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					   “Law of Attraction Riches”
The Definitive Guide to Making a Lot of Money with the
Law of Attraction and the SGR Club™ Affiliate Program.
                                            By Brian Wong

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                                  Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION .............................................................................................4
PART 1: OVERVIEW OF THE BUSINESS ELEMENTS.................................5
1. THE MARKET .............................................................................................5
2. THE PRODUCT ...........................................................................................6
3. THE MARKETING SYSTEM .......................................................................6
4. THE UNIQUE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE ..............................................7
5. CREATING LEVERAGE .............................................................................7
PART 2: THE SUCCESS SYSTEM.................................................................8
WHY WE NEED A SYSTEM ...........................................................................8
THE 5-STEP SGR SUCCESS SYSTEM .........................................................8
STEP 1: SIGN UP AS AN SGR AFFILIATE ...................................................9
STEP 2: GET FREE TRAINING ......................................................................9
STEP 3: CUSTOMIZE AND GIVE AWAY THIS REPORT ............................10
STEP 4: GET 5 SALES/ 50 AFFILIATES .....................................................12
STEP 5: GET YOUR SGR PROGRAM! ........................................................12
WHAT IS YOUR INCOME POTENTIAL?......................................................14
SUMMARY & CONCLUSION........................................................................15
MORE REAL LIFE STORIES:.......................................................................16
RESOURCE BOX..........................................................................................17

Law of Attraction Riches

You are not reading this by accident. It’s attraction. I attracted you to read this
document and you have attracted this document into your possession
because it is the answer to what you have been asking the universe for. In the
following pages, I am going to show you a step-by-step formula to earn
anywhere between $90,000 to $300,000 with the Law of Attraction and
introduce you to the training program that is second to none when it comes to
teaching the scientific principles of wealth creation. Does that sound like what
you want? I thought so, read on then.

Let me speak frankly, I am an entrepreneur and not much of a writer but what
I am about to share with you is not meant to entertain. I will merely show you
a clear plan to put money into your bank account. These are the same exact
steps I used to create riches online with the Law of Attraction. Also, don’t
expect any “magic” here. That’s not how the Law of Attraction works. All the
riches you desire will be brought to you through established channels of trade
and commerce and only if you offer a service that has more value in use than
the price you ask for in exchange for these riches.

This report is eBook up into two parts. In Part 1, I am going to outline the
chain of events and the various business elements that has created this
opportunity for you to create wealth with the Law of Attraction. In Part 2 of this
report, I am going to reveal the actual formula and system I used to create a
six figure income in just over a month with the Law of Attraction.

                         What Others Are Saying:

                          "Extra money so easily!"

                          I am so happy, and grateful that this incredible,
                          cutting-edge affiliate program was put together by
                          Bob Proctor and other teachers from "The Secret!"
                          My first month I was able to earn an extra $5,500
                          while the system was on autopilot! The thing that
                          continues to stun me is just how easily this was
  Dr. Matthew Loop,       accomplished. I'll have to agree with Bob Proctor
       Atlanta            when he says, "Working hard is the absolute worst
                          way to earn money." The SGR system does
                          everything for you and tracks Tier 1 and Tier 2 sales
                          with great precision. I strongly recommend this
                          program to everyone seeking financial freedom, as I
                          am on track to do 1 million this year!

                                                                             Page 4
Law of Attraction Riches

Part 1: Overview of the Business Elements
As I mentioned earlier, there’s no magic to the formula I am going share with
you. To make money in any business there are several essential elements
that must be present. These are my 5 key elements that have helped me
tremendously in my business ventures:

   1. Find a Massive Market. Without a big marketplace, there is no
      possibility of successful returns for your business efforts.
   2. Offer a Valuable Product/ Service. Again, for commerce to take
      place, there must be an exchange of money for a valuable product or
   3. Next we need to get the market to be aware that we have a product or
      service that they want and the cost of disseminating this information
      must be reasonable. This is called Effective Marketing!
   4. One of my most important requirements before getting involved in a
      business venture is that there has to be a clear Unique Competitive
      Advantage. Now without having a unique product, you compete on
      price or convenience. A business without a unique competitive
      advantage will struggle with keeping prices above their cost and be at
      the mercy of prospective customers and that is not fun. And what’s the
      point of making money if you’re not having fun!
   5. Finally, a business must be able to generate Leverage for you.
      Because we are all constrained by the same 24 hours in a day, a good
      business should be able to make us money over and over again after
      we have set it up so that we are free to do whatever we want.

