Garden City Community College Endowment by alicejenny


									2010-2011 Garden City Community College Endowment Association Annual Report
Our Message
     The narratives reflected in this report represent just a few of the countless stories found across the Garden City Community
    College campus, and within our circle of friends at the GCCC Endowment Association.
     A determined woman who never thought college was possible realizes her potential. An instructor earns a grant for much-
    needed equipment. A single parent discovers the courage and strength to take that one extra class, despite pressing family
    demands. A student finds a place in a group that builds confidence and leadership.
      You’ll also encounter stories on the following pages of a local business honored for significant ongoing support, a non-
    traditional student who makes a major decision to change career paths, a pair of sisters inspired to give back after receiving, an
    aspiring artist whose efforts illustrate passion, and a local high school graduate who realizes the financial and academic benefits
    of attending a community college.
      These stories are true, and they became realities because of generous GCCC Endowment Association donors who selflessly
    gave to help ensure the future of the college and our association.
      To each individual, business, charitable organization, alumnus, friend and community volunteer, we offer our heartfelt thanks
    for enabling us to accomplish our mission…to aid, foster and promote the development and welfare of Garden City Community
    College, and the education and welfare of its students, faculty and alumni.
      At a time when the charitable revenues were down this past year across the nation, the GCCC Endowment Association was
    able to welcome a slight increase in annual support, exceeding the one million dollar mark at an impressive $1,032,140.76. Our
    spring scholarship auction reached an astonishing gross total of $182,000, the annual direct mail and phonathon campaign last
    fall met the $80,000 goal, 9 new scholarship funds were established, thousands of dollars were donated to current scholarship
    funds, and the level of support for designated scholarships increased significantly.
     These exciting developments make us proud to be affiliated with an outstanding educational institution like GCCC, and we
    have found equal excitement this year with the arrival of Dr. Herbert J. Swender as the new GCCC president.
                                                                    Dr. Swender’s extensive background includes not only powerful and
                                                                    decisive leadership, but also considerable experience in raising funds
                                                                     and building support, strong connections at the state and federal
                                                                       levels, innovation in accessing new resources, energetic enthusiasm
                                                                        for cooperative partnerships and shared endeavors, and a vision that
                                                                         encompasses the tremendous potential of the community, the region
                                                                           and the college.
                                                                                    On behalf of over 3,000 students served annually by Garden
                                                                                   City Community College – a student body from all walks of life
                                                                                    -- and also on behalf of the Endowment Association Board
                                                                                         of Directors and staff, we sincerely thank you for your
                                                                                            friendship, commitment and generosity this past year,
                                                                                             and ask your continued support in the promising
                                                                                             years ahead.
                                                                                               With Heartful Thanks,

                                                                                               Melinda Harrington | Executive Director

                                                                                               Nancy Leiker | Association President

To aid, foster and promote the development and welfare of the Garden City Community College, and the education and welfare of its students, faculty and alumni.”
Mary Jo Williams Charitable Trust                                                    FINNUP PIANO LAB
  The GCCC Endowment Association wouldn’t
be where it is today without the support of
Mary Jo Williams Charitable Trust, and we
sincerely thank the Trust for investing and
believing in GCCC!
  The Mary Jo Williams Charitable Trust has truly
demonstrated support for academics at GCCC in three
                                                                       GCCC music programs provide a strong measure of opportunity
distinctive ways: The Mary Jo Williams Comprehensive
                                                                     for music majors, offering a solid academic and performance
Learning Center, the academic hub of GCCC; the Mary Jo
                                                                     foundation to meet career needs and baccalaureate transfer
Williams Endowed Scholarship funds, which provide for
numerous academic scholarship opportunities in perpetuity;
and grant opportunities for faculty and staff seeking support         Technology and instruction are key elements of GCCC’s
for technology, labs, equipment or programs, and in meeting          outstanding music program…
additional needs.
                                                                       Convinced that technology would be an important and
                                                                     necessary component in the music education field, I conducted
2010-2011 Mary Jo Williams Grant Recipients:                         extensive research on how we could incorporate technology into
                                                                     our existing curriculum, and what equipment and software we
  John Fitzgerald, Ph.D., chemistry instructor, and Kay              would need to make it work. Next, knowing there was a Finnup
Davis, M.S., chemistry/physical science/geology instructor           Foundation grant opportunity through GCCC Endowment
and division director, together received a grant to fund             Association, I submitted a proposal for the GCCC Music
chemistry course equipment, including analytical balances,           Department in 1993.
heating plates and a melting point apparatus to replace
25-year-old equipment. ($8,174).                                       The request sought computers, electronic keyboards
                                                                     and accessories to equip nine student work stations and
  The Mary Jo Williams Math and Science Computer Lab                 an instructor’s station, plus music software, a printer and
received a grant for 25 flat screen computer monitors and            miscellaneous hardware. There aren’t words to convey my
an Elmo document camera to complete needed renovations.              astonishment when I learned the Finnup Foundation Trustees
($4,708).                                                            agreed to fund the entire $63,432.00! I still get chills when I
  Jean Warta, director of business and community education,          think about it today.
received a grant to transform an existing laptop computer lab          Over the past 18 years, the Finnup Foundation’s support has
into a permanently stationed high-tech desktop computer              contributed regularly, allowing us to stay current and up-to-date
lab, as well as a Smartboard instructor station. ($17,814).          even with technology’s rapid changes. Consequently, thanks to
                                                                     the Finnup Foundation’s generosity, the opportunities afforded
                                Garden City Community College
                                                                     our students are many.
                              has been named to a list of the top      The Finnup Piano Lab makes individualized training possible
                              120 community colleges in the U.S.     and allows each student to study according to his or her needs,
                                The list was released by the Aspen   ranging from beginning
                              Institute, of Washington, DC and       to advanced levels of
                              Aspen, Colo., and the institute’s      ability.  Each is able to
                              College Excellence Program. With       gain invaluable experience
                              approximately 1,200 community
                                                                     with computer equipment,
                              colleges serving the nation, the
                              ranking places GCCC among the top
                                                                     programs, and processes,
                              10 percent in the U.S.                 which are necessary tools in
                                                                     music education and in the
                                The community college rankings       modern music industry.
                              were created using public
                              information from the Integrated          In addition, the Finnup
                              Postsecondary Education Data           Foundation continues to
                              System, known as IPEDS. The            provide numerous academic
                              GCCC Board of Trustees received
                                                                     scholarships and program
                              the latest IPEDS report on GCCC
                              in December of 2010, noting that it
                              compared the local college with 56
                              peer institutions across the central   Carolyn Klassen
                              U.S., based on the 2009-2010 fiscal    GCCC Keyboard Instructor
                              and academic year.                     Director of Finnup Piano Lab

                                                                                             | 1
Jessica Barbo | My
  I have always lived by the motto, “Why put off until tomorrow
what can be done today?”, but when it came to completing
my education, the opportunity kept getting pushed off until
  Now, 11 years later after high school, or approximately 4,015
tomorrows later, the time has finally arrived!
  As a 1999 Lakin High School graduate, I was eager to get
out of the small town arena and experience the big city life.
I attended West Texas A & M University, but returned to the
Garden City area, as I wasn’t cut out to be a city girl. Marriage
and two children followed, and family became more important
than my education.
  Year after year, there was always something that prevented
me from returning to school – the inability to pay for the
tuition and books, and the inability to quit working full-time,
since I had to provide for my family.
  This all changed when I received a little piece of hope, a
scholarship application that arrived with my acceptance letter
to the Nursing Department at Garden City Community College

2 |
                                                                    -- Just maybe this was the ticket I needed to move forward and
                                                                    pursue my career dream and my future!
                                                                      I am so grateful for the Endowment Association and all
                                                                    the donors who selflessly donate to the cause. By providing
                                                                    financial assistance to someone, usually a complete stranger,
                                                                    donors truly do change lives. I was awarded the Fern K. Prewitt
                                                                    Kreutzer Memorial Scholarship, and the Fankhauser Family
                                                                    Scholarship, which helped cover the cost of my books. In the
                                                                    nursing program, books cost nearly as much as the tuition!
                                                                      Upon completion of the Associate Degree Registered Nursing
                                                                    Program at GCCC, I plan to pursue my bachelor of science in
                                                                    nursing degree and then my master’s degree, and one day hope
                                                                    to serve as a nurse practitioner in a rural community here in
                                                                    Southwest Kansas.
                                                                      I admire you, the supporters, and hope to eventually follow
                                                                    in your footsteps. Without you, my tomorrow may have never
                                                                    come. Because of you, supporters of scholarships at GCCC,
                                                                    I’m on the road to fulfilling my dream of helping others as a
                                                                    registered nurse.
My Story | Rachel Swank

k you
 Since my days in Kindergarten, I knew that I could sing.             In the fall of 2010, my freshman year, Mr. Wright, GCCC
                                                                    vocal music instructor, told me about National Honor Choir.
  I enjoyed singing very much and tried out for a solo in a
                                                                    Selection is based on an auditioned entry that is submitted
Christmas program every year, as well as a talent show staged
                                                                    online. The contents of our submission had to be on a scale on
each spring. I have been singing, and enjoying music, since I
                                                                    “la’s” going as low as I could and going up as high as I could, as
can remember.
                                                                    well as singing “America the Beautiful” in the range we wished
  My parents tell me stories about how they would play a            to perform, mine being soprano I. In addition, not the least of
tape in our old Chevy truck as we drove 30 miles into town          the challenges, we had to sing an art song our choice.
every morning. In those rides, as the songs started playing,
                                                                      I debated whether or not I wanted to audition right up until
particularly “Radar Love” by Golden Earring, I would start
                                                                    the very last minute, knowing how unlikely it was for me to
bopping around and getting crazy, sometimes going as far as
                                                                    make it.
trying to vocalize along with the music. Clearly, I have had a
great appreciation of music from the get go.                          One month later, I walked into College Singers practice and
                                                                    Mr. Wright handed me an envelope. I remember asking, “Is
  As my high school years seemed to drag by, I found that I
                                                                    this…,” and then jumping up with joy, knowing that I had made
wanted to become an orthodontist, but I stayed active in my
                                                                    National Honor Choir! Approximately 1,200 tapes across the
music classes, which took up almost half my schedule the last
                                                                    U.S. had been submitted, and out of 300 singers auditioning
two years.
                                                                    for the Women’s National Honor Choir, I was chosen.
  For my Buff project I wrote an arrangement of the famous
                                                                      I had three months to practice my music and arrange for the
rock-n-roll song, “Spirit in the Sky,” by Norman Greenbaum,
                                                                    trip to Chicago. My trip expenses were reduced through the
which I made into a jazz ensemble with vocals. In the frustrating
                                                                    scholarship I qualified for, which helped out tremendously.
process of this project, I spent 68 hours. when only 15 were
required, but learned many valuable lessons. Most important,         Words cannot explain my gratitude to every single person
I discovered that I’m not meant to be an orthodontist -- I am       who has helped me on my journey -- financially, vocally and
meant to dedicate my life somehow, some way, to music.              with encouragement and emotional support. I could not have
                                                                    done it without all your help.
  I decided that attending Garden City Community College
would be in my best interest, because I could still live at home,     Thank you for donating, volunteering and being a part of the
many scholarship opportunities had been offered to me and it        GCCC Endowment Association. You make a difference! As for
was affordable. The Vocal Music Scholarship, the Asel Harder        me, I will continue to work hard on my music major in vocal
Scholarship and the Dean’s Scholarship I received gave me           performance, and plan to transfer to Washburn University
more freedom to make school my job, and make my part time           after graduation to continue my journey. At GCCC I have
job of waiting tables less of a priority in my life.                discovered music is my lifetime career!
 Little did I know that other opportunities also awaited at
GCCC for me!

                                                                                             | 3
 The Endowment Association’s greatest asset is it’s endowment portfolio, which a portion is
invested locally throughout Southwest Kansas financial entities and the remainder is managed
professionally in a conservative manner with the Neihart Financial Group of Wells Fargo. Gifts
invested into an endowment make an impact now and in the future, ensuring longevity of donor
intent. The Endowment board of directors’ finance committee oversees these funds by monitoring
the portfolio and reports to the board quarterly.
 It’s important to note that we have a long-term perspective and a disciplined approach to
investing to ensure the strength of endowed funds.

 GCCC Endowment Association Assets - Book Value                                                                                                             6%

           10 YEAR COMPARISON                                                                                                                26%

   $8 Million
   $7 Million                                                                                                                                                   68%

   $6 Million
   $5 Million
   $4 Million                                                                                                                    Endowment Association
                                                                                                                                 Academic Scholarship Distribution
   $3 Million                                                                                                                                           2010 - 2011

   $2 Million                                                                                                                         Finney County Students









   $1 Million                                                                                                                         Other Kansas Students

                                                                                                                                        Out of State Students

                                      Statement of Assets & Equities
                                                                    June 30, 2011 (Unaudited)
                                                                                           Securities - book value              Securities - market value
         Cash and cash equivalents                                                                         $320,300                              $320,300
         Certificates of Deposit & Stocks                                                                 1,351,935                              1,351,935
         Marketable Securities                                                                            3,482,948                              4,359,616
         Accounts Receivable                                                                                      -                                      -
         Total Current Assets                                                                             5,155,183                             6,031,851
            Property and equipment, net                                                                      95,393                                 95,393
         Total Assets                                                                                   $5,250,576                             $6,127,244

