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      January 12, 2012
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Personnel work key to Party strength President urges front to
HAØ NOÄI — Party General Secre-
tary Nguyeã n Phuù Troï n g has      play a more active role
                                           Commission for Organisation,
                                           which concluded yesterday. “In
                                                                                        The current context of Vieät
                                                                                    Nam’s revolution required further
stressed that personnel work is            this task, personnel work is the         improvement in the Party’s lead-
key to building up the Party,              key.”                                    ing ability and combativeness.            HAØ NOÄI — President Tröông Taán          working with relevant agencies
which has always been a priority.              Reviewing the work done in           Such context posed heavier tasks          Sang urged the Vieät Nam Father-          to complete the mechanism it
    “Our Party has always consid-          2011 and highlighting those to be        on Party building work, he said.          land Front to play a more active          needed to fulfil its role as both
ered Party building a key task of          carried out this year, the Party             “If our Party is not really po-       role in Party building at its Cen-        monitor and social critic, he said.
vital significance to our system,”         leader stressed that the achieve-        litically and ideologically firm,         tral Committee’s fourth meeting           The mechanism, once approved,
Troïng said at a two-day meeting           ments had created momentum for           not highly unanimous in our...            in HCM City yesterday.                    would act as a foundation for...
of the Party Central Committee’s           future work.                                                  CONTINUED PAGE 5         The Front should start by                                       CONTINUED PAGE 5

                                           VN knuckles down on climate-change

President of the Mexican Senate Jose
Gonzalez Morfin

Mexico’s top
senator on
official visit
HAØ NOÄI — The President of the
Mexican Senate Jose Gonzalez
Morfin arrived in Haø Noäi yester-
day to start his official visit to Vieät
Nam at the invitation of National
Assembly Chairman, Nguyeã n
Sinh Huøng.
    Senator Morfin was born in
1954 in Cotija, Michoacan State,
Mexico. He has a law degree from
the National Autonomous Univer-
sity of Mexico, where he also stud-
ied dentistry.
    He has held different positions
                                           The impacts of climate change are already being felt. Flooding has become more frequent in the Mekong Delta. The Prime Minister yesterday chaired the first working
since he joined Mexico’s National          session of the newly-established National Commitee on Climate Change, four years after the topic was first raised in Vieät Nam. — VNA/VNS Photo Ñöùc Taùm
Action Party (PAN) in 1973. —VNS                                                                                                                                                                 (SEE    STORY PAGE       2)

Deputy PM welcomes more FDI
‘Investing in Vieät Nam                    the participation of foreign en-         terday.                                   tions for investors,” Haûi said.          gone through a hard time, but I
opens the doors to a                       terprises in the country’s reform             He said foreign investment               The Deputy Prime Minister             believe when you come to Vieät
market of nearly 90 million                agenda, said Deputy Prime Min-           would help reduce the trade defi-         pointed out that investing in             Nam you will get more invest-
people, and potentially a                  ister Hoaøng Trung Haûi.                 cit.                                      Vieät Nam opened the doors to a           ment opportunities,” Haûi said.
further 600 million                            Haûi was speaking at an inter-            “When joining the Vieät Nam          market of nearly 90 million                  The Government’s planned
consumers in the ASEAN                     national summit on investing in          market, all enterprises are seen          people, and potentially a further         reform agenda would focus on
region.’ - Deputy PM                       Vieät Nam, held by the Ministry          as a part of the Vietnamese               600 million consumers in the              stabilising the macroeconomy,
                                           of Foreign Affairs and the Econo-        economy. We are willing to cre-           ASEAN region.                             he said.
HAØ NOÄI — Vieät Nam welcomed              mist Conferences in Haø Noäi yes-        ate the most favourable condi-                “I know that all of you have
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       NATIONAL                                                                  BUSINESS                               LIFE&STYLE
 DRIVERS SUSPENDED                                                       THE WAY AHEAD?                         WHITE IS WONDERFUL
 Three oil tanker drivers                                                A leading analyst says                 Tour boats operating on Haï
 working for Petrolimex                                                  high growth and single-figure          Long Bay must be painted
 subsidiaries have been                                                  inflation are attainable in            white in keeping with the
 suspended for allegedly                                                 2012 if economic renovations           bay’s designation as one of the
 stealing petrol.                                                        are brought in rapidly.                world’s new Seven Wonders.                                              MARKET MOVES
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2   Vieät Nam News                              NATIONAL                                                                                   Thursday January 12, 2012

       NEWS DIGEST                                  PM chairs first working session
Prime Minister receives
US Congressman
HAØ NOÄI — Prime Minister Nguyeãn
                                                    of climate-change committee
Taán Duõng received visiting member of              HAØ NOÄI – Prime Minister Nguyeãn Taán              One of the committee’s tasks is to ad-         lamities and sea level rise, ensuring food
US House of Representatives, Robert                 Duõng yesterday chaired the first working       vise and consult the Government and                and water security and consolidating
Filner in Haø Noäi.                                 session of the National Committee on Cli-       Prime Minister on important matters relat-         dyke embankment.
   Duõng hailed Filner’s efforts in                 mate Change, two days after its official es-    ing to inter-agency responsibilities with              In order to fulfil these goals, Vieät Nam
supporting Agent Orange victims as                  tablishment.                                    respect to climate change.                         should improve the management capacity
well as his close co-operation with                     Duõng said response to climate change           Its key functions include to design na-        of work related to climate change and
Vietnamese partners in dealing with                 and sea level rise was a matter of life or      tional climate change strategies and               mobilise resources from different actors in
AO/dioxin consequences.                             death to the nation’s sustainable develop-      programmes, as well as monitor and co-or-          the economy.
   The PM also highly valued Filner                 ment, and that Vieät Nam had to start tak-      dinate the implementation of these strate-             Scientific research in support of na-
and his colleagues’ endeavours to                   ing drastic measures right away or it would     gies.                                              tional climate change policy and the
bring the issue of AO/dioxin to                     be too late.                                        Duõng asked the Ministry of Natural            strengthening of international co-opera-
hearings at the US House of                             He said it was not until now that Vieät     Resources and Environment to quickly               tion were to be undertaken.
Representatives and Senate, thus                    Nam realised the vital importance of re-        finalise the principles governing its work             The action plan was scheduled to be
helping the US Congress, government                 sponding to climate change. Since 2008,         and its working agenda.                            submitted to the Prime Minister during
and people better understand the                    Vieät Nam has constructed a National Tar-           He also pushed the ministry to finish          this quarter.
impact and consequences of the toxic                get Programme to respond to climate             compiling the National Action Plan to                  As part of the Support Programme in
chemical in Vieät Nam.                              change.                                         respond to climate change, make it avail-          response to the climate change, the inter-
   Despite difficulties, the Vietnamese                 However, the efficiency has been low        able to the public and put it into prac-           sectoral committee and independent con-
Government had spent US$45 million                  due to limited resources and weak co-op-        tice.                                              sultants reviewed nearly 240 climate
to support AO victims and clean up                  eration between relevant stakeholders.              The draft identified top priorities for        change proposals submitted by local au-
dioxin-contaminated areas, he added.                    The National Committee on Climate           the decade: climate change adaptation,             thorities and selected 19 projects that
   The PM said he hoped Filner                      Change hopes to help address this.              increasing preparedness for natural ca-            touched on urgent matters. — VNS
would continue his activities to make
the US congress and government
adopt more responsibility for the
consequences of the American War in
Vieät Nam.
   Filner said he would do his best
and expressed his belief that with the
two countries’ goodwill, the Vieät Nam-
US friendship and co-operation would
develop further in future. — VNS

New bridge                                                                                                                                                                           Authorities
                                                                                                                                                                                     inspect a petrol
                                                                                                                                                                                     station in Haø
                                                                                                                                                                                     Noä i . Petrol

to curb train-                                                                                                                                                                       stealing and
                                                                                                                                                                                     motorbike and
                                                                                                                                                                                     car explosions

car accidents                                                                                                                                                                        have prompted
                                                                                                                                                                                     the Ministry of
                                                                                                                                                                                     Science and
                                                                                                                                                                                     Technology to
ÑOÀNG NAI — The Vieät Nam Railways                                                                                                                                                   start a nation-
Corporation began construction of a                                                                                                                                                  wide inspection
bridge yesterday to separate Gheà n h                                                                                                                                                on petrol
Railroad Bridge in southern Ñoàng Nai                                                                                                                                                quality. — VNA/
                                                                                                                                                                                     VNS Photo
Province from vehicle traffic in order to
                                                                                                                                                                                     Traàn Vieät
prevent traffic jams and deadly crashes
between trains and vehicles.
    Ñoàng Nai Bridge, with a total invest-
ment capital of more than VNÑ578 bil-
lion (US$27.7 million), will connect Böûu
Hoøa Ward and Hieäp Hoøa Commune in
                                                    Tanker drivers suspended for theft
Bieân Hoøa City. It is part of an urgent            HCM CITY — Three oil tanker         particular tanker, with number        were suspended.                       police to begin criminal pro-
Government project to construct three               drivers working for two             plate 57K-8275, went to a spot            Petrolimex Saøi Goøn Transport    ceedings.
bridges to separate vehicles from trains            Petrolimex subsidiaries in HCM      in District 7 where petrol was        and Service Joint Stock Com-               On Monday Traà n Minh
in Ñoàng Nai Province, Haûi Phoøng and              City have been suspended for        taken out and filled in eight 50-     pany, another subsidiary, sus-        Duõng, head of the Ministry of
Haø Noäi.                                           allegedly stealing petrol while     litre plastic cans.                   pended Phaïm Anh Tuaán and Cao        Science and Technology’s In-
    The 500-metre bridge will have four             transporting it.                        Another liquid was pumped         Thaønh Taâm, both drivers, on simi-   spectorate, said the ministry
lanes across its 18-metre width and is ex-              The Vieät Nam National Pe-      into the truck to replace the sto-    lar grounds.                          would undertake inspection of
pected to open to traffic next January.             troleum Group, as Petrolimex is     len quantity, it added.                   Vöông Thaùi Duõng, deputy         petrol quality around the coun-
    The Gheành Bridge, which runs along             formally known, on Monday in-           The truck belongs to the Pe-      general director of Petrolimex,       try.
the Haø Noäi-HCM City railway route and             structed its subsidiaries to in-    troleum Mechanical Joint Stock        told Thanh Nieân on Monday that            It was already testing 3,000
connects the banks of the Ñoàng Nai River,          vestigate after Thanh Nieâ n        Company, one of the Petrolimex        the drivers had admitted to steal-    samples to find out if the rash of
is currently open to both trains and cars.          (Young People) newspaper re-        subsidiaries.                         ing the oil.                          recent vehicle fires were related
Last February, a deadly crash occurred              ported that several drivers             Upon questioning, the driver          Further investigation was re-     to fuel quality, he said.
when a train ploughed into six cars stuck           colluded with outsiders to steal    of the truck, Voõ Minh Toaûn, and     quired to find out if they had             The ministry would an-
on the tracks. Two people were killed and           fuel.                               his assistant, Vuõ Ñöùc Thuaän, ad-   added something, he said, add-        nounce the cause of the fires by
26 others were injured. — VNS                           The report said the crew of a   mitted to stealing the fuel, and      ing Petrolimex has asked the          January 23, he promised. — VNS
Thursday January 12, 2012                                                         NATIONAL                                                    Vieät Nam News      3

Minister asks ASEAN NA discusses                                                                                                                                          B RIEFS
                                                                                                                                                                          Three Vietnamese
to beef-up co-operation law in action                                                                                                                                     missing in ship fire
                                                                                                                                                                          HAØ NOÄI — Three Vietnamese
                                                                                                                                                                          sailors were reported missing
PHNOM PENH — Foreign               sub-region, including the         tions, acknowledging results     HAØ NOÄI — The fifth ses-         should clearly entrust the        from a Republic of Korea
                                                                                                                                                                          (RoK) ship that suffered a fire
Minister Phaïm Bình Minh           Mekong sub-region, and            reached between ASEAN            sion of the National Assem-       Government to promptly re-        in waters southeast of New
has affirmed Vieät Nam’s           promoting sustainable and         and China in adopting the        bly Standing Committee            view the implementation of        Zealand on Tuesday night.
close coordination with            equitable development in          document guiding the             ended yesterday with dis-         the law on the work and re-           According to an initial
Cambodia for the common            the region, Minh said.            implementation of the Dec-       cussion focused on the            quire People’s Councils and       report from the New Zealand
success of the Association of           Sharing other countries’     laration on the Conduct of       implementation of the law         People’s Committees to en-        Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
Southeast Asian Nations            assessment of the recent rapid    Parties in the East Sea (DOC).   on promulgation of legal          sure procedures, content          Trade and the Rescue
(ASEAN).                           changes that have impacted            In recent years ASEAN        documents by People’s             and forms of issued legal         Coordination Centre of New
                                                                                                                                                                          Zealand (RCCNZ), of the 23
    At the ASEAN Foreign           the region, Minh said that        has demonstrated the impor-      Committees and People’s           documents.                        Vietnamese sailors on board,
Ministers’ Retreat in Phnom        ASEAN needed to turn chal-        tance of its role and made       Councils.                             In his closing speech,        three were reported missing
Penh yesterday, the Viet-          lenges into opportunities, to     contributions to maintaining         The Standing Commit-          NA Chairman Nguyeãn Sinh          and four others suffered
namese FM expressed his            beef up ASEAN cooperation         peace and stability in the re-   tee said the implementation       Huøng asked the NA Stand-         injuries.
support for the group’s top-       in the three political-secu-      gion, upheld the principles      of the law, which was             ing Committee and the law             The injured sailors were
ics in 2012 proposed by            rity, economic, and socio-        of settling disputes through     adopted in 2004, had              compiling board to con-           given medical care and
Cambodia as ASEAN Chair.           cultural pillars, as well as      peaceful negotiations, re-       helped raise the quality of       tinue finalising draft laws       brought to the nearest port in
                                                                                                                                                                          New Zealand.
    He stressed the group’s        between ASEAN and its part-       spect of international law,      legal documents written at        with the participation of rel-        The Vietnamese Foreign
prioritising of building the       ners.                             the UN Convention on the         local level People’s Com-         evant ministries, agencies        Ministry asked the
ASEAN Community, streng-                Besides the existing co-     Law of the Sea and the DOC,      mittees and People’s Coun-        and NA deputies to ensure         embassies in NZ and the
thening solidarity and con-        operative mechanisms and          and it has started the build-    cils, and improve the effi-       draft laws were built care-       RoK to work closely with
nectivity, expanding external      frameworks, ASEAN needed          ing of the Code of Conduct       ciency of the State manage-       fully in line with regulations    relevant local agencies to
relations,promotingASEAN’s         to be active in proposing new     (COC) , according to Minh.       ment of local authorities.        and were of high quality.         take necessary measures to
proactive role, and contribut-     initiatives and measures, as          On this basis, Minh af-                                                                          help the Vietnamese seamen.
                                                                                                          However, shortcomings             More than 186,300 legal
                                                                                                                                                                              The RCCNZ yesterday
ing to peace, cooperation and      well as elevating co-opera-       firmed Vieät Nam’s capacity      remained in the implemen-         documents were issued at          said that it received an SOS
development in the region.         tion within the region and be-    as coordinator in ASEAN-         tation of the law, such as the    all levels during the 2005-       from the fishing vessel Jung
    ASEAN should effi-             tween ASEAN and its part-         China dialogue relations,        lack of regular supervision       10 period.                        Woo 2 of the RoK’s Sunwoo
ciently implement the              ners to a new height, helping     and that he will work closely    by higher-level agencies.             During the two-day ses-       Corp. The ship, with 40
roadmap of building the            to maintain and bring into full   with ASEAN to accelerate             In regards to the draft       sion, deputies discussed          sailors on board, was ablaze
ASEAN Community and the            play the decisive role of the     dialogue and build mutual        resolution on supervision         draft laws on advertisement,      in the Ross sea, about
                                                                                                                                                                          3,700km southeast of New
Master Plan on ASEAN Con-          group in the region.              trust and understanding with     results of the promulgation       administrative punishment,
nectivity, in combination               Regarding the East Sea       China, including efforts to-     of legal documents, NA            judicial assessment, educa-
with narrowing the develop-        issue, Minh hailed ASEAN’s        wards building and complet-      Vice Chairman Uoâng Chu           tion and dissemination of
ment gap, developing the           proactive role and contribu-      ing the COC. — VNS               Löu said the resolution           laws. — VNS                       Prison escapee
                                                                                                                                                                          arrested in Ñaø Naüng
VN workers                                                                                                                                                                HCM CITY — Police in Ñaø
                                                                                                                                                                          Naüng City on Tuesday
                                                                                                                                                                          captured Vónh Phuùc Province

may return                                                                                                                                                                native Nguyeãn Tuaán Vuõ, who
                                                                                                                                                                          was arrested for a total of 13
                                                                                                                                                                          burglaries in six provinces

to Libya                                                                                                                                                                  around the country within a
                                                                                                                                                                          four-week period.
                                                                                                                                                                              Vuõ, who escaped from
                                                                                                                                                                          prison last year where he was
HAØNOÄI — Vietnamese workers will soon                                                                                                                                    serving a 19-year sentence on
return to Libya, according to the Ministry                                                                                                                                burglary and theft, admitted to
                                                                                                                                                                          police that he had broken into
of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs.
                                                                                                                                                                          the offices of the city’s
     The ministry said a number of Turkish                                                                                                                                department of finance, State-
contractors in Libya had pledged to re-re-                                                                                                                                owned Cienco 5 construction
cruit Vietnamese workers in the next six                                                                                                                                  corporation, customs
months after completing negotiations with                                                                                                                                 department and other
their Libyan businesses.                                                                                                                                                  agencies from November 16
     The pledges were made during a re-                                                                                                                                   to December 14 last year.
                                                                                                                                                                              Police said it was difficult
cent visit of officials from the Vietnamese                                                                                                                               to track his whereabouts
ministry to Turkey.                                                                                                                                                       because Vuõ moved often
     Turkish contractors, who are particu-                                                                                                                                between Ñaø Naüng, Bình Ñònh
larly active in North Africa, employ thou-                                                                                                                                Province and Haø Noäi.
sands of Vietnamese workers to work in                                                                                                                                        Vuõ has been wanted
construction in Libya.                                                                                                                                                    nationwide since April of last
     The ministry said Turkish contractors                                                                                                                                year after escaping from
had pledged to settle unpaid salaries owed                                                                                                                                    Police did not reveal the
to Vietnamese workers who fled the coun-                                                                                                                                  total amount of stolen money.
try during the recent troubles.                 Leâ Vaên Luyeän(centre) and six of the accused were at the court. — VNA/VNS Photo Doaõn Taán
asked Turkish authorities to urge Turkish
contractors to speed up salary settlements.
     Before the insurgency in Libya, 16
                                                Teenage triple killer gets                                                                                                Mother given wrong
                                                                                                                                                                          baby in hospital
                                                                                                                                                                          HAØ NOÄI — Deputy Director of
Turkish contractors employed Vietnamese                                                                                                                                   Haø Noäi Obstetrics Hospital Leâ
     The unstable political situation in
Libyahasalsodealta heavy blowtolabour
                                                maximum 18-year penalty                                                                                                   Thanh Thuùy admitted on
                                                                                                                                                                          Tuesday that the hospital gave
                                                                                                                                                                          the wrong baby to a mother.
                                                                                                                                                                              Traàn Thò Thuûy, 34, from Töø
export plans.                                   BAÉC GIANG — Leâ Vaên Luyeän was        in the family to survive. Her hand           However, Luyeän was 17 when          Lieâm District, gave birth to a
     The Government has targeted send-          sentenced yesterday to 18-years in      was successfully reattached in an        he committed the crime and under         3.4kg boy in the hospital last
ing 5,000-7,000 employees to Libya each         jail for killing three members of a     11-hour operation.                       the current laws, he is considered a     Saturday.
year.                                           family in a gold-shop robbery in Baéc       Luyeän was arrested one week         minor, so the 18-year sentence in            After surgery, hospital
     Libya used to be an attractive market      Giang Province on August 24.            later while hiding in the northern       jail is the highest punishment that      staff let Thuûy’s relatives see
because its firms could offer better salaries       According to the provincial         border province of Laïng Sôn.            could be given to Luyeän.                the baby’s face. Then they
                                                                                                                                                                          took the baby to another room
than most other markets. Each worker re-        People’s Court’s indictment, Luyeän         Six other people, all of them            The indictment also claimed that     with the number 550 on his
ceives a minimum monthly salary of about        received three concurrent sentence:     Luyeän’s relatives, received sen-        Luyeän and his parents must bear the     neck, saying to his family that
VNÑ8 million (US$380), according to the         an 18-year term for murder, an 18-      tencesrangingfromnineto48months          funeral expenses of all the victims,     the baby would be back with
Vieät Nam Labour Export Association.            year term for robbery and a nine-       foreitherharbouringacriminalorfail-      as well as the medical expenses of       his mother at 3pm.
     As the North African country de-           month term for false pretences.         ing to report a criminal offence.        reattaching Bích’s hand and the post-        However, the baby was
scended into violence, Vieät Nam recalled           On the early morning of August          During the two-day trial, the        operation costs worth VNÑ310 mil-        given to Leâ Kim Oanh from
all of its 10,000 workers in the country.                                                                                                                                 Caàu Giaáy District, whose
                                                24, the teenage robber brutally         relative’s victims and the people        lion (US$14,740).
                                                                                                                                                                          baby was numbered 585.
     According to Vietnamese labour firms,      killed a couple and their eighteen-     present expressed their indignation          Before the jury read the verdict,        Oanh said she did not
Libya is considered a prime destination         month daughter and chopped off the      and appealed that Luyeän’s crime         Luyeän expressed his remorse for         realise the mistake as she
for unskilled workers where they can earn       armsofanotherdaughter. Nine-year-       deserved the highest punishment –        what he had done to the victims and      had not checked the
between $350-$1,000 per month. — VNS            old Trònh Thò Bích was the only one     death sentence.                          said he was sorry. — VNS                 number. — VNS
4   Vieät Nam News                                           OPINION                                                                            Thursday January 12, 2012

                    P RESS
                                                                              Success should be shared
Vieät Nam invests $2.1b abroad                                                        ecent newspaper                                                                          we adapt? Vieät Nam’s cur-
The Foreign Investment Agency said last year Vietnamese
investors pumped US$2.12 billion in 75 new projects and 33
existing ones in 26 countries and territories.
   This has increased the total amount invested so far to
                                                                              R       stories on holiday
                                                                                      bonuses have been
                                                                              worrying. In some moun-
                                                                                                              O P -E D
                                                                                                              Thu Höông Leâ
                                                                                                                                                                               rent Gini co-efficient, an
                                                                                                                                                                               income distribution mea-
                                                                                                                                                                               surement used by econo-
                                                                                                                                                                               mists, is under 0.4. When
$10.8 billion in 55 countries and territories.                                tain schools in Lai Chaâu,
                                                               TUOÅI TREÛ
                                                                              teachers often receive          been discussed for years, but     these districts. While some    that index drives above
                                                             (Y O U T H )     only a wall calendar for        it hits home when Teát ap-        argue that the $1.04 billion   0.4, it’s considered so-
                                                                              Teát, the most important        proaches and becomes more         may be insufficient to im-     cially      destabilising.
High school student contest attracts 4,000                                    festival of a year. But         bitter as inflation bites the     prove the lives of so many     China’s Gini co-efficient is
The Ministry of Education and Training said that the National                 records are being set in        poorest.                          people over three years, the   already near 0.5.
Excellent High School Student contest, which began                            HCM City where one com-              The nation has managed       subject is not just about          The Government has
yesterday and ends today, has attracted 4,161 candidates                      pany is reported to be          to overcome another turbu-        money, but also the policy.    made efforts to increase
taking tests in math, physics, chemistry, biology, computer,                  handing out VNÑ400 mil-         lent economic year with GDP           Have we optimised all      health-insurance cover-
literature, history, geography, or foreign languages.                         lion (US$20,000) to its top     growth closing at 5.89 per        available resources? Has       age, help rural workers re-
    Students winning the contest can enter universities and                   employees.                      cent and inflation hitting 18     money been used effec-         ceive vocational training
colleges without sitting entrance exams after high school.
                                                                                  As Teá t draws close,       per cent. Another difficult       tively by localities to spur   and provide low-income
                                                              NHAÂN DAÂN      speculation on bonuses          year is predicted for 2012, so    production or assist house-    housing, but more must be
                                                      (T HE P EOPLE )
                                                                              fills most offices. While       policy makers should adopt        holds to find other ways to    done. And there is also the
                                                                              office workers might be         more direct social welfare        earn a livelihood? Does it     question of making the in-
Nearly 300 old bridges need upgrading                                         disappointed at the lower       policies if they want to main-    come with programmes that      comes of top earners more
The Directorate for Roads of Vieät Nam has urged the                                                                                            increase residents’ access
                                                                              Teát bonuses they hope for      tain sustainable growth. Oth-                                    transparent - and having a
Ministry of Transport to give priority to building and
upgrading bridges this year.
                                                                              or expect, those working in     erwise, Viet Nam could head       to basic services, such as     tax system that better ac-
     The directorate has come up with a total cost of VNÑ10.5                 isolated areas don’t dare       down the road to social insta-    education, healthcare and      counts for income earned
trillion (US$500 million) for the task as well as maintenance of              think about an annual gift.     bility.                           clean water? How much has      from capital gains on real
roads.                                                                            In 2011, a report from           According to official sta-   corruption hindered the dis-   estate and stocks. The rich-
     Last year 195 old bridges were repaired, while there are                 the General Statistics Of-      tistics, more than VNÑ8.5         bursement of aid?              poor gap is an inevitable
277 old bridges in the country requiring upgrades.                            fice indicated that the in-     trillion ($404 million) was           The United Nations in      part of economic growth.
                                                              LAO ÑOÄNG       come gap between the rich       allocated from the national       Vieät Nam said its strategic   However, it must be kept
                                                            (L ABOUR )                                                                          plan for the 2012-16 period    at a level deemed safe for
                                                                              and the poor had widened        budget for poverty reduction
                                                                              ninefold. And during the        in the 62 poorest districts be-   would put more focus on        social stability. Real
Hospitals ordered to remain open for Teát                                     year, people were also          tween 2008-11. The Prime          policy advising instead of     growth can only be
The Health Examination and Treatment Department has                           dumbstruck at a story about     Minister also ordered the         project implementation,        achieved if everyone has
ordered health facilities nationwide to ensure continued                      people actually spending        implementation               of   considering the country’s      an opportunity to succeed
examination and treatment during Teát.
   It has also instructed them to stock drugs and medical
                                                                              VNÑ750,000 ($35) regu-          programmes, including             new middle-income status.      so they feel included in
equipment and keep emergency vehicles and beds ready in                       larly on a bowl of beef         those backed by official de-      Priorities will be given to    their communities.
case of outbreaks of diarrhoea, swine flu, bird flu, hand-foot-               noodle soup (phôû boø) in Haø   velopment         assistance      strengthening good gover-          And maybe in the
mouth disease, and dengue fever during the festival.                          Noäi, the equivalent of half    (ODA), and the cashing in of      nance and pushing forward      years to come, teachers in
                                                   SAØI GOØN GIAÛI PHOÙNG     a month’s income for            Government bonds worth            administrative reforms.        mountain areas will not
                                             (L IBERATED S AØI G OØN )        many factory workers.           VNÑ22 trillion ($1.04 bil-        With less money from inter-    feel so left out when Teát
                                                                                  The widening gap has        lion) to reduce poverty in        national agencies, how can     arrives. — VNS
Free rice for poor in five provinces
The Government has ordered the distribution of 12,550
tonnes of rice from the national reserve to poor people in the
five provinces of Cao Baèng, Ngheä An, Quaûng Ngaõi, Laøo Cai
and Haø Tónh for Teát.                                                                        Vieät Nam News wants to hear from you
    Local authorities have been tasked with identifying the
beneficiaries and distributing the grain.                                         You Asked, published on Tuesdays, gives readers an            ing system and state management.
                                                     NGÖÔØI LAO ÑOÄNG         opportunity to ask – and Vieät Nam News to answer – ques-             However, the plan could face major challenges, con-
                                                    (T HE L A B O U R E R )   tions from visitors and expatriates.                              sidering the country’s cash culture and inadequate infra-
                                                                                  Your Say, published every Friday, enables readers to          structure and technologies to reduce non-cash payment
                                                                              express opinions on a topic or issue raised by the editor.        risks.
                                                                                  This week:                                                        As someone who’s travelling to Vieät Nam or working
                                                                                  According to a Government plan approved by Prime              here, do you find it’s inconvenient to carry cash and pay
                                                                              Minister Nguyeãn Taán Duõng earlier this month, cash pay-         in cash in most places? What do you think about the cash
                                                                              ments will make up less than 11 per cent of all transac-          culture of Vietnamese people? What do you think Vieät
                                                                              tions in Vieät Nam by the end of 2015, down from the              Nam should do to increase the competitiveness of its
                                                                              current 14 per cent.                                              banking system in order to reduce risks associated with
                                                                                  The plan also targets to double the number of people          non-cash transactions?
                                                                              with bank accounts to 40 per cent of the population in the            Emails should be sent to: OPINION@VNSMAIL .COM – or by
                                                                              next four years. These efforts aim at making transactions         fax to (84-4) 3 933 2311. Letters can be sent to The Edi-
                                                                              in Vieät Nam be more transparent and reducing the cash-           tor, Vieät Nam News, 11 Traàn Höng Ñaïo Street, Haø Noäi.
                                                                              related risks such as robbery or fires. The move is also          Replies to this week’s question must be received by
                                                                              expected to improve the efficiency of the country’s bank-         Thursday morning, January 12.


