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									Sonic the Hedgehog
Change of Power
Chapter 1
     Sonic and Tails are heading to South Island. The king had called them and said that
Robotnik had kidnapped his daughter and demands that the president surrender or Robotnik
will destroy South Island. Sonic and Tails were eager to defeat Robotnik. That had just
fought the orb a few months ago and now it was time to go do what they do best, defeating
Robotnik and saving the world.
     “I'm looking forward to fighting with you again, Tails!” Sonic shouts. Tails looks up at
him and smiles. Tails is piloting the Tornado2 as always.
     “I'm just glad to get out of the house!” Tails shouts back. He was waiting for an excuse
to get out. Robotnik just happen to be that excuse.
     Tails lands the Tornado2 near the royal castle. Sonic jumps down and Tails follows.
Tails looks towards the castle and sees a large machine sitting over it.
     “Sonic look over there!” Tails says. Sonic looks over and sees the machine. The machine
beeps and walks toward them. Sonic stands in front of Tails as the machine advances. The
machine stops and a screen comes forward. The screen turns on and Robotnik is staring at
Sonic and Tails.
     “Ah Sonic,” says Robotnik, “its been a long time.” Sonic smiles and rubs his nose.
     Sonic replies, “Yeah I was getting lonely without you Robotnik.” Robotnik snarls at
     “Well Sonic, I have a...WHAT!?!” says Robotnik as he looks down and sees Tails. A
tentacle from the machine grabs Tails and brings him to the screen. “You are supposed to be
dead!” Tails wriggles to get free.
     “Guess again egghead!” Tails shouts at Robotnik. Tails tries to get free but can't.
Robotnik laughs at him.
     “I think we need to change your attitude Tails. I'm the one throwing the punches now.”
says Robotnik. The tentacle squeezes Tails. Sonic, seeing this, rolls into a ball and cuts off
the tentacle.
     “Hey!!” Robotnik shouts. Sonic helps Tails up.
     Sonic looks at Tails and asks, “Ready?” Tails nods and they face the machine.
     “You wont win this time Sonic!” Robotnik announces. The screen retracts and the
machine starts shooting at Sonic and Tails. Sonic jumps back and Tails flies up in the air.
Sonic runs around the machine and hits it. Sonic bounces off the machine and is sent into a
tree. He gets up and looks at the machine.
     “I didn't even dent it.” Sonic says in awe. The machine turns around and sends a tentacle
to attack Sonic. He dodges and the tentacle blows through the tree. The tentacle falls and gets
stuck in the ground. The machines motors whine and struggle to get free. Tails catches up to
     “I think I know a way to destroy the machine.” says Tails. “I need you to keep
distracting it until I come back.” Tails leaps up and flies to the Tornado2.
     “That'll be easy.” Sonic says. Sonic looks at the machine as it gets free. It shoots at Sonic
again. Sonic runs toward it and tucks into a ball. He hits the machine at full force and
something pops. Sonic stops and looks back. The machine is acting weird. Sonic looks down
under the machine and sees
something shinning. Sonic gets an idea. He runs at the machine but a tentacle hits him. The
tentacle pushes Sonic through a tree and throws him into the ground. Tails comes back and
dive bombs the machine. Another tentacle comes out and hits Tails. Tails goes through a
window of the castle. Tails gets up and sees Robotnik with a gun in his hand, pointed at him.
     “He he. Hey Robotnik.” Tails says nervously. “What's going on?” Robotnik glares at
     “You and that blue blur are tr ying to stop me.” snarls Robotnik. Tails backs up slowly.
“You're not getting away that easy!” says Robotnik. He pulls the trigger and shoots a hole in
the wall behind
Tails. Tails is startled by the loud bang and stops in his tracks. “Go to the window.” Robotnik
demands. Tails slowly goes to the window, hoping to come up with an idea soon. Sonic is
outside and is still trying to stop the machine. He sees a weak point in the shell. Sonic runs at
the machine at full force.
     “Sonic! Stop!” says Tails. Sonic stops and sees Tails. Robotnik puts the gun to Tails
     “One wrong move and its bye- bye for Tails.” Robotnik threatens with a smirk on his
     Tails looks up at Robotnik and says, “Couldn't you come up with something a little
better than a shot to the head?” Robotnik pushes the gun into Tails head. Tails winces.
     “Be quiet or you'll die a third time and you wont come back!” says Robotnik.
     “You wont shoot him Robotnik.” Sonic says with a smirk, calling Robotniks bluff.
Robotnik looks at Sonic and smiles.
     “Oh no?” replies Robotnik. He moves the gun and shoots Tails tails. Tails yelps in pain.
“Now do you believe me?” Sonic gets royally pissed off. “We'll see how long you last
without your friend Sonic.” Robotnik pushes a button and the machine starts attacking again.
Robotnik keeps the gun trained on Tails. Sonic dodges the attacks from the machine. He runs
around the machine, making it
dizzy. The machine stumbles and Sonic sees his chance. He runs at the machine at full force
and hits it at its weak point. The machine trembles and falls apart.
     “Wrong move Sonic! ” says Robotnik. He moves the gun to Tails head and pulls the
trigger. Robotnik looks down doesn't see Tails.
     “Whoa. I didn't know my gun could vaporize him.” Robotnik says with amazement.
     “Your timing sucks Robotnik!” Sonic shouts. Robotnik looks outside the window and
sees Sonic and Tails.
     “You lose!” Tails says with a smile, mocking Robotnik. Robotnik grits his teeth and
shoots the gun at Sonic and Tails. They dodge the bullets but one bullet manages to hit Sonic
in the arm. Sonic stops and grabs his arm. Robotnik laughs and approaches him. Tails runs at
Robotnik and
punches his face. Robotnik steps back and rubs his face. He looks up and sees Tails coming
at him again. Robotnik moves slightly and grabs one of Tails tails right on the gunshot
wound. Tails yelps in
pain as Robotnik picks him up by the tail.
     “That's a bad little fox.” Robotnik says as he crushes Tails tail. “You need to be
disciplined.” Robotnik picks up his gun and points it at Tails.
     “Please just let me go!” Tails pleads as tears stream down his face. “You're really hurting
me!” Robotnik just smiles.
     “Thats the whole point!” says Robotnik as he laughs. All of a sudden, Knuckles comes
out of no where and punches Robotnik. Robotnik drops Tails and falls backwards.
     “Knuckles!!” shouts Tails. “Boy am I glad to see you!” Knuckles walks over to Tails.
     “Are you able to walk?” Knuckles asks. Tails stands up.
     Tails replies, “Yeah but I can't fly.” Sonic walks over and joins them. Sonic gives
Knuckles a high five.
     “Thought you might need a little help.” Knuckles says. Robotnik gets up and sees the
three of
them. Knuckles turns and hits the gun out of Robotink's hand.
     “So you going to give up or do I need to give you an ass- kicking?” Knuckles asks
raising his fists. Robotnik backs off and climbs into his rocket.
     “I'll get even Sonic!” Robotnik claims. He pushes a button and the engines fire. “This
was just a warm up.” Robotnik leaves and heads in a westerly direction. Knuckles turns and
faces Sonic and Tails.
     “You two going to be alright?” he asks. Sonic and Tails look at each other. Then they
laugh a little.
     “We've been through worse.” Tails says laughing. Knuckles snickers and heads back to
Angel Island. The king runs out and joins them.
“Thank you very much Sonic!” the king says shaking Sonic's hand. Sonic looks up at him
and smiles.
     “All part of the job sir.” he says. Sonic and Tails walk back to the Tornado2 and fly

Chapter 2
     “Hold still Tails!” Sonic shouts as he tries to bandage one of Tails' tails.
     “But it hurts Sonic!” Tails yelps. Sonic replies, “Well if you want to lose you're tails then
fine.” Tails thinks about it for a second. Sonic gets impatient. “Do I need to get Amy in
here?” Tails gets a scared look on his face and shakes
his head violently. “I didn't think so. Now suck up the pain and hold still.” Tails cringes as
Sonic wraps up his tail. 'Now for the other one.' Sonic thinks.
     “Tails this is going to hurt a lot.” says Sonic. “I'm going to have to realign the bones so
that it heals correctly.” Tails nods and prepares for the pain. Sonic grabs Tails tail on either
side of the break and snaps it back. Tails screams in pain. Sonic works quickly to get the
splint on it and bandage it.
     “There Tails. Its done.” Sonic says. Tails looks behind him at Sonic, sobbing. Tails
walks off, mumbling to himself. 'Oh boy.' Sonic thinks. 'He'll get use to it.' Tails goes into
the living room and sits down. He squeaks as he sits on his tails.
     “Its going to hurt for a while Tails.” says Sonic. He grabs a couple of drinks from the
kitchen and gives one to Tails.
      “Why did Robotnik hurt my tails?” Tails asks pitifully.
      Sonic replies, “No idea dude.” Tails looks at Sonic, annoyed
      “Thanks for clearing that up.” says Tails sarcastically. Tails gets up and turns on the TV.
The news comes on and is doing a story of the fight. They show the very end of the fight
where Knuckles had just forced Robotnik to run.
      “Looks like the fight is over.” the reporter says. “But with Robotnik still running around,
who knows what will happen next. Live from the South Island.” A knock comes from the
door. Sonic walks over and opens it.
      “I thought you guys would like some company.” Amy says. Sonic looks over at Tails
and invites
her in.
      “Sure. Come on in.” Sonic says waving his hand. Amy walks inside and sits down. Sonic
closes the door and sits next to Tails.
      “How are you feeling Tails?” asks Amy. Tails looks at her and smiles.
      “I'm in a little pain.” Tails responds. “Other than that, I'm fine.” Amy nods and looks
over at Sonic.
      “How about you?” Amy asks looking at the bandages on his arm. Sonic gives her a
thumbs up.
      “I'm just fine.” answers Sonic. Amy nods and smiles gleefully.
      “So what brings you to this neck of the woods?” asks Sonic. Amy looks down and
frowns a little.
      “Well I was felling a bit lonely,” Amy explains, “and since I haven't seen you two for a
few months I thought I'd drop by. Plus I wanted to see if you needed any help with
anything.” Sonic and Tails look at each other, confused. Amy starts tearing up. “Alright, the
truth is that I don't want to loose
you two or Knuckles. After I saw the fight, it flashed me back to when you fought the orb. I
don't think I could take something like that again.” Amy puts her hands on her eyes. Tails
stands up and puts his hand on Amy's shoulder.
      “I'm not going to die again Amy.” Tails says. “Dying twice is enough for me.” Amy
laughs a little and grasps his hand.
      “But what if you or Sonic or Knuckles get hurt and can't come back?” Amy asks, crying
a little more.
      “We won't let it happen, right Sonic?” Tails says as he looks at Sonic. Sonic gets up and
over to Amy. Sonic lifts up Amy's chin and looks into her eyes.
“We will come back from any fight.” he says. “I guarantee it. You hsould know that by
now.” Amy smiles and wipes her eyes.
      “Thanks guys for making me feel better.” Amy says. She rubs Tails head and looks back
at Sonic. Sonic walks over to the kitchen and starts making a sandwich.
      “Oh no you don't.” Amy says as she marches into the kitchen. “You have a hurt arm and
you need to rest.” Amy shoves Sonic out of the kitchen. “Now, since you two are hurt, I'm
going to stay here and make sure that you get better!” Sonic and Tails look at each other
nervously. “First order of
business.” says Amy, “I need you two to leave so that I can get this place looking like a
home.” She ushers them outside.
    “But I have work to do!” Tails exclaims.
    “Do you want me to break your other tail, Tails?” Amy says, smiling sinisterly. Tails
looks at Amy nervously.
    “No, no! I like it where it is!” Tails says shaking his head.
    “Good. Now get out!” Amy pushes Sonic and Tails outside. Sonic and Tails plant
themselves on the sand. They can hear Amy clatter ing around in the house.
    “I really don't want her going into the workshop or my lab.” Tails comments. He then
hears Amy scream from in his room. Sonic and Tails look over and see her gasping for air.
    “Sonic!!” Amy screams. “Don't you ever get that boy to clean his room?!?” She starts
chucking out old plates with what was food. Sonic looks angrily at Tails and smacks him in
the back of the head.
    “Ow!!” Tails yelps as he grabs his head. “They were for exper iments!”
    “Sure Tails.” says Sonic sarcastically. “Amy how long do we stay out here?” Amy pops
her head out of a window.
    “Until I'm done.” she shouts back. “Have you even seen your place? Its absolutely
disgusting! I don't know how you live here!” Amy runs off and continues cleaning. Sonic
and Tails shrug and lie down in the afternoon sun.

