; Three-year strategic plan - Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards
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Three-year strategic plan - Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards


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									Water Efficiency
Labelling and
Standards (WELS)
Three-year strategic
   Review Findings - Governance
• Role of WELSAC has not been as intended
  under the IGA.
• As such, the EPHC has been the inter-
  jurisdictional body oversighting WELS.
• For several reasons, this is not appropriate.
           Review Findings - Governance
• A more effective governance arrangement is required working within
  existing institutional arrangements.
• ‘Oversight’ role of WELSAC needs to be made clear so that it
  exercises a more effective role in the administration and development
  of the scheme.
• Ministerial Council would then exercise a more appropriate high-level
  decision-making role.
• WELSAC needs to have a concrete on-going and appropriate task.
• This would be the role of developing a 3-year strategic plan and budget
  for the scheme.
               The 3-Year Strategic Plan
• The 3-year plan would set out operational priorities for the scheme
    –   Proposed new products, standards and minimum WES for investigation
    –   Compliance activities
    –   Communications
    –   Other priorities
• Importantly, the plan would include the budget required to undertake
  the priority activities.
• Plan would be drafted by the WELS Regulator and submitted to
  WELSAC for consideration and agreement.
• Once agreed, the plan would be submitted to Ministerial Council.
         The 3-Year Strategic Plan
• Once agreed by Ministerial Council, decision-making power
  would be delegated to WELSAC in relation to the priorities in
  the 3-year plan.

• WELSAC would provide an annual report to Council on the
  performance and outcomes against the approved strategic plan.
   – Including approvals for any required revisions.
           Questions for discussion
1. What do you want a 3-year strategic plan to do?
2. What sort of a WELS scheme do you want?
3. What things need to be included in the 2012-15 WELS
   strategic plan?
   i. which are essential to be included?
   ii. which are not essential but are desirable?
   iii. what things do not need to be in the strategic plan?

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