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					Master of Management of Innovation

          University of Toronto
Director’s Message

Innovation is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the economic engine. The management of the

innovation process and the selling of the products of that process are increasingly important for

many firms, organizations and government bodies. Hence the development of this innovative master

degree program at the University of Toronto. The program brings together many of the strengths of

the University from the Faculty of Medicine and Management as well as many other departments.

The program is very selective in its intake and caters to the needs that many industry leaders have

communicated to us.

Graduates of MMI are well situated to take part in many and varied opportunities that have been and

are arising in the innovation process. We expect our future graduates to take leadership roles in this

exciting area as many alumni have already done so.

                                                 Assistant Professor of Strategic Management & MMI Director,
                                                 Alberto Galasso

           About The Program
           The Master of Management of Innovation (MMI) Program is jointly offered by the Department of Management,
           University of Toronto Mississauga and the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, Faculty
           of Medicine. Students successfully completing the 12 month program graduate with a MMI degree from the
           Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.

           Designed for people with a background in science and technology, the Master of Management of Innovation
           was developed in consultation with leaders and future employers in industry, government and research.
           This accelerated twelve month professional degree is for individuals pursuing management careers in
           technology-focused organizations.

           Career opportunities for graduates include:
           •	   R&D/innovation	management	within	universities,	research	institutes	and	corporations
           •	   Innovation	management:	sales	and	marketing
           •	   Government	relations	within	industry	Public	policy
           •	   Industry	analyst
           •	   Governance	for	technology	policy	development
           •	   Public	or	industry	administration	where	focus	is	on	science	or	technology	divisions
           •	   Consulting
           •	   Hospital	or	health	care	administration
           •	   Pharmaceutical	or	biotech	careers

           Who	should	apply?	Students	graduating	in	any	one	of	many	disciplines:	science,	health	sciences,	engineering,	
           information technology or any technical or science driven academic background.
                                                                Our Program At Its Core
                                                                The program has a twelve month structure consisting of an intensive eight month, academic core course
                                                                requirement, focused on management, economics and a choice of four electives.

                                                                The core of the program focuses on the following areas:
                                                                •	   MMI 1010H   Prices and Markets
                                                                •	   MMI 1020H   Applied Econometrics for Managers
                                                                •	   MMI 1060H   Finance
                                                                •	   MMI 1050H   Accounting & Negotiations
                                                                •	   MMI 1030H   Marketing Science
                                                                •	   MMI 1070H   Economics of Business Strategy
                                                                •	   MMI 1080H   Management of Technology

         “   MMI provided me with the necessary
                  management principles required to be an
                                                                     MMI 1090H
                                                                     MMI 1100H
                                                                                 Technology Strategy and Policy
                                                                                 Group Project (Student Driven)

attractive candidate for a leadership position in the job       The curriculum provides a strong foundation in economic analysis, technology management, business strategy, finance,
                                                                accounting and marketing, and policy. The program provides knowledge, skills and strategic perspectives required for
   market. Case studies, group projects and a top
                                                                leaders, and senior managers responsible for managing the innovation process. This is done through small classes
         industry placement were outlets for me to apply        and research seminars that support interactive learning and maximum student-faculty dialogue. Students are given
              what I was learning from faculty and my peers.”   the option to take their electives from a wide array of courses, across many disciplines at the University of Toronto
                                                                including management or health care. With each elective approved in advance by the program, students let their
Michael Masson, MMI 2008, Analyst, Risk Management and          individual interests guide their personal elective selection.
         Corporate Compliance, BMO Financial
                                                                As a capstone course, the final Group Project is worked on from May - August. The focus of the project is to create a
                                                                solution for a real problem faced by an organization today. Utilizing skills and knowledge gained over the course of
                                                                study in the MMI program, the Group Project provides students the opportunity to hone their ability to transfer learning
                                                                to the corporate environment. The capstone course portion of the program is similar to an internship. Students
                                                                are responsible for making contact with organizations, getting their Group Project approved by the program and
                                                                completing all that is necessary in providing a superior business solution.
Some companies we have worked with:
•	   HATCH	Ltd.		                             •	   AMGEN
•	   Centre	for	Innovation	in	Complex	        •	   Associated Engineering
	    Care	(CICC)	Toronto	General	Hospital	    •	   GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
•	   Ministry	of	Health	and	Long-Term	Care	   •	   IBM
•	   Bayer Inc.

