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									                                                                                                                       May/June 2009 | Communicate Issue 17

Issue 20 Nov/Dec 2009                       Special Newspaper Edition

The newsletter for Victoria’s Deaf
and hard of hearing people

Photo: Members of the Deaf community at the Rally.     Photo: Children enjoying the horse carousel ride.

Vicdeaf Christmas Rally
Vicdeaf hosted their annual Christmas Rally on         There was a classic car display and Lawn Bowls tryout
a warm and sunny day on Sunday 6 December at           at the nearby Bowls Club. Santa Claus made an
Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy. It was a           appearance in a red Mustang and greeted everybody
wonderful event attended by over 500 members of        and gave children some Christmas lollies. Everybody
the Deaf and hard of hearing community.                enjoyed meeting old friends and making new friends
                                                       as well as the BBQ and soft drinks.
There were plenty of activities on offer to keep
everybody busy. Many children enjoyed the activities   Vicdeaf President Mac Adam and CEO Graeme Kelly Photo: Volunteers at the BBQ table.
organised by Deaf Sports Recreation Victoria as        thanked all for coming and gave their Christmas wishes.
well as the jumping castle, horse carousel and the     Raffles were held and only a few lucky people won Vicdeaf wishes to thank the volunteers who made
magic show by Deaf magician George Walker. The         prizes donated by VCOD and Deaf physiotherapist, the day a great success, including members from
Melbourne Fire Brigade turned up and showed the        Penny Gillett. Everybody enjoyed the Christmas spirit the Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club who helped with
children their shiny red fire truck.                   and went home with happy memories of the day.           the BBQ.

Photo: Children doing their best at the tug-o-war.     Photo: Santa greets children and gave lollies.          Photo: Santa arrives in a red Mustang.

Photo: Deaf magician George Walker showing off his     Photo: Catching up with old friends at the Rally.       Photo: The Melbourne Fire Brigade at the Rally.
magic tricks.                                                                                                  Photo Source: Simon O’Neill.
   2       Communicate Issue 20 | November/December 2009

Report from the CEO
                                                                                                                                                          By Graeme Kelly
                                                                                                                                                     Chief Executive Officer

In the first edition of Communicate this       also immediately provided free interpreting       us to provide more services to meet the                 You will also see an
year I commented that it was going to          services and case management support to           growing and changing needs of Deaf and                  article about the
be a year of celebration of our 125th          those who needed it which has continued           hard of hearing Victorians. Government                  Gaslight Awards that
Anniversary as well as a difficult year with   through the year. This has been important         provides less than 40% of the funding we                are being introduced
the economic downturn that was just            because the severe impact of that day             need for our current services and if we                 to          recognise
starting.                                      remains for some of our community and             relied on that funding only we would have               outstanding
                                               we will continue to give it.                      to close many services and this would have              contributions to the
In part my prediction was right, we did                                                                                                                  Victorian Deaf Society over its 125 year
celebrate the 125th Anniversary with very                                                        a major impact on the community. Because
                                               The economic downturn was the major                                                                       history and in the years ahead. This is a
successful events such as the Gala Ball in                                                       we have looked after Vicdeaf’s financial
                                               contributor to a larger deficit result                                                                    lasting record of the wonderful work done
conjunction with Deaf Sports Australia                                                           health, we are able to provide new services
                                               reported at our AGM and in the Annual                                                                     over 125 years and a fitting finish to our
and the Garden Party at Government                                                               like the Deaf Leadership Mentor Program
                                               Report. It is encouraging to report that                                                                  125th year.
House. The difficult year was highlighted                                                        and an employment consultant in regional
                                               the second half of 2009 has been much                                                                     I wish you and your families a safe and
tragically by the Black Saturday bushfires                                                       Victoria. It will also make it possible to
                                               better and if it continues we will improve                                                                happy Christmas and a terrific 2010.
in February much more than by the                                                                plan for new services as part of the new
                                               our financial position.
economic downturn. The response to the                                                           Strategic Plan that starts in July 2010.                Regards,
disaster from Victorians was remarkable        I know that we are seen by some to                We have put a lot of effort into getting
                                               concentrate too much on the ‘business             feedback from a wide range of people                    Graeme Kelly
including from the Victorian Deaf
                                               side’ of what Vicdeaf does. The financial         about the next Strategic Plan and you will              Chief Executive Officer
community. Vicdeaf played an important
role with the quick availability of critical   health of Vicdeaf is critical for us to survive   see an article about the consultation in this
information on our website in Auslan. We       and grow. The healthier we are allows             edition.

Results of Community Consultation
This is a summary of the Deaf Community’s      • 101 Ways Group: 8 people                        The Community Consultation forms a                      the Deaf and Deaf Children Australia.
feedback on what direction Vicdeaf could       • Sounds Unlimited: 21 people                     part of the overall consultation to develop
                                                                                                                                                         As outlined in the CEO’s Report,
take in the next five years, 2010-2015.                                                          the Vicdeaf Strategic Plan. We are also
                                               • Online survey: 44 responses                                                                             the Strategic Plan will commence
                                                                                                 consulting with Vicdeaf staff as well as
Natalie Sandon, Vicdeaf’s Community            • Total: 309                                                                                              implementation in July 2010.
                                                                                                 various organizations including Deaf
Activities Project Officer undertook the                                                         organizations such as Victorian Council of
                                               Ten main topics arising from consultations
community consultation, assisted by
                                               based on the number of times a particular
Vicdeaf staff members David Peters, Steve                                                                                      Community Consultation
                                               topic was raised. These are as follows:                                                                  Wodonga/Albury
McKean and volunteer Zdenko Jovica,                                                                                  Online survey                          10%
involving the following stakeholders.          1. Support for Deaf youth                                                  14%

13 community groups were consulted as          2. Deaf awareness
follows:                                       3. Deaf centre/Deaf club                                                                                                       10%

                                               4. Support for Deaf/hearing parents and
• Wodonga/Albury Deaf group: 30                                                                   Sounds Unlimited                                                                            Wodonga/Albury
                                                  Deaf/hearing children                                 7%
  people                                                                                                                                                                                      Migrants
                                               5. Access to interpreters
• Geelong Deaf group: 30 people                                                                   101 Ways
                                               6. Increase in services for Regional Deaf             3%
• Migrants group: 15 people                                                                                                                                                                   Gippsland (Morwell)
                                                  communities                                    Melbourne
                                                                                                    1%                                                                                        Mildura
• Seniors group: 40 people                                                                                                                                                                    Ballarat
                                               7. Support for Deaf Seniors                                                                                                                    Shepparton
• Bendigo Deaf group: 20 people                                                                                                                                                               Melbourne
                                               8. Workshops and social activities                                                                                                             101 Ways
• Gippsland Deaf group (Morwell): 15           9. SMS emergency notification services                                                                                             Seniors     Sounds Unlimited
  people                                                                                               Shepparton
                                                                                                                                                                                   13%        Online survey
                                               10. Auslan services                                        14%
• Mildura Deaf group: 12 people
                                               The Vicdeaf Board, CEO and Senior
• Ballarat Deaf group: 25 people
                                               Management Team will consider the
• Shepparton Deaf group: 45 people             results of the survey and develop a strategic                                                                       Bendigo
• General Deaf community: 4 people             plan in line with Vicdeaf’s vision, mission                                  Ballarat
                                                                                                                                                   Gippsland (Morwell)
                                                                                                                              8%         Mildura
  (more responded online)                      and principles.                                                                            4%

