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									School of
Business administration
2010 fall newsletter

              Jan robinson, partner at hamstreet & associates, speaks in an executive Briefings class last fall.

              Bringing Portland’s business community to the classroom
              Portland State’S School of BuSineSS                                             honors students and MBA students, features regular
              adminiStration takes full advantage of our location in the                      presentations by local, regional, national, and international
              heart of downtown Portland by integrating instruction from                      business leaders on current business topics.
              local business executives into our curriculum. Each term, we                      “The most valuable thing about the Executive Briefings
              host local and regional executives on campus to speak in a                      sessions was the opportunity to interact with professionals from
              variety of undergraduate and graduate courses and meet with                     the Portland community in an informal, educational setting,”
              small groups of students.                                                       said second-year MBA student Erin Ogle. “I was able to ask
                Our Executives in Residence program brings executives to                      questions about achievements and pitfalls and receive honest
              campus to lecture in a variety of courses, meet with groups of                  answers. In an interview or internship environment, it would
              students and faculty, and see the many changes taking place on                  be more difficult to have that kind of meaningful interaction.”
              Portland State’s campus. Additionally, our Executive Briefings                    In the 2009-2010 academic year, our visiting executives
              class, taught by Dean Scott Dawson and open to undergraduate                    ranged from the CEO of Alaska Tanker Company, Anil

                                                                                                                            > > > c o n t i n u e d o n Pa g e 5
    fa l l 2 0 1 0
                                                          Letter from the Dean
                                                          SeedS and water Sitting                          in the form of a business plan. Additionally,
                                                          unconnected are nothing more than,               more than 30 business executives will speak
                                                          well, seeds and water. Unrealized potential.     to students this fall in the Executive Briefings
                                                          Bring them together properly with soil           class. This class exposes students to the
                                                          and you have flowers, fruits, vegetables,        challenges faced by CEOs, and CEOs learn
                                                          and beauty. Similarly, students and the          what’s on the minds of the next generation
                                                          business community need to mix to realize        of leaders.
                                                          their potential. Connecting students and           I’d like to take this opportunity to thank
                                                          professionals through mentoring, speaking,       the many people from the community who
                                                          business projects, internships, and social       help us provide our students with a broader
                                                          events unleashes the potential of students       educational experience. We are a better
                                                          and allows them to blossom in ways they          business school because of you.
                                                          could not anticipate.
                                                            This newsletter is full of examples of how
                                                          our community partners enrich the student        Sincerely,
                                                          experience, and how our partners benefit
                                                          from students. For example, through the
                                                          Business Outreach Program, students are
                                                          learning in a tangible way what a fledgling
                                                          entrepreneur faces on a daily basis, and the     Scott Dawson
                                                          entrepreneur benefits from the marketing         Dean and Vergil Miller Professor
                                                          and business intelligence students provide

    what’s happening at the School of Business
    Professor J. Gregory Dees Joins Impact Entrepreneurs Advisory Board
    Professor J. Gregory Dees, noted academic pioneer in the field of social entrepreneurship, has
    joined the advisory board of the business school’s Impact Entrepreneurs, a network of individu-
    als and organizations committed to unleashing the power of business for social impact. Impact
    Entrepreneurs works with partners locally and globally through its three initiatives: Social
    Innovation Incubator, Entrepreneurial Leaders Program and Social Enterprise Tours.
      J. Gregory Dees is a professor of the practice of social entrepreneurship and co-founded the
    Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship at Duke University’s Fuqua School of
      “It’s really exciting to see Portland State University join the ranks of leading universities com-
    mitted to social entrepreneurship,” said Dees, “With Impact Entrepreneurs, PSU is developing
    the capacity of existing social entrepreneurs and also launching new innovations to address so-
    cial problems. Impact Entrepreneurs is a unique combination of skill building and incubation
    within an academic setting.”

    PSU Students Win Prestigious Advertising Award
    A team of three PSU students recently won a silver Effie award, one of the most prestigious
    awards in the advertising industry, in the inaugural Heineken USA/Effie Collegiate PSA
    Challenge. The PSU students were part of the winter term Advertising Campaigns class taught
    by Don Dickinson, Director of Advertising Management.
      The new collegiate ad competition is part of Heineken USA’s corporate role in promoting re-
    sponsible behavior related to alcohol consumption. The competition involved more than 100
    colleges and universities. Finalists Heather Laible, Jeremy Gatehouse and Natalie Cookson pre-
    sented the Portland State University campaign to Heineken and Effie executives at Heineken’s
    headquarters in White Plains, NY.