4 |
                                                                      Planned Giving
                                                                         With proper planning, it is possible to reduce or eliminate
                                                                      income taxes (including capital gains tax on highly
                                                                      appreciated assets) and transfer taxes (including gift, estate,
                                                                      inheritance and generation-skipping). Further, in most cases,
                                                                      the transaction can be structured to enhance income for the
                                                                      life of the donor. Estate planning enables donors to leave a
                                                                      legacy at Garden City Community College and support future
                                                                      generations of students. Planned gifts also allow our alumni
                                                                      and friends to fulfill their financial and estate planning goals.
                                                                        Planned gifts can include cash, securities, stock, retirement
                                                                      plan assets, real estate, or life insurance proceeds, charitable
                                                                      remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, tax-free IRA
                                                                      transfers, charitable gift annuities and much more!
  Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom didn’t come, but 1,150                  To remember GCCC in your will or estate plan, it’s as simple
others did when the GCCC Endowment Association set sail April         as naming Garden City Community College Endowment
3 for “Pirate Cove,” the 33rd annual scholarship auction. With        Association (our legal name) as a beneficiary. If you’ve
                                                                      already included GCCC in your estate plan, contact us to
a theme designed around swashbucklers and scalawags at the
                                                                      ensure that your gift is properly recognized in the Heritage
Finney County Exhibition Building, the event reached port with a      Circle and that your intentions are carried out.
gross total of $180,749 for academic and technical scholarships.
  “We think this may have been one of the largest crowds we’ve          Need help planning? Garden City Community College
                                                                      Endowment Association, Commerce Trust Company of
had in years,” Association Executive Director Melinda Harrington
                                                                      Garden City and Western Kansas Community Foundation
said of the Southwest Kansans and others who climbed aboard           are proud to sponsor Stewardship Counseling, LLC, a
to bid on donated goods and services, as well as spend the            complimentary professional service.
evening at one of the community’s largest gatherings of the year.
                                                                        Stewardship Counseling, LLC offers comprehensive estate
  Mary Beth Williams, Garden City, may have made the biggest
                                                                      planning for you and your family. John W. Griffin, Esq.
haul of all, since her name was pulled out in the 800-ticket          travels across Kansas to offer this service through a wide
donation drawing for a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro convertible.             range of community and private foundations.
  The main event was a 115-item live auction conducted by Scott
                                                                       John will review your existing plan free of charge. No
Auction of Garden City, plus a 380-item silent auction.
                                                                                                    products are sold or
  It cost her $500, but Carolyn Kinney, Garden City, was the                                        endorsed     through     this
successful bidder for the eighth straight year on the right to                                      counseling process, only
name one of the conference rooms in GCCC’s Beth Tedrow                                              the opportunities to gain
Student Center, so the location will continue to be called the Bill                                 ideas. Given a choice, we all
Kinney Room in honor of her late husband.                                                           prefer to exercise a measure
  In addition to decorations ranging from banners to a pirate                                       of control over the final
ship, dining tables were strewn with cardboard pirate headgear,                                     disposition of our property.
Jolly Roger eye patches, and booty in the form of plastic coinage                                   Wills and trusts are the
                                                                                                    means to this end.
and jewels. Plenty of volunteers and auction goers helped set
the tone for the evening too. Dr. Herbert J. Swender concluded                                            One of the most valuable
his first official day as GCCC president by greeting guests at the                                      gifts you can give is the
door.                                                                                                   gift of education, contact
                                                                                                        the GCCC Endowment
  “We just can’t say thank you enough,” the director said, “and I
                                                                                                        Association to learn more or
wish I could do that in a hearty pirate’s voice for every mate on                                       to set up an appointment.
the ship.”
                                                                                              | 5
Endowed Scholarship Funds
Ila Adams Memorial                       1st Christian Church GC/Dot Munyan     Jeff Landgraf Memorial*                   Health
American GI Forum                          Memorial                             Allen & Nancy Leiker*                    Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial
American Legion Auxiliary #9             Robert Fenton Memorial                 Tonia Cockerill LeVasseur Memorial*       Business
Tina Amos Memorial Nursing               Frederick & Isabel Finnup Memorial     George & Daryle Lightner Memorial        Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial
Amy Arteaga Memorial*                    Fire Science*                          Gary Long Memorial                        Criminal Justice
Astraea Jr Club                          Florence Fletcher Memorial             Ellen Mai Memorial                       Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial
Barb Atkinson Memorial                   Warren Fouse Science & Math Memorial   Doral “Skip” Mancini                      Computer Science
Mamie Baker & Dixie Baker Memorial       Ardis & Luther Fry                     Ira J. Mann, Jr.                         Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial
Melvin Arthur Baker Memorial             D. C. & Irene Garcia Memorial          Paul O. Masoner Memorial                  Dietetic/Nutrition
Band                                     P.C.”Bill” & Velia Garcia Memorial     Louie Maune Memorial                     Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial
David Beasley Memorial                   Garden Medical Clinic                  Chelsea Marie Willson McElroy             Education & Library Science
David Blackard Ammonia Refrigeration     Barbara Gardiner Memorial                Memorial                               Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial Fine
  Education                              Garfield Elementary                    Carl McNaught Memorial/Darin Golay        Arts
William Blickenstaff Memorial            Casey Gillespie Memorial                 Memorial                               Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial
Boone Project- I Care                    Georgia Matthews/Bernard Killer        Harold E. McNeal Memorial                 Journalism/Communications
Juletta Boultinghouse Memorial Nursing     Memorial                             Dale Meadors Memorial                    Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial Music
Jeff Bowersox Memorial                   Arthur & Felicitas Goetz Memorial      Don Meinhardt Memorial                   Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial Office
BPW/Isabel M. Finnup Memorial            Joe & Lydia Gonzales                   Jane & Louis Mendoza Memorial             Administration/Mid-Management
Ken Bradley Memorial                     Barbara Gardiner Memorial              Mercer Art Gallery                       Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial
George & Carey Bretz Memorial            Georgia Matthews Elementary/Bernard    Albert & Francine Mesa Memorial           Science/Math/Tech.
Broncbuster Athletic Association           Killer Memorial                      John E. Miller Memorial                  Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial Social
Brookover Lecture Series                 Freda Greathouse Memorial              Kirk Gordon Miller Memorial               Science
Earl C. Brookover Memorial               Ralph & Fern Collins Greathouse        Arnold & Hattie Mueller Memorial         Elmer/Marian(Oatman) Shull Memorial
Evelyn Bryan Memorial Nursing              Memorial                             Suzanne Murphrey Memorial                Louise Shulman Memorial
Buffalo Jones Elementary School          Thomas Gruver Memorial                 Florence Nanninga Memorial               John Sims Memorial
Anne Burns/Scott, Selby & Florence       Norma Rowe Gunn Memorial               Ed Nicklaus Family                       Dick Smith/Don & Edythe McMillan
  Ballantyne Memorial                    Ed Hall Memorial                       Ernest O. & Susie Nunn Memorial           Memorial
Ray H. Calihan Sr. Memorial              Henry & Nellie Hall Memorial           Eric G. O’Dell Memorial                  Robert Smith Memorial
Delbert Campbell Memorial                Bob Halloran                           Opti-Mrs./Optimist                       Southwest Kansas Medical Society
Earle W. Campbell Memorial               HALO                                   Sister Aquinata Penka Memorial           Southwest Kansas Regional Prevention
Campbell Family                          Lois Hanson Memorial                   Leigh Perry Memorial                      Center
Harry Cannon Memorial                    Dr. Asel “Ace” Harder                  Homer F. & Phyllis G. Perryman           Elliott Spratt Memorial
Lynn & Mary Cannon Memorial              Clyde & Catherine Harmon Memorial        Memorial                               Wayne Stagaard Memorial
Myron J. Carr Memorial                   Duane & Mary Lou Hays Memorial         Plett Family                             Eleanor”Babe”Strasser Memorial ar.
Charles & Donita Claar Memorial          Lois Pepper Heard Memorial             Mary Ploger Memorial                     Stephanie Stromer Memorial
John & Jane Collins Memorial             Mildred Henselman Memorial             Plymell Community                        Sunrisers Kiwanis Club
Faye Collingwood Memorial                Mary “Betty” Herman Memorial Nursing   Angie Gonzales Posey Memorial            Don & Bonnie Talley Memorial
Community Fiesta                         Caldwell (O.C.) & Helen W. Hicks       K.O. & Ruth Powell Memorial*             David Tangeman Memorial
James Concannon Memorial                   Memorial                             Tim Purcell Memorial Baseball            Ray Taylor Memorial
Bessie Corley Memorial                   Diren Wayne Hill Memorial*             Tim Purcell Memorial Economics/          Beth Tedrow
Jim & Lula Duffy Cowgill Memorial        Ed Hooper                                Accounting                             Jeff & David Thayer Memorial
Criminal Justice                         Ethel Hooper Memorial                  Thelma Rapp Nursing Memorial             Edna Thompson Memorial
Crowley Memorial                         Ronald E. Hubert Memorial              Ruth Trinkle Read Memorial               Clinton R. Upchurch Memorial
Edith & Harry Darby Memorial             James B. Hubert Memorial               Reed/Miller Memorial                     Al Valenzuela Memorial
Albert Davis Memorial                    Doris Immroth Memorial Nursing         Chas. C Rockstrom/ American Legion       Ignacio “Rudy” & Josefina Valenzuela
Cecil & Catherine Davis*                 Jacque Sue Memorial (ABATE)              Memorial                                Memorial
Hilda G. Davis Memorial                  Irene James Memorial                   Antonio A. & Stella Rojas                Rudy Valenzuela Memorial
Mildred Denchfield Memorial              Bonnie Jameson Memorial*               Mary Mae Rooney Memorial                 Mae & Elmer Yale Vawter Memorial
Alvin & Marie Dewey Memorial             Jennie Wilson Elementary               Sonny Rowe Memorial                      Patricia “Patty” Vernon Memorial
John & Natalie Dickerson Memorial        Virginia Sue Johnson Memorial          Helen K. Rundell Memorial                Victor Ornelas Elementary “Star”
Jim Doll Memorial                        Taylor & Katherine Jones Memorial      Dr. Thomas Saffell                       E.F. & Edythe Lee Ware Memorial
D.V. & Alice Douglass Memorial           Lloyd & Pauline Joyce                  Dorothy Salais Memorial                  Andy & Grace Webdell
Avon Don Dyer Memorial                   Kansas Methionine Anti-Trust           Salmans Advisement Ctr/Sam&Agnes         David & Leah Mae Williams
Chuck Ellsaesser Memorial                Kearny County Future Firefighters*       Salmans Memorial                       Donnie Williams Memorial
Philip Escalada, Jr. Memorial            Jack & Kay Kelman                      Homer Salter Memorial                    David Wharton Memorial*
Edith Scheuerman Elementary              Donna Kennedy Nursing                  Emil Salyer Memorial                     E. Rose Eatinger White
Fankhauser Family                        William O. Kinney Memorial             Sandhills Art Association Memorial       Mary Jo Williams Memorial
Lila Marie Fansher Memorial              Harold Kleysteuber Memorial            Robert E. & Mary Schreiber Memorial      Blanche B. Woolf Memorial
Hugh & Roberta Farquharson Memorial      Charles & Anna Maune Krug Memorial     Louise Sherman Memorial                  J.R. & Ethel Wright Memorial
Fellowship of Christian Cowboys          Iola M. Ladner Nursing Memorial        Oliver & Hazel Shriver Memorial Allied   *Indicates new funds
6 |
Designated Scholarship Funds
                                                                                                    USD 274 – Bartlett Schlr.                   VFW Post 6844 of Weskan
Jennie G. & Pearl Abell Education Trust         Kansas Association of Student Financial Aid
                                                                                                    USD 363 – Holowach Schlr.                   Western Kansas Community Foundation
Alamogordo Schlr. Foundation - Joe Youngkamp      Administrators
                                                                                                    USD 431                                     Wendell & Beulah Wheeler Family
  Schlr.                                        Kansas Golf Foundation- Ks. Junior Golf Schlr.
                                                                                                    USD 494 Educational Foundation               Foundation
Alamogordo Tiger Soccer Booster Schlr.          Kansas Junior Livestock Show
                                                                                                    USSSA of Colorado                           Whitehead Schlr.
American Legion of Bucklin/Fetter Memorial      Kansas Kids @ Gear-up Schlr.
                                                                                                    H. T. Ungles Educational Trust              Wichita State University Fdtn-Kansas Kids @
American Legion/Marran & Agra Posts             Kansas State Firefighters Auxiliary Assoc./James
                                                                                                    United Food & Commercial Workers             Gear-up Fdtn
Janice Amerin Memorial                            Todd Schlr.
                                                                                                    United Methodist Church of Tribune          P. T. Yanke Memorial
Anonymous Donor                                 Kearny County Health Care Foundation
                                                                                                    United States Bowling Congress/Smart Schlr.
Arickaree School District                       Kiwanis Club of Garden City
Ashland Community Foundation/J. Kaltenbach      Kiwanis Club of Meade
Regina Ault Trust
                                                Bill Kramer Memorial
                                                Lake Scott Car Club
                                                                                                  Annual Scholarship Funds
Beef Empire Days Schlr.                         Larimer County 4-H Foundation
Clyde & Barbara Beymer Schlr.                   Las Cruces New Mexico High School Soccer &          Alta Brown School/Wayne Stagaard            J & M Paint & Decorating Center
Big Dave Memorial                                 Golf                                                Memorial                                  Journalism
Brookover Companies                             Liberal High School                                 Adult Education                             Keller-Leopold Insurance
Brush High School                               Lions Club of McDonald                              Agriculture                                 David & Vivian Kinder Art
Bucklin Alumni Association                      Lions Club of Rocky Ford                            Rev. Robert R. Allen Memorial               Otto Kinder Memorial
Jean Cavanaugh Schlr.                           National FFA Foundation                             Joe H. Andrews Memorial                     Kiwanis
Channing United Methodist Church                National High School Rodeo Foundation               Black Hills Energy                          Knights of Columbus Hall
Citizen Potowatomi Nation                       National Little Britches Rodeo Association          Art                                         Fern K. Prewitt Kreutzer Memorial
Colorado Equipment Co.                          Norton USD 211/Eicher Butler Schlr.                 Barrett/Greathouse Athletic Trainer         Kulander Foundation
Colorado State High School Rodeo Association    Francis Ormiston Memorial
                                                                                                    Belles of St. Catherine Nursing Education   Dan Landon Memorial
Columbus Hall (KOC)                             Otero County Democratic Party
                                                                                                    Brungardt Hower Ward Elliott & Pfeifer      Ken Lawhon Memorial/Landmark Appraisals
Community Congregational Church/Finnup          Otero County Prison Facility
                                                Otis Trinity Lutheran Church/Hoffman Schlr.           Accounting                                Lewis, Hooper & Dick
Community Fiesta                                W. N. Parsons Schlr.                                Building Construction                       Lewis Motor
Community Fdtn. of SW Kansas/Finnup Schlr.      Platte Valley FFA Foundation                        J. Arthur & Myrtle Bryan Memorial           Lions Club
Community Fdtn. of SW Kansas/Pyle Schlr.        Pollyannas of Hugoton                               Burtis Motor Company                        LULAC
Lynnette Dapron Memorial                        Prairieland Partners                                Sarah Carter Estate Ag                      Eric Mai Memorial
Deerfield High School                           Premier Housing                                     Centera Bank                                Mathematics
Deerfield Teachers Association                  Producers Agriculturl Marketing Assoc.              Commerce Bank                               Meats Judging
D. C. Duer Foundation                           Prosecutors Charitable Trust of B.C.                Marilyn Cook Memorial                       Nurse’s Alumni
Elks Lodge 1143 of Fort Morgan CO.              Edgar & Mabel Robertson Trust/Bird City             Erdene Corley Memorial                      Paraprofessionals/Pepsi
Epsilon Sigma Alpha – Scott City Alpha Omega      Century 11 Dev. Fdtn.                             Cosmetology                                 Paramedic to RN Alumni*
  Chapter 1206                                  Roman Catholic Diocese of Salina/Kruse Schlr.       Criminal Justice                            PDI-KACCRRA
Eveleigh Charitable Trust                       Rotary Club of Syracuse                             Dennis Crist Memorial Rodeo                 Phi Theta Kappa
Jeremy Patrick Falkner Memorial                 Runza Restaurant/KPTM Fox 42 All-Star Schlr.        Sandy Crumet Memorial/Sigma Mu              Plaza Medical Center
Family Farm & Nature Charitable Foundation      David & Mary P. Rush Educational Trust              Early Childhood Education/Living Arts &     Rodeo
First Assembly of God Church – Garden City      S & T Telephone Coop Assoc.                           Science                                   Second Baptist Church
First Christian Church – Garden City            Saint Patrick’s Church of Plains
                                                                                                    Finney County Farm Bureau Association       Southwest Kansas Society of CPAs
First United Methodist Church – Garden City     Scott City Quilting Guild
                                                                                                    Friends of the Library/LSSI                 Southwind Country Club
First United Methodist Church – Hoisington      Scott Community Fdtn./Armantrout Schlr.
                                                Scott Community Fdtn./Everett Hueftle Schlr.        GCCC Educational Support Professionals      LeRoy & Joyce Stapleton
First Presbyterian Church – Lakin
Fort Morgan Young Farmers                       Security State Bank of Scott City                   Garden City Elks Lodge #1404                Edwin & Alta Stormont Memorial Nursing
Franklin FFA Support Group                      Martha Scrima Trust                                 Garden City Police Department Law           Dr. Stephen Stover
Fremont School District/John Morris Schlr.      Seward County Employee Committee                      Enforcement                               Students in Free Enterprise
Friends of Education Charitable Trust           Robert & Ruth Simonson                              Garden City Telegram                        Sublette Feeders
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Kansas   Andrew & Janet Smaltz                               Garden Spot Rentals/Steve & Ann Burgess     Teacher’s Education
Greensburg Alumni                               Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica                        GED/Finney County Community Learning        Vocal Music
G.U.S.T.O.                                      Miss Southwest Kansas Pageant/2010 Tiger Dolls        Center                                    Dr. Roscoe “Wally” Waldorf Memorial
Gunnison Elks Ladies                            Southwestern Heights High School                    O. R. & Ferne Gracey Memorial               Kay Walls Foundation
Robert W. Hamilton Foundation                   Southwestern Heights High School/Butler Schlr.      Beulah Harsha Memorial                      Duane E. & Orvileta M. West
Dane G. Hansen Foundation                       Sublette High School                                Instrumental Music                          Frank & Nelle West Memorial
Dean Headrick Memorial                          Sunflower Home Health Services                      International Order of Odd Fellows          Western Kansas Manufacturers Assoc.
Fred Henry Jr. Schlr.                           Swarner Crown Hill Cemetery                         John Deere Corporation                      Western State Bank
Pete Henry Foundation                           Syracuse Education Association
Holcomb Booster Club                            Temple-Inland Foundation
Home Bank & Trust Co. of Clearwater             Trail’s End Popcorn/Weaver Popcorn Schlr.        Last year GCCC Endowment Association provided $447,000 in
Irsik & Doll Feed Services                      Tyson Family Foundation                          academic and technical scholarships to 1,207 deserving GCCC
Kansas Association for Family & Community       Tyson Fresh Meats
  Education                                     Ted Vancampen Memorial
                                                                                                 students and $44,196 in grant funds to support academic programs!
Kansas Association of Migrant Directors-
  Vandeaver Schlr.
                                                USD 219 of Minneola
                                                USD 259 of Wichita
                                                                                              All because of you….thank you!
                                                                                                                                    | 7
Lloyd and Pauline Joyce | Outstanding Service                                                 Award
  The legacy of service and support to GCCC from Lloyd and        Board of Directors, Finney County Committee on Aging, and
the late Pauline Joyce earned the Southwest Kansas couple one     various committees of the First United Methodist Church.
of the Endowment Association’s Outstanding Service Awards           “Education is more necessary today than it ever has been,”
this year.                                                        he said. “I think GCCC is doing an excellent job, and the col-
  Pauline Joyce was among the longest serving community           lege continues to benefit our community with affordable edu-
college trustees in Kansas, and the Joyces became supporters      cation.”
of the association when it                                                                                “During Pauline’s in-
was founded in 1966.                                                                                   volvement with the board
  The family established                                                                               of trustees, we were able
the Lloyd and Pauline                                                                                  to meet so many good
Joyce Endowed Scholar-                                                                                 friends throughout the
ship Fund after Pauline’s                                                                              years, including the board
death at the age of 86 in                                                                              members, faculty and
2008, and today includes                                                                               staff,” he added. “Our
a significant balance that                                                                             children were also able to
will generate multiple an-                                                                             benefit from the educa-
nual scholarship awards to                                                                             tion that they received by
GCCC students in need.                                                                                 attending GCCC.”
  Both Lloyd and Pauline                                                                                  The Joyce family today
Joyce were born and raised                                                                             includes Vic and Jimmie
on Finney County farms                                                                                 Lou Joyce, Pat and Vicki
operated by their families.                                                                            Joyce and Rex and Kathy
Married Oct. 19, 1947 in                                                                               Joyce, sons and wives; as
Garden City, they carried                                                                              well as Melodie Sterling
out their own farming op-                                                                              and her husband, Steve,
eration for over 60 years,                                                                             who is presently the lon-
raising three sons and a                                                                               gest-serving member of
daughter.                                                                                              the GCCC Board of Trust-
  Pauline was chosen as                                                                                ees.
a charter member of the                                                                                   As a trustee, Pauline
GCCC Board of Trustees                                                                                 was re-elected repeat-
when the institution became an independently governed com-        edly, and chaired the board in 1987-88. In her service during
munity college in 1965, and she played a leading role in the      planning and construction of the campus, she and others trav-
development of the present campus. She was a champion of          eled from Colorado to Michigan to review numerous designs
facilities for music, theater and visual arts programs, and the   and select the best concepts for Garden City. She earned the
campus fine arts building was named in her honor when it was      Kansas Association of Community Colleges Award of Merit in
rededicated after enhancements completed in 1986.                 1982., and served on he KACC Board of Directors in 1971-1985,
  “In addition to Pauline’s affiliation with GCCC, we both al-    including terms as treasurer in 1971-72 and 1976-85.
ways believed in the importance of a college education, and         The dedication ceremony for the Pauline Joyce Fine Arts
also in the support that the college has provided for the com-    Building in 1986 took the honoree completely by surprise. A
munity,” Joyce explained.                                         plaque placed in the lobby after the announcement reads as
  The couple’s service hasn’t been limited to the Endowment       follows:
Association and GCCC. While Pauline served on the GCCC              “The fine arts are a nourishment for the mind and soul and
governing board from 1965 through June of 1990, Lloyd took a      spirit. Without them, education and life are not complete.” –
role on the board of directors for the Garden City Cooperative    Pauline Joyce.
Association, as well as the Finney County Historical Society