To be Deaf is to be a Global Citizen
By Jessica Frank                                               the most important factors of lifestyle and communication               equal in their communication with each other.
                                                               access allows a person to be aware of and fully involved
                                                                                                                                       To be Deaf is to use other forms of communication, such
Imagine being located in a town in a strange country, such     with its surroundings. The Deaf community, most of
as China, where no-one speaks English. Suddenly, you are                                                                               as sign language, miming gestures or writing notes. Yet,
                                                               whom communicate primarily through sign language,
alone. There is no-one you are able to communicate with.                                                                               being a part of a Deaf community also involves many
                                                               embraces the full access it receives when all the other
And then imagine the wave of relief you immediately feel                                                                               other cultural aspects, which are often rooted by different
                                                               people in the room are also using the same language.
when you find another person in this foreign Chinese                                                                                   sensory needs. For example, to be culturally Deaf is also to
town who also speaks English. Odds are that you two will        The Deaf community consists of people who have a                       be more comfortable with physical touch, as it is a means
soon become fast friends.                                      thorough understanding of Deaf (sensory) needs as well                  of capturing someone’s attention. Deaf people also rely
                                                               as fluency in sign language. It is a community made up of               heavily on visual cues, often from either sign language, the
Imagining yourself in this kind of scenario allows for a       the Deaf, the hard-of-hearing, Codas (children of Deaf                  large range of facial expressions used in communication, or
new person to understand the Deaf community from a             parents), as well as friends and family of Deaf members.                waving of hands to begin communication. When someone
deeper perspective, rather than giving in to the general       Frequently, sign language interpreters find themselves                  is missing one of their senses, often the other four senses
misconception that the Deaf community is an exclusive          a part of this community. Nevertheless, the Deaf
one.                                                                                                                                   are strengthened. In this case, the Deaf person’s visual
                                                               community is an inclusive one, as long as any new person,               sense is heightened. Not only this, but as a minority, it
Rather, it is a community, as a linguistic minority, that      hearing or Deaf, provides full communication access                     values the people in its community, thus developing a
savours the open access to language they can receive when      (through interpretation or being aware of communication
                                                                                                                                       greater cooperative attitude. In other words, often to be
in each other’s presence.                                      differences) when participating in an activity or establishing
                                                                                                                                       Deaf is to welcome the new Deaf person in its community
                                                               a relationship with a Deaf person(s).
Deaf people most frequently feel foreign when surrounded                                                                               as well as its home, savouring the similar communication
by hearing people who communicate primarily in spoken          The importance of bridging the two worlds, Deaf and                     and sensory levels in the two persons. As many may say, to
English. Communication, for all sorts of people, is one of     hearing, is made possible by enabling both sides to feeling             be Deaf is to be a global citizen.
                                                                                                         November/December 2009 | Communicate Issue 20                      3

Vicdeaf Deaf Leadership                                                                                                      Editorial
Mentor Program                                                                                                               By Michael Parremore

                                                                                                                             Hello to all our readers,
By Natalie Sandon – Community Activities Project Officer       participated in this Program. The Program had interesting
                                                               challenges and we learnt a lot from this pilot program.       This is a very short
From April to November this year, Vicdeaf ran a pilot                                                                        Editorial, due to the large
                                                               Vicdeaf hopes to run this Program again. More information     amount of articles in this
Deaf Leadership Mentor Program with the assistance of          will appear in Communicate as they become available.          edition. I hope you like the
Leadership Plus.
                                                               This initiative is part of Vicdeaf’s commitment to            ‘newspaper’ format? It is a
Four mentors and mentees: Anna Seymour & Melissa Jones                                                                       one-off, meaning we will go
                                                               developing and nurturing leadership in the Victorian Deaf
(dancing); Jen Blyth & Helen Kennedy (psychology);                                                                           back to our old ‘newsletter’
                                                               community. The main objective of this Program is to
                                                                                                                             format after this edition. Send me an email on
Meg Aumann & Suzanne Thomas (human resources)                  provide Deaf people with a better opportunity to become
                                                                                                                    and tell me what you
and Christine Thomas & Trisha Balharrie (goal-setting)         leaders.                                                      think?

Job interviews and interpreters!                                                                                              I wish you all Merry Christmas and
                                                                                                                              Happy New Year and safe holidays.
By Mark Quinn – Interpreter               of having a successful interview? Yes,    • Make a time with the interpreter
                                          your interpreter has a skill level that     either just before the interview
Many people know what a job
interview can be like. It can be
                                          is required, and is bound by a code
                                          of ethics and professional standards
                                                                                      or at your convenience to inform       Editorial Policy
                                                                                      them of what the role is, why you
awkward and nerve racking! But what       are to be expected, but what other          are applying and what the main         Communicate is published six times a year. Reader
about the extra strain of having to       things should you think about?              points are that you wish to get        contributions are greatly welcomed. Articles
make yourself understood in English       Working with an interpreter could                                                  must relate to Deaf and hard of hearing issues.
                                                                                      across in the interview.
when Auslan is your preferred mode        either work to your advantage or                                                   All contribution, once submitted, becomes the
of communication? Deaf people             disadvantage!                             • The interpreter and yourself may       property of Communicate.
often have the problem deciding                                                       wish to become familiar with each      The editor reserve the right not to publish, or
                                          Here are a few things you should
whether they should disclose their                                                    other’s signing styles or develop      to edit, any article submitted for publication. All
                                          keep in mind:
deafness to the employer or ‘keeping                                                  communication strategies in            editing shall strive to remain true to the spirit of
it secret’ until they arrive at the job   • Prior to the booking, it is worth         order to enable the process to         the original article.
interview.                                  finding out the name of your              run as smoothly as possible.           Opinions expressed (except in articles that are
Fortunately, Deaf people now                                                        If the interpreter doesn’t know your     signed in an official capacity) are those of the
have access to the ‘Auslan for            • How many years experience               background, and your employment          author/s and not necessarily endorsed by the
Employment’ (AFE) program where             do they have and what type of           history and is not aware of what         editor or by Vicdeaf.
funding is made available to cover          settings have they worked in?           you would like to see happen in
the cost of an interpreter in a job       • Each interpreter has a different        the interview (apart from being
interview. This can take away the
argument of who will pay for an
                                            ‘personality type’, does this
                                            interpreter’s ‘personality type’
                                                                                    successful of course!) then this may
                                                                                    be more difficult to interpret without
interpreter.                                work well with you? And are they        preparation.                             In Communicate Issue 19, there were a few
                                            flexible?                                                                        references to a Deaflympian called Craig Flindell
Once the job interview is organised                                                 By arranging a time to go through        from WA. His name is actually Glen Flindell.
and the interpreter is booked, there      • How does the interpreter ‘voice’        these various points it enables YOU      Vicdeaf wishes to apologise for the error.
is nothing much more that needs to          or ‘interpret’ you? What language       to manage the situation as much
be done right? Well, not really!            register would you prefer?              as you can to your advantage and
Have you ever thought about the           • What dress standard are you             increase the control that you have
fact that the interpreter you have in       expecting the interpreter to            over the interpretation process to       Condolences
your job interview can have a huge          follow? This may depend on the          allow effective communication to
                                                                                                                             Vicdeaf would like to offer sincere condolences
impact and influence your chances           type of job you are applying for.       take place.                              to the families of those who have recently passed
                                                                                                                             away. They are the families of :