                       OF THE COMPANY

    Address of head office: No.42 VSIP Street 4, Vietnam–Singapore Industrial Park,
    Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province

    Investment Certificate No. 463043000229 firstly issued on 30 June 2008 and
    certified for fourth amendment on 12 December 2011 by the Management Board of
    Vietnam–Singapore Industrial Park

    Main business scope:
        - M & E Works, Fit-out Works and Maintenance Services
        - Construction Works
        - Design, Fabrication and Installation of Signage
        - Landscape Architecture Services

    Legal Representative cum General Director before change :
           Ms. Lee Poh Kim – Nationality : Malaysian

    Legal Representative cum General Director after change :
           Mr. Chue Fook Chee – Nationality : Singaporean
Thursday January 12, 2012                                                       CITY LIFE                                                     Vieät Nam News   5

Tighter check to be kept on Teát festivals
HAØ NOÄI — The Haø Noäi                                                                                                                                                    in the district had pledged
Department of Culture,                                                                                                                                                     not to ask for tips from pas-
Sports and Tourism will                                                                                                                                                    sengers.
keep a check on public or-                                                                                                                                                      The annual Höông (Per-
der, tidiness, hygiene and                                                                                                                                                 fume) Pagoda Festival in
overcharging at 21 festival                                                                                                                                                Myõ Ñöùc district will begin
venues during the Lunar                                                                                                                                                    on the sixth day of the first
New Year (Teát) festival,                                                                                                                                                  lunar month. The biggest
starting on January 22.                                                                                                                                                    and longest festival in Vieät
    During the season, fes-                                                                                                                                                Nam, it lasts for three
tivals are organised every-                                                                                                                                                months and welcomes more
where, especially in pago-                                                                                                                                                 than 1 million pilgrims and
das and temples. Vietnam-                                                                                                                                                  tourists each year.
ese usually visit Buddhist                                                                                                                                                      Haä u said telephone
pagodas and Taoist and                                                                                                                                                     numbers of festival board
Confucian temples to wish                                                                                                                                                  members would be posted
for a happy, lucky and pros-                                                                                                                                               around the pagoda for tour-
perous year.                                                                                                                                                               ists and worshippers to call
    The venues in focus in-                                                                                                                                                if any ferry owner de-
clude Taây Hoà Temple in                                                                                                                                                   manded tips.
Taây Hoà District, Höông (Per-                                                                                                                                                  The regulation fees
fume) Pagoda in Myõ Ñöùc                                                                                                                                                   ferry owners can charge are
District, La Kheâ Pagoda in                                                                                                                                                VNÑ45,000 (US$2) per pas-
Haø Ñoâng District and Haùt                                                                                                                                                senger per trip.
Moân Temple in Phuùc Thoï                                                                                                                                                       District authorities will
District.                                                                                                                                                                  operate a waste-treatment
    This year, to prevent                                                                                                                                                  system, worth VNÑ10 bil-
residents from spreading                                                                                                                                                   lion ($476,190), to prevent
small heaps of money offer-                                                                                                                                                the waste from polluting
ings in traditionally auspi-                                                                                                                                               the environment.
cious places, more collec-                                                                                                                                                      Three mobile inspec-
tion boxes will be set up,                                                                                                                                                 tion teams, plus environ-
said deputy director of the                                                                                                                                                mental police and cultural
department Leâ Thò Taâ n                                                                                                                                                   inspectors, will roam the
Trang. The money will be                                                                                                                                                   district throughout the long
used for pagoda or temple        Haø Noäi people often buy votive papers and leave offerings of real coins when they visit pagodas and temples to wish for a happy,        festival to punish violators,
charity work.                    lucky and prosperous year. — VNS Photo Tröông Vò                                                                                          including those dropping
    When Vietnamese visit        .                                                                                                                                         litter.
pagodas and temples, they        stream, authorities will ar-     cially at the Höông (Per-           keep an eye on the prices          “They take place every-                Fines will range from
often leave offerings of real    range for nets to be hung to     fume) Pagoda.                       being charged for parking          where.”                           VNÑ100,000-300,000
coins and notes at the base      collect offerings.                   Inspectors will also            motorbikes and cars.                  Meanwhile,the deputy           ($4.7-14).
of trees or besides wells -          Trang said authorities       crack down on public gam-              The culture department          chairman of the Myõ Ñöùc               Last year about 1.4 mil-
as well as making offering       would also check hygiene         bling at some venues, such          said Haø Noäi had more than        District People’s Commit-         lion tourists came to Höông
of “ancestor” money to           and the food at food stalls.     as at Traêm Gian Pagoda in          1,090 festivals a year, add-       tee, Nguyeãn Vaên Haäu, said      Pagoda, and the total money
help the departed.               They will block people           Chöông Myõ District and             ing that they were not al-         to better manage the              collected from ticket fees
    Where boxes cannot be        from selling wild-animal         Taâ y Phöông Pagoda in              ways easy to control. “Al-         Höông (Perfume) Pagoda            was VNÑ40 billion ($1.9
placed, such as in a well or     meat around pagodas, espe-       Thaïch Thaát District - and         most too many,” said Trang.        Festival, 4,300 ferry owners      million), he said. — VNS

                                       cautious, exemplary and humane           of the Party and the State.
Personnel...                           way while strictly respecting the             “Facing the new requirements,         President urges ...
                                       principles and procedures set forth      the commission must be exemplary
                                       in the work,” the Party leader said,     in its work so as to become reliable,      FROM PAGE 1                                 They also needed to encour-
... will and actions, not virtuously   adding that personnel work must be       thus helping consolidate the trust                                                 age public participation in the
clean, not tightly organised and not   fair and not influenced by personal      within the Party and the trust of the      ... the Front to exercise its super-    identification of corrupt offi-
supported by the people, then we       affection.                               people in the Party,” he said.             visory role over the work of Party      cials.
will not be capable of leading the          Concluding the meeting, the first        The immediate work of the com-        and State agencies, Party mem-              The President asked the Front
country,” Troïng pointed out.          of its kind in the 11th tenure, com-     mission would be to help issue the         bers and State officials.               to continue to improve the qual-
    He expressed his hope that the     mission head Toâ Huy Röùa said the       resolution of the fourth plenum of              Chapters at all levels, based      ity of their work in effectively dis-
commission and its staff clearly un-   Party Central Committee had as-          the Party Central Committee, as well       on opinions solicited from differ-      seminating Party guidelines and
derstand their heavy responsibility    signed the commission 35 projects,       as the directive and plan of the Po-       ent social strata, should provide       State policies and laws to the
to the Party and the people as a       including the building of personnel      litical Bureau on the implementa-          State agencies with fair and accu-      wider populace, and called for its
whole in the new context.              for the Committee, the Political Bu-     tion of the resolution at an early date,   rate information that could be used     more active participation in Party
    “Every official must work in a     reau, the Secretariat and key leaders    Röùa pointed out. — VNS                    effectively, he said.                   and State external affairs. — VNS
                                                                                               Vieät Nam News

                                                                               WORLD                                                   Thursday January 12, 2012

HIGHLIGHTS                                                     German economy grows amid crisis
IRAN                                                           PARIS — European leaders and the               compared with record growth of 3.7 per             “Unfortunately, we have to say that
TEHRAN – An Iranian nuclear scientist was killed               IMF chief headed into fresh talks on the       cent the previous year, even though the        our reform policies have not received
yesterday in a Tehran car bomb assassination blamed            eurozone yesterday as new data showed          eurozone crisis began to crimp growth          the recognition and appreciation in
on Israel that threatens to ignite a dangerously tense         the German economy was able to grow            in the fourth quarter, official data           Europe that they deserve,” the prime
international standoff over Iran’s atomic programme.           robustly last year despite the drag of the     showed.                                        minister added.
                                                               debt crisis.                                       The strong performance enabled Ger-            “If the Italian people do not soon see
Pirates in the Gulf of Aden have hijacked an Iranian ship          French President Nicolas Sarkozy           many to bring down its public deficit to       tangible success for their savings and re-
carrying 30,000 tonnes of petrochemical products to a
North African country, Iran’s semi-official Mehr news
                                                               was to meet IMF head Christine Lagarde         just 1 per cent of GDP last year from 4.3      form efforts, there will be a protest
agency reported on Tuesday.                                    in Paris after France received some rare       per cent a year earlier.                       against Europe, against Germany – seen
                                                               good news on Tuesday with an assurance             Growth was driven primarily by do-         as the driver of EU intolerance – and
THE NETHERLANDS                                                from ratings agency Fitch that it would        mestic demand, with consumer spending          against the ECB,” he added.
                                                               not downgrade French debt this year.           up 1.5 per cent, the strongest increase            Monti came to power in November
AMSTERDAM – The International Criminal Court (ICC)
has said it would give Libya more time to say whether
                                                                   After meetings this week with              in five years.                                 at the head of an unelected government
Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, the most prominent son of the           Sarkozy and Lagarde, German Chancel-               Elsewhere in the 17-nation                 of technocrats after a wave of financial
country’s former leader, will be surrendered to face trial     lor Angela Merkel was to hold talks later      eurozone, however, prospects were less         market panic and a parliamentary revolt
for war crimes.                                                yesterday with Italian Prime Minister          rosy.                                          forced the resignation of scandal-hit
                                                               Mario Monti, as part of a flurry of German         Ahead of his talks with Merkel,            Silvio Berlusconi.
The United Nations and the Libyan authorities have             diplomatic action on the crisis.               Monti made it clear that he believed               The eurozone’s third largest
signed an agreement establishing the legal framework               Strengthening Merkel’s hand in her         Italy deserved more than scolding from         economy, Italy sparked fears that its
under which the UN mission set up last year to support
the North African country’s post-conflict reconstruction
                                                               effort to promote fiscal responsibility,       Germany and should instead be                  toxic mix of low growth, high debt and
efforts will operate.                                          data showed yesterday that the German          recognised for its efforts in the crisis.      spiralling borrowing costs could force it
                                                               economy, Europe’s biggest, remained                “The problem is that despite our sac-      to seek a bailout like fellow eurozone
COLOMBIA                                                       the powerhouse and one of the few              rifices, we have not got anything in re-       members Greece, Ireland and Portugal.
                                                               bright spots in the eurozone.                  turn from the European Union, such as a            Monti has pushed through a crushing
BOGOTA – Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos
has rejected a call by the new FARC rebel leader to
                                                                   German gross domestic product              drop in interest rates,” Monti told Ger-       austerity plan in an attempt to fix the
revive failed peace talks from a decade ago and instead        (GDP) expanded 3 per cent in 2011,             man daily Die Welt.                            nation’s problems. — AFP
called on the guerrillas to take real steps toward peace.

                                                                                                                  Spanish bust
UNITED NATIONS – The members of the UN Eco-
nomic and Social Council (ECOSOC) have elected
Milos Koterec, permanent representative of Slovakia to
the UN, president of the council by acclamation.
                                                                                                                                                                                    This handout
ITALY                                                                                                                                                                               picture released
MILAN – Thousands of people have marched through                                                                                                                                    on Tuesday by the
the streets of Rome and Milan demanding better public                                                                                                                               Spanish Police
safety, after a Chinese man and his baby daughter were                                                                                                                              shows more than 4
murdered brutally in the capital last week                                                                                                                                          million euros in
                                                                                                                                                                                    cash and three
ALGERIA                                                                                                                                                                             kilos of gold ingots
                                                                                                                                                                                    seized by the
ALGIERS – Over 150 Islamists in Algeria have                                                                                                                                        Spanish Police.
launched a political initiative to run for the next parlia-                                                                                                                         The police said
mentary election with a united list, amid increasing                                                                                                                                they have seized
expectations that Islamists could have a landslide win.                                                                                                                             the items in a
                                                                                                                                                                                    cocaine trafficking
FRANCE                                                                                                                                                                              raid and arrested
PARIS – French Interior Minister Claude Gueant                                                                                                                                      three Colombian
unveiled on Tuesday a government plan aimed at                                                                                                                                      nationals. — AFP/
sending home 35,000 illegal migrants this year. —                                                                                                                                   VNA Photo

EU, Japan move forward with Iran oil embargo
TEHRAN/VIENNA — Europe                            An official at the IAEA, the UN    developing nuclear arms, rather        of their ailing and oil-dependent       tion” of Iran’s “ongoing viola-
and Japan moved ahead on Tues-               nuclear watchdog, said inspectors       than the civilian uses that Iran as-   economies can afford to drop a key      tions” of UN resolutions.
day in planning for punitive cuts            were expected to visit Iran soon        serts.                                 supplier and find alternatives.             France called for measures of
in oil imports from Iran, where a            to discuss their worries about pos-          Noting that Fordow had been           The change is officially to         “unprecedented scale and sever-
senior official dismissed Western            sible military aspects to its nuclear   monitored by the IAEA for two          avoid a clash with an EU summit         ity” against Tehran. Germany and
anger at news Tehran is enriching            programme.                              years, Ali Asghar Soltanieh told       on January 30, but bringing the         Britain also condemned it. Others,
uranium deep underground as                       Japan took precautions in case     Iran’s ISNA news agency that           ministers’ meeting forward could        including Greece and Italy, which
cover for ulterior motives.                  it joins an international embargo       Western reaction had “political        speed a decision on when to im-         are bigger customers for Iranian oil,
    A day after Iran confirmed the           on buying Iranian crude by asking       purposes”. The clerical leadership     pose the ban, following US Presi-       are seeking delays before cutting
start of enrichment at a mountain            Saudi Arabia and the United Arab        in Tehran, under pressure from         dent Barack Obama’s New Year’s          off imports.
bunker near the holy city of Qom             Emirates to help it make up any         sanctions that are disrupting the      Eve move to stop payments to Iran           Meanwhile China yesterday
– and sentenced an American to               shortfall.                              economy ahead of a parliamentary       for oil.                                called on Iran and the UN atomic
death for spying – the European                   Anxiety about the Iranian nu-      election, often accuses Western            The Islamic Republic’s deci-        watchdog to cooperate over a new
Union brought forward a ministe-             clear programme helped push up          powers of seeking to overthrow it.     sion to carry out enrichment work       uranium enrichment plant, amid
rial meeting that is likely to match         oil prices, and Brent February               In Brussels, the European Un-     deep underground at Fordow              mounting international tensions
new US measures to hamper Iran’s             crude rose 92 cents to US$113.37        ion said it brought forward by a       could make it much harder for US        over Tehran’s nuclear programme.
oil exports.                                 a barrel by 12:48pm.                    week, to January 23, a meeting at      or Israeli forces to carry out veiled       The comments came as US
    Russia expressed “regret and                  Iran’s envoy to the Interna-       which foreign ministers from the       threats to use force against Iranian    Treasury Secretary Timothy
concern” at news that Iran had be-           tional Atomic Energy Agency was         bloc, which rivals China as Iran’s     nuclear facilities. That in turn        Geithner met Chinese leaders to
gun enrichment operations at the             scathing about reactions to Mon-        biggest customer for crude, are ex-    could narrow a time window for          try to press the case for sanctions
Fordow bunker and criticised                 day’s news, confirmed by the            pected to confirm an embargo on        diplomacy to avert any attack.          on Iran, which Beijing – a key con-
Tehran for ignoring the interna-             IAEA, that the Fordow site was          oil purchases.                             The US State Department on          sumer of Iranian oil – has repeat-
tional community’s demands for a             enriching uranium – something                The 27 EU governments are         Monday called uranium enrich-           edly opposed. — REUTERS/
response to its concerns.                    Western powers say is aimed at          still debating how quickly some        ment at Fordow a “further escala-       AFP
Thursday January 12, 2012                                                           WORLD                                                 Vieät Nam News      7

Romney now a ‘Arab League mission a farce’
                                                                  BEIRUT—AnArabLeague               actually people who had              “What I saw was a hu-         General Mohammed al-
clear favourite
MANCHESTER — Mitt                 work, Romney defiantly
                                                                  observer has left Syria, accus-
                                                                  ing the authorities of commit-
                                                                                                    been randomly grabbed off
                                                                                                    the streets.”
                                                                                                        The Arab League moni-
                                                                                                                                     manitarian disaster. The re-
                                                                                                                                     gime isn’t committing one
                                                                                                                                     war crime but a series of
                                                                                                                                                                       Dabi, already under fire from
                                                                                                                                                                       human rights groups
                                                                                                                                                                       concerned about his past
Romney stormed to a com-          trumpeted his business          Arab monitoring mission sent      toring mission, now about        crimes against its people,”       role in the conflict in Darfur.
manding win early yesterday       experience as his number-       to check its compliance with      165 strong, began work on        he added.                             “The head of the
in New Hamp-shire’s Repub-        one asset.                      a peace plan into a “farce”.      December 26. Its task is to          There was no immediate        mission wanted to steer a
lican primary, making him the         “Make no mistake, in this       “They didn’t withdraw         verify if Syria is complying     comment on his remarks            middle course in order not
clearfavouritetotakeonPresi-      campaign, I will offer the      their tanks from the streets,     with an agreement to halt a      from the Arab League, which       to anger Syrian authorities
dentBarackObamainNovem-           American ideals of economic     they just hid them and rede-      crackdown on 10 months of        decided on Sunday to keep         or any other side,” said
ber.                              freedom a clear and unapolo-    ployed them after we left,”       protests against President       the monitors in place at least    Malek, who had earlier
    The former Massachu-          getic defence,” he said.        Anwar Malek told Al               Bashar al-Assad in which the     until they report again on        drawn attention for critical
setts governor and million-           Romney has insisted         Jazeera English television..      United Nations says more         their mission on January 19.      comments he posted on
aire venture capitalist imme-     that his private sector tri-        “The snipers are every-       than 5,000 people have been      Under the Arab peace plan,        Facebook.
diately looked to South           umphs make him the best         where shooting at civilians.      killed.                          Syrian authorities are                A UN official told the
Carolina’s January 21 pri-        person to take on Obama,        People are being kid-                 Malek’s resignation was      supposed to stop attacking        Security Council on
mary, hoping a victory there      whose reelection bid is         napped. Prisoners are being       the latest blow to a mission     peaceful protests, withdraw       Tuesday that Syria had
and in Florida on January 31      weighed down by the sag-        tortured and no one has           already criticised for           troops and tanks from the         accelerated its killing of
could effectively anoint him      ging US economy and high        been released,” the Alge-         inefficiency.                    streets, free detainees and       protesters after the Arab
the nominee.                      unemployment.                   rian former observer said.            “The mission was a farce     open a political dialogue.        monitors arrived, the US
    Obama “has run out of             Obama “wants to put         “Those who are supposedly         and the observers have been          Malek criticised the          envoy to the United Nations
ideas. Now, he’s running out      free enterprise on trial. In    freed and shown on TV are         fooled,” Malek said.             mission’s leader, Sudanese        said. — REUTERS
of excuses. And tonight, we       the last few days, we have
are asking the good people        seen some desperate Re-
of South Carolina to join the
citizens of New Hampshire
and make 2012 the year he
                                  publicans join forces with
                                  him. This is such a mistake
                                  for our party and for our na-
                                                                  Denmark takes issue with budget pact
runs out of time”, he said late   tion”, he declared.             COPENHAGEN                  —     the very minimum to the 17       more weight.                      nomic health.
on Tuesday.                           “This country already       Denmark, which took over          eurozone members, as well            Denmark also finds the             Copenhagen would pre-
    Public opinion polls          has a leader who divides us     the EU presidency on              as any other EU countries        definition of a balanced          fer to maintain some ma-
showed Romney leading             with the bitter politics of     January 1, has said it opposed    that want to adhere to it. All   budget too rigid, limiting        noeuvring room in the
his more conservative ri-         envy. We must offer an al-      parts of the EU budget pact       have said they were willing      countries’ structural public      event of an economic
vals in both of the next bat-     ternative vision,” said         enforcing tighter budgetary       to discuss it, except Britain.   deficit to 0.5 per cent of        slump.
tlegrounds – large states         Romney.                         discipline, including the pro-        But the Danish govern-       gross domestic product.                The new budget pact
where his well-oiled, well-           Veteran congressman         posal of a “golden rule”.         ment said on Tuesday it had          “We’re not opposed to         would include financial
funded campaign machine           Ron Paul of Texas, a small-         “We have a problem            no plans to change its con-      the level (of 0.5 per cent)       sanctions for eurozone
could roll up the opposition.     government champion             when it comes to saying           stitution, a tedious and risky   but we have difficulties in       members that breach the
    With more than 90 per         whose opposition to over-       that the golden rule should       procedure which has not          the way you count that. Our       rules, but be optional for
cent of votes counted,            seas military interventions     be enshrined at the consti-       been done for some 60            way is different to the way       non-euro members.
Romney was set to win New         has rankled the party’s es-     tutional level” in each           years.                           European Commission does               Of the latter, Britain has
Hampshire with about 39           tablishment, was expected       country, Danish Economics             “We don’t have any-          it,” Danish Finance Minis-        already declared it will not
per cent. It would be the         to come in second with          Minister         Margrethe        thing between the constitu-      ter Bjarne Corydon said.          join the pact. Denmark said
first time since 1976 that a      around 23 per cent.             Vestager told reporters in        tion       and      ordinary         It would be “difficult to     it aimed to follow it despite
Republican non-incumbent              Former US envoy to          Copenhagen on Tuesday.            legislation,” Vestager said.     manage our economy” if            the difficulties it posed.
wins this contest and the         China Jon Huntsman, who             The budget pact, which            Copenhagen is still          Denmark were to follow this            “It’s important that peo-
Iowa caucuses that precede        bet his political fortunes on   EU leaders agreed upon in         however trying to reach a        rule, he said, noting that its    ple trust the Danish
it.                               a strong showing here, was      principle on December 9,          compromise with its Euro-        public accounts vary              economy,” Vestager said.
    After surviving a furious     on track to come in third       calls for signatories to add a    pean partners, which could       broadly depending on rev-              The pact is expected to
11th-hour onslaught from his      with around 17 per cent af-     “golden rule” requiring           take the form of legisla-        enues from the North Sea oil      be signed in early March
Republican rivals, who tarred     ter a late surge tied to a      balanced budgets to their         tion adopted by a large          production and welfare            and then ratified by each
him as a callous corporate        strong weekend debate           national constitutions.           Danish parliamentary             spending, which is closely        country. — AFP
raider who put people out of      performance. — AFP                  The pact is to apply at       majority in order to give it     tied to the country’s eco-                     MORE   ON   PAGE 12
8   Vieät Nam News     WORLD
                                                                                                                                     Thursday January 12, 2012

Brazil grants residence
to 4,000 Haitian refugees
BRASILIA — Brazil has            most 10 million were either       one-off move and that all
granted residence visas to       killed or displaced by the        Haitians in future would re-
4,000 undocumented Haitian       January 12, 2010 quake,           quire a visa for entry.
immigrants already in the        one of the worst natural dis-        “The government will not
country, while vowing to         asters of modern times.           be indifferent to the Hai-
crack down on people-              Brazil’s move came in re-       tians’ vulnerable economic
smugg-ling from the desper-      action to a large influx of       situation. But those who
ately poor Caribbean nation.     Haitian immigrants, many of       don’t have a visa will not
   President Dilma Rouss-        whom told human rights            be allowed into Brazil,” said
eff, who plans to visit Port-    groups they were abused           Justice Minister Jose
au-Prince on February 1, on      by traffickers in Peru and        Cardozo.
Tuesday approved the             Bolivia before being smug-           He said 4,000 Haitians
move as Haiti prepares to        gled into Latin America’s         who were in the country
mark the second anniver-         economic powerhouse.              illegally would receive
sary of a 7 magnitude quake        “Those who are already          permanent residence vi-
that killed up to 300,000        in Brazil will receive a resi-    sas, including 1,600 who
people.                          dence visa,” Rousseff’s of-       had already been given           A Haitian man walks by a tent city on Tuesday near Port-au-Prince, many months after the January 12,
                                                                                                    2010 earthquake. UN agencies say that Haitians face many challenges on the second anniversary of
   Some 15 per cent of Hai-      fice said on its official blog,   two-year humanitarian
                                                                                                    the earthquake, but those living in camps have dropped dramatically. — AFP/VNA Photo
ti’s entire population of al-    while stressing this was a        working visas. — AFP

Shiites throng to Karbala for sacred ritual despite threats
KARBALA — Iraq’s holy            dozens in the past week.          rituals of self-flagellation.      Included in that figure, he     dad, as Shiite pilgrims car-       attacks nationwide have tar-
shrine city of Karbala was         Arbaeen marks 40 days              Sad songs blared from         said, were around 200,000         ried out their traditional         geted Iraq’s majority Shiite
gearing up for the climax of     after the Ashura anniver-         loudspeakers throughout          devotees from outside the         walk to Karbala.                   community, with the dead-
annual Shiite mourning           sary commemorating the            the city and black flags flut-   country.                            Security forces have so          liest assaults falling on
rituals yesterday, with          slaying of Imam Hussein,          tered alongside pictures of        The massive figure was          far arrested 60 insurgents         January 5, when 70 people
millions of pilgrims             one of Shiite Islam’s most        Hussein and his half-brother     overwhelming Karbala’s in-        they said were planning at-        were killed in bomb blasts
thronging the city amid          revered figures, by the ar-       Imam Abbas, both of whom         frastructure, the governor        tacks during the pilgrimage,       in Baghdad and south Iraq.
tightened security.              mies of the caliph Yazid in       are buried in the city.          said, warning that “there are     and defused 14 roadside              The battle near Karbala is
   Officials said some 15        AD680 .                              Karbala provincial gover-     not enough vehicles, and          bombs, according to Lieu-          at the heart of the historical
million devotees will have         In recent days, throngs of      nor Amal al-Din al-Har said      there are not enough roads        tenant General Othman al-          division with Islam’s Sunni
passed through Karbala by        mourners have overflowed          he expected that some 15         to transport all the pil-         Ghanimi, who commands              and Shiite sects, a split that
Saturday, when Arbaeen           Hussein’s shrine in Karbala,      million pilgrims will have       grims”.                           forces in five provinces           fuelled sectarian violence
commemorations conclude,         demonstrating their ritual        visited the shrine city in the     Some 35,000 police offic-       across central Iraq.               between Iraq’s majority
braving the threat of deadly     guilt and remorse for not         two weeks running to             ers and soldiers were han-          While Karbala itself has         Shiite and smaller Sunni
attacks against the Shiite       defending him by beating          Arbaeen’s climax on Satur-       dling security around the         not suffered any attacks dur-      population since the 2003
community that have killed       their heads and chests in         day.                             city, 110km south of Bagh-        ing Arbaeen rituals, bomb          US-led invasion. — AFP

          D E TS M N
         A V R IE E T
Thursday January 12, 2012                                                            ASIA                                               Vieät Nam News   9

                                                         Indonesia shaken by 7.3 quake
 1580   Birth of Jean Baptiste van Helmont, Belgian      BANDA ACEH, Indonesia             ing Centre, but both have          a metre, which is a sign a tsu-     2004 Indian Ocean tsunami –
        chemist. He invents the word gas and is the      — A 7.3-magnitude earth-          since been lifted.                 nami is coming. Usually the         triggered by a giant 9.1-mag-
        first chemist to take the melting-point of ice   quake struck off the west coast       “There were no immedi-         water rushes back quickly,          nitude earthquake – that
        and the boiling point of water as standards      of Indonesia’s northern           ate reports of any damage or       but that didn’t happen, so I        claimed 220,000 lives, three-
        for temperature.
                                                         Sumatra early yesterday, send-    casualties, and that’s still the   was worried a tsunami would         quarters of them in Indonesia.
 1737   Birth of John Hancock, American Revolu-          ing panicked residents onto       case,” Meteorology and             hit,” he said.                          More than 20 people by a
        tionary leader and first signer of the Decla-    the streets and in search of      Geophysics Agency official             The USGS reported the           river in Banda Aceh climbed
        ration of Independence.
                                                         higher ground.                    Tiar Prasetya said.                epicentre was 423km south-          a bridge yesterday morning
 1897   Death of Sir Isaac Pitman, British educator          Thousands on the island           The agency said the un-        west off Banda Aceh, the            after the quake to look out for
        and inventor of shorthand.                       of Simeulue, 200km from the       der-sea quake hit at 1:37am,       capital of Aceh province on         signs of a potential tsunami.
 1899   Birth of Paul Herman Muller, Swiss chem-         epicentre, ran from their         while the USGS reported the        Indonesia’s Sumatra island.             Although the Pacific Tsu-
        ist; He won the Nobel Prize for medicine in      homes as the ground shook.        depth at 29km.                         In Banda Aceh, the              nami Warning Centre dropped
        1948 for his formulation of the insecticide          But after Indonesia is-           A soldier named Eko who        ground shook for 30 seconds         its warning, it said: “There is
                                                         sued a tsunami warning, the       was on the shore on                and terrified residents             a very small possibility of a lo-
 1974   The Political Bureau of the Central Com-         residents ran back inside to      Simeulue when the earth-           rushed out of their homes, but      cal tsunami that could affect
        mittee of the Vieät Nam Workers’ Party, now      collect their belongings and      quake struck said he moni-         they returned indoors shortly       coasts located usually no more
        the Communist Party, passes a resolution
        against misappropriation of State property
                                                         then sought higher ground.        tored the water levels in fear     after.                              than a hundred kilometres
        and other illegal activities.                        A warning was also issued     of another tsunami.                    Aceh was the worst-af-          from      the     earthquake
                                                         by the Pacific Tsunami Warn-          “The water receded about       fected area by the December         epicentre.” — AFP
 1981   Vieät Nam is recognised as a member of the
        United Nations Committee for Peaceful Use
        of Outer Space.
 1983   Diversion of the Ñaø River in north-western
        Vieät Nam for a dam for the 1,900MW Hoøa
        Bình Hydropower Plant, Vieät Nam’s biggest.
                                                         End Myanmar sanctions: ASEAN
 1998   Germany agrees to establish a fund of 200        PHNOM PENH — The Asso-            the rotating chairmanship of       form you that ASEAN as a            servers by opening dialogue
        million marks (US$110 million) to compen-
                                                         ciation of Southeast Asian Na-    the 10-nation regional bloc,       whole agrees on the issue,”         with opposition leader Aung
        sate about 18,000 Jewish Nazi victims in
        eastern Europe.                                  tions (ASEAN) yesterday           said democ-ratic reform in         he added.                           San Suu Kyi and freezing
                                                         called for Western nations to     Myanmar was moving for-                 The Singapore foreign          work on an unpopular mega-
 2006   Thousands of Muslims surging to complete
                                                         lift sanctions against Myanmar    ward.                              ministry said, “The ministers       dam.
        a stoning ritual before sunset, outside the
        holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, stampede       following much-lauded signs           “Myanmar’s foreign min-        noted the positive develop-            Myanmar was rewarded in
        after some pilgrims trip over dropped lug-       of change in the nation.          ister has requested ASEAN to       ments in Myanmar and ex-            November for its conciliatory
        gage, causing a pileup that kills at least 360        Strict sanctions on          call for the lifting of eco-       pressed their support for the       gestures with the ASEAN
        people.                                          Myanmar, enforced notably         nomic sanctions against            lifting of sanctions.”              chair in 2014.
 2009   Construction workers in northern Poland          by the United States and the      Myanmar,” he told reporters             ASEAN made a similar call         ASEAN also includes
        have unearthed a World War II-era mass           European Union have long          after the bloc’s foreign min-      for sanctions to be removed a       Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Ma-
        grave containing what are believed to be the     left the country isolated.        isters held a two-day retreat      year ago at a retreat in Indone-    laysia, the Philippines,
        bodies of 1,800 German men, women and                 Cambodian Foreign Min-       in the northwestern temple         sia.                                Singapore, Thailand, and
        children who disappeared during the Soviet       ister Hor Namhong, whose          town of Siem Reap.                      Since then Myanmar’s new       Vieät Nam.
        Army’s march to Berlin.— AP/REUTERS
                                                         country has just taken over           “And I would like to in-       government has surprised ob-                      CONTINUEAD PAGE 10
10    Vieät Nam News                                ASIA                                                                          Thursday January 12, 2012