What’s happening at the School of Business
> > > c o n t i n u e d f r o m Pa g e 2

Center for Global Leadership in Sustainability Case Study Ranked            of Accounting and Meadows Faculty Fellow; TC Dale, Instructor
First in International Competition                                          of Marketing; Jeanne Enders, Assistant Professor of Management;
A case study submitted by Professor Mellie Pullman, along with four         Mellie Pullman, Willamette Industries Professor of Supply Chain
business school graduate students, has been ranked first in the pre-        Management and Logistics; and Dan Rogers, Associate Professor of
liminary round of the Oikos Case Study Writing Competition 2010:            Finance.
Corporate Sustainability Track.
  The study, Portland Roasting Company: Farm Friendly Direct, is a          Portland Business Alliance board raises $17,000 for PSU
product of the Design for Sustainability Case Study Fellowship pro-         Scholarships
gram by the Center for Global Leadership in Sustainability. The fellow-     This year, the business school will award a new scholarship in honor of
ship allows students and faculty members to engage directly with busi-      the Portland Business Alliance’s outgoing chair, Charles Wilhoite. The       3
nesses to showcase their sustainability-based innovations and business      board of directors presented Wilhoite with a check for $17,000 to cre-
practices. This project leads to a written case study for academic use as   ate a new scholarship, which was one of his goals during his term as
well as a professional video to provide a multi-media narrative of the      chair. The scholarship is funded by a combination of personal contri-
sustainability-inspired success.                                            butions made by Alliance board members, company donations from
                                                                            Alliance board member companies, and $2,500 from the Alliance.
Portland State’s MBA Program Named #1 in the Northwest,                     The Alliance plans to renew this fund each year in order to sustain the
25th in the World in Social and Environmental Sustainability                Chairman’s Scholarship Fund and support business students on a con-
Portland State University’s MBA program has been ranked 25th on a           tinuing basis
list of the Top 100 business schools in the world, according to 2009-          “I am so thankful to the board for their efforts on this initiative and
2010 edition of the Beyond Grey Pinstripes survey. Along with pro-          I’m very pleased to present this scholarship to PSU,” said Wilhoite.
grams at Stanford, UC Berkley, and Yale, Portland State has demon-          “These funds will help support tomorrow’s business leaders today.
strated significant leadership in integrating social, environmental and     It is our goal that this fund continues to be a priority and hopeful-
ethical issues into its MBA program. While many MBA rankings ex-            ly Alliance board members will contribute to this fund 20 years from
ist, only one looks beyond reputation and test scores to measure some-      now.”
thing much more important: how well schools are preparing their
students for the environmental, social and ethical complexities of mod-     Introducing the first Harry Visse Excellence in Teaching Fellow
ern-day business.                                                           The first ever Harry Visse Excellence in Teaching Fellow, which recog-
   “The Aspen Institute’s Beyond Grey Pinstripes ranking confirms           nizes the long-term instructional contributions of a School of Business
our leadership in providing innovative, sustainability-inspired busi-       Administration faculty member, has been awarded to Professor
ness education. We continue to support our faculty in their research        Raymond Johnson. Professor Johnson will hold the position of The
and teaching and are committed to providing the highest quality,            Harry Visse Excellence in Teaching Fellow for five years and receive a
most progressive educational experience to our students,” states Scott      cash stipend total of $10,000. Professor Johnson was nominated by
Marshall, Associate Dean of Graduate Business Programs and Research         fellow faculty, students and alumni for representing Harry Visse’s key
at Portland State University.                                               values of integrity, mentoring and commitment to the business school.

Congratulations to our 2010 Undergraduate Teaching Award                    Follow us on Facebook and Linked In
Winners                                                                     The business school is now on Facebook and Linked In.
The School of Business Administration presented our second annual           Follow us today to learn about news and events.
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching awards this spring. The awards
are presented to the instructor who is considered to be the best in their
particular disciplinary area by some of the school’s top graduating stu-
dents. Award winners included: Elizabeth Almer, Associate Professor
                                                                                                                                                              Photo BY RANDALL LEE

    Pat diPrima-leconche, owner of diPrima dolci italian-style bakery, relied on the BoP’s consulting services to help launch her business in 2002.

4   Unique capstone class connects students
    with local small business owners
    the StatiSticS are well known                             experience, according to Lara Damon,                      work with a real business owner.
    to most in the business community: 30%                    BOP Director and capstone instructor.                       “It really did change my perspective about
    of new small businesses fail within the                     “Because we are working with actual                     entrepreneurship along with real-life problems
    first two years, and 50% fail within the                  businesses and real people, this is a course              that small business owners have to face every
    first five years, according to the United                 with a high level of uncertainty,” said                   day. It also inspired me as a student,” said Sai.
    States Small Business Administration.                     Damon. “But it’s a win-win situation
       Thanks to the Business Outreach Program’s              where students and business own-
    (BOP) Capstone Program, Portland State                    ers are learning together to contribute                   ABOUT THE
    business students have the opportunity to                 towards a common goal, while directly
                                                                                                                        BUSINESS OUTREACH
    put their classroom knowledge to the test                 impacting the local community.”
    while helping emerging businesses grow.                                                                             PROGRAM
                                                                The course is offered over two con-
       Offered to undergraduate business majors               secutive terms in which student teams                     the BoP was founded in 1994 by
    in their senior year, the unique course puts              of three to four members work with a                      dean roger ahlbrandt and Professor
    its participants in the role of consultant                local small business to develop a final                   alan Zeiber with the goal of providing
    to a local small business. All PSU gradu-                 consulting report that includes in-depth                  business support assistance to low to
    ates are required by the university to com-               research and recommendations.                             moderate income, primarily minority
    plete a senior capstone, providing students                 The student teams are mentored                          and women-owned small business
    with an opportunity for community-based                   through this process by the course                        owners and micro-entrepreneurs
    learning while supporting the University’s                instructor and the BOP business advi-                     within Portland. the program offers
    motto to “Let Knowledge Serve the City.”                  sors. The teams are expected to take their                comprehensive services in one-on-
       The BOP capstone is a dynamic experi-                  consulting role seriously, to be active in                one consulting, technical assistance in
    ence demonstrating how students and the                   meeting with their client and to prepare                  most business disciplines, bookkeeping
    community can come together to learn                      a professional report and presentation                    training, business development
    and accomplish goals. The class combines                  that is customized to their client’s needs.               workshops, and market research.
    lectures, guest speakers, class discussions,              Phu Sai, a 2008 graduate of the SBA
    and an in-depth consulting project. These                 and former capstone student, ap-                          to learn more about how to get involved
    elements combined with a real-world set-                  preciated the rare opportunity to                         please visit
    ting makes for a pretty dynamic student
Bringing Portland’s business                                                                           EXECUTIVES ON