Proposed exemption meets strong opposition                                                                                   Angelina Furno
                                                                                                                             Peter Robertson
Recently an application was made by Village Roadshow,          week. At this pace, it will take 1,000 years to achieve       Tommy David Bradley-Smith
Greater Union, Hoyts and Reading Cinemas to the                access to all screenings in all cinemas across Australia.
Australian Human Rights Commission requesting an
                                                               In July 2008, the Australian Federal Government signed
exemption from the Disability Discrimination Act for a
period of two and a half years.                                the UN Convention on the Rights of People with
                                                               Disabilities, part of which states:
                                                                                                                             Victorian Deaf Society
This means that Australians who are Deaf, hard of                                                                            Level 4, 340 Albert Street,
hearing, legally blind and vision impaired, stand to lose      “People who are have a vision or hearing loss are entitled    East Melbourne, Victoria 3002
their right to complain to the Australian Human Rights         to enjoy and participate in the arts; in particular they      TTY: (03) 9473 1199;
Commission about the lack of provision of captioning           have a right to have accessible Cinemas. These patrons        Voice: (03) 9473 1111;
and audio description services at any of the 125 cinemas       have the right to reasonable accommodation to eliminate       Fax: (03) 9473 1122
(1,182 screens) owned by the four exhibitors.                  discrimination (UNCRPD article 5.3), and a right to           Email:
If the exemption is granted, cinemas will provide              enjoy access to films in accessible formats (UNCRPD
                                                               article 30.1).”                                               Toll-free for country people,
captioning and audio description for a minimum of three                                                                      TTY: 1300 780 235, Voice: 1300 780 225
screenings in 35 cinemas around Australia. Let’s put that      It makes sense for the Australian Human Rights
into perspective:                                                                                                            Vicdeaf office hours:
                                                               Commission to reject the proposed exemption and               Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5.00pm
• Jointly, these exhibitors have 1,182 screens                 protect the rights of all Australians regardless of their
                                                                                                                             Regional offices: Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Sale
  across Australia.                                            abilities.
                                                                                                                             and Wangaratta
• They show approximately 30 movies per screen,                Vicdeaf along with many other organisations and               Patrons: Professor David de Kretser, AO and
  every week.                                                  individuals is opposed to the proposed exemption. Such        Mrs. Jan de Kretser
That’s a total of 41,370 screenings per week (1,182            an exemption would be contrary to Vicdeaf’s vision of
screens x 5 sessions per day x 7 days)                         “social justice and equity for Deaf and hard of hearing
                                                               people”.                                                      Printed on 100% Recycled Paper
Of these, only 105 will be captioned and audio described.
This is equal to less than 0.3% of all movies screened per     Source: Arts Access Victoria
   4        Communicate Issue 20 | November/December 2009

Vicdeaf’s accommodation service                                                                                                                   New road rules
                                                                                                                                                  in Victoria
celebrates 10th birthday                                                                                                                          On Monday 9 November, many road
                                                                                                                                                  rules have been made or changed to
On Sunday 11 October, Vicdeaf’s accommodation service                  together, talk about old times and share stories. Mark, who                improve road safety for all Victorians.
celebrated their 10th birthday since opening in October                has lived there since the houses opened gave a lovely speech,              It is important for the Deaf and hard of
1999. The celebration was held in their newly landscaped               thanking everyone for coming and for the work that was put                 hearing community to learn what the new
outdoor BBQ area. Past and present clients and staff as                into preparing for the day. Mark and Wayne then cut a cake                 rules are especially text messaging while
well as friends and family enjoyed the opportunity to get              and sent their well wishes for the next ten years.                         driving.
                                                                                                                                                  About mobile phones while driving,
                                                                                                                                                  including when stopping at traffic lights,
                                                                                                                                                  it is against the law to do the following;
                                                                                                                                                  - text messaging,
                                                                                                                                                  - video messaging,
                                                                                                                                                  - sending/reading an email,
                                                                                                                                                  - entering data into the phone (other
                                                                                                                                                    than by voice),
                                                                                                                                                  - sending or looking at anything in the
                                                                                                                                                  - turning the phone on or off, and
                                                                                                                                                  - taking photos.
                                                                                                                                                  The law also says it is against the law to
                                                                                                                                                  hold the phone while driving, even when
                                                                                                                                                  drivers are not making text messages or
                                                                                                                                                  doing anything else. Even if drivers have
                                                                                                                                                  a mobile phone resting on their laps, it is
                                                                                                                                                  against the law too.
                                                                                                                                                  The best thing for drivers to do is don’t
                                                                                                                                                  touch a mobile phone. If drivers want to
                                                                                                                                                  send a text message, they would need to
                                                                                                                                                  park the car legally and turn off the engine
                                                                                                                                                  before touching a mobile phone, or ask a
                                                                                                                                                  passenger to send a text message for them.
                                                                                                                                                  There are many other road rules which
Photo: Mark and Wayne cuts the birthday cake while Kirsten Whitehill looks on.                                                                    have changed. Have a look at the
Photo Source: Vicdeaf.                                                                                                                            website:

