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					           China Formaldehyde Association
                                         CFA [2010] No. 8

China Formaldehyde Association Annual Conference and Worldwide Technology

                                         Seminar 2010


     China Formaldehyde Association Annual Conference and Worldwide Technology Seminar 2010
 is to be held from Oct. 27 to Oct. 31 in Ningbo, a city of Zhejiang province, is known as the
 cradleland of Hemudu culture, Buddhist resort, celebrity hometown, cradle of Confucian trader and
 Oriental Super Port.
     The CFA has invited leaders from Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protenction, Chinese
Petroleum and Chemical Industry Union, and the Chemical Industry Press. It is expected that ca. 160
formaldehyde producers and hundreds of experts and professionals are to be presence. It will be
another important annual conference of CFA.
     According to the rules of CFA, the new general election will be held during this conference.
     The speeches on current situations of formaldehyde, methanol and the downstream product,
will be made during the conference. There are exchanges on experiences in new process, new
technology, energy-saving and emission reduction, environmentally friendly and low carbon life,
regional cooperation, safe production, etc. Business discussions on international cooperation is also
included in this conference.
     Several books will be published during the conference, which includes 《Formaldehyde
derivative Manual》 (Chemical Industry Press)、     《Situation and Prospect on global formaldehyde
production and consumption》and the annual conference reports. There are also plans on visiting
several formaldehyde producers’ plant and tourist attractions.
     This conference has rich contents and exciting activities. We sincerely welcome your
attendance to build a open, united and harmonious formaldehyde industry association with us and to
promote the healthy development of China formaldehyde industry at the same time.
     We sincerely appreciate for your continuous attentions and supports on China Formaldehyde
     See details in following agendas.

                                                  President of CFA:
                                   China Formaldehyde Association

     1、Organization:China Formaldehyde Association
     2、Conference period:Oct. 28 to Oct. 31, 2010
     3、Date for registration: Oct. 27 of 2010(the whole day)
     4、Conference place:Ningbo Shi Ji Sheng Ye Hotel( Address: Lianfeng Mid Rd 222, Yinzhou
                               District, Ningbo)
                               Tel: +86-574-88396666。
     5、Route to hotel:
     (1)、Airport to Hotel(14 Kilometers)
     By taxi: RMB 25, 15 minutes;
     By Bus: Take airport express to Ningbo South Railway Station, then transfer No.7 bus from
 Ningbo Ningbo South Railway Station to Xuejia. And then turn back for 100 meters to Hotel.
     (2)、South railway station to Hotel(3 Kilometers):
     By Taxi: RMB 12, 5 minutes;
     By Bus: Take No. 7 bus from South Railway Station to Xuejia or take No. 506 or No. 507 from
Women’s & Children’s Hospital to Xuejia, then turn back for 100 meters to Hotel.
      (3)、Hotel to Tianyi Square(4 Kilometers):
     By Taxi: RMB 13, 8 minutes;
     By Bus: Take No. 506 bus from Hotel to Kaiming Street or take No. 507 from Hotel to
Yaohang Street.
     6、Conference fees:US $600 per person( including food, conference, 《Formaldehyde
derivative Manual 》、《 Situation and Prospect on global formaldehyde production and
consumption》 annual conference reports and tourism)
       Extra RMB 2000 for information publish for non-producers
      7、Hotel cost: Extra, RMB 240 for one standard room(you can book the room yourself, the
      following is the contact information:
      Tel: +86-574-88396666.
      8、content of conference
          (1). speeches(see exhibit 2)
          (2). projects discussions, technical consultant and business discussions.
           (3). Visit the producers and tourist attractions.
     9、membership fees: RMB 500 for annual fees of 2011.
     10、contact information:
           Tel: 028-82591137,82590830 Fax: 028-82591558,82590830
           Contact person:Peng Tao (Mobile: +86-013981822101)Li Hong(+86-015882184635)
    Exhibit 2:
                                      Reports Title of 2010