8 |
Lewis, Hooper and Dick, LLC | Outstanding Service                                                     Honoree
  The service that Lewis, Hooper and Dick, LLC provides in            In addition to support for the GCCC Endowment Associa-
support of education has earned the respected Southwest Kan-       tion, Lewis, Hooper and Dick, LLC served many years as a
sas accounting firm one of the GCCC Endowment Association’s        Pacesetter organization in the annual Finney County United
Outstanding Service Awards this year.                              Way campaign. The company and its members are also back-
  The company’s support of the association dates back to 1987      ers of the Broncbuster Athletic Association at GCCC; the Buf-
and before, and it has provided a $500 annual scholarship for      falo Booster group, affiliated with Garden City High School;
GCCC accounting majors through the association each year           Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo; the Garden City Recreation
since 1990.                                                        Commission and the Garden City Family YMCA.
  The firm also serves as local partner in education with Victor      The Southwest Kansas Community Foundation and Garden
Ornelas Elementary School, and operates a payroll deduction        City’s annual Tumbleweed Festival also rely on support from
program in which employees support the Victor Ornelas Star         the company, and owners and staff members alike regularly
Scholarship. Once they reach college-age, students who have        volunteer for numerous community functions.
attended VO become eligible to receive the award to attend            Various personnel in the firm provide additional individual
GCCC.                                                              support for scholarships, including Claar and his wife, Rebec-
    In addition, the firm provides annual auditing services to     ca, who established the Charles, Sr., and Donita Claar Memo-
the association at a significantly discounted rate.                rial Endowed Scholarship Fund.
  Established in 1955, Lewis, Hooper and Dick, LLC today op-          “We believe that GCCC is superb, and a truly a dynamic and
erates offices in Garden City, Hugoton and Johnson. The firm       leading educational innovator in our community, state and na-
provides value-added, affordable accounting and advisory ser-      tion,” David Lunzmann, administrator, said on behalf of the
vices to clients throughout an extensive region.                   company.
  The company’s team of six member-owners is supplemented             “Many of those on our team found the roots of their edu-
by 28 professional personnel, and it offers accounting, consult-   cation at GCCC, myself included many years ago,” Lunzmann
ing, human resources and financial planning services, as well      added. “Our firm has long enjoyed a rewarding business and
as computer and tax-related assistance. The firm specializes       professional relationship with GCCC too.”
in serving feed yards, municipalities, school districts, govern-      “A quality education truly opens doors to paths not com-
ment entities and construction organizations.                      monly enjoyed – paths often found to be richly rewarded with
  Among principal personnel are Gary Schlappe, CPA, manag-         the fulfillment of one’s dream,” the owners stated. “It is our
ing owner; Charles Claar, CPA, member-owner; Theresa Das-          great honor to be recognized for our small part in GCCC’s tre-
enbrock, CPA, member-owner; and Kaistin Seckavee, CPA,             mendous success!”
                                                                                          | 9
A Circle of
   A coin collection started many years ago by Roger Warnken
has turned the dream of education into reality for two genera-
tions of the hopeful young father’s family.
                                                                     bachelor’s degree at St. Joseph’s College in 1987 and her mas-
                                                                     ter’s at Fort Hays State University 1993.
                                                                        The Barrett children, Brandon and Brittany, earned GCCC
   Warnken, who lost his life at the age of 24, had planned to       credit while still in high school, with Brandon now a Putnam
finance a college education for his three children through the       scholar and electrical engineering major at Kansas State Uni-
collection, and his death in a tragic accident left his wife, Lau-   versity, and Brittany majoring in nursing at Wichita State Uni-
ra, with the determination to carry on his intentions.               versity after earning a Distinguished Invitational Scholarship.
   With her children at the ages of two, three and four, the wid-    Both are also Robert Dole scholars.
owed mother sold the precious coin collection, and used the             Meanwhile, the Greathouses share their love of teaching
$1,000 she received to start a college fund for each child.               and helping students on campus.
   With the help of their loving and persistent mother                              Lachele serves as a Business and Information
and stepfather, Jim Pivonka, who live in Timken,                                     Systems Division instructor, after beginning
all three of those children are college graduates                                       at GCCC in 1990 as director of the Office
today, and each now works to help others in                                               Administration Program, later known as
completing college education.                                                              Office Technology. In that role, she also
   In addition, their own children are ei-                                                   realized the strong need for scholarships.
ther college-bound high school students,                                                        She earned her bachelor’s degree at
college students or college graduates.                                                        Kansas State University in 1985 and her
   “The dream of our father has continued                                                     master’s at Fort Hays State University
to grow and bless many lives,” said Bren-                                                     in 1990.
da Barrett, one of the daughters of Roger                                                       Greg, a GCCC alumnus, earned his as-
Warnken and Laura Warnken Pivonka.                                                          sociate degree in 1989, after serving as
She and her sister, Lachele Greathouse, are                                                student government association president
carrying on the legacy of learning as employ-                                             and earning an Endowment Association
ees of Garden City Community College.                                                   scholarship. He then advanced to Emporia
   They and their husbands, Steve Barrett and                                        State University, earning a bachelor’s degree
Greg Greathouse, have provided more than 68 years                               in 1991, followed by a master’s degree from Friends
of combined service on the campus.                                   University in 1994.
   The Barretts moved to Garden City in 1987, when Steve be-            He started work at GCCC in 1991 as assistant athletic trainer
came GCCC’s first certified athletic trainer, and he was instru-     and Aerobic Super Circuit director, then became head athletic
mental during his six-year tenure with the college in launch-        trainer in 1993, serving until 2004 when he was named an as-
ing a widely-respected athletic training program, creating an        sistant athletic director. He maintains his certification as an
annual athletic training camp, and setting up an athletic train-     athletic trainer today, and works as Health, Physical Educa-
ing scholarship fund with the Endowment Association. Also            tion and Recreation Division director.
the designer and initiator of the GCCC Aerobic Super Circuit,           The Greathouse children include Austin, a Garden City
he earned the Master Teach of Excellence Award from the Na-          High School freshman, and Rileigh, a Kenneth Henderson
tional Institute for Staff and Organizational Development. In        Middle School eighth grader, who each have their sights set
addition, he was inducted into the Broncbuster Athletic Hall         on college.
of Fame in 2010 and the Kansas Athletic Trainers Hall of                In addition to devoting their lives to the education of oth-
Fame in 2011.                                                        ers, both families place great importance on charitable giv-
   He earned his bachelor’s degree at Creighton University           ing -- another vision passed on by their parents. Steve and
and master’s degree at Indiana State University in 1984 and          Greg have established the Barrett-Greathouse Athletic Trainer
1985, respectively, before joining the college staff.                Scholarship fund through the association. Meanwhile, Brenda
   Brenda, who began work at GCCC in 1990, has served as a           and Lachele have established their own scholarship funds, to
computer science instructor, programmer and assistant direc-         which they give monthly contributions.
tor of institutional technology, and works now as director of           In addition, they all join with their extended family in sup-
institutional research.                                              porting each year’s GCCC Endowment Association phonathon
   Helping to complete her father’s dream, she earned her            and scholarship auction.
10 |
Barrett Family – Brandon, Brittany, Steve & Brenda                                                          Greathouse Family - Austin, Rileigh, Greg & Lachele

   “A small donation might seem irrelevant, but a bunch of small                                           continue the dream started by their parents. Because of gener-
donations can add up to a scholarship, which can mean the world                                            ous benefactors who once assisted them, they are now able to
to a college student,” Lachele said.                                                                       offer assistance to others. You can also help keep the long-ago
   “A scholarship may make the difference between a student ob-                                            legacy of Roger Warnken alive by supporting the GCCC Endow-
taining or not obtaining a college education,” Brenda echoed.                                              ment Association, one coin at a time.
    The Barretts and Greathouses encourage everyone to help

ENDOWMENTwho have assisted Garden City Community College students by providing funds for scholarships or other special projects to enhance academics from July 1, 2010 thru
These are the generous contributors
June 30, 2011, including 2011 Auction donors. Contributors who will take part in the 2011 Direct Mail or Phonathon campaigns will find their names listed in next year’s Annual Report. Every effort has
been made to present an accurate listing of all gifts during the fiscal year. PLEASE forward any corrections to the GCCC Endowment Association. (All gift-in-kind donors are listed under Giving Club.)