Life as an undergraduate student at Gallaudet University
                       By Jessica Frank                                                          with an international concentration, from linguistics to photography. There is also the option
                                                                                                 of self-designing a major with a wider array of courses offered in a joint program with 13 other
                      I am a member of a Deaf family of five and am a product of three Deaf      higher education institutions in the Washington metropolitan area. Top ranked universities
                      generations. I attended one of the best Deaf schools in America in         such as George Washington and American University are also part of the joint program.
                      the state of Maryland for 12 years. But when I enrolled at Gallaudet       Gallaudet also offers masters and doctorate degree programs in a variety of fields.
                      University in Washington DC as an undergraduate student in 2005, I
                      truly understood what it meant to be Deaf. Gallaudet is an experience      90% of my personal growth in Gallaudet came from hands-on experience.
                      in itself. You won’t find any place in the world where there’s a campus    Gallaudet is not all studies; it also greatly encourages hands-on experience through
                      filled with five thousand people that know sign language. You won’t        extracurricular activities. The university has a rapidly growing athletic program that has a
                      find any place in the world where you’re in an elevator filled with        volleyball team with two Capital Athletic Conference championships in 2005 and 2006
Photo: Jessica Frank. strangers and start a conversation because you like the jacket the         under its belt. Other sports offered are basketball, cheerleading, football, tennis, track,
Photo Source: Jessica woman next to you is wearing or because the guy next to you happens        swimming and wrestling. If you’re not interested in sport, there are plenty of other areas
Frank.                to be quite good looking.                                                  to participate, with more than 20 student-run organisations along with the famed theatre
                                                                                                 program. There is also an opportunity for involvement in politics and advocacy with the
Gallaudet University prides itself as being the Mecca of the Deaf World.                         Student Body Government. If you have an interest in writing, there is the chance to become
After attending a Deaf school for 12 years, I understood that I had grown up in a sheltered      a writer for the ‘The Buff and Blue’ which is a student newspaper, or to become the editor of
and privileged environment and wanted to attend a hearing community college for 6 months         the annual yearbook, ‘Tower Clock’.
to gain a new perspective. Overall, I had a good 6 months at the hearing college. But, I
cannot forget when some hearing students complained when the interpreter had to ask the          Currently, there are over 15,000 Gallaudet alumni from all over the world.
teacher to repeat what he has said. I cannot forget the times I had class discussions and        Students from all over the world have taken this opportunity to become part of the rich
because the interpreter was always a few seconds behind, I couldn’t ever really join in. After   experience at Gallaudet. If you wanted to enroll at Gallaudet, there are several options to
6 months, I knew then that I wanted to attend Gallaudet University, where communication          choose from. You can enroll as a full-time student, be a
would always be accessible.                                                                      transfer student for a year if you are already enrolled in
                                                                                                 another university, or study at the university as a non-
This is the best thing about attending a bilingual university.                                   degree seeking student. However, because Gallaudet
In 2008, Gallaudet University became a bilingual university, making both American Sign           is a federally funded university, the cost of tuition for
Language (ASL) and English its official languages. What is bilingualism? Bilingualism in a       an international student is high and has often become
university means you may have a choice between writing an essay in English or signing a          an issue for students from abroad. Don’t worry, there
video blog (now known as v-log). All classes are taught using ASL and students will be able      are still options of obtaining financial aid through
to rebut or build off a point you’ve made through direct, signed communication. There            opportunities such as the Sasakawa Foundation
                                                 are universities all over the world with        International Scholarship Fund, or after performing
                                                 strong educational foundations, but for         well on your studies in the first year, you will be eligible
                                                 me, there was nothing richer than being         to apply for financial aid in the United States.
                                                 able to fall into a deep discussion in class
                                                 using the language I was most comfortable       The friends you make at Gallaudet are friends you’ll
                                                 with: ASL. Throughout my four years at          have for life.
                                                 the university, my confidence as well as my     For me, Gallaudet has truly proven itself to be an
                                                 social and emotional intelligence improved      experience to remember. After four memorable years,
                                                 greatly. I felt that I had experienced enough   I understood thoroughly what it meant to be Deaf
                                                 in four years to fill in ten years.             and I am proud of it. Upon graduation last May, I left
                                                                                                 the university with a group of friends I knew I could
                                                 If I had to choose one word to describe         always fall back on, stories that I will continue to share
                                                 Gallaudet, it would be ‘opportunity’.           for years to come and all the confidence in the world
Photo: The signage outside Gallaudet.            For the undergraduate student program,          to handle anything that comes my way. To make this Photo: Sign banner of Gallaudet
Photo Source:      the university offers more than 40 majors       experience yours, go to http://admissions.gallaudet. University.
dcist_martin/gallaudet%20image.JPG               that range from Deaf studies to government      edu/Admissions/International/                              Photo Source: Cesar Ayala.
                                                                                                               November/December 2009 | Communicate Issue 20                                  5

Is Christmas Day a happy time for
Deaf people with hearing families?
By The Editor                                                    everything is muted and without captions. An enormous            The benefits of learning Auslan can be rewarding,
                                                                 amount of concentration goes into lipreading, which can          especially at the dining table on Christmas Day.
The answer is of course, yes! Many Deaf people do enjoy          be tiring and with even the best lipreaders only catching
                                                                                                                                  For more information on Auslan courses;
spending Christmas Day with their hearing families.              about 40% of the conversation at any time. Many Deaf
However there are some Deaf people who find it difficult,        people simply give up trying to engage in conversations          Email:
mainly due to the communication barriers they face.              and sit on the couch to watch television or go outside           Ph: 03 9473 1135
I spoke to a few signing Deaf people about this topic.           and play with children. In some cases, Deaf people find          For more information on Counselling services, contact
Their family members have very little or no knowledge of         Christmas Day boring and a waste of time.                        the Duty Worker;
Auslan. It was interesting to find that their responses were
                                                                 Many family members of Deaf people do try their                  Email:
quite similar so it must be a common situation. I thought
                                                                 best to engage in conversations, but usually the topic           TTY: 03 9473 1199 Ph: 03 9473 1111
it was important to publish this article to create a greater
                                                                 of conversations can be limited to a few subjects. It is         Please note: Duty Worker is only available Tues, Wed and
awareness about the importance of communication and
                                                                 unfortunate because many Deaf people lead interesting            Thurs; 9.00 am - 2.30 pm
the effects on a Deaf person’s mental and emotional
                                                                 and busy lives, many of which go unnoticed by family
wellbeing due to social isolation.
                                                                 members. Another common situation is when a family
One Deaf person said, “When I lose track of a conversation,      goes to another family’s place for lunch, Deaf people will                   CHRISTMAS
I ask, “Sorry what did you say?” very often they say, “Oh
it’s not important, don’t worry” or “I will tell you later””.
                                                                 do anything to stay at home or go elsewhere, because
                                                                 they know that they won’t be included in conversations                        SPECIAL
They said that they experienced frustration by their
inability to join verbal conversations, but also frustration
                                                                 and quickly develop boredom.                                                Vicdeaf are offering
at their family members’ lack of effort to include Deaf
                                                                 I asked them what they could change to make Christmas
                                                                 Day better, they all wished their family members could
                                                                                                                                           Auslan courses at 15% off.
people in conversations and lack of adequate Auslan skills.
                                                                 communicate in Auslan. One Deaf person said, “My                          You need to apply before 8 Jan 2010
Deaf people rely on visual cues such as lipreading to identify   parents are too old to learn Auslan and they find it                      or until places are full. Apply early!
what’s going on around them and they look around to              confusing to learn.” At first, Auslan can be difficult to
see everyone engaging in conversations and laughing, but
                                                                 learn but it is never too late for anyone to learn Auslan.