No.                         Title                     Writer              Writer’ Company
      Current situation of Chinese formaldehyde        Zhou           China Formaldehyde
1     production and consumption                      Wande        Association
      Discussions on technological innovation and
      developmental thinking of formaldehyde
      industry during the period of the twelfth
2     five-year planning                           Li Yanxiang     Guangzhou Zhujiang Group
      Facing trade friction actively, maintain                     Chinese Petroleum and Chemical
3     chemical production safety                   Wang Zimin      Industry Union
      Global production and consumption of
      formaldehyde and its prospect                  Li Feng       China Formaldehyde Association
5     Summary of Chinese methanol market in 2010      Erhong       Bai Chuan Information
      Current situation of formaldehyde market and                 Shandong Linyi Shuangqi
6       regional cooperation                        Liu Haitao     Chemical Co.
7     Development of special formaldehyde product     Li Yanxiang Guangzhou Zhujiang Group
      The application and development of
       formaldehyde technology in Jiangsu              Zhang       Jiangsu Hengmao Machinery
8      Hengmao company                                Wenxiang     Manufacture Co.,Ltd
      Analysis on the factors which influence on         Li        Jiangsu Hengmao Machinery
9     formaldehyde production and its suggestions     Hongyuan     Manufacture Co.,Ltd
      The enterprise standard of silver catalyst in    Gong        Linyi Peace Precious metal
      formaldehyde production                          Heping      Catalyst Co.,Ltd
11    Discussions on electrolytic silver catalyst Ⅱ   Xiongfei     Hunan Taiyang Chemical Co., Ltd
      Prospect in application of DCS control system
12    in formaldehyde production                      Li Hongwei   Harbin Juye Chemical Co.
      The application of MDY-B on-line density
      analysis instrument in formaldehyde
13    production                                      Qi Quanfu    Shenzhen BRT Technology Co.
      The treatment on industrial waste water of
14    formaldehyde                                     He Xing
      The operation and analysis of waste water
15    treatment engineering in 2000t/d formaldehyde                Suzhou Sushui Environmental
      process                                           Xu Fu      Engineering Co.
                                                      Fan Xuanyu
                                                          Fan      Anhui Sixian Shico Agriculatural
      Experiences in 37% formaldehyde production
                                                       Xizhong      and Forestry Development
       by incomplete conversion equipment
                                                         Yang       Co.,Ltd
16                                                     Guangzhi    Tianjin Polytechnic University
      Comprehensive utilization of reaction heat          Yan      Fujian Zhangzhou Longwen
17    from the formaldehyde productionincomp           Yanping     Hanyuan Chemical Co.
     The design and application of safe
18   burning-resistance catalytic bed                               Umicore Group
     Deep in energy-savings and cost-reduction,
19   improve product’s market competition             Chen Hong     Zhejiang Jinju Chemical Co.
     Current situation of formaldehyde industrial
20   instrument and automatic control system          Qi Quanfu     Shenzhen BRT Technology Co.
     Introduction of formaldehyde production via
21   catalytic process by iron-molybdenum               Lu Hui      Nantong Jiangtian Chemicals Co.
     Compare of investment on heat-exchange
     equipment in a 50-thousand-ton formaldehyde                    Jiangyin Huayan Petrochemical
22   production line                                   Liu Xiaoli   Machinery equipment Co.
     The producing technology of                         Xiang      Jiangsu Hengmao Machinery
23   High-concentrated methylal                         Jiayong     Manufacture Co.,Ltd
     The spray drying process in paraformaldehyde        Huang
24    industry                                          Xiaohua     Nantong Jiangtian Chemicals Co.
     The current situation and development of urea        Sun
      resin for uses of artificial board industry     Chengzhong    Tong Hua Adhesive Co.
     The development of phenolic-resin industry in        Yin       Shanghai European-Asian
     China                                            Rongzhong     Synthetic Material Co., Ltd
     The applications and development of                 Cheng
27   1,4-butanediol in China                           Shanshan     Xinjiang MarkorChem Co.
     The current situation and development trend of   Wang Ling     China Building Materials Industry,
28   concrete admixture                                 Tian Pei      Concrete Admixture Branch
     The development of PVA and its overviews of         Yang       Beijing Sujia Huifeng technical
     imports and exports                                Huimin      consultant Co.
     The development of Glyphosate and its                          Beijing Sujia Huifeng technical
     overviews of imports and exports                 Wu Shiman     consultant Co.
Exhibit 3:
                                      Application Form
                  China Formaldehyde Association Annual Conference and Worldwide Technology
                                                 Seminar 2010
   Adress                                                       Post code
  Name        Postion    Gender          Office Tel              Mobile                Email

 Payment                        Check payable to China Formaldehyde Association
Charge my Credit card (Please circle)         Visa         MasterCard

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