Chapter 3
     A week goes by and Sonic and Tails have been completely pampered. Amy has taken up
temporary residence as she tries to help the guys get better faster. On her first day of living at
Sonic's house, Amy completely revamped the place. She even had help from Tails on his
workshop and the lab. Tails helped so that he knew where everything was. He'd hate to walk
into the workshop and not find
his wrench. Sonic, on the other hand, has been doing nothing to help out. He would go up to
the top of the house and sit there all day. Amy was okay with it because she knew that Sonic
appreciated what she was doing.
     “Well the house looks a lot better than it did Amy.” Tails compliments. Amy looks at
him and smiles.
     “Thanks Tails!” Amy says gleefully. Sonic runs down from the roof and joins them on
the beach. He looks at the house as it sparkles in the sun light.
     “Wow Amy! I didn't know you were so quick.” he said. Sonic looks over at Tails. “How
are the tails Tails?” Tails looks at Sonic and smiles.
     “They are doing just fine!” says Tails. The three of them walk into the house and look
around. Everything was shinning. There was not a speck of dust anywhere. Even the couch
was cleaned.
     “I hope you like it.” Amy says to Sonic. Sonics and Tails jaws have dropped.
     “Amy, I don't know how to thank you!” Sonic says in amazement. “How did you do all
of this so fast?” Amy looks at Sonic excitedly.
     “I have my ways.” she says as she winks at him. “A nice way to thank me would be to
try and keep this place in this condition.”
     “We can do that, right Tails?” Sonic says as he looks at Tails. Tails nods.
     “And you have to take me on a date.” Amy says.
     “WHAT?!?” Sonic yells. He jumps back a little.
     “Yes Sonic. A date.” Amy says. “For my services that I have provided here, you must
take me on a date.” Sonic looks at Tails and pushes him in front of Amy.
     “What about Tails?” Sonic says nervously. “He can take you.” Amy leans in and looks
over Tails. Tails is sweating bullets as she examines him.
     “You are cute,” Amy says, “but Sonic is the one that I want.” Tails sighs and flicks his
tails in Sonic's face.
     “Ten o'clock in the morning at my place.” says Amy. “Don't be late!” Amy walks out the
door. Sonic stands right where he is in shock. Tails walks up behind him and smacks him in
the back of the head.
     “Ow! Tails, what was that for?!” Sonic yells.
     “Two reasons.” explains Tails. “One, to snap out of it, and two, for hitting me.” Sonic
walks over to the couch and flops down on it.
     “I don't know what to do for a date!” says Sonic. “I only know one night stands and thats
it.” Tails grabs a couple drinks out of the fridge and passes one to Sonic.
     “As your friend, I am obligated to help.” Tails says as he takes a drink. Sonic looks over
at him, annoyed.
     “Have you ever been on a date?” asks Sonic.
     “No.” Tails replies. “But I have read about them and they seem easy enough.” Sonic
looks over at him and smirks.
     “I know enough to get me by Tails.” says Sonic. “But thanks anyway.” Tails shrugs.
     “Suit yourself.” Tails gets up and walks into the workshop. 'Oh boy.' thinks Sonic.
     Tails walks in the workshop and hears something.
     “Hello?” he asks. Tails walks in slowly and turns on the power switch. “Anybody
there?” He continues to walk slowly. Tails sees a shadow and turns around. “Amy?” Tails is
getting a little scared. He then hears one of the file cabinets shut. The sound startles him and
he flips around. “Sonic this isn't funny!” Then the sky light above Tails smashes and glass
showers Tails. Tails yelps in pain as shards of
glass rip trough his skin.
     “SONIC!!” Tails screams. Sonic hears him and runs into the workshop. He sees Tails
covered in glass and blood.
     “What happened?” Sonic asks. Tails looks at him with tears in his eyes.
     “I don't know.” Tails says whimpering. “But there is glass is in my skin and it really
hurts.” Sonic sighs and brings Tails into the bathroom. Sonic picks out the big pieces of glass
and then starts
digging out the smaller bits. Tails yelps and whimpers as Sonic picks out the glass.
     “I told you putting a sky light in the workshop was a bad idea.” Sonic says to Tails. Tails
whimpers and nods. “What do you think that person was after?” Sonic asks.
     Tails shakes his head and says, “I don't know Sonic.” Tails gets really angry. “But I hate
people who steal my ideas!” Tails growls and his tails flare out.
     “Calm down Tails.” Sonic says. “Was there anything in that file cabinet that was really
important?” he asks.
     Tails explains, “I was working on a holographic room in which you can program
anything into it and it would replicate ever ything, even the type of soil. I had enough data to
build a prototype but never had the time to do it.” Sonic looks concerned at Tails.
     “What would you use this room for Tails?” asks Sonic.
Tails replies, “Mainly just for fun but also for training for any kind of battle scenario. But
mostly for fun!” Tails winces as Sonic digs out the last piece of glass.
     “That doesn't seem too important.” Sonic says. Tails gets really mad.
     “That was my idea!” Tails shouts. “I came up with it on my own! I did all of the
research! I did all of the calculations! Now someone has the data and can copy it and say that
they came up with it first! Its not fair Sonic!” Sonic backs up a little. “I'm going to catch that
low life and teach them what it
means to mess with a Prower!” Tails gets up and heads for the door. Sonic catches him
before Tails opens the door.
     “Tails do you even know where they went?” asks Sonic logically. Tails looks down and
well up in his eyes. He shakes his head no and sits down on the couch. Tails pouts as Sonic
sits next to him.
     “It took me a year of research and calculating that program and now its gone!” Tails
pouts. Sonic puts his arm around Tails.
     “We'll get it back Tails.” Sonic assures Tails. “I don't think that the person who got the
data will put up much of a fight.” Tails looks up at Sonic and smiles.
     “You really mean it Sonic?” Tails asks. Sonic smiles at Tails.
     “Of course I do.” Sonic says. “Why wouldn't I help my friend get something that
important back?”Tails smiles gleefully and wipes his eyes.

Chapter 4
     Robotnik lands on the island that houses his new base. He walks inside and is greeted by
his robot servants. He calls one of his servants over.
     “Bring me R3.” Robotnik demands. He walks over to his desk and sits down. “Trying to
take over the world is a lot of hard work.” He pushes a button and a robot rushes over.“Bring
me something to eat.” he says. The robot scuttles away and Robotnik awaits his dinner. R3
comes in and stands next to Robotnik.
     “Did you get the file?” Robotnik asks. R3 nods and hands it to him. Robotnik opens the
file and reads the contents. Robotnik snickers a little
     “Not bad for a young fox.” Robotnik says. “But I can make it better.” He opens a slot in
his desk and slides the file into it. The computer screen turns on and the contents of the file
are scanned into the computer. The computer makes some calculations and okay's it to be
     “Alright then.” Robotnik says. “Nothing will stand in my way of taking over the world.”
Robotnik laughs sinisterly as he looks at the plans. Robotnik takes the file and shreds it,
leaving a digital copy on the computer.
     “Now to make some changes.” Robotnik says. He leans over his keyboard and starts
reconfiguring the calculations. “I'll make it so that no one, not even Tails, would no the
between this and the real world.” He smiles as he types. “Tails is good. Almost as good as
me." Robotnikrubs his mustache and snickers. "Well, almost!” Robotnik laughs at his joke.
A little while of configuring and calculating, Robotnik prints up
the new plans for the holographic room
     “Now to figure out where to build my plan.” Robotnik says. He walks outside and looks
up at the moon.
     “That seem to be good enough. I'll build an orbiting base and then I'll put my
holographic world up there.” Robotnik walks back inside and starts drawing up the plans for
the base. A few hours later and he is finished with the plans. Robotnik summons his robots
into his office.
     “We are going to build this new base that will orbit the planet.” he explains. “Inside the
base will house three holographic rooms that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles will be in. This plan
will ensure our victory over the planet. We start work in the morning.” He sends his robots to
their charging stations. Robotnik rests in his office and thinks about how easy it will be to
take over the world with Sonic,
Tails, and Knuckles out of the way.
     “Nothing will stand in my way!” Robotnik says as he laughs menacingly. “That fox
doesn't know the kind of danger that he put his friends in! Thanks a lot Tails!!”