FireReady Kit                                                                                  Emergency Alert telephone
                                                                                               warning system is ready
The bushfire season has already started           for your Bushfire Survival Plan in this      Following extensive community testing                warnings as the primary data source for the
and CFA has produced the FireReady                brochure.                                    in Victoria, the new national telephone-             Emergency Alert system, the Integrated Public
Kit to help you understand your bushfire       Fire Danger Ratings: understand how             based warning system for life-threatening            Number Database (IPND) does not capture
risk, prepare your property and develop        the Fire Danger Rating scale will alert         emergencies – Emergency Alert – is live and          information about which telephone numbers
a Bushfire Survival Plan that is right for     you to danger so you can take action.           ready for use.                                       are linked to a teletypewriter. However,
you and your family.                                                                           Emergency Alert will alert communities to            the project team is working through the
                                               Community Fireguard - A Bushfire                emergencies via a recorded voice message             provision of these warnings with the Australian
Not all homes can be defended from             Safety Program: join a Community                                                                     Communication Exchange and other relevant
                                                                                               on landline telephones and a text message
bushfire and survival must be your             Fireguard group and learn about                                                                      government bodies. Further information will
                                                                                               on mobiles, based on the subscribers’ billing
number one priority. The only guarantee        planning and preparation for bushfire.          address.                                             be provided in the near future.
of safety is to be away from a bushfire.                                                                                                            Further information about the Emergency
                                               Radiant Heat: understand the dangers            The warning messages will provide official
The Kit includes five publications                                                             and authorised emergency information on the          Alert system can be found on the website www.
                                               of radiant heat and how you can protect                                                    
which work together plus some smaller                                                          current situation and provide direction to the
                                               yourself from bushfire.
brochures. To order a Kit, please call                                                         community on actions to be taken and where           You are welcome to contact David Peters at
the Victorian Bushfire Information             You are urged to read this information          further information or advice can be sought.         Vicdeaf if you wish to find out more about
                                               carefully. The Kit is just one of the tools     Emergency Alert provides emergency services          Emergency Alert. He will be happy to discuss
Line on TTY: 1800 122 969 (Ph: 1800
                                               you should use to prepare for bushfire.         with another useful tool to issue warnings,          with you. Contact details are on page 3.
240 667). The publications can also
be downloaded from the CFA website:                                                            but it is crucial that communities do not rely
                                               For more information, CFA                       on receiving a telephone warning and have an                             recommends:                                     emergency plan.
Prepare a Bushfire Survival Plan using         • attending a local community                   At this stage TTY phones will not receive
the following items in the Kit.                   meeting*

                                                                                               The Gaslight Award
1. Understanding Your Environment:             • attending a Bushfire Planning
   learn about your surroundings and              Workshop in your area*
   work out the level of risk to your          • joining or establishing a
   home and family.
2. Household Bushfire Site-Assessment
                                                  neighbourhood Community
                                                  Fireguard Group*                             (For Outstanding Service)
   Workbook: this will help you work              * call ahead to request Auslan               As we announced at the Government House              in any given period, indeed it may be that there
   out if your home has enough                       interpreters                              Garden Party in October, a special award will        is only one award for any given time-period.
   defendable space and also help you                                                          be made to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of        You may nominate any person, group or
   decide whether staying to actively          Emergency Contacts                              the Victorian Deaf Society.                          organisation for an award who you feel
   defend is the right option.                                                                 The purpose of the award is to recognise the         has contributed in some special way. Each
                                               In an Emergency, call Fire, Police &
3. Preparing Your Property: make your                                                          most outstanding contributions made to the           nomination requires a seconder and must be
                                               Ambulance on TTY: 106 (Ph: 000)
   home fire ready even if your plan is                                                        Victorian Deaf Society since its inception and       completed by a person 18 years or older.
   to leave before a bushfire threatens.       For Fire Warnings and Updates, call the         through the 125 years of its service. The award      Once received the nomination will be examined
                                               Victorian Bushfire Information Line on          will be considered for each 25 year era/period       and researched by the Awards Panel. You may
4. Leaving Early: how to plan and
                                               TTY: 1800 122 969 (Ph: 1800 240 667)            of time identified later in this article.            be contacted to provide additional information
   prepare to leave before bushfire
                                                                                               Nominations will be called for, and in the case      for consideration.
   threatens. You’ll find a template for       Visit websites: and
                                                                                               of the inaugural awards, the closing date for all    Each recipient of the Award will receive an
   your Bushfire Survival Plan in this
                                                                                               nominations and all time periods will be Friday      individual Award and be recorded on the
   brochure.                                                                                   26 February 2010.
                                               This information has been provided by                                                                Vicdeaf Roll of Honour which will be displayed
5. Defending Your Property: learn              the Country Fire Authority, 2009.               The award can be made to individuals, groups         at Vicdeaf.
   what it takes to actively defend your                                                       or organisations, and can of course be made          Nomination forms can be downloaded from
   property and understand the real risks                                                      posthumously. In keeping with the importance         the Vicdeaf website (
   associated with staying, including the                                                      and significance of the award, it is unlikely that   You may request a form be posted or faxed to
   risk of death. You’ll find a template                                                       there would be more than two or possibly three       you, please contact Vicdeaf.
    6         Communicate Issue 20 | November/December 2009

                                                                                                                                             DEAF SPORT
                                               Deaf Professionals Network                    Sale Auslan Chat Group
                                               JML Centre, Vicdeaf, Level 3, 340 Albert      Centre Bakery, 103 Cunninghame St, Sale                                                     Deaf Australia
                                               Street, East Melbourne
                                               Events held approximately once every 3
                                                                                             meets every Wednesday at 11.00 am
                                                                                             Leanne Wishart, deaf access VICTORIA,
                                                                                                                                             CLUBS/ASSOC.                                271A Stafford Road
                                                                                                                                                                                         Stafford QLD 4053
                                                                                                                                             Deaf Basketball Victoria

                                               months                                        Gippsland                                                                                   Postal: PO Box 1083
                                               Natalie Sandon                                TTY: 03 5143 1537                               Deaf Football Victoria                      Stafford QLD 4053
                                               TTY: 03 9473 1199                             Fax: 03 5143 1814                               Deaf Golf Victoria                          Email:
                                               Fax: 03 9473 1122                             Email:           Deaf Netball Victoria                       TTY: (07) 3357 8277
                                                                                                                                             Kew Deaf United Soccer Club

