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									4 tips blogwalking
4 tips below still I can from the same source, the link at the bottom of this post.
Here is a direct quote from the source.
"If you are a blogger certainly knows what the word means blogwalking. Yes,
blogwalking mean streets to other blogs, usually while leaving a trail of
Blogwalking term which usually rush into blogrunning spoofed.
Actually fine when we blogwalking quickly or in a hurry, perhaps because of
"catch-payment" for a visit back in abundance.
But see that we are not caught are in a hurry, or as much as possible the blog
owner or other person not being illfeel to read our comments.
So, how do you trick when you're in a hurry blogwalking?
Well, here are 4 tips blogwalking quickly blogrunning alias is:

1. Read title
Jump to comment without reading very unhealthy in the blog world. Moreover, if
the content of the comments we just sentence Greetings greeting and brief
praise such as "Greetings, nice info. Makaseh "coupled with the demand for
return visits.
Any blog owner would not like to comment like that. Still thanks if
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