community to the classroom                                                                             CAMPUS IN 2009-2010
                                                                                                       tony arnerich, ceo and
> > > c o n t i n u e d f r o m Pa g e 1
                                                                                                         chief investment officer,
Mathur, to the Vice President of General            Rick Wills appreciates that relationships with       massena & associates, inc.
Administration at Costco Wholesale                  students are mutually beneficial: “As a retired    floyd chadee, cfo, the Standard
Corporation, Art Jackson, to Partner at Moss        executive I enjoyed working with the students      mark donegan, chief executive officer
Adams LLP, Lynn Kingston ‘88.                       both in the undergraduate and graduate
                                                                                                        and President Precision castparts, inc.
  Executives bring more to the classroom            programs. They were smart, engaged, and
                                                                                                       kirby dyess, Principal, austin
than stories of real-life lessons learned. They     were eager to learn. Mostly I enjoyed the back
also forge meaningful connections with              and forth dialogue in which I think I learned        capital management
students and have the opportunity to see their      as much as they did. This is always a great        mark edlen, Principal, gerding
business from a student’s perspective.              way to make the connection between theory            edlen development
  Former CEO and Chairman of Tektronix,             and real world experiences.”                       martyn etherington, VP worldwide
                                                                                                         marketing, tektronix
                                                                                                       russ humberston ‘94, President
Introducing the new Master of Real                                                                       of Beaverton toyota
                                                                                                       art Jackson, Vice President of
Estate Development degree                                                                                general administration, costco
                                                                                                         wholesale corporation
the center for real eState will offer               estate programs at Portland State and serve as     Bob Jesenik, ceo, aequitas
a new graduate degree option for students           the vital link between the university and the        capital management
starting Fall semester 2011: the Master of Real     real estate community. Consisting of a director    gregg kantor, President
Estate Development (MRED). The 68-credit            and assistant director, the center staff works       and ceo of nw natural
program will feature courses on a variety of        with employers to not only meet their intern-      Brent keeton ‘82 - chairman              5
subjects covering urban theory, finance and         ship and employment needs, but also provide          and chief investment
policy, project development, and will also          them with valuable updates on the real estate        officer, grange capital
include a senior capstone team project.             industry through the center’s annual real estate   nitin khanna, ceo of
  “The intent of the MRED degree is to              conference.                                          mergertech advisors
expose students to the various disciplines that       The MRED is the centerpiece of the Center        lynn kingston ‘88, Partner,
are involved in the real estate industry,” said     for Real Estate’s degree options, which also         moss adams, llP
Gerard Mildner, the center’s director. “These       include the Graduate Certificate in Real Estate    nick knapp, managing director of
include development, underwriting, market           Development, the Undergraduate Major in              m & t realty capital corporation
analysis, property and asset management,            Real Estate Finance, and the Undergradu-
                                                                                                       anil mathur, ceo, alaska
urban planning and project design, which will       ate Minor in Real Estate Development. The
                                                                                                         tanker company
hopefully lead to a variety of career options.”     program will stand alone as the only Master
  The current curriculum plan calls for most        of Real Estate Development, or related degree,     Bill mccormick, co-founder
of the required courses to be taught in the late    offered in Oregon and Southwest Washington,          mccormick & Schmicks
afternoon or evening. Students will have the        and one of only a handful of MRED programs         rob miller, President, trailblazer foods
option of completing the degree in two years        offered on the west coast.                         keith oelrich, ceo, insight Schools
on a full-time basis or in three years on a part-     “I cannot emphasize enough the benefits          don Pearson, regional
time basis. Instruction in the program will be      to be derived from the MRED, a multi-disci-          President of wells fargo
a mixture of full-time professors and part-time     plinary program that brings to bear all of the     kathy Prosser ‘83, worldwide
instructors who are industry professionals. In      resources available at PSU to forge the modern       Partner, mercer
addition, the university will hire two full-        commercial real estate professional,” said Larry   Jan robinson, Partner,
time faculty members to teach in the MRED           Remmers, Senior Vice President/Manager of            hamstreet & associates
program.                                            the Real Estate Banking Group at Wells Fargo
                                                                                                       meg rush, VP marketing &
  “We know that a quality real estate career        Bank, and a Center board member. “Trained
                                                                                                         Product, webmd health Services
education involves both classroom training          in all facets of the business, steeped in real
and real world experience and contacts,” said       projects and imbued with the benefits of           dudley Slater, ceo of integra telecom
Mildner. “Towards that end, the center will         sustainability, MRED graduates will be highly      dale Stockamp ‘81, former ceo
conduct several networking, mentoring, and          attractive to the real estate industry, ready to     of Stockamp & associates
scholarship programs.”                              add value the first day on the job.”               michelle weisenbach,
  In 2004, the Center for Real Estate was                                                                Senior VP, uS Bank
formed as a partnership between PSU’s                            for more information visit            Stephanie welty, cfo,
Schools of Urban Studies and Planning and                    nw Pipe company
Business Administration to manage the real                        business_programs/mred
                                                                                                       rick wills, former ceo and
                                                                                                         President, tektronix
  Alumni notes
  David Aires MBA ’84 is a factory automa-
                                                  School of Business and The
  tion manager for intel in chandler, arizona.