HERITAGE CIRCLE                            Mary Jo Williams Charitable                Carol Ballantyne                             Fund                                      Kansas Assoc. of Migrant
This is a special recognition level for     Trust                                     Lynn Ballinger                              Family Farm & Nature                         Directors
                                                                                      Amanda Becker                                Charitable Fdtn.                          Kansas Junior Livestock Show
those who have provided for the
GCCC Endowment Association as a            PRESIDENT’S CLUB                           Gary & Dixie Beymer                         Alan Fankhauser                            Ks. Assoc. of Student Financial
                                                                                      Big Dave Memorial Fund                      Helen Fankhauser                             Aid Administrators
beneficiary in their deferred              $5,000 - $9,999                            Black Hills Energy                          Jeremy Farr                                Kearny County Fire & Rescue
giving plans thru a will, trust            Brookover Companies
                                                                                      Black Hills Energy Foundation               Finney County Farm Bureau                  Keller-Leopold Insurance Co.
                                           Colorado Equipment
instrument, or life insurance.             Commerce Bank of Garden City               Joe Bogner                                   Assoc.                                    Carolyn Kinney
Anonymous (4)                                                                         Boise City High School                      Finney County Feedyard                     Duane & Kathy Koster
                                           Troy & Tracy Consbruck
Larry Buckner                                                                         Brents Concrete & Construction              Kevin & Mari Flowers                       KSNG-TV
                                           Estate of Henry & Nellie Hall
Homer & Doris Campbell                                                                Kyle Brungardt                              Fort Morgan Young Farmer                   Kulander Foundation
                                           Estate of Mildred Henselman
Donna Kennedy                                                                         Shane & Emily Burns                          Educational Fdtn.                         KUPK TV
                                           Finnup Foundation Trust
Carl & Ruth Long                                                                      Burtis Motor                                Fremont School District RE-2               Lake Scott Car Club
                                           Golf Club at Southwind
Bryan & Geneen Love                                                                   Jean Cavanaugh Scholarship                  Eric & Jena Fry                            Lakin Fire Department
                                           Pete Henry Foundation
Shirley Mitchell                                                                      Citizen Potawatomi Nation                   Ramon Garcia                               Landmark Appraisal Inc.
                                           John Deere Foundation
Thomas & Mary Jo Reser                                                                Clarion Inn                                 The Garden City Company                    Larkin & Main Family Denistry
                                           Lloyd Joyce
Leah Mae Williams                                                                     Dr. Bill & Jean Clifford                    The Garden City Telegram                   Eric & Shawna Larsen
                                           K. O. & Ruth Powell Memorial
Madalyne Wilson                                                                       Dick & Kim Cockerill                        GCCC Endowment Association                 Terry & Carol Lee
                                           Lewis Hooper & Dick LLC
                                                                                      Colorado State High School                  GCCC Student Media Dept.                   Janice Lee
                                           John & Emme Miller
GOLDEN PRESIDENT’S                         Scott Auction                               Rodeo Assoc.                               Golden Plains Credit Union                 Allen & Nancy Leiker
 CLUB                                                                                 Community Fiesta                            Goldworks                                  Lewis Motors
                                           Skeeter Smith
                                                                                      Doris Crist                                 Roy Graham                                 Ira & Claudia Mann
$10,000 AND UP                             George & Debbie Wharton
                                                                                      Jeremy Curlo                                Great Lakes Aviation                       Martha E. Scrima Trust
Anonymous Cash Donors                      Judith Wharton
                                                                                      Dane G. Hansen Foundation                   Gustine Unlimited Scholarship              Chris McKinney
Community Foundation of                                                               David & Mary Rush Educational                Trust Org.                                Sam McMillan
SW Kansas                                  LEADER’S CLUB                               Trust                                      Perry & Kammi Hansen                       Tom & Margaret Miller
Erdene Corley Trust                        $1,000 - $4,999                            Catherine Davis                             Mike & Kathie Harris                       Thomas & Pricilla Miller
Loyle & Velma Miller                       Jennie & Pearl Abell Education             Steve & Merilyn Douglass                    Ken & Connie Harsha                        National FFA Foundation
Prairieland Partners Inc                    Trust                                     Elks Lodge #1404                            Holcomb Booster Club                       National Little Britches Rodeo
Tyson Family Foundation                    Adolfson & Peterson Construction           Epsilon Sigma Alpha                         Tomi Hubert                                National High School Rodeo
Lois Kay Walls Foundation                  Air Tran Airlines                          Eveleigh Charitable Trust                   International Order of Oddfellows            Fdtn.
Western Kansas Community                   American Warrior                           Falkner Memorial Scholarship                J & M Paint Decorating Center              Deborah Nicklaus
                                                                                                                                                 | 11
Ed & Roselyn Nicklaus            AMBASSADOR’S CLUB                 Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo   William McNeill                  Association - Colo.
Norton USD 211                                                     Michelle Frink                  Rose Mendoza                    Ward’s Garden Center
Otero County Prison Facility
                                 $500 - $999                       Steven & Fidelis Garcia         Steven & LeAnn Miller           David & Jennie Watkins
                                 Alamogordo Tiger Soccer
Kevin & Janice Parks                                               GC Police Dept. Law             Minneola High School            Grace Webdell
                                  Booster Club
Platte Valley FFA Foundation                                         Enforcement Scholarship       MIO Homemade Mexican Food       Dave & Skyla Wehkamp
                                 American Implement
Plett Family Farms LLC                                             Garden City State Bank          Mitchell Theatres               Tom & Janie Welsh
                                 American Legion - Bucklin
R & R Pallet                                                       Garden City Tire Center         Steve Munson                    Wendell & Beulah Wheeler
                                 American Legion - Kensington
Lee & Brenda Reeve                                                 Garden City Wholesale Supply    Billy Myatt                      Family Foundation
                                 Arickaree High School
Rental Enterprise Inc.                                             Garden Spot Rentals             Need for Speed RC               Kurt & Leslie Wenzel
                                 Ashland Community Fdtn.
Robert W. Hamilton                                                 Garden True Value Hardware      Martin & Donna Neff             Duane & Orvileta West
                                 Beef Empire Days
 Foundation                                                        Bruce Garnand                   Abram Nelson                    Wharton’s For Every Bloomin’
                                 Mike & Debbie Berry
Rocking M Radio, KZRD-The                                          Garnand Fine Furniture          News Radio 1240/1310 KIUL        Thing
                                 Brick Beymer
 Buzzard                                                           Garnand Funeral Home            Office Solutions                Kim White
                                 Bill Kramer Memorial
Rocky Ford Lions Club                                              GCCC Welding Club               Orscheln Farm Home Supply       Whitehead Scholarship
Rodenbeek & Green Agency                                           Ellen Geier                     Out West                         Committee
                                 Bird City Century II Dev. Fdtn.
Romas Catholic Diocese of                                          General Federation of Women’s   Palmer Manufacturing & Tank     Windriver Grain LLC
                                 Paul & Stephanie Bogner
 Salina                                                              Clubs of Kansas                Inc.
                                 Todd & Jody Bordewick
Timothy & Diann Routon
                                 Broncbuster Athletic Assoc.
                                                                   Zachary Gigot                   Larry Pander                    CENTURY CLUB
Lonnie & Cindee Sassaman                                           Great Western Dining            Pearls Sports Products
                                                                                                                                   $100 - $499
                                 Mary Brookover Baldwin
Jayson Schoenfeld                                                  Great Wolf Lodge                Kent & Mary Pendergraft
                                                                                                                                   Paul Abernathy
                                 Brungardt Hower Ward Elliott
Brian Schwindt                                                     Greg & Lachele Greathouse       Pizza Hut
                                                                                                                                   Craig Adam
                                  & Pfeifer LC
Scott Community Foundation                                         Dennis & Melissa Green          Plaza Medical Center
                                                                                                                                   Linda Adams
                                 Brush High School
Steve & Pam Simpson                                                Jerome & Kristi Greene          Premier 4 Farms
                                                                                                                                   Stacey Addison
                                 Joel Bryan
Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica                                       Greensburg Alumni               Premier Housing
                                                                                                                                   Air-Ag Service
                                 Bucklin Alumni Association
Southwest Distributing Co.                                         Gunnison Elks Ladies            Jud & Ann Price
                                                                                                                                   Alamogordo Scholarship Fdtn.
                                 C & D Moving
Southwestern Heights High                                          Bruce & Laura Guy               Price & Sons Funeral Home
                                                                                                                                   Eldon & Terry Alexander
                                 The Car Wash
 School                                                            Holowach Scholarship Fund       Producers Agricultural
                                                                                                                                   Terry & Carla Algrim
                                 Helen Carr
Christopher Spiesman                                               Hopkins Hopkins & Ackerman       Marketing Assoc.
                                                                                                                                   Chuck & Barbara Allen
                                 Centera Bank
Lee & Joyce Stapleton                                                Optometrists LLC              Belinda Rascon
                                                                                                                                   Matt & Missy Allen
                                 Channing United Methodist
Casey & Stephanie Sullivan                                         Hugoton Kiwanis Club            Ray McDonald /Fred Henry Jr.
                                                                                                                                   Toby Allen
Sunflower Home Health LLC                                          Barry & Pam Ingalls              Memorial Scholarship
                                                                                                                                   Wes & Julie Allred
                                 Chesapeake Operating Co.
The Superstore                                                     Irsik & Doll Feed Servics       Regina M. Ault Trust
                                                                                                                                   Bob & Sandy Almos
                                 Clyde & Barbara Beymer
Swarner Crown Hill Cemetery                                        Larry & Kelley Jenkins           Scholarship
                                                                                                                                   American Warrior
 District                                                          Kansas Golf Foundation          Margaret Renick
                                                                                                                                   AmericInn Lodge & Suites -
                                 Jimmy & Judy Cornett
Beth Tedrow                                                        Kansas State Firefighters       Renovo Medical LLC
                                                                                                                                    Garden City
                                 Wade & Tresia Crawford
Temple Inland Foundation                                             Auxiliary Assoc.              Runza National
                                                                                                                                   Rick & Sue Atha
                                 Crop Production Services
Tyson Fresh Meats                                                  Kearny County Bank              Mike Russell
                                                                                                                                   Jonathan & Emily Baker
                                 Deerfield High School
United Food Commercial                                             Kearny County Health Care       S & T Telephone Coop Assoc.
                                                                                                                                   Robert Baker
                                 Troy & Jessica Dirks
 Workers                                                             Fdtn.                         Eugene & Shirley Saloga
                                                                                                                                   Ballard Aviation
                                 Dodge City Harley-Davidson
United States Bowling Congress                                     Kep’s Mens Wear                 Van & Anita Salyer
                                                                                                                                   Bar W Feeders
                                 Liz Doyle
USD 274                                                            Vivian Kinder                   Blanche Salyer
                                                                                                                                   Craig Barlow
                                 Jack & Karin Dunbar
USD 292                                                            Marvalena Kinder                Sandhill Oorthopaedic
                                                                                                                                   Stan & Eugenia Barnard
                                 Lynn & Gail Dunford
USD 494 Educational                                                Curt & Kathy Kinney              Sportsmedicine LLC
                                                                                                                                   Steve & Brenda Barrett
                                 Jim & Astrid Eatherly
 Foundation                                                        Kinney Glass                    Mary Schoenberger
                                                                                                                                   Chelsea Barry
                                 Elks Lodge 1143 - Fort Morgan
Wray & Julie Valentine                                             Kiwanis Club - Garden City      Schroeder’s Software
                                                                                                                                   Debbie Barry
                                 Diane Elliott
Ray & Peggy Vawter                                                 Chad & Nanci Koster             Kelly Schuster-Rodriquez
                                                                                                                                   Marjorie Barton
                                 Dick Fankhauser
Roxy Vietti                                                        Larimer County 4-H Fdtn.        Ron & Janie Schwartz
                                                                                                                                   Megan Becker
                                 Erwin & Sarah Feiertag
W. N. Parsons Scholarship                                          Legacy Auto Center              Justin & Kim Shaddix
                                                                                                                                   James & Christina Becker
                                 Finnup Scholarship of
 Fund                                                              Leoti Volunteer Fire Dept.      Sharp Brothers Seed Company
                                                                                                                                   Ed & Karen Beckerman
                                  Community Congregational
Wallace Electric LLC                                               Jim Lewis                       Jeremy Simon
                                                                                                                                   Jack & Dixie Beery
Wal-Mart                                                           Liberal High School             Southwest Kansas Region 2
                                                                                                                                   Louie Beery
                                 First Christian Church
Brian Wehkamp                                                      Library Systems Services LLC     EMS Council
                                                                                                                                   Connie Beery
                                 First National Bank - Holcomb
Western Beverage Inc.                                              Richard & Carol Lightner        Michael & Jennifer Standley
                                                                                                                                   Roger & Tina Bellows
                                 First United Methodist Church -
Western Kansas Broadcast                                           Linenberger Jewelry             Dave & Rhonda Stuvick
                                                                                                                                   Anthony Bennett
                                  Garden City
 Center                                                            Lockhee Martin Foundation       Sunflower Electric Co.
                                                                                                                                   J. C. Bennett
                                 First United Methodist Church -
Western State Bank of Garden                                       Bryan & Geneen Love             SW Kansas Chapter KSCPA
                                                                                                                                   Jesse & Gayleen Bernal
 City                                                              Lynnette Dapron Memorial        Syracuse Rotary Club
                                                                                                                                   John & Judith Bernasky
                                 Foley Supply LLC
Wheatland Electric Coop.                                             Scholarship                   Ted VanCampen Memorial
                                                                                                                                   Duane & Leta Berning
                                 Eldon & Becky Ford
Jimmy & Rose White                                                 Eric Magana                     Teeter Irrigation
                                                                                                                                   Danny & Margaret Besthorn
                                 John & Julia Ford
Wichita State University Fdtn.                                     Chuck & Dawsena Mancha          Trail’s End/Weaver Popcorn
                                                                                                                                   Frantz & Ellen Betschart
                                 Fort Morgan High School
Leah Mae Williams                                                  Ryan Martin                      Company
                                                                                                                                   Bob Beymer
                                 Francis Ormiston Memorial
                                                                   Brian & Ramona McCallum         Tyson Fresh Meats
                                  Scholarship                                                                                      Big L Rentals & Sales
                                                                   Roildon & Joyce McDonald        United State Specialty Sports