US Treasury chief’s visit ‘significant’: China
BEIJING — Chinese Vice Presi-            chaired the China-US Strategic       Treasury Secretary Timothy
dent Xi Jinping said yesterday that      and Economic Dialogue                Geithner visited Beijing.                         China, S Korea agree on talks
US Treasury Secretary Timothy            (S&ED),” Xi said.                      The global economic recovery
                                                                                                                    BEIJING — Beijing and Seoul have agreed to start formal talks for a free-
Geithner’s China visit is signifi-         The third round of the S&ED        must remain the priority for all      trade agreement, after a visit by South Korean President Lee Myung-bak,
cant for the stability and devel-        was held in Washington from          nations as the world economic         according to a communique published in state media.
opment of China-US economic              May 9 to 10 last year.               situation is still “very complex          China is South Korea’s largest trading partner and two-way trade
relations and the development of           Xi expressed appreciation for      and grim”, said Chinese Vice          between the neighbours is expected to reach US$300 billion by 2015, the
bilateral relations in 2012.             Geithner’s work regarding            Premier Wang Qishan as he held        joint communique published in the People’s Daily said.
  Xi made the remark during a            China-US macroeconomic co-           talks with Geithner on Tuesday.           “The two sides agreed that signing the free trade agreement as soon as
meeting with Geithner, who is            ordination and pragmatic co-           As important G-20 members,          possible would provide a more favourable environment for bilateral trade
                                                                                                                    and economic co-operation,” the communique said.
visiting Beijing as US President         operation.                           China and the US should make              “The two sides agreed to start ... negotiations as soon as the South
Barack Obama’s special repres-             Geithner said he hopes to use      joint efforts with the other          Korean side finishes its domestic procedures.”
entative.                                his visit to explore how to work     members to ensure the success             South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said this week that talks could
  Xi said he hopes to exchange           together to create a stronger        of the Los Cabos summit and to        begin in the first half of this year.
views with Geithner on issues of         economic relationship between        support strong, sustainable and           Yonhap, citing a Seoul official, said Lee and his Chinese counterpart
common concern, including                the US and China.                    balanced global growth, he said.      Hu Jintao had an “in-depth discussion” on the situation on the Korean
Sino-US ties.                              Earlier China and the US have      The next G -20 summit is              peninsula and agreed to “work together” on the thorny issue.
                                                                                                                        “Maintaining peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and achieving
  “As the representatives of the         pledged to enhance their co-         scheduled to be held in Los           long lasting peace and stability in northeast Asia is in the common
leaders of both sides, you and           operation to advance the global      Cabos, Mexico, in June this year.     interests of all parties,” the communique said. — AFP
Vice Premier Wang Qishan co-             economic recovery as US              — XINHUA

Japan, Mongolia                                                                                          Good luck rites
sign memo to                                                                                                                                                                   Nepalese Hindu
                                                                                                                                                                               devotees gather
                                                                                                                                                                               to bathe in the

boost defence                                                                                                                                                                  Shali River on
                                                                                                                                                                               the outskirts of
                                                                                                                                                                               Kathmandu on
ULAN BATOR — Japa-                with President Hamid                                                                                                                         Monday.
nese Defence Minister             Karzai, at a time when the                                                                                                                   Hundreds of
Yasuo Ichikawa and his            security situation in many                                                                                                                   married and
Mongolian counterpart             parts of the country remains                                                                                                                 unmarried
                                                                                                                                                                               women in the
Luvsanvandan Bold signed          precarious and the global
a memorandum yesterday            community is trying to                                                                                                                       nation have
to boost defence co-opera-        come up with a workable                                                                                                                      started a month-
tion between their nations        framework for its stability.                                                                                                                 long fast in the
via subcabinet-level dia-            Gemba made a “sur-                                                                                                                        hope of a
logue and other exchanges.        prise” visit to Kabul in an                                                                                                                  prosperous life
   The     memorandum,            attempt to lay the ground-                                                                                                                   and conjugal
                                                                                                                                                                               happiness. —
signed after the two def-         work for a ministerial con-                                                                                                                  AFP/VNA
ence ministers held talks         ference on Afghanistan in                                                                                                                    Photo
in Ulan Bator, touched on         Tokyo in July, which will
exchanges          between        identify the war-ravaged
Japan’s Self-Defence              country’s development
Forces and Mongolia’s
military as well as recipro-
cal visits by the Ground
                                     Karzai promised to take
                                  part in the Tokyo con-
                                                                  S Korean conservatives End
Self-Defence Force chief
of staff and Mongol-ia’s
armed forces chief.
                                  ference, Gemba said, add-
                                  ing that the two agreed to
                                  work closely for its suc-
                                                                  hit by bribery scandal Myanmar...
   The memo says promot-          cess, to which the Japa-                                                                                                       FROM PAGE 9
ing ties between the coun-        nese government hopes to        SEOUL — South Korean          Monday, adding he had re-       tion-backed left-leaning
tries’ defence author-ities       invite delegates from           prosecutors yesterday         turned his own envelope to      cand-idate, and is now try-        As chair of ASEAN,
will contribute to peace          around 50 countries.            raided the home of a former   Park’s office.                  ing to shed its image as a       Myanmar would be
and stability in the Asia-           After the talks, Gemba       aide to parliament Speaker       Hong Joon-pyo, elected       party for the rich.              required to speak on behalf
Pacific and the world, and        also told reporters that he     Park Hee-tae amid a bribery   GNP chairman in 2010 to            As part of reform mea-        of the bloc and host scores
also agreed to boost the          called for more efforts by      scandal rocking the ruling    succeed Park, said this         sures its emergency coun-        of meetings including the
exchange of views over            the Afghan government to        conservative party before     week it was “customary”         cil yesterday even pro-          East Asia Summit, which
security concerns and co-         eradicate corruption, pro-      elections this year.          for envelopes of cash to        posed removing the word          includes the United States.
operation in UN peace-            mote the rule of law and          Investigators also quest-   change hands at GNP con-        “conservative” from its            Meanwhile, Myanmar
keeping operations.               improve governance, not-        ioned the aide about          ventions.                       platform, as surveys show        Vice President U Tin Aung
   Japan and Mongolia             ing that all are vital to se-   whether he delivered en-         In television interviews     growing voter discontent         Myint Oo has met with
also agreed to actively           cure financial assistance in    velopes of cash to lawmak-    Hong said the 2007 conven-      with social and economic         visiting United States
take part in joint drills that    the coming years from           ers before a 2008 party       tion to nominate its presi-     inequality.                      Special Envoy Derek
their countries are hosting       many other countries.           convention, at which Park,    dential candidate was also         The latest exposure           Mitchell in Nay Pyi Taw,
or supporting.                       The schedule for             who denies bribery, was       marked by cash handouts.        deepened factional in-           state radio reported without
   The last time Japan’s          Gemba’s one-day trip to         elected chairman of the          Lee Myung-bak defeat-        fight-ing between Presi-         details about their meeting.
defence minister visited          Kabul, using a charter          Grand National Party          ed his rival Park Geun-hye      dent Lee’s party supporters        Mitchell, US special
Mongolia was in April             flight from Abu Dhabi, was      (GNP).                        to win the nomination and       and those of GNP interim         representative and policy
2006, when then Defence           not made public in ad-            The affair came to light    eventually become presid-       leader Park Geun-hye, the        co-ordinator for Myanmar,
Agency Director General           vance due to security rea-      this month when GNP law-      ent.                            likeliest presidential can-      who arrived Nay Pyi Taw on
Fukushiro Nukaga, a Cabi-         sons.                           maker Koh Seung-duk said         “Neither Lee nor Park        didate.                          Monday, had on Tuesday
net member, visited.                 His visit, the first by a    that in 2008 he received an   (Geun-hye) can be free             The main opposition           separately met with five
   The latest talks between       Japanese foreign minister       envelope containing 3 mil-    from allegations of vote-       Democratic United Party          Myanmar ministers –
the Japanese and Mong-            since July 2010, comes at a     lion won (US$2,600) and       buying,” Hong said.             yesterday introduced a           Minister of Foreign Affairs
olian defence ministers           time when concern is grow-      Park’s name card from a          The GNP is battling to       parliamentary resolution         U Wunna Maung Lwin,
took place in the year both       ing that a cut in foreign aid   man believed to be Park’s     keep its parliamentary ma-      calling for Speaker Park’s       Minister        of      Rail
countries are commemor-           to Afghanistan could ac-        aide.                         jority in an April general      resignation.                     Transportation U Aung
ating the 40th anniversary        company the scheduled             Koh said the man was        election and to retain the         But the opposition party      Min, Minister of Home
of diplomatic ties.               withdrawal of US-led inter-     carrying shopping bags full   presidency in December,         also has skeletons in its        Affairs Lieutenant-General
    Meanwhile Japanese            national combat troops by       of similar envelopes.         although Lee himself is         closet, according to a former    Ko Ko, Minister of Social
Foreign Minis-ter Koichiro        the end of 2014.                  “He must have been          constitutionally barred         health minister, Rhyu Si-        Welfare, Relief and
Gemba yesterday pledged              Last year marked the         making the rounds, doling     from standing again.            min, who said he had seen        Resettlement U Aung Kyi
to provide continued sup-         10th anniversary of the         out cash to GNP lawmak-          In a shock result, the GNP   cash envelopes circulating       and Minister of Defence
port for Afghanistan’s de-        US-led military campaign        ers” to win votes, the leg-   lost the Seoul mayoralty        during its conventions in        Lieutenant-General Hla
velop-ment during talks           in Afghanistan. — KYODO         islator told journalists on   last October to an opposi-      the past. — AFP                  Min. — AFP/XINHUA
Thursday January 12, 2012                                                         INSIGHT                                               Vieät Nam News    11
                  As the US withdraws its troops, the cash-strapped nations of Europe face uncomfortable
                           truths over just how paltry their real military capabilities have become

Europe told to ‘grow up’ on defence
Peter Apps                             fired from a British nuclear sub-      sibility for its own security, with-     same way as the past.”                  tional Institute for Strategic Stud-
                                       marine.                                out Uncle Sam to prod and cajole             The prospect of Europe mak-         ies, in 2010 Europe had some 1.6
LONDON — The European                      For strategists in Washington      – or, more likely, decline into a        ing up the gap, however, seems          million full-time military person-
Union might appear a military su-      focused on the need to cut some        strategic backwater... Switzerland       remote to many.                         nel and as many as 5 million in-
perpower, at least on paper. It has    half a trillion dollars from their     writ large.”                                 According to data from the          cluding reserve and paramilitary
more uniformed personnel than          defence budget, Europe offers              The US pullback from Europe,         Stockholm International Peace           personnel – more than the US, the
the United States and overall EU       few threats and even fewer oppor-      of course, is not new. During the        Research Institute, total defence       global military superpower.
defence spending outstrips Rus-        tunities. This much has become         Cold War, Washington kept some           spending across Europe fell by 2.8           The problem, critics say, is that
sia or China.                          clear in last week’s announced US      400,000 troops in Europe, facing         per cent in 2010 as the financial       Europe spends that cash and uses
    But as Washington pulls            strategy shift.                        off against the Soviet Union. Only       crisis began to bite. A similar fall    those personnel in an almost
troops back from the continent,                                               some 80,000 remain and some              is expected to be recorded for          uniquely inefficient way.
two decades after the Cold War         Divergent interests                    analysts see that being halved           2011.                                        “It’s always been obvious what
ended, and refocuses on Asia,          While several European states          again in the coming years.                   But Europe’s defence weak-          needs to be done – taking a more
the cash-strapped nations of Eu-       provided at least a token military         Those US bases likely to re-         ness is clearly not just a matter of    collective approach to Europe’s
rope face uncomfortable truths         presence in support of the US war      main open in Europe – such as the        money or even personnel.                security,” said Kupchan. “But if
over just how paltry their real        in Afghanistan, they would be          giant air force facility at Ramstein                                             anything, European countries
military capabilities have be-         able to offer much less in the way     in southwestern Germany or the           Top 10 spenders                         have gone with the opposite ap-
come.                                  of useful capabilities in any stand-   major signals listening post at          France, Britain, Germany and Italy      proach.”
    NATO’s war in Libya last year      off with China, Iran or North          Menwith Hill in northern England         remain in the top 10 global de-              Many of Europe’s individual
was trumpeted as Europe starting       Korea.                                 – will be those most useful to           fence spenders. Total estimates of      states, defence experts say, con-
to take responsibility for its own         In what some are calling the       Washington for global operations         European Union defence and se-          tinue to use the sector as a way of
backyard, with Britain and France      “Asian century”, even the “spe-        further afield, particularly in the      curity spending vary between            bolstering national industry and
calling the shots while Washing-       cial relationship” between the         Middle East.                             US$200 and 300 billion, depend-         employment rather than building
ton “led from behind”. In reality,     US and its 20th-century Atlantic           “It’s not as if the lights are go-   ing on what is included. That           true military capability that would
the campaign was heavily de-           ally Britain looks much less rel-      ing to go out completely on the          might be well under half that of        be of use internationally.
pendent on US military, techni-        evant.                                 US presence in Europe,” said             the US, but by some assessments              Attempts at cooperation
cal, intelligence and logistical           “The new US strategy under-        Charles Kupchan, director for Eu-        it still outstrips both Russia and      among European governments
support – the Europeans could          lines the growing divergence be-       ropean affairs at Bill Clinton’s         China combined.                         frequently flounder, with critics
not even supply enough of their        tween European and American            National Security Council and                China’s official 2011 military      blaming mismanagement and po-
own munitions.                         strategic interests,” said Nick        now a senior fellow at the Coun-         budget was some $91 billion, al-        litical interference. Projects such
    According to one security          Witney, a former head of the Eu-       cil on Foreign Relations.                though many analysts suspect the        as the British-German-Italian-
source, of more than 100 cruise        ropean Defence Agency and now              But, he added: “The overall          real figure could be much higher.       Spanish Eurofighter or the A400M
missiles fired during the opening      a senior fellow at the European        message is that Europe is going          Russia’s 2011 defence budget was        military transport aircraft ran bil-
days of the campaign, only two         Council on Foreign Relations.          to need to start taking more care        $53 billion.                            lions over budget and suffered
were European, and even those              “Europe is going to have to        of its own defence, that they won’t          According to the European           years of delays.
were built in the US – Tomahawks,      grow up and learn to take respon-      be able to call on the US in the         Defence Agency and the Interna-                            CONTINUED PAGE 12

                                                 Job Opportunity
                                      Teacher to assist with Learning Support
                                       in the Elementary and Middle School
   Founded in 1993 the International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) is a non-
   denominational, co-educational and multicultural international school with over 40
   nationalities in the student body. Teaching in the English medium, ISHCMC provides
   all three International Baccalaureate Programs (Primary Years Program, Middle
   Years Program and the IB Diploma) for 1,000 students, ages 2yrs to 18yrs.

   The School invites applications for the following position; A teacher to assist with
   Learning Support in the Elementary and Middle School (Part-time or Full-time) with
   the following job description:

   §   Work in conjunction with the Learning Support Department to provide support
       for individual students, or small groups, within the framework of a designated
   §   Write notes on the development of each student;
   §   Liaise directly with the respective Homeroom teachers;
   §   Support teachers in the delivery of the program.

   ABachelor Degree in Education, or similar, is required

   Applicants should forward a letter of application, CV/Resume before 21st January,

   To: Mr.Alun Cooper, Headmaster
   International School Ho Chi Minh City
   28 Vo Truong Toan,An Phu, District 2
   Ho Chi Minh City

   Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
12    Vieät Nam News                             INSIGHT                                                                              Thursday January 12, 2012

Danes torn by their attitude to the euro
Yacine Le Forestier                      tre-left coalition government in      project” that was not based on         running of EU affairs has                    “We don’t want to join the fis-
                                         power since October.                  healthy economic fundamentals          Copenhagen concerned.                    cal compact for the sake of the
COPENHAGEN — As it takes                     With recent opinion polls         “and Denmark was right not to              “Bridge building means to be         euro but for the sake of the Danish
the reins of the EU presidency,          suggesting that almost three out      join, we see it now”, she added.       a presidency listening to what           economy,” Finance Minister
Denmark finds itself torn be-            of four Danes are opposed to              And yet Denmark, contrary to       people want and making sure that         Bjarne Corydon said, adding that
tween its refusal to adopt the           adopting the currency, Denmark        Britain, has chosen to peg its krone   we’re not ending up with a ‘Eu-          Denmark’s economy must be “at
euro, its doggedness to keep             has excluded holding a referen-       to the euro which allows it to fluc-   rope 2’, meaning France and Ger-         least as disciplined” as eurozone
close ties to the single currency        dum on the euro for the time be-      tuate within a 2.25-per cent range.    many, but Europe 27,” Danish             ones.
and its aim to avoid a two-speed         ing.                                  Despite the financial turbulence       Economics Minister Margrethe                 Denmark has on the whole
Europe.                                      And while Prime Minister          of the past two years, this policy     Vestager said.                           opted for a conciliatory approach
    The Scandinavian country of          Helle Thorning-Schmidt is a fer-      has not been criticised or ques-           “There are a number of forces        with the eurozone on other issues,
5.5 million people is thus in            vent pro-European, she finds her-     tioned, and Denmark’s economic         that want to divide us so we should      and is therefore opposed to Brit-
sharp contrast to Britain, the only      self walking on eggshells at the      health is in fact heavily dependent    (do) everything possible to stay         ish and Czech efforts to organise
other European Union member              EU helm given the Danes’ rising       on exports to the eurozone.            together,” she said.                     the 10 non-euro members into an
to have negotiated an exemp-             euroscepticism and her own frag-          Copenhagen is also keen to             In a bid to stick together,          informal group to provide a coun-
tion on the single currency.             ile governmental coalition.           avoid any isolation within Europe,     Copenhagen aims to sign on to a          terweight to the French-German
    “We’re very concerned by                 “There is no reason for Den-      and one of its main goals during       new budget pact being hammered           dominance in the eurozone.
the state of the euro, it’s Den-         mark to join a club with a lack of    its EU presidency is to “build a       out and aimed at enforcing tighter           “We’re not in any way inter-
mark as well that is hit” by the         responsibility,” said Mette           bridge” between the 17-member          budgetary discipline among               ested in participating in a ‘non-
current debt crisis, insists             Risagen, an MP for the opposi-        crisis-hit eurozone and the 10 non-    eurozone members and any oth-            euro group’. We occasionally
Lisbeth Bech Poulsen, a member           tion centre-right Liberal Alli-       euro members of the EU.                ers that want to join.                   meet and have dinner and discuss
of parliament for the Socialist          ance.                                     From this point of view, the           Not that doing so would be           this and that, it’s not organised,”
People’s Party, part of the cen-             “The euro is a political          Franco-German dominance in the         seamless for Denmark.                    Vestager said. — AFP

Europe told to...
FROM PAGE 11                                 On paper, even after abolish-     activist European military ap-             Britain is facing particular chal-   simply end up isolated.”
                                         ing national service, Germany re-     proach must put their faith in the     lenges of its own. Having spent             Behind both the US drawdown
   There have been attempts to           tains some 250,000 service person-    growing but still rocky alliance be-   the last decade focusing on sup-         and Europe’s questioning of its
solve the problem. In 2004, the          nel, and almost twice that many       tween Britain and France, show-        porting Washington in just the           military future lies a simple truth
European Union set up the Euro-          when reserves are included. Yet       cased in Libya.                        kind of wars the US now wants to         – Europe faces fewer security
pean Defence Agency largely to           Berlin has struggled to provide a         But insiders say that tandem       avoid, it is seen once again strug-      threats than at any point in its his-
provide coordination and avoid           few thousand to support NATO in       between the traditional west Eu-       gling to find a new geopolitical         tory.
such issues. Critics say it has known    Afghanistan.                          ropean military powers is already      role.                                        Eastern European states might
mixed success at best, although              There is also the question of     showing many of the same prob-             “The UK in particular finds it-      be nervous over the US withdrawal
supporters hope the US drawdown          whether European voters are will-     lems of other European attempts        self in an awkward and uncomfort-        and still fear Moscow. But few se-
could provide just the impetus it        ing to back governments in inter-     at defence co-operation.               able position,” said Kupchan. “If        rious strategists believe Russia
needs to thrive.                         national ventures.                        “There is” much talk about         the US is going to reorientate it-       represents any serious danger be-
   “What we are being told to do             “Contributing troops to these     “smart defence, burden sharing         self towards Asia, then the special      yond perennial threats to cut off
now is that we have to do our job,”      conflicts has been very financially   and so forth but not much more”,       relationship with the UK loses           winter oil and gas supplies.
EDA chief executive Claude-              and politically expensive for Eu-     one senior British officer said on     much of its salience.”                       Some in Washington and else-
France Arnould said. “We should          ropean countries,” says Tomas         condition of anonymity. “But               The former US official said that     where would like to see the Eu-
go full speed ahead with pooling         Valasek, director of foreign policy   then, it is early days.”               this might be grounds for the Brit-      ropeans taking a much more ac-
and sharing.”                            and defence at the Centre for             Some analysts believe the          ish government under Prime Min-          tivist role in nearby parts of the
   But solving those technical is-       European Reform.                      fledgling Franco-British alliance      ister David Cameron to seek a            Middle East. But after the mixed
sues of policy coordination would            “There will be some who will      is already faltering amid obvious      closer relationship with European        success of the Iraqi and Afghan
only be a beginning. Most of the         rejoice that the US has in effect     growing divisions between the          allies: “But Cameron’s govern-           interventions, many others are un-
continent’s military personnel,          said that it plans to do fewer        two on other issues within the Eu-     ment seems to be taking the op-          convinced that such actions
many analysts say, are effectively       ‘nationbuilding’ wars.”               ropean Union, for example over         posite approach,” Kupchan said.          would make the world a safer
undeployable.                                Those who want to see a more      financial regulation and the euro.     “There is a risk that Britain may        place. — REUTERS
                                                                                         Vieät Nam News

                                     Thursday January 12, 2012
                                                                        BUSINESS                                             13

Marketers unprepared                                                              Rapid renovation key to
for changing landscape                                                            handling economic crisis
HCM CITY — A majority of the             global business services, IBM
world’s top marketing executives         ASEAN,said.                              HAØ NOÄ I — Vieä t Nam could               Vieät Nam’s economy, in terms of        and investment environment with
recognise a critical and permanent           Collectively, the study findings     achieve high economic growth at            trade, foreign investment, business     attractive legal frameworks.
shift occurring in the way they en-      point to four key challenges that        6.5 per cent and retain a single-fig-      performance and others. According           To bolster development of local
gage with their customers, but seem      CMOs everywhere are confronting:         ure inflation this year if it imple-       to an official report of the Ministry   firms, he mentioned the two
unprepared to manage the change,         the explosion of data (ASEAN 56 per      ments renovations rapidly and sys-         of Planning and Investment, more        remaining elements: enterprises
an IBM study has revealed.               cent,global71percent),socialmedia        tematically, said Nguyeãn Maïi,            than 48,700 enterprises have            must map out professional
    The study, released yesterday in     (ASEAN 64 per cent, global 68 per        chairman of the Vieät Nam Associa-         dissolved or stopped operations         development strategies and seek
HCM City, polled over 1,700 chief        cent), channel and device choices        tion of Foreign-invested Enter-            last year, up around 22 per cent from   new initiatives; they also must
marketing officers (CMOs) in 64          (ASEAN 48 per cent, global 65 per        prises.                                    one year ago. Many companies            improve the qualification of
countries and 19 industries, includ-     cent), and shifting demographics             He made the statement at the           have had to narrow production and       leaders and staff.
ing 70 CMOs in ASEAN member              (ASEAN 52 per cent, global 63 per        conference “Economic Forecast              suffer losses.                              Also at the conference, the MPI
countries.                               cent), which are expected to be per-     2012-15” that was held by the                   Before-tax profits of State        reported that it expected to obtain
    While 59 per cent of ASEAN           vasive and game changers for their       Ministry of Planning and Investment        corporations only stood at 13.1 per     a total foreign direct investment
CMOs (global 63 per cent) think          marketing organisations.                 (MPI) on Tuesday in Haø Noäi.              cent, lower than the interest rate of   capital of US$15 billion this year
return on marketing investment will          To grapple with data explosion,          International and local experts        commercial banks.                       from both new projects and
be the primary measure of the            ASEANCMOsaremorelikelytouse              forecast that the global economy,               “The great challenge for this      ongoing ones.
marketing function’s effectiveness       social media (ASEAN: 93 per cent,        including Vieä t Nam’s, would              year is how to stabilise the macro          According to the ministry, Vieät
by 2015, even among the most             Global: 82 per cent), customer           continue to face many difficulties         economy, reduce inflation, but still    Nam’s entire FDI capital influx was
successful enterprises, they could not   analytics (ASEAN: 89 per cent,           in 2012.                                   not “strangle” production and           about $14.7 billion last year, 26 per
provide specific numbers.                Global: 81 per cent), and customer           According to the International         business. To do this, we have to        cent lower than one year earlier.
    Most of them say they lack sig-      relationship management (ASEAN:          Monetary Fund (IMF), the global            flexibly implement monetary,                Ñoã Nhaát Hoaøng, director of the
nificant influence in key areas such     85 per cent, Global: 81 per cent)        economy will likely keep an                fiscal and exchange rate policies,”     MPI’s Foreign Investment Agency,
as product development, pricing, and     tools.                                   average growth rate of 4 per cent          said Voõ Trí Thaønh, director of the    blamed the poor FDI performance
selection of sales channels.                 CMOs are looking at three key        this year. Citigroup, Fitch and            Central Institute for Economic          on the global economic downturn.
    Customers are sharing their ex-      areas for improvement – delivering       Goldman Sachs reported expected            Management (CIEM).                      Additionally, he said Vieät Nam
periences widely online, giving          value to empowered customers, fos-       rates of 2.9, 2.7 and 3.2 per cent              Nguyeã n Maï i said that the       paid more attention to the quantity
them more control and influence          tering lasting connections, and          respectively for this year. The            development scenario of the             of investment projects rather than
over brands, a shift in the balance of   capturing value and measuring            expected figures are lower than            Vietnamese economy in 2012              quality.
power from organisations to their        results.                                 those from last year.                      would heavily depend on the world           He added: “We also should
customers that requires new market-          The majority of the CMOs sur-            In the face of economic crisis,        economic situation, and the ways        focus on the disbursement process
ing approaches to stay competitive.      veyed are still focused on traditional   authorities of the EU, the US and          Vieä t Nam respond to the               of FDI capital resources.”
CMOs are aware of this changing          sources of information such as mar-      many others countries in the world         international market fluctuations.          Among the newly registered
landscape, but are struggling to         ket research (ASEAN 84 per cent,         will tighten their belts, raise tariffs,        He pointed out five key            FDI projects last year, about 76 per
respond.                                 global 82 per cent), competitive         and reduce public expenses,                elements.         They       include    cent were of the agricultural and
    “The inflection point created by     benchmarking (ASEAN 83 per cent,         among other actions. In addition,          synchronised and rapid innovation       construction sectors, and nearly 6
social media represents a permanent      global 80 per cent), and sales cam-      the unemployment rate in the               on macroeconomic policies;              per cent in real estate.
change in the nature of customer         paign analysis (ASEAN 61 per cent,       world will accelerate, causing lower       enhancement of the State                    FDI firms earned $47.8 billion
relationships,” Giuseppe Bruni, head     global 68 per cent) to make strategic    consumption.                               management capacity; and                fromexportslastyear,ayear-on-year
of the strategy and transformation,      decisions. — VNS                             These will negatively impact           favourable conditions for business      increase of 29.3 per cent. — VNS
14    Vieät Nam News                              BUSINESS                                                                                Thursday January 12, 2012

PVFCCo targets more
                                           Timber goods’ market on target
fertiliser this year
 HAØ NOÄI — The PetroVietnam               HAØ NOÄI — The timber products
Fertiliser and Chemicals Company           market needs to promote local busi-
(PVFCCo) revealed that this year it
                                           ness and develop the export mar-
targeted for production of 800,000
tonnes of nitrogenous fertiliser and       ket this year to deal with the greater
100,000 tonnes of export fertiliser        difficulties, said the HCM City Fine
with a turnover of VNÑ15 trillion          Art and Wood Processing Associa-
(US$714.3 million).                        tion.
   Last year, PVFCCo produced                  The association reported in
800,000 tonnes, 4 per cent above its       2011 that the wood processing
target. Its revenue of 2011 reached
VNÑ8.936 trillion ($425.5 million),
                                           industry gained its target of
increasing 28 percent over the             US$3.9 billion, an increase of
previous year.                             $500 million from the previous
PVI wins magazine                              But, in fact, wood processors
                                           earned a small profit from exports
insurance award                            due to the European economic
HAØ NOÄI — PVI Holdings has been
listed as the Vietnamese Insurance
                                           downturn. Europe is a major ex-
Company of the Year in Vieät Nam by        port market for Vietnamese wood,
World Finance, a British finance           as well as an area of low
magazine.                                  competition, the association said.
    It is the second time in                   It reported that in 2011, 55 per
succession that the company has            cent of the total domestic wood
won the prize. In 2011, PVI Holdings’      producers suffered losses and
revenue reached VNÑ5,200 billion
(US$247.6 million), 6 per cent above
                                           produced moderately. Thirty per
target. Profit was VNÑ450 billion          cent of them broke even while 15
($21.4 million), up 34 per cent over       per cent saw little profit.
the previous year                              Traà n Quoá c Maï n h, vice
    .                                      chairman of the HCM City
HANSAE invests $30m in                     Handicraft and Wood Industry
industrial zone                            Association (HAWA), said that in
HAØ NOÄI — HANSAE Joint Stock              2012 domestic wood exporters
Company started the construction of        would still face many challenges,
a garment plant at Taân Höông              such as the European Union’s             Workers at the Vieät Anh Wood Co Ltd. Producers have decided to expand exports as they face even more challenges this
Industrial Zone in southern Tieàn Giang    Forest Law Enforcement,                  year. — VNA/VNS Photo Danh Lam
Province yesterday. The project,           Governance and Trade (FLEGT)
worth $30 million, will be built with an   that would come into effect on           distribution of products at the              Nguyeãn Vaên Chöông, director       materials such as metal and
annual capacity of 30 million              March 3 and the tight monetary           domestic market to avoid                 of BA Co Ltd, promoted business         plastic.
products. Apart from the plant in Tieàn
Giang, South Korean HANSAE                 policy in the US.                        dependence on export markets.            for luxury furniture at the                 Maïnh, the association’s vice
Corporation also owns two others in            The trend in wooden product              Nguyeãn An Ñieàm, chairman of        domestic market when the                chairman, said companies should
HCM City and Taây Ninh Province.           export moved from outdoor                the Fisico management board, a           company had disadvantages in            maintain their traditional export
                                           furniture to indoor furniture.           company specialising in wood             export. It professionally invested      markets and also expand to new
Garuda Indonesia opens                     Wooden product exporters should          export trade based in central Bình       in wooden furniture, from design        markets via international trade
                                           make prices suitable for each ex-        Ñònh Province, said exports of           to selling price, to compete with       fairs for furniture on the world
branch in Vieät Nam                                                                                                          Chinese furniture made from other       market. — VNS
                                           port market and improve the              handicrafts and outdoor furniture
HAØ NOÄI — Garuda Indonesia
National Airline has recently              quality and design of products, he       were advantageous in the past. But
accepted TransViet Promotion               said.                                    now, Fisico did not sign large
Company as its representative in               On the other hand, exporters         export contracts, producing other                  Vieät Nam leads ASEAN exporters
Vieät Nam. TransViet Promotion will        would compete more because               wooden products and focusing on           HAØ NOÄI — Vieät Nam became the largest exporter of timber and wood
carry out activities such as selling,      large companies would have more          the develop-ment of business at           products in ASEAN last year with US$3.9 billion in exports, said the
marketing and helping customers            orders, while small businesses           home.                                     ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC) which is focused on
book tickets in Vieät Nam.
                                           would lack orders.                           Ngoâ Thò Hoàng Thu, deputy            promoting the interests of ASEAN furniture industries.
                                               Right now, the exporters             chairman of Tröôø n g Thaø n h                Wood products accounted for more than 80 per cent of Vieät Nam’s total
Electronic payments OK                     should boost trade promotion,            Furniture Company, said in                wood and timber exports, a significant increase over the previous level,
                                                                                                                              according to the Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of HCM City.
for auction site                           especially on the domestic market.       addition to exports, the company              Dhanakorn Kasetruwan, Vice President of AFIC, said he believed that
HAØ NOÄI — Electronic payment                  According to the association,        also served the domestic market           the timber trade volume could improve significantly if a timber production
gateway, NgaânLöôï co-operated        most companies had growth in             with middle-class and luxury              zone with stable and competitive pricing was established in the region to
with Online Auctions Site, to     business last year because they          wooden products.                          help ASEAN exporters enhance their competitiveness, productivity and
help customers of make
                                           paid attention to both the export            Her company had distribution          efficiency before the birth of the ASEAN Economic Community.
faster and more convenient payments.
    Using intermediary payment tools       and domestic markets.                    systems at supermarkets and                   ASEAN would become a single market by 2015, with larger capital
                                               The association advised the          provided furniture to resorts,            flow, information and labour forces, he said.
for online trade improves electronic                                                                                              AFIC is made up of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vieät Nam,
business and promotes cashless             wooden product makers to                 luxury hotels, buildings and              Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines. — VNS
payment in the future. — VNS               strategise their advertising and         trading centres.