                                               Email:                     Ph: 03 5143 1537                                                                            Ph: (07) 3357 8266
                                               Ph: 03 9473 1111                                                                              Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club                 Fax: (07) 3357 8377
                                               Deaf Professionals Network will close for     Seaford Deaf Gathering Club                     Victorian Deaf Anglers Club                 Web:
                                               Christmas but will reopen with new and        Pines and Seaford Fishing Club, Corner          Deaf Bowls Victoria (Victorian Deaf Lawn
                                               exciting events for 2010 in the New Year.
                                               Keep an eye on Vicdeaf eNews.
                                                                                             Moresby and Miline Avenue, Seaford
                                                                                             meets every 2nd Friday each month (Feb
                                                                                                                                             Bowls Association)
                                                                                                                                             Victorian Deaf Squash Association
Albury Wodonga Deaf Group                                                                    to Dec)                                         Victorian Deaf Tennis Association
                                                                                                                                             Victorian Deaf Ten Pin Bowling Club
                                                                                                                                                                                         SERVICING THE DEAF
Lavington Panthers Club, Centaur Road,         East Gippsland Deaf Club                      Joseph Heenan
                                               St Mary’s Parish Centre, at Barinsdale and    Email:                                                   deaf access VICTORIA - Hume
Lavington                                                                                                                                    For contact details for the above
                                               outdoor activites of East Gippsland           For transport from Kananook Railway                                                         Julie Kiroluch
First Friday of every month. 6.00 pm in                                                                                                      Deaf Sports club/association,
                                               On the second week every second month         Station, go past Frankston Basketball at                                                    Email:
club bistro (except January)                                                                                                                 contact Deaf Sports Recreation Victoria.
                                               (Sat or Sun)                                  Bardia Avenue, Seaford or Frankston Bus                                                     Voice/Fax: 03 5722 9175
Jessi Hartley
                                                                                                                                                                                         TTY: 03 5722 9451
TTY & Fax: 02 6025 1649
                                               Louise Bartheyl
                                               TTY: 03 5155 2443
                                                                                             780 or Frankston/Ringwood Bus 901 (next
                                                                                             to Kananook Station) as last bus leaves for     DEAF ORGANISATIONS                          Web:
                                               Fax: 03 5155 2443                             Ringwood at 12.06 am.                                                                       Toll Free Numbers:Voice: 1300 302 335
Members join in activities like mixed                                                                                                        Deaf Arts Network
                                               Email:                This Club were founded by Joseph Heenan                                                     TTY: 1300 302 325
netball competitions, Deaf dancing                                                                                                           Ross Onley-Zerkel, Deaf Arts Coordinator
classes. Soon we will have regular photo       Saturday 13 February - Annual General         and the late Peter Mathers as the club          Deaf Arts Network
                                               Meeting - St Mary’s Parish Centre at          opened in March 2008.                                                                       deaf access VICTORIA - Gippsland
scrap-booking nights.                                                                                                                        Arts Access Victoria
                                               Bairnsdale.                                                                                                                               Leanne Wishart
Deaf friendly workshops are available for                                                                                                    24 Eastern Road
                                                                                             Victorian Deaf Senior Citizen Club                                                          Email:
local businesses.                                                                                                                            South Melbourne Victoria 3205
                                               Geelong Deaf Social Group                     JML Centre, Vicdeaf, Level 3, 340 Albert                                                    Voice & TTY: 03 5143 1537
                                                                                                                                             TTY: (03) 9699 7636
                                               Church of Christ Hall, 275 LaTrobe Terrace,   Street, East Melbourne                                                                      Fax: 03 5143 1814
Ballarat Deaf Social Club Inc.                                                                                                               Ph: (03) 9699 8299 (leave message with
                                               Geelong                                       meets every second Thursdays at 10.00                                                       Mobile/SMS: 0448 866 331
Eastwood Leisure Complex, 20 Eastwood                                                                                                        reception)
Street, Ballarat                               2nd Tuesday of each month except January      am - 2.00 pm                                    Fax: (03) 9699 8868
                                               Nina Howell                                   Cheryl Rankine, Secretary                                                                   National Relay Service
1st Friday of each month except January                                                                                                      Email:
                                               Fax: 03 5241 9898                             TTY: 03 9473 1199                                                                           Lance Hately
Marjorie O’Donnell                                                                                                                      
                                               Email:                       Fax: 03 9473 1122                                                                           Email:
Fax: 03 5335 7019                                                                                                                            SMS: 0404 226 061
                                               Welcome back after long holiday to GDSG       Email:                                                                  Phone: 1800 555 660
Email:                                                                                                             MSN:
                                               on Tuesday 9th February 2010.                 Ph: 03 9473 1111                                                                            TTY: 03 9473 1149
Web:                                                                                                       Web:
                                                                                                                                                                                         Fax: 03 9473 1122
1st Club Night for 2010 on Friday 5 February
                                               Pankina Deaf Senior Group                     Werribee Deaf Club Inc.                                                                     Mob: 0402 016 185 (SMS only)
at 7.30 pm                                                                                                                                   Deaf Sports Australia
10th Starlight Ball, Mercure, Main Road,       25-35 High Street, Prahran                    Central Park Community Centre, 80               TTY: (03) 9473 1154
                                               (Postal address - PO Box 443, Prahran,        Lonsdale Circuit, Hoppers Crossing                                                          Sign Language Communications
Ballarat on Saturday 31 July 2010                                                                                                            Ph: (03) 9473 1191
                                               VIC, 3181)                                    meets on the fourth Friday of every month                                                   Victoria (SLC VIC)
                                                                                                                                             Fax: (03) 9473 1122
                                               Every fortnight on Mondays at 10.30 am        from February to November                                                                   Email:
Benalla Auslan Chat Group                                                                                                                    Level 3/340 Albert Street
                                               to 3.00 pm. First get together for 2010 on    Patricia Shields, Secretary                                                                 Freecall Ph: 1300 123 SLC (752)
Rambling Rose Coffee Shop, Benalla                                                                                                           East Melbourne, VIC, 3002
                                               Monday 18 January.                            Voice: 0404 068 659                                                                         TTY: (03) 9473 1143
Every second Monday, 12.30 – 1.30                                                                                                            Email:
                                               Admission $4.00                               Email:                                                           Ph: (03) 9473 1117
Julie Kiroluch                                                                                                                               Web:
                                               Activities like Bingo $3 a book and Crazy     Werribee Deaf Club Inc. holds social nights                                                 or (03) 9473 1118
TTY: 03 5722 9451
                                               Whist & 777s $1.00                            on the fourth Friday of each month, such as                                                 Fax: (03) 9473 1144
Fax: 03 5722 9175                                                                                                                            Deaf Sports Recreation Victoria
Email:               Morning and afternoon teas provided. All      Information nights with various topics and      Email:
                                               welcome.                                      games nights from February to December                                                      SensWide (Melb, Frankston & Preston)
Ph: 03 5722 9175                                                                                                                             Fax: (03) 9473 1122 - Attention to DSRV
                                               Cheryl Clarke                                 each year. All welcome to attend.                                                           Email:
Chat group will resume in Jan 2010.                                                                                                          TTY: (03) 9473 1161 Ph: 133 677, then
                                               TTY & Fax: 03 9078 2600                       Entry fee for Members $3.00, Non                                                            Phone: (03) 9015 5155
Please let Julie know if you are planning                                                                                                    quote our TTY number (above) The DSRV
                                               Email:             Members $6.00, Children under 16 Free.                                                      Fax: (03) 9614 3070
to attend in case there are any last minute                                                                                                  office is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on
                                               Jan 18th Welcome.                             Memberships available.                                                                      TTY: (03) 9614 3062
changes to date/venue, etc.                                                                                                                  Mondays and Fridays. Contact us for an
                                               Feb 1st Bingo, 15th Crazy Whist.                                                              appointment!!
                                               March 1st 777s, 15th Bingo, 29th Crazy        Other Deaf Clubs and Groups                                                                 hearservice
Bendigo Deaf Gathering
                                               Whist and Easter raffles.                     throughout Victoria include:                                                                Email:
Hudson Coffee, Hargreave Street (Mall),                                                                                                      John Pierce Centre
                                               April 12th Outing to Aquarium, 26th 777s.     Casey Deaf Club (Glendonald Association Inc.)                                               Ph: 1300 30 20 31
Bendigo                                                                                                                                      25-35 High Street
                                               May 10th Bingo, 24th Pankina’s AGM.           Gippsland Deaf Regional Centre (Traralgon)                                                  TTY: (03) 9567 0422
Every 4th Friday of the month at 4.00 pm                                                                                                     Prahran VIC 3181
- 5.45 pm                                                                                    Northern Deaf Club                              Postal: PO Box 443, Prahran, VIC 3181
Jo Richards                                                                                  Seymour Kilmore Deaf Support Group              TTY: 03 9525 1337 Ph: 03 9525 1158
Email:                                                               Shepparton Deaf Support Group                   Fax: 03 9525 1191
Next monthly get together starts on Friday                                                                                                   Email:
26 February 2010 at 4.00 pm - 5.45 pm                                                                                                        Victorian Council of the Deaf