HATCH Scholarships
Thanks	to	a	generous	donation	by	HATCH	Ltd	we	are	able	to	award	2	scholarships	to	selected	engineering	students	
entering the MMI program. Each scholarships is worth up to $6,000.

Team Building
To enhance and encourage the group experience, and group thought process, students must participate in a program
organized, wilderness retreat, prior to the start of the school year. The retreat focuses on strengthening and building
teamwork and leadership skills. The MMI program puts students into teams that allow learners to replicate a typical
business working environment. Throughout the program, students work in teams applying skills learned at the retreat
                                                                                                                                 “   Being a graduate student in the MMI program
                                                                                                                                         has been a once in a lifetime experience. Now
and work toward continuously improving team dynamics during the entire program.
                                                                                                                           that I am approaching graduation and all my expectations

                                                                                                                              have been met, I am sure that applying for this
Networking & Career Development                                                                                                program was the best decision I could have ever made.
MMI program participants are provided with many networking and career development opportunities. Students are
invited to participate in externally arranged networking events as well as career and network building workshops                                     Daniel Leon, MMI 2011
throughout the year. Focusing on the importance of career development and skill enhancement, we have developed a                                        Planning and Development
number	of	career	workshops	designed	especially	for	our	MMI	students	called,	Career	Days.	These	interactive	sessions	are	                                   Engineer, Social Security Agency
led by professionals with both a strong understanding of the career development process as well as the needs of the
ever changing labour market. Through participation in the series, students are better able to identify their strengths
and	market	the	skills	gained	through	their	studies	and	Group	Project.	The	outcome	of	the	Career	Days	is	that	students	
are better prepared for the market place.
                   MMI Electives
                   Students are encouraged to select electives that allow them to focus on their individual areas of interest. For this
                   reason the MMI program does not impose a set selection of electives for students to choose from. Students are free to
                   choose from all graduate courses across all disciplines at the University of Toronto. All selections are subject to approval
                   in	advance	by	the	Program	Director	and	the	Chair	of	the	host	department.

                   Some Sample Electives
                   HAD	 5010H	    Canada’s	Health	System	and	Health	Policy
                   HAD	 5741H	    Health	Law
Sample Electives   IRE		 1610H	   Industrial	Relations
                   POL		 2307H	   Political	Economy	of	Technology:	From	the	Auto-Industrial	to	the	Information	Age
                   BTC		 1600H	   Seminars	in	Bioscience/Biotechnology
                   APS 1001H      Project Management
                   JPG 1407H      Efficient Use of Energy
                   JEI 1901H      Technology, Society and the Environment
                   PLA		 1601H	   Environmental	Planning
                   CHL		 5411H	   International	Health
                   PLA		 1503H	   Planning	and	Social	Policy
                   ENV 1001H      Environmental Decision Making
                   MIE 5561H      Decision Analysis

                   The program provides knowledge, skills and strategic
                   perspectives required for leaders, and senior managers
                   responsible for managing the innovation process.
Campus At A Glance
U of T Mississauga Campus Map
01.	Recreation,	Athletics	&	Wellness	Centre                      L
                                                            15.		 eacock	Lane	Residence
02. William G. Davis Building                                    M
                                                            16.		 aGrath	Valley	Residence
03.	Kaneff	Centre	&	Blackwood	Gallery                       17. Alumni House & Parking Office
04.	 tudent	Centre
     S                                                      18. Argos Practice Facility
05.	Communication,	Culture	&	Technology	Building            19. Engineering & Grounds Building
06.	 azel	McCallion	Academic	Learning	Centre	&	Library
     H                                                      20. Forensic Anthropology Field School
07. Erindale Hall                                           21.		Paleomagnetism	Lab
08. North Building                                          22.	Lislehurst
09. Erindale Studio Theatre                                 23.	Early	Child	Care	Centre
10.	Schreiberwood	Residence                                 24.	Terrence	Donelly	Health	Science	Complex
11.		Roy	Ivor	Hall                                          25.	Instructional	Centre
12.		Oscar	Peterson	Hall	&	Colman	Commons	Dining	Hall       26. Academic Annex
13.		McLuhan	Court	Residence                                27. Grounds Building
14.		 utnam	Place	Residence