                                                                                    investors will continue to put their
Deputy PM...                                                                        trust in us and we will provide better                       On the move
                                                                                    policies to make sure that they will
                                                                                    continue their stay here.”
FROM PAGE 1                                role and how independent it will be,”        CEO of Investment group Taân
                                           Haûi said.                               Taïo, Ñaëng Thò Hoaøng Yeán, said the
    “Growth targets are not a top              Deputy Minister of Planning and      Government completely understood
priority but we still have to pay          Investment Cao Vieát Sinh said that      what had changed in the economy.
attention to growth since it affects       mobilisation of resources for the            Yeán saidprivatecompanies were
employment. Stabilising the macro          infrastructure sector was welcomed       responsible for nearly 50 per cent of
economy will help enterprises plan         in Vieät Nam.                            the country’s GDP, and raised the
for the future.”                               “The Government is going to          question why they were not allowed
    Haûi said State-ownedenterprises       create opportunities for investors       to enjoy fair treatment now that
(SOEs) were being restructured to          to be engaged in infrastructure          foreign-invested enterprises con-
be as competitive as possible, and         sectors, especially large-scaled         tributed 29 per cent to GDP while
pledged to fight corruption and to         infrastructure projects,” Sinh said.     State-owned businesses contributed
reform the legal framework so as to            The Government would also            only 27 per cent.
create a more competitive environ-         work more with the private sector in         Stuart Dean, CEO of General
ment.                                      activities such as providing land and    Electrics (GE) ASEAN said the
                                                                                                                               More than 73 leading Hitachi executives from around Asia gathered
    He added that the Government           improving the commercial viability       Government’s policies and                  yesterday in HCM City for a biennial meeting to discuss business
was working on creating an                 of projects.                             regulations were right; the problem        strategy. “Asia will be our major market in the future. Asia, including
independent central bank from the              “It will also be in charge of        was in their implementation.               Vieät Nam, will not only be the place for production, but also a huge
State Bank of Vieät Nam.                   revising the appropriate policies for        The summit attracted acad-             market for us,” Kiyoshi Kinugawa, chairman of Hitachi Asia said. The
    “We will collect opinions from         raising revenues for transport           emics and senior executives from           group will focus on 11 countries in the region. In Vieät Nam, Hitachi
relevant sectors on the advantages         infrastructure,” Sinh said.              Government, domestic and regional          will focus on building social infrastructure, developing cities and
                                                                                    businesses.— VNS                           promoting electricity and telecommunications . — VNA/VNS Photo
and disadvantages, especially on its           “We hope in the coming time,
Thursday January 12, 2012                                                  BUSINESS                                            Vieät Nam News   15
Ministry starts to
    he restructuring of State-
T   owned enterprises (SOEs)
is one of the key projects
assigned to the Ministry of
Finance by the Government.
Finance Minister Vöông Ñình
Hueä spoke with Vieät Nam
News Agency about the

    Could you tell us how is Finance Minister Vöông Ñình
the project going?               Hueä
   The Government assigned
the ministry to build a project on restructuring SOEs
with a focus on State-owned groups and corporations,
and another one on restructuring securities companies,
the insurance market and the capital market in general.
After co-operating with the Steering Committee for
Enterprise Renewal and Development and collecting
opinions from the relevant ministries and sectors, we      Animal feeds products produced by New Hope Haø Noäi Co. As foreign companies are set to invest further in the Vietnamese animal
are perfecting the project to submit to the Prime          feeds market, domestic producers will face bigger difficulties. — VNA/VNS Photo Huy Huøng
Minister. The project then will be discussed at the
upcoming National Assembly session.

     SOEs have experienced continuous losses in
recent years. What are some of the solutions for the
time ahead?
                                                           Animal-feed firms face pressure
   As of December, 2010, 12 State-owned groups and                                                                                                            cal companies came to Vieät
                                                           HAØ NOÄI — Domestic feed          “Domestic companies risk suffering the
corporations incurred more than VNÑ26.1 trillion
                                                           companies face bigger                                                                              Nam. In the short term, how-
(US$1.24 billion) in losses due to weak corporate                                           increased burdens of capital shortage and
                                                           challenges as many foreign-                                                                        ever, they got lessons and
governance capacities, the global economic downturn
                                                           invested companies plan to       high interest rates. Many small companies                         caught up with foreign
and their previous unresolved losses.
                                                           widen their investments in                                                                         companies
   Official supervision of the management and use of
                                                           Vieät Nam, according to the                may face bankruptcy.”                                       To avoid the case of
State funds and assets has also been limited. Many
                                                           Vieät Nam Feed Association                                 LEÂ BAÙ LÒCH, CHAIRMAN OF THE VFA       losing market shares, ex-
businesses have small equity capitals, but they still
                                                           (VFA).                                                                                             perts affirmed that weak-
raise capital from various sources which is sometimes
invested haphazardly. That has resulted in high debt           Chairman of the VFA          Of that figure, 46 are for-         While the association         ness in Vietnamese compa-
ratio and liquidity decreases.                             Leâ Baù Lòch said that when      eign-invested companies,        expressed its concern,            nies must be absolutely im-
   So, top priority in the time ahead will be given to     the widening plan was im-        176 domestic and 11 are         many businesses saw the           proved.
restructuring the SOEs with focus on groups and            plemented, market shares of      joint-ventures.                 foreign company expan-                The chairman of one
corporations. The Government is reviewing                  domestic companies would             In 2011, the association    sion as a bright signal.          feed company said that in
management models and operational efficiency, and          surely be narrowed.              reported, products of do-           Talking to the Vieät Nam      Vieät Nam, companies often
looking at SOE business lines in order to approve an           “Domestic companies          mestic companies ac-            Economic Times, Traàn Vinh        operated in different fields
overall project to restructure SOEs. Based on this         risk suffering the increased     counted for 60-65 per cent      Döï, director of the TNK          with out-of-date technolo-
project, the Government will consider giving the green     burdens of capital shortage      of the total market share.      Capital Investment and            gies, thereby making it dif-
light to a specific proposal to restructure each State-    and high interest rates. Ad-     The other portion was oc-       Consultant Company, said          ficult to merge.
owned group and corporation.                               ditionally, many small           cupied by foreign-invested      foreign companies would               If they wanted to merge,
   Besides stepping up the equitisation of SOEs, the       companies may face               and joint-venture compa-        bring many lessons to do-         they had to re-structure and
Government also asked the enterprises to focus on          bankruptcy,” Lòch said.          nies.                           mestic companies.                 re-build. Meanwhile,
their core business activities and withdraw capital from       Meanwhile, he added,             Recently, many compa-           This was a very good          foreign companies did not
non-core activities no later than 2015.                    big foreign companies            nies announced their open-      thing, he said.                   buy small domestic compa-
   Restructuring SOEs is not an easy task but we are       were financially strong          ings in Vieät Nam. Particu-         Döï used the pharma-          nies, he said.
determined to fulfil this hard task in an attempt to       with the advanced technol-       larly, a company from Japan     ceutical sector as an exam-           To limit expansion, he
improve the performance and competitiveness of the         ogy to easily expand in          plans to invest US$426 mil-     ple.                              suggested the Government
domestic economy.                                          Vieät Nam.                       lion to build a new feed            He said that in the past,     permit foreign companies
                                                               The association’s worry      plant with a capacity of        domestic companies en-            to manufacture only prod-
    What should we do to effectively supervise SOE         is reasonable, as the coun-      200,000 tonnes per year in      countered a tough time            ucts that Vieät Nam cannot
investment in non-core business activities?                try has 233 feed companies.      the country.                    when foreign pharmaceuti-         make. — VNS
   We now face two main problems. One is to help
SOEs fulfil their State tasks to regulate the macro
economy and the second is to support SOEs in
sharpening their competitiveness and ensuring their
production efficiency.
                                                           Small banks breach interest-rate cap
   The Government has issued orientations and specific
regulations for the SOEs, under which the SOEs must        HCM CITY — Nguyeã n              been, in mid-September,         ing out of our bank to oth-       in September and October
only invest in their core business areas and others        Thy Nguyeät Caàm of HCM          caught violating the rule,      ers, we have to have some         last year. Since September
related to the primary business. Investment in             City’s District 3 said a joint   and related officials were      flexibility to retain our cus-    7 they have in fact reported
prohibited sectors must be divested no later than 2015.    stock bank offered her 3         dismissed.                      tomers, but will make an          an erosion of 10.5 per cent
   The Ministry of Finance has also submitted a draft      per cent extra interest on           Speaking at an annual       honest report to the State        in deposits.
decision to the Government on supervising and              top of the central bank          review meeting held by the      Bank of Vieä t Nam,” she              He said deposits by in-
ensuring the financial transparency of SOEs. It will       limit of 14 per cent on her      central bank on Tuesday,        said.                             dividuals at joint-stock
regulate the sufficient and specific criteria on           deposit of VNÑ1 billion          Tröông Thò Thuùy Nga, head           Ñaøo Hoàng Chaâu, deputy     banks declined by almost
providing information about the financial situation of     (US$47,600).                     of Vietcombank’s HCM            general director of               VNÑ41 trillion ($2 billion)
enterprises. — VNS                                            The 3 per cent would          City branch, said deposit       Eximbank Vieät Nam, noted         between September 7 and
                                                           be brought to her house in       interest rates were again       that a number of smaller          November 10 due to the
                                                           cash the day she deposited       being pushed up to 16-17        banks were breaching the          regulation on 14 per cent
                                                           the money, the bank told         per cent.                       cap due to lack of liquid-        cap, with part of the amount
                                                           her.                                 She herself had to talk     ity.                              going to State-owned
                                                              After lying low for sev-      to many large customers to           Nguyeã n Ngoï c Thaé n g,    banks. State-owned banks
                                                           eral months, several banks,      persuade them against           deputy head of the HCM            reported an increase of
                                                           especially smaller ones, ap-     withdrawing their deposit,      City office of the central        VNÑ1.442 trillion ($69
                                                           pear to be again breaching       and often had to put up         bank, said deposit mobili-        million) in that period.
                                                           the 14 per cent cap.             with it since customers         sation by lenders, espe-              Investment in gold had
                                                              Branches of DongA             found deals elsewhere.          cially joint-stock banks, in      also caused a fall in deposits
                                                           Bank and HD Bank had                 “If deposits keep flow-     HCM City fell significantly       at joint-stock banks. — VNS
16      Vieät Nam News                                                            MARKETS                                                            ONE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thursday January 12, 2012

                                                               KSS       5.7      -1.72     638,090      3,688,924
                                                                                                                                                                                           ORS        1.5      +7.14      112,000         166,740     Foreign trading volume, HCM City SE
Market                                                         KTB
                                                                                                                        Haø Noäi Stock Exchange                                            PCG
                                                               LAF      14.5       0.00      54,340        788,096      HNX-Index: 55.88 (-0.48%)                                          PDC        2.8       0.00       31,100          86,290    Symbol    Buying     % of total      Selling        % of total
                                                               LBM       5.7      -3.39      12,700         72,990                                                                         PFL        3.3      +6.45      430,500       1,401,020
                                                               LCG       8.1      -3.57     296,480      2,452,056      Volume: 24,045,550                                                 PGS       17.5      +1.16      221,200       3,887,450    AAM           70         0.56

Wednesday, January 11
                                                                                                                        Value: VNÑ202.24 billion
                                                                                                                        *Price, value in VNÑ1,000






                                                               MAFPF1    2.9       0.00         230            668
                                                                                                                        Symbol Ave. Price C h g % Volume                Value              PMS        6.6       0.00        1,100           7,260    BVH      25,860         79.03
                                                                                                                                                                                           POT        7.2      -4.00       15,900         115,130
                                                               MBB      11.1     +0.91      653,750      7,218,419      AAA        12.2       +1.67      83,900        1,021,190           PPE        4.7      +6.82          200             940    CII       1,700          6.64         5,000           19.52
                                                               MCG       5.7      -5.00      95,080        547,901      ACB        19.5        0.00     158,900        3,101,170           PPG        3.5      +2.94        1,000           3,500    CLC       1,650         34.23
                                                                                                                        ADC         6.5       +6.56       1,500            9,750           PPP        7.0      +6.06        2,000          14,000
 HCMC Stock                                                    MCP