Chapter 5
     “Sonic! Wake up!!” Tails shouts as he shakes Sonic.
     “Tails! Tails! Stop shaking me!” Sonic shouts back. He gets up out of his bed.
     “Sorry Sonic but you are going to be late for your date with Amy.” Tails says as Sonic
walks to the bathroom. Sonic splashes some water on his face and cleans up a little.
     “Tails, give some ideas to do today Amy.” Sonic says. Tails walks over to him and
     “The only thing I could say to you is to do what Amy asks.” Tails says. “At least that's
what I've read.” Sonic combs his fur and turns to Tails.
     “Well, how do I look?” asks Sonic. Tails, being a smart ass, looks over Sonic carefully,
noting every detail. “Any time now Tails.”
     Tails smiles and says, “You look fine Sonic! Good luck to you!” Sonic gives Tails a
thumbs up.
     “Thanks little buddy!” Sonic says as he walks out the door. “Do what you want today
Tails. Just try to clean up after yourself.”
     “Can I take off the bandages?” asks Tails pitifully. Sonic looks back and smiles.
     “I suppose so. Just don't fly to hard.” Sonic says. Tails glows with excitement. “See
ya!” says Sonic as he races to Amy's house. Tails waves good bye and goes to take off the
     Sonic gets to Amy's house and knocks on the door. “Hey Amy. Ready to go...” he says.
Sonic looks at her and sees that she doesn't look so good. “What's wrong Amy?” Amy
sneezes and Sonic backs up.
     “I'm not feeling to good Sonic.” says Amy nasally. “Can you come inside?” Sonic walks
in and sits down on a seat in the living room. Amy sneezes as she sits down in her chair.
     “What happened to you?” Sonic asks.
     “I don't know.” Amy explains. “I come home last night feeling great and then I wake up
this morning puking my guts out.” Sonic puts his hand on Amy's forehead. She's hot to the
     “You're running a fever.” Sonic says. “I'd better stay here and help you get better.”
     Amy looks at Sonic and says, “But what about our date?” Sonic winks at her.
     “Don't worr y about it.” he says. “I wasn't prepared any way.” Amy smiles and coughs.
     “You're a great friend Sonic.” Amy says as she coughs. Sonic stands up and puts his
hand on her shoulder.
“What are friends for?” Sonic comments. Amy grasps his hand.
     “I can think of a few things you're good for but I wont say them right now.” she says.
The light bulb in Sonic's head turns on and he winks at her.
     “Do you think you can make me some soup?” Amy asks.
     “I'll make you my special soup.” Sonic says as he puts on a chef's hat. “Its the one I
make for Tails when he is sick.”
     “He really looks up to you Sonic.” Amy says as she blows her nose.
     “I know. I try my best to be a big brother figure to him.” says Sonic as he mixes the
ingredients for the soup.
     “Speaking of which, where is the little furball?” asks Amy.
     Sonic explains, “I told him to do what he wants today. I even let him take off the
bandages so that he can fly around.” Amy smiles at Sonic.
     “You're more like his father than a big brother.” Amy says as Sonic gives her a bowl of
the soup. “Thanks.”
     “Well, he lost his family when he was five.” Sonic explains. Amy looks up at him and
     “That must be horrible to lose your family at such a young age.” she says. “How did you
two meet anyway?”
     Sonic thinks for a second and explains, “I was there when Tails was born. His family and
I were close friends. I was considered Tails god- brother when he was born. His parents were
really cool. They helped me find my current home and I helped them with what ever they
needed. Tails was too young to remember me and a year after he was born, Robotnik started
up his tricks. So I had to leave them to
fight off Robotnik.”
     Amy looks upset at Sonic and says, “I bet it was Robotnik that killed his family.” Sonic
looks at her.
     “Actually Amy,” Sonic explains, “it wasn't.” Tears well up in Sonic's eyes. “I was there
when they died. Tails house was sitting on the side of a mountain. Tails was sitting outside of
the house, building some sort of device. I was there with him.”
     (flashback) “Hey little buddy. What are up to?” Sonic says to Tails. Tails looks up at
     “I'm making a storage box for mom's jewelery.” Tails explains in a squeaky voice. “It
has a bubble that gives the box an infinite space to put stuff in.” Sonic looks at the box with
     “Thats wonderful Tails!” Sonic exclaims. “Your mom will love it.” Tails smiles
     “I'm going to give it to her on her birthday.” Tails says as he runs into the house to hide
it. Sonic stays outside. Tails runs back outside.
     “I forgot my screwdriver.” Tails says as he kneels down to grab it. He gets up and runs
back to the house.
      “He sure has big brain.” Mr. Prower says as he walks up behind Sonic. Mr. Prower puts
his hand on Sonic's shoulder. “He really likes you Sonic.” Sonic looks up at Mr. Prower and
smiles. Tails
flies out and tackles his dad.
      “Hi Dad!” Tails shouts. They both laugh.
      “Hey kid! I see your still flying.” Tails nods and takes off. “Be careful son.” Mr. Prower
warns. Tails waves and flies around the house.
      “He's got a lot of energy for such a small fox.” Sonic comments.
      “Well what he lacks in size he makes up for in his intelligence and energy.” says Mr.
Prower. Mrs. Prower walks up and hugs her husband.
      “Welcome home, dear.” she says to Mr. Prower. “Hows the chase with Dr. Robotnik?”
Mrs. Prower asks Sonic and Mr. Prower.
      “Not good.” Sonic says. “I'd catch him but somehow he always manages to get away.”
      “Well, Sonic,” Mr. Prower says, “one day we will catch him and send him to prison for
life.” Sonic nods.
      “How about a little pie, guys?” Mrs. Prower asks.
      “That would be lovely.” Mr. Prower says. “You coming Sonic?” Sonic shakes his head.
      “No thanks. I'll watch over Tails and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble.” says
Sonic. Mr. and Mrs. Prower head inside.
      “Hey Tails!” Sonic shouts. Tails swoops in and lands in front of Sonic. “You want to
have a race?”
 Tails looks at Sonic and says, “Sure. Bet I can beat you.” Sonic looks at him.
      “Alright. Once around the island. Loser has to wash dishes.” Sonic challenges. Tails
nods.“You're on!” Tails says. They line up at a tree. “3... 2... 1...go!!!” Tails says and they
start off. Sonic runs and keeps up with Tails. About halfway into the race, Tails looks back at
Sonic and taunts
      “So you want to be a smart ass now?” Sonic says. Sonic goes supersonic and breaks the
sound barrier. Tails gets irritated and twirls his tails as fast as he could. Sonic gets to the
house minuets before Tails does.
      “I win! Looks like you'll have to...” Sonic tries saying. The ground shakes and rocks start
falling from the mountain. Tails arrives to see the rocks falling.
      “Mom! Dad!” Tails shouts. He flies to the house but Sonic grabs him before a boulder
hits him.
      “No Tails. Its not safe. You stay here.” Sonic says as he puts him down. Sonic runs and
dodges the falling rocks. He gets to the door and tries to get it open. A giant boulder falls on
the house and Sonic is thrown back. He gets up and sees the crushed house.
      “No!!!” Sonic shouts. “Mr. and Mrs. Prower! Can you hear me?!” Sonic looks around
and sees
Mrs. Prower, pinned under a rock. He runs over to her.
      “Are you alright, Mrs. Prower?” Sonic asks.
      “No Sonic.” she says. “I'm being crushed by the rock.”
“I'll get you out.” Sonic says. He tries to get the rock off of her but its too heavy. Sonic then
sees her chest. Mrs. Prower is bleeding out. She motions Sonic to kneel next to her. She
gives him an emerald.
     “What's this?” Sonic asks.
     Mrs. Prower explains weakly, “Its a special emerald that can take pain away from
someone and help them to move on. I want you to use it on Miles.” Tears well up in Sonic's
eyes. Tails runs over and kneels next to Mrs. Prower.
     “Hi, my little genius.” she says. Tails looks at her and starts crying. “Don't cry little one.
Your father and I are going to a better place.” She reaches up and touches Tails cheek. “I
need you to be strong for us, okay?” Tails grasps his mothers hand.         “We love you, Miles
“Tails” Prower.” Mrs. Prower
stops breathing and her hand falls to the ground.
     “Mother? Mother?!” Tails exclaims. “No! Please don't leave me! Mother!!” Sonic walks
over and holds Tails as he sobs.
     (present) “I never used the emerald on him.” Sonic says as tears fall from his eyes. “It
didn't seem right to make him move on so fast.” Sonic pauses for a second. “I still blame
myself for not being able to save them.” Amy walks over to him and puts her hand on his
     “You shouldn't blame yourself for something you couldn't control.” Amy says. “The
rocks would've fallen either way.”
     “I know.” Sonic say pitifully. “I still can't get the image on Tails face when he saw his
mother die in front of him.” Sonic sniffles. “They were wonderful people who didn't deserve
to die.” Amy leans over and hugs Sonic.
     “It wasn't your fault Sonic.” Amy assures him. Sonic cries on her shoulder and hugs
Amy tightly.