The business I am about to describe to you, scores 10 out of 10 for each of
the factors above. Let me give you some background of how this opportunity
came into being.

1. The Market
This opportunity came to be because of the phenomenal success of the movie
“the Secret”. Since its release in March 2006, millions of people are now
awakening to the Law of Attraction and the movie has been featured several
times on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, Ellen and CNN just to
name a few. The producer of the movie Rhonda Byrne, has also written a
book about it and it has since become a New York Times Bestseller!

This phenomenon has given rise to the first part of our business requirement
– the market! For the first time, there is a common language to speak of the
laws of success. Just do a search on Google for the term “Law of Attraction”
and just take a look at how big the market is. What about going to MySpace
and searching for people who have listed “the Secret” as one of their favourite
movies? You will find millions of people online in this target market group.

                                                                         Page 5
Law of Attraction Riches

2. The Product
“The Secret” was actually inspired by a book
called “the Science of Getting Rich” written by
Wallace Wattles in 1910. Since the release of the
movie, the teachers featured in the movie have
been inundated with requests for more information
and teaching to apply “the Secret” effectively in
people’s lives.

In response to this demand, three of the main
teachers from the movie, namely Bob Proctor,
Jack Canfield and the Rev. Michael Beckwith decided to produce a
comprehensive training program called “The SGR Program”.

The SGR Program comprises of a live 3-day Symposium, 15 hours of audio
content presented in an MP3 player as well as 10 audio CDs, a printed
manuscript and comes in a leather bound briefcase intended to be used for a
lifetime and to be passed down for generations. You will also get to be part of
an “SGR Club” where you will have ongoing access to meetings and training
all around the world.

To learn more about the SGR Program, please visit the SGR Program

3. The Marketing System
The producers of “The Secret” DVD achieved great success without having to
spend a single cent of advertising. Millions were sold and disseminated via
the Internet from word-of-mouth marketing only. The creators of the SGR
Program thus decided to employ the same method of distribution. The
difference is that, they wanted to reward the people who shared the program
with a powerful vehicle for wealth creation.

                                                                         Page 6
Law of Attraction Riches

The SGR Program has an affiliate marketing program that pays a very
generous 2-tier affiliate commission of $500 for every successful referral and
another $250 for tier-2 referrals! Best of all, there is no cost for anyone to
participate in this affiliate program. That’s right, no cost at all. If you register
an account today and promote this program, you will immediately be given
your own SGR Program website and can begin to earn cash commissions!

4. The Unique Competitive Advantage
This program was produced by the official teachers from “the Secret”! This is
a very powerful unique feature of our product. Do you know any other product
that has Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith together? Each of
these authors have a massive following of millions of people. For example,
Jack Canfield’s book series “the Chicken Soup for the Soul” has sold over 100
million copies worldwide!

Additionally, unlike other affiliate programs where affiliates are only given a
coded affiliate link to direct referrals (for example, the SGR
Affiliate Program (premium affiliate program) provides each affiliate with their
own website, autoresponder, domain name and comprehensive training for
each affiliate to successful refer and convert sales! Now if you are not sure of
the terms I just used, don’t worry as there is a full affiliate marketing training
system that is being offered for free too! More on that later.

5. Creating Leverage
The wealthiest people on the planet all have
one thing in common. They made their wealth
through leveraging their money, their people
or their assets. No one person can produce
wealth on their own because we are
constrained by the number of hours in the day.

Today, there is no question that the Internet
represents the greatest opportunity to
leverage on technology and the ability to tap
into a market place of over 1 billion people
without substantial investment. There are
billionaires today that have made a fortune by
leveraging the Internet and they are barely in
their twenties!

With the system I am going to outline in Part 2
of this report, you will see exactly how you too can have a business that is
open 24 hours a day 7 days a week without you being present for it to work!

                                                                              Page 7
Law of Attraction Riches

Part 2: The Success System
Why We Need A System
In Part 1 of this report, I have described to you the business elements that are
going to allow us to create wealth effectively and rightfully. I say again, it not
magic. It’s just a good business opportunity.

Now I want to put it to you, that for a business to go from good to great, you
need an effective duplication system! Think of where McDonalds would be
today if there was no duplication system. McDonalds wins because they
model the best and most effective way to succeed.