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              8.94       20,170            31.08
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     CTG      23,500         20.48
                                                               MKP        48     +2.13           40          1,920      AMV         5.2       -1.89      11,300          58,580            PSI        3.4      +3.03      199,000         640,130    DHG      16,990         83.20        7,980            39.08
 Exchange                                                      MPC
                                                               NAV       7.9       0.00          10             79      ARM                                                                PVA        5.1      +6.25      283,900       1,439,590
                                                               NBB      47.5       0.00           0              0                                                                                                                                   DRC      13,700         25.30
 VN-Index: 347.43 (+0.80%)                                     NHS        32      -4.76       2,040         65,280
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1,282,940    DTL       2,000         22.22
                                                               NHW      12.5       0.00           0              0      BBS         6.9       +6.15       2,000          13,800            PVG        9.5      -1.04      199,200       1,897,170    ELC      10,000         90.91
 Volume: 29,074,759                                            NKG      13.3       0.00     116,820      1,510,595      BCC
                                                                                                                                    3.0        0.00      16,800          49,790            PVI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     FPT    154,600          99.38         1,200            0.77
                                                               NNC        29      -3.33       5,120        148,480      BED                                                                                                                          GTT      31,000         18.70
                                                                                                                                                                                           PVR        7.7      -6.10          100             770
 Value: VNÑ420.04 billion                                      NSC
                                                                                                                        BHC         4.0        0.00       5,000          19,820            PVS       12.6       0.00      169,800       2,143,960    HAG      22,910          3.47       254,880           38.61
                                                                                                                        BHT                                                                PVV        3.6      -2.70       51,300         185,000    HPG       2,100          1.48        69,000           48.48
                                                               NTL      11.4      -1.72     288,930      3,377,198      BHV         7.7       -4.94         100             770            PVX        6.7       0.00    1,498,000      10,023,860
*Price, value in VNÑ1,000                                      NVN       9.4       0.00           0              0      BKC         6.9       -2.82       2,200          15,230            PXA        2.5      +4.17        5,900          14,460    HSG       1,000          0.77
                                                               NV T      1.9      -5.00     251,650        494,394      BLF         3.3       -2.94       2,600           8,640            QCC                                                       HT1       1,000          3.16
                                                                                                                        BPC                                                                QHD        8.7      -6.45           1,500        13,050   HVG      71,610         79.73       30,000            33.40
 Symbol Close Price C h g % Volume Value                       OGC       7.2      -2.70     201,700      1,475,913      BSC                                                                QNC                                                       ICF         500         31.06
                                                               OPC      30.3       0.00       7,800        237,670      BST                                                                QST
 AAM           22       +1.85    12,560           276,022      PAC      17.8     +4.71       13,170        232,004      BTH                                                                QTC                                                       IJC      74,700         18.55
 ABT          35.9       -0.28       50             1,785      PAN      12.7      -2.31      17,210        231,127      BTS         3.0       -6.25       5,000           15,040           RCL       13.5       0.00           8,500     114,780     ITA       1,500          0.24       30,000             4.85
                                                               PDN      26.7       0.00           0              0      BVG         2.7       +3.85      27,700           74,690           RHC
 ACC           18         0.00    4,780            86,040                                                               BVS         8.7       +6.10   1,209,700       10,503,830                                                                     JVC      11,200          0.98
                                                               PDR      16.2       0.00       5,000         81,800                                                                         S12        4.4      -6.38           2,200         9,680
 ACL          17.2      +0.58    14,430           245,976                                                               BXH                                                                S27                                                       KDC      11,000         13.93       15,950            20.19
 AGD          26.3       -4.36    8,700           230,150      PET      11.4      -2.56      86,720        998,135      C92         6.6       -4.35       1,800          11,810            S55       14.2      -5.33            500          7,100   KHP      30,200         63.85
 AGF          19.2      +3.78        10               192      PGC       4.8      -2.04      16,680         80,407      CAN        24.5       +6.52       5,300         129,880            S64                                                       KMR      51,000         59.02
 AGR           4.7      +2.17    49,880           231,831      PGD      29.5       0.00      84,290      2,477,160      CAP                                                                S74        5.7      -1.72        3,100         17,590
                                                                                                                        CCM         5.1       -1.92      15,050          80,785            S91        4.6      -6.12          200            920     KSS       1,700          0.27
 ALP           7.8       -4.88       30               236      PGI       6.9      -1.43      14,760        103,319
                                                                                                                        CIC         1.9       +5.56      10,900          20,490            S96        5.1      +4.08      119,100        608,570     LAF      24,000         44.17
 ANV           7.5       -1.32   25,830           194,027      PHR      26.7     +4.30       31,110        816,027      CID                                                                S99        4.6      -2.13       14,400         65,750
 APC           15       +0.67    21,330           319,959      PHT       6.9       0.00      19,750        134,767                                                                                                                                   LCG       9,800          3.31         6,300            2.12
                                                                                                                        CJC        15.0       +0.67       2,000          30,000            SAF
 ASM           21        -0.47   53,030         1,121,567      PIT       7.2      -2.70       3,100         22,483      CKV         5.1       -5.56         900           4,590            SAP        4.6      -4.17        4,000         18,520     LHG       1,000         92.59
 ASP           3.6       -2.70    3,470            12,492      PJT       5.4       0.00       2,370         12,748      CMC                                                                SCC        2.7      -3.57        1,700          4,590     LIX           10         9.09
 ATA           6.8      +4.62     1,920            13,056      PNC       3.7       0.00      49,460        183,048      CMI         3.5       -2.78       2,200           7,630            SCJ        7.6      -1.30        1,100          8,310     LSS      21,370         75.51
                                                                                                                        CMS        10.7       -0.93      12,400         133,000            SCL        3.9      -2.50        1,800          6,940
 AVF           9.7      +1.04    30,710           282,944      PNJ      38.7       0.00      29,780      1,150,197      CPC        10.8        0.00       1,000          10,800            SCR        6.3      -1.56      154,800        977,060     MBB    218,560          33.43
 BAS           1.2       -7.69    1,680             2,016      POM      10.5     +0.96       11,570        119,764      CSC        10.0       +2.04         100           1,000            SD1        4.2      +2.44          100            420     MPC       5,500         25.99
 BBC          11.2       -2.61   15,880           179,519      PPC       6.8       0.00     282,950      1,924,174      CT6                                                                SD2        5.8      -1.69        4,100         23,640     MSN      40,660         66.41         6,000            9.80
 BCE           7.1        0.00        0                 0      PPI       4.6     +4.55        9,390         42,664      CTA         3.9       +5.41       1,300           5,010            SD3        3.1       0.00       15,000         47,040     NHS       2,000         98.04            40            1.96
 BCI          14.6      +2.82        10               146      PRUBF1    4.7     +4.44        1,020          4,594      CTB        22.0       +5.77         100           2,200            SD4        3.0      -6.25        2,100          6,360
                                                                                                                        CTC         7.1       -6.58         100             710            SD5                                                       NTL      46,170         15.98       211,740           73.28
 BGM           4.2       -4.55  102,230           443,044      PTB      11.8     +3.51           10            118      CTM         3.2       +3.23      10,200          33,000            SD6        6.6      +3.13       26,600        174,840     NVT      48,130         19.13
 BHS          17.8      +1.14     1,030            18,329      PTC         4       0.00      62,530        250,115      CTN         3.7       +2.78       4,800          17,710            SD7        8.6      -1.15       20,500        176,700     OGC       1,000          0.50
 BIC           6.5      +1.56    13,690            88,156      PTL       3.8       0.00     125,770        489,493      CTS         5.5       +1.85      93,400         510,760            SD8        2.1      -4.55          500          1,070
 BMC           27        -0.74   13,720           370,660                                                               CTV                                                                SD9        6.1       0.00       34,200        207,620     PAC      12,800         97.19         3,700           28.09
                                                               PVD        32     +3.56       83,850      2,641,679
 BMI           8.5      +3.66    18,760           155,444      PVF       6.6      -2.94     278,960      1,893,027      CVN                                                                SDA        5.3       0.00          300          1,590     PAN      16,200         94.13
 BMP          33.4       -0.30    2,000            66,649                                                               CVT         7.6       +4.11           500             3,800        SDB                                                       PET      21,070         24.30
                                                               PVT       3.4       0.00     125,480        427,177      CX8                                                                SDC
 BRC             6      +1.69    37,880           227,130      PXI       4.2      -4.55       3,800         16,122      D11                                                                                                                          PGC       2,500         14.99
                                                                                                                                                                                           SDD        2.9      +3.57       95,100        275,540
 BSI           5.7       -5.00       40               241      PXL       3.2      -3.03     425,060      1,382,316      DAC                                                                SDE        5.6      +5.66        1,000          5,600     PGD       7,500          8.90
 BT6             6        0.00    3,320            19,925      PXM       5.2     +1.96       46,840        239,463      DAD                                                                SDG                                                       PHR      27,710         89.07
 BTP             3        0.00    9,730            29,190      PXS       7.5     +2.74      207,630      1,546,460      DAE                                                                SDH        4.3      +2.38      230,600        989,830
                                                                                                                        DBC        14.5       +6.62     649,200        9,398,280                                                                     PPC       1,000          0.35       100,010           35.35
 BTT          16.5       -4.62       30               495      PXT       4.2       0.00       8,770         36,962                                                                         SDJ
 BVH          40.6      +4.91    32,720         1,322,467                                                               DBT        14.9       -0.67         900           13,440           SDN                                                       PPI       2,000         21.30
                                                               QCG      13.5       0.00       6,630         87,507      DC2         6.6       +6.45       1,900           12,540           SDP        4.7      +6.82        9,600         44,790     PVD      79,340         94.62       40,300            48.06
 C21          17.4        0.00    1,420            24,991                                                               DC4
                                                               RAL      20.3       0.00           0              0                                                                         SDS        6.8      +6.25          100            680     PVF       3,000          1.08
 C47           8.8        0.00        0                 0                                                               DCS         3.5        0.00     459,100        1,624,180           SDT        8.9      +4.71       80,300        717,470
                                                               RDP       9.4       0.00         120          1,128                                                                                                                                   PVT      31,000         24.71
 CAD           1.7        0.00   15,010            25,517                                                               DHI                                                                SDU        4.7      -6.00       23,000        108,300
                                                               REE      11.8      -2.48     521,590      6,232,746
 CCI             9       -4.26       70               637                                                               DHT        35.0       +2.04         200           6,990            SDY        2.2       0.00        3,000          6,540     PXS      27,800         13.39
                                                               RIC       4.7       0.00       9,710         43,797      DID         4.9       +2.08      16,200          79,530            SEB       11.6       0.00          100          1,160
 CCL          12.4      +3.33        10               124                                                                                                                                                                                            QCG       1,010         15.23         4,330           65.31
                                                               SAM       4.4      -2.22     152,240        674,890      DIH                                                                SED        6.9      +1.47          700          4,830
 CDC           5.4       -1.82    6,680            36,742                                                                                                                                                                                            REE      96,700         18.54           500            0.10
                                                               SAV        20      -4.76          30            600      DL1        12.5        0.00       2,000           25,000           SEL        3.8       0.00        3,400         12,920
 CIG           4.2      +5.00     2,380             9,212                                                               DLR        14.1       -6.62     175,300        2,652,000                                                                     SBS      20,360         19.40
                                                               SBA       3.9       0.00       2,720         10,609                                                                         SFN
 CII          20.3      +1.50    25,610           513,864                                                               DNC                                                                SGC                                                       SC5         200          0.73
 CLC          11.5       -1.71    4,820            56,913      SBC      12.8    -11.72          580          7,520      DNM        12.3       +0.82         100           1,230
                                                               SBS       2.9     +3.57      104,950        301,215                                                                         SGD        4.0       0.00           5,900        23,650   SHI       4,450         64.49
 CLG           12         0.00  166,420         1,989,108                                                               DNP        22.7       +4.61      35,100         796,710            SGH
 CLW           8.4       -3.45      220             1,937      SBT      12.1       0.00     155,910      1,885,920      DNY                                                                SHB        5.9       0.00      295,500       1,736,760    SJS      12,000         15.67       11,000            14.36
 CMG           5.8      +3.57    26,600           150,642      SC5       9.1      -4.21      27,330        261,569      DPC                                                                SHC        3.3      +3.13          800           2,630    SMC      23,700         76.45
                                                               SCD        15     +4.90           10            150      DST                                                                SHN        3.9      +5.41    1,151,600       4,464,100    SRF         220        100.00
 CMT           7.4       -2.63    2,100            15,560                                                               DTC
                                                               SEC      17.4     +2.35           10            174                                                                         SHS        3.2      +3.23      450,100       1,430,680    SSC      16,620        100.00
 CMV          22.5       -2.17    2,040            46,100                                                               DXP        24.9       -0.40      13,300          331,490           SIC        5.8      +0.00       42,000         245,760
 CMX             5        0.00        0                 0      SFC        25       0.00           0              0      DZM        10.1       -3.81     143,400        1,450,750           SJ1                                                       SSI    227,400          26.85           140            0.02
 CNG          21.7       -0.46   38,160           823,043      SFI      12.3      -0.81       5,590         69,286      EBS         5.8        0.00       3,500           20,250           SJC        8.9      -6.32           2,100        18,750   STB      10,000          0.27       461,610           12.38
 CNT             9      +4.65    15,510           138,658      SGT         8       0.00         300          2,400      ECI         6.0       +5.26       2,300           13,740           SJE
                                                                                                                        EFI         5.1       +2.00      12,700           64,570           SJM        2.4       0.00       10,900           26,160   STT       3,000         83.10
 COM           29         0.00        0                 0      SHI       4.9      -2.00       6,900         34,708
                                                                                                                        EID         6.7       +1.52       1,500           10,030           SKS        6.3      -3.08        5,200           32,760   TCL      10,000        100.00
 CSG           7.3       -2.67   20,000           147,850      SJD       9.8     +1.03        4,820         46,755      FDT
                                                               SJS      22.8      -1.30      76,590      1,768,075                                                                         SME                                                       TCR       2,000         49.50
 CSM           8.9      +1.14    64,900           581,957                                                               FLC        22.7       +3.65   1,060,500       23,553,800           SMT        2.6       0.00           3,700         9,530
                                                               SMA       3.9       0.00       2,160          8,628                                                                                                                                   TDC      17,430         20.62
 CTD          29.4      +2.80        20               588                                                               GBS        15.5       +4.03     282,400        4,289,320           SNG
 CTG          18.7        0.00  114,740         2,179,178      SMC       8.2     +3.80       31,000        252,099      GFC         9.0       +1.12         100              900           SPP                                                       TIX      12,800         55.82
 CTI           18       +4.05     7,600           128,502      SPM      49.9       0.00           0              0      GGG         2.8       +3.70      19,700           54,240           SQC       84.0      +0.12          100          8,400     TNC      17,300         52.49
                                                               SRC       6.1     +1.67       13,620         83,012      GLT                                                                SRA        6.6      -5.71          500          3,300     TRC       1,950         20.10        4,600            47.42
 CYC           3.1        0.00        0                 0                                                               GMX
                                                               SRF      19.4       0.00         220          4,268                                                                         SRB        3.2      +3.23       63,100        199,140     VCB    327,580          56.14       69,450            11.90
 D2D           16         0.00      180             2,880                                                               HAD                                                                SSG
 DAG           5.3        0.00      110               584      SSC      27.9      -0.36      16,620        464,922      HAT        16.6       -2.35         600            9,970           SSM        5.8      -1.69       15,900          92,490    VFMVF4 9 5 , 0 0 0      94.93
 DCL          15.6        0.00        0                 0      SSI      13.4       0.00     846,870     11,429,666      HBB         4.2        0.00     312,200        1,311,470           SSS        3.7      -2.63          600           2,200    VHC       1,000         94.34
 DCT           4.2        0.00    2,330             9,686      ST8      11.5     +4.55        1,040         11,960      HBD        12.3        0.00         100            1,230           STC        6.6      +1.54        1,200           7,870
                                                                                                                        HBE                                                                STL        6.1      +5.17       33,100         201,660    VHG           60         0.04
 DDM           2.7      +3.85        50               135      STB      17.9     +2.87    3,729,860     66,970,792                                                                                                                                   VIC       8,040         44.27         3,140           17.29
                                                                                                                        HBS        14.0       +0.72     958,000       13,428,410           STP        8.6      +2.38       29,100         249,960
 DHA           8.9      +1.14    42,720           381,120      STG        16       0.00           0              0      HCC         7.8       -1.27       3,600           28,110           SVI       18.8      +2.17          100           1,880    VIP       2,500          2.57
 DHC           6.7        0.00        0                 0      S TT        4     +2.56        3,610         14,440      HCT                                                                SVN       30.6      +0.33      414,300      12,613,500
 DHG          56.5       -0.88   20,420         1,159,540                                                               HDA         7.0       +6.06       7,600          53,200                                                                      VIS      17,600          6.84         3,000            1.17
                                                               SVC      18.6     +0.54        3,000         55,800                                                                         SVS
 DIC           6.8        0.00   47,250           319,629      SVT       7.4      -3.90          40            305      HDO         6.5       +1.56     119,700         773,570            TAG       33.0      +2.48          200            6,600   VRC         500        100.00
 DIG           9.6      +2.13   125,030         1,186,776      SZL      12.2       0.00           0              0      HEV         8.0       +1.27       1,000           8,000            TAS        2.6       0.00       11,300           28,990   VSH      31,900         20.70
 DLG          19.5       -1.52   32,020           611,393                                                               HGM                                                                TBX          !                                            VTB       1,970         96.10
                                                               TAC      21.6      -0.92         200          4,371      HHC                                                                TC6        8.5       0.00       12,200        103,900
 DMC          21.9       -4.78    8,860           194,836      TBC       9.6      -4.00       3,620         34,630      HHG         3.6       -2.70       4,400          15,840            TCS        7.5      +4.17          200          1,500     VTO       5,000         42.55
 DPM           24       +1.69   211,340         5,071,619      TCL        16       0.00      10,000        160,000      HHL         2.1       +5.00      12,200          25,620            TCT       43.9      +0.23       10,400        456,070     EIB                                 200,000           18.86
 DPR           45        -2.17    2,050            94,050      TCM       8.4       0.00      30,790        256,120      HJS         4.2       +5.00      26,100         109,000            TDN        7.2       0.00       25,300        181,040     GIL                                     520            9.76
 DQC          11.2        0.00   10,580           117,185      TCR       5.2     +1.96        4,040         21,248      HLC                                                                TET
                                                                                                                        HLY                                                                TH1       20.4      -0.49       15,000         306,300    HRC                                   1,050          100.00
 DRC          17.2        0.00   54,150           938,121      TDC       7.9      -1.25      84,520        672,651      HMH        12.1       +0.83       2,000          24,200            THB       10.8      +1.89          100           1,080    IMP                                   8,000           76.19
 DRH           3.3        0.00   42,470           140,114      TDH      11.5      -1.71      50,180        580,855      HNM         4.8        0.00      13,500          64,700
 DSN           23         0.00    1,660            38,180                                                                                                                                  THT        8.6       0.00       16,700         144,370    KBC                                   8,000           21.21
                                                               TDW       7.7      -2.53          10             77      HOM         3.7        0.00      12,900          47,880            THV        2.7      +3.85      409,500       1,105,250    KHA                                     200            1.17
 DTA           3.6        0.00   16,230            56,848      THG       9.4      -4.08          20            188      HPB         9.4       +2.17      20,000         188,000            TIG        2.8      +3.70       33,700          93,610
 DTL          15.4      +0.65     9,000           138,000                                                               HPC         3.2        0.00     312,300         985,070            TJC        2.9      -6.45        1,000           2,900    ST8                                   1,010           97.12
                                                               TIC       8.8      -2.22       6,080         52,304
 DTT           6.6        0.00        0                 0                                                               HPR        20.6       +4.57       1,000          20,600            TKC        3.8      -5.00        4,000          15,240    TBC                                     400           11.05
                                                               TIE       7.2       0.00       8,400         60,455      HPS         4.6       -6.12       1,000           4,600            TKU        4.3      -2.27          800           3,440
 DVP          31.4       -4.85       30               968      TIX        17     +1.80       22,930        385,350                                                                                                                                   TNA                                     230           92.00
                                                                                                                        HST         3.4        0.00         100             340            TLC        2.0       0.00       29,400          58,840
 DXG           7.3      +2.82    22,380           161,910      TLG      15.2      -5.00         210          3,272      HTB                                                                                                                          VNA                                   1,000            9.02
 DXV           3.8      +2.70    28,800           107,788      TLH       4.8       0.00      37,500        179,431      HTC        10.3       -3.74       1,000           10,300           TMC                                                       VNG                                      10          100.00
 EIB           15       +2.74 1,060,460        15,623,623      TMP       8.4     +3.70           10             84      HTP         3.7       +2.78       2,000            7,400           TMX                                                       VNM                                     140            0.40
 ELC          29.9        0.00   11,000           328,900                                                               HUT         5.9       -3.28     170,000        1,006,880           TNG        7.5      +2.74       37,100        277,430
                                                               TMS        20      -4.76          90          1,830      HVT                                                                TPH                                                       BID1_206
 EVE          21.2      +4.95    26,570           540,131      TMT       5.7      -1.72      12,590         70,509
 FBT           4.2      +5.00       500             2,100                                                               ICG         8.1       -1.22     102,000         828,590            TPP        5.4       0.00           3,300        17,810
                                                               TNA      19.2      -3.03         250          4,869      IDJ         2.8        0.00     279,300         774,500            TSB
 FDC           28       +3.70     1,690            45,733                                                               IDV        34.8       -0.57         200           6,950            TSM
 FDG          13.5      +1.50        40               516      TNC      12.5     +1.63       32,960        403,534
                                                               TNT       4.9      -3.92      24,040        119,108      ILC         8.6       +3.61         100             860            TST        4.9      +2.08           2,600        12,740
 FMC          10.3      +0.98     8,190            82,751                                                               INC                                                                TTC        2.8      +3.70           9,300        25,590
                                                               TPC       7.4      -2.63       8,010         59,274
                                                   49,769      TRA      46.8     +4.93        4,890        226,674
                                                                                                                                                                                                      8.2      -2.38           2,600        21,320    Foreign trading volume, Hanoi SE
 GIL          29.8      +2.76     5,330           158,402      TRC      33.1      -1.19       9,700        321,914      KBT          —         0.00     #VALUE!          #VALUE!           TV4        6.3      +1.61           9,300        58,780   Symbol     Buying     % of total     Selling     % of total
                                                               TRI         2       0.00           0              0      KHB         4.8        0.00      66,200          316,670           TVD
 GMC          15.6      +4.00     1,100            17,260                                                               KKC         8.5        0.00      16,700          142,500           TXM        2.7      +3.85        2,700          7,290
 GMD          16.9       -3.43    7,000           118,860      TS4       8.4      -4.55      57,070        480,477      KLS         7.9       +2.60   2,361,600       18,649,730                                                                      AAA        1,600        1.91
                                                               TSC      12.8      -1.54       4,010         51,831                                                                         UNI        3.8       0.00       85,400        320,450
 GTA             7        0.00        0                 0                                                               KMT         5.3       +6.00         100              530           V11        1.9       0.00        6,100         11,870      ADC        1,500      100.00
 GTT           5.4      +3.85   165,740           890,757      TTF       6.6     +3.12       36,880        236,331      KSD         2.5       -3.85      33,600           84,480           V12        4.9      -2.00        3,300         16,170      BVS       24,200        2.00
 HAG          18.3        0.00  660,090        12,058,447      TTP      28.1     +4.07        7,310        201,791      KST          —         0.00     #VALUE!          #VALUE!           V15        3.0      +3.45       28,100         83,050
                                                               TV1       5.8       0.00         510          3,008      KTS        36.6       -6.87         100            3,660           V21                                                        CJC                                  2,000          100.00
 HAI          20.5       -2.38    1,010            20,710                                                               KTT         2.2       +4.76       1,800            3,930
                                                               TYA       2.9       0.00         260            754                                                                         VAT        4.3      +2.38            100           430     CPC        1,000      100.00
 HAP           3.3      +3.12   111,150           360,121                                                               L14         8.0       -1.23       1,100            8,800           VBC
 HAS           4.4      +4.76       970             3,983      UDC       3.9       0.00      98,530        393,292      L18         9.0       -1.10       5,200           46,820                                                                      DBC      128,600       19.81
                                                                                                                                                                                           VBH       17.9      +5.29             100         1,790
 HAX           4.6       -2.13       20                92      UIC       7.9     +2.60           20            158      L35         4.0       +2.56       3,200           12,820           VC1       10.5      -1.87           1,100        11,550    DID        9,000       55.56
 HBC           25       +2.46    40,050           989,714      VCB      20.6       0.00     583,520     12,182,926      L43        11.0       -6.78         100            1,100           VC2       13.4      -6.94             100         1,340    DL1        1,000       50.00
 HCM          13.4       -2.19   60,460           822,471      VCF      92.5      -0.54       3,340        309,110      L44         6.0        0.00       1,100            6,630           VC3
                                                                                                                        L61         7.0        0.00         100              700           VC5        5.6      -5.08        2,000          11,200     DLR          800        0.46
 HDC          15.6       -4.29    2,250            35,280      VES       1.4      -6.67       1,090          1,532
                                                                                                                        L62                                                                VC6        8.0      -5.88          100             800     EID          700       46.67
 HDG          10.3       -2.83    4,810            50,024      VFC       7.1       0.00           0              0      LBE         7.6       +1.33       3,500          26,600            VC7        6.2      -1.59       16,300         100,630
 HLA           3.9      +2.63    53,970           210,482      VFG      37.9     +4.99          120          4,284      LCD                                                                                                                           GGG        1,000        5.08
                                                                                                                                                                                           VC9        5.2      +1.96        2,300          11,930
 HLG           9.7      +4.30     6,220            55,448      VFMVF1    6.5      -1.52      71,860        475,184      LCS        11.8       +0.85     105,600        1,245,170           VCC        5.8      +5.45        9,800          56,400     HAT          500       83.33             500         83.33
 HMC           8.9        0.00    1,920            16,706      VFMVF4    3.2     +3.23      100,070        315,854      LDP        16.0       +3.90         300            4,800           VCG        8.3      +1.22      538,400       4,445,110     HUT        5,000        2.94
 HOT           18         0.00    2,000            36,000      VFMVFA    4.9     +4.26           20             98      LHC        20.0       +4.17       1,900           38,000           VCH
                                                                                                                        LIG         8.7       -3.33       8,700           76,080           VCM                                                        KHB        7,000       10.57
 HPG          15.6        0.00  142,340         2,228,922      VHC        29     +2.84        1,060         30,740      LM3         2.5       +4.17         900            2,250           VCR        5.0      -3.85           1,100         5,450    MAX        3,600        1.33
 HQC           4.4       -2.22  102,250           455,791      VHG       3.7       0.00     151,410        560,283      LM7                                                                VCS
 HRC          41.5      +0.24     1,050            43,475      VIC      95.5      -3.05      18,160      1,743,250      LO5         3.5       -2.78       1,800            6,300                                                                      MIC                                      400          1.94
                                                                                                                                                                                           VCV        2.1      +5.00            700          1,450
 HSG           8.2       -1.20  130,410         1,076,968      VID         4     +2.56        4,780         18,496      LTC         5.5        0.00       2,700           14,830           VDL       24.7      +6.93            200          4,940    NHA       12,000        4.87
 HSI           8.4      +2.44       170             1,428      VIP       4.1       0.00      97,150        398,645      LUT        11.7       -6.40         100            1,170           VDS        2.9      -3.33            500          1,450    NST          100      100.00
 HT1           2.9      +3.57    31,600            90,052                                                               MAC         3.5       +2.94       3,200           11,220           VE1        2.8       0.00            700          1,970
                                                               VIS      11.9       0.00     257,440      3,077,096      MAX         5.8        0.00     269,700        1,554,570                                                                      OCH       12,700       92.70
 HTI             7      +1.45     2,030            13,810                                                                                                                                  VE2
                                                               VKP       0.7    -12.50        4,660          3,262      MCC                                                                VE3                                                        PGS       13,200        5.97
 HTL           8.4        0.00        0                 0      VLF      12.4       0.00           0              0      MCF                                                                VE9        8.9       0.00      186,500       1,657,900
 HTV           6.4      +1.59    12,010            74,664                                                               MCL         3.2       -3.03       5,100          16,520                                                                       PLC          500        4.59
                                                               VMD      20.5      -0.97      62,530      1,287,965                                                                         VFR        6.2      -1.59        3,700          23,010
 HU1           7.5        0.00    1,040             7,800      VNA       3.9       0.00      11,090         43,344      MCO                                                                VGP       13.3      +1.53        2,000          26,600     PMC        1,500       75.00         1,200           60.00
 HU3          10.4      +2.97     1,490            14,312                                                               MDC                                                                VGS        4.2      +2.44      159,500         664,370     PPE          200      100.00
                                                               VNE       2.9     +3.57      141,110        407,545      MEC         4.6       +6.98           500             2,300        VHH        2.5       0.00        1,900           4,660
 HVG          20.7      +0.49    89,820         1,854,610      VNG       8.2      -4.65          10             82      MHL                                                                                                                           PSI      119,900       60.25
 HVX           2.7      +3.85       970             2,618      VNH         3      -3.23         370          1,110      MIC        10.5       -1.87      20,600         216,950            VIE                                                        PVC       50,000       35.14
 ICF           4.3       -4.44    1,610             7,096      VNI       4.1     +2.50        1,390          5,699      MIH        10.9       -0.91         200           2,180            VIG        1.7      +6.25       48,300         82,110
                                                                                                                        MIM                                                                                                                           PVE      110,200       81.39
 IDI           6.8      +1.49    28,220           185,341      VNL      11.5     +2.68          510          5,715                                                                         VIT        4.5       0.00        3,100         13,950
 IFS           4.7       -4.08      210               987                                                               MKV                                                                VIX        3.7      +5.71          500          1,850      PVI       18,800       98.95
                                                               VNM        81       0.00      34,870      2,830,675      MMC                                                                VKC        2.8       0.00      162,700        457,640
 IJC             8       -4.76  402,710         3,290,821      VNS        22       0.00           0              0                                                                                                                                    PVS        8,200        4.83
                                                                                                                        MNC         4.2       +5.00         100             420            VLA
 IMP           40        -4.53   10,500           425,700      VOS       3.6      -2.70     101,730        367,345      NAG         3.5        0.00      19,100          66,230            VMC                                                        PVX        3,900        0.26
 ITA           6.6       -2.94  618,460         4,134,126      VPH         4      -2.44       1,380          5,650      NBC                                                                VMG                                                        S96                                  2,700            2.27
 ITC           6.6       -2.94  149,270           992,758      VPK         7     +1.45       39,290        272,522      NBP        14.3       -0.69         100            1,430           VNC
                                                                                                                        NDN         8.3       +1.22       1,000            8,300                                                                      SCR        1,200        0.78
 ITD           7.8      +4.00       500             3,900      VRC       8.5       0.00         500          4,250                                                                         VND        6.5      +3.17    2,043,300      13,219,000
 JVC          18.9      +2.16 1,145,550        20,978,501                                                               NET                                                                VNF       22.2      +1.83      410,300       8,957,100     SDT        3,000        3.74        61,000           75.97
                                                               VSC      26.8     +3.47          500         13,400      NGC                                                                VNR       10.0      +1.01          500           5,000     SED          700      100.00           700          100.00
 KAC          14.4       -4.64    6,800            99,930      VSG       1.5      -6.25      34,280         51,421      NHA         2.9       +3.57     246,400         714,550
 KBC          10.3       -2.83   37,720           390,251                                                                                                                                  VNT
                                                               VSH       8.1      -1.22     154,130      1,253,244      NHC                                                                VSP        4.1      +2.50      369,000       1,528,340     SHB       35,000       11.84
 KDC           25         0.00   78,980         1,974,537                                                               NIS         4.5       +4.65       4,000          18,000            VTC        2.5      +4.17          200             500     TAS          400        3.54
                                                               VSI       4.5     +4.65           20             87
 KDH          20.3       -0.98   62,510         1,272,029                                                               NLC        13.2       +5.60         100           1,320            VTL                                                        TDN                                  2,300            9.09
                                                               VST       3.7     +2.78       26,210         96,977      NPS         8.7        0.00       3,000          26,100            VTS       15.0      -2.60             400         6,000
 KHA           8.3       -1.19   17,160           139,564
                                                               VTB       6.6       0.00       2,050         13,527      NSN                                                                VTV        5.8       0.00           2,000        11,600    THT        1,000        5.99
 KHP           7.1      +1.43    47,300           335,830
                                                               VTF      18.6       0.00         890         16,562      NST        10.9       +6.86         100           1,090            VXB                                                        UNI        9,000       10.54
 KMR           3.3      +3.12    86,410           284,708                                                               NTP        27.3       +1.11       7,800         212,760
                                                               VTO       4.2       0.00      11,750         49,020                                                                         WCS       30.6      -6.99          100           3,060
 KSA             4      +2.56    49,370           196,264                                                               NVB         8.0        0.00       3,100          24,780            WSS        3.1      +6.90      778,900       2,414,190     VCG       10,000        1.86
 KSB          29.8       -4.79    2,470            73,606                                                               NVC         2.4       -4.00      88,900         216,610            XMC                                                        VDL          200      100.00             100         50.00
 KSH           5.3       -3.64   96,940           525,504                                                               OCH        10.0       +4.17      13,700         136,950            YBC                                                        VND        2,000        0.10
                                                                                 Source: HCM City SE and Hanoi SE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      VNF        2,000        0.49         2,000            0.49
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      VSP        3,000        0.81
Vietnam Finance Indices                                                                                                                                                                                                                               WSS                                 11,500            1.48

Wednesday, January 11                                                    C ROSS RATES                           Based on Vietcombank rates January 11, 2011
                                                                                      VNÑ             EUR       GBP       HKD         USD             CHF           JPY           BAT        AUD       CAD             SGD         CNY
 INDICES                                         CLOSE      CHG%
                                                                          1,000 VNÑ   1,000.000       0.037     0.030     0.364       0.048           0.045         3.616         1.468      0.046     0.048           0.061       0.310
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Forex rates
 Vietnam Securities Index                         54.80      0.37%        One EUR     27,098.96       1.000     0.824     9.873       1.288           1.211         97.996        39.779     1.239     1.296           1.641       8.405                         Buying             Transfer          Selling
 VSI – Mid Cap                                    35.20      0.26%
                                                                          One GBP     32,872.02       1.213     1.000     11.977      1.563           1.469         118.873       48.253     1.503     1.572           1.991       10.196             AUD       21,384.67           21,513.75        21,876.91
 VSI – Small Cap                                  48.86     -0.65%
 VSI - Consumer Services                          18.40      0.05%
                                                                          One HKD     2,744.63        0.101     0.083     1.000       0.130           0.123         9.925         4.029      0.125     0.131           0.166       0.851              CAD       20,377.49           20,562.55        20,909.66
                                                                          One USD     21,036.00       0.776     0.640     7.664       1.000           0.940         76.071        30.879     0.962     1.006           1.274       6.525              CHF       21,855.45           22,009.52        22,381.05
 VSI - Industrials                                22.45     -0.58%
 VSI - Basic materials                            54.53      0.59%        One CHF     22,381.05       0.826     0.681     8.154       1.064           1.000         80.935        32.853     1.023     1.070           1.356       6.942              EUR       26,622.35           26,702.46        27,098.96
 VSI - Oil & Gas                                  32.02      0.82%        100 JPY     27,653.00       1.020     0.841     10.075      1.315           1.236         100.000       40.592     1.264     1.322           1.675       8.577              GBP       32,164.32           32,391.06        32,872.02
 VSI - Consumer Goods                            122.68      0.09%        One BAT     681.24          0.025     0.021     0.248       0.032           0.030         2.464         1.000      0.031     0.033           0.041       0.211              HKD        2,669.47            2,688.29         2,744.63
 VSI - Healthcare                                 78.45     -1.16%        One AUD     21,876.91       0.807     0.666     7.971       1.040           0.977         79.112        32.113     1.000     1.046           1.325       6.785              JPY          268.15              270.86           276.53
 VSI - Technology                                  9.54     -1.14%                                                                                                                                                                                    SGD       16,057.57           16,170.77        16,509.65
                                                                          One CAD     20,909.66       0.772     0.636     7.618       0.994           0.934         75.614        30.694     0.956     1.000           1.267       6.485
 VSI - Financials                                 60.62      0.75%                                                                                                                                                                                    THB          651.43              651.43           681.24
                                                                          One SGD     16,509.65       0.609     0.502     6.015       0.785           0.738         59.703        24.235     0.755     0.790           1.000       5.121
 Vietnam Bond Index - Composite                 1807.21      1.11%                                                                                                                                                                                    USD       21,030.00           21,030.00        21,036.00
 Domestic Investor Confidence Index – week 1      69.62      3.37%
                                                                          One CNY     3,224.08        0.119     0.098     1.175       0.153           0.144         11.659        4.733      0.147     0.154           0.195       1.000
 Foreign Investor Confidence Index – week 1       71.41     45.31%                                                                                                                                                                                   Inter-bank rate: 20,828
 Vietnam Real Estate Index - Dec 2011            954.47     -0.67%                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Source: Vietcombank
 VND Index                                        54.95      0.08%
                                                                        Key: VNÑ - Vietnamese ñoàng, EUR - Euro, GBP - British pound, HKD - Hong Kong dollar, USD - US dollar, CHF - Swiss franc, JPY - Japanese yen,
 (*) VND compared with USD, EUR, JPY, CNY, SGD, TWD and KRW             BAT - Thai baht, AUD - Australian dollar, CAD - Canadian dollar, SGD - Singapore dollar, CNY - Chinese yuan.                                                                  Gold prices
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Tael = 1.2 ounce, value = million ñoàng)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Market                             Buying          Selling
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Haø Noäi (Thaêng Long BTMC)          42.30       42.60
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Haø Noäi (SJC)                       43.30       43.62
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      HCM City (SJC)                       43.30       43.60

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     World market
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (US$ per ounce)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      NYMEX                              1,645.50
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      London Fix                         1,645.60
Thursday January 12, 2012                                                                                                                   Vieät Nam News   17

Top shares stave off market decline
HAØ NOÄI — Insurer Baûo Vieät                                                                                   Tuesday, the HNX-Index
Holdings (BVH) and food gi-             “Trading value remains low and                                          slumped to 55.88 points, a
ant Masan Group (MSN) hit                                                                                       loss of nearly half-a-per cent.
their ceiling prices yesterday
                                      money has not really returned to the                                      Value decreased by 15 per
on the HCMC Stock Ex-                              market.”                                                     cent to VNÑ202.2 billion
change, rescuing the bench-                                                                                     ($9.6 million) with just 24
mark VN-Index from a de-                                                                                        million shares traded.
                                                                       VIETCOMBANK SECURITIES CO ANALYSTS
cline.                                                                                                              Decliners and advancers
    Despite decliners nar-                                                                                      were evenly split, at 108-
rowly outnumbering advanc-            Eximbank         (EIB)      and           Recent rebounds were at-        108, although half the losers
ers overall, the VN-Index             Sacombank (STB) posted gains          tributable to technical correc-     plunged to their floor prices.
gained 0.8 per cent over Tues-        of nearly 3 per cent, while Phuù      tions which were understand-        Kim Long Securities Co
day’s close, concluding yes-          Myõ Fertilisers (DPM) rose by         able after the prolonged down-      (KLS), the most-active share
terday’s session at 347.43            1.7 per cent. However, real es-       turn, they said. Meanwhile, the     in Haø Noäi with over 2.3 mil-
points. The value of trades           tate developer Vincom (VIC)           international and domestic          lion traded, closed 1.3 per
declined by 16 per cent, how-         lost 3 per cent while others          economic situation did not          cent higher at VNÑ7,800.
ever, to a total of VNÑ420 bil-       closed unchanged.                     support the market and the lu-          Foreign investors became
lion (US$20 million), while               “Trading value remains            nar new year holiday was ap-        net buyers on both ex-
volume fell to 29 million             low and money has not really          proaching, causing investors to     changes yesterday, responsi-
shares.                               returned to the market,”              prefer holding cash.                ble for a combined net buy
    Besides BVH and MSN,              Vietcombank Securities Co                 On the Haø Noäi Stock Ex-       of over VNÑ37.6 billion
blue chips were mixed.                analysts wrote in a report.           change, after a brief rise on       ($1.8 million). — VNS
                                                                                                                                                         World stock markets

Bourse eyes special foreign-investor index                                                                                                               Wednesday, January 11

                                                                                                                                                         INDICES                    CLOSE    CHG%

HAØ NOÄI — Following introduc-        website                 be set up for domestic investors        “I hope the VN30 will                Bangkok SET          1,051.63        -0.13
tion of the new benchmark VN30            Sound stocks such as              only.”                              reflect the intrinsic movements          HK Hang Seng        19,151.90        +0.78
index, another new stock index        Vinamilk (VNM) have already               The HCMC Stock Exchange         of the market and also offer new         Jakarta JSE          3,909.64        -0.74
will probably be created to serve     hit their foreign ownership           would later formulate a similar     products for investors rather            Kuala Lumpur KLC      1,522.29       +0.02
foreign investors, according to Leâ   ceilings, she noted. “Therefore,      index for foreign investors, and    than close-end funds as                  Manila PSE Composite 4,645.86        +1.86
Yeán Quyønh, a member of the          foreign investors are not             stocks that have exhausted their    currently,” she said.
                                                                                                                                                         Mumbai Sensex       16,175.90        +0.07
committe established to oversee       necessarily able to invest in         room for foreign investors would        Quyønh also said that if the
                                                                                                                                                         Seoul Kospi           1,845.55       -0.41
the VN30.                             shares included in the new            be counted out of the basket, she   southern exchange were
    “The long-awaited VN30 is         basket to calculate the VN30.”        said.                               merged with the Haø Noäi Stock           Shanghai SCI          2,276.05       -0.42
meant for domestic investors              The VN30 was a pilot                  The exchange’s plan was to      Exchange, the committe                   S’pore STI            2,747.13       +1.00
and does not account for              programme with a new                  develop a variety of specialised    would include shares listed on           Sydney SP/ASX        4,187.52        +0.85
ownership limits applicable to        calcuting method, Quyø n h            indices, Quyønh said, with the      the northern bourse in the               Taipei WPI            7,188.21       +0.13
foreign investors,” Quyønh told       explained. “Since it is in an         VN30 likely to be rolled out next   basket of shares used to                 Tokyo Nikkei 225      8,447.88       +0.30
the financial information             initial pilot phase, the index will   month.                              calculate the VN30. — VNS
18    Vieät Nam News                             MARKETS                                                                                    Thursday January 12, 2012

