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					             Graduate Curriculum Committee Course Proposal Form
                  for Courses Numbered 5000 and Higher

  Note: Before completing this form, please carefully read the accompanying instructions.
                                         HLTH 6007                              2/13/07
  1. Course prefix and number:                                2. Date:
  3. Requested action (check only one box):
                x New Course
                     Revision of Active Course
                     Revision & Unbanking of a Banked Course
                     Renumbering of an Existing Course from
                          from    #                to     #
  4. Justification (assessment or accreditation based) for new course or course revision or
       course renumbering:
The Graduate Faculty in the Department of Health Education and Promotion, in response to
an assessment of the graduate curriculum, identified the need for a course dealing with
health productivity management issues in the MA in Health Education curriculum. This
course will be an elective and provide interested students with an overview of productivity
management initiatives in worksite settings.

  5. Course description exactly as it should appear in the next catalog:
6007. Employee Health and Productivity (3) P: Admission to the MA in health education
and promotion or consent of instructor. Strategies for measuring the relationship between
employee health and productivity.

  6. If this is a course revision, briefly describe the requested change:

  7. Graduate catalog page number from current graduate catalog:                  227

  8. Course credit:
          Lecture Hours 3 Weekly OR                 Per Term Credit Hours         3     s.h.
          Lab                  Weekly OR            Per Term Credit Hours               s.h.
          Studio               Weekly OR            Per Term Credit Hours               s.h.
          Practicum            Weekly OR            Per Term Credit Hours               s.h.
          Internship           Weekly OR            Per Term Credit Hours               s.h.
          Other (e.g., independent study) Please explain.
                                                           Total Credit Hours     3     s.h.

  9. Anticipated annual student enrollment:                                       20

  10. Affected degrees or academic programs:
11. Overlapping or duplication with affected units or programs:
         x   Not Applicable
             Notification & response from affected units is attached

12. Approval by the Council for Teacher Education (required for courses affecting
      teacher education programs):
         x   Not Applicable
             Applicable and CTE has given their approval.

13. Statements of support:
      a. Staff
         x     Current staff is adequate
               Additional Staff is needed (describe needs in the box below):

      b. Facilities
         x    Current facilities are adequate
              Additional Facilities are needed (describe needs in the box below):

      c. Library
         x    Initial library resources are adequate
              Initial resources are needed (in the box below, give a brief
              explanation and an estimate for the cost of acquisition of required
              initial resources):

     d. Computer resources
         x  Unit computer resources are adequate
            Additional unit computer resources are needed (in the box below,
            give a brief explanation and an estimate for the cost of acquisition):

         x   ITCS Resources are not needed
             The following ITCS resources are needed (put a check beside each
                  Mainframe computer system
                  Statistical services
                  Network connections
                  Computer lab for students
             Approval from the Director of ITCS attached

14. Course information: see Instructions for Completing the Graduate Curriculum
      Committee Course Proposal Form for more detail.
      a. Textbook(s): author(s), name, publication date, publisher, and city/state/
   Leutzinger, J. and Sullivan, S. (2004). The Platinum Book: Practical
      Applications of the Health and Productivity Management Model.
      Scottsdale, AZ: Institute for Health and Productivity Management.

b. Course objectives student – centered behavioral objectives for the
      Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
        a) Describe the correlation between employee risk factor status and
        b) Explain the health and productivity management model
        c) Analyze common strategic foundations used to guide health and
            productivity management programs
        d) Describe how health and productivity management programs add
            value to a company
        e) Distinguish between quantitative productivity measurement vs.
            qualitative productivity measurement
        f) Evaluate the direct impact of selected health and productivity
            management program on corporate performance indicators

c. A course topic outline
    I. Foundations of Health and Productivity Management
        a. Defining Health and Productivity Management
        b. History of Health and Productivity Management
        c. Health and Productivity Management Research Organizations
        d. Components of the Health and Productivity Management Model
        e. The Business Case for Managing Health and Productivity
        f.  Results from IBI’s Full-Cost Benchmarking Program
        g. Partnership for Prevention: Why Invest?

   II. Health and Productivity Management Applications at the Worksite
        a. Health and Productivity Management in Manufacturing Worksites
        b. Health and Productivity Management in Service Worksites

   III. Assessment and Planning Tools and Techniques
         a. Health and Productivity Assessment Options
         b. Challenges of Productivity Measurement
         c. Identifying Employees’ and Organizational Needs
         d. Establishing Goals and Objectives

  IV. Establishing and Evaluating an Integrated Health Data Management
      System (IHDMS)
       a. IHDMS Components
       b. Data Acquisition and Application

   V. Implementing and Evaluating Health and Productivity Management
        a.   Securing Essential Resources
        b.   Personnel Assignments
        c.   Process Evaluation
        d.   Impact Evaluation
        e.   Outcome Evaluation

d. A list of course assignments and weighting of each assignment and the
   grading/evaluation system for determining a grade.
       Module Discussion/Application Questions (100 points): Each student will
       complete 5 sets of module discussion/application questions (each set
       worth 20 points).
       Examination (200 Points): A practical application essay exam will be
       administered upon completion of the course. The exam will cover the text,
       assigned readings, and course lectures.
       Project (200 points): In consultation with the instructor, each student will
       select a corporation in which they will conduct an analysis on the
       employee health impact on productivity within the worksite. Students will
       be expected to prepare a written report detailing the results and provide
       recommendations to the worksite on how to improve productivity through
       worksite health promotion.
       Total Points = 500
       Evaluation Scale:
       450-500 = A
       400-449 = B
       350-399 = C
       Below 350 = F

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