12 |
The Bike Rack                   Mike & Jan Collins               Reid Eddington                     Education Dept.                 Mike & Sydney Hill
John Bird                       Mark Collins                     Ehresman Packing Co.              GCCC Cosmetology Dept.           Tim & Jill Hill
Tom & Carol Blackburn           Columbus Hall - Knights of       El Rancho Café                    GCCC Dept. of Public Safety      Mark & Linda Hinde
Ronda Blattner                   Columbus                        El Zarape                         GCCC Drama Dept.                 Bill & Donna Hipp
Mike & Kathy Blau               Darrel Combs                     Ellen’s Photography & Gifts       Alan & Nikki Geier               Bob & Melinda Hitz
Bling                           Comfort Inn - Garden City        Gary & Gayla Elliott              Jeff & Johanna George            Bill & Marty Hogan
John & Kaycie Bogner            Randy & Lenora Cook              Grant & Polly Elpers              Gerber Commodities LLC           Holcomb Recreation
Leon Bolt                       Jay & Mary Anne Cook             Joseph Emmons                     Marc & Jackie Gigot               Commission
The Book Nook                   Mark & Kathy Cooksey             Rick & Bonnie Erwin               Jim & Stacy Gilbert              Ruth Ellen Holliway
Scott & Joan Booker             Chip Cornell                     Danial & Jenni Evans              Jim & Lesa Gilbert               Mikelyn Holloway
Stewart & Joyce Boone           The Corner on Main               Ewe Specialties LLC               Mark & Amy Gillen                Home Bank & Trust of
Lance Bordewick                 Ryan Cornett                     Leighton & Marilyn Fairbairn      Cindy Gilmore                     Clearwater
Louis Boultinghouse             Corrigan Medical Writing         Dan Fankhauser                    Gipson Diamond Jewelers          Dolores Hope
Dr. & Mrs. Randall D. Bowling   Steven & Melva Cottrell          Farm Credit of SW Kansas          Glassman Corp.                   Les & Carol Hopkins
Ervil Bradfield                 Leighman & Kate Covington        JD & Rusty Farr                   Gibson Mancini Carmichael &      Darin & Gloria Hopkins
Marian Brainard                 Jon & May Craig                  Tony & Jean Faulkner               Nelson PA                       Todd & Julie Hopkins
David & Denise Brakey           The Crazy House                  Stephen & Lois Fenster            Jason & Chasity Good             Jackie Houlton
Randy & Della Brandenburger     Jeff & Dallas Crist              FFA Alumni Association            Scott & Sarah Good               Bruce & Teresa Howard
Howard & Sharon Braun           Mel & Jane Crist                 FHSU Education Opportunity        Joshua Gooden                    Robert Hoyt
David & Shirley Brenn           Critical Care Transfer Inc.       Center                           Lee & Jan Greathouse             H.T. Ungles Educational Trust
Bill & Pat Bridges              Ron & Kathy Crocker              Paul & Linda Finch                Ron & Judy Greathouse &          Robin & Debra Huber
Rick & Soni Brimm               Elvira Crocker                   Finney County Attorney’s Office    Family                          Myron & Cathy Huber
The Broadmoor Hotel             Tim & Penny Cruz                 Finney County Economic            Pearl Greathouse                 Jeffery Hughes
Broncbuster Bookstore           Culligan of Southwest Kansas      Development Corp.                Green Mountain Coffee            Taylor Hurd
Brown’s Shoe Fit                Lori Cullison                    First National Bank - Garden       Roasters                        Bernard & Merrie Huschka
Harold & Pamela Brungardt       Bill & Kathy Cummings             City                             Gary & Danna Greenlee            Iglesia Luterana La Resureccion
Kevin & Becky Brungardt         Curves for Women                 First Presbyterian Church         Randy & Marsha Grisell           Industrial Manufacturing &
Glen & Evanna Brungardt         D. C. Duer Foundation            First State Bank of Healy         Raymond & Barbara Gross, for      Repair Services
Buckle for Guys & Gals          D V Douglass Roofing             Randy & Rhonda Fisher              Jessica                         Sandy Ingle
Dylan & Vicki Bulkley           Dr. Ron & Carol Dailey           Greg & Melissa Fletcher           Steven & Debbie Guy              Russ & Kathy Isaac
Cathy Burgardt                  Dales Furniture & Appliance      Jon & Patsy Fort                  Jeremy Haden                     Ron Jack
Clinton & Kat Burgardt           LLC                             Harley & Mary Foulks              Ralph & Judy Hall                Noreene Jaeger
Dean & Sherrill Burkhart        Richard & Carol Dalke            Russ & Lisa Frey                  Don & Laurie Handley             Ryan Jagels
John & Barbara Burnside         Dave & Darla Daniels             Friends of Education Charitable   Cedric & Karen Hands             Ken & Sharon Jameson
Joe & Jana Burnside             David Beasley Memorial Golf       Trust                            Hanna’s Corner                   Janice Amerin Memorial
Bushnell Outdoor Products        Tournament                      Friends of the Finney County      Ace & Joanne Harder               Scholarship
Grant & Margaret Butcher        DJ & Vicki Davidson               Public Library                   Harley-Davidson Foundation       JAX Sports Grill
Joe & Donna Butcher             Jeff & Kay Davis                 Dr. Luther & Ardis Fry            Rich & Alicia Harp               Adah Ruth Jenkins
Pamela Calbeck                  Wayne Davis                      Berniece Fry                      Rex & Melinda Harrington         John & Cathy Jenkins
Skip & Pam Caldwell             Mary Davis                       Gary & Maggie Fuller              Grant & Katrina Harris           John & Carol Jewell
Kitty Caldwell                  Dean Headrick Memorial           Dale & Carole Gabel               Caverly Hart                     Timothy & Karen Johnson
Mike Calihan                     Scholarship                     Gerardo & Marisol Gallegos        Katherine Hart                   Will & Cynthia Johnson
Susan Callahan                  Larry & Mildred Dearden          Bill & Lottie Garcia              Robin Hawkins                    Diana Jones
Randy Cardonell                 Deerfield Teachers Assoc.        Garden City Area Chamber of       Kelly & Debbie Hays              Dave Jones
Kent & Joy Carmichael           Rick & Kristen DeHart & Family    Commerce                         Health Care Property Investors   Shelby & Travis Jones
CASCO Homes                     Lynn Deines                      Garden City Community College     Julia Heard                      Mike & Tori Jury
Ronald & Beverly Catanese       CJ Deines                        Garden City Family YMCA           Heartland Farms LLC              Suzanne Kannarr
Jeff & Kelly Chanay             Dan & Trina Delgado              Garden City Farm Equipment        Donald & Barbara Heili           Kansas Assoc. for Family
Doug & Judy Chanay              LaDonna Demel                    Garden City Gymnastics            Helena Chemical Co.               Community Education
John Chappel                    Designer Cakes                   Garden City Inn                   Jodie & Neva Henson              Kansas Association of
Jerry & Jeri Chappel            Dick’s Rod & Tackle              Garden City Noon Lion’s Club      Herb’s Carry Out                  Broadcasters
Chappel Liquor                  Dighton Public School Fdtn.      Garden City Optomestrists PA      Tom & Lori Herrell               Kansas City Royals Baseball
Chiropractic Center             Derrick & Emily Dizmang          Garden City Police Employees      Ellen Herrman                    Chandra Kant
Norman & Donna Christensen      Dodge City Senior High School     Mutual Fund                      Kyle Herrman                     Clementine Katt
Cinnamon Bear                   Doering & Grisell PA             Garden City Recreation            Gary Hessman                     Doug & Trish Keller
Charlie & Rebecca Claar         Mark & Toni Douglass              Commission                       David & Rebecca Hetrick          Keller & Miller CPAs
Dennis & Arlene Clark           Dr. Michael W. Richard           Garden City Veterinary Clinic     Hi Plains Bassmasters            Kay Kelman
Clark Pharmacy                  Drs. Swords & Smith Animal       Garden Club Federation of         Whitney Hicks                    B. J. Kemper
Jeff & Marjorie Clarke           Hospital                         Massachusetts                    Mike & Kim Higgins               Diane Kerckhove
Jim & Sandi Coast               Phil & Deb Duesing               Randy & Joann Garrier             High Plains Pizza                Gary Kessler
Kerri Cole                      George & Janelle Dugan           Michael Garrison                  High School Soccer/Golf          Key Office Equipment Co.
Collectors Show                 Michael Dykstra                  GCCC Basketball Program            Tournament - Las Cruces         Elaine Killer
Jeff & Shonda Collins           Gordon East                      GCCC Business & Community         Tracy Hildreth                   Suzan Kimball

                                                                                                                   | 13
David Kinder                    Gregory & Brenda Mann           Pamida - Scott City               Timothy & Tammy Roth               Sonic Drive-In East
Kinsley-Offerle Enhancement     Bryan Mann                      Papa John’s Pizza                 Dwane & Kim Roth                   Liz Sosa
 Fund                           Tim & Deanna Mann               Pat Yanke Memorial                Ron & Catherine Roth               John & Susan Soukup
Brad Kirk                       Chip & Melanie Marcy              Scholarship                     Troy Roth                          Sound Decision
Kiwanis Club - Meade            Ric & Vhonda Marquez            Patrick Dugan’s Coffee House      Ron & Pat Roth                     Michael & Lisa Southern
Tom & Carolyn Klassen           John Martin                     Mac & Jean Payne                  Todd & Karie Roth                  Bob & Candy Spady
Kandee Klein                    Jim Mathews                     Steve & Cathi Pekaar              Judith Rouly                       Bruce Spiller
Bill & Janice Klein             Corly Matthews                  Pepsi Bottling Group              Ryan & Amanda Ruda                 Edward Spreng
Leo & Eldora Kleysteuber        Maurice Mayfield                Dennis & Cherie Perryman          Mike & Shelly Rupp                 Brad & Tammy Springston
Dennis & Jan Kleysteuber        TJ McClure                      Abe & Agnes Peters                Lance & Jeanne Rupp                Ladd Squires
Dean & Jeanne Kleysteuber       Damon & Kami McDonald           Mike & Shona Pfeifer              S. R. Sower & Associates LLC       St. Patrick’s Church
John & Marisa Kleysteuber       McDonald Lions Club             Chris & Pati Pfenninger           Claudia Saenz                      Jennie Staats
Becca Kliewer                   Ronda McFadden                  Evelyn Phillips & Family          Safemark                           Steve & Barbara Standley
Norm & Linda Klocke             Velma McGaugh                   Phoenix Restoration Services      Mary Lou Salter                    Staples Senior Leadership Team
Klotz Sand Co.                  Doyle & Anita McGraw            Daniel Pianalto                   Gary & Carolyn Salyer              Monte Stebens
Greg & Michel Knoll             Dinah McKenzie                  Piland Auto Dismantling           Steve Sandoval                     Steve & Melodie Sterling
Ann Knoll                       Marian McNaught                 Gerry Pinion                      Gilbert & Diana Sanford            Michael & Risa Stevens
Justin & Gillian Kohlhorst      Randy & Becky McVey             Lon & Janyth Pishny               Criquet Sar-Cole                   Al Stevens
Phil & Kathy Kohls              Rex & Linda Mead                Pishny Financial Services         Ed & Dena Sattler                  Steven & Rhonda Stone
Kent & Evelyn Kolbeck           Rich & Cathy Meier              Mike & Velda Plankenhorn          Bill & Melissa Savolt              Megan Stone
Eric Konrade                    Glenda Meisel                   Travis & Carolynn Polk            Say Cheez Photo Booth              Daryl Strecker
Paula Koons                     Bruce & Christine Melin         Michael Pollmiller                Matt & Kellie Scheeter             Carolanne Stringer
Sabrina & Matt Koster           Doris Meng                      Pollyannas                        Scheopners Water Conditioning      Jerry Stritt
L & L Floor Covering            Mike Thayer Computer Services   Porter’s Flowers Gifts             Co.                               Sublette EMS
Colin & Winsom Lamb             Marc & Lucinda Miller           Willis & Connie Pracht            Brian Schiffelbein                 Sublette Feeders
Norman & Mary Landgraf          Georgia Miller                  Prairie Wind Aquatics             Gary & Joann Schlappe              Sublette High School
Beccy & Wilbur Landgraf         Minnie Miller                   Bob & Margie Prewitt              Alan Schlesener                    Sunflower Special Services
Lane County Hospital Staff      Monte & Nancy Miller            Chris & Suzette Price             Steve & Cindy Schneider            Timothy & Martha Swank
Bob & Barb Larson               Gerald & Bev Miller             Jacob & Rebecca Price             Jeff Schoenberger                  Dell Swearer
Cruz Lauber                     Scott & Belinda Miller          Prosecutors Charitable Trust BC   Fred & Pat Schonwald               Betty Symons
Dan Le                          Al & Linda Miller               Ronnie & Holly Pruitt             Mark & Mary Schreiber              Syracuse Education Association
Jeanet Lebsock                  Max & Marianne Miller           Ray & Dena Purdy                  Neil Schroll                       Jim & Sandy Tangeman
Pat LeClerc                     Jim Mills                       Steve & Neva Quakenbush           Gerry & Loretta Schultz            Brad & Ann Tate
Clayton & Diane Lee             Kevin & Amanda Mills            Michael & Margaret Quint          Elwin & Mary Schwartz              Tatro Plumbing Co. Inc.
Richard & Marlene Lee           Shirley Mitchell                R T Sporting Goods                Leslie Schwarz                     Rob Taylor
Lee Richardson Zoo              Adan & Maria Monarrez           Juan Ramirez                      Luke & Rena Schwieterman           Team Electronics
Dennis Leighty                  David & Jennifer Mongeau        Mark & Elaine Ramsey              Kent Scott                         Sean & Ronell Thayer
Lauri Leiker-Allen              Crystal Moore                   Lois Ramsey                       Maxine Scott                       Allison Thon
Ronnie & Linda Leonard          Raymond & Linda Morgan          Jeffrey Randall                   Scott City Quilting Guild          Mathew & Tessy Thykkuttathil
John & Lisa Lewis               Mr. Pool                        George & Sherry Rapp              Scott County EMT’S                 Rick Trejo
Ed & Nelda Lewis                Linda Mueller                   Mark Ray                          Security State Bank - Scott City   Shane Trentman
Todd Linder                     Butch & Peg Nally               Temple Reed                       Gale & Mary Seibert                Triangle H Grain & Cattle Co.
Lucy Ann Linenberger            Manuel Navarro                  Regency Auto Group                Allan & Debbie Setzer              Trinithy Lutheran Church
Neal Lintecum                   Donna Neal                      Angela Reich                      Sherwin-Williams Company           Coi Truong
Don & Kay Linville              David & Wendy Neihart           Frank & Sharilyn Reifschneider    The Shift Center                   TSC Tractor Supply Co.
Martha Lisk                     Mark & Clarice Nelson           Reinert & Lee LLC                 Ron & Mary Shortridge              Ulysses High School
Little Britches/Moodz           Leon & Earlene Nicholson        Callie Remschner                  Mike & Michelle Shull              Jeffrey & Cindy Unger
Little Caesars Pizza            Willie Nieman                   Bruce Renick                      Timothy Shultz                     Randy & Vicki Unger
David & Elaine Lott             Mike & Evangelyn Nightengale    Janice Renick                     Todd & Yvonne Siek                 Ungers Heating & Air
Dusty Lowery                    Art & Karen Nonhof              Don & Kim Reule                   Sign Pro                            Conditioning Co.
Mark Lowrance                   Jessica Norton                  Revcom Electronics                Edward & Jana Simon                United Methodist Church -
Mike & Amy Lowry                Charles & Janice Nunn           Mike & Susan Richmeier            Kent & Shea Sinclair                Tribune
Mark & Kay Luna                 Cecil & Frances O’Brate         Randy & Jewel Richmeier           Sinfully Sweet Bakery              Gary & Michelle Unruh
Theresa Maddox                  Mike & Judy O’Brate             Riddle’s Jewelry                  Brad & Susan Sisk                  Nancy Unruh
Pete & Kathie Maestas           Steve & Susie O’Brate           Alex Riedel                       Skeeter’s Body Shop                Gene & Liz Unruh
Sam & Angie Magana              Nicole Odell                    Robert & Ruth Simonson            Andrew & Janet Smaltz              Marshal & Susan Ure
Conce & Jan Magana              Kirk Olomon                       Scholarship Fund                Vernon & Annette Smith             USD 363
Magouirk Chevrolet-Olds-        Samuel & Sara Ortiz             Leonard & Gayla Rodenbur          Smith Auto & Truck Parts Inc.      USD 431 Education Foundation
 Cadillac                       Otero County Democratic Party   Itzel Rodriguez                   Stan & Leona Smyth                 USD 480
Harold & Connie Mai             Overhead Door Co. of Garden     Royce & Linda Roemer              Chris & Brandi Sneath              Marsha Valentine
Jay & Courtney Main              City                           Jim & Carol Rogers                Randy & Ann Snodgrass              Robin Valenzuela
Majestic Theatre - Scott City   Sam Oyler                       Caverly Rojas                     Bradley Snyder                     Efren Valenzuela
John & Traci Maloney            Palace Computer Center          Mandy Rollins                     Mitchell & Molly Snyder            Rodney & Paula Van Norden

