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									Bunches of red berries oblong, thin spines, elegant appearance - all barberry

 Huge lush bushes of this plant can be found on the slopes of ravines and gullies, forest edges and
clearings. Often you can see the barberry on a city street, because he has proven himself as an
ornamental plant. It can also be used as a hedge - through these thorns just no one would get into
the house. And this is a honey and medicinal plants, as will be discussed in this article.

Can boast of barberry

The whole bush can be used for medicinal purposes. Thus, in the leaves, bark and roots of barberry
contain alkaloids, the main one - berberine . And in the bark and roots of berberine most. In these
parts of the plant have tannins and vitamins C and E.

Barberry fruits rich in organic acids (citric, malic, tartaric, etc.), useful pectin, sugars, a lot of
vitamin C in them, there is a vitamin K, as well as carotene and mineral salts. In the unripe fruit is
also alkaloids.

Barberry in official and folk medicine

Pharmacies can meet the roots, bark and leaves of Berberis vulgaris . Also based on barberry
prepare medicines to get rid of internal bleeding, hypotension uterus after childbirth, as choleretic
diskenzii with biliary tract, cholecystitis, as well as problems with the liver, gallbladder. Help
agents barberry diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

In popular tradition in many countries also apply the fruits of barberry as choleretic, hemostat,
stimulates appetite and bowel tonic agent. It is known that the fruit can also be used as a diuretic,
laxative easy, antipyretic, sedative, astringent and anti-inflammatory agent. Drug from the fruit is
also used to strengthen the heart muscle.


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Thanks pectin barberry can rid the body of toxins as well as pectin has the ability to draw in and
gelatinize heavy metals, salts, and other harmful compounds. Forming lumps in the intestines,
containing the toxins, free pectin removes them from the body, cleaning the intestines and release of
the entire body of toxins.

How to harvest medicinal raw materials of barberry. Drugs charges
The most useful in barberry - is bark . It is dried in a room in a draft or in an oven at a
temperature of 40-50 ° C. Bark collected during movement of juice, roots - in the early spring or in
October. A considerable part of the roots have to leave, lest the plant. Wash the roots are not
necessary, since the alkaloids dissolve in water.

Leaves barberry collected when the plant and flower buds appear during flowering. They are dried
and ground, store in a sealed container.

Useful properties of barberry

barberry Treatment: folk remedies

Here are some recipes for therapeutic agents that can be prepared independently from different
parts of Berberis vulgaris.

Barberry leaves

Infusion : 10 g of minced raw (1 tablespoon), pour a cup of boiling water, put in a water bath.
Better use of enameled cookware. Extract heat, covered for 15 minutes, then cool naturally for one
hour. Strain, dilute to the original. Infusion of the leaves take a quarter cup up to four times a day
as an anti-inflammatory in diseases of the liver and biliary tract.

Barberry bark

Broth : 20 g of raw sugar and 400 ml of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes and let stand for 4 hours,
strain and increase the volume of funds to 500 ml. Accepted in bleeding quarter cup 3-4 times a
day. If bleeding is severe, it is best to drink 2 tablespoons in an hour.

The root of the barberry

The broth is made in the same way as a decoction of bark. Both broth can be used to rinse the gum
inflammation as barberry has antibiotic properties.

Barberry berries

Jams, marmalades, jellies, syrups - this is an incomplete list of "drugs" that can be made from the
fruit of barberry. Collect them immature to not choking. You can simply fill berries with sugar and
store in the refrigerator can be drier or make wine, brandy, liqueur, etc. And then on the basis of
harvested berries make a drink that is well quench your thirst, appetite returns, will antipyretic
effect when feverish. Or just eat the jam, while getting rid of constipation, hemorrhoids, help the
sick liver or bladder, improve blood circulation.

The specialists say that any means of barberry give no side effects and is well tolerated by humans.

Barberry drink

So prepare barberry drink. Take 50 g of dried barberry , 60 g sugar, 1 g of vanilla powder.
Barberry good wash out and fill with boiling water (1 liter) and then boil on low heat for 10
minutes. After this we give the brew drink for 2 hours. At the completion of the filter, add sugar,
vanilla powder dissolve in boiling water, and also to Spill drink. So prepare delicious drug with
choleretic and diuretic properties.

Barberry in cooking. Seasoning barberry

Not to mention, and the properties of barberry as condiments . Many judges put it in rice, and then
the dark nucleoli barberry perfect shade lighter color dishes and give it a unique flavor. You can
also prepare the seasoning of the fruit, and then get the status of barberry spice.

So, seasoning of barberry harvested for future use. You can try to make a little bit to determine the
preferences. First berries are washed, filled with water (just to cover) and cook until soft. Then rub
through a sieve and poured sugar in the ratio of 250 g of sugar per 1 kg barberry puree. Add the
powdered ginger, cloves and cinnamon and cook again, stirring, until thickened. Then immediately
pour into jars and roll. This is very good seasoning for meat and fish dishes.

And another kind of seasoning, which is cooked very simply, dried berries, pound to a powder, put
on Storage in airtight container. This seasoning can be served with a shish kebab, kebab, the
mutton broth. Unique taste of barberries give dishes exquisite taste.

Contraindications to receive barberry

Berberis vulgaris and its products should not be taken without consulting a doctor if the bleeding is
caused by menopause or childbirth. The infusions are not recommended for pregnant women.
Precautions should be used for gallstones, cirrhosis of the liver. If there is suspicion of hepatitis, it is
best to see a doctor as well. It will determine the cases in which you can take medication based on
barberry . Also should not be treated barberry children up to 12 years .

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