  Zaur Akhriev ’01 is an investment analyst
                                                  Standard forge innovative
  with the Standard in Portland.

  Raj Anand MBA ’77 is president and chief
  executive officer of Southern States in
  hampton, georgia.                               Building on decadeS of mutual                    alumnus, but also because I believe the busi-
                                                  SuPPort, Portland State’s School of Busi-        ness community has a strong role to play,
  Trina Bandelow ’89 is president of north-
  west medical, inc.                              ness has formed an official partnership with     a responsibility, in supporting educational
                                                  local insurance and financial services com-      opportunities. The economic health and well-
  Maria Bjazevich ’03 is a senior project coor-   pany, The Standard.                              being of our communities is ultimately in the
  dinator for epiq Systems class action and         Not only does The Standard employ close        hands of the innovators and business leaders
  claims Solutions in Beaverton.                  to 200 PSU alums, 60 of whom have busi-          of the future who have yet to even enter the
                                                  ness degrees, but it also supports dozens of     workforce. Partnering with PSU allows The
  Sarah Adams Bracelin ’01 is director of
                                                  full-time employees pursuing undergraduate       Standard to contribute to the vitality of this
  marketing and business development at
  myhre group architects, inc., in Portland.      and graduate degrees and continuing educa-       region and help ensure we are building a
                                                  tion at Portland State through the company’s     strong foundation for future leaders.”
  Becky Brown ’09 is an assistant strategist      tuition reimbursement program. CEO and             A key product of this partnership will be
  with omd in San francisco.                      President Greg Ness is an MBA alum and           The Standard Business Leadership Program
                                                  advocate for the school. Additionally, The       taught by business school faculty in partner-
  Greg Brown MBA ’04 is vice president of         Standard has supported a variety of Portland     ship with executives from The Standard.
  loan administration at riverview community
                                                  State’s schools and programs financially, from   The Business Leadership Program provides
  Bank in klamath falls.
                                                  the Business Briefing breakfast series to the    curriculum and instruction to the company’s
  Robert Card ’74 is executive vice president     annual Simon Benson Awards.                      managers in financial management, business
6 6                                                 Greg Ness sat down with PSU President          process improvement, strategy development
  and risk management director for columbia
  river Bank in the dalles.                       Wim Wiewel and business school Dean Scott        and innovation. Managers will participate
                                                  Dawson this spring to deepen the relation-       in three two-day classroom sessions, per-
  Julie Cieloha ’87 is the chief financial of-    ship between the School of Business and The      form reading and introspection assignments,
  ficer of the m.J. murdock charitable trust in
                                                  Standard in a way that would be beneficial       conduct interviews with company leader-
  Vancouver, washington.
                                                  and meaningful for both entities. Together,      ship, make presentations to classmates, and
  Alex Coffee ’02 is director of business and     they designed a partnership in which The         complete a service leadership assignment in a
  legal affairs at Bold films in hollywood.       Standard pledges $150,000 over three years       local non-profit organization of their choice.
                                                  to support the business school’s Entrepre-         “This partnership provides us an opportu-
  Rod Conduragis MBA ’03 is the signature         neurship Center, Business Briefing breakfast     nity to further develop our established and
  client director for at&t Business Services in   series, the Fund for Excellence, PSU’s Simon     emerging company leaders. They’ll gain and
                                                  Benson Awards, as well as an innovative          apply greater knowledge of core business con-
  Aubre Dickson ’98 is an equity investments      executive education program for employees        cepts, both inside the company and in our
  manager at homestead capital in Portland.       of The Standard. In addition to this partner-    surrounding community” said Karen Weisz,
                                                  ship, The Standard will also continue to sup-    VP, Human Resources & Corporate Services
  Dave Emmett ’70 is a partner in wicks em-       port the work of the Center for Real Estate      – and also an alumnus of PSU’s graduate
  mett, an accounting firm in roseburg.           and its annual Real Estate conference.           program in Education. “We’re excited about
                                                    “For more than 25 consecutive years, The       this chance to help our leaders broaden their
  Michael Erickson ’88 is founder of afmS
                                                  Standard has been a supporter of Portland        perspectives on key business challenges. It’s
  logistics management group in tigard.
                                                  State University and the School of Busi-         an approach that will support our business
  Jerry Estenson MBA ’75 is a principal at        ness,” said Ness. “I am very proud of our        and the community simultaneously.”
  humanetic consulting, inc., a human re-         deep ties to PSU not only because I am an
  sources consulting firm in colorado Springs,

  Larry Flaig ’07 is a project manager/tooling
  analyst at Boeing-everett in washington.