This understanding has enabled me to become the top affiliate for the SGR
Program. Now I invite you to learn and use this same 5 Step Success System
to achieve the same success with this program.

The 5-Step SGR Success System
The engine behind my 5-Step SGR Success System is the Law of Attraction.
There can be no success without it and I suggest you learn to apply it to in
this context. Each day, I feel grateful of the fact that I am attracting like-
minded and fun leaders into my business.

I am looking for people who desire riches in definite terms and who are open
to exploring business opportunities. I am looking for people who have already
been exposed to the Secret or the Law of Attraction and are ready to take
action for a change in their lives. I am attracting leaders who are looking for
the right vehicle to take advantage of the Internet as means to create
extraordinary wealth. By being clear about who I am looking for, it makes it
fun to just see how the universe connects me with the right people everyday.

When you attract the right people to this opportunity, there is absolutely no
reason for such a person to not become an affiliate and get to train since
there is no risk and no cost for doing so. There’s nothing to lose and
everything to gain!

Once we find the right person, we want to get THIS report into their hands and
show them the system. If you are really seeking to make money online with
this system, here are the 5 steps you need to take:

                                                                            Page 8
Law of Attraction Riches

Step 1: Sign Up as an SGR Affiliate
The first step is to go to the SGR Affiliate Registration Page and register as an
SGR affiliate for free. You only need to fill in a simple form and you will be
given a unique affiliate number and a special URL for referrals.

The significance of this first step is that you will create an INSTANT ONLINE
BUSINESS where you stand to earn $500 for a successful sale off your
webpage AND be entitled to earn $250 from affiliates that you introduce the
business too. So go ahead and sign up now!

Fill Up a Simple Online Form To
Start Your Online Business!

Step 2: Get Free Training
Your next step is to claim your free training, tools and resources at Similar training sites like this normally cost
hundreds if not thousands of dollars to access. This is a free service provided
to enable ANYONE to duplicate my success. I developed this website
because there are many people who are very new to the concept of creating a
business online.

My training website caters for ALL levels of Internet experience – including
people who have never used anything else apart from email!

On this website, you will get step-by-step Internet marketing training on how
to access the latest Web 2.0 services to generate massive online traffic.
There’s no need to spend money on Google Adwords! For experienced
marketers, this website will be very useful for getting ready-made tools as well
as take away the task of training new affiliates. In other words, this resource
will save you a lot of time!

I invite you to visit today. I am sure you will
find it of value to your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to access it for
free as I reserve the right to charge for access without prior notice.

                                                                           Page 9
Law of Attraction Riches

Step 3: Customize and Give Away this Report
One of the many strategies you will be provided during the training process is
the ability to customize this free online report with your own affiliate links! Do
you see what I mean now that you can duplicate exactly what I have done?

Chances are that you downloaded this free report from a social network
website, a forum, from a YouTube video or a micro-website or blog. These are
all free services and once you customize this eBook with your own affiliate
links, you will be able to share the eBook in the same way.

So all you need to do is giveaway this free report to targeted audiences on
line. No need for hard selling. Just share and give!

One of the questions you may ask is “how do I give away this report?”. To
demonstrate the power of the latest Web 2.0 techniques, I took a screen shot
of all the people on MySpace who listed “the Secret” as their favourite movie.

As you can see, there are thousands! Now that we have identified this group,
the next step is to just add them to your friends list. You can leave a link on

                                                                           Page 10
Law of Attraction Riches

your profile to offer them this free report or you can contact them directly and
offer it to them once you have gotten to learn more about your new friend. A
word of caution here – please do not spam! Find people that will benefit from
this report and get their permission before you send them the report or your
account can be suspended!

I hope you are starting to see how powerful these techniques are. There are
close to 200 million people on MySpace alone. Aside from “the Secret” you
can search for people interested in “Bob Proctor”, “the Law of Attraction” and
“affiliate marketing” for example.

This is just ONE of the many methods I will show you to get access to an
endless supply of potential customers and affiliates. There are literally
thousands of websites you can access and I will give you a comprehensive
list of all these services for free at

So I hope you see that the possibilities for you to tap into this massive market
is endless. And since it’s free, it’s really just up to you to put in the effort to
reach this market and a matter of time before you achieve Step 4 below.

