Food, in the general sense of the word, is not limited to food,

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					Food, in the general sense of the word, is not limited to food, but also includes air saturation of the
physical body and the power of the mind.

Nutrition and body

To nourish the body and the air full of energy, are more oxygen, the most important, if no food man can
live days, without air - minutes.

In cold weather, the air is exhausted and it contains less oxygen, so in the winter there is a reduction of
energy, not only from the lack of sun, but also from a lack of oxygen.

A set of vital energy through breathing is constantly and without a will, but for a more effective set of
energy, the following rules apply: the back should be straight, shoulders

straightened (respiration depends more on posture - hunched in it less), breathing should be smooth,
rhythmic, sufficient depth, and is usually carried out through the nose.

If there is an obstacle to the passage of air, even in the same half of the nasal passages - the body does
not get in plenty of energy through respiration.

In chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa is disturbed temperature not only inflammation, but also
the surrounding tissue - maxillary sinus border wall with the pituitary gland of the brain, and the
constant violation of temperature upwards leads to vascular disorders, depression occur, so , it is
important to pay attention to the condition of the mucous nasal passages, if necessary use the medicine
after consulting your doctor.

Prolonged inhalation, whatever that may be, concentrated impurities in the air leads to diseases of the
lungs and respiratory system in general.

Improve respiratory function by using breathing exercises and other physical activities while reducing
the harmful effects of the environment.

For a complete set of energy through food, the following conditions: daily diet should include a set of
essential nutrients, the body must have a satisfactory absorption of food consumed.

Speaking about the set of energy through food can not mention water. Water does not make a man of
energy, but it is necessary for the entire body and digestion in particular. The most useful is pure raw
water at room temperature, is used in small amounts, about 200 g, 15 minutes before meals or 2 hours
after, and the water is not only mechanically washes the esophagus, but also helps the body eliminate
toxins formed during digestion.

Drinking regime must meet lifestyle, with the need to consider the available Mt. disease.

Sunlight is necessary for all living things, without the energy of the sun, life would be impossible.
The sun energy source, since the material world, including the human body, is a limited bundle of
energy, replenishing energy by sunlight (as well as for two other types of energy gain), has its limits,
which depend on the innate and acquired properties of the body, m . on. all necessary measure.

Using the sun's energy, we must remember that ultraviolet rays can cause overheating, not only the skin
but also the subcutaneous tissue, which may exacerbate the existing Mt. diseases. People with sensitive
skin, you need to reduce sun exposure to a minimum.

Nutrition and mind

Unseen world, as well as material, is subject to certain laws and regulations.

Instinct is "guts" of our psyche.

Brain - a part of the body, is the link between the body and the psyche.

Consciousness - part of the psyche, the link between the soul, the inner and outer world of man.

Without the development of human consciousness is like a wild animal driven nature, the development
of consciousness in which comes to an embryonic state.

For a better understanding of mental processes, draw a simple analogy with the human body: the
psyche - is the invisible body, instincts - the composition of the body (heart, lungs, etc.), where the
conscious and subconscious mind are of the body, as well as the two hemispheres of the brain that
interact with each other.

Emotions can be compared with the blood, emotions (and blood), are in constant motion, which is
necessary for the transport of nutrients to all components of the invisible body (mind), and to remove
metabolic products.

If the physical body needs nutrition, movement, cleansing and relaxation, it is also our invisible body -
mind, for their growth and development needs in all this.

A type of food and the saturation energy of the psyche is the spiritual energy.

Since the birth of consciousness for a little man to spiritual unity, and in this period of life such unity for
it is the spiritual connection with people exhibiting care of him.

Gap with meaningful spiritual connection to the child breaks the people's psyche. This does not
necessarily mean separation from their parents break spiritual connection is possible even in the case
where one (or both) of their parents, for whatever reason, start to hate your child, maiming, thus, his
weak psyche.

Time passes and the spiritual connection to replace a child - a parent, a teenager comes spiritual
connection - a team or a company, and so on, thus people get older, finds appropriate to the age and
interest of uniting close to him in the spirit of the people, it can be a religious organization, political
party, the working group, the Society of dogs, etc., ie that can unite, causing thus the unity of the spirit,
the greater the number of people exposed to the doctrine, faith, idea, opinion, or interest and more
pronounced than they are - the more, each participant receives the spiritual energy of this education.

In addition to some powerful unified energy of spirits (of public opinion), and there is energy created by
one person, such as self-esteem and even self-esteem, etc., created by the higher energy, the more
respectively transformed energy back person. This energy is not comparable in strength to the
combined energy of the spirits, but it is also important for a person.

Also, the mind is necessary nutrition information coming into the brain through the senses, of course,
not all useful information changes, but only the part that saturate instincts of a huge flow of information
all irrelevant stimuli are eliminated.

In today's world of information is huge, this is bound to affect the psyche - anger, frustration and other
negative reactions is a consequence of congestion and pollution of the mind of its various attachments
of the material world.

Prerequisite for normal development of the mind and body are fun, that is satisfaction of their needs,
namely instincts.

Psyche, the birth of human growth and development, with the more complex instincts, the period of
life, instincts develop unevenly, also uneven fading, fading one (or more) of instincts, as a rule, leads to
the extinction of life itself.

Saturation (satisfaction) instincts of a normal person is automatic, as well as the act of breathing or

Some examples. The work, a bargain was full of food and survival instinct. Communication with the
opposite sex is the saturation of the sexual instinct, as well as sexual intimacy.

The upcoming advantageous marriage for a girl could mean mental and physical satisfaction of instincts

Psyche, as well as the body is not eternal, so you can not get energy to infinity thus imbuing their
instincts, thus constant, moderate saturation instinct is one of the important conditions for the normal
functioning of the mind and body.

Instincts can temporarily weaken, deteriorate, or fade away completely and then, as has been noted
earlier, the program's life is at risk or exits. For example, the weakening instinct of self-preservation can
be expressed in a careless attitude to life, especially in cases where the person has to take that. More
examples. The extinction of the sexual instinct usually ends death in a short time, long-lived, tend to
retain sexual function for a long time. With fading, degradation, or the development of an instinct of
love man also doomed.
The instinct of love is expressed in the provision of assistance to those in need. The criterion in this case
is consciousness.

Accidental loss does not happen. Nature destroys all the little lifeless and unclean. When a person takes
more out of life than she can give, it is waiting for the premature death or gradual degradation of the
animal level.

When young children are dying, sometimes it seems that the death of this is an error or injustice, but it
is not, death is accidental, mistake, or something else - the reason comes from past incarnations ...


Faith (religion) is the light for the mind, illuminating the way of life of our body.

The soul, in fact, is a part of god and does not need what else feeding the soul is perfect, but in order to
keep the connection between consciousness and the soul in the next life, you must have a bright mind
and good works.

Description: Food, in the general sense of the word, is not limited to food, Nutrition and body To nourish the body and the air full of energy, are more oxygen, the most important, if no food man can live days, without air - minutes.