Shares dawdle on sovereign funding worries
TOKYO — Asian shares gave up                  “You need more clarity to take on more risk, but that’s still not immediately clear.                                          Sentiment could clearly turn for
earlier gains and the euro struggled                                                                                                                                    the worse depending on the
yesterday, as concerns over                    People are betting on aggressive policy-easing, particularly in the mainland, but                                        Spanish and Italian debt sales given
eurozone sovereign funding ahead                            conditions are still not bad enough to warrant that.”                                                       that the two big euro zone
of Spanish and Italian debt auctions                                                                                                                                    economies are seen as most at risk
later this week overrode earlier op-                                                                                                                                    from the crisis.
timism about the US and Chinese                                                                                                                          HONG HAO           US crude futures eased below
economies.                                                                                                                                GLOBAL EQUITY STRATEGIST      US$102 a barrel on the concerns
     Gold extended gains to edge up                                                                                                                                     about Europe, while London cop-
0.3 per cent even when the dollar          bit overbought,” said Guy Stear,             Japan’s Nikkei average took         Asia’s powerhouse, China.                   per fell 0.6 per cent.
index, measured against six key            head of research with Societe            comfort from a rise in US stocks on         China’s trade data released on              The euro fell 0.3 per cent to
currencies, rose 0.3 per cent as           Generale in Hong Kong.                   hopes for better US corporate           Tuesday showed a record copper              $1.274, off the previous day’s high
safety bids prevailed on worries               Shanghai shares have risen           earnings, but Eurozone worries          imports but also hinted at a trend          of $1.2819 hit after credit rating
over Europe.                               about 7 per cent since Friday’s low,     limited gains to 0.3 per cent.          for shrinking exports and imports,          agency Fitch said it did not expect
     MSCI’s broadest index of Asia         while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng                  Some see more resilience in         making an eventual policy easing            to cut France’s triple-A rating this
Pacific shares outside Japan was           Index has climbed about 4 per cent       Asia this year than last two years.     plausible.                                  year.
nearly flat, retreating on profit tak-     this week. But yesterday, Shanghai           “Asia’s lower price-to-book and         “I am not pessimistic about                 “Fitch may not cut France this
ing after earlier hitting its highest      shares fell 0.4 per cent and Hong        less net foreign buying suggests        China, but demand hasn’t exceeded           year, but there is risk that other
since December 9 amid hopes of             Kong stocks were flat.                   less risk of a January correction,”     beyond what is seasonally based             rating agencies may downgrade
robust US corporate earnings and               “You need more clarity to take       Credit Suisse said in a research        while industrial orders are held            France, so the situation in the
monetary easing in China.                  on more risk, but that’s still not       note, referring to 2010 and 2011        back,” said Tomomichi Akuta,                eurozone overall has not
     European shares were expected         immediately clear. People are            when the pan-Asia index peaked          senior energy researcher at                 changed,” said Junya Tanase,
to open lower, with financial              betting on aggressive policy-eas-        in the first week of January after      Mitsubishi UFJ Research and                 chief currency strategist at
spreadbetters expecting Britain’s          ing, particularly in the mainland, but   some early exuberance.                  Consulting in Tokyo.                        JPMorgan Chase in Tokyo. “A risk-
FTSE 100, Germany’s DAX and                conditions are still not bad enough          But overall market sentiment            “Manufacturing activities after         on sentiment can easily turn
France’s CAC-40 to fall around 0.3-        to warrant that,” said Beijing-based     remains cautious about the pros-        the Lunar New Year holidays will            around any time.”
0.5 per cent.                              CICC global equity strategist Hong       pects of Europe extricating itself      be key in gauging the economic                  Tanase said commodity-linked
     “It’s got a little bit overdone       Hao.                                     from its deep-rooted debt problems      strength,” he said.                         currencies – such as the Australian
over the past couple of days, par-             Australian shares rose and the       any time soon, raising concerns that        Asian credit markets were less          dollar – may be more resilient to
ticularly in the Shanghai Compos-          pan-Asian materials sector               the crisis would eventually             optimistic on risk than equities, with      “risk-off” sentiment than the euro
ite, but the pullback today is really      outperformed for a second day in a       overshadow         the      modest      spreads on the iTraxx Asia ex-Japan         as commodities prices were
pretty small, so I think it is technical   row on the back of Tuesday’s rally       improvement seen recently in US         investment grade index barely               underpinned by supply and other
in terms of the market getting a little    in copper, oil and gold.                 data and also dampen growth in          narrowing from Tuesday’s levels.            factors. — REUTERS

EU may block China prods media giants to list
NYSE-Deutsche                                                         SHANGHAI— Chinaispush-
                                                                      ing state media giants, includ-
                                                                                                        that the People’s Daily
                                                                                                        newspaper, regarded as the
                                                                                                                                             as well as online news
                                                                                                                                             offerings, such as the website
                                                                                                                                                                              Eastday and Qianlong in
                                                                      ing its main news agency          mouthpiece of the Chinese            operated by Chinese                  People’s Daily Online is
Boerse merger                                                         Xinhua,tolistonthestockmar-
                                                                      ate on more commercial terms
                                                                                                        Communist Party, is also
                                                                                                        planning to list its website,
                                                                                                        which could be approved
                                                                                                                                             Internet giant Sina, are
                                                                                                                                             challenging state media for
                                                                                                                                                                              seeking to raise more than
                                                                                                                                                                              500 million yuan (US$79
                                                                                                                                                                              million) by issuing around 69
BRUSSELS — European                 mainland Europe as a finan-
                                                                      amid growing competition.         in days.                                 “There’s a stated policy     million shares for a listing in
regulators will push to block       cial center and cut costs for
                                                                          At least two national             “These traditional, offi-        of encouraging state-owned       Shanghai, according to a
the planned US$10 billion           banks and other financial
                                    firms that would use the com-     media outlets, the Xinhua         cial media are facing a fund-        media companies to go to the     prospectus released this
                                    bined exchange.                   news agency and the Peo-          ing crisis, which is pushing         market and that also has the     week.
Exchange and its German
                                         Opponents of the deal,       ple’s Daily newspaper, plan       them to adapt to the market          aim of making them more              Xinhuanet could not be
counterpart, two people close
                                    such as the Nasdaq OMX            domestic listings of their        and thus they will launch            powerful       and      more     reached for comment on its
to the merger said.
                                    market and the parent com-        websites this year, the China     initial public offers,” Wu           dominant,” said Jeremy           planned listing.
    Antitrust regulators fear
                                                                      Securities Journal said           Dazhong, an analyst at               Goldkorn, founder of media           Analysts said the list-
that the combined company,          pany of the London Stock
                                                                      yesterday.                        Shenyin Wanguo Securities,           research firm Danwei.            ings have been in the
which would be the largest          Exchange, will seek to con-
                                                                          Xinhuanet, owned by the       said.                                    Up to 10 state-owned         works for two years, but
operator of stock exchanges         vince commissioners that it
                                                                      state news agency, aims to            Since the 1990s, China           media websites – including       the global financial crisis
in the world, would unfairly        could destroy other compa-
                                                                      put its shares on the Shang-      has been pushing state-              those of the People’s Daily,     and China’s bureaucracy
dominate trading of finan-          nies trying to move into
                                                                      hai stock exchange and has        owned media to stop relying          Xinhua and state broadcaster     appear to have delayed
cial tools called derivatives       derivatives trading.
                                         Derivatives are complex      hired investment bank China       on government handouts and           China Central Television         them until now. However,
in Europe, one of the peo-
                                    financial products that allow     International Capital Corp as     become profitable through            (CCTV) – are planning            subjecting state media to
ple said Tuesday.
                                    investors to place bets on        the lead underwriter, the         subscriptions and advertising,       domestic stock listings, state   the scrutiny of the market
    The European Union’s
                                    bet on interest rates, stock      newspaper said, quoting           but competition has become           media has said.                  did not mean the govern-
competition commissioner,
                                    indexes or commodity prices       sources.                          even fiercer with the Internet.          The remaining seven are      ment will relax control
Joaquin Almunia, is set to
                                                                          The report follows an             Social media, such as            backed by local govern-          over the media or the com-
recommend blocking the              - or even nontraditional
                                                                      announcement this week            microblogs similar to Twitter,       ments, such as Shanghai’s        panies themselves. — AFP
deal, between NYSE                  variables like the weather.
Euronext and Deutsche                    The two exchanges are
Boerse, at a meeting with           believed to control more
fellow commissioners Feb-
ruary 1, this person said.
    The second person said
                                    than 90 per cent of the trad-
                                    ing of some of the most
                                    popular derivatives products
                                                                      UK metals bourse faces fee backlash
Tuesday that it appeared the        in Europe.                        LONDON — London Metal             “People are angry.”                  bers, because it’s clear that    ready concerned that a new
European Commission, the                 To stop the deal, a ma-      Exchange members are push-            Industry sources say             there is concern about the       owner could hike fees at a
executive arm of the EU,            jority of the EU’s 27 com-        ing the exchange to back-         members were not con-                impact. I’d be very surprised    time when their margins are
was “working toward a               missioners must vote to           track on a new trading fee that   sulted on the levy, and some         if there wasn’t some kind of     being squeezed by a eco-
prohibition.” Both people           block the deal. A final deci-     would boost its revenues and      are rallying their peers to try      change. It’s going to be a hot   nomic slowdown and a move
spoke on condition of ano-          sion must come by February        entice potential bidders for      and persuade the LME                 January for the LME.”            to more electronic trade.
nymity because the process          9. It is rare for recommenda-     the 130-year-old exchange         board to head off the move,               The LME said in Sep-            The LME’s new ex-
is confidential.                    tions from the competition        but would hurt some brokers’      which comes into effect in           tember that at least 10 par-     change user fee amounts to
    The negative opinion of         commissioner to be                way of doing business.            March.                               ties had expressed interest      50 pence per lot per side for
the regulatory team working         overturned.                           The LME, which has tra-           “It’s a step change in the       in buying it, and analysts       each purchase or sale con-
on the deal will probably set            European antitrust regula-   ditionally kept fees low for      way the LME is looking at            estimate it could be worth as    tract for a client.
off several weeks of intense        tors have examined the            its member-owners, an-            its business model, and it’s         much as 1 billion pounds.            For a segregated three-
lobbying, with the two              planned merger since last         nounced last month that it        surprising that they haven’t              Analysts say any buyer      month trade, for example,
companies trying to                 early summer. Their concerns      would introduce an ex-            consulted about this more            would probably change the        the new levy would mean
persuade other commission-          have crystallized around the      change user fee.                  widely,” said a trading com-         LME’s business model,            an increase to 85 pence per
ers to support the merger.          two companies’ strong                 “The LME has clearly          pany executive.                      which has constrained prof-      trade from 51 pence now,
    NYSE Euronext and               derivative trading operations,    done this to boost revenues           “There is a lot of discus-       its to help keep members’        LME head of business de-
Deutsche Boerse say the             NYSE’s Liffe and Deutsche         ahead of any potential sale,”     sion going on behind the             costs down.                      velopment Chris Evans
merger would strengthen             Boerse’s Eurex. — AP              a senior LME trader said.         scenes amongst the mem-                   LME members are al-         said. — REUTERS
Thursday January 12, 2012                                                  ASIA BUSINESS                                                    Vieät Nam News     19

Growth of                               India opens market to foreign brands
Malaysian                               NEWDELHI— India’sgovernment
                                        has allowed foreign brands such as
                                                                                  currently obliged to operate with a
                                                                                  local partner.
                                                                                                                           and medium-sized enterprises)
                                                                                                                           sector,” he added.
                                                                                                                                                                    investment rule does not require
                                                                                                                                                                    parliamentary approval. The
                                        AdidasorhomefurnishingsgiantIkea              “Foreign direct investment (FDI)         But Arvind Singhal, chairman of      government U-turn on allowing in
exports                                 to open 100-per cent owned shops,
                                        but will continue to block the entry of
                                                                                  up to 100 per cent, under the
                                                                                  government approval route, would
                                                                                                                           Gurgaon-based retail consultancy
                                                                                                                                                                    in the ruling coalition threatened to
                                        supermarkets.                             be permitted in single brand prod-       foreign companies would be rushing       quit over the move.
slows to 8%                                  The retail reform allowing
                                        wholly foreign-owned “single brand
                                                                                  uct retail trading,” the Department
                                                                                  of Industrial Policy and Promotion
                                                                                                                           to open 100-per cent owned stories
                                                                                                                           because of the local supplier
                                                                                                                                                                        “I wonder about the govern-
                                                                                                                                                                    ment’s real intention to reform the
KUALALUMPUR—Malaysiasaid                stores” into the country was              (DIPP) said late Tuesday.                condition. “This is an unfeasible de-    retail sector,” Singhal said. “On this
yesterday its exports growth eased to   announced late Tuesday by the left-           The condition is that the foreign    mand. If a foreign brand like Ikea       thinking, multi-brand supermarkets
8 per cent year-on-year in November     leaning government, which had             companies owning more than 51 per        comes to India they want their own       will never be allowed here.”
due to softening in demand from tra-    initially announced sweeping plans        cent of their shops in India source a    suppliers, who are very efficient,”          Other analysts said brands like
ditional markets such as Singapore,     to throw open the sector.                 minimum of 30 per cent of their          he said. The insistence that the sup-    Adidas, Louis Vuitton or Gucci,
Thailand and the United States.              In December, it said it planned      products from small-scale local          pliers be small in scale also limits     which are already in India, might
     The trade ministry said            to allow in foreign supermarket           “cottage industry” suppliers.            the options of large companies such      look to expand their presence, while
Malaysian overseas shipments, the       chains such as Wal-Mart, but it               “The move will not only mean         as Ikea.                                 others would be unlikely to jump in
main engine of the country’s            backtracked two weeks later amid          more FDI but lead to employment              “If they come here and do find       with a 100-per cent owned store.
economy, hit 56.86 billion ringgit      parliamentary opposition and pro-         and also lead to more choices for        good local suppliers, what happens           “Action may not come from new
(US$18.07 billion).                     tests from small shopkeepers.             consumers,” the secretary general        when those suppliers soon become         players. Only those who understand
     That compares with October’s            Major Western brands such as         of business lobby group FICCI, Rajiv     too big to be included? This means       the Indian markets and its challenges
15.8 per cent surge to a record high    Adidas already own shops in the           Kumar,said.                              that the reform will not mean very       and policies will be interested,” Anil
on the back of stronger demand for      booming retail centres and shopping           “The sourcing clause will lead       much,” he said.                          Talreja, a partner with consultancy
palm oil, rubber and energy prod-       malls of major cities, but they are       to a direct benefit for the SME (small       The change to the foreign direct     Deloitte India, said. — AFP
     However, strong demand in
November for energy products and
iron and steel especially from Japan
helped to sustain growth.
                                        South Korean airport plans $3b casino resort
     “The smaller growth in             SEOUL — The operator of South             such as a hotel, casinos, convention     morethanaquarterofduty-freesales.        for Edinburgh Airport, whose
Malaysian exports and other ex-         Korea’s main airport plans to build a     centres, shopping malls and                  The airport earned $1.26 billion     operator was ordered by antitrust
port-oriented Asian countries are       US$3 billion casino resort to woo in-     hospitals, she said.                     in duty-free sales from January to       regulators to hive off Scotland’s larg-
broadly in line with regional export    creasingly wealthy travellers from            “We plan to develop the prop-        October last year, and says it beat      est gateway.
trends which are feeling the impact     China and elsewhere in Asia, its          erty like the resorts in Las Vegas or    Dubai International Airport to be-           “We are internally reviewing
of the slowdown in demand in            spokeswomansaidyesterday.                 Macau,” she said, adding negotia-        come the world’s top airport in such     whether or not to join the bid as part
advanced economies,” said Yeah              The Incheon International Air-        tions to select a developer are          sales during the period.                 of our overseas business drive,” the
Kim Leng, chief economist with          port Corp is also mulling a bid for       underway.                                    South Korea’s biggest hub han-       spokeswoman said.
financial research firm RAM Hold-       Edinburgh Airport as part of efforts          The airport already earns 65 per     dled about 35 million passengers last        The conservative government
ings.                                   to boost sources of income abroad,        cent of its revenue from hotels, duty-   yearandhasbeenseveraltimesbeen           announced a plan in 2008 to sell up
     Meanwhile, imports for Novem-      she said. The new resort, to be built     free sales and other services not di-    rated the world’s best airport by the    to a 49 per cent stake in Incheon
ber climbed 8.4 per cent year on year   near the airport 50 kilometres west       rectly linked to flying. Spending by     Airports Council International.          airport as part of a privatisation
to 47.38 billion ringgit. — AFP         of Seoul, would feature facilities        Chinese and Japanese account for             Incheon is also considering a bid    drive. — AFP
20    Vieät Nam News                  WORLD BUSINESS                                                                                        Thursday January 12, 2012

Saudi oil output nears Bank of England stays
top production limits with record low rates                                                              LONDON — The Bank of              cover from recession.                  Britain’s     12-month
DUBAI/RIYADH — Top                 crudes the market might              been cranking oil out after      England will leave its key            QE is a process whereby       inflation dipped to a rate of
oil exporter Saudi Arabia          not want. It would also be           failing to convince Iran         interest rate at a record low     central banks create new cash     4.8 per cent in November
is nearing its comfortable         difficult to sustain higher          and other OPEC members           0.5 per cent with Britain’s       that is used to purchase assets   from 5 per cent in October,
operational production             rates for lengthy periods.           to agree a coordinated           economy still fragile and the     such as government and            helped by lower food and
limits and may struggle to             “There is very little            increase to cover the sup-       country set for lower infla-      corporate bonds in the hope       petrol prices, and is forecast
do much to make up for             unused capacity in the               ply disruption from              tion, according to analysts.      of giving a boost to lending      to fall back much closer to the
shortages that arise from          Gulf,” said an oil official          Libya’s civil war.                    The BoE’s Monetary           and economic growth.              BoE’s 2-per-cent target
new sanctions imposed on           in the region. “Saudi Ara-               The trio has kept up         Policy Committee (MPC) is             “Bank of England inac-        during 2012.
Iran by the West, Gulf-            bia could comfortably                the higher pace, despite         also forecast to keep its         tion at the conclusion of the          Meanwhile the British
based sources said.                manage an extra 500,000              the return of Libyan             economic stimulus at £275         January MPC meeting seems         economy, which clawed its
    The kingdom, now               barrels a day or so and, if          crude, to supply rising          billion (US$425 billion) at its   probable given that               way out of a vicious recession
pumping just under record          pushed, could go up to 11            demand from Asia and in          first meeting of the new year     October’s £75 billion             in the third quarter of 2009,
rates of 10 million barrels        million (barrels a day).”            effort to bring oil prices       that began yesterday.             extension          to      the    is struggling to mount a
per day (bpd), has poured              A steady rate beyond             below US$100 a barrel to              The central bank’s main      quantitative           easing     recovery under the pressure
billions of dollars into its       10 million bpd would offer           help nurture global              interest rate has stood at 0.5    programme is not due to be        of government spending cuts
vast oil fields, which on          immediate relief to world            economic          growth.        per cent since March 2009,        completed until early             and the eurozone debt
paper should ensure it has         oil markets, but it would            Increased deliveries have        when it also began injecting      February,” said Howard            drama.
the ability to ramp up to          take the kingdom’s pro-              left Kuwait and the United       £200 billion into the             Archer, chief UK economist             The government has
12.5 million bpd.                  duction to untested                  Arab Emirates producing          economy under the policy          at the research group IHS         forecast the British
    Long-standing oil              levels.                              nearly flat out.                 known as quantitative easing      Global Insight.                   economy to grow by just 0.7
policy by Riyadh, the                  Saudi officials are con-             That will make it a          (QE).                                 “Holding back on more         per cent this year because
heavyweight in the Or-             fident, however, of                  stretch to fill a sizeable            The Bank of England          QE until early 2012 also gives    of the eurozone crisis.
ganisation       of     the        achieving higher flows.              gap left by any punitive         decided in October last year      the MPC more time to judge        Although Britain is not a
Petroleum Exporting                    “Saudi Arabia can                cuts in Iran’s oil exports       to increase the amount by         whether           underlying      member of the eurozone, it
Countries (OPEC), sets             easily make 1 million to             of about 2.5 million bpd.        £75 billion, as Britain’s         inflationary pressures are        relies on the bloc for half of
aside some 1.5 million             1.5 million (barrels per                 After spending huge          economy struggled to re-          easing,” he added.                its trading. — AFP
bpd as protective spare            day) available,” a Saudi             amounts on fortifying
capacity.                          source said about output             their production, the Gulf
    But industry sources           beyond current volumes.              countries      are    now
said pumping anywhere              Since June of last year,             reluctant to push output to
near the declared produc-          Saudi Arabia and its Gulf            the very brink and leave
tion capacity might                allies Kuwait and the                them bereft of a supply
involve extracting heavy           United Arab Emirates have            cushion. — REUTERS

Motorola pledges to use
Intel chips in smartphones
LAS VEGAS — Motorola               the chips of choice for tablet            Jun spoke as the guest of
Mobility and Lenovo on             computers.                           Intel CEO Paul Otellini, who
Tuesday said they would use            Lenovo Group Ltd will be         was making a keynote speech
Intel       processors       in    first out the gate, with a           at the International Consumer
smartphones and other de-          smartphone called K800 for           Electronics Show in Las
vices, giving the chipmaker        the Chinese carrier Unicom in        Vegas. He was joined on
its first entry into a market it   the second quarter, according        stage by Motorola Mobility
has long coveted.                  to Liu Jun, a senior vice            HoldingsInc.CEOSanjayJha,
     Intel Corp has struggled      president at the company.            who said he will have Intel-
to bring down the power            The phone will have a 4.5-           powered phones in testing
consumption of its chips so        inch (11.4-centimeter) touch         thissummerandreadyforcon-
that they can be used in           screen, will use Google Inc’s        sumer hands a few months
phones without draining the        Android software for                 later. Jha didn’t provide any
battery in a matter of hours.      smartphones and tablets and          details about the Intel-pow-
Meanwhile, phone-style             will be able to stream video         ered devices, except to say
chips from other manufactur-       to TV sets equipped with             that they would use Android.
ers are starting to encroach on    Intel’s Wireless Display             Motorola Mobility is set to be
Intel’s PC chips, by becoming      technology.                          acquired by Google. — AP

                                    FOR RENT WITH REASONABLE PRICE
  FOR RENT                          Square area: 136sqm, 3 bedrooms,
                                      2 bathrooms. Near Dist.1.
Comfortable Living, Affordable     Fully furnished and full services:
 Many Convenient Locations              swimming pool, sauna,
 Apartments, Houses, Offices,             fitness center, bank,
                                   Highlands Coffee shop, spa, ect.
 Lowest from $500 per month             Ruby 2, floor 23, unit 3,
   Cantavil & Saigon Pearl               river and Dist.1 view.
      Serviced Apartment           Rental: VND 42 million /month
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     Contact: Mr. James              Mrs.Thuy Nguyen (owner)
098 567 5041 – 098 567 5061         Email:
                                                                                          Vieät Nam News

                                     Thursday January 12, 2012
                                                              LIFE&STYLE                                                           21

                                                                                                       ‘The Voice’ amps up star
                                                                                                       power for second season
                                                                                                       LOSANGELES —Thestars               compete for viewers with            early forecasts.
                                                                                                       of television singing contest      American Idol, the show’s pro-          Last year’s winner Javier
                                                                                                       The Voice last week promised       ducers added new celebrities        Colon released an album,
                                                                                                       more celebrity and top talent      whowillworkasadvisorswith           Come Through for You, which
                                                                                                       in their upcoming season as        the star mentors.                   peaked at No 134 on the Bill-
                                                                                                       they compete fiercely with ri-          Levine will be joined by       board 200 album chart, not
                                                                                                       val American Idol, the most-       Alanis Morissette and Robin         reaching the success of early
                                                                                                       viewed programme on TV.            Thicke, Green will have             “Idol” winners such as Kelly
                                                                                                           “It is a very tired format,”   Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds            Clarkson and Carrie
                                                                                                       Maroon 5 frontman Adam             and Ne-Yo, Aguilera will get        Underwood.
                                                                                                       Levine, one of the                 assists from Jewel and Lionel           “We can’t control the
                                                                                                       programme’s star mentors,          Richie while Shelton re-            record industry, it’s impos-
                                                                                                       said about singing contests,       cruitedwifeMirandaLambert           sible,” said Levine, “People
                                                                                                       “but in a way, this is a very      and Kelly Clarkson for his          are going to go through what
                                                                                                       fresh way of doing it”.            team. “I chose Miranda and          they go through, some of it’s
                                                                                                           The show grew into a sur-      Kelly because they both sur-        going to be positive, some
                                                                                                       prise hit for television network   vived reality television            negative. You can’t be there
                                                                                                       NBC in 2011 with a format in       shows,” Shelton said at an an-      every single step of the way.”
                                                                                                       which the panel of stars –         nual gathering of TV critics.           Despite Colon’s inability
                                                                                                       Levine, Christina Aguilera,        “I just wanted somebody who         to reach the top of pop music
Brown out: Tour boats operating on Haï Long Bay have been ordered to be painted white “in order        country singer Blake Shelton       could talk to the contestants       charts, the judges said they
to renew their image” following the bay’s designation as one of the new Seven Wonders of the           and hip-hop star Cee Lo            about what they were going          wereconfidenttheycould find
World. Most boat operators, however, oppose the decision. — VNA/VNS Tieán Duõng                        Green – also take on contes-       through.”                           the next big talent on the new
                                                                                                       tants as their proteges and             While The Voice be-            season of The Voice.

Tourist boat owners                                                                                    help them as the compete
                                                                                                       against others.
                                                                                                       mieres on February 5 and will
                                                                                                                                          came a surprise hit for NBC,
                                                                                                                                          executive producer Mark
                                                                                                                                          Burnett admitted it may not
                                                                                                                                          have lived up to some of its
                                                                                                                                                                              I trust the record industry at
                                                                                                                                                                              this point,” said Levine. —

oppose ‘white’ order
      The local People’s Committee believes a coat of
       white paint will improve the Seventh Wonder
QUAÛ N G NINH — The                white boats would cause the      billion (US$1.5-2 million) to
People’s Committee of              bay to lose its characteristic   paint all the boats,” said
Quaûng Ninh Province has           beauty and the oriental im-      Duõng. “Before it announced
ordered that tour boats            age created by the current       this decision, the province
operating on Haï Long Bay          brown colour of the boats.       should have sought the opin-
be painted white in order to           “The white colour is only    ions of tourists and travel
renew their image following        fit for a large iron ship or     companies.”
the bay’s designation as one       yatch,” said Baøi Thô Trans-         According to association
of the new Seven Wonders           port Company director Phaïm      statistics, among the 500
of the World. Most boat
operators, however, are
opposed to the decision.
                                   Vaên Hoøa. “When we paint a
                                   wooden boat white, the
                                   white colour will soon
                                                                    boats operating on the bay
                                                                    are 350 small boats offering
                                                                    cruises by the hour and 150
     Under the provincial or-      change.”                         larger boats on which tourists
der, 500 tour boats operating          Boat operators argue that    can stay overnight.
on the bay must be repainted       white and other colours once         “It takes about 20 days
white and fit with a brown sail    existed on the bay but were      to repaint a big boat and 10
(if the boat uses a sail) be-      replaced naturally because       days for a little boat. It will
fore April 30. Dragon boats        they were not suited to the      be very difficult to finish all
can be painted with a dragon       characteristics of wooden        of the repainting in time be-
head in traditional colours.       boats. The image of brown        cause this is the busiest time
Boats which fail to comply         boats was finally chosen and     for foreign tourism,” said
will lose their permission to      became the trademark of Haï      Bình Minh Tourism and
operate on Haï Long Bay.           Long Bay tourism.                Trade Company director
     “The decision helps the           “Foreign tourists have       Nguyeãn Ñaêng Baûy. “Many
State better control the ser-      been always impressed with       boats are 60-70 per cent
vices being offered, particu-      the brown and black              booked for the period from
larly to tourists who stay over-   colours of the boats on the      January to April. It would
night on the bay,” said a rep-     bay, which are imbued with       have a negative impact on
resentative of the province’s      Vietnamese cultural iden-        the prestige of the tourism
transport authority. “We aim       tity,” said the deputy direc-    services in Haï Long Bay.”
to build an international          tor of the Vietsky Travel            January to April is also the
trademark for tourism in           Company, Ñaø o Hoà n g           season of damp, drizzly
Quaûng Ninh Province. This         Thöông. “That’s why we           weather, making it further
also helps give a new image        shouldn’t copy foreign           difficult to paint boats during
to the boats and the bay.”         cruise ships and require the     this time, Baûy said.
     Opposing the decision,        boats to be white.”                  “If, after all, we must
the Haï Long Yatch Associa-            But it is the huge cost of   change the colour of the
tion has submitted a petition      repainting the boats that is     boats, we ask the province to
to the People’s Committee.         most causing boat owners to      assist us in financing the work
     The association director,     balk at the new policy.          and fixing a longer dead-
Ñoaøn Vaên Duõng, said that            “It will cost VNÑ30-40       line,” he added. — VNS
22    Vieät Nam News                     EXPAT CORNER                                                                                     Wednesday January 11, 2012

Many tourists prefer to catch the slow boat
John Ball                                 “Those who say that ferry
       o many Westerners, travel-         boats are not permitted to
T      ling on old ferries full of vil-
       lagers and baskets of veg-
etables, chickens and squealing
                                             take tourists to Chaøm
                                            Island are doing some-
                                           thing wrong – maybe for
pigs is a sheer delight. It’s time to
lay back, chat or snooze as the                their own benefit.”
sturdy vessels churn through the
   That’s why when told by hotel                            TRAÀN VAÊN NHAÂN
and tourist staff in Hoäi An recently        HOÄI AN DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM
that foreigners were not allowed to
travel on ferries because they carry      launch dropped to the bottom of
insurance for Vietnamese only was         another wave and I was thrown to
a big disappointment. “Foreigners         the floor.
must go by launch,” I was repeat-           The day after the trip, I visited
edly told.                                the Hoäi An Department of Tourism
   So, as we churned toward myste-        to ask why foreigners were not al-
rious Chaø m Island several               lowed on the slow, but safe, old fer-
kilometres offshore there was none        ries. When told they carried no in-
of the expected magic. The nar-           surance for foreigners, I replied that
row launch we had to travel on            I would rather be alive and unin-
slapped, bumped and crashed               sured on a slow boat than dead and
through every wave. It was just too       insured on a fast one.
long and skinny to comfortably              To his credit, the Deputy Man-
manoeuvre the seas made choppy            ager of the department, Traàn Vaên       Fantasy island: Chaøm Island, several kilometres offshore from the central city of Hoäi An, is the furthermost possession
by surging river water and offshore       Nhaân, looked me straight in the eye     of the old Cham Empire that once dominated the region. The empire stretched as far as Laos and Cambodia.
winds.                                    and said: “I understand. I will ad-
   The Asian and Western tourists         vise all hotels, travel agencies and       But I do not see why I or any other
on board squealed with delight for        tourist booking offices that tourists,   Western or Asian tourist should be
a minute or so and then sat back in       no matter where they are from, can       used to support an industry that they
silent disbelief as the spray surged      travel on the old ferries if they        have no interest in.
higher and the launch banged and          choose.”                                   The Hoäi An Department of Tour-
thumped on its way.                         Nhaâ n went so far as to say,          ism is to be congratulated on its
   The return journey was even            “Those who say that ferry boats          prompt and efficient action. Its re-
worse. The launch was smaller and         are not permitted to take tourists       sponse reflects the friendly and car-
narrower. As it tried to mount the        to Chaøm Island are doing some-          ing attitude of Hoäi An’s shopkeep-
waves coming from all directions          thing wrong – maybe for their own        ers and restaurateurs in general.
several hundred metres from Hoäi          benefit.”                                  In fact, the city’s attitude towards
An, looks of fear flashed across            Of course he was right. The fare       the tourist trade – and the extraor-
everyone’s eyes.                          by launch is many times higher than      dinary level of English – could be
   I eyed the lifebelts pushed un-        by ferry. The push to get foreigners     used as a model for the rest of Vieät
der feet of the “captain,” a young        on fast launches seems to be linked      Nam.
man working without a helper. My          to the development of a snorkelling        To sum up: Foreigners don’t mind
two Vietnamese companions could           industry on Chaøm Island – an in-        paying for service, but they do re-
not swim, so I stood up to try and        dustry in which foreign instructors      sent being milked all the way down       Taken for a ride: Foreign tourists travel by launch because the local ferries
get them a couple. Bang! The              are involved.                            the line. — VNS                          don’t have “insurance”. — VNA/VNS Photos Traàn Leâ Laâm

