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									Bergamot: effect on people, nice features, and treatment. Bergamot in perfumes and cosmetics. Tea
with bergamot

Spice bergamot

Of tea with bergamot today know almost everything, but that's what the plant is, it is known to few.
Bergamot - the plant family Rutaceae . It turns out that this is a very large family: it has trees and
shrubs, and herbs, and combines them one property - there is a lot of essential oils .

Citrus fruits, which include bergamot , too, are a subfamily of Rutaceae. Bergamot does not grow
in nature - it is believed that he removed the man. Accurate information about this, however, is not:
it is assumed that this was in China, but when it was, the scientists do not know exactly. There is
another version, is very interesting: Bergamot is a hybrid - its appearance is caused by a mutation
of orange .

History of bergamot

In Europe, bergamot was grown in Italy - in the province of Reggio Calabria. The fruits, according
to one version, the name comes from the city of Bergamo - not far from the city were built
plantation bergamot , and at one time it was even called "the Bergamo orange."

It is believed that the use of bergamot first learned French perfumers, wishing to give the spirits of
the living scent.

According to other sources, bergamot first used in Italy, is based on its essential oil cologne, and it
happened in the XIV century, in one of the Florentine monastery.

The secret to making «aqua regina» - «royal water" until the second half of the XVII century, could
not find one, though many have tried. Only a pharmacist from Cologne has managed to do it, so
that today, most people think that cologne - «Eau De Cologne», «Cologne water" - actually first
appeared in the city.

As you can see, the story of bergamot in human society began with its use in the production of
perfume - an area where it is successfully used today. Rather, in perfumes and cosmetics used oil of
bergamot , and very wide.

In southern Italy bergamot grown so far: it grows well there, because he loves the heat and
humidity. Other regions where it is growing, albeit in smaller amounts - China, India, the Black Sea
coast of the Caucasus.


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Tree Bergamot can reach 10 meters in height, and its prickly branches, but when the tree blooms,
its flowers are very beautiful, and they smell just wonderful. Fruiting tree with the beginning of
autumn to winter, as many citrus fruits and cut the fruit bergamot like lemon or orange .

I must say that the bergamot is most often grown for essential oil : it is obtained not only from the
peel of the fruit, but also from the flowers, leaves, and even the young shoots of the plant.

Useful properties of bergamot

Bergamot has medicinal properties, and so it is used in medicine . Its healing properties mentioned
in the sources of the early XIX century, but, of course, use bergamot medicinally began much
earlier. There is also evidence of the use of oil of bergamot a German physician, is used for
treatment of many diseases in the XVII century.

In those days, when there were no antibiotics, it was used as an antiseptic: prepared from a balm,
very good for skin infections and inflammations. Even with serious wounds using fruit bergamot : it
was cut and applied to the damaged area.

Treatment of bergamot. Tea with bergamot

So far, bergamot is used in the treatment of viral and colds, to strengthen the immune system and
improve sexual function .

Bargamot relieves spasms and soothes, improves digestion tea with bergamot, which is loved by
many, purifies the skin and age spots disappear, tones and reduces enlarged pores .

Fragrant, slightly spicy tea with bergamot different special, refined and delicate taste, helps to
relieve fatigue, get rid of stress and the effects of stress.

The use of oil of bergamot

The most commonly used essential oil of bergamot , which produced quite easily. If you squeeze the
peel of bergamot hands, already available from oil - a bright emerald green. The aroma of
bergamot oil is amazing: it flower, and it felt shades of lemon and orange, but not sour and sweet
and fragrant. Top quality oil is just that, which squeezed his hands to squeeze the peel when
thousands of fruits, you get about 900 ml of oil.

Bergamot oil is used to treat skin infections and acne , in the care of oily skin and scalp, to relieve
irritation after insect bites - it helps to relieve stress from the skin.
Bergamot in the perfume industry

In the perfume industry bergamot oil is used along with rosemary oil , orange , neroli:
manufacturers of perfumes and colognes enjoy fruity floral scent of the green fruit.

The smell of the perfume invigorates and refreshes, improves mood and helps to maintain a balance
between tranquility and excitement, as a favorable influence on the hypothalamus is responsible for

Bergamot action on human

When a person is in a fragile emotional state, bergamot oil relieves anxiety and fear, sadness and
depression . The human psyche is stabilized, he raised self-esteem, a feeling of joy and happiness.

This property psychologists have learned to use to help people improve communication skills,
encourage creativity, imagination and thinking. The fact that the oil of bergamot promotes
concentration and clarity of thought, it is known for a long time, so those who go on a difficult exam
or an important job interview, it is recommended to inhale a mixture of oils of bergamot, grapefruit
and lavender .

For those who find it difficult to get up in the morning, it is recommended to take a shower gel or
soap, which includes bergamot .

For headaches and tension in the neck massage will help withtitle = "grape seed" grape seed oil,
which have essential oils of bergamot and neroli - a few drops.

Abdominal massage with oil of bergamot helps improve digestion, stimulate the appetite, especially
for those who need to recover from a serious illness.

Bergamot in cosmetology

In cosmetology bergamot oil is used for oily and combination skin: reduces inflammation and
normalizes the sebaceous and sweat glands, eliminates harmful fungi and parasites.

When colds and runny nose bergamot oil is used to reduce fever, relieves inflammation of the
nasopharynx, clears sinuses.

In aromatherapy today bergamot oil is used very often - both separately and in combination with
other oils.

Bergamot is also included in many dietary supplements are recommended for strengthening the
immune system and improve overall health .

Bergamot oil has many desirable properties : heals wounds, deodorizes, and even has a diuretic
effect antihelminthic. Nursing mothers, under normal tolerance bergamot oil , increases lactation.
Bergamot in cooking

Applies whether bergamot and oil in cooking, and how? The fact that the taste fruit bergamot
pretty tasteless - it sour, bitter, so cooking is not caught on, but in those countries where it is grown,
it is made into marmalade or candied fruit cooked.

Bergamot is unpretentious, and it can grow in the room, like a lemon or orange, the more so that its
appearance can decorate any room. The plant is not so demanding on the soil, like other citrus
fruits, and more resistant to drought, but likes light and moisture. In the summer, better make
bergamot in the air, and in the winter to keep the sun, but in the room should not be too hot.

In summer the plant watered abundantly, and in winter a little - with warm water. With regular
feeding and correct formation of the crown plant will bear fruit, like other citrus fruits, from 1 to 4
times a year.

Bergamot Marmalade: Recipe

If you want to grow fruit, or you can buy them anywhere, then try to make an original sweet

You will need sugar (1.2 kg), water (1.2 L), lemon and 5 fruit bergamot. Actually need is fruit-peel:
it must be carefully removed, cut into squares, not very large, cover with fresh water and leave for
3 days. Several times during this time the water should be drained, and pour a new one: so you can
get rid of unnecessary bitterness. Then brown again pour clean water and boil, and water is
poured. Boiled brown sugar sleep again filled with water - a little, so that they cover, and then put
to boil. Crust should cook as long as a drop of syrup will not cease to flow on a plate - the same as in
the case of jam. Then it is necessary to squeeze the juice from the lemon and pour it into the mix
and stir. Ready to pour into jelly molds.

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