10 steps to Social Media Success

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					10 Steps to Social Media Success for Small Businesses
Most companies think that new marketing programs cost a fortune to implement. With the advent of social media tools you can get your business reaching new heights for very little investment. Remember that Social Media is about conversation. To get you up and running quickly, here are 10 Steps to Success with Social Media: Step 1 – Listen first and then participate  Use tools like these to jump into the conversation: o Twitter o Friendfeed o Technorati o Tweetscan o Buzzlogic o Google Alerts o SM2 by Step 2 – Contribute to the Conversation - Start a Blog  Know the Type of Blog you want to start – CEO, customer support, thought leadership, etc.  Connect with other bloggers in your space to link content and promote each other’s stories – read & comment on other people’s blogs  Building an audience takes time  Make it easy to share your posts (Send by email, Submit to sharing services, etc  Offer a variety of ways to read the blog (RSS, by email, etc)  Be interesting & unique  Use Feedburner & Google Analytics to track where your traffic is coming from (collaborate with the traffic source & build partnerships) Step 3 – Build authority  Contribute to forums and community boards  Participate in Online Chats  Answer questions on LinkedIn and Yahoo Answers Step 4 – Leverage Facebook Create an updated professional profile Avoid risky content (pictures of you drunk) Connect with as many business people as you can Join groups related to your niche, participate & befriend people with similar interests  Add links to your profile  Post on the network  Post to other people’s walls    

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10 Steps to Social Media Success for Small Businesses
Step 5 – Leverage LinkedIn     Create an updated professional profile Import your address book to start building your network Answer questions to build reputation and authority Join groups & participate in them

Step 6 – Use press releases effectively  Your story can now be headline news  Use free press release services o o o o o Step 7 – Use social news aggregators  These tools help promote your content but depends on the power of the crowd to vote it up or down  If you write a popular article you can see massive amounts of traffic  Use the top 3 –,, and  You can submit simultaneously with sites like,, and Step 8 – Expand into using Multimedia tools  Once you have been publishing content in its basic form you should look at adding different dimensions and channels to create and distribute content  There are tons of multimedia tools out there for photos, audio and video. For example: o Flickr (photos) o PhotoBucket (photos) o Jumpcut (video) o Youtube (video) – offers 13 ways to share o Blip.TV (video) o Viddler (video) o Tubemogul (multiple video distribution) o Seesmic (short video comments) And hundreds of others… Step 9 – Share Documents that other people can use  Demonstrates knowledge  Promotes your openness  Examples are,, and Scribd

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10 Steps to Social Media Success for Small Businesses
Step 10 – Always be aware of new tools and new channels  This last step is a sort of closing the loop step  You should revisit the first nine steps and be aware of new tools that come out  Many people might migrate to a new tool so you should be aware of this o For Example: When everyone moved from Friendster to MySpace & Facebook  You will discover these sometimes through conversations on the channels they will ultimately be replaced by (your network is an excellent indicator)

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