                                                                                                                                          annual Spring Flower Festival at Tao Ñaø n Park from
UPCOMING EVENTS                                                      Try Gaelic football to get fit and meet new people
                                                                     Gaelic Football is an
                                                                                                                                          January 18 to 28. Local florists and artisans in Vieä t Nam
                                                                                                                                          and other countries have provided all of the items on
                                                                     Irish sport played                                                   display.
                                                                     using hands and                                                         The event will include musical and dance performances,
HAØ NOÄI                                                             feet. It can be                                                      traditional food events, and painting displays.
Saturdayweekendmarket                                                described as a
                                                                     mixture of football,
A useful and pleasant addition                                                                                                            Mekongartistshold
                                                                     basketball and
to weekends on West Lake,
                                                                     volleyball. It’s a fun,                                              exhibit to celebrate
the Weekend Market offers a
                                                                     action packed team
unique range of locally                                                                                                                   LunarNewYear
                                                                     sport played all over
produced, high-quality                                                                                                                    An exhibition of 130
                                                                     the world.
products directly from farmers                                                                                                            works by 24 artists of
                                                                         Join the Gaelic
in Vieät Nam. Products include                                                                                                            the 44-member Mekong
                                                                     Football team in Haø Noäi to get fit and meet new people. The
free-range chicken, eggs, fair-                                                                                                           Art Club, whose
                                                                     team gathers players from different countries, including Vieät
trade and organic produce.                                                                                                                members are natives of
                                                                     Nam, Germany, Poland, the US, Australia, France, Ireland, and
   The event takes place                                                                                                                  the Mekong Delta,
                                                                     New Zealand. Their tournaments take them travelling around
every Saturday and Sunday,                                                                                                                opened at the HCM City
from 9.30am to 12.30pm at the                                                                                                             Fine Arts Museum to
                                                                         Training days are Wednesday and Saturday, with both
ASVELIS yard, at 4, 67/12                                                                                                                 celebrate Lunar New
                                                                     beginners and experienced players both welcome. Rules and
Lane 67 Toâ Ngoïc Vaân Street,                                                                                                            Year.
                                                                     skills are taught to new players.
Taây Hoà District.                                                                                                                           Saé c Xuaâ n (The Colours of Spring) showcases works,
                                                                         Contact: Catherine Ganley: 01286135573,
                                                           , website:                      including paintings in oil, lacquer and paper, and
                                                                                                                                          sculptures made of pocerlain, stone, and copper. The
CAMAATKbringsthebeats                                                                                                                     exhibition will run until January 15 at 97A, Phoù Ñöù c Chính
Celebrating the opening of Haø Noäi’s CAMA ATK at 73A Mai            Thursday’sHaøNoäi nightlifetour                                      Street, District 1.
Haéc Ñeá Street, Saøi Goøn’s “King of the Beats” DJ Jase is set
                                                                     Ride bicycles and experience Haø Noäi nightlife every Thursday
to rock the venue on Saturday, January 14, from 8pm-
                                                                     evening. Start time is 8pm at the Haø Noäi Opera House, with the     Frenchartist’slacquerexhibitopens
                                                                     ride concluding around 10pm with a lemon-tea on the street.          French artist Michelle Pontie is displaying her works in the
   A long-time CAMA collaborator and the man behind the Saøi
                                                                     Chatter about day-to-day happenings, bikes, and new routes will      collection, Melody at the End of Autumn, at Töï Do Gallery, 53
Goøn bass scene, Jase is a Vieät Nam native who spent his
                                                                     go throughout the ride.                                              Hoà Tuøng Maäu Street, District 1 in HCM City. The exhibit which
formative late-teens in Australia where collaborations with
                                                                        Bring a bike suitable for the city (mini bike is okay), with      features 21 lacquer paintings that reflect the coexistence of yin
Sydney’s infamous Foreign Dub Crew got him heavily into
                                                                     some pocket money, a helmet and a light for safety.                  and yang, closes on January 20.
jungle, DnB and all things bass.
   To mark the arrival of ATK, Jase is going to play an Old-
                                                                                                                                                Expat Corner is a space where expats can share their
Skool Hip Hop set with some tangents into Ragga, Uk Funky,           HCM CITY
Future Garage, and other Bass heavy genres.                                                                                                   experiences of Vieät Nam or events for the calendar and
   One part gig venue, two parts underground bar with a splash       City’sflowerfestivaltoopen                                              reach out to one another in the thriving expat community,
of speakeasy and topped with twist of art space, ATK is looking      More than 8,000 indigenous and foreign flowers, ornamental             so please email your stories or listings to
to set itself apart from the crowd.                                  fish, bonsai plants and trees will be featured at HCM City’s             by Wednesday. The stories will run every Thursday.
                                                                                                                                            In the Limelight
             W ORDS           OF     “Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what
                                     he is not; a sense of humour to console him for what he is.”
                                                                                                                                            Panda dolls for sale at a store in the Wangfujing
                                                                                                                                            shopping street of Beijing on Monday.

    W ISDOM                          – F RANCIS BACON

Fashion week opens in Rio                                                                                                                    C ULTURE
                                                                                                                                             V ULTURE
RIO DE JANEIRO — Rio                                                                                      sent out ladylike dresses in
de Janeiro’s winter 2012                                                                                  a pastel rainbow. Bouquets                 he Canon 48-
fashion week kicked off on
a sober note on Tuesday,
with a utilitarian collection
                                                                                                          of eyepopping silk flowers
                                                                                                          that glinted with Swarovski
                                                                                                          crystals covered the 1950s-
                                                                                                                                             T       Hour Film
                                                                                                                                             (48HFP), a contest
in industrial-strength den-                                                                               inspired dresses, with             in which contestants
ims from star designer                                                                                    nipped waists and full skirts.     shoot and complete
Alexandre Herchcovitch.                                                                                   Rhinestone-covered socks           post-production on a
    Internationally, Rio is                                                                               peeked over the lace-up            short film within 48
almost synonymous with                                                                                    booties.                           hours, gave its top
saturated hues and minus-                                                                                     Patachou designer Erika        prize this year to
                                                                                                                                             The Safe, a heist
cule spandex-based sepa-                                                                                  Frade looked east for a so-
                                                                                                                                             film produced by the
rates, but Herchcovitch                                                                                   phisticated, Japanese-influ-
                                                                                                                                             Lam Thieân Group.
dared do drab with a collec-                                                                              enced collection. The ki-
                                                                                                                                             Screenings of this and other competing films took place in Haø
tion that would have been                                                                                 mono was the star of the           Noäi and HCM City yesterday, where the producer of the
at home on the more com-                                                                                  show, sent out in gold lame        48HFP, Ross Stewart, spoke to Culture Vulture.
mercial catwalks of Milan or                                                                              as a glimmering wrapdress,
New York – where he also                                                                                  in crisp poplin as a board-             How did you become producer of the 48HFP?
shows.                                                                                                    room-ready work shirt and in          After studying creative industries at university, I worked as
    But Herchcovitch was                                                                                  red leather for va-va-voom         a producer of arts events in the US. Needing a break from
the sole dark and serious                                                                                 glamour.                           western culture, I decided to leave with a friend to Vieät Nam.
note in an otherwise colour-                                                                                  At Alessa, little silk         When we arrived in HCM City in 2003, we were lured into its
drenched day that included                                                                                dresses and low-slung trou-        seductive embrace and ended up staying and working as
a sumptuous kimono collec-                                                                                sers came in muted oriental        teachers for a local school. I was accepted to produce the
tion from Patachou and                                                                                    prints, some of them culled        48HFP in 2010.
rhinestone and silk flower-                                                                               directly from the Turkish             Before the project launched, what level of participation did
covered offerings at                                                                                      kilims that lined the catwalk.     you expect from Vietnamese filmmakers?
Acquastudio.                                                                                              It was a solid effort from de-        Before the competition launched in 2011, we hoped that we
    For his second line, the                                                                              signer Alessa Migani, who          would be able to recruit around 90-100 teams to make films in
cheaper more youth focused                                                                                skipped down the runway in         Vieät Nam. We totally didn’t expect to register 125 teams! It
Herchcovitch label, the Sao                                                                               a silk carpet-print caftan,        was impressive.
Paulo-based Herchcovitch                                                                                  taking deep bows as the au-
                                                                                                                                                  What do you think about young Vietnamese
looked to the proto-hipsters                                                                              dience hooted warmly.
of 1980s-era New York,                                                                                        Only Cantao elicited a
                                                                                                                                                 The filmmakers in Vieät Nam today are very influenced by
sending out models in shirt                                                                               more enthusiastic response.
                                   Catch of the day: A model presents a creation from Acquastudio's                                          the world around them and take full advantage of the
dresses and bustier catsuits                                                                              The brand delivered a snug
                                   collection during Fashion Rio Winter 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.                                      technological advances that have been made in cameras and
in bleach-splattered raw           — AFP/VNA Photo
                                                                                                          collection of woollen win-         industry-standard editing suite software. So, technically, they
denim. Cropped leather                                                                                    ter wears, including maxi          are very skilled.
jackets and vests topped off                                                                              sweaters and shorts knit from          That is, apart from sound recording. This is not 100 per
the outfits, which were            prising rodent.                    Herchcovitch has garnered           chunky yarn.                       cent their fault due to the excessive amount of environmental
accessorised with ’80-style            Among the biggest              considerable critical ac-               Still, with Southern           noise that is present in the cities these days. It’s almost
sunglasses and wedges with         names in Brazilian fashion,        claim.                              Hemisphere summer tem-             impossible to find a quite place to record actors in their
translucent plastic heels.         Herchcovitch shows his pre-            Most of the day’s excite-       peratures in the mid-80s out-      natural environment, so filmmakers have to rely heavily on
    The girls’ hair was            mium label in New York.            ment came from lesser-              side, it was hard to imagine       looping dialogue over the top, which requires great skill and
teased into fluffy clouds that     Known for a wacky eclecti-         known      houses,      like        donning any of the snugly          expensive microphones set up in correctly configured
resembled the nest of a par-       cism that was utterly lack-        Acquastudio, another Sao            sweaters or the gauzy              rooms.
ticularly large and enter-         ing from Tuesday’s show,           Paulo-based brand, which            woollen leggings. — AP
                                                                                                                                                  What do filmmakers gain from and learn when they
                                                                                                                                             participate in the competition?

Stars to dine on gold at Globes                                                                                                                  Besides the interesting personal experience that the
                                                                                                                                             48HFP provides for participants, the project also creates new
                                                                                                                                             partnerships and possibilities. Often teams will be made up of
                                                                                                                                             people who have never worked together before – with each
LOS ANGELES — When Hollywood’s
                                                                                                                                             person bringing their unique view on life, technical skill set,
top stars, including George Clooney,
                                                                                                                                             and equipment.
Angelina Jolie and Steven Spielberg, at-                                                                           Gold brick: The               Because of the limited time frame given to make a film in
tend the Golden Globe Awards next week                                                                             rich dessert will         the 48HFP, filmmakers have to draw upon their immediate
they will sip vintage champagne and                                                                                be served to              surroundings, stories and community which we hope will
nibble edible gold.                                                                                                guests attending
                                                                                                                                             allow them to expose their little part of Vieät Nam. The
    Golden flakes will top their dessert                                                                           the Hollywood
                                                                                                                                             screenings will allow the young filmmakers to reflect more
following a meal that chef Suki Sugiura                                                                            Foreign Press
                                                                                                                   Association’s             upon these stories and the multifaceted society they live in,
will prepare using foods flown in from                                                                             Golden Globe              and in turn make them become more aware of their identities
around the world for the event, which is                                                                           Awards on                 as the filmmakers of tomorrow.
one of Hollywood’s most-watched film                                                                               January 15. —
and television awards shows.                                                                                       File Photo                     What was the most impressive film crew you’ve
    But unlike the film world’s Oscars or                                                                                                    encounted in your time producing the competition?
TV’s Emmys, where stars sit side-by-side       meal with a “global food harmony” theme         only figuratively but literally.                  The people and film crews that impress me the most are
in a theatre, guests at the Golden Globes      that includes a combination entree of                Each desert plate will be sprinkled      the ones that discover something new about themselves,
are treated to a gourmet meal by the           braised prime short rib of beef and sea         with 23-carat edible gold flakes along        either by pushing themselves to follow a dream or have a new
event’s organisers, the Hollywood For-         bass marinated in miso from Sendai, Ja-         with a white chocolate ball sprayed with      experience – or experienced filmmakers that have stepped
eign Press Association.                        pan.                                            gold dust.                                    outside of their comfort zone and professional folio to create a
    Moet&Chandon, which has been the               “They produce some of the best miso              “In today’s market, Gold costs           film that might change the way they think about their craft or
official champagne for the Golden Globes       in Japan,” said Sugiura. “We bring it here      US$1,600, $1,700 for an ounce, some-          influence their future work.
for 21 years, will serve its traditional Im-   to share with each other, to appreciate         times up to $2,000, so it’s expensive,”           A team from last year’s competition, “Fast Food Films”,
                                                                                                                                             impressed me the most. They are a large group of friends
perial mini bottles on the red carpet to       each other and to enjoy it together. It’s       said Henzi. “We’re looking at $1.20 per
                                                                                                                                             and filmmakers who have participated in every 48HFP
arriving guests.                               East meets West – one world – at the            plate just for the gold flakes. And we’re
                                                                                                                                             competition so far. They have even worked together on
    Inside the venue guests will sip its       Golden Globes.”                                 preparing 1,500 plates!”
                                                                                                                                             commercial projects, which just goes to show that the
Grand Vintage 2002 for the first time.             For dessert, executive pastry chef               Flower arrangements by celebrity flo-    48HFP is the beginning for many filmmakers to break into
    Five hundred magnums of the 2002,          Thomas Henzi will serve a chocolate al-         rist Mark Held, of Mark’s Garden, who         the industry.
which was bottled and has been sitting         mond crunch terrine with acacia honey,          has been creating the floral centrepieces
for seven years – the longest resting pe-      caramel and fresh berries. The chocolate        for the Golden Globes for about a decade,          Tell us about your ordinary life in Vieät Nam currently?
riod of any of the Moet Grand Vintages –       will be flown in from Switzerland, while        will complement the meal.                         Ordinary life in Vieät Nam? I wish I had one! Sometimes I
will be served at the Golden Globes on         the acacia honey caramel will arrive from            Held said he is working on an eight      wish I could go back to a normal day job where I go to work
January 15.                                    France, the Tarragon hazelnuts from Italy       colour combinations of flowers, all in        and come home every day – maybe make a plan for the
    Sugiura, the executive chef at the         and the Valencia almond paste from              deep winter tones of burgundy, gold,          weekend. But, life is not like that anymore for me, and if you
Beverly Hilton Hotel where the event           Spain.                                          green and maybe even a deep pink. —           really want to get ahead in life, then you need to take some
takes place, has created a three course            “It’s a rich desert,” said Henzi, not       REUTERS                                       risks and you need to deal with some stress. — VNS
24        Vieät Nam News                                                   OUT&ABOUT                                                                                                                                        Thursday January 12, 2012

    GOURMET’S                                                    CORNER                                                                              & EXHIBITION
                                                                           Lackah Restaurant
                                                                           – Seafood and BBQ buffet features seafood delivered straight
                                                                                                                                                     HAØ NOÄI                                                                     HCM CITY
                                                                             from the boats of local fishermen and top quality imported
                                                                             meats, including fresh oysters, mussels, slipper lobster,
                                                                                                                                                     PERFORMANCE                                                                  PERFORMANCE
                                                                             Norwegian salmon and red tuna, New Zealand lamb,                             Music Publishing House                                                    Palace Hotel Saøi Goøn
                                                                             Australian beef, seafood hotpot station. Lunch buffet at                61 Lyù Thaùi Toå St, Tel: (04) 38256286                                      56-66 Nguyeãn Hueä St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38292860
                                                                             VNÑ380,000++/person, dinner buffet at VNÑ480,000++/                     – Free symphony concert by artists from different music                      Calibre Charner
                                                                             person, weekend buffet at VNÑ580,000++/person.                            institutes including the Vieä t Nam Symphony Theatre.                      – Jazz singer Tuyeát Loan performs from 8.30pm to 10.30pm every
                                                                              Moevenpick Hotel Haø Noäi                                                From 3-7pm on Sat, and from 10-12noon and 3-5pm on                           night.
                                                                           83A Lyù Thöôøng Kieät St, Tel: (04) 38222800                                Sun, till Jan 15.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hotel Equatorial
                                                                           Mangosteen Restaurant                                                          Bình Minh Jazz Club                                                     242 Traàn Bình Troïng, Dist 5, Tel: (08) 3839777
                                                                           – Mangosteen’s semi buffet lunch offers a wide selection of               3rd Fl, 65 Quaùn Söù St, Tel: 39420400                                       Flo Lobby Lounge
                                                                             refreshing salads and appetisers as well as irresistible desserts       – Live jazz performance every night from 9pm with Quyeàn                     – Light jazz in vintage style features the band Esther Flatters and
                                                                             complimented with your choice of chef’s grill selection or daily          Vaê n Minh and the Soâ n g Hoà n g (Red River) jazz band,                    The Jazz Hats from Europe from 9pm.
                                                                             special pasta for main course. VNÑ370,000++ for semi buffet     
                                                                             lunch, Mon-Fri, 11.30am-2.30pm.                                                                                                                        Hard Rock Cafeù
    Enjoy lunch dim sum buffet featuring a selection of more                                                                                              Thaêng Long Water Puppet Theatre
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  39 Leâ Duaån St, Dist 1
    than 80 types of dim sum at Ming Palace Chinese                                                                                                  57B Ñinh Tieân Hoaøng St,
    restaurant in Sofitel Plaza Hanoi, 1 Thanh Nieân Rd, Tel:              HCM CITY                                                                  Tel: 39364335
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – Party ater Dark every Fri features Justin Murta and DJ Icee.
    (04) 38238888, VNÑ480,000++/adult and                                                                                                                                                                                         Duxton Hotel
                                                                              Hotel Majestic Saigon                                                  – Water puppet shows at 2.15pm, 3.30pm, 5pm, 6.30pm,
    VNÑ315,000++/child for weekdays, VNÑ550,000++/adult                                                                                                                                                                           63 Nguyeãn Hueä Blvd, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38222999
                                                                           1 Ñoàng Khôûi St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38295517                                8pm, 9.15pm. Morning show at 9.30am is available only
    and VNÑ360,000++/child for Sunday brunch. 30%                                                                                                                                                                                 The Bar
                                                                           Prima Ballroom&Breeze Sky Bar                                               on Sun. Tickets: VNÑ60,000, VNÑ100,000.
    discount for group booking of 10 people or above.                                                                                                                                                                             – Pianist from 3-9.15pm, Mon-Sun.
                                                                           – European and Asian buffet at VNÑ1,799,000/adult.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Windsor Plaza Hotel
                                                                           M. Bar
HAØ NOÄI                                                                   – BBQ buffet at VNÑ1,799,000/adult.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  18 An Döông Vöông St, Dist 5, Tel: 38336688
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  America Discotheque
    Hilton Hanoi Opera                                                     Serenade Restaurant
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – Dance All Night: nightly special promotions on two kinds of wines
1 Leâ Thaùnh Toâng St, Tel: (04) 39330550                                  – Happy Teát dinner with Western cuisine at VNÑ1,599,000/adult.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    throughout Dec.
Chez Manon                                                                 Cyclo Restaurant
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sheraton Saigon Hotel&Towers
– Enjoy and experience newly launched blackboard menus of                  – Authentic Teát dinner with traditional Vietnamese cuisine at
                                                                             VNÑ1,299,000/adult.                                                                                                                                  88 Ñoàng Khôûi St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38272828
  Hilton culinary team featuring premium Australian beef paired
  with Zinfandel wine or savour the exquisite 5-course menu                                                                                                                                                                       Night Spot
                                                                              Park Hyatt Saigon
  for a good beginning, daily from 6-10pm, VNÑ600,000++/                                                                                                                                                                          – The six-piece band Diesel performs nightly from Tue-Sun.
                                                                           2 Lam Sôn Square, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38241234
  person.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Park Hyatt Saigon
                                                                           Square One
Cafeù Opera                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2 Lam Sôn Square, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38241234
                                                                           – Alfresco BBQ offers a wide selection of char-grilled seafood
– Enjoy a selection of premium Teá t hampers includes                        and imported meats, every Fri night, VNÑ1,050,900++/aldult.                                                                                          2 Lam Sôn Bar
  homemade cookies, Belgian chocolate, exquisite tea                                                                                                                                                                              – Customised music programming designed by Morton Wilson of
                                                                           – New menu with dungeness crab at VNÑ1,650,000/kg.
  combined with wines and other special things prepared for                                                                                                                                                                         Hong Kong-based Schtung Music, 4pm-2am.
  this occasion. Available until Jan 26, price from VNÑ950,000.            Opera
                                                                                                                                                          Old House
                                                                           – New menu with veal at VNÑ810,000/dish.                                                                                                               Park Lounge
    Hotel Nikko Hanoi                                                                                                                                87 Maõ Maây St,                                                              – Canadian singer, pianist, audio engineer and composer Mary
                                                                           The Park Lounge
84 Traàn Nhaân Toâng St, Tel: (04) 38223535                                                                                                          – Ca truø (ceremonial singing) show at 8pm everyday. Ticket:                   Berth Ancheta, Wed-Mon, 8-11.45pm.
                                                                           – Wagyu burger with freshly ground, intensely marbled Wagyu                 $10.
La Brasserie                                                                 beef and a house made bun, from VNÑ760,000.                                                                                                          – Miami vocalist, Michelle Manzo entertains guests with jazz and
– Weekday lunch buffet, Mon-Fri, VNÑ530,000/person.                                                                                                       Vieät Nam Tuoàng Theatre                                                  classical fusion, Wed-Sun.
                                                                              New World Saigon Hotel
– Weekday dinner buffet, Mon-Thu, VNÑ600,000/person.                                                                                                 51 Ñöôøng Thaønh St,
– “Wine&Dine” dinner buffet on Fri night features international
                                                                           76 Leâ Lai, District 1, Tel: (08) 38228888
                                                                                                                                                     Tel: 38287268
  seafood buffet with wine.                                                Dynasty
                                                                                                                                                     – Five excerpts from classic tuoàng (classical drama) plays,                   Töï Do Art Gallery
– Weekend seafood dinner buffet, Sat&Sun, lunch at                         – Family set menu features delicacies such as suckling pig,                 6pm, Thu&Fri. Ticket: VNÑ100,000.                                          53 Hoà Tuøng Maäu St, Dist 1
                                                                             abalone, braised oysters with Chinese mushrooms or ostrich
  VNÑ600,000/person, dinner at VNÑ700,000/person.                                                                                                                                                                                 – Exhibition showcases
– Authentic Vietnamese buffet with signature dishes from the
                                                                             fillets with macadamia nuts, from VNÑ672,000/person.                    EXHIBITION                                                                     19 lacquer paintings by
  North, Central, and South with Chilean wine to pair with,                   Hotel Equatorial                                                                                                                                      French painter Michelle
                                                                                                                                                          Vieät Nam Women’s Museum
  VNÑ700,000/person, till Jan 31.                                          242 Traàn Bình Troïng, Dist 5, Tel: (08) 3839777                          36 Lyù Thöôøng Kieät St                                                        Pontie, who was born in
– Good Luck Dish for Teát: Yee Sang consisting of raw salmon,              Orientica Seafood Restaurant&Bar                                                                                                                         Vieät Nam, till Jan 20.
                                                                                                                                                     – The spiritual and cultural space Mother Goddesses
  salad, crackers, jelly fish, available from Jan 21-Feb 6.                – Lunar New Year celebration with set menu for 10 guests at                 Worshipping reveals about Mother Goddesses worship,                          Galerie Quynh
Tao-Li                                                                       VNÑ6,388,000++ for set 1, VNÑ9,988,000++ for set 2,                       a long-history Vietnamese folk belief, on-going.                           65 Ñeà Thaùm St, Dist 1
– Weekend dim sum lunch buffet, Sat&Sun, VNÑ350,000/                         VNÑ16,888,000++ for set 3.
                                                                                                                                                          Buøi Gallery                                                            – Exhibition Vis-aø - vis
  person.                                                                  – Yee Sang, a Malaysian traditional food to celebrate Lunar                                                                                              features art works by
                                                                             New Year, features raw fish delicacy from fresh salmon, sliced          23 Ngoâ Vaên Sôû St,
– Luxury Pot consists of premium ingredients including abalone                                                                                                                                                                      eight artists, till Jan 28.
  and scallop, available throughout Jan.                                     Australian abalone, fresh tuna or shark’s fin, from                     – Exhibition presents artworks by eight contemporary
                                                                             VNÑ188,000++/ person.                                                     artists, till Jan 15.                                                        Thieân Sôn Plaza
                                                                                                                                                          National Museum of Vietnamese History                                   800 Nguyeã n Vaê n Linh
– Monthly Kaiseki set menu for lunch&dinner, VNÑ2,012,000/person.             Windsor Plaza Hotel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Blvd, Dist 7
– Thread-sail filefish being served in three ways: sashimi, grill          18 An Döông Vöông St, Dist 5, Tel: (08) 38336688                          1 Traøng Tieàn St,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – 3D painting exhibition
  and hotpot. Available for lunch&dinner, throughout Jan.                  Cafeù Central An Ñoâng                                                    – Exhibition Dragon on Antiquities features precious objects
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    World of Funny 3D
                                                                           – Vietnamese and international lunch and dinner buffets                     adorned with dragon motif, from Jan 12.
    Crowne Plaza West Haø Noäi                                                                                                                                                                                                      Paintings, till Feb 12.
Leâ Ñöùc Thoï St, Myõ Ñình, Töø Lieâm Dist, Tel: (04) 62706688               feature salmon and prawn.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              WEATHER FORECAST
    FILM                            (DV: Dubbed in Vietnamese, VS: Vietnamese Subtitle, ES: English
                                            Subtitle, VN: Vietnamese Film; B/W: Black and White; OV:
                                                                                                                       T ELEVISION                                                                                                                                                     January 12
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sources from the Weather Bureau

                                                                                    Original Version)                   VNEWS                                                        13.40   One Fine Day                                                                          Laïng Sôn
                                                                                                                                                                                     15.30   Stealth
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sôn La
                                                                                                                        8.00   News
                                                                                                                                                                                     17.35   Vantage Point
                                                                                                                        8.20   News in Chinese
HAØ NOÄI                                                                                                                9.15   Exploring Vieät Nam
                                                                                                                                                                                     19.15   Tangled
                                                                                                                                                                                     21.00   It’s a Wonderful Afterlife
    MegaStar Cineplex                                                                                                   9.45   News in English
                                                                                                                                                                                     22.45   500 Days of Summer
    191 Baø Trieäu St, Tel: (04) 39743333                                                                               10.30 Science and Technology
–   My Week with Marilyn (US, VS)                                                                                       12.00 News                                                   MAX
                                                                                                                        13.15 Exploring Vieät Nam                                                                                                Temperature:                 Temperature:
–   Spellbound (RoK, VS)                                                                                                                                                             10.00   The Fourth War
                                                                                                                        15.15 Science and Technology                                 11.30   Poison Ivy II: Lily                                 Min: 12oC                    Min: 14oC
–   The Darkest Hour (2D, 3D) (US, VS)                                                                                  16.20 Colourful World                                                                                                                                 Max: 17oC
                                                                                                                                                                                     13.15   Starsky & Hutch                                     Max: 14oC
–   Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (3D) (Hong Kong,                                                                       18.30 Reporters’ Lens                                        15.00   Land Raiders
    VS)                                                                                                                 20.40 Sports Planet                                          16.45   The Night of The Generals
–   Coät Moác 23 (The 23rd Milestone) (VN)                                                                              21.15 For Family’s Happiness                                 19.10   Boardwalk Empire S107: Home
–   Alvin and the Chipmunk 3 (US, VS)                                                                                   22.40 A Panorama of Culture                                  20.00   Boardwalk Empire S108: Hold Me in Paradise                  Haø Noäi                 Haûi Phoøng
–   Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (US, VS)                                                                         23.00 News                                                   21.00   Watchmen
–   Toái Nay, 8 Giôø! (8 O’clock Tonight) (VN)                                                                          VTV4                                                         23.20   Kindergarten Cop

