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									         Apple to Compete with Amazon and Google with its iPad Mini
The iPad Mini is a small device and it will definitely have a huge user group. Apple plans to
capture the market for small tablets with this launch. Users will be attracted to the many iPad
apps that Apple will make available on its Mini version.
Apple’s ‘i’ products create an element of wonder and excitement among smartphone users.
Nothing can match the excitement of owing and using an Apple product. Apple launched its
iPad Mini at a program in California on 23 Oct 2012. The smaller iPad version is introduced
with the intention to provide a stark competition to other small tablets.
The iPad was the first tablet that rocked the mobile world. Now, there are many tablets
available in the market and the tablet industry has flourished due to its increased number of
users. The 7.9 inch tablet marks the big giant Apple’s entry into the small tablet market.
The iPad Mini competes with the already existing Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus
7. Both these small tablets are powered by Google’s Android operating system. The late Steve
Jobs always believed that 7 inch is a small size for a tablet and practically it isn’t of much use.
With competition looming for small tablets, Apple has now entered the small tablet market
which is pre-dominantly dominated by Amazon’s Kindle Fire.
Apple – The Tech Giant
Apple is known to create major advancements in the technology world. Before it introduced
the iPad, people never knew nor ever wanted a computer tablet. Similarly, before the iPhone
people never craved for a smartphone and its varied features. Apple has always been the
inventor of electronic gadgets to lure the whole world. But the case of iPad Mini is quite
contradictory. A smaller tablet was first initiated by Amazon with its Kindle Fire tablet,
followed by Google’s Nexus 7. Looking at the market for a smaller tablet, Apple comes in as a
follower in the small tablet world. This is quite a non-Apple move.
Tech Specs Compared
iPad Mini weighs just 0.68 pounds which makes it extremely light-weight, it has a thin and
sleek look with 7.2mm width. It’s a small device easily held in one hand. It costs around $329
for a 16 GB version. The screen resolution is same as iPad 2 with 1024 x 768 resolution, 163
PPI. The iPad Mini gives the best display ever and it is sure to give an incredible mobile
experience to its users.
Amazon and Google’s devices are priced at $199, making the iPad Mini more expensive than
its earlier counterparts. The Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 have a 7- inch display with a 1280x800
resolution and 216 PPI. Kindle Fire has 1.2Gz processor and Nexus 7 has a 1.4Gz processor
while the iPad Mini comes with a dual core A5 processor.
Sharing almost similar features, the iPad Mini is priced higher than the other two tablets. It is
clear that Apple has launched this new device to capture the small tablet market. The operating
system is clearly Android versus iOS, giving the users a wide variety of tablets to choose from.
The User Group
Tech analysts predict that the iPad Mini will be a boon to employees working in an
organization of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture. It is sure to be popular in the
business world, among smartphone users, students and consumers. Employees working in
different industries have an eye on this new Apple device to exploit it for work related benefits.
Since it’s a small device it can be easily accommodated anywhere and can easily be carried to
different locations.
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