. 35 mm format.


    ACTIVITY                               RESP.                  TARGET DATE

1   Brief to agency                        HFL

2   Acceptance of brief by agency          RED

3   Campaign presented by agency           RED

4   Adjustments                            RED & HFL

5   Final campaign                         RED

6   TVC shoot                              RED & HFL
7    Rough cut of TVC                     RED

8    Final artwork for campaign           RED

9    Final cut of TVC                     RED

10   Launch campaign                      RED & HFL


For Haleeb Foods For Advertising agency

Name ________________ Name ________________

Brand as Product Brand as Org. Brand as Person Brand as Symbol

        HALEEB ENERGY DRINK - Brand Identity Model - DESIRED

                                  BRAND ESSENCE
HALEEB ENERGY DRINK acts as Performance Enhancer & Bolster consumer
mentally & physically.


              - Different packaging

              - Umbrella of Haleeb.

              - Strong.

              - Vibrant.

              - Zealous.

              - Influential.

              - Hard core.

              - Innovative.

                        - Vitalize body & mind.

                        - Performance enhancer.

                        - Sizzling taste.

                        - Gives instant energy.


Vitalize body & mind.

Performance Enhancer.
Instant energy provider.


To SEC A & B urban-based household including sports lovers, busy professional
who want instant energy after daily hectic activities.


SEC A & B household in urban areas requires performance enhancer agent. They
are brand conscious & want to excel in every walk of life.

                                    BRAND CAPSULE

A panther on a pack.

3. Store Intercept Monitoring Survey:

The objective of this survey is to monitor the in store activities, relating re launch of
Good Day Juices. The survey comprises for one week and the major responsibilities
assigned to me were as follow:

               • Monitor & observe in store activities of promoters & make sure they
               performed their duties well.

               • Check the availability of stock.
              • Incase of shortage communicate it to sales department for necessary

              • Also monitor floats activity of Good Day juices and at the end of day
              report to my supervisor.

4. Survey on Outcome of Good Day Campaign on Sales:

The objective of survey was to examine effect of Good day Juices campaign on
sales. By getting information from shopkeepers regarding sales before & after
campaign (June – July) and obtained valuable suggestion from them one gets a fair
estimate about success of promotion activities.

Area Covered:

              • Total of 49 shops were visited in the areas of Muslim town, Allama
              Iqbal town, Model town, Faisal town, Johar town, Cantonment,
              Defence, Cavalry, Shadman, Main Boulevard Gulberg, Garden town,
              & Liberty market.

Main Findings:

                                   State of Sale

Positive                                   51 %

No real change                             30.61 %

Negative                                   8%


Following are comments & suggestions given by shopkeepers.

               Some shopkeepers said that after store activity has completed

            customers don’t pick product themselves as during activity

            promoters persuade customers to buy good day juices.

               Some shopkeepers annoyed by the shortage of supply.

               Many said that demand and awareness is gradually developing

            for the brand.

               In HKB liberty market old packaging of good day was displayed.

               In Haidery store & Shezan bakers’ demand of 250ml pack is

            higher than 1-liter pack.

               Most of shopkeepers support good day campaign & they want

            more events like this in future.
                Some of shopkeepers want more skins for advertisement as

             Nestle & other competitor brands offer them skins in great


                According to shopkeepers people don’t buy Good -Day because

             it is expensive.


             6. Market Orientation:

During my internship period at Haleeb Foods, for practical experience my boss

assigned me to do market survey. To know about the perception of Haleeb Foods

Brand in their mind & to check the availability of product over there. Daily I

used to visit numerous shops, to find out whether shop keeper facing any

problems with the distribution & about the off take of the cheese & yogurt.

The area of Lahore which I had visited include Muslim town, Garden town, Iqbal

town, Model town, Johar town, Faisal town, Gulberg, Defence , Shadman etc.

These areas have A+, A, B+ stores in which Haleeb Products & other

competitor’s products were available. The time duration of market visits was 2-

3 weeks. After the survey I prepared report & gave it to my boss I also got

chance to visit Islamabad/Rawalpindi to check the availability of Candia flavored

milk & Good day juices.

Problems & Limitations:

              • No separate computer was available for internee so it took more

              time for data entries and wait for the computer to be free. Also

              getting the data transferred from one computer to another was a

              big problem that arose almost daily.

              • The vendors and suppliers also give problem it was difficult to

              get work done from them. They always come up with reasons of

              not delivering the required material and I had to give them

              consistent follow up calls to remind them delivering the required

              material on the proper time.

              • The advertising agencies also give problem and it was also

              difficult to get the designs from the Advertising agencies on the


              • No internet facility for the internee.


This internship proved to be very helpful for me. I got a lot of knowledge and

also the practical aspect of life. It was my first experience, which was obviously

very tough, but it will be very beneficial for in my coming future.
As a whole HFL is a good organization to work in but there are certain

departments that need improvements. It is surviving in the FMCG’s sector with

some strengths and weaknesses. I am of the view that if the management of

HFL wants to show the same results in the future that it should have to take

some decisions before time, because in the 21st century only those

organizations can survive who are utilizing all their resources efficiently and



               • Haleeb Foods Limited should also allocate a healthy budget for the
               advertising of its products.

               • HR Department of HFL should introduce HRIS to increase the
               efficiency of the company.

               • The co-operation among the different departments of HFL should
               also improve it will lessen the bureaucratic cost and increase the
               efficiency of the company.

               • The activities like customer satisfaction day should be performed on
               regular basis so the company should know about the feedback of the
               customers regarding the products and image of the company.

               • The shopkeeper complains that HFL don’t provide replacement to
               the expired products so they should provide proper replacements to
               the shopkeepers to enhance the image of the company.
• Haleeb Foods Limited should improve its distribution system
specially the retailers are not happy with distribution of Haleeb Milk.

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