Power Point Richland County School District One by alicejenny


									 Directions for Entering
Dominie Assessment Data
      Into TestView
Go to Richland One
homepage at

               Click on TestView.
                           Select your school using
                           the drop down box.

                           Enter your Novell
                           username and password.
                           Note: the username and
                           password that opens your
                           computer in the morning.

Under “Current Courses,”
select Language Arts.
Select class score sheet.
Select Dominie from the
test drop down menu.

  Select the administration for
  which you want to enter
  test scores from the
  administration drop down
  menu (2010 Fall).
  The Beginning of YearTesting
  Window for the Dominie
  Reading Assessment is
  August 30-September 17.

Kindergarten teachers will
administer the Show Me Book and
Alphabet Knowledge.
First and second grade teachers will
Administer SWS and Text Reading.

 Data must be entered into
 TestView by September 24.
            The Default Date (current date) will automatically
            appear when you sign in.

                    A date will automatically
                    appear in the Date Taken
                    field. Ignore this date; do
Students’           not enter a date in this
Names               field.

                              Using the scroll bar
                              on the TestView
                              screen, scroll down
                              to view all students.
Kindergarten teachers
will enter data for Show
Me Book and Letter

     Enter Show Me Book Data
     Enter raw score.
     Do not enter stanine.
     Do not insert spaces.
12   25

          Enter raw score for
          Letter Knowledge.
          Add the scores for
          uppercase and
          lowercase together to
          get the raw score.
          Ex. 10 lowercase plus
          15 uppercase equals 25.
          Do not enter stanines.
          Do not insert spaces.
First grade and second
grade teachers will enter
data for SWS and Text

Using the scroll bar at the
bottom of the TestView
screen, scroll over until
the fields for SWS and
Text Reading can be
            Use the scroll down
            bar on the TestView
            Screen to view all the

Under “Dominie Text
Reading” teachers will enter
the raw score for SWS, Text
Reading, Accuracy,
Comprehension, and
Fluency for each student.

Do NOT enter percent signs.
Do NOT insert any spaces.
                19        6

                                  Enter SWS Data:
                                    -- Phonemes
                                    -- Spelling
                                  Enter raw data scores.
                                  Do NOT enter stanines.
Phoneme: 19 (50)
         19          Stanine: 5
                                  Do NOT enter any spaces.

Spelling:    6
            6 (18) Stanine: 5
                                           Do not use the Equated
                                           Level field or the WCPM field.

                            19    6      8A              96       75        3

                             Enter Text Reading Data:
                              -- Benchmark or Bridging Level (Use drop down box.)
                              -- Accuracy
                              -- Comprehension
                              -- Fluency Rate
                             Do NOT enter percent signs.
                             Make sure the student has met the criteria for
Bridging 8A Picture Rocks    accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.
Click Save after entering
If you cannot see the Save
button, use the Main Scroll
Bar to scroll down to the
bottom of the computer

After saving the data, log
out of TestView, then log
back in to verify that your
data has been saved.
 Refer to the Testing Schedule to check which
  assessments to administer and to check the dates for
 Administer Dominie during the testing window.
 Enter data into TestView by the due date and file hard
 Only enter raw scores into TestView. Do NOT enter
 When entering data, do not insert spaces and do not
  use percent signs.
 After entering data, click SAVE.
 Disregard the window for Default Date Taken and
  Date Taken.
    Prepare all materials before testing.
    Plan a schedule for testing your students.
     Instruction should continue during Dominie
    You may want to enter your scores on a
     class sheet before entering data into
    File the hard copies in a three-ring binder.
     Monday              Tuesday                 Wednesday           Thursday             Friday

                  Testing Window Opens        Test 3 students   Test 2 students   Test 3 students
                  Test 2 students

    HOLIDAY       Test 2 students             Test 3 students   Test 2 students   Test 3 students

Test 2 students   Test 2 students                                                 Testing Window Closes

                  Finish entering data into
For more information concerning entering data into
 contact the Office of Accountability, Assessment,
                   Research and
              Evaluation at 231-7450.

  For curriculum information relating to Dominie
                  please contact
      the Early Childhood Office at 231-6709.

 Thank you for all you do for the Early Learners in
         Richland School District One!

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