Chapter 6
    Tails flies through the air. Sonic had given him the day to himself and Tails immediately
took off the bandages. He really wanted to fly. It helps him think.
    “Its good to be up in the air.” Tails says. He then feels hungry. “I think I'll go back to the
house for lunch.” He heads back to the house and goes into the kitchen. Tails fixes himself a
sandwich and goes into the workshop. He looks up at the hole in the sky light.
    “Well I'd better fix that before Sonic gets back.” Tails finishes his sandwich and flies up
to assess the damage. “I'll just rip out the glass and get a piece of sheet metal to replace it.”
Tails flies to the cavern with the old automobiles are inside and looks around for a suitable
piece of sheet metal. After a while, Tails starts feeling a little lonely. He heads back to the
    “I hope Sonic is having a good time.” Tails says as he walks inside. Tails goes to his
bedroom and sits down on his bed. He starts tearing a little. Tails opens a drawer on his
nightstand and pulls out a box.
    “I was going to give this to mom on her birthday.” Tails says as he pushes a couple
buttons. The box opens and a bright light shines from it. An image of his parents come into
view. Tails parents wave at him and he waves back. A younger version of himself runs into
the picture and his parents hug the
younger version. Tails starts crying a bit, remembering what that felt like.
    “I wish I could hug you guys again.” he says as tears fall from his eyes. Tails lies on his
side and pulls the box closer to him. “That's why I was building the holographic room. Then
I could hug you again. I know it wouldn't actually bring you back but at least I can have that
moment with you again.” Tails shuts off the box and sits up. He grits his teeth and hits his
     “I'm going to make them pay for taking my plans!” Tails claims. He gets up and runs
down to his lab. Tails grabs a few things and runs back to the workshop. Tails gets to the
workshop and Sonic is
there with Amy.
     “Get out of the way!!” Amy says as she runs for the bathroom. Tails walks up to Sonic.
     “Whats wrong with her?” Tails asks.
     “She is sick.” Sonic says.
     “Amy is sick and you brought her here?!” Tails shouts.
     Sonic replies, “She wanted to see you. I told her about your parents and she wanted to
come over.” Amy walks back in and walks over to Tails. Tails looks at her.
     “I know about your parents and I wanted to say I'm sorry for your lose.” Amy says. Tails
starts tearing and drops his stuff. Amy kneels next to him and puts her hand on his shoulder.
     “I want to show you something.” Tails says to Sonic and Amy. He leads them to his
room. They sit down on his bed and Tails pulls out his box. He pushes a couple buttons and
the image of his parents come up.
     “Its an interactive hologram.” Tails explains. “Thats what the holographic room was
supposed to do. I was going to use it so that I can... hug my parents again.” Tails starts
sobbing. Amy and Sonic look at each other. “Its been eleven years since they died. I just
want them back.” Amy hugs Tails.
     “I know Tails.” Amy says. “Everything is going to be fine.” Tails shoves Amy back.
     “No it wont be fine!” Tails shouts. “Someone stole my only way to reach my parents!”
Amy looks back at Sonic.
     “Someone broke into Tails workshop and stole the plans to the holographic room.” Sonic
     “Now I'll never get to see them or feel that wonderful, loving hug from them again!”
Tails sobs. Amy feels absolutely horrible for Tails. She has known him ever since she met
Sonic and she has never seen Tails break down like this.
     “Tails, we'll help get your plans back.” Amy says as she sneezes. “Right Sonic?” She
looks over at Sonic and he nods. “See?” she says. Tails looks up at her and smiles.
     “You would do that for me?” Tails asks pitifully. Amy crosses her heart.
     “Cross my heart.” Tails leaps at her and hugs her tightly. “Tails... you're choking me!”
Amy coughs. Tails lets go of her and stands up.
     “With all of this hugging I'm giving you two, you'll be as sick as me.” Amy comments.
     “Come on guys.” Tails says to them. “We are going to back to the workshop and do
some investigating!” Sonic and Amy follow.
          Later that night, Amy says goodnight to Tails and Sonic runs her home. Tails goes to
his room and pulls out the box. He pushes the buttons again and sees his parents.
     “Don't worry. We will be together again.” Tails says. He closes the box and puts it
away. Sonic runs inside.
“I'm going to bed Tails. Good night.” Sonic says as he goes into his room. Tails waves good
night and he falls asleep with the dream of seeing his parents again.
Chapter 7
    That night, Tails has one of the worst nightmares of his life. Tails had gone to sleep with
a very nice thought. When he and Sonic get the plans for the holographic room back, Tails
would build it and then he would be able to see his family again. Tails soon goes into a deep
    Tails wakes up outside of the house. He sits up and looks around. Tails grabs his head.
    “How the hell did I end up out here?” Tails says. He stands up and walks back to the
house. Tails opens the door and looks inside. He gets a little confused.
    “The place looks like its been deserted for years.” Tails says as he wipes away a spider
web. He walks inside slowly. Tails walks up to Sonics bedroom. He opens the door and
doesn't see him.
Approaching the bed, Tails sees hat looks like a note. Tails picks it up and reads it.

“Dear Tails,
I am sorry for not being there when you needed me. I couldn't stop it. It was too fast for me.
now, I'll probably be dead. I know you didn't mean it.
Sonic Hedgehog"

    Tails drops the letter and runs outside. He trips over something and falls on the ground.
He turns around and dusts off the object.
    “No. It can't be!” Tails shouts. He looks down and sees a tombstone. On it reads:

Sonic Hedgehog
Great friend and still the fastest hedgehog on the planet.

     Tails starts crying. “I never thought I'd see the day.” He stands up and walks away.
     “Miles!” someone calls him. Tails turns around and sees his father. Tails steps back,
     “Miles Prower!”
     “But... But... You're dead! ” Tails says. Amadeus puts his hands in his pockets.
“Do I look dead to you?” Amadeus says. Tails jumps up and runs to hug him. Amadeus
him and puts hand cuffs on him.
     “Miles “Tails” Prower, your under arrest for the murder of Sonic Hedgehog.” Tails is
     “Wait a minuet Dad!” Tails says as he struggles to get free. “I didn't kill Sonic!”
Amadeus hits Tails in the back of the head.
     “You are not the son that I knew.” Amadeus says. He drags Tails by his tails and throws
him into a vehicle. Tails sits up and and looks down.
     “Dad, I didn't kill Sonic.” he says as tears roll down his face.
     “If you didn't, then prove it.” his father says. They drive through Downtown South
Island. Tails looks outside and sees other people staring at him. Their faces look scared. Tails
looks away.
      “Look Tails,” Amadeus says. “I know you didn't do it willingly. The orb took over and
that was it.” Tails looks utterly horrified. The orb appears in front of the car.
      “Surrender Tails now to me.” the orb says.
      “Never!” Amadeus says. He runs out of the car and goes to hit the orb.
      “Dad don't!” Tails screams. Tails struggles to get the cuffs off and then feels someone
shaking him. Tails wakes up and sees Sonic leaning over him. Tails sits up and looks around
frantically. He then hides under his covers and shakes.
      “Tails, its okay. It was just a dream.” Sonic explains. He pulls the covers off of Tails
slowly. Tails is shaking and crying.
      “It felt so real Sonic.” says Tails. “I woke up outside and saw that you had died. Then
my father comes up behind me and arrests me for killing you.” Sonic leans over and puts his
arm around Tails. “I don't want you to die Sonic!” Tails says, whimpering. “You're the only
family I've got.”
      “I'm not going to die any time soon Tails.” Sonic assures Tails. Tails looks up at him.
“Unless I get old then you'll have to take care of me.” Tails laughs a little. “Alright. Feel a
little better now?” Tails nods. “Good. I'll see you in the morning then.” Sonic gets up and
walks out of the room. Tails lays
back down and sneezes. 'Uh oh.' he thinks.

Chapter 8
     “Oh what a rough night.” Sonic says as he sits up in his bed. Sonic had gotten up in the
middle of the night. Tails was having a nightmare and Sonic had to go in and comfort him.
     “He needs to stop holding his feelings in.” Sonic says. He then hears a loud thud from
Tails room. Sonic gets up and runs to Tails room. He opens the door and sees Tails curled up
in a ball on the
     “Tails are you alright?” Tails opens his eyes and grabs his head.
     “Oh what hit me?” Tails asks. Sonic looks at him.
     “Um, Tails?” Sonic says. “You don't look so good.” Tails stands up and his stomach
starts hurting a lot. He then runs to the bathroom and shuts the door. Sonic walks to the door.
He hears Tails
throwing up. After a couple minuets, Tails opens the door.
     “You alright little buddy?” Sonic asks.
     “I don't feel so good.” Tails says. “I knew hugging Amy was a bad idea.”
     Sonic sighs and says, “Oh boy. Come on Tails. Lets go downstairs.” Sonic puts his arm
around Tails and they walk to the kitchen. Tails flops down on the couch.
     “I'll make you my special soup.” Sonic says. “It seemed to help Amy.” Tails nods. His
stomach is still hurting. Tails wraps his hands around his stomach and groans. Sonic finishes
and gives a bowl to Tails.
“Thanks Sonic.” Tails says as he slowly eats. Sonic smiles. All of a sudden, a brick flies
through a window. Sonic walks over and picks it up. A note is attached to it. Sonic rips it off
and reads it. He
walks back and sits down next to Tails.
     “Whats that?” Tails asks, nasally.
   “Its a note addressed to you Tails.” Sonic says. He passes it to him. Tails puts down the
bowl and reads the note.

 You will die first.”

    “Well, that says a lot.” says Tails as he passes it back to Sonic. As he passes it back,
Tails gets a
paper cut.
    “Ow!” shouts Tails. Sonic grabs the paper.
    “You shouldn't play with sharp objects!” Sonic jokes. Tails looks at Sonic, annoyed.
Another brick flies through another window.
    “Alright, I'm getting tired of people destroying my windows!” Sonic shouts. He gets up
and picks up the brick. He rips off the note and throws the brick back outside.
    “Ow! That hurt!” a voice says outside. Sonic looks out and doesn't see anyone.
    “Sorry!” Sonic shouts out. He reads the note.

You are next.”