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P    Parking                    Missiassauga Transit Stop
M    Metered parking

A great education requires student support services
that help you focus. University of Toronto Mississauga is
committed to furthering student success by providing
exceptional services and resources.
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               School Of Graduate Studies

               Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation

               University Of Toronto Mississauga

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“   The MMI program allowed me to build a
         comprehensive skill set in business and
innovation management to complement my
    scientific background. It also refined my
understanding of the role of Research &
                                                                “    Above providing me with the competitive
                                                           edge pivotal to my medical school acceptance, MMI has
         Development in the success of a company.                        given me the tools, experiences, and contacts
                  My experience in the program                  necessary to ensure success as a physician manager.
           has opened the door to a dream job,        From clinical practice management to hospital
     allowing me to reach my full potential                                                                      ”
                                                                    administration, the opportunities are endless.
                            in an exciting career.”   Anthony DiFonzo, MMI 2009, Medical Student,
                                                               Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
         Elena Grouios, MMI 2010
                  Associate Scientist, Kraft Canada
               Application Requirements
               The Master of Management of Innovation Program accepts applications every year beginning November 15th and
               closing February 15th. We encourage you to apply early, as applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

               Applications are done online through the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto:
      You will find MMI listed under the Faculty of Medicine IHPME.

               Please be prepared to provide the following:
               1. The School of Graduate Studies charges an application fee at time of application. Your application will not be
                   forwarded to us until paid and all documents have been submitted.
               2. The School of Graduate Studies must receive payment for your application by February 15th and all application
               	 materials	by	February	28th,	before	the	MMI	Academic	Review	committee	will	review	your	submission	and	invite		
                   selected applicants for panel interviews.
               3. If accepted you will be required to pay a $1500 nonrefundable deposit to secure your place in the Program.
               4. A one page single spaced application letter outlining why you are interested in MMI and why you think the
                   program is a good fit with your future career goals.
               5.	 Resume/CV.
               6. Two academic letters of reference. There is no set form for the letters of reference.
               7. Applicants must have at least a “B+”, U of T equivalent average, in order to be considered for the MMI program.
               8. Official transcripts (from each post-secondary institution that you have attended) mailed directly to the program.
               9.	 GMAT/TOEFL	scores	only	if	your	undergraduate	degree	is	not	from	a	North	American	or	English	instruction	university		
How To Apply       or college. (Quebec exempted)

               We thank you for your interest in the Masters of Management of Innovation program and look forward to reviewing
               your application materials.
               Alberto Galasso             Tanjim Hossain
               •	 B.A.,	M.A.,	             •	 B.A.,	B.S.,	M.A.
               •	 Ph.D.	(LSE)              •	 Ph.D.	(Princeton)
               •	 Director,	MMI	Program

               Mihkel M. Tombak            Nicola Lacetera
               •	 B.A.Sc.,	M.A.,	M.B.A.	   •	 B.A.
               •	 Ph.D.	(Wharton,	UPen)    •	 Ph.D.	(M.I.T.)
               •	 HATCH	Chair	in	
                  Technology Management
                  & Strategy

               Gábor Virág                 Manfred S. Schneider
               •	 B.A.,	M.A.               •	 B.Com.,	CA,	CFP,	M.B.A.,	J.D.
               •	 Ph.D.	(Princeton)	       •	 (UofT)

Core Faculty
    Master of Management of Innovation Department of Management, University of Toronto Mississauga
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