  Michael Fletcher ’97 is chief marketing of-
  ficer for giftango in Portland.

  Steve Flunker MBA ’99 is international
  transportation director at JcPenney.

  Lisa Gambee MBA ’95 is a marketing
  manager with fluid market Strategies in
               celest trapp ‘99, ‘00 (right) and Y-chrome business partner Shannon hall ‘93 (left).                       7
               While working as a senior marketing manager

               at a financial services company, Celeste                                name: celeste trapp
               Trapp’s employer offered to subsidize part
               of her education. Since she had finished her
                                                                              degree info: B.a. marketing ‘93

               undergraduate business degree in marketing
                                                                                           mBa ‘00
               at PSU, it seemed natural to return to the
               business school for her MBA.

                 While she did not enter the MBA program                  BuSineSS name: hair m, a salon
               for the purpose of opening her own busi-                                  specializing in men’s
               ness, the degree provided her with the skills                             hair, spa, and
               necessary to be successful. Celeste learned                               massage services
               how to identify strengths and resources, as
               well as how to find solutions to unfamiliar
               challenges. The part-time evening schedule                 “Earning my MBA provided me a more
               brought together professionals from many                 well-rounded business understanding that
               areas and from a wide variety of backgrounds.            ultimately helped guide me in making better
               The cohort system facilitated close collegial            business decisions as I built my company,”
               relationships and lasting friendships between            said Celeste.
               students. Celeste really enjoyed being able                Today, Hair M offers spa and massage ser-
               to work with her cohort members in group                 vices at two thriving locations in downtown
               projects, as everyone brought interesting and            Portland and in Beaverton. In November
               varied skills and perspectives.                          2009, Celeste also opened Y-Chrome, an
                 As a recent MBA graduate, Celeste relied               old-school barbershop with a modern twist,
               on input from her fellow alumni as she                   where men can play pool or darts while they
               developed her nascent business venture. In               wait for a haircut or straight razor shave. She
               2002 while on a trip to Tahoe, a friend and              has plans to open four more locations in the
               fellow MBA graduate came up with the name                metro area in the next three years.
               “Harem” for the business that Celeste was                  Celeste Trapp is still connected to her roots
               considering. Harem was later polished into               at PSU. Hair M recently participated in a
               Hair M by a professional agency. In 2003,                business capstone project in which MBA
               Celeste launched the Hair M salon, with help             students analyzed the capacity of the salon to
               from her MBA classmates.                                 operate as a chain or franchise.
                  >>> alumni notes

Nicole Geils ’03 is market manager at aly-
eska resort in girdwood, alaska, and owns
nkg image Productions.