14 |
John & Pat Veesart             Jennie Alcantara               Lola Baublits                   Lorrin & Andrea Brainard      Wes & Jan Chilson
Anna May Velev                 Juan & Linda Aldana            Kris & Dusty Baumann            Vikki Braneki                 Steve & Lana Christensen
Pat & Cindy VenJohn            Mervin Alexander               Gaye Beasley                    Brass Tax                     Chris & Cheryl Christian
VFW Post 6844                  Jim & Patricia Allen           John & Colleen Beaton           Jeff Braun                    Lynn & Lucy Christian
Tom & Karen Vincent            Jim Allen                      William & Ann Beaton            Linda Brehm                   Cimarron High School
Vollertsen Family Dentistry    Bill & Rhonda Allen            Adrianna Beauleau               Richard Brenneman             Circle H Inc.
 LLC                           Amos Alstrom                   Joe Beaver                      Ronda Brewer                  John Cito
Samantha Wadel                 Rebeca Alvarado                Tom & Kelly Beavers             Ruth Brewer                   Lee Clanton
Walgreens                      Des & Zina Amante              Janelle Becker                  Kevin & Julie Bridgeman       Gerald & Rosemary Clary
Tom & Lorene Walker            American State Bank            Beef Belt Feed Lot              Leslie Bridges                Bill & Judy Clement
Larry Walker                   Darla Amerine                  James Beesley                   Andrea Briscoe                Bobby & Yolanda Clymer
Alex & Natalie Wallace         Faye Ellen Anderson            Kathy Befort                    Linda Brooks                  Darrell & Wynn Cockrum
Tommy & Jami Warner            Greg & Angela Anderson         Geneva Behr                     Rex & Rhonda Brown            Geraldine Coen
Jay & Carol Warren             Mark & Lisa Anderson           Jill Belcher                    Ronald & Linda Brown          Jim & Marie Coffin
John & Shelly Washington       Stephanie Anderson             Gerald & Judi Belknap           Mary Jane Brown               Cutter Cole
Cole & Neely Wasinger          Vickie Andrade                 Bella Italia Ristorante         Dennis & Delores Brown        Jamie Cole
The Watering Hole              Penny Andrasek                 Thomas & Karla Bennett          Julie Brown                   Cole’s Golf Shop
Dale & Mary Watts              Shanel Angel                   Kylan Bennett                   Larry & Karolyn Brown         Bob Collins
Webbs Food Crew & BBQ          Marvin & Jeana Anliker         Matt Bennett                    Sara Brown                    Nyla Collins
Jeffrey Weeast                 Another Look Salon & Day Spa   Toni Bennett                    Harvey & Sherri Brungardt     Colorado Trout Hunters
Lauren & Maura Welch           Gayle Ansel                    Damon Bennett                   Wes & Cindy Brungardt         Wayne & Kelly Combs
J. R. & Barb Wells             Taylor Anstaett                Betty Benson                    Linda Brunson                 Karen Compton
Weskan High School             Richard Appel                  Roderick Bentley                Darrell & Jean Bryant         Gary & Susan Condit
Westar Energy Foundation       Julius Appelhans               Edith Berend                    Jason & Natalie Bryant        Jeremaine Conley
Western Kansas Manufacturers   Paul Appl                      Bret Berger                     Gerda Buck                    Stan & Debbi Conrardy
 Association                   Auden Aranda                   Ronald Berglund                 Jon & LuAnn Buehler           Ronald & Ronda Conway
Western Motor Co. Inc,         Carter Aristei                 Earl Berlier                    Alva & Nancy Burch            Colleen Cook
Wheat Lands Restaurant &       Tom Armstrong                  Gary Berning                    Tom & Susan Burgardt          Richard & Rosemary Corbett
 Lounge                        Diana Arras                    Louise Berning                  Stephonie Burgess             Don & Sue Corey
Wheatfields On Main            Jose Arras                     Daniel Berning                  Michael Burkhart              Whitney Corley
Wheatland Education            Fred & Kathy Askren            Jon & Terri Berning             Mitchell Burns                Richard Cornett
 Foundation                    Karla Ast                      Lorena Berry                    Corey & Amy Burton            Phyllis Corrigan
John Wheeler                   Gene & Maxine Atkinson         Marvin Berry                    Buttons & More                Lindsey Cossman
Jill Whippo                    Craig & Debbie Atkinson        Donald Berry                    Leroy & Geri Cabbage          Daniel & Kerra Cossman
Larry & Reba White             Tommy Austin                   Denton Berry                    Tony & Angie Calderon         James Cotter
Jeff & Pat Whitham             Jesse & Pat Avila              Berta’s Flowers & Festivities   Pat & Lil Calihan             Donald & Ivadelle Cotton
Ron & Dee Wigner               Mary Avila                     Lewis Bethel                    Peggy Calkins                 Janet Coulter
Richard & Christine Winans     Connie Bachman                 Darrin Bevis                    Erica Camarillo               Don & Deb Cox
Lisa Wineinger                 Matthew Baffunno               Stan & Nancy Bieker             Karen Canales                 Lindall Cox
Mike & Vicki Wondra            Terry Baier                    Josh & Jeanine Biera            Ismael Cardenas               Zackery Cox
Lance & Dana Woodbury          Cecil Bailey                   Carrie Biermann                 Carnegie Place Investors      Cracker Barrel Old Country
Kevin Woods                    Bryce & Diane Baker            John Biermann                   Jorge & Elda Caro              Store
Mark & Terri Worf              Bob & Jolene Baker             John & Alice Bilberry           Jazmin Caro                   Virgil & Avril Craig
Kathleen Wright                Charles & Sue Baker            Larry & Ann Bilberry            Debra Carr                    Ben & Cara Cramer
Joseph York                    Brad & Sheila Baker            Clay & Elena Billings           Alberto & Gloria Carrillo     Dean & Cindi Cramer
Curtis Young                   Robert & Linda Baker           Larry & Donita Billings         Deverne & Billie Cartmill     Darrell & Marilee Cramer
Jim & Robin Zauche             Richard Baker                  Jessica Bird                    Judy Cartmill                 Paul & Leeann Cramer
Bob & Patsy Zeller             Warren Baldwin                 Dean Bishop                     Randy & Karen Case            Stacy Crase
                               Ed & Diana Barb                Lyle & Jan Bitikofer            Sue Case                      James & Lois Creveling
FRIENDS CLUB                   Larry & Barb Barkdoll          Paul & Brenda Blair             Caspar Foods                  Grace Crist
$1 - $99                       Brian Barlow                   Michael Blake                   Angelica Castillo             Jack & Marsha Crook
Randy & Linda Ackerman         Wade & Jackie Barlow           Bob & Chris Bluml               Mary Cauthon                  Darren Crouch
Scott Ackerman                 Mary Barnard                   Bob & Dian Boaldin              Michael & Andrea Cearley      Ashley Crowley
Judy Ackley                    Barbara Barnett                Nancy Bock                      Pete Cedra                    Mayra Cruz
Eric Acosta                    Simon & Rita Bartel            Harold & Deloris Bogart         Roy & Julie Cessna            Bill & Judy Crymble
Chanda Acton                   Dick & Joy Barton              Bill & Joanna Boles             Tom Chappel                   Audrey Cummings
Bernard & Mary Adam            Velma Base                     Steve & Judy Bomgardner         Sandra Chappel                Betty Dague
Roxanna Adams                  Baskin-Robbins                 Craig Boomhower                 Donna Chavez                  Carly Dale
Rob & Joyce Adams              Doris Basler                   Jeff & Colette Boone            The Cheesecake Factory        Teresa Daniels
Catherine Adams                Roger & Linda Batchelder       Greg & Diana Boyd               Dennis & Jill Chelemedos      Sam Darroch
Erin Adkisson                  Gordon Batman                  Joseph & Susan Boyle            Gary Cheney                   Theresa Dasenbrock
Daniel & Aurora Alcala         Shannon & Shelly Batman        Larry & Carlotta Brack          Lisa Chester                  Aubrey Dauber
                               Donna Zirkel Batt              Jerry & Debra Braden            Alice Childers                Florence Daubert

                                                                                                             | 15
Gerald Davidson              Chris Ellis                        Flor Galaviz                  Kyle & Mary Martha Good       Bryce Haverkamp
Cecil Davis                  Chuck & Rebecca Ellis              Juania Gale                   The Good Sport                James & Michelle Hawkins
Tammy Davis                  Kim Elpers                         Torbia Galindo                Archie & Susie Gooden         Neil & Sandy Hawley
Janelle Davis                Bruce & Kathleen Elsey             Alex & Bea Gallardo           Ralph Goodnight               Corinne Haynes
Charles Davis                Ricki Emery                        Justin Gallegos               Stephen Gorton                Mary Hayse
Lawrence & Norma Dawson      Della Enslow                       Javier & Melissa Gallegos     Larry & Barbara Goss          Michael & Susan Headley
Victor & Janice Deaver       Patricia Erskin                    Yolanda Galvan                Darrell & Jo Goss             Healing Waters Spa & Comestic
James & Karen Dechant        Joe & Nadine Erskin                Maria Garcia                  Loren & Ashley Goss            Clinic
Bob Dechant                  Christine Escalada                 Alfredo Garcia                Rockie & Anita Gottsponer     Joline Heckman
Melody Dechant               Phil & Susan Escareno              Andrew Garcia                 Dana & Kimberly Grapengater   Mel Heddlesten
Carol Dechant                Joe Eskelund                       Angela Garcia                 Kent Graves                   Duane & Vickie Heeke
Robert & Patricia DeLaRosa   Aracelis Espino                    Garden Bowl                   Fern Greathouse               Gene & Clarine Heiman
Brian & Margie Delzeit       Donna Esquibel                     Garden City Fire Dept.        Francis Greathouse-Simmons    Chris & Traci Heiman
Denny’s Thrift Way           Sonia Esquivel                     Garden City Spirit            Nancy Green                   Jon & Becky Heiman
Jeffrey Desrochers           Marty Evans                        Leroy & Dolly Garman          Mike & Jennifer Greenleaf     Bill & Janell Heiman
Details                      Donald & Mary Eves                 Skip & Judy Garner            Robert Greer                  Brenda Heimlich-Birney
Terry & Rita DeVaughan       Jon Ewy                            Gregg Gasche                  Stacey Gregg                  Robert & Helen Heinitz
Diane DeWitt                 Ron & Carolyn Ewy                  Jerry & Kathy Gates           Terry & Caecilia Gropp        Steven & Shelly Heintzelman
Salvador Diaz                Exploration Place                  GCHS Class of ‘53             Eugene & Connie Gross         Ernie Heitschmidt
Sheryl Dick                  Fairleigh Company                  Jeffry & Dena Geier           Connie & Eugene Gross         J. D. Heitschmidt
Gary & Raylene Dick          John & Nancy Farmer                Larry & Carole Geier          James & Jan Groth             Jim Hemmert
Tammy Dickey                 Mary Farmer                        Jerry & Brenda Geier          Bob & Stephanie Groth         Michael Hendricks
Don & Kathy Diehl            Rod & JoAnn Farnsworth             Dick & Darinda Gerber         Rex Grothusen                 Don & Ada Hendrickson
Dillons Store #5             Jo Faurot                          Hi Gere                       Elmer & Mary Grubbs           Sharon Hendrix
Sarah Diman                  Marvin & Pat Feezor                Lynn & Penny German           Mike Guadian                  Merle & Carolyn Henry
Lloyd Dinkel                 Kevin & Cindy Fenton               Ralph & Marilyn Germann       Silvia Guillen                Daryl & Carla Henton
Richard & Janell Dirks       Becki Fenton                       Clayton Gerrond               Alfredo Gutierrez             Jon Herl
Chad & Lisa Dockter          Deb Fief                           Matthew & Amber Gerstberger   Joshua & Mary Guymon          Lennie Herman
Lary & Jeanne Dodge          Barbara Fief                       Tanya Gerstberger             Rhonda Habiger                Richard & Carmen Herman
Michael Doll                 Frank & Cheryl Fieser              Brian & Amanda Gerstberger    Chrissy Hacker-Zanghi         Tom & Shawnee Hernandez
David & Grace Donecker       Finney County Women’s              Mary Gerstberger              Angela Haflich                Stephanie Herrell
Kim Doran                     Chamber of Commerce               Elmer Gerstberger             Bernard & Wanda Haflich       Pete & Delores Herrera
Gilberto Dorantes-Vazquez    First National Bank - Scott City   Donna Gerstner                Staci Hahn                    Valerie Hess
Charles Doull                Bill Fish                          Mick & Darlene Gibson         Angela Hale                   Carmen Hickman
Keith & Candy Downer         Jim & Pat Fishback                 Tom & Mary Ann Gilbert        Jolynn Hall                   Brandon & Linda Hill
Joe & Marsha Downey          Cathy Fitzgerald                   Chris Gilbert                 Louise Haller                 Kathy Hill
Ashley Downey                Michael & Rebekah Fitzpatrick      Mitch Giles                   Bob Halloran                  Delphine Hill
David & Ashby Downtain       Fletcher Farms                     Valerie Giles                 Roger & Grace Hamilton        Daniel Hill
Morris & Gladys Dratch       Jeanne Flink                       David & Bettee Gilkison       Daryl & Ann Hamlett           Betsy Hinckley
Ruth Drees                   J. R. & Connie Flohr               Scotty & Kimberly Gill        William Hamlin                Joshua & Guille Hinde
Duane & Mary Drees           Frank Flores                       Darlene & Tim Gillan          Kent & Mary Hamlin            Lonny Hindman
Jason Drohman                Paula Flores                       Dale & Delores Gillen         Jay & Jody Hammerschmidt      Ellen Hineman
Dorothy Duesing              Douglas & Mary Floto               Kenneth Giskie                Greg & Jennifer Hands         Lois Hinkle
Laura Dumler                 Steve & Jil Fontenelle             Faith Gladding                Leo Hanneman                  Crystal Hixon
Wendy Dunagan                Kevin Ford                         Bruce & Beverly Glass         John & Tammy Hansen           Allan & Anita Hoeme
Thurman & Delinda Dunagan    Fort Scott Community College       Steve & Sara Gleason          Randy Hanson                  Wayne & Jackie Hofstetter
Eric & Debbie Dunlap         Don & Donna Foster                 Mary Gleason                  Brady & Renee Harbin          Stephen & Tina Hogan
Robert Dunlap                Jack & Dee Foster                  Roger & Toni Glenn            Jack & Sharon Harbour         John Hogg
Dan & Kim Durkes             Jo Fouse                           Karla Glunz                   Hard Rock Lanes               John & Debra Hoke
Terese D’Urso                Joy Fox                            Brian Goad                    Doug & Brenda Harder          Philip Hoke
Jill Durst                   Frank & Dawnnel Francis            Michael & Leila Goddard       Edward Hardiman               Jan Holland
Lona Duvall                  William Frank                      Maria Godinez                 Maria Hardwick                Kent Holliway
Michael & Kay Dyer           Gary & Debbie Frank                Bill Goebel                   Kenton & Jana Harkness        Johnnie & Wanda Holmes
Ruby Dyer                    David & Tammi Frazer               Norman Goering                Curt & Robin Harman           Brent & Vickie Holmes
Marc Dyke                    John Frazier                       Kenneth & Marsha Golay        Carma & Steve Harman          Scott & Nancy Holt
Sandra Eastman               Chuck & Kathy Freeman              Terry & Joyce Golay           Ron & Cheryl Harman           Kathleen Holt
Gerald & Barb Edwards        Nancy French                       Golden Corral Family          Judy Harrell                  Mike & Tracey Homm
Frank & Ellen Eichhorn       Dora Frink                          Steakhouse                   Sandra Hart                   Jerry & Mia Horn
Donald Eikenberry            Archy Frink                        Betty Goldsberry              Steven & Debra Harvey         Darlene Horner
Trudy Eikenberry             Anita Funk                         Albert & Lucy Gomez           Betty Harvey                  Andrea Hoss
Betty Eisenhour              Rodger & Vivian Funk               Lydia Gonzales                Irene Hastings                Hot Nails
Brett & Katie Eisenhour      Gene & Janelle Gaede               Sylvia Gonzales               Lauerence & Aleta Hastings    Jim & Karen Howard
EL Conquistador Restaurant   Eula Mae Galati                    Dan & Denice Good             Will Hatcher                  Thomas & Kathy Howard

