Herbs and folk medicine for weight loss

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					Herbs and folk medicine for weight loss. Traditional methods for weight loss. Herbs for weight loss,
natural laxatives

Overweight people began to struggle for a long time - in fact, obesity is not a problem for centuries.
You would think that our ancestors were obese - probably not as much as we are today. And all
because they are somehow used effective way to lose weight - for fitness clubs, exercise equipment
and pills were not there before, and the standards of beauty and health have always been.

Traditional methods for weight loss

Over the centuries many people have accumulated weight loss methods, and today they are
different from today primarily for its safety. It is safe and popular way to lose weight is their main
advantage, and effectiveness - it is a matter of time and patience.

There are other advantages: natural, although she also linked to security, not to expensive, the
spectrum of folk remedies is very wide. The lack of one, if you can consider it a disadvantage - long
to wait for the result, but in the meantime you can get rid of many related diseases.

Herbal medicine for weight loss: study of medicinal herbs

Our ancestors, of course, used the power of herbs, not only for weight loss: to collect them, made
various tinctures and decoctions, treated ailments and washed the wound. The secrets of traditional
medicine were transmitted orally from one generation to another, and even modern conventional
medicine, which owns the latest scientific technology, can not fail to recognize the useful and
amazing healing properties of plants and herbs. Moreover, thanks to the observations and
experiences of physicians and scientists, both ancient and modern, in the last century a special
science of the treatment plants - herbal medicine. The study and use of herbs for weight loss can be
considered one of the most sought after and popular sections of herbal medicine. The structure of
fees for weight loss can include quite a variety of herbs and plants.

By choosing this method of losing weight, you will not only get rid of the excess weight, but also
cleans, nourishes, protects your body: even one plant may have benefits to several organs and
systems, to organize their work and eliminate failures. Parallel cured and relieved many chronic
problems that have accumulated over the years, strengthens the immune system and increases the
overall resistance.

Most professionals involved in phytotherapy, recommend pick up his grass growing in the area
where the person lives. The fact that plants of the same climatic zone, where we live, affect the body
more efficiently, and their beneficial properties easily and quickly accepted. Although exceptions, of
course, there are, as everywhere else. The quality of grass and time of collection are also important
because herbs gathered in the wrong season, can do little good.

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Herbs for weight loss. Herbs that promote weight loss

How, then, there are herbs for weight loss ? First of all, they are divided into several categories.

There are herbs that regulate hunger, or what we call appetite. Often, our appetite is just a habit, a
conditioned reflex, which includes every time we see food or feel its smell.

Plants such as root marshmallow , seed flax , angelica , spirulina - known medicinal weed, if it
enters the stomach begin to swell, and when their volume increases, a person has a feeling that the
stomach is full. Some of these plants gently envelop the gastric mucosa, resulting in decreased
appetite, too. Of course, it is not necessary to replace these foods with herbs - they should be used as
a supplement to low-calorie diet.

Obesity and overweight are often accompanied by the accumulation in the body of excess fluid and
toxins. Burdock , plantain , horsetail , bilberry leaf, bear ears and other herbs not only help get rid
of excess fluid, but also flushes toxins and eliminate waste products, thus contributing to weight the
body and cleanse the body . Here, however, also need to be careful and do not drink teas diuretic
herbs too often unchecked, otherwise you can cause dehydration.

There are plants, normalizing liver and gallbladder. This improves the process of digestion, and
when the food is better absorbed excess fat deposited no time, where this is not desirable, and
obesity does not arise. These herbs include barberry , thoroughwax, dandelion , corn silk, milk
thistle, everlasting .

Traditional herbs for weight loss - natural laxatives

Another group of herbs - mild natural laxative . Colon Cleansing and its normal function is
essential for maintaining a healthy weight. The collection of these herbs are a good complement to
the various diets and unloading days, as they stimulate the entire digestive system, removal of
residues and excess fat. This anise , fennel , cumin , bark buckthorn , rhubarb , licorice , buckthorn
and other plants.

Tonic herbs also contribute to weight loss - they make us energetic and mobile. When we spend
more energy we expend more calories and Lose Weight. However, these plants also should be used
with caution, as they tend to improve the appetite - it's rosemary , ginseng , lemongrass , ginger,
Siberian ginseng , turmeric.
Ginger tea for weight loss

For those who want to lose weight, ginger tea is very useful, stimulating metabolism and digestion.
Pour a teaspoon of minced ginger root with boiling water, add honey and lemon. This drink can be
drunk in the morning on an empty stomach and at night, and eventually it will help get rid of fat.
You can just add ginger green tea.

Recipe for weight loss of the popular herbs

Many herbs that grow in wastelands and in gardens, most people just do not notice. Adding them to
the camp for weight loss can be achieved very good results. For example, if you take one of the roots
of chicory and dandelion roots and three parts of burdock , boil a tablespoon of the collection cup
of boiling water and infuse for about an hour, then strain, you get an effective infusion slimming . It
must take at least a month, half a cup a day for half an hour before meals.

Herbs for weight loss

Herbs for weight loss are not only used for the preparation of infusions and decoctions, but also for
bathing. Bath with mother-and-stepmother helps lose weight, cleans pores and sebaceous glands,
and also stops the inflammation, especially if you add to it the flowers of calendula .

Another bath - with plantain , leaves of birch and oregano is a good addition to a varied diet,
helping us to make the shape slim and light.

As you can see, not have to use exotic plants growing in remote places of the planet - we can help
those herbs that grow right under your feet. Medicinal plants and natural duties safely and
gradually restore metabolism, removal of residues contribute to the breakdown of fat and weight
after not returned. Of course, drinking herbal slimming need long, but there are advantages, which
we have already mentioned - in passing and a general condition of the body and overall health.

Of course, keep in mind that traditional remedies and herbs can also have a contraindication, so
before applying it is better to consult a doctor, especially if you have a serious chronic illness.
Choose themselves the natural recipes that work for you, take seriously their use, and you will
become healthier, and your figure - slim and beautiful.

Description: Herbs and folk medicine, traditional methods for weight loss. Overweight people began to struggle for a long time - in fact, obesity is not a problem for centuries. You would think that our ancestors were obese - probably not as much as we are today