     Sonic puts down the note but also cuts himself. Tails laughs.
     “Maybe you shouldn't play with sharp objects!” Tails says as he laughs.
     “Shut up Tails.” Sonic says, annoyed. Tails slows down and wipes his eyes. Sonic puts
the note down on the table. The notes then disappear in a puff of smoke. Tails tilts his head
to the right and looks confused.
     “Yeah I know. I'm confused to.” says Sonic. Tails shrugs and picks up the bowl of soup.
Sonic walks outside and looks up. He thinks about the notes. 'What did they mean? Why did
they disappear?'
Tails then sneezes.
     “Excuse me.” Tails says as he wipes his nose. “Can you close the door? Its a little cold.”
Sonic gets a little worried and walks inside. He closes the door and walks over to Tails.
Sonic puts his hand on Tails forehead. He is hot to the touch.
     “Great.” Sonic says and sighs. “You've definitely got the same thing Amy has.” Tails
wraps himself with his tails and shivers.
     “Sonic, why am I so cold?” Tails says as he shivers. Tails drops the bowl. Sonic picks it
up and puts it in the sink. He grabs a few blankets and wraps up Tails.
     “I'll be right back Tails.” Sonic says. “I need to check on Amy.” Tails nods and Sonic
shuts the
door. Sonic runs as fast as he can to Amy's house. He gets to the door and opens it. He walks
inside and finds Amy in her bed.
     “Amy are you alright?” asks Sonic. Amy sits up and sees him.
     “Its rude not to knock first.” Amy says as she sniffles. “To answer your question, kind
of. I'm getting better.”
     “You're not cold?” asks Sonic.
     “Not really.” Amy says. “Why? Whats wrong?” Sonic sits next to her.
     “Tails seems to have the same you do but he feels really cold.” explains Sonic. “I
wrapped him up in a few blankets before I came here.” Amy becomes worried.
     “You know, Sonic,” Amy says, “Tails is younger than me so he might be reacting to
this virus differently.” Sonic smiles at her and she kisses him on the cheek. “You'd better get
home and keep an eye on Tails.”
     “Thanks Amy.” Sonic says. He waves good bye and runs back to his house.
     “I kissed him!” Amy says happily. “And he didn't flinch!”
     Sonic gets home and walks inside. He looks over at the couch and doesn't see Tails. He
then hears Tails sneeze. He runs up to the workshop and sees Tails rummaging around, still
wrapped in the blankets.
     “Tails you need to rest.” says Sonic. He approaches Tails.
     “But I need to find out who took that file.” Tails says. Sonic pulls him aside. Sonic feels
Tails arm and it is really hot. Tails fur is wet as well from sweat.
     “Tails you're burning up.” Sonic says worriedly. Sonic picks him up and brings him to
the bathroom. He sets Tails down on the toilet and starts the bath water running. “You are
going to take a cold bath.” says Sonic. “That should bring your core temperature down.” The
bathtub fills up quickly. Sonic unwraps Tails and guides him into the bathtub.
     “Its so cold Sonic.” Tails says as he shivers.
     “I know Tails.” Sonic says. “It needs to be so that your body can cool down.” Tails sits
slowly into the bathtub. “I'll be in the living room if you need anything.” Tails nods and
closes his eyes. Sonic leaves and keeps the door open.
Sonic walks downstairs and Amy is sitting in the living room.
     “What are you doing here Amy?” Sonic asks.
     “I wanted to see Tails.” Amy says. “I got worried about him when you told me that he
was sick.” Sonic sits down on the couch next to Amy.
     “He is burning up fast.” Sonic says worriedly. “I'm having him take a cold bath right
now.” Sonic looks at Amy scared.
     “I don't know if I could stand loosing him again.” Sonic says as a tear rolls down his
face. “I'm really scared.” Amy puts her hand on Sonics cheek. Sonic grabs her hand and
holds it tightly.
     “He'll get better Sonic.” Amy assures Sonic. “He's a fighter. We just need to help him as
much as we can.” Sonic smiles at her.
     “You always know how to cheer someone up.” Sonic says. Amy smiles gleefully at him.
     “That's what friends are for!” she says.
     “Sonic?” Tails tries to shout. Sonic runs up to the bathroom. “Who are you talking to?”
Tails asks.
     “Amy is here and she wants to see you.” Sonic says as he sighs a little.
     “Can you send her up here?” asks Tails. Sonic looks a little shocked.
     “Are you sure Tails?” Sonic asks.
     “First, can you help me into my bed?” Tails asks pitifully. Sonic nods and he helps him
into bed. Sonic gets Amy and brings her up to Tails room.
     “Hey Tails.” Amy says. She sits next to him on his bed.
     “Hi Amy.” Tails says weakly. Amy puts her hand on Tails forehead. Its still very hot.
Amy feels really guilty for giving Tails this virus.
     “I'm sorry Tails.” she says looking down. Tails looks at confused.
     “What did you do?” Tails asks innocently. Amy looks at him.
     “I shouldn't have hugged you.” she explains. “You are younger than me and I should've
known that you would suffer more than me with this virus.” Tails puts his hand on Amy's
     “Its okay Amy. You didn't mean it.” says Tails. “Just one thing I need to ask you two.”
Sonic walks a little closer. “Don't touch the person who took my file. I want to have the first
hit.” Sonic and Amy laugh a little.
     “That's my Tails!” Sonic says rubbing Tails head. “We will do the investigation and
we'll let you know if we find anything.”
     “Thanks guys.” Tails says as he sneezes. “I would like to sleep now, so get out of my
room before I sneeze on you.” Amy and Sonic leave Tails room and head to the living room.
     “I told you he would be fine.” Amy says. “Though I still feel bad for infecting Tails. I'd
like to know why you aren't sick Sonic.” Just then, Sonic sneezes.
     “I am. I just don't show it.” he says. “Plus, I can handle this virus much better than you
or Tails. Well lets grab the gear and head to the workshop.” Amy nods and they head to the
lab to grab the stuff
they need to do an investigation. Then they walk to the workshop.
     “Alright, where do we look?” Amy asks. Sonic walks over to the file cabinet.
     “I think we start here.” Sonic says. He puts down the stuff and looks around. Amy
follows and they start looking around the vicinity of the of the file cabinet. Amy looks on the
floor a couple of feet away from the cabinet. She sees something glimmer and bends down to
look at it. She touches it and it feels like oil. She calls Sonic over to look at it.
     “Did you find something?” asks Sonic.
     “Take a look at this.” Amy says as she points to the oil. Sonic looks at it and sees
something else. He grabs some tweezers and picks up a fragment of something from the oil.
     “Lets take this to the lab to see what this is.” says Sonic. Amy nods and they head to the
lab. They get inside and head to the microscope. They stare at it for a while and get
confused as to work it.
     “Do you think we should ask Tails to look at this?” Amy asks. Sonic looks around and
back at her.
     “I guess so.” Sonic says shrugging. “Unless you know how to work one of these things.”
Amy shakes her head. They head up to Tails room and walk inside. Tails is asleep and
breathing steadily. Amy walks over to his bed and shakes Tails gently.
     “Tails? Wake up sweetie. We found something that might interest you.” Amy says
gently. Tails opens his eyes slowly. He looks up at her and smiles a little.
     “What did you find?” Tails says as he yawns.
     “We're not sure.” says Sonic. “That's why we need your help. Grab some blankets and
come down with us, please.” Tails gets up slowly and wraps himself in a couple blankets. He
follows Sonic and Amy down to the lab. He sits down at the microscope and turns it on. Tails
looks at the object and sees a symbol. Tails moves back and his tails flare out.
     “Tails, whats wrong?” Amy asks. Tails starts glowing and a burst of light shines from
him for a second. The blankets are thrown off him and he stands at the desk.
“ROBOTNIK STOLE MY FILE!!!!!!!” Tails shouts angrily. Tails sounds much better and
even looks a hell of a lot better.
     “Now thats the way to kick a virus!” Sonic says. “Tails, you should get angry more
often. You wouldn't get sick as much!” Tails pounds the desk and it smashes into bits.
     “Robotnik stole my plans and you mock me?” Tails snaps.
     “Whoa Tails. I was just joking!” Sonic says defensively. “Calm down buddy!” Tails flies
up and heads for the door. Sonic blocks him.
     “Where do you think you're gong?!” Sonic shouts.
     “Get out of the way Sonic!” Tails says. “This isn't your fight.”
     “It is now.” says Sonic. “You are not going to face Robotnik alone.” Tails gets even
more furious.
     “I don't have time for your blabbering Sonic.” Tails says. “I've got to make Robotnik pay
for what he has done to me!”
     “Look you are still to young to face him alone!” Sonic yells. Tails bares his teeth.
     “I'm tired of you treating me like a little kid!” Tails yells back. He hits Sonic with his
tails. Sonic flies down the stairs and hits the ground with a thud. “If you don't remember, I
defeated the orb by myself.”
     Sonic gets up and faces Tails. “Don't forget that Knuckles and I helped you!” Sonic
shouts back, hands clenched.“You did not defeat the orb yourself. In fact, you died fighting
it!” Tails fills with rage. He attacks Sonic with lightning speed.
     “You will not treat me like a kid anymore!” Tails says. “You will stop leaving me
behind!” Tails continues to hit Sonic. “I will defeat Robotnik and do it myself!” Tails says.
He goes to hit Sonic again but is slammed to the ground by Amy's hammer. Tails is knocked
out and Amy helps Sonic up. Sonic looks over at Tails.
     “Sorry Sonic.” Amy says. “He was going to hit you again and I had to stop him.” Sonic
walks over at Tails. Tails head is bleeding.
     “I think you did more damage than you meant to.” Sonic says. He examines Tails body.
His right arm is broken from the fall. He then looks at Tails hand where the paper cut was.
     “Amy, grab me the tweezers.” says Sonic. Amy grabs them and hands them to Sonic. He
digs into Tails hand and pulls out a microchip. On it is Robotniks symbol. Sonic starts
feeling a lot of rage. He then runs to a table and grabs a knife.
     “What are you doing Sonic?” Amy asks. Sonic gets a wild look on his face. Amy gets
really scared. Sonic turns and goes to attack her. Tails flies out of nowhere and hits Sonic.
Sonic flies head first into a wall. Tails falls to the ground and grabs his arm. Amy runs to
     “Amy, I need you to cut open Sonic's paper cut and dig out a microchip.” Tails says in
     “I can't hurt Sonic.” Amy says.
     “If you don't, he will kill us both!” Tails shouts. Amy runs over to Sonic. She cuts open
the paper cut and digs around for a microchip. She finds it and pulls it out.
     “Bring it over here.” Tails says. Amy brings it to him. Tails takes both microchips
smashes them. Tails falls to the ground and lays there.
     “Thank you for hitting me.” Tails says. “Next time, don't hit so hard. OW!!” Amy
touches Tails arm. He sits up and grabs his arm.
     “Sorry.” Amy apologizes. “Let me look at your head for a second.” She looks and sees
his head is bleeding but not heavily. “May I look at your arm?” she asks. Tails nods and Amy
looks at it. She quickly grabs it and snaps it back into place.
     “AHHH!” Tails screams. “What did you do that for?!?” Tails looks at her with tears
rolling down his face.
     “Your arm was broken so I had to realign the bones.” Amy explains. Sonic starts waking
     “Oh what the hell hit me? A truck?” Sonic comments. Tails gets up and walks over to
     “Sorry Sonic.” Tails explains. “I was under the influence of Robotnik's microchip and
pretty much kicked your ass. You also had a microchip and you were going to attack Amy
but I hit you head on as hard as I could.”
     “Wow Tails.” Sonic says as he looks at the wound on his hand. “I must've really pissed
you off.”
     Tails looks at him and says, “We will discuss this later. Right now, I'd like to get
bandaged up. Amy hit me pretty hard and she'll probably want to take a look at you as well.”
Sonic laughs and Tails helps him up.