Compliments, comments and complaints about interpreters
We want to know what you think!
Deaf people use interpreters to communicate more often                        • Filling out our online feedback form at www.vicdeaf.                         1. The person you give your complaint to must give you an
now than before.                                                                                                                       answer.
We want to encourage you to let us know what you think                        • Requesting from any of the above contacts a feedback                         2. If you are not satisfied with the answer, you can ask
about the interpreters that come from Sign Language                             form be posted to you                                                           for your complaint to go to a manager and/or an
Communications Victoria (SLC VIC) at Vicdeaf.                                 You can give us information about our service that you liked                      investigating officer.
We always welcome feedback and now is a good opportunity                      or didn’t like. For example:                                                   3. If you are still not satisfied with the answer, you can ask
for you to tell us what you think of our service.                             • The name of interpreters you prefer to work with                                for your complaint to go to the CEO of Vicdeaf and an
                                                                              • If you feel an interpreter has not followed their                               investigating officer.
You can let us know your comments by contacting us in the
                                                                                  professional Code of Ethics                                                4. If you are still not satisfied with the answer, the last step
following ways:
                                                                              • If you feel the quality of interpreting was good or bad                         is you can ask for your complaint to go to an outside
• Email us at:
                                                                              • If you like how our booking office works and provide                            organisation such as the Disability Service Commission,
• MSN us on:                                               suggestions to improve the service                                            Disability Rights Victoria, VCOD or the Health Services
• Video Relay Interpreting service                                            • any other feedback you have                                                     Commission.
• Call us by TTY on 03 9473 1199                                              After we receive your comments we have to follow steps to                      Let us know what you think about SLC VIC and our staff.
• Call us by voice on 03 9473 1117                                            make sure you are satisfied. All feedback is important to us                   See below for details on how to contact us. We look forward
• Send us a fax on 03 9473 1144                                               and helps us to improve our service to you.
                                                                                                                                                             to hearing from you.
                                                                              If your feedback is a complaint, you can choose to make your
• Come in and see us face to face (interpreters provided                                                                                                     Marc Curtis, SLC VIC Manager
                                                                              complaint direct to an outside organization at any time. You
  upon request)                                                                                                                                              Voice: 03 9473 1146
                                                                              can do that before talking to Vicdeaf about it or at any time
If you would prefer to not raise your comments with SLC                       during the complaint process. After we receive a complaint,                    Karen O’Mahoney, SLC VIC Booking Office Coordinator
VIC contact the Vicdeaf Quality Coordinator by:                               we must follow these steps:                                                    Voice: 03 9473 1117
                                                                                                             November/December 2009 | Communicate Issue 20                          7

Afternoon tea at Government House
By David Oliver                                with all of the guests as afternoon tea was     for this occasion – “From Gaslight to          now be known as the Gaslight Awards
Manager                                        served.                                         Gigabyte” which showed how our world           to be made and presented in the second
Community Relations and Development                                                            has changed in many ways over the years.       half of 2010. The awards will recognise
                                               Vicdeaf President Mac Adam chaired a
                                                                                               “There have been many challenges and           the most outstanding contributions made
                                               program of recognition, reflection and
Vicdeaf celebrated its 125th Anniversary                                                       changes over the years” Mac said, “Today       to the Victorian Deaf Society since its
                                               challenge as well as directing the audience     Vicdeaf’s services are provided consistent     inception and through the first 125 years
with a Garden Party at Government
                                               to the arrival of an unexpected visitor from    with our vision and mission and deeply         of its service.
House on Thursday 22 October 2009.
                                               the past. It was the Town Crier (James          rooted in the concepts of social justice and
More than 200 people enjoyed a sunny                                                                                                          The occasion also provided an opportunity
                                               Blyth) who arrived in full costume, which       equity”.
afternoon as they acknowledged the                                                                                                            to recognise and acknowledge the
                                               included a brilliant red coat and a very
proud history of the Victorian Deaf                                                            CEO Graeme Kelly spoke about the new           volunteer work provided by members of
                                               impressive three-corner hat. His chauffeur
Society. Guests included representatives                                                       Video Relay Interpreting service (VRI) –       the current and previous Boards at Vicdeaf.
                                               drove a lovely old-fashioned carriage
from many Deaf organisations, clubs and                                                        at the gigabyte end of the scale, which has    Certificates were presented to 10 present
                                               drawn by two horses. His message was
sporting associations, volunteers, Board                                                       been recently put in place and will, with      and past Board members and further
                                               one of congratulations, but also one of
members, Trusts and Foundations, past                                                          the support of the State Government, be        presentations will be made at a later time.
                                               challenge as we look forward to the next
Chief Executive Officers, Life Members,                                                        important to Deaf and hearing people           The afternoon was a very pleasant and
                                               125 years.
donors and staff. Of course the Governor                                                       in regional Victoria. Graeme went on to        happy event, with many people staying on
and Mrs de Kretser were present to meet        Mac Adam spoke of the theme chosen              introduce the Roll of Honour, which will       to chat in the beautiful garden setting.

                                                                                               Photo: Past and present Board Members receive their certificates . (L to R) Mac Adam,
                                                                                               Sam Patterson, Adam Brooks, Garry Fowler, David Peters, Felicity Pantelidis, Faye
Photo: Town Crier James Blyth arrives to deliver his message.                                  Kendall (obscured) Therese Pierce, Bob Roff and Carole Wagner.
Photo Source: Vicdeaf.                                                                         Photo Source: Vicdeaf.