                         What Others Are Saying:

                          "It is such a phenomenal program"

                          The response to the program has been nothing short
                          of phenomenal. Within minutes, I was set up and
                          running and quickly getting sign ups and sales.
                          Within 3 weeks, I saw 200 hits a day and at least a
                          10% sign up. I am very excited about the huge
                          potential of this program.
      Jon Yeo,
Melbourne, Australia

                         What Others Are Saying:

                          "Results in Just 8 hours"

                          Wow, I just signed up this morning and in less than 8
                          hours we had over 70 people sign up for the free
                          course, and had a new affiliate! $500.00 is pretty
                          good for 8 hours. We look forward to sharing this
                          opportunity and training program with everyone we
                          know. Thanks! Carl and Maureen Banyan
  Maureen Banyan,
    Tustin, Ca

                                                                            Page 11
Law of Attraction Riches

Step 4: Get 5 Sales/ 50 Affiliates
Now as mentioned in the previous example, by using the training provided in
SGR Affiliate Bootcamp, getting 5 Sales of the SGR Program and registering
50 affiliate is a matter of CHOICE and a matter of TIME. Since there’s no cost
involved, you need to DECIDE if you will take the necessary action to get this

When you get 5 Sales or sign up 50 affiliates, your initial payoff will be $2,500.
Remember, the SGR Program pays $500 for direct sales and $250 for the
sales of your affiliates.

Now your role is to LEAD and TEACH this 5 Step Success System to your
50 affiliates. When you successfully complete this first phase, it demonstrates
that you have mastered the basics of online marketing. If you can do it once,
it’s just a matter of repeating the process. Remember, you want to train your
affiliates because this is a two-tier affiliate program. You get rewarded with
$250 for every sale your affiliate makes.

When you successfully duplicate this system to your 50 affiliates, your payoff
is massive. Imagine 50 affiliates making 5 sales earning you a commission of
$250 each equates to $62,500!!

Step 5: Get Your SGR Program!
If you have not already done so, it is time for you to get your own SGR

Let me tell you why you need to do this. First and foremost - this will be one of
the BEST investments you will make because you are getting a system that
will teach you the fundamental science of wealth creation. This knowledge is
very profound and it is NOT taught in our society at this level of detail. The
program is to be studied for the rest of your life and to be passed on for

                                                                           Page 12
Law of Attraction Riches

Second, the cost of the program has already been covered by your financial
returns. Therefore, you are essentially getting this program for free.

Now I am not naïve. I know there will be some people who will not complete
Step 5. That’s ok. Its not a mandatory requirement. However, I do hope you
realize that by following the system and encouraging the same level of
integrity from your affiliates, you will be the ultimate beneficiary because you
will get a great product and you will get an additional $25,000 in your

Just take a look at what happens when your 50 affiliates complete their
training and get their own SGR Program – you will earn an additional $25,000!

                        What Others Are Saying:

                         "This program opened my eyes!"

                         I thought I knew how to make money. My eyes have
                         really been opened by this program and I am so
                         grateful that I have been introduced to these tried
                         and true methods of gaining wealth. I am already
                         seeing astounding results and have received
                         guidance that will forever change the way I am doing
  Leslie Caywood,
                         business. Open your heart and your mind to this life
 Las Vegas Nevada
                         changing briefcase. Pssssst. This is the Secret on

                                                                         Page 13
Law of Attraction Riches

What is Your Income Potential?
Now really, its not my place to suggest a limit on what you can do. I believe
that each of us has unlimited potential. If you decide that you want to achieve
greater results with this program then do it!

Having said that, I do want to give you a clear idea of how far you can take
this. For example, I want to show you what happens when you get 10 sales
instead of 5 and get 100 affiliates instead of 50. As you can see from the
diagram below, your potential income jumps from $90,000 to over $300,000!!

So you see, this could be the very vehicle you have been looking for the
create a fortune with the Law of Attraction. Now the next steps are up to you.

                        What Others Are Saying:

                           "In only 1 week I drew into my account

                           Victory in Success!! EXCELSIOR!! Onward and
                           Upward!! In only 1 week I drew into my account
                           $1,750.00 (and counting) using my address book
                           and emails to distribute the SGR information. I AM
                           A BELIEVER!! And You Should Be Too. Set Your
                           Goals High!! I Have!! and as Bob says, Many of
                           our friends have. and you should too. Lets make
   Mark Anderson           this thing a BIG Success in our Life Success!
Minneapolis, Minnesota     Dream BIG!