Robert Goitein MBA ’86 is assistant
director for Quality resources at adventist
medical center in Portland.
                                               Faculty notes
                                               accounting                                         “Escaping the Green Prison: Entrepreneurship
Stephen Hedberg ’81 is a partner in the        Elizabeth Almer received the American              and the Creation of Opportunities for Sustain-
Portland law firm of Perkins coie. law         Accounting Association’s Outstanding Diver-        able Development” and “The Impact Of Social
and Politics magazine named hedberg to
its 2009 oregon Super lawyers top 50 in
                                               sity Paper Award for “Stalled Progression of       Norms On Entrepreneurial Action: Evidence
oregon.                                        Women into the Partnership: An Examination         From The Environmental Entrepreneurship
                                               of the Post-Senior Manager Position in Public      Context.”
Garrett Helser ’06 is a technical support      Accounting.” She has also been appointed to           Additionally, her co-authored paper titled
manager for helser Bros. transfer co. in       the editorial board of the journal Issues in Ac-   “The Coevolution of Institutional Entrepre-
Portland.                                      counting Education.                                neurship: A Tale of Two Theories” was pub-
                                                  Kathy Rupley published “Internal Con-           lished in the Journal of Management.
Daniel Hill MBA ’03 is the chief financial
officer for Seasons management.
                                               trol Deficiencies and the Issuance of Going           Sloan Management Review published “On
                                               Concern Opinions” in Research in Accounting        the Rocky Road to Strong Global Culture” co-
Adam Hubka ’03 is an online marketing          Regulation.                                        authored by Sully Taylor.
manager for eagle Publishing in washing-          Kristi Yuthas published “Microfinance in           Additionally, her co-authored paper, “Sci-
ton, d.c.                                      Cultures of Non-repayment” in the Journal of       entific Mindfulness: A Foundation for Future
                                               Developmental Entrepreneurship.                    Themes in International Business,” was selected
Scott Johnson ’83 is vice president of
                                                                                                  as the Carolyn Dexter Award Winner by the
finance for legacy health Systems in
                                               information SYStemS                                Academy of Management.
                                               Neil Ramiller’s 2009 MIS Quarterly paper
Jason Jones ’99 is a national sales manag-     won the Best Published Paper Award from the        marketing
er for Portland based affiliated resources.    Academy of Management’s Organizational             Tom Gillpatrick chaired the session “The Con-
                                               Communication and Information Systems Di-          tinuing Saga of Market Orientation and Mar-
Gina Leon ’95 is a vice president of com-      vision. Additionally, his paper “Understanding     keting Department Influence” and presented a
mercial real estate development at uS Bank.    New Technologies in the Great War: Disruptive      paper, “Developing, Harnessing, and Managing
Leona Mathews MBA ’86 is chief execu-
                                               Innovation, System Building, and Institutional     ‘Creative’ Marketing Organizations” at the
tive officer of the neurology center and the   Barriers” won the 2010 Confluence Award for        Academy of Marketing Society 2010 meeting.
headache center of Southern california in      Excellence in Interdisciplinary Writing.             Charla Mathwick published “Computer-
encinitas, california.                           Erica Wagner published “Understanding            Mediated Customization Tendency and the
                                               Project Survival in an ES Environment: A So-       Adaptive e-Service Experience” in the Journal of
Brian McDowell ’99 is a private mortgage       ciomaterial Practice Perspective” in the Journal   Retailing.
banking branch manager for wells fargo in      of the Association for Information Systems.          Douglas Tseng’s published two co-authored
                                                                                                  papers: “Context specificity in use of price
Roberta McEniry ’76 is a consultant with       management                                         information sources” the Journal of Consumer
resource global Professionals.                 Talya Bauer has coauthored an innovative           Marketing and “Perceptions of Online and On-
                                               graphic novel textbook on Management, titled       Campus Business Programs: Implications for
Jon Mitchell ’69 is president and chief        “Atlas Black: Managing to Succeed.”                Marketing Business Programs” in the Review of
executive officer of acumentra health in          The New York Times cited Berrin Erdogan         Higher Education and Self-Learning.
Portland.                                      and Talya Bauer’s article “Perceived overquali-
Ngu Nguyen ’00 is president and co-
                                               fication and its outcomes: The moderating role     SuPPlY and logiSticS management
founder of forix in tigard.                    of empowerment.”                                   Mellie Pullman received the 2009 Associate
                                                  Additionally, their paper “Differentiated       Editor Appreciation award from the Journal of
Diane Carlascio Nudelman ’85 is owner          Leader-Member Exchanges: The Moderating            Supply Chain Management. Additionally, she
of                                Role of Justice Climate,” was selected as one of   co-authored “A Framework for Evaluating the
                                               the best papers at the Academy of Management       Customer Wait Experience” published in the
Diane O’Malley ’83, MBA ’00 is an ac-          meeting.                                           Journal of Service Management and “Food for
counting manager for the Portland Youth
Philharmonic Symphony.
                                                  Scott Marshall published “How Do Small          Thought: Motivations to Adopt Sustainability
                                               And Medium Enterprises Go ‘Green?’ A Study         Practices and Perceived Outcomes” in the Jour-
Dan Olds ’91 owns gabriel consulting           Of Environmental Management Programs In            nal of Supply Chain Management.
group.                                         The U.S. Wine Industry” in the Journal of Busi-       Mellie Pullman and Jesse Dillard’s article
                                               ness Ethics. He also joined the editorial board    “Values Based Supply Chain Management and
Eric Olsen MBA ’86 is chair of the market-     of Organization & Environment.                     Emergent Organizational Structures” was pub-
ing, strategy, and international business         The Journal of Business Venturing features      lished in the International Journal of Operations
department and director of the sport
management program at the university of
                                               two articles coauthored by Desirée Pacheco:        and Production Management.
colorado at colorado Springs.
                                                                                                                             >>> alumni notes

Business school bestows                                                                            Aurianna Philavanh ’09 is a safety manager
                                                                                                   for franz Bakery in Portland.

first annual Distinguished Alumni                                                                  Jeffrey Poulin MBA 99, MS ’05 is a network
                                                                                                   specialist at international organization for

                                                                                                   Standardization, a nonprofit management firm
                                                                                                   in geneva, Switzerland.

                                                                                                   Valerie Pratt ’96 is an accountant for Pratt
                                                                                                   weller and associates in Portland.
                    Lakshmi Pratury                                   Bill Stoller
                    founder, ixoraa                                   entrepreneur and             Daniel A. Rice MBA ’00 is managing director
                    media and host,                                   founder/Vice chairman        at macadam capital Partners.
                    ink conference                                    of express employment
                                                                      Professionals                Gregory Robinson MBA ’97 is the executive
                    mBa ‘88
                                                                                                   director at the columbia river mental health
                                                                      mBa ‘79
                                                                                                   Services in Vancouver, washington.