Chapter 8
     Amy takes a look at Sonic first. Sonic has a large gash on his leg but thats really about it.
has Sonic bandage himself and has him help out bandaging up Tails.
     “Tails just hold still for a second.” Amy says as she puts a cast on Tails arm.
     “Oh the rewards of being a hero.” Tails says sarcastically as he winces in pain. Sonic
looks at him and smiles.
     “You'll get used to it.” says Sonic. “Now the part where I royally pissed you off. Did you
want to talk about it?” Tails looks over at him.
     “Well,” Tails explains, “when you wouldn't let me past you to fight Robotnik on my
own, I got upset because it feels like you don't think that I can handle it. I just want to be
treated equally to you.” Sonic looks at him confused. “You don't take my ideas seriously,
you don't let me fight my own battles, and you're always making fun of me. I kind of hurts
after a while Sonic.” Tears well up in Tails eyes.
     “Alright, I'll explain this in order.” Sonic explains. “First, I do take your ideas into
consideration but most of time I or someone else will have a better idea. Second, I didn't
want you to fight your own battles because I don't want to see you get hurt or killed. Its also
a promise I made to your parents before they died. Third, thats just something I do to
everybody. I don't mean to hurt anybody and I certainly don't mean to hurt you. I am sorry if
I did.” Tails looks up at him. “In fact, I might just
let up on you. You seem old enough to handle yourself Tails.” Tails smiles happily.
     “Do you really mean that Sonic?” Tails asks.
     Sonic nods and says, “Sure buddy. I've been a little too strict lately.”
“Thanks Sonic!” Tails shouts. Tails runs outside and starts flying around in excitement. Amy
looks at Sonic, concerned.
     “Are you sure he is ready for that kind of responsibility?” Amy asks. Sonic looks at her.
     “I'll keep a close eye on him to make sure that he is doing things the right way.” Sonic
says. “He is still young and has much to learn. But he is also really smart and a fast learner.
Lets wait and see what happens.” Amy walks to the door and laughs as she watches Tails.
“Its funny,” Amy comments. “He is flying a little sideways. I guess its because his
weight is thrown off by the cast.” Sonic laughs as he watches Tails. Tails then gets hit in the
head with a brick and hits the ground. Sonic and Amy run over to him.
     “What the hell just hit me?” Tails says as he grabs his head. He looks over and sees the
     “Okay, this is getting old.” Tails picks it up but doesn't see a note.
     “That's strange.” says Sonic. “There is usually a note attached.” Tails nods and starts
feeling heat from the brick.
     “Um, guys?” Tails says. “Ow!!” Tails drops the brick. “That thing got really hot!” The
brick starts glowing. Sonic grabs it and runs away. He then throws it and it explodes. A red
mist falls as the brick explodes. Sonic runs back to Amy and Tails. Sonics skin starts burning
as the red mist touches him. Sonic sees Tails and Amy steaming as the red mist falls. He runs
and grabs them. He runs them
into the house and shuts the door.
     “AHH!! My skin feels like its burning!” Amy screams.
     “So does mine!” Tails says. “What is this stuff?!” Sonic looks at his fur and sees that the
red mist is burrowing through.
     “I don't know Tails but you better think of something fast!” Sonic says. Tails looks at
     “Why do I have to think of something?” Tails asks.
     “Because you think a lot faster than any of us and you need start making your own
decisions.” Sonic says. “Any time now would really be nice!” Tails starts thinking. He then
gets an idea.
     “Follow me!” Tails says. They quickly run inside the workshop. “I need you guys to
stand behind of the Tornado2.” Sonic and Amy stand behind the Tornado2. Tails starts up
the engines and join Sonic and Amy.
     “Hang on guys!” Tails shouts. “This is going to really windy.” The engines roar to life.
Sonic, Amy, and Tails struggle to stand where they are. Tails looks behind him and sees the
red mist being blown off them. The burning stops and Tails tries to get to the cockpit. He
slowly gets past the engines and shuts them off. Sonic and Amy fall to their knees and pant.
     “Now thats what I call a blow dry.” Amy comments. Sonic nods and Tails walks over.
     “You guys feel better?” Tails asks. Sonic gives him a thumbs up.
     “Yeah. Good way to think on your feet buddy.” Sonic says. Tails gleams with happiness.
     “Glad to be of service.” Tails says as he bows. He looks over at the wall and sees the red
mist pooling on
the floor. Tails walks over to it and examines it.
     “I would love to know who is doing this.” Tails says. Sonic and Amy join Tails.
     “It has to be Robotnik.” says Sonic. Tails looks at him confused. “It has to be. The orb is
gone and Robotnik is really our only enemy now. Maybe Knuckles if he is in a bad mood.”
Amy and Tails laugh a little.
     “I suppose it could be Robotnik.” Tails says. “But maybe not. The microchips that were
in our hands didn't have his usual symbol. What if someone else is trying to get rid of us? He
could be working for Robotnik but without any evidence I can't tell for sure.” They walk
over to a window and look outside.
     “The red mist is still coming down.” Amy says. “Looks I'm stuck here until it stops.”
Tails looks at her nervously. “Don't worry Tails. I won't do anything.” she says innocently.
Tails gets hit in the back of the head.
     “Sonic what was that for?” Tails shouts. Sonic is looking away.
     “What? I didn't do anything.” says Sonic. Tails turns to face him. He then gets hit again.
     “Amy!” Tails shouts at her. Amy shrugs and points at Sonic. Tails gets hit again.
     “Alright, thats it!” Tails shouts. He turns and tackles Sonic. “You wanna play, huh?”
Tails says as he wrestles Sonic to the ground.
     “A little friendly competition never hurt!” says Sonic.
     “Bring it on!” taunts Tails. Tails glows a little and the cast comes off his arm. “I still
have a little energy left from the emeralds. Lets see if you can beat me.” Sonic throws Tails
off of him. Sonic charges at him and Tails dodges. Sonic comes at him again and Tails hits
him with his tails. Sonic flies back and stops at a wall. Sonic bounces off and hits Tails. Tails
flips in the air but regains control. Sonic
tucks into a ball and bounces up. Tails sees him coming and grabs Sonic. He then throws
Sonic against a wall.
     “Give up yet?” Tails says. Sonic gets up and runs full force at Tails. “I guess not!” Tails
shouts as he is hit by Sonic. Tails hits the ground and Sonic lands on him.
     “Alright, I give up Sonic.” Tails says. Sonic gets off him and helps him up.
     “You still have much to learn Tails.” says Sonic Zen Master like. “You may have lost
the fight, but you still might win the battle.”
     “Can someone explain to me what you guys were doing?” Amy interrupts. Sonic and
Tails look at her and laugh.
     “Its for practice and for fun.” Tails says. “If I can beat Sonic, then I can beat anybody.”
Amy looks at him and smiles.
     “Even me?” Amy asks. Tails looks at her and backs up a little. “Come on Tails. I bet I
can beat you.”
     “I don't want any trouble Amy.” Tails says as Amy brings out her hammer.
     “I'll go easy on you Tails,” says Amy, “since your a coward and all.” Tails gets really
mad. He flies up to her.
     “Alright, Amy, you asked for it!” Tails says. “But since you have a hammer, I get a
weapon as well.” Tails over to his now smashed desk and digs around. He looks up and
snaps his fingers. He walks over to the workbench. He opens a small concealed door and
reveals a keypad. Tails punches in the code.
     “Stand back guys.” Tails warns. The wall where the workbench is hisses and it opens.
The dust clears and inside, there is a robot.
     Sonic walks over to it and says, “Tails, after this round, you're going to answer all of my
questions.” Tails nods and flies up to it. He opens the torso and climbs inside. The torso
closes and the machine turns on. The machine moves and walks out of its storage area.
     “Come on Amy. Give me your best shot.” Tails says through a speaker on the machine.
     “You think your so tough now that you have that fancy machine to help!” Amy says. She
attacks the machine and it dodges her. It raises its right arm and fires a net. The net catches
Amy. Amy gets really mad and cuts through the net with her spines. She runs and hits the
machine with her hammer. The machine stumbles but stays standing. It fires a laser shots and
they hit Amy. She flies back and hits
the wall.
     “Fine, I give in.” she says as she stands up. Sonic walks over to her.
      “You alright?” he asks. Amy looks at and wipes herself off.
      “Yeah. Just my pride is hurt.” she says. Tails walks the machine over to them and he
jumps out. He walks over to Amy and asks if she is alright.
      “Yeah. Though you have a lot of explaining to do.” Amy says. Tails laughs nervously.
      “I didn't know what the battle suite was capable of. Sorry if I hurt you.” Tails apologizes.
      “Alright Tails, start explaining.” demands Sonic.
      Tails explains, “Well, I've been copying Robotniks robot designs over the years. I
thought that I could build a much better fighting machine. This is the result. It is a
mechanized battle suit. It stands at 15 feet tall, about 9 feet wide, has two laser cannons,
machine laser gun, back up machine gun, missile launcher, extremely quick maneuvering, a
net, and is capable of matching the speed of Sonic.” Sonic looks at Tails quizzically.
      “Did you give it a name?” Amy asks.
      Tails nods and says, “I call it the Big Shot.” Sonic looks at it and looks back at Tails.
      “Can anyone operate it?” he asks.
      “Only you, me, and Knuckles.” Tails says. “No one else can. A person can operate if
they can match the DNA sequence in the machine. All you have to do is prick your finger on
the DNA collector and it will scan the blood sample for a match.” Amy gets a little annoyed.
      “Hey, what about me?” Amy asks. Tails approaches her.
      “Well, I'll see what I can do.” he explains. “I'll need some of your blood to program it to
accept you as an operator.” Tails turns to Sonic. “Climb inside and I'll show you how it
works Sonic.” Sonic
climbs in and sits down.
      “Alright,” Tails says, “put your thumb on the DNA scanner.” Sonic does and his thumb
is pricked.
      “It didn't even hurt.” Sonic says.
      “I made it that way.” replies Tails. “Now watch the small screen on your right.” The
screen shows a bunch of numbers and then reads OK. The machine shakes and vibrates a
      “What's going on Tails?” Sonic asks, worriedly.
      Tails replies, “Its adjusting to your fighting style Sonic. I've programmed it to adjust to
each individual's fighting capabilities and style. So, that means that this suit is just like you
but much better.” Sonic nods and smiles. “One more thing, I gave the Big Shot a melee
weapon. Its a much bigger version of a sword that I remember my Dad carrying around with
him. The sword is made of a metal alloy that is extremely strong and the blade is sharp
enough to cut through anything except diamond."
      “Tails I am very impressed with this machine.” says Sonic proudly. “But I don't like
fighting in a machine. I like to get my hands dirty. I'll keep it mind in case I need it though.
In the mean time, you can use it for yourself.” Tails looks a little disappointed as Sonic
jumps down. “Don't be disappointed Tails. I don't use machines if I don't have to.”
      Tails sighs and says, “Alright Sonic. I don't think Knuckles will use it either. Oh well,
more fun for me!” Tails jumps in and turns it on.
      “Sonic, can you open the door and let me out please?” Tails asks. Sonic nods and pushes
the button. The door opens and Tails gets ready to go practice. Sonic runs over to him.
      “Hey Tails. Just be careful.” Sonic says. Tails give him a thumbs up and closes the
cockpit. The Big Shot launches and Sonic and Amy watch Tails leave.
    “Well Amy,” says Sonic, “did you want to go home now?” Amy looks over at him and
    “Yeah I guess.” she says. Sonic picks her up.
“Hang on. I'm going to go really fast!” warns Sonic. He closes the workshop door and runs
Amy home.

