12 University Trips to Uncover the Magic of Morocco by amirdawood3


									University Trips to Uncover the Magic of

University trips are an important part of a student's learning experience, giving many the
opportunities to experience first hand what they have only studied in a theoretical context.
History is brought to life, science is experienced, geography is witnessed and culture and
languages are absorbed. There is no doubt that travelling to any of the four corners of the world
will enhance educational development and broaden any student's views on the world we live in
and the subjects they are passionate about.

What Morocco has to offer - Marrakesh

Morocco is a destination that lends itself to many different areas of study. The capital city of
Marrakesh is a cultural gem and is a wonderful place for students to get a real feel for the culture
and heritage of this North African country. Although the city is close to the UK, and is easily
accessible, it could not be more different. Stepping into Marrakesh is like entering another world.
The colours, smells, music and vibrancy are overwhelming. If it wasn't for the tell tale signs of
modernity in the form of cars and televisions you could easily be stepping into an ancient world
of sorcerers, princesses and rajas.

The souk in the city is the country's largest and is the central meeting point for locals and visitors
alike. People while away the evenings here eating, drinking mint tea and sharing news. Dancers
and musicians decorate the streets and locals selling all sorts of spices and street snacks ply their
wares and call out for business.

The city has many mosques, typical examples of the African heritage that presides in the
country. They are beautifully adorned and are excellent places to discover Islamic art and get a
feel for Islamic culture. Marrakesh houses a modern art museum, too, which is certainly worth
including in any visit to this magical city.

The city is a feast for the senses and so wonderfully diverse in culture that those students on
university trips centred here can't help but have a fulfilling and memorable time.

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