    Platinum Cineplex                                                                                                   8.30    Daily Biz - Vieät Nam in Focus                       STAR WORLD
                                                          – The Darkest Hour (3D) (US, VS)                              9.35    Film: The Last Lunar Month (Ep 4)                    9.30    Don’t Stop Believing
    Level 4, Garden Shopping Centre, Meã Trì, Töø Lieâm
                                                              Galaxy Nguyeãn Traõi Cinema                               11.00   Hello Vieät Nam                                      10.25   Dancing with the Stars
    Tel: (04) 37878555
                                                                                                                        12.00   News                                                 11.20   Cougar Town                                        Temperature:                   Temperature:
–   Spellbound (RoK, VS)                                      230 Nguyeãn Traõi St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 39206688
                                                                                                                        13.00   Arts and Life                                        11.45   How I Met Your Mother                              Min: 11oC                      Min: 12oC
–   Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (3D) (Hong Kong,         –   Machine Gun Preacher (US, VS)                             13.30   Film: Eve’s Secret (Ep 67)
                                                          –   Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 (US, VS)
                                                                                                                                                                                     12.10   Switched at Birth                                  Max: 14oC                      Max: 14oC
    VS)                                                                                                                 15.30   News in English                                      13.05   American Idol Highlights
–   Alvin and the Chipmunk 3 (US, VS)                     –   Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (3D) (Hong                   17.25   S - Vieät Nam                                        14.55   DC Cupcakes
–   The Darkest Hour (US, VS)                                 Kong, VS)                                                 17.30   My Story                                             15.25   Desperate Housewives
–   Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (US, VS)           –   The Darkest Hour (3D) (US, VS)                            19.00   Chinese Programme                                    17.15   The Bachelor                                                 Vinh                     Ñaø Naüng
                                                                                                                        19.30   Hello Vieät Nam                                      18.10   Hell’s Kitchen
–   Machine Gun Preacher (US, VS)                             MegaStar Cineplex Huøng Vöông
                                                                                                                        21.30   Daily Biz - Expat Living                             19.05   How I Met Your Mother
–   Hoaùn Ñoåi Thaân Xaùc (Change 2 Change) (VN)              126 Huøng Vöông St, Dist 5, Tel: (08) 22220388
                                                                                                                        22.35   Film: Eve’s Secret (Ep 67)                           19.30   DC Cupcakes
    August Cinema                                         –   Spellbound (RoK, VS)
                                                                                                                        DISCOVERY                                                    20.00   American Idol Highlights
    45 Haøng Baøi St, Tel: (04) 38253911                  –   My Week with Marilyn (US, VS)                                                                                          21.50   Junior MasterChef Australia
                                                                                                                        9.00    Most Deadly
–   The Darkest Hour (US, VS)                             –   Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (3D) (Hong                                                                                22.45   Switched at Birth                                    Temperature:                Temperature:
                                                                                                                        10.00   Treasure Quest
                                                              Kong, VS)                                                                                                              23.40   How I Met Your Mother
–   Alvin and the Chipmunk 3 (US, VS)                                                                                   11.00   Deadliest Catch                                                                                                   Min: 12oC                   Min: 17oC
                                                          –   The Darkest Hour (3D) (US, VS)
–   Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (US, VS)                                                                         13.00   Crimes That Shook the World 2                        ESPN                                                         Max: 15 oC                  Max: 19oC
–   Hoaùn Ñoåi Thaân Xaùc (Change 2 Change) (VN)          –   Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 (US, VS)                        14.00   Venom Hunter                                         10.00   Fitness
–   Toái Nay, 8 Giôø! (8 O’clock Tonight) (VN)            –   Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (US, VS)               15.00   Killer Whales                                        10.30   Extreme Sports
                                                          –   Coät Moác 23 (The 23rd Milestone) (VN)                    16.00   Prehistoric Disasters                                12.00   Basketball
    National Cinema Centre
                                                          –   Toái Nay, 8 Giôø! (8 O’clock Tonight) (VN)                17.00   Deadliest Catch                                      12.30   Magazine
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Pleiku                    Khaùnh Hoaø
  87 Laùng Haï St, Tel: (04) 35147823                                                                                   19.00   Culinary Asia                                        13.00   Auto Racing
                                                              MegaStar Cineplex CT Plaza Taân Sôn Nhaát
– My Week with Marilyn (US, VS)                                                                                         20.00   Swords                                               13.30   Basketball
– Spellbound (RoK, VS)                                        60A Tröôøng Sôn St, Taân Bình Dist, Tel: (08)             21.00   Salvage Hunters                                      15.30   Swimming
                                                              62971981                                                  22.00   American Chopper: Senior vs Junior
– The Darkest Hour (2D, 3D) (US, VS)                                                                                                                                                 17.30   Basketball
                                                          –   Spellbound (RoK, VS)                                      23.00   Mean Machines: Transatlantic Challenge               19.30   Sports News
– Alvin and the Chipmunk 3 (US, VS)
                                                          –   My Week with Marilyn (US, VS)                             HBO                                                          20.00   Bowling                                             Temperature:                  Temperature:
– Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (3D) (Hong Kong,
  VS)                                                     –   Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (Hong Kong,                  9.30    The Eastwood Factor                                  21.00   Magazine                                            Min: 16oC                     Min: 22oC
                                                              VS)                                                       11.00   Syriana                                              21.30   Auto Racing                                         Max: 27 oC                    Max: 250C
– Toái Nay, 8 Giôø! (8 O’clock Tonight) (VN)
                                                          –   The Darkest Hour (3D) (US, VS)                                                                                         22.00   Sports News
– Machine Gun Preacher (US, VS)                                                                                         13.05   The Score
                                                          –   Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 (US, VS)                                                                                     22.30   Bowling
                                                                                                                        15.05   Malibu’s Most Wanted
– Hoaùn Ñoåi Thaân Xaùc (Change 2 Change) (VN)                                                                                                                                       23.30   Basketball
                                                          –   Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (US, VS)               16.35   Godzilla
                                                          –   Toái Nay, 8 Giôø! (8 O’clock Tonight) (VN)                19.00   Kill Speed                                           CARTOONS                                                          HCM City                    Caø Mau
HCM CITY                                                      MegaStar Cineplex Saigon Paragon
                                                                                                                        21.00   The Last Airbender                                   10.00   The Powerpuff Girls
                                                                                                                        22.40   True Blood Soul of Fire                              10.35   The Grim Adventures of Billy&Mandy
    Galaxy Nguyeãn Du Cinema                                  3 Nguyeãn Löông Baèng St, Dist 7, Tel: (08)               23.35   White Sands                                          11.00   Tom&Jerry Show
  116 Nguyeãn Du St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38235235               54160088
                                                                                                                        STAR MOVIES                                                  14.30   Johnny Test
– Machine Gun Preacher (US, VS)                           –   Spellbound (RoK, VS)                                                                                                   15.30   Tom&Jerry Show
                                                                                                                        9.50    Bye Bye Love                                                                                                     Temperature:                Temperature:
– Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 (US, VS)                      –   My Week with Marilyn (US, VS)                                                                                          17.00   Courage the Cowardly Dog
                                                                                                                        11.40   Gigli
– Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (3D) (Hong Kong,           –   The Darkest Hour (3D) (US, VS)                                                                                                                                                     Min: 23oC                   Min: 24oC
  VS)                                                     –   Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (Hong Kong, VS)                          Brought to you by Entertaiment&Communication Co. Ltd                                                   Max: 31oC                   Max: 31oC
Thursday January 12, 2012        CARTOONS Vieät   Nam News   25

  Wednesday’s answer: newcomer
                                                                                                                                              Vieät Nam News

                                                                                                                               SPORT                                                                             Thursday January 12, 2012

VOLLEYBALL                                                                                                                                                                           OLYMPICS

Foreign player cap set to                                                                                                                                                            British handball opposes
                                                                                                                                                                                     change of venue name
boost domestic opportunity                                                                                                                                                           LONDON — London 2012
                                                                                                                                                                                     organisers have come under fire
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 It will host the handball compe-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 tition until the semi-finals
HAØ NOÄI — Vieät Nam plans to limit                                                                                                                                                  after changing the name of the                              before it switches to the basket-
foreign volleyball players from                                                                                                                                                      Handball Arena to the Copper                                ball venue.
competing in the country from                                                                                                                                                        Box.                                                            It will also be used for the
2013.                                                                                                                                                                                    The world’s leading nations                             fencing element of the modern
    The Volleyball Federation of                                                                                                                                                     will battle for precious Olympic                            pentathlon and the Paralympic
Vieät Nam (VFV) said the move                                                                                                                                                        gold, silver and bronze medals                              sport of Goalball before revert-
was designed to promote the do-                                                                                                                                                      in the 7,000-seater venue at this                           ing to a multi-use venue
mestic game.                                                                                                                                                                         year’s Games but copper it                                  following the Games.
    “We have weighed up the                                                                                                                                                          seems is not to the taste of                                    Britain Handball have been
pros and cons of using foreigners                                                                                                                                                    British handball’s governing                                battling to increase awareness
in our tournaments. We have pro-                                                                                                                                                     body.                                                       of the sport which is marginal in
posed to the Ministry of Culture,                                                                                                                                                        “We deserve to have all our                             the country but hugely popular
Sports and Tourism to bar foreign-                                                                                                                                                   good work in developing the                                 elsewhere in Europe and
ers from competing in the coun-                                                                                                                                                      sport recognised by the authori-                            around the world.
try. It is time to use our own play-                                                                                                                                                 ties by not giving the venue a                                  “Retaining the name of the
ers, as other countries in the re-                                                                                                                                                   generic title which does noth-                              sport in the title of the venue is
gion have decided to do,” said                                                                                                                                                       ing to reflect its usage,” British                          important to us,” Goodwin
Traàn Ñöùc Phaán, VFV’s general sec-                                                                                                                                                 Handball chief executive Paul                               added. “The Olympics has
retary.                                                                                                                                                                              Goodwin said.                                               given handball a great opportu-
    Foreign players have been                                                                                                                                                            “Why have they not re-                                  nity to grow in popularity and
competing in Vieä t Nam since                                                                                                                                                        named other facilities in a                                 all the indications are that we
2005. However, it is thought they                                                                                                                                                    similar vein? Perhaps the                                   are achieving that.”
have deterred local players from                                                                                                                                                     Olympic Velodrome will be                                       A recent study by Sport
participating in the sport.                                      Local jump: Sinyin (left) of China plays in a match at the National Volleyball                                      called ‘the big round wooden                                England said there had been a
    The championship drew                                        Championship. Vieät Nam plans to limit foreign volleyball players from competing                                    building’ or the basketball                                 six-fold increase in British
around 20 foreign players from                                   in the country from next year. — VNS Photo Quang Thaéng                                                             arena renamed ‘the marshmal-                                children being introduced to
Thailand, Russia and China last                                  only one is allowed on court at a                                   At the 26th SEA Games in Indo-                  low’?”.                                                     handball in the last three years.
year.                                                            time.                                                           nesia last November the men’s team                      The Copper Box, which                                       Britain have been given a
    Last year was the seventh year                                  Volleyball joined football in                                failed to make the top three, while                 features 3,000sq.m of copper                                wildcard into the Olympic
the federation allowed teams to                                  becoming a professional sport six                               the women’s team was defeated by                    cladding and multi-coloured                                 handball tournament. —
sign two foreign players, though                                 years ago.                                                      Thailand in the final. — VNS                        interior, was completed in May.                             REUTERS


Argentinian del Potro makes scorching comeback
SYDNEY — Wrist surgery, depres-                                  Sydney International, and con-                                  make it back on tour, he would                      headlined by Djokovic, Rafa                                 other than my wrist, I improved a
sion and the terrifying feeling that                             tinue homing in on the untouch-                                 never again scale the heights.                      Nadal, Roger Federer and Andy                               lot. I won matches, and that’s helped
his career was about to prematurely                              able form that won him the US                                       That pessimism has been re-                     Murray. His ranking has gone from                           me to keep the confidence I can be
end. With a ranking which plum-                                  Open title in 2009, when his fifth                              placed by unbridled optimism,                       485 to 11 in less than a year.                              healthy and play better. At this
meted to 485 in the world, pessi-                                set against Roger Federer was as                                however.                                                “To beat these kinds of play-                           moment, I don’t think of my wrist,
mism swirled around Argentine gi-                                commanding as tennis can be.                                        Del Potro combatted strong                      ers can be a big goal for this year,”                       so it’s a good signal for the future.”
ant Juan Martin del Potro last year                                  He was on the up back then,                                 winds and stiflingly hot Sydney                     del Potro said. “I’m working for                                 The fine print to del Potro’s
before he mounted a hot comeback                                 No 4 in the world and rising, but                               weather to account for Kubot and                    that. This time last year I was re-                         win over Djokovic in September
that has him bursting with confi-                                wrist surgery in 2010 wiped him                                 set up a quarter-final against Cyp-                 ally scared, basically in this tour-                        was that the Serb retired when
dence and renewed belief ahead of                                off the tour for eight months. He                               riot Marcus Baghdatis.                              nament, in Australia, because it                            trailing 7-6, 3-0 in the Davis Cup
the Australian Open.                                             spent most of that time worried his                                 One of the few men to beat                      was my first tournament after the                           semi-finals. Still, del Potro was
    Del Potro pulverised Poland’s                                career was over – he openly ad-                                 world No 1 Novak Djokovic last                      surgery.                                                    heartened by going toe-to-toe
Lukasz Kubot 6-4, 6-2 yesterday                                  mitted at the time he was “de-                                  year, del Potro looms as one of the                     “But with time and practising                           with the world No 1 for two straight
to reach the quarter-finals of the                               pressed” – and that even if he did                              dangermen of an Australian Open                     and trying to think about things                            sets. — REUTERS

                                                                            Real Mallorca win 6-3 on aggregate.                                       SinglesSecondRound                                                        Oklahoma City 100 ................. MEMPHIS 95
 SCOREBOARD                                                                FRENCH LEAGUE CUP
                                                                                                                                                      Mona Barthel (Germany) def. 2-Anabel Medina Garrigues (Spain) 6-1 6-4
                                                                                                                                                      6-Shahar Peer (Israel) def. Sacha Jones (New Zealand) 7-6 (7) 6-4
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                UTAH113 ............................. Cleveland 105
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                PORTLAND105 ..................... LA Clippers 97
                                                                                                                                                      AUCKLAND OPEN                                                             GOLDENSTATE111 ............. Miami 106 (OT)
                                                                            (numerals denote division, Ligue 1 unless stated)
 FOOTBALL                                                                   Caen 0 .................................. Olympique Marseille 3           Men’sSinglesSecondRound
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                LA LAKERS 99 ...................... Phoenix 83
                                                                                                                                                      Olivier Rochus (Belgium) def. 6-Thomaz Bellucci (Brazil)
 E NGLISH LEAGUE CUP                                                       TENNIS                                                                     7-6 (6) 5-7 7-6 (5)
 Semi-finalFirstLeg                                                                                                                                   1-David Ferrer (Spain) def. Lukas Rosol (Czech Republic) 6-46-2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ICE HOCKEY
 (numerals denote division).                                               SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL                                                       Benoit Paire (France) def. 4-Juan Ignacio Chela (Argentina) 5-7 6-2 6-2
 Crystal Palace (II) 1 ................. Cardiff City (II) 0                                                                                          2-Nicolas Almagro (Spain) def. Santiago Giraldo (Colombia) 6-4 6-2
                                                                           MEN’S SINGLES SECOND                                                       8-Philipp Kohlschreiber (Germany) def. Ryan Harrison (U.S.) 4-6 6-4 6-3   BOSTON5 ............................ Winnipeg 3
 ITALIAN CUP                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TORONTO2 ........................... Buffalo 0
                                                                            Round                                                                     Alejandro Falla (Colombia) def. Potito Starace (Italy) 7-6 (3) 6-3
 Last16                                                                     (prefixdenotesseeding)                                                                                                                              NYISLANDERS5 .................. Detroit 1
 (Serie A unless stated, numerals denote division).                                                                                                                                                                             NYRANGERS2 .................... Phoenix1(SO)
 Lazio 3 .................................. Verona (II) 2
                                                                            Alex Bogomolov Jr. (Russia) def. 5-Viktor Troicki (Serbia) 7-6 (5) 6-4    BASKETBALL                                                                Ottawa5 ................................ PITTSBURGH1
                                                                            Julien Benneteau (France) def. 4-Feliciano Lopez (Spain) 6-3 6-4
 SPANISH KING’S CUP                                                                                                                                                                                                             Philadelphia 2 ....................... CAROLINA1
                                                                            Marcos Baghdatis (Cyprus) def. Matthew Ebden (Australia) 3-67-5 7-6 (3)   NBA                                                                       St. Louis 3 ............................. MONTREAL0
 Last16SecondLeg                                                            JarkkoNieminen(Finland)def.8-RadekStepanek(CzechRepublic)7-6(5)5-76-1
                                                                                                                                                      (home team in CAPS)                                                       Vancouver5 ........................... TAMPA BAY 4 (SO)
 (La Liga unless stated, numerals denote division)                          3-Richard Gasquet (France) def. Fabio Fognini (Italy) 6-2 6-1
                                                                                                                                                      Houston82 ............................ CHARLOTTE70                        MINNESOTA5 ....................... SanJose4(SO)
 Malaga 0 ............................... Real Madrid 1                     1-Juan Martin del Potro (Argentina) def. Lukasz Kubot (Poland)6-4 6-2
                                                                                                                                                      PHILADELPHIA 112 .............. Sacramento85                              CHICAGO5 ........................... Columbus2
 Real Madrid win 4-2 on aggregate                                           Denis Istomin (Uzbekistan) def. Ryan Sweeting (U.S.) 6-2 6-1
                                                                                                                                                      WASHINGTON93 .................. Toronto 78                                Nashville 4 ............................ COLORADO1
 Racing Santander 1 ................ CDMirandes (III) 1                     Bobby Reynolds (U.S.) def. 2-John Isner (U.S.) 3-6 6-4 6-3
                                                                                                                                                      Dallas 100 ............................. DETROIT86                        CALGARY6 .......................... NewJersey3
 CD Mirandes win 3-1 on aggregate                                          HOBART INTERNATIONAL                                                       MILWAUKEE106 .................. San Antonio 103                           ANAHEIM5 ........................... Dallas 2
 Real Mallorca 6 ...................... Real Sociedad 1                     Women’s                                                                   Chicago111 .......................... MINNESOTA100                        (SOdenotesshootout)
Thursday January 12, 2012                                                                  SPORT                                            Vieät Nam News   27

Goalie blunder helps Real into King’s Cup
                                  Substitute Karim Benzem slides in for a much needed point to move ahead
MADRID — Holders Real             after 16 minutes, while dis-
Madrid were helped into the       gruntled home fans
King’s Cup quarter-finals by      whistled their own side.
a goalkeeping howler from             Mallorca’s four-goal
Malaga’s Willy Caballero on       blitz started out of nowhere
Tuesday which gifted them         when Uruguayan Gonzalo
a 1-0 away win.                   Castro scored from a free-
    In the 71st minute, the       kick in the 34th.
match was goalless and                Israel’s Tomer Hemed
tense with big-spending           cracked in a second two
Malaga, who lost 3-2 at the       minutes later, Nunes
Bernabeu, needing to score        headed in from a corner and
only one to go through on         seven breath-taking min-
the away goals rule when          utes after scoring his first,
Real substitute Karim             Castro racked up the fourth.
Benzema fired tamely                  He caught out visiting
straight at Caballero.            keeper Enaut Zubikarai as
    The Argentine keeper          he rolled the ball in front of
had made some impressive          him, nipping up from behind
saves, but when he fell to        to steal it and roll the ball
his knees to collect, the ball    into the empty net.
squirmed between his legs             The flood of goals con-
and rolled over the line.         tinued after halftime with
    Jose Mourinho’s men           Alfaro and Hemed bagging
are likely to meet arch-ri-       his second before the hour
vals Barcelona in the last        mark, with a dazed Sociedad
eight, with the European          unable to react.
and Spanish champions vis-            Mallorca, the 2003 Cup
iting Osasuna today holding       winners, will meet either
a 4-0 first-leg advantage.        Athletic Bilbao or third tier
    Real will be joined in the    Albacete.
quarter-finals by surprise            Mirandes claimed the
qualifiers Real Mallorca and      scalp of a second La Liga
third tier Mirandes.              side when they drew 1-1 at
    Mallorca scored four          Racing Santander to
times in seven minutes dur-       progress 3-1 on aggregate.
ing an astonishing come-              Forward Pablo Infante,
back to knock out Real            who scored one and set up
Sociedad 6-3 on aggregate         the second in their 2-0 first      Eye of the beholder: Real Madrid's defender Sergio Ramos (right) vies with Malaga's Dutch forward Ruud van Nistelrooy (left) during
earlier in the evening.           leg victory, was the hero          their Spanish Cup football match at Rosaleda stadium in Malaga. — AFP/VNA Photo
    The Basques led 2-0           again for the lower league
from the first leg in San         minnows.                            the first half, but a red card   of their sails and Infante       B side through.                    round, will meet either
Sebastian last week and               Racing took the lead            for     their      defender      won and then netted a late          Mirandes, who knocked           Espanyol or second division
took the lead in Mallorca         through Pedro Munitis in            Bernardo took the wind out       penalty to put the Segunda       out Villarreal in the last         Cordoba. — REUTERS


                                                                                   Schwartzel hopes to rank with
                                                                                   exclusive band in South Africa
                                                                                   JOHANNESBURG—SouthAfrica                  “It is a course I played many times as an amateur
                                                                                   star Charl Schwartzel will join an
                                                                                   exclusive band of golfers if he wins    and junior so it is always nice to come back. I always
                                                                                   a third consecutive Joburg Open         have a good feeling when I compete there and staying
                                                                                   title this weekend.
                                                                                        A hat-trick of victories in the
                                                                                                                                               at home is cool.”
                                                                                   second 2012 Road to Dubai tour-                                                          CHARL SCHWARTZEL, GOLFER
                                                                                   nament would allow him to join a
                                                                                   list of those who have won the         strokeplay event.                         win by four strokes from fellow
                                                                                   same European Tour event three              The competition shares with          South African Garth Mulroy after
                                                                                   times in a row and includes Ernie      the Alfred Dunhill Links Champi-          finishing six shots clear of the
                                                                                   Els, Sir Nick Faldo, Colin             onship and Singapore Open the             field the previous season.
                                                                                   Montgomerie and Ian Woosnam.           distinction of using more than one            Mulroy won the pre-Christ-
                                                                                        Little Welsh wizard Woosnam       course with play on the west and          mas Dunhill Championship at
                                                                                   got the ball rolling with three con-   east       layouts     at    Royal        Leopard Creek bordering the
                                                                                   secutive Monte Carlo Open titles       Johannesburg and Kensington               world famous Kruger National
                                                                                   (1990-92) and Faldo (Irish Open        Golf Club.                                Park, but finished well down the
                                                                                   1991-93), Montgomerie (PGA                  Schwartzel has won seven Eu-         field at the Africa Open in East
                                                                                   Championship 1998-2000) and            ropean Tour titles and says the           London last weekend.
                                                                                   Els (Heineken Classic 2002-04)         pleasures of competing at a club              Goosen was third in the East-
                                                                                   emulated him.                          near where he grew up include             ern Cape, three strokes behind
                                                                                        Reigning US Masters cham-         being able to relax and sleep at          winner and 2010 British Open
                                                                                   pion Schwartzel, 27, will be mak-      home after each round.                    champion Louis Oosthuizen of
                                                                                   ing his European Tour debut this            “It is a course I played many        South Africa, after four steady but
                                                                                   season and compatriot Retief           times as an amateur and junior so         unspectacular rounds.
                                                                                   Goosen is the other Major winner       it is always nice to come back. I             The 42-year-old ‘Goose’ is
                                                                                   in a 210-strong field.                 always have a good feeling when           long overdue a European Tour
                                                                                        Former Joburg Open winners        I compete there and staying at            victory having last made a victory
                                                                                   Richard Sterne of South Africa         home is cool,” he said.                   speech five years ago when he
                                                                                   and Ariel Canete of Argentina               He shot four sub-70 rounds in        pipped Australian Nick O’Hern by
Stylish swing: South Africa star Charl Schwartzel will join an exclusive band of   are other contenders who tee           the Joburg Open last year – in-           one stroke to lift the Qatar Mas-
golfers if he wins a third consecutive Joburg Open title. — AFP/VNA Photo          off today in the four-day,             cluding a second-round 61 – to            ters trophy. — AFP/VNS
                                                                                 Vieät Nam News
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Goalie blunder

                                                               SPORT                                                                               Foreign volleyball player numbers

helps Real into
King’s Cup                                                                                                                                         will be capped from next year.
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Thursday January 12, 2012                                             THE NATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE DAILY                                                                                  PAGE 28

RALLYING                                                                                                                                                        BASKETBALL

Despres wins ninth stage                                                                                                                                        Bogut
in Dakar to regain lead                                                                                                                                         returns
                                                                                                                                                                to NBA
IQUIQUE, Chile — Cyril Despres
regained the upper hand in his                                                                                                                                  MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin —
ding dong Dakar Rally battle with                                                                                                                               Australian center Andrew Bogut
motorcycle rival Marc Coma on                                                                                                                                   returned to the starting lineup for
Tuesday as defending car cham-                                                                                                                                  the Milwaukee Bucks and the
pion Nasser Al-Attiyah was forced                                                                                                                               team responded by defeating San
out of the race on the ninth stage.                                                                                                                             Antonio 106-103 to end a four-
    The 31-year-old Qatari had to                                                                                                                               game NBA win drought.
give up the ghost when his tem-                                                                                                                                     Bogut scored 14 points on 7-of-
peramental Hummer suffered more                                                                                                                                 15 shooting from the field and
mechanical problems – American                                                                                                                                  grabbed a game-high 11 rebounds
Robby Gordon in another Hummer                                                                                                                                  for the Bucks, who were winless
won the stage to slice more time                                                                                                                                while Bogut was away for an undis-
off overall leader Stephane                                                                                                                                     closed family emergency that
Peterhansel’s advantage.                                                                                                                                        forced him to fly home to Australia.
    Three-time bike champion                                                                                                                                        “It’s a personal issue with fam-
Despres, riding a KTM, responded                                                                                                                                ily,” Bogut said. “It’s something
to 2011 winner Coma’s win on                                                                                                                                    that doesn’t happen to most regu-
Monday when taking the 556km                                                                                                                                    lar people. When it does, you
stage from Antofogasta which fin-                                                                                                                               have to address it. Hopefully ev-
ished with a dramatic descent                                                                                                                                   eryone will get well from it.
down an 800m high dune.                                                                                                                                             “When these kind of things
    Despres, who timed 5hr 04min                                                                                                                                happen, you realise basketball is
33sec with Spaniard Coma com-                                                                                                                                   a game. There was a family emer-
ing in 3min 54sec behind, re-                                                                                                                                   gency involving a hospital and I’ll
placed the Spaniard at the top of                                                                                                                               just leave it at that. It opened up a
the overall rankings – both were                                                                                                                                whole lot of other issues.
later penalised 15 minutes by race                                                                                                                                  “It has been addressed. I’m go-
stewards in those standings for                                                                                                                                 ing to try to forget about it. The best
changing their engines during the                                                                                                                               way to forget about it is the basket-
stage.                                                                                                                                                          ball court. At least I can be back out
    Despres holds a lead of 2min                                                                                                                                on the floor, forget about these last
28sec and the 37-year-old French-                                                                                                                               three or four days and move on.”
man said that he had emerged                                                                                                                                        Bogut averaged 14.3 points
from his terrible day on Monday                                                                                                                                 and 10 rebounds in 34 minutes of
in a positive frame of mind.                                                                                                                                    playing time before his departure.
    “After a difficult day yesterday                                                                                                                                Bogut thanked his teammates
when you start to doubt, I had to                                                                                                                               at a meeting earlier in the day.
get back to winning ways,” said                                                                                                                                     “I just thanked them for under-
Despres.                                                                                                                                                        standing,” Bogut said. “It was a
    “We came into this looking at       Dramatic descent: Cyril Despres steers his KTM bike to regain the upper hand in his ding dong Dakar Rally battle with   tough road trip for them, profes-
                                        motorcycle rival Marc Coma. — AFP/VNA Photo
a battle for seconds or minutes. It’s                                                                                                                           sionally. But they all understood.
very competitive.                                                                                                                                               We’ve got a lot of veterans on the
    “Like any top level sportsman,      “We’re coming to the crunch part of the rally. Cyril is                               Gordon’s joy was in stark con-    team and guys have had similar is-
if you don’t like confrontation or                                                                                       trast to that of his fellow Hummer     sues before.
squeezing the last ounces of              a major rival and we do battle over every single                               pilot Al-Attiyah who had been              “I’mnotaguythathas evertaken
strength out of yourself, then           kilometre. But I think it’s interesting, it’s sport.”                           plagued by problems since the          leave from the team before, for any
you’re not ready for a fight. But,                                                                                       start in Mar Del Plata on New          other reason but an injury. This is
as for me, I’m up for it.”                                                               MARC COMA, SPANISH RIDER        Year’s Day.                            the first time I’ve ever had to ask to
    Coma too was revelling in the                                                                                             He lined up for Tuesday’s ninth   go home, and hopefully it’s the last.”
engrossing tussle and even more                                                                                          stage in sixth position overall,           Bogut also thanked team
motivated to win as he was bitter       faster       than      46-year-old       is just 29km long) and the              eight minutes behind Peterhansel,      owner Herb Kohl and Bucks gen-
about his fellow KTM rider hav-         Peterhansel while Monday’s stage         Hummer’s strong.”                       having struggled to make up the        eral manager John Hammond for
ing had his deficit from                winner Spanish driver Nani Roma              Peterhansel admitted that Gor-      loss of 10 minutes on the opening      giving him permission to return
Monday’s stage halved by the            was third 8min 37sec adrift.             don had got the better of him but       stage.                                 to Australia and miss the games.
stewards.                                   Peterhansel – a six-time mo-         took the retirement of Al-Attiyah            Al-Attiyah, who is hoping to          “I appreciate the team, Senator
    “We’re coming to the crunch         torbike and three-time car cham-         as a boost for him and his Mini         compete in his third Olympic           Kohl and John Hammond, letting
part of the rally. Cyril is a major     pion – holds an advantage of al-         team.                                   Games in shooting at London            me go out there and do that. I ap-
rival and we do battle over every       most six minutes on the NASCAR               “We’re going to fight to hold       2012, lost more precious time          preciate everyone else giving me
single kilometre. But I think it’s      veteran entering the final five          on to the slender lead we have          when he was forced to make three       my personal space,” Bogut said.
interesting, it’s sport,” said the      days of the race.                        over him (Gordon),” said the            unscheduled stops.                         Stephen Jackson scored a
Spaniard.                                   Gordon said that he had no op-       Frenchman.                                   Initial reports suggest his       game-high 34 points to lead the
    Gordon, 43, had been high-          tion but to attack in what remained          “I started to wonder if Nasser      American-backed Hummer had             Bucks while Carloss Delfino
lighted by Peterhansel as the           of the Rally but he sounded full of      was having technical problems           suffered problems with its alterna-    added 18 points as Milwaukee
dangerman after Monday’s stage          confidence.                              when I saw that he wasn’t catch-        tor.                                   improved to 3-6.
and the American didn’t do any-             “We’re in a different position       ing me up.                                   He decided to call time on his        French guard Tony Parker led
thing to dissuade him from that         to him (Peterhansel),” said Gor-             “It means that Gordon is on his     title defence at the 174km mark        San Antonio with 22 points and
point of view as he further ate into    don.                                     own now and for us that makes           of the timed special in a race in      eight assists while Tim Duncan
the French Dakar legend’s lead.             “He has to conserve his time         things a little bit better. There are   which, despite his mechanical          added 20 points, eight rebounds
    Gordon, whose best finish was       and I’ve got to make it. We’ve got       flaws with the Hummers. I just          gremlins, he still managed to post     and seven assists for the Spurs, who
third in the 2009 edition, timed        four days left, four real days of rac-   hope that we’ll be able to take ad-     the fastest times in the second and    fell to 6-4, still the best mark in the
4hr 35min 21sec, a min 38sec            ing left (the final stage on Sunday      vantage of them.”                       seventh stages. — AFP                  Southwest division. — AFP                                                                                                                      1012/BC-GPXB ISSN: 0868-3069

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