Chapter 9
     Tails had taken Big Shot out for a good test run. He decided it would be a good time to
make sure everything worked before he uses it on Robotnik. Tails knew that Robotnik will
throw everything at him. He had to be sure that the battle suit was ready. The jet engines
propells the Big Shot across the sky. It wasn't very aerodynamic, but it can fly. It was better
suited for on the ground combat. Flying
combat was for the Tornado2. For fun, Tails went east. He thought that finding an uncharted
island would be a great place to try out the weapons system. The only thing that Tails wished
he had was an enemy to shoot at. 'Oh well. I'll pretend there is a robot attacking the island.'
he thought. Tails looks at his screen and sees an island. Tails turns on the map and tries to
find the island on the map. To his amazement, it wasn't there.
     “Hmm. I wonder why I have never seen this island before.” Tails says. “But it will do for
what I want.” Tails brings the Big Shot down and lands it on the beach. He opens the cockpit
and jumps out.
     “I think I'll explore this island first before I go shooting everything to hell.” Tails says.
He pulls out a remote from his tail and pushes a button. The Big Shot beeps like a car alar
m and closes up. “Can't be too careful out in the middle of nowhere.”
     Tails walks into the forest. The island is absolutely beautiful. The ocean surrounding it is
a crisp blue color. The trees are green and full of lif e. Birds chirp and fly from branch to
branch. A few minuets later, Tails comes up to an inland pond. The water is a magnificent
blue color and fresh. The sunlight glistens off the surface.
     “Wow!” Tails says in amazement. “This place is beautiful!” Tails looks at all of the
colors surrounding him. Flowers that are orange, pink, purple, royal blue, and everything in
between. Birds flying overhead chirp at him. They too are full of different colors. Some with
shades of green and others with stripes of purple and red.
     “I've never seen a place like this before!” Tails says as he looks around. He looks down
at the water. An almost perfect reflection of himself looks back. Tails dips his hand in the
water. The water is
a perfect temperature. Not too cold and not too hot.
     “I think I'll go for a swim.” he says. Tails takes off his shoes and gloves. He then dives
right in and swims out to the center of the pond. He lays on his back and stares at the sky. 'I
wish Sonic and I lived here.' he thinks. 'Its so relaxing and peaceful.' For a few moments, it
was just him and his thoughts. It seems that nothing could destroy this perfect moment.
     Tails then hears footsteps near his stuff. He sits up and looks around. He swims back to
shore and puts on his shoes and gloves. Tails then hears footsteps behind him.
     “Hello?” Tails calls out. He doesn't see or hear anything. He then hears a splash behind
him. Tails turns around and sees something swimming toward him. Tails watches in horror
as the object approaches him. The object flies out of water and into the trees. Tails walks
inside the forest, his curiosity getting the better of him.
     “Hello? Anyone there?” Tails asks nervously.
     “Hi!” a voice says behind Tails. Tails turns and sees a fox hanging by its tail on a tree
limb. As Tails examines the fox, he notices that its female and that her fur is a dark pink. He
starts feeling weird and starts blushing as he stares at her.
     “Well? Who are you?” the female fox asks. It takes a couple seconds for Tails to
     “You know, its rude to sneak up on somebody like that.” Tails says, annoyed. The
female fox jumps down and approaches Tails. Tails gets really nervous.
     “Sorry if I startled you.” she explains. “I don't get any visitors here so I kind of don't
know how to approach somebody properly." Tails nods. “My name is Melissa Tel.”
     “I'm Miles Prower but everyone calls me Tails.” Tails says. “And this is why.” Tails
shows her his two tails.
     “Wow!” Melissa exclaims. “Were you always like that?” Tails nods.
     “Since birth.” Tails says. “And I can fly too.” Tails twirls his tails and he flies up.
Melissa's eyes glisten with excitement.
     “That's amazing Tails!” Melissa shouts with excitement. Tails puffs out his chest to look
more impressive. Without looking, Tails hits his head on a branch and crashes back down.
He hits the ground with a thud. Melissa laughs at him.
     “Are you alright?” Melissa asks. Tails gets up and smiles at her.
     “Yeah I'm fine.” Tails brushes off his fur. Melissa walks over to him and brushes off his
back. Tails starts blushing again.
     “I really like you Tails.” Melissa says. Tails is caught off guard and looks behind him.
     “I- I really like you too Melissa.” Tails says, blushing a little. “Is there anything you can
do?” he asks curiously.
     “Well, I am very good at gymnastics.” Melissa demonstrates by doing a couple back
flips into a tree. She jumps and flips over Tails and lands on her feet in front of him. Melissa
does this in less than seven seconds. Tails is shocked to see how fast she is.
“ That was really fast!” Tails exclaims.
     “Thats not all either.” says Melissa. Her body starts waving and she disappears.
     “Hey, where did yo go?” Tails shouts.
     “Behind you!” Melissa says. Tails turns and sees her right behind him.
“But... How?... You were there... and now your there.” Tails says as he scratches his head.
The light bulb in his head turns on. “You can teleport!” Tails shouts with excitement.
Melissa looks at him
     “Is that what you call it?” Melissa says. “I call it a great way to cheat if your in a game
of cat and mouse.”
     “Thats so wrong.” Tails comments. He and Melissa laugh. Tails gets curious about her
     “Do you live with your family?” Tails asks. Melissa looks down and frowns. “Did I say
something wrong?” asks Tails.
     “No Tails.” Melissa responds. “You didn't say anything wrong. Let me show you
something.” She walks out of the forest. Tails follows her. They walk past the pond and into
the other part of the forest. After a while, they come up to a small house. Melissa walks
around it and into the backyard. Tails continues to follow. They get to the back of the yard
and stop next to a tree. Melissa kneels down and brushes off some leaves. Underneath the
leaves are three headstones. One reads Janet Tel, Mother,
the second reads Sam Tel, Father, and the third one reads James “JJ” Tel, Little Brother.
Melissa starts tearing up and Tails kneels next to her.
     “I'm sorry.” Tails says. “I know how you feel. I lost my family too.” Tails pauses for a
second as a tear falls down his face. “My parents died in a rock slide. It destroyed everything
I held dear to me, especially my parents.” He pauses and looks at Melissa. “Do you mind
telling me what happened?” Melissa wipes her eyes.
     “Well,” she explains., “a couple months ago, my family and I were by the pond. I was
playing water tag with JJ, my little brother. My parents were on the shore talking about
     (flashback) “I'm going to get you!” JJ shouts.
     “Go ahead and try!” Melissa shouts back. JJ swims as fast as he can to reach Melissa.
Melissa then teleports behind him.
     “Hey that's not fair!” he yells. “Mom, Melissa is cheating.” Janet looks at Melissa.
     “Play fairly dear. Don't use your ability on him.” Melissa's mom says. Melissa nods
reluctantly. Melissa looks over at her parents and yells, “Hey guys! Come on in! The water is
fine!” Her parents sigh and the wade in. JJ swims at them and tackles his Dad. They tumble
down and his Dad grabs him. JJ is thrown back into the water. Melissa teleports over to
     “Come on Mom, I'll race ya!” she says. Her Mom looks at her competitively.
     “Oh really, Mel?” Janet says. “How far?” Melissa teleports over to the other side of the
     “From here!” Melissa shouts. She teleports back to her mom. “Back to here. Loser
washes the house.” Janet leans down in a racing position
     “Alright Mel, your on.” she says. “On the count of three. One, two...” All of a sudden
their was an explosion. A floating orb appears above the pond. It fires a lightning bolt into
the water. Melissa teleports out of the water unwillingly. She lands in the forest and looks
back. Her family screams in pain as they are electrocuted. Their fur starts smoking and the
lightning bolt stops. Their bodies fall
limp into the water.
     “You shouldn't have disobeyed me!” the orb says. “If you want this to stop, you will not
disobey me again.” The orb leaves.Melissa runs into the water and teleports her family to
shore. She lays them out and tries to
revive them.
     “Mom? Dad? JJ?” she says as she sobs. “Please don't leave me! I need you! Don't die
now!” Melissa puts her ear next to each of their mouths to hear for breathing. There was
nothing but the smell of burnt fur and flesh. “No.” she says as she sits back down. “NO!!!!
Please come back!! Don't leave!!”
     (present) Tails is horrified at what he hears. Not only did her family die by the orb but he
felt their pain. Tails starts sobbing. He feels extremely guilty for her family's death. He feels
     “Tails what are you crying for?” Melissa asks. Tails looks at her.
     “I was connected to the orb.” he explains. “It was punishing me for disobeying it. It
wanted the emeralds I had so that it could get stronger. I refused to save my friends. I didn't
know it would go after your family.” He pauses for a second. “Ahh! I feel so awful!” Tails
pounds his fists into the ground. “I can still feel their pain! It was like being burned alive!”
Tails cries really hard. Melissa scoots over to
him and sits him up.
     “Tails? Tails? Calm down. Its okay.” She says as she hugs him. Tails wraps his arms
around her.
     “Its not okay Melissa!” Tails sobs. “I caused the orb to kill your family. I might as well
have killed them myself. I'm really sorry!” Melissa pulls back and looks at him.
     “It wasn't your fault Tails.” Melissa says calmly. “The orb was hurting you. It was
killing my family and making you feel their pain. That is something truly evil. The fact that
you survived that makes it incredible. You have a lot of will power. If that were me, I
would've gone crazy and let the orb control me.” Tails calms down a little.
     “That still doesn't change the fact that it killed your family.” says Tails.
     “No but that does mean that I don't blame you for what that monster did.” Melissa says.
Melissa leans over and kisses Tails on the cheek. "Thank you for telling me the truth. I really
like you Tails." Tails touches that spot on his cheek. He calms
down and wipes his eyes. Tails starts feeling weird again and blushes.
     “Melissa, I think... I think I love you.” Melissa blushes. “I really mean it. I have never
loved anyone like this after my parents died. When I first saw you, you seemed to glow a
most wonderful color. I thought that this creature, on this island, was the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen.”
     Melissa laughs and says, “Is that why you bumped your head on a branch?” Tails rubs
his head and laughs.
     “Yeah. Love hurts sometimes.” Tails jokes.
     “I think I love you too Tails.” says Melissa. “I noticed you walking through the forest
and my heart melted. You brought a warmth to my heart that I had never felt before.” Tails
looks at her lovingly. Melissa leans over and kisses him again but this time on the lips. They
stay locked like this for what seems like an eternity. They hold each other, kissing as they
move around. They stand up and Melissa leads him to her bedroom. Melissa lays down on
the bed and Tails lays on top of her. He didn't
care that he couldn't remember what to do. He just remember ed what Sonic said. 'It will all
come naturally.' Tails and Melissa make love there until the sun went down. When they were
finished, Melissa flops off of Tails and they stare at the seiling, panting. After a while of
them processing what had just happened, Tails breaks the silence.
     “I would like to take you to my place and introduce you to Sonic and Amy.” Tails says.
“If you wish, you can live with me and Sonic. But if you wish to stay here...” Melissa moves
her finger over Tails mouth.
     “I would love to go to your house Tails.” Melissa says. “We can always come back here
and use this place as a getaway.”
     “That sounds great!” Tails picks her up and they walk back to the Big Shot. Melissa
looks at it amazed.
     “Is that how you got here?” she asks.
     “Yes but we can't use it.” Tails says. “Its built for only one person. That's okay since I
can send it home by itself.” Tails pulls out the remote and pushes a red button. The machine
beeps and flies away.
    “But how are we going to go home?” Melissa asks.
    “I'll fly us home.” Tails says.
    “How can you still have all that energy?” Melissa asks.
    Tails smiles gleefully and says, “I'm just that good.” Melissa laughs. Tails twirls his tails
and picks up Melissa.
    “Be gentle, my hero.” Melissa whispers. Tails smiles and they fly back to his house.

