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									ENER-G Welcomes Reforms to Business Energy Procurement

Energy procurement specialist ENER-G has welcomed Ofgem's proposed
reforms to the business energy procurement market.

Warwickshire, UK, 29 October 2012 -- Reacting to the Ofgem Retail Market
Review for business, Mark Alston, General Manager of ENER-G Procurement
(www.energ.co.uk/energy-procurement) said: "Ofgem's tough stance on rogue
energy brokers is particularly welcome. We have argued strongly in favour
of developing an industry-wide code of practice and are keen to work with
Ofgem to raise standards among energy brokers. There is an existing code
of practice developed by the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA),
which we adhere to, and we believe that this can form the basis of
Ofgem’s proposed new code.

"We hope that Ofgem will acquire the powers to take enforcement action
against rogue energy brokers who use high pressure sales tactics or
mislead customers, and remove such bad practice from our market. We have
resorted to supplying our customers with a Unique Broker Identification
Number to combat sharp practice by a minority of rogue brokers, which
helps verify that we are their legitimate representative."

ENER-G (www.energ.co.uk/energy-procurement) also added its support to
Ofgem's proposals for tackling supplier abuse of the switching objections
process. Mark Alston explained: "Attempts by suppliers to thwart a
customer's desire to switch energy suppliers can sometimes lock them into
uncompetitive contracts for illegitimate reasons - often leading to
outrageous default tariff terms and frustrating efforts to access the
competitive market."

He added:"It is positive news that the energy regulator intends to extend
rules for clearer contracts to a further 150,000 smaller businesses and
to ensure bills and statements show clear contract end dates. However, we
need clarity on how Ofgem will tackle the urgent 'elephant in the room'
of 'default' or 'out of contract terms', where customers who fail to
arrange a new supply contract before their renewal deadline can end up
paying extortionate rates. This is a major problem that affects both big
and small businesses and we call on Ofgem to urgently address this

ENER-G Procurement provides a free renewal reminder service which
automatically notifies businesses in advance of their contract renewal
deadline, providing ample time to research the market, compare deals and
find the most competitive new contract.

ENER-G Procurement is an independent energy purchasing specialist and a
founding member of the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA). ENER-G
works with manufacturers' organisation EEF to provide the EEF Energy
Services, and operates the Chamber Utilities™ service to Chambers of
Commerce across England.

For further information contact Robert Bishop at ENER-G Procurement:
em@energ.co.uk, 01527 855088, www.energ.co.uk/energy-procurement
Robert Bishop
Warwickshire, UK
01527 855088

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