                                                                                                   Steven Schafer ’03, MBA ’06 is a senior
                                                                                                   financial systems analyst for nike in Beaverton,
                                                                                                   and is a principal at S Squared consulting in
                                                                                                   kenmore, washington.
thiS Year, the School of BuSineSS                with fewer than 25 years of experience be-
adminiStration presented the first of                                                              Max Schwartz ’99 is a senior manager at gef-
                                                 yond receipt of their graduate degree.
                                                                                                   fen mesher and co.
two Distinguished Graduate Alumni Awards            Lakshmi’s experience spans for-profit
at our annual Hooding Ceremony of gradu-         enterprises, venture capital and nonprofit        James “Jim” Snyder MBA ’96 is an account
ating MBA and MSFA students. The first           organizations. As a cultural entrepreneur, she    manager for the northwest evaluation associa-
recipients of these inaugural awards were Bill   is the Founder and CEO of Ixoraa Media,           tion in Portland.
Stoller ’79, Entrepreneur and Founder/Vice       whose mission is to strengthen the ties between
Chairman of Express Employment Profes-                                                             Tiane Soulatha MBA ’95 is vice president of
                                                 United States and India through sponsored
sionals, and Lakshmi Pratury ’88, Founder of                                                       government banking at uS Bank in Portland.9
                                                 corporate, cultural, and media events. Along
Ixoraa Media and Host of INK conference          with Chris Anderson, she was the co-host          Eric Spangenberg MBA ’86 is dean of the
   Bill Stoller was presented with the Dis-      of the first ever TEDIndia at Mysore, India,      college of business at washington State univer-
tinguished Graduate Alumni Award, which          in November 2009. In December 2010,               sity in Pullman.
recognizes a graduate-level business school      she will launch The INK conference in as-
alumnus or alumna who has demonstrated           sociation with TED which carried forward          Nathan Spear ’98 is a sales engineer for iBm
                                                                                                   in Portland.
outstanding achievement in business success,     the momentum created by TEDIndia.
as well as a strong commitment to the com-          As a social entrepreneur, Lakshmi was a        David Steinbrugge MBA ’91 is president of
munity through engagement and philanthropy.      leading force at the American India Founda-       Stonebridge mortgage group in gresham.
   Not only is Bill founder and vice chair-      tion, where she was part of the management
man of Express Employment Professionals,         team that raised more than $30 million in         Karl Steiner MBA ’92 is a broker for mead-
he also owns and oversees Stoller Vineyards      five years to channel towards development         ows group realtors in Portland.
in Dayton, Oregon and co-owns of Che-            activities in India. She was the founder of the
                                                                                                   Scott Thompson MBA ’98 is a partner at
halem winery in nearby Newberg. Bill is a        Digital Equalizer program, which brought          common Sense investment management in
longtime friend of PSU’s business school, and    technology education to more than 100,000         Portland.
has participated as a guest speaker in several   children and 2,000 teachers in India.
courses. Additionally, he was instrumental          “Walking along the park blocks to the          Johnathan Tran ’06 is an associate with Sen-
in creating the Express Employment Profes-       Hooding Ceremony, weaving through build-          siba San filippo in San francisco.
sionals Endowed Professorship for Associate      ings, took me back to a place where my
                                                                                                   Mary K. Turina ’89 is president and chief op-
Professor of Management, Berrin Erdogan.         life as I know it began,” said Lakshmi. “To       erating officer of children’s cancer association
   “I must say I was very humbled by the         this day, I am in love with Portland the way      in Portland.
honor you bestowed upon me at the Hood-          I was 25 years ago. My years at Portland
ing Ceremony,” said Bill. “I consider this       State taught me everything that I practice        David Vargas ’07 is an accountant with Var-
award to be one of the highest achievements      today. It’s great to see how well Portland        gas & associates in walla walla, washington.
and recognition moments in my career.”           State has grown since I was a student.”
                                                                                                   Rosanne Vecchio ’85 is a broker at the
   Lakshmi Pratury received the Rising Star         Bill and Lakshmi have both made tre-           windermere/cronin & capland realty group in
Graduate Alumni Award, which recognizes          mendous contributions to their com-               Portland.
a graduate-level School of Business Admin-       munities. The business school plans to
istration alumnus or alumna for sustained        recognize such outstanding alumni on an           Ruth White MBA ’03 is vice president of
distinguished contributions to his or her        annual basis to acknowledge their achieve-        program development at Via training, an e-
profession and a strong commitment to                                                              learning company in elkridge, maryland.
                                                 ments as well as promote exemplary alumni
the community. This award is for alums           to current graduates and students.                Richard Willis ’68 is a project supervisor with
                                                                                                   willis homes in longview, washington.
     f r i e n d S o f t h e S c h o o l o f B u S i n e S S a d m i n i S t r at i o n

          The School of Business Administration would like to thank all individuals and companies who support the school and
          its programs. The following generous sponsors made contributions between July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2010.