Deaf Golf Victoria 40th anniversary weekend
Deaf Golf Victoria celebrated its 40th over            Pierce, of Melbourne. The Junior Handicap
the recent weekend (November 27-28,                    category, which is the first time ever that this
2009) in style by hosting the Victorian Deaf           category has been held in the long proud
Golf Championships at Kingston Links. 18               history of Deaf Golf Victoria, was won by
Victorian golfers were joined by 12 golfers            Cameron Gabriel of Geelong.
from interstate, to contest the championships.
                                                       In the middle of these championships, a
Melbourne tuned the weather on and we had
                                                       marvelous function was held at Knox Club,
4 seasons in a day !
                                                       in which 65 past players, committee persons,
Jack Besley of Melbourne won the                       and supporters attended. Deaf Golf Victoria
Championships with a score of 77 and 74,               was also proud to have Coral Hately attend
3 in front of Denver Magnusson of Kyneton              the function. Coral was the wife of the late
and Craig Douglas of Sydney. The A Grade               Wally Hately who was a proud committeeman
Handicap section was won by Paul Hammond               of Deaf Golf Victoria over many years. Many
of Sydney, whilst the B Grade Handicap was             wonderful stories were shared and old faces
won by a young Dechlan Birt, of Bendigo.               (or foes!) caught up. All left with many warm          Photo: All past and present Deaf Golf Victoria golfers.
The Womens Handicap was won by Therese                 memories of the night.                                 Photo Source: Deaf Golf Victoria.

Photo: Cameron Gabriel : Junior Winner.                         Photo: Jack Besley : Scratch Winner.                          Photo: Therese Pierce : Ladies Winner.
Photo Source: Deaf Golf Victoria.                               Photo Source: Deaf Golf Victoria.                             Photo Source: Deaf Golf Victoria.
   8       Communicate Issue 20 | November/December 2009

SPORTS                                                                                         Deaf women’s cricket match
                                                                                               The idea to have a Deaf Women’s
                                                                                               Cricket Match started at a meeting
                                                                                               between Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club
                                                                                               (MDCC), Deaf Sports Australia and
                                                                                                                                             On Sunday 15 November, all the women
                                                                                                                                             showed up in their new hot pink MDCC
                                                                                                                                             Gorillas polo shirts. Two teams were
                                                                                                                                             formed, one was called the ‘Gorillas’ and

Geelong wins bid to host
                                                                                               Cricket Victoria. But the idea turned to      the other was called ‘Princesses’. Melissa
                                                                                               reality when MDCC Secretary Melissa           said, “Some of the girls were amazing,
                                                                                               received many replies on Facebook from        hitting fours and sixes! The team spirit

2012 Australian Deaf Games
                                                                                               Deaf women wanting to play a game of          and competitiveness came out in us all
                                                                                               cricket. She received enough replies to       and we played such a great game!” The
                                                                                               field two full cricket teams!                 ‘Gorillas’ team won by 28 runs. The
                                                                                                                                             women enjoyed the game and are keen
Deaf Sports Australia has announced            Deaf and hard of hearing community              Cricket Victoria gave their full support by
                                                                                                                                             for more games in the future.
that the City of Greater Geelong has           and Deaf Sports Australia is looking            providing world class indoor cricket nets
been chosen as the host city for the 2012      forward to partnering with the City of          and facilities at the MCG for the women       For any Deaf cricket enquiries,
Australian Deaf Games, which is likely to      Greater Geelong to host an unforgettable        to practise a few days before the cricket     contact Melissa Lowrie on Email:
attract up to 1000 participants and up         Games,” Mr Phillips said.                       match with a top junior women’s cricket
to 1600 support staff. Geelong out-bid                                                         coach, Di Day. Melissa
                                               The Australian Deaf Games is one of the         said, “We were all slightly
Wodonga in a competitive bidding process
                                               oldest sporting events in the country. The      in awe at training in the
to secure the event following a tour by
                                               origins of interstate deaf sport competitions   nets that the Victorian
organisers of the city’s sports and social
                                               can be traced back to 1895 when the             Bushrangers train in! We
                                               Victorian Deaf Cricket team travelled to        learnt how to put all the
Deaf Sports Australia President Brent          South Australia for a friendly cricket match.   equipment on, how to
Phillips said that Geelong was an excellent    The first Deaf Carnivals were held in 1911      bowl and bat and how to
choice to host the 16th Australian Deaf        and continued regularly until the Games         attempt to run with all
Games in 2012. “The bid by the City            in its current format started in Sydney in      those leg pads on us! I tell
of Greater Geelong was outstanding and         1964. The most recent Games were held           you, we have never had so
it presented us with an opportunity to         on the Gold Coast in January 2008. Held         much fun in our lives and
deliver a successful sporting and social       every four years, the Games involve up to       by the time it was over,
event in one of Australia’s largest regional   20 different sports and attract competitors     we were all exhausted
cities.”                                       from all over Australia and New Zealand.        and sore but pumped for
“Interest and anticipation for the 2012        The Australian Deaf Games will be held in       Sunday’s match!”
Games is very high in the Australian           early 2012.
                                                                                                                             Photo: Kaylene Knight enjoys a game of cricket.
                                                                                                                             Photo Source: Vicdeaf.

VDTBC 30 Years
The Victorian Deaf Tenpin Bowling Club         centres. So many things have changed in
(VDTBC) held their 30 Year Anniversary         30 years.
celebration on Friday 6 November which
                                               VDTBC continues to run strongly and
was held at the Alfred Homestead in
                                               will continue in the next 30 years or more.
Warrandyte South. It was a very successful
                                               Currently, VDTBC is held at Forest Hill
evening which was enjoyed by 135 people.
                                               AMF Bowling Centre which they meet
The smorgasbord meal was provided.
                                               and play their league tenpin bowling once
Master of Ceremonies were both Ron
                                               every 4 weeks. Our next Nationals will be
Chapman (President) and Sylvia Gusts
                                               held in Frankston AMF Bowling Centre in
                                               Easter 2010.
Also Wendy Devlin, a long time member
                                               VDTBC would be pleased to welcome
gave a great speech on the history of
                                               any new bowlers or visitors. To contact
VDTBC. In the old days, scores were done
                                               VDTBC, send an email to vdtbc@hotmail.
manually by paper and pencil. Now it is all
                                               com or post a letter to PO Box 4185,
electronic and automatic. Also in the old
                                               Alfredton VIC 3350 or send an SMS
days, smoking was allowed but nowadays
                                               message on 0403 490 217.
smoking are banned at all tenpin bowling

                                                                                               Photo: The women celebrate wildly when a wicket falls.
                                                                                               Photo Source: Vicdeaf.

                                               Photo: 1st year 1978 Committee who helped
                                               started VDTBC.

Photo: Ron Chapman (President) and
Sylvia Gusts (Vice President) both Master
of Ceremonies.

                                               Photo: Wendy Devlin, giving out a speech        Photo: It’s game on as Melanie Merhi comes in to bowl.
Photo: Our 30 Year Anniversary cake.           on the history of VDTBC.                        Photo Source: Vicdeaf.

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