                                                                         Page 14
Law of Attraction Riches

Summary & Conclusion
1. The SGR Program is a legitimate personal development product created
   by Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith that marketed online
   through an affiliate program.

2. The SGR Affiliate Program is an extremely lucrative program paying $500
   in tier-1 commissions and $250 in tier-2 commissions. Over $2 millions in
   commissions has already been paid out within the first 2 months of launch!

3. There is a massive market for the SGR Program created by the popularity
   of “the Secret” as it has been featured on Oprah numerous times as well
   as Larry King, Ellen and CNN just to name a few. The Secret book is also
   a New York Times Bestseller!

4. Access to this market is basically FREE with the latest Web 2.0 technology
   allowing us to find people who are already interested in making money, is
   a fan of the Secret or the Law of Attraction.

5. With millions of potential customers online and with the help of the training
   tools and system provided in the SGR Affiliate Bootcamp website, there is
   no reason why an affiliate would not be able to get affiliates and get at
   least 5 SGR Program customers.

6. By following the system, its stand to reason that any serious affiliate could
   earn between $90,000 to $305,000 or more depending on their level of
   commitment and passion.

7. Since there is absolutely no cost to join the affiliate program OR participate
   in the online training, there absolutely NO reason NOT to sign up as an
   affiliate and try the system to see if it works or not!
8. There will probably never be another opportunity like this one if you do not
   take it now and every minute spent in hesitation and procrastination is a
   minute taken away from success with this program.

As a final word in this report, I want to urge you to take some action today. If
this report strikes a chord with you, if it makes sense, then just do it. There’s
no risk or cost to you to get started. Just go to the resource box and take the
first two steps of signing up as an affiliate and claim your free training.

It’s been a privilege for me to share this information with you. Thank you for
reading it through and I sincerely hope it has helped you in some way. I wish
you great success and to always have fun with all you do!

Yours sincerely,

                                                                          Page 15
Law of Attraction Riches

More Real Life Stories:

                        "Doors have opened thanks to the SGR program"

                        I am astounded by the changes that The SGR
                        Program has made in my life. In just the first month
                        of starting the program, I made US$11,500 – and
                        there has been many more miracles coming from the
                        program that that which have been priceless. Just by
                        listening to program and applying it’s principals on a
                        daily basis, I have manifested opportunities that I
                        never had dreamed were possible. Doors have
  Natasha Howie         opened, I have had profound insights and
Queensland, Australia   understandings into my life and the Law of Attraction,
                        and I am meeting the most amazing people. My
                        attractor field and vibration has grown and expanded
                        beyond belief and I feel so powerful!! I am so grateful
                        for constant miracles that are showing up in my life
                        now, and I truly believe that getting this program out
                        into the world will transform the money thinking on
                        the     planet    to   abundance      and    prosperity
                        consciousness. From the bottom of my heart, I know
                        that if anyone (no matter who you are what has
                        happened in the past) listens to the material in the
                        SGR Program, does the exercises and apply the
                        knowledge, they too will have stunning results.

                        "My monthly income has doubled!"

                        The SGR Program has been totally amazing;
                        everything seems to be coming to me at just the right
                        time. My monthly income has doubled and not only
                        that I am gaining success in all areas in my life. Life
                        has turned into one fun journey and I am enjoying the
  Ryan Marc Read,       trip.
   Ipswich, United

                                                                        Page 16
Law of Attraction Riches

                        Resource Box
About the Author:
Brian Wong is an entrepreneur and successful Internet marketer. He is a top
performing affiliate with the SGR Program. Click here for more information
about Brian Wong

Your Introducer:
This report was given to you with compliments by:

Name: Matthew Avalon
Email :

Important Links:

             Sign Up as a Free SGR Program Affiliate Now So You
             Can Get Paid $500 for Successful Referrals and $250 for
             Tier-2 Referrals! Do It Now Its Free!

             Access the tools and resources at SGR Affiliate
             Bootcamp so you can create a customized version of this
             Free Report to give to your prospective partners!

             Get your SGR Program from this link when you have
             completed training. Remember to duplicate this step and
             lead by example!

_!"'#+~*@§$%&/\ ?`^°|
_!"'#+~*@§$%&/\ ?`^°|

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