          comPanieS                                    lane Powell                                   kelly and John ’95 archer
          $50,000 and more                             lease crutcher lewis Builds                   Steve Bailey
          cameron foundation                           legacy health System                          tracy ’82 and doug Bean
          Pepsico foundation, inc.                     mcewen gisvold llP                            Barbara ’92, ’00 and tom Briody
          $25,000 to $49,999                           naioP oregon chapter                          Philip Bogue
          ames family foundation                       nestle Purina                                 chuck and Sue carlbom
          Pcc Structurals, inc.                        norris & Stevens, inc.                        terry ’62 and elizabeth clifford
          tektronix foundation                         opus northwest, llc                           karen ’75 and Samuel coe
          $10,000 to $24,999                           Pactrust                                      anita dawson
          costco wholesale corporation                 Perkins & co                                  Scott and Bridget dawson
          express employment Professionals             Polygon northwest                             Shelley ’74 and craig dewey
          inspirators, inc.                            Portland energy conservation, inc.            debby deering
          kroger                                       Portland general electric company             Shirley dunn ‘75
          fred meyer                                   Portland metro assoc of                       Jamison ’04 and Ying fenderson
          moss adams llP/foundation                     Building owners & managers                   richard Solomon and alyce flitcraft
          Precision castparts corporation              reser’s fine foods, inc.                      James and Barbara gaffney
          the Boeing company                           Shorenstein realty Services lP                edward ’73 and Vilora george
          the counselors of real estate foundation     Skanska uSa Building, inc.                    richard ’69 and deborah hawkins
          the Standard                                 Solarworld industries america                 Brian ’79 and rita chin henry
          uS Bancorp/uS Bank                           Specht development, inc.                      gary homsley
          wells fargo/foundation                       Stoel rives llP                               ronald ’80 and kathy graybeal
10        western association of food chains           Stoller family foundation                     raymond ’83 and elizabeth guenther
          wheeler foundation                           turner construction company                   leon Jallo ‘65
          $5,000 to $9,999                             unico Properties inc.                         Joseph ’77 and Janice karas
          alaska tanker company llc                    unified grocers                               raedene keeton ’87 and william kalm
          aon foundation                               Vesta corporation                             Skip ’72 and Susie kriz
          ashforth Pacific                             walsh construction company                    Bruce korter ‘72
          Bank of america                              weston investment company                     charles and Barbara landers
          eSco corporation                                                                           Sally lovett
          evergreen community                          indiVidualS                                   deborah Janikowski ’97, ’04
            development foundation                     $100,000 and more                               and darrell Brown
          haggen, inc.                                 fahad al-athel ‘75                            dennis Johnson
          intel corporation/foundation                 timothy and mary Boyle                        marilyn and raymond Johnson
          kPmg llP/foundation                          robert and Sharon miller                      Scott Johnson
          leupold & Stevens foundation                 $50,000 to $99,999                            Brian ’99 and lindsey mcdowell
          nw natural                                   gerry ’62 and marilyn cameron                 robert ’63 and Jane morrow
          oregon association of realtors               $10,000 to $49,999                            Juanita ’92 and ronald Petersen
          oregon transfer company                      doug and Suchen fieldhouse                    Jan heald robinson and roger robinson
          PSu Bookstore                                Penelope and Philip knight                    richard royse and alan Blumhagen
          Simon fraser university                      carolyn mcknight                              allen Sandstrom ‘64
          Society for information management           ellen nusblatt                                donald ’73 and marilyn Schmidt
          Stancorp mortgage investors, llc             $2,500 to $9,999                              Judy ’86 and Scott South
          Zehntbauer foundation                        mary Jo and John Ball                         linda ’88 and thomas Sullivan
          $2,500 to $4,999                             gwen Burns                                    James ’85 and June Sweeney
          aequitas capital management                  les fahey ‘68                                 glen ulmer
          Ball Janik llP                               mark and deborah fisher                       craig Vagt
          capstone Partners llc                        david girt                                    Jay wilt ‘83
          columbia Sportswear company                  edward grubb                                  kimberly woodside
          davis wright tremaine, llP                   larry ’70, ’71 and irene huget
          frito-lay inc.                               Saleh al-husseini
          geffen, mesher & company P.c.                lynn ’88 and harry kingston                   We make every effort to ensure accuracy.
          group mackenzie                              arthur ’72 and robin miles                    If your name has been omitted, misspelled
          grubb & ellis company                        randolph and Janet miller                     or incorrectly listed, please accept our
          hanna andersson corporation                  Jerry ’62 and Sandra Parsons                  apologies. Contact Julie Thacher at
          henningsen cold Storage company              william Swindells                    or (503) 725-3758 to
          hoffman construction company                 Sandra and richard Visse                      be properly recognized in the next issue.
          kellogg company                              $1,000 to $2,499
          knowledge learning corporation               kimberly and Patrick anderson
at a glance: the Year in Pictures
                                                                SBa newSletter

                                                                     Portland State iPa,
                                                                     brewed by newport-
                                                                     based microbrewery
                                                                     rogue ales, hit store
                                                                     shelves this summer.

honoring mBa and mSfa graduates at the 2010 hooding ceremony.

                                                                     Left: martyn etherington,
                                                                     Vice President of
                                                                     worldwide marketing
                                                                     at tektronix, speaks to
                                                                     students in the executive
                                                                     Briefings class.

                                                                     Right: mBa, mSfa and
                                                                     mim alumni mingle at the
                                                                     school’s quarterly alumni
                                                                     reception for graduate
                                                                     students at Bridgeport
                                                                     Brewpub in nw Portland.

                                                                     Left: dean Scott
                                                                     dawson with hooding
                                                                     keynote speaker and
                                                                     oregon attorney
                                                                     general, John kroger.

                                                                     Right: a student accepts
                                                                     her certificate at the
                                                                     business school’s annual
                                                                     Scholarship and awards
                                                                     night dessert reception.
                                                                                                                                              nonprofit org.
                                                                                                                                              u.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                              Portland, or
                                                                                                                                              Permit no. 770

      Post office Box 751
      Portland, oregon 97207-0751

      return Service requested

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