16 |
Louise Hoyt                   Matthew & Micah Kasriel      Louise Larue                    Scott & Tammy Martin          Mickey & Berneda Miller
Rick & Marcia Huber           Chuck & Cindy Keller         Las Margaritas Restaurant       Douglas & Michelle Martin     Tom & Jackie Miller
Lyman Huckstadt               Eric & Pam Keller            Douglas & Melody Laubach        Melvin & Leah Martinek        Terry & Donella Miller
Creed Huff                    Mariella Keller              Joyce Lauber                    Jacinto & Dee Dee Martinez    Bruce Millershaski
Phyllis Huffaker              Tammy Kells                  Bob & Audrey Law                Bert & Antoinette Martinez    Casey Milligan
Candy Huffine                 Ron & Barbara Kendrick       Terry & Rhonda Lawhon           Jess Martinez                 Millrods Auto Refinishing LLC
Robert Hughes                 Donna Kennedy                Terry & Carol Laws              Rony & Donalda Martinez       Eldean Mings
Arleta Humbolt                Deanna Kennedy               Teresa Lay                      Carmen Martinez               Ken & Geneva Minter
Shilo Hunsaker                J. T. Kent                   Donald & Marjorie Lear          Julie Mason                   Irvin & Bonnie Molz
Robert Hunsaker               Ron & Beth Kershner          Boyd Lear                       Marc & Jill Mayfield          Mary Mongomery
Bill & Helen Hunsaker         Helen Kessler                Jody Ledford                    Cliff & Pat Mayo              Robert & Olga Montgomery
Nanette Hunsberger            Richard & Jami Kilgore       Jayre Lee                       Richard & Ellen Mazow         Berniece Moore
Terry & Dianne Hunsberger     Ken & Nancy Killion          Jeannie Lee                     MBA Real Estate               B. J. Moore
Doug & Judy Hunt              Bruce & Judy King            Louis & Susan Lefort            Sandra McAllister             Dick & Jerri Moore
Jim & Carolyn Hunter          Tina Kinney                  Laci Leiker                     Nancy McBride                 Tamilllia Kaie Moore
Peggy Hunter                  Sarah Kitzke                 Jacque Lenhart                  Bruce & Donna McCallum        Sarah Moorman
Martin & Mary Ellen Huschka   Richard & Tammy Klaus        Tina Leoffler                   Theron McCammond              Eunice Moreno
Shaun & Tammy Hutcheson       Stanley & Janet Kliesen      Leon Cattle                     John & Melody McClelland      Roxanne Morgan
Dorothy Hutchins              Jason Klindt                 Dwight & Hazel Leopold          Timmey McClure                Jo Ellen Morgan
Linda Ibarra                  Benjamin & LaDonna Knoll     William & DeLona Lewis          Kelley McCormick              Hector Morillo
Jennifer Irsik                Harold & Louaine Knoll       Lexington Field & Garden Club   Andy McCurry                  Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Morris
Stephen & Kay Irsik           Scott & Lisa Knoll           Vonja Leys                      Ruthann McDaniel              Peter & Linda Motley
Jerry & Gayle Jackson         Rosie Knoll                  Brian Lies                      Scott McDonald                Clinton Mott
Jace Jackson                  H. Edith Knoll               Lonnie & Michelle Lightner      Brian McDowell                Ernest & Carolyn Mudd
Lisa Jacobs                   Randy Knoll                  Leanna Linden                   Mark McGaughey                Mike Muirhead
Laramee James                 Eleanor Knoll                Jeff & Marla Linenberger        Jay & Lila McGaughey          Linda Mulligan
Donna Jameson                 Arden & Brenda Koehn         Bert & Barbara Linenberger      Steve McGee                   Darroll & Susan Munson
Kirk Jantz                    Jamie & Julie Koerperich     Curtis & Mary Linscott          Tim & Patrina McGonagle       Edith Murguia
Debra Jantz                   Jim & Maurita Koerperich     Little River High School        Lance & Donna McGowan         Music Theatre of Wichita
Cindy Jarmer                  Thomas & Mary Koksal         Carmon Lix                      Darrin & Reigan McGraw        Sara Muspratt
Dr. & Mrs. Gary E. Jarmer     Stacy Komarek                Diana Loeppke                   Patricia McIntyre             Susan Mustain
Baier Family Chiropratic      Dorothy Komlofske            Kay Logan                       Frank & Donna McKedy          Jeffrey & Jeri Myers
Jana Jenkinson                Pat & Sharon Koons           Lance Logan                     Chris & Sara McKenna          Craig & Ann Myers
Deke & Kim Jennings           Louise Korbe                 Gayla Lohfink                   Cathy McKinley                Don Myers
Les & Sandy Jensen            Marilyn Krebs                Janet Long                      Nicki McLain                  Jack & Lisa Myers
Tiffany Jervis                Ron & Jennifer Kreutzer      Tonya Long                      Myrian & Carol McLinn         Judy Nally
Carolyn Jines                 Mike & Jacqulyn Krueger      Betty Loper                     Rebecca McMillan              Mark & Kathy Nance
Bill & Susan Johansen         Chad & Kate Krug             Darlene Lopez                   Randy & Shelle McMillan       Troy & Dana Nanninga
Betty Jo Johns                Emil & Deandra Krug          Gale & Donna Louk               Shelby & Dana McNutt          John & Pat Nanninga
Cornelieus Johnson            Robert & Jane Krug           Karen Louk                      Tim Mecklenburg               Natural Therapy Treatment
Dan & Cynthia Johnson         K-State Alumni Assoc.        Brad Lower                      Mary Meier                    Nature’s Way Health Food
Ken Johnson                   Steve & Cheryl Kucharik      Yesenia Lozano                  Jason & Shelley Meier         Angel Navarro
Connie Johnson-Mundy          David Kuehn                  Ronald & Shirley Lucas          Greg & Tammy Meisel           Stewart & Sheri Nelson
Larry & Susan Johnston        Ernest Kuehn                 Randy & Jill Lucas              Catherine Melgosa             Brian Nelson
Larry & Esther Johnston       Jon & Linda Kueker           Shannon Lucas                   Pancho Mendoza                Theresa Neubauer
Dennis Jones                  Mark & Katrina Kuhlman       David & Dawni Lunzmann          Mike & Theresa Meng           Greg Newell
Gary & Edie Jones             Denny Kuhn                   Elizabelle MacKenzie            Heather Meng                  Andy & Robin Newland
Lee & Hazel Jones             Pete & Michele Kuneyl        Alan Maddox                     Ryan & Jennifer Meng          Nhat Nguyen
David Jones                   Oscar & Verlene Kunz         Joanne Maddox-Kinslow           Dorothy Merz                  Jackie Nichols
Richard & Laurie Josefiak     John & Karen Kyler           Chris Magana                    Reynaldo & Ellen Mesa         Kelly & Amy Nichols
Paul Joseph                   La Fiesta Restaurant         Devin & Kristy Mages            Dorothy Mesa                  Gary & Deb Nicholson
Steve & Larilee Josserand     La Playa Dorada Restaurant   Tom & Eunice Maglaras           Chris Mesa                    James & Patricia Nieman
Terria Judge                  La Villa Salon Spa           Vernon & Zelda Mai              Albert Mesa                   Vern & Teresa Nightengale
Debbie Jury                   Darlicia Ladner              Linda Mai                       Dolores Mesa-Lopez            Dave & Mary Nokes
Adam Kadavy                   Mary Ann Ladner              Mary Mallegg                    Charles & Cindy Messenger     Steven & Kristi Nordby
Kansas City Chiefs            Lakin High School            Craig Malone                    Chad Messenger                Mindi Norman
Kansas Cosmosphere & Space    Donald & Deloris Lamb        Vincent & Skip Mancini          Bev Messerly                  Mel & Millie Norman
 Center                       Bob & Faith Landon           Tracy & Laura Mangels           Metropolitan Life Fdtn.       Northwest Kansas Technical
Kansas Kiwanis Foundation     WenDee LaPlant               Tracy Manly                     John & Vicki Micheau            College
Kansas Trapshooting Assoc.    Grant & Kathy Larkin         Michelle Mansfield              Maurice & Lila Miller         Tim & Deana Novack
Del Kaps                      Andy & Jean Ann Larson       Jane Mansfield                  Ross & Trish Miller           Marty & Judy Nusser
Steve & Mary Karlin           Karl & Sherry Larson         Manuel & Maria Marquez          Tawna Miller                  Gary & Carol Nuzum
Pat & Ruby Kash               Mandy Larue                  Cindall Marsh                   Gary Miller                   George & Barbara Nuzum

                                                                                                          | 17
Mark & Julie Nygren         Kerri Powers                Bill Rogers                       Carlene Schweer              Michelle Smith
Ed & Laura Oberg            Brian & Angela Price        Jack & Shirley Rogler             Arnold & ClaraFaye Schweer   Radona Smythe
Mark & Marilyn O’Brate      Patricia Prill              Brandon & Christie Rojas          Mark & Jamie Schweer         Jerry & Margaret Snyder
Frank O’Brien               Bob & Cynthia Provost       Rosa Rojas                        Renee Scott                  Snyder Radio Service
Roy & Verlene Ochs          Mike & Debbie Purcell       Lee Rombough                      Mark Scott                   Jerry & Susan Soldner
Gordon & Ellen O’Dell       Jeffrey & Rebecca Quenzer   Don & Brenda Rome                 Connie Scott                 Juventino & Maria Solis
Mary Lou Oeser              Norma Quinonez              Mike & Debbie Rome                Samantha Scott               Stanley & Susan Solomon
Steve & Lyn Ohl             Janell Racette              Ron’s Market                      Scott City Community High    Glen & Meredith Sonderegger
Rodona Oliver               Kristi Ragsdale             AF & Judith Rooney                 School                      Mark Sorensen
Lori Oller                  Aracele Ramirez             Pete & Diane Rose                 David & Becky Sells          Annette Sosa
Pete & Mary Olson           Peter Ramirez               Ed & Martina Roth                 Joe & Gloria Sena            South Gray High School -
Val Olson                   Frances Ramirez             Steve & Sonya Roth                Carl & Mary Sessler           Montezuma
Paul & Vicky Olson          Mike & Pam Ramsey           Mike Rousell                      Seward County Community      Lori Spall
Steve & Annette Orr         Matt Ramsey                 Chuck & Donna Roush                College                     Michelle Spangler
Ramona Ortega               Don Ramsour                 Steve & Valerie Rowan             Mark & Kathy Sexson          Sparkle Auto
Sam & Laura Ortiz           Jim & Cherie Randall        Nancy Rowe                        John & Tammy Shankle         Steve & Genna Spaur
Chase Ostmeyer              Joe & Lenoir Randle         Greg Rowland                      Mark & Leah Shapland         Patty Speer
Steve Otter                 Nancy Randolph              David & Melinda Rowland           Eddie Sharkey                Russel & Shari Speer
Marion Otter                Brian Raney                 Jean Rowton                       Dennis & Janet Sharp         Lark Speer
Greg Otter                  Mayra Rangel                Becky Rowton                      Kyla Sharp                   Richard & Robin Spencer
Linda Owen                  Lisa Ratzlaff               Royal Beef Inc.                   Gene & Jo Sharp              Roxie Sperry
Max & Glenda Owen           Donald Raymer               Mark & Melany Rude                Mary Lou Shea                Terryl & Ruth Spiker
Glenda Owens                Patsy Redd                  Lonnie & Pam Ruff                 Mike & Robin Shelden         Chuck Spikes
Lois Packard                Tim Regan                   Lyle & Deborah Rundell            Allen & Patrice Shelton      Elvin & Connie Spreng
Heather Palmer              Shawn & Jenise Regan        Sonny & Verna Rundell             Paul & Carol Sherer          Barbara Springsteen
Pam’s Portrait Place        Regan Jewelers              Robert Rupke                      Ronald & Cecilia Sherraden   Greg Springsteen
Dwayne & Carol Panzer       Bruce & Pat Reichmuth       Dave & Marsha Rupp                Michael & Mary Sherwood      Sprint Foundation
Paper Graphics              James & Brenda Reimer       Mel & Carol Rupp                  Twila Shoaf                  Scott St. Clair
Steven Park                 Chuck & Catherine Reinert   Gary & Connie Rupp                Jon Shoemaker                Todd & Janelle Staats
Kim Partin                  Charlene Reiser             Bob Rupp                          Gary & Karren Shondeck       Norm & Lu Etta Staats
Steve & Debbie Pate         Gary Renick                 David & Thola Rust                Mike & Jenna Shook           Stage Department Store
Pate Agency                 Gerald & Jeanne Renick      Ed & Susan Rutter                 Kevin & Relinda Shook        Michelle Stahlecker
Ron & Lurita Patrick        Mike & Judy Renick          Jared & Ashley Rutti              Virginia Showalter           Greg & Jean Stainiger
Ann Payne                   Erinn Reyes                 Jean Ruttledge                    Mark Showalter               Dr. Clinton & Delaine Stalker
Dwayne & Rebecca Peitz      Teresita Reyes              Santos & Gloria Ruvalcaba         Joyce Shriwise               Sharon Stanton
Nicole Peitz                Joyce Reynolds              Chassidy Ruvalcaba                Cindi Shupe                  Staples
Regina Pena                 Jim & Sheila Rice           Benjamin Salazar                  Modesto Silva                Larry & Marcia Stapp
Balta Pena                  Leonard Rich                San Juan Beauty Salon             Raul & Anna Silva            State Farm Companies
Cesar Pena                  Ruth Richards               Sand & Sage Rifle & Pistol Club   Everett & Sondra Simmons      Foundation
Cory Pendergraft            Robert & Nel Richmond       Gordon Sanders                    Mike & Gwen Simmons          Marilyn Stechert
Barbara Percival            Bret Ridder                 Virginia Sasse                    Jim & Bonnie Simmons         Jeff & Kimberly Steele
Joseph & Irene Perez        Jeff & Cleta Ridgway        Joe & Tami Sauseda                Stephanie Simon              Tracy Steele
Lisa Perriera               Wayne & Melvena Rieth       Kenneth Sauvain                   Noel & Norma Simpson         Christopher & Cyd Stein
Brent & Celeste Petersen    Edward & Tammy Rieth        Albert & Linda Savolt             James Sims                   Rich & Judy Steinbrink
Kurt Peterson               Daryl & Victoria Rindt      Ronald Sawyer                     Bob & Kaye Sipes             Jeff & Mary Sterling
Jerry & Dana Pfanenstiel    Stan & Debra Rinehart       Katherine Schaefer                Howard & Glenda Skaggs       Charish Sterling
Bob & Martha Pfannenstiel   Jacob & Tonja Ripple        Elaine Schalesky                  Donald Slattery              Jeff & Colleen Sternberger
Rebecca Pfannenstiel        Tom & Linda Rishel          Kevin & Pam Scheer                Brad & Wanda Sloan           Vicky Stevenson
Diana Pfeifer               Lester & Nancy Ritter       John & Liz Scheopner              Phil & Paula Sloderbeck      Scott & Judy Stewart
Jerald Phelps               Verna Ritter                Jerry & Vicky Scheve              Ricci Smarsh                 Kevin & Janet Stimatze
Alysin Phillips             Harlan & Judy Rittgers      Jim & Bubbles Schiffelbein        Andy Smarsh                  Scott & Susan Stingley
Larry & Philene Pickett     Mary Rivas                  Rod & Becky Schiffelbein          Trent Smith                  Glenn & Pat Stockham
Earl & Marnieta Pile        JoAnn Rivera                Chad Schimmels                    Joe Smith                    Alan & Sue Stoecklein
Pioneer Health Network      Rosa Rivera                 Jackie Schlager                   Ron & Pat Smith              Dr. Todd & Elisa Stone
Mary Pitton                 Dolores Rivero              Janet Schlesener                  Amy Smith                    Orrilla Stonehocker
Jim & Laura Pivonka         Linda Roberts               Frank & Cheryl Schmale            Kelly Smith                  Charles & Ardith Stones
Plains State Bank - Lakin   Bette Jo Roberts            Frank & Marilyn Schmale           Stanley & Sarah Smith        Jarrod & Megan Stoppel
Scott & Julia Plankenhorn   Joyce Robinette             Rick & Kim Schmidt                Dean & Chris Smith           Terry & Annie Stoppel
Terri Ploger-McCool         Kent Robinette              Jennifer Schmitt                  Esther Smith                 Trever Stoppel
Susan Pollart               Deb Robinson                Gene & Kathy Schneider            Darlene Bauer Smith          Gerald & Susan Stoppel
Jerry Popejoy               Audrey Robinson             Matthew & Michele Schonlau        Rita Smith                   Susan Stout
Sam & Sylvia Porter         Terry & Sandra Rodgers      Lynn Schoonover                   Arlene Smith                 Andrew & Pamela Strasser
Wes & Donna Powell          Susanna Rodriguez           Ron & Jane Schreiber              Suzanne Smith                Michael Strasser

18 |
Steve & Janna Strecker           Mike & Vicki Thomas            USD 374                       Kristi Walter                    Jessica Wikoff
Hellen Strickland                Kevin Thompson                 USD 477                       John & Patricia Walters          Bobby Wild
Stroh Cleaners                   Edna Thompson                  Bill & Judy Utz               Shirley Ward                     Alan Wildeman
Connie Stucky                    Steven & Estella Thompson      Michael & Teresa Utz          Teresa Warfield                  Leo Wildeman
Christopher Stucky               Gwen Thompson                  Gaylen & Cyd Vagher           Lenora Wartman                   Quentin & Marcy Wilke
Clayton & Rosemary Studley       Lee Tiberghien                 Rori Valerio                  Bill & Pam Washburn              Gene & Kim Wilkens
Lyle Stuehrenberg                Todd & Kelly Tichenor          Isidro Valerio                Ericha Wasinger                  Rhonda Wilkerson
Sherri Suderman                  Debbi Tidwell                  Duane & Pat Van Dolah         Marshall Watson                  Bob & Linda Wilkerson
Carol Suderman                   Larry & Kathy Tierney          Chris & Vivian Van Vleet      Hallie Watt                      Doyle & Shirley William
Cherlyn Suderman                 Gwen Tietgen                   Evelyn Van Vleet              Kathy Weatherred                 Bob & Mary Beth Williams
Sandy Sumaya                     Roger & Judy Timken            Tyler Vanatta                 Aaron Weaver                     Jan Williams
Sunflower Electric Power Corp.   Sondra Todd                    Ralph & Carol Vanatta         Mr. & Mrs. Joe Weaver            Orvillene Williams
 - Hays                          Top Hat Chimney Sweep          Levi & Kim Vanatta            Linda Weaver                     Charlie & Dawn Williams
Sunnyland Bed & Breakfast        Alvaro Torres                  Bryce & Lisa Vance            Jerrad Webb                      Melissa Williams
Superior Cleaners                Kristen Torres                 Todd & Shelly VanCleave       Melvin Webb                      Betty Williams
Justin Swank                     Ron Townend                    Scott & Melissa Vanderhamm    Lester & Leanna Webb             Rodney & Dorothy Willis
Dave & Cheryl Sweley             Traditions                     Rick VanMeter                 Dan & Rosemary Wehkamp           Annette Wilson
Todd Swinney                     Mel Travers                    Carrie VanMeter               John Wehrbein                    Ron & Marletta Wilson
Ralph & Sue Swords               Glen & Debra Travers           Tim & Kyla Vann               Dan & Lynne Weides               Chris Winderlin
Skylar Swords                    Dawnlea Trickey                LeRoy & Dorothy Vannaman      Sherri Weippert                  Doug & Jolene Windholz
James & Martha Symmonds          Art Trilli                     Joe Vardeman                  Chris Weiser                     Jeanette Wineinger
Corky & Doris Tabor              Sarah Trimble                  Yair Vargas                   Diane Weiser                     Arliss & Patricia Wineinger
Patrick & Nancy Tabor            Triple L Welding               Lupe Vasquez                  Catherine Welch                  Donna Wohler
Rob & Donna Tanner               Ronnie & Jean Trybom           Eva Vazquez-Castro            Mark Welch                       Rodney & Robin Wolking
Leona Tate                       Sherrill Tubbs                 Heather Veltri                Marlin & Michelle Wells          Joyce Wolking
Gary Taton                       Tom & Dawn Tucker              Marcy VenJohn                 Willard & Wilda Werner           Rylan Woolfolk
Clayton & Melissa Tatro          Don & Cindy Tull               VFW Post 2279 - Garden City   Virga West                       Duane & Peggy Worf
Beau & Stephanie Tatro           Cricket Turley                 Via Christi of Wichita        Ed & Barbara Westeman            Clay & Marsha Wright
Jeffrey Tatum                    Dusty & Amy Turner             Lloyd Viera                   Chris & Shandi Westergard        Philo & Teri Wright
Scott & Lisa Taylor              Brenda Turpin                  Robert Vigil                  Western Kansas Consulting Inc.   Richard & Debbra Wright
Jay Taylor                       Alex Twitty                    David & Cathi Vincent         Westlake Ace Hardware            Marguerite Wright
Jerry Taylor                     Richard & Jana Ulrich          Grant & Wendy Vollertsen      Karmin Whaler                    Wen & Rhonda Wurst
Rodney & Judy Taylor             Roger & Elsa Ulrich            Lyle & Karen Waechter         Jon & Marilyn Wheat              Norman & Annette Wyatt
Noel & Jeri Lynn Taylor          Jennifer Unger                 John & Carmen Wagner          Craig & Cathy Wheeler            Cameron Wyman
Larry & Karen Taylor             United Communications Assoc.   Doug & Janice Wagner          Gary & Teresea Whetstone         Tom & Linda Yager
George & Janet Tecklenburg       Dale & Bobbie Unruh            Brandi Walck                  Layton & Jennifer Whipple        Arland & Marsha Young
Chelle Tedrow                    Brandy Unruh                   Michael & Susan Waldman       Jim & Mary White                 Keith & Janice Young
Bob & Kristi Tempel              Denton & Joyce Unruh           Byron & June Walker           Kevin White                      Mary Yox
Joseph & Joan Tennessen          Diana Unruh                    Anna Wall                     Dena White                       Judy Zanotti
Phil Terpstra                    Iola Upchurch                  Jeremy & Renee’ Wallace       Amanda White                     Mike Zimmerman
Theater League, Inc. of Kansas   Becky Upshaw                   Avis Wallace                  Whitey & Judy Whitehill          Allen & Carol Ann Zimmerman
 City                            Frank Urteaga                  Dennis & Vicki Wallace        Earl & Carol Whiteley            Millie Zimmerman
Dale & Lisa Theye                USD 216                        Jacob Waller                  Kimberly Whittlesey              Louis & Betty Zirkel
Jacqueline Thissen               USD 218                        Tom & Susan Waller            Robert & Ramona Widows           Manuel Zuniga
Katti Thoman                     USD 303                        Wayne & Betty Walter          Arthur & Ella Wiebe

“The support of the local community and those with ties to GCCC allowed me the
opportunity to earn scholarships. That additional financial support helps make the
education available through GCCC a value second to none. By me giving back to
GCCC I feel good knowing others have that same experience.”
                                                               Michael Burch, ‘96

                                                                                                             | 19
2010 - 2011 Student Ambassadors
                                                                   1 Audrey M. Rupp • Tribune, KS       Ambassadors serve as a
                                                                                                        sounding board for the college
                                                                   2 Kashly Schweer • Garden City, KS   administration, host campus
                                                                   3 Braden Steckel • Kismet, KS        visitors, speak at special events
                                                                                                        and assist with Endowment
            1               2                3              4 4 Rachel Walter • Sublette, KS            Association activities.

Jessica Dirks | Outstanding Board Member
Jessica Dirks, who has devoted nearly five years of volunteer        Professionally, she works as the point of care/quality and
work to the GCCC Endowment Association, is the recipient of          compliance coordinator for the laboratory at St. Catherine
this year’s Robert A. Whippo Award for Outstanding Board             Hospital, where she has served the past five years. Prior to
Service.                                                             that, she was on the staff of the Women’s Clinic in Garden City.

The Garden City resident first got involved with the association     Her husband is Troy Dirks, a partner with Keller and Miller,
in 2006, later advanced to the executive committee, and is           Certified Public Accountants, LLP, and they have three
presently serving as vice president.                                 children, including Jackson, age 11, Emma, nine, and Graham,
                                                                     who is five years old.
  “I had been attending the annual
scholarship auction for years,” she         “I went to college thanks                    “I think GCCC is doing an excellent job of
explained, “and Missy Allen asked if                                                     educating students,” she said. “Working at
I’d like to be on the board.” Allen, a     to scholarships,” she said,                   St. Catherine, I get to see first hand many
recipient of the same honor, has served                                                  of the nursing students, and they always
as president of the association.             “so being on the board                      impress me.”

The new honoree draws extensive
                                          and raising money to assist                    “This truly is an unexpected surprise,” she
satisfaction in her volunteer work from
the knowledge that her involvement
                                          students is something that                     said after learning she had been selected for
                                                                                         the honor. “I enjoy the friendships I have
helps others in their quest for              helps me pay back the                       made at GCCC, and I enjoy the faculty, staff
education.                                                                               and students I have worked with during
                                             scholarships I earned.”                     the auction each spring and the phonathon
“I went to college thanks to                                                             every fall.”
scholarships,” she said, “so being on the board and raising
money to assist students is something that helps me pay back         “I believe education is the best gift you can give your children,”
the scholarships I earned.”                                          she said. “Education is the first step in achieving your dreams.”

In addition to lending her expertise to considerations and
decisions made by the association’s board, she takes an active
role in the auction each April, and has served multiple times as
leader of the auction planning and gifts committee.

“It’s my favorite event and I spend the two days before the
auction helping to set up,” she explained. “It is a great time
decorating and getting a sneak peak of all the great auction

She led décor and planning efforts again for the most recent
annual sale, which took place April 1 under the theme of
“Pirate Cove,” raising more than $180,000 for academic and
technical scholarships.

In addition to supporting the Endowment Association, she
also provides other volunteer service in the community. She
is a board member and past president of the Kansas Society of
Clinical Laboratory Science, for example, and is active in both
St. Dominic Catholic Church and St. Dominic School, which
her children attend.

20 |
 Executive Committee Members

                1                  2                  3          4               5                  6                7                8

Board Members                       GCCC Endowment Association is proud to have a supportive group of directors who
                                    are dedicated to growing the Association and improving the quality of its services.
  President                        Stewart Boone                 Kim Shaddix                            When I attended GCCC I
                                   Lynn Dunford                  Bruce Spiller                          received scholarships. These
  Vice President                   Mary Eves                     Beth Tedrow                            opportunities created an intrinsic
                                   Greg Hands                    Tom Walker                             motivation that pushed me to
3 KELLEY JENKINS                   Grant Harris                  Renee Cornett-Wallace                  further my education, because
                                   Diana Jones                   Jami Warner                            of this my family and I have
4 CALLIE REMSCHNER                 Carolyn Kinney                Skyla Wehkamp                          made it a priority to support
  Treasurer                        Marisa Kleysteuber            Dana Woodbury                          GCCC. Whether it is attendance
5 MISSY ALLEN                      Chad Krug                                                            at sporting activities or donating
  Member at Large                  Damon McDonald                Ex OffICIO MEMBERS                     at the endowment auction I feel
                                   Peg Nally                     Dr. Herb Swender, GCCC President       the need to give back, so maybe
                                   Lyn Ohl                       Terri Worf, Chairman GCCC Board        we can help light the spark
  Member at Large
                                   Kirk Olomon                   of Trustees                            that drives a student to achieve
7 DANA NANNINGA                    Lonnie Sassaman                                                      academic success.
  Member at Large                                                                                                        Emily Burns,’05
  GCCC Dean of Institutional Effectiveness/Enrollment Services

                                                                                               | 21
Garden City                                                                                                U.S. Postage
Community College                                                                                             PAID
Endowment Association                                                                                    NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                          Garden City, KS
801 Campus Drive                                                                                           Permit No. 65
Garden City, KS 67846

                                The Endowment Association’s first yearly Scholarship Celebration took place last September,
                             with over 100 people in attendance. The annual event recognizes the generosity of scholarship
                             donors and the profound effect their gifts have on the lives of students.
                                “This is a perfect opportunity for those who’ve established scholarships to actually meet the
                             students who received them, and for the students to thank the supporters personally,” said
                             Melinda Harrington, association executive director.
                                The primary purpose of the event is to provide connection, with music, desserts and beverages,
                             as well as time for benefactors and recipients to get to know one another.
                                “We hope to continue to grow this wonderful event that will be held in September of each year,”
                             the director said.

                                                       Endowment Association Staff
                                                       Pam Caldwell | Office Manager
                                                       Melinda Harrington | Executive Director
                                                       Barb Wells | Office Assistant

                                                         Please contact us to learn more about the Endowment
                                                         Association activities or to discuss how we can help you
                                                         develop a plan for providing ongoing support for students
   • • 620-276-9578                at GCCC!

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