Chapter 10
     “Where is he?!” Amy says as she paces back and forth. Sonic is sitting on the couch
eating a sandwich. “How can you sit there and not worry about Tails?!” Sonic looks up at
     “If I know Tails, he probably lost track of time playing with that machine.” Sonic
explains. “Remember, he's a genius. They always loose track of time when they are involved
in something that they made. He'll be home soon.” Sonic takes another bite.       “Why      are
you so worried? You don't even live here.” Amy slugs him.
     “Because I'm his friend and I worry when I don't see him.” Amy says. Sonic rubs his arm
where Amy hit him. They then hear a jet engine landing on the beach. They look outside and
see the Big Shot.
     “Well its about time.” Amy says. She runs out to the machine and it opens. Amy looks
inside but doesn't see Tails.
     “Come on Tails. Where are you?” Amy says. The machine moves and Amy jumps off.
The Big Shot closes up and walks to its storage area. Amy walks back inside.
     “Why don't you sit down and stop pacing.” offers Sonic. “You're going to wear out my
floor.” Amy sighs and sits next to Sonic.
     “I hope he is okay.” Amy says. Sonic looks at her and smiles.
     “You know, you worry too much.” says Sonic. “Tails will be fine. He knows how to take
care of himself.”
     “I know that.” says Amy, worriedly. “But Tails is also the youngest in our little group
here. He is easily persuaded and sometimes is too helpful.” Sonic looks a little worried too.
     He then says, “With the help of his parents through the first five
years of his life, I raised him to be a very responsible person and he knows not to hang out
with the wrong crowd. Also, he can't do anything wrong because he practically worships me.
If I don't like what he is doing, Tails immediately changes. So there is nothing to worry
about.” Amy smiles at Sonic.
     “You are very influential Sonic.” Amy says.
     “Excuse me for a second.” Sonic says. He gets up and goes to the bathroom. Amy sits
back on the couch. She was glad that Sonic was confident. Amy knew that Tails wasn't the
usual teenager. The average teenage boy would be going after every girl that they saw. Tails
was too smart for that. He even told her that he would only go out with someone if they were
the perfect one. Tails was also occupied with keeping the world safe from Robotnik and
more recently alien orbs. Amy began calming down
and excepting that Tails is growing up. She smiled at the idea of him dating a girl. 'That
would be funny.' she thought. 'He doesn't even know the first thing of dating.' Sonic walks
back in the room and sits down on the couch.
     “I was wondering, Sonic,” Amy says, “if we should let Tails live on his own.” Sonic
looks at her shocked. “I don't mean kicking him out. I mean giving him the option of living
on his own.” Sonic thinks about it.
     “I guess you're right Amy.” says Sonic. “We'll see what he says.”
     “I'm glad you're thinking about it instead of giving an answer right away.” Amy says.“I
have to think about it.” Sonic says. “Tails is my friend, little buddy, even little brother. It
would be hard to let him go. Not to mention I promised his parents that I'd look after him.”
     “Like you said, lets see what he says.” Amy looks at Sonic admirably. She knew that it
would be hard for Sonic to give a straight answer about the subject. Hell, it would be hard for
her to see Tails packing up his stuff and going to live somewhere else. Just then, Tails and
Melissa walk inside, kissing each other and laughing.
     “WHAT THE HELL?!?” Amy yells. Tails and Melissa look at her. Sonic sees them and
     “So you got a girlfriend?” Sonic says. “Way to go little bro.” He gives Tails a thumbs
up. Tails waves at them.
     “Hi guys! I want you to meet someone.” Tails motions Melissa to come into the living
room. “Sonic. Amy. This is Melissa Tel.” Tails introduces.
     Amy stands up and introduces herself. “Hi. My name is Amy Rose. Sorry about the
shouting.” Melissa bows.
     “Hello to you to.” Melissa says. Sonic stands up and puts out his hand.
     “Nice to meet you Melissa.” Sonic says as he shakes Melissa's hand.
     “The same to you, Sonic Hedgehog.” Melissa says as she bows to him. She leans over to
Tails and asks, “He can't be your big brother. He's a hedgehog."
     Tails replies, “No but we consider each other as brothers since we've practically lived
together all of our lives.” Melissa nods. She and Tails sit down on a couple of chairs.
     “Alright.” Amy asks. “How and where did you two meet?” Tails and Melissa look at
each other.
     “I traveled to her island in the Big Shot.” Tails explains. “I landed on her island in search
of a suitable place to practice. I got out because I wanted to stretch my legs. So I went into
the forest and came across a pond. Sonic, this was the most beautiful place I have ever seen.
The water was crystal blue. Birds of all different colors flying around. Flowers of all shades
and trees that were full of life.”
     “Then I snuck up on him.” Melissa says. “He was so funny when I startled him.” Melissa
laughs and the others laugh with her. “He even bumped his head on a branch trying to
impress me.”
     “That bump still hurts.” Tails says. Melissa leans over him and kisses his head. Tails
blushes and smiles at her.
     “Thats enough you two.” Amy says. “I don't need to see that. I don't get any as it is.” She
looks over at Sonic.
     “I introduced myself to her and she introduced herself to me.” Tails continues. “I was
immediately hit by her magnificent beauty.”
     “Yeah and I couldn't help but feel a wonderful feeling from him.” says Melissa. “He
brought a warmth to me that I never felt before.”
     “He's a very likable guy.” Sonic says. “What can I say? I raised him right.”
     “This is where it gets sad.” Tails says. He looks at Melissa and she nods. “Alright. I
asked her where her family was. She brought me over to her house and showed me three
grave sites. Her family was killed a few months ago by the orb. The orb killed them and
made me feel their pain as punishment.” A tear falls from Melissa's eye. “Sonic, she doesn't
have anyone anymore. Melissa spent her entire life on that island. Her family has lived there
for generations. Now she is the only one of her
family and she needs a place to stay.”
     “She can stay with us.” says Sonic. Tails and Melissa leap up. “I help out everybody.
Especially friends of my little bro.” Sonic looks at Melissa. “Melissa, you can stay with us as
long as you like.” Melissa jumps up and hugs Tails. “On one condition.” says Sonic. “You
pull your own weight, clean up after yourself and make
sure your boyfriend does the same.”
     “That's fine sir.” Melissa replies.
     “Please, call me Sonic.” he says. Sonic stands up. “Just one question for you. Are you
willing to give your life to save this planet from the clutches of oppression and evil?”
     “If it means avenging my family and keeping my current one, then yes.” Melissa replies.
     “Good.” Sonic says. “Do you know anything about Dr. Robotnik?” Melissa nods.
     “I know what Tails told me.” she replies. Tails looks at Sonic.
     “I explained as much as I could.” Tails says. “It should be enough for her.” Sonic looks
     “Now is the question of where you are going to sleep, as if I didn't already know.” Sonic
says sarcastically.
     “I'll be right back.” Tails says. He heads into his room and turns on the light switch. He
goes to his bed and opens a drawer in the night stand. He pushes a button and stands back. A
new section is added to his bed, making large enough to accommodate both him and Melissa
comfortably. He walks
back out an stands next to Melissa.
     “You and I can sleep together, if you want.” Tails says. “I made the bed big enough for
both of
     “That would be wonderful, my little fox.” Melissa says, hinting.
     “We'll go out and get another dresser to put in your room for Melissa in the
morning.” says Sonic. “You want to help Amy?”
     “Sure, but I'd like to go home now, if you don't mind Sonic.” Amy asks. Sonic nods and
runs her home.
     “He sure is fast.” Melissa comments. “I've never seen anything move faster than him.”
     “And that's why he his called Sonic.” says Tails. Melissa looks outside.
     “Can we go outside and just lay down on the beach?” she asks.
     “Um, sure.” Tails says. They walk outside and lay down. They stare at the stars for a
while, even after Sonic gets back. An hour goes by and the two of them had fallen asleep in
each others arms. Sonic watches them and smiles.
     “He's growing up.” Sonic says as he sighs. “My little brother has finally got himself a
girl. I just hope they know what they are getting themselves into.” Sonic runs up to the roof
and lays down. He too falls asleep.
Chapter 11
     Tails wakes up and looks around. There is a glow in the horizon. Its just before dawn. He
looks down at Melissa, still sleeping. 'Wow you're beautiful.' he thinks. He leans over and
gently kisses her on the cheek. Melissa's eyes open slowly. Tails comes into view and she
     “Hey.” Melissa says sleepily. She stretches and lays on her side. “What time is it?”
     “Almost sunrise.” Tails says. “You need to see it. Its absolutely beautiful here. Just like
you.” Melissa smiles and she slowly sits up. The sun slowly rises over the ocean. The ocean
glimmers as
the sunlight hits it. All of the shades of blue come out of the water. Sun rays bounce off of
the water and hit the house. Birds start chirping and dolphins jump out of the water. The
sun rays shine through the morning mist and create rainbows ever ywhere. Trees and grass
listen in the morning sunlight like diamonds.
     “Wow.” Melissa says in awe. “This is beautiful Tails!” Melissa looks all around her.
     “I'm really glad I met you Tails.” Melissa says. Tails looks at her and smiles.
     “I'm really glad I met you too Melissa.” says Tails.
     “Just call me Mel.” Mel says waving her hand. “My mom used to call me that.” Tails
nods. He wraps his tails around her and brings her closer to him.
“Wahh!” Mel shouts as Tails drags her over to him. “That's not fair!” she says as she laughs.
Tails starts tickling her.
     “Ah! Tails... Stop... That tickles!” Mel laughs hard as Tails tickles her. She then teleports
a few feet away.
     “And you call that fair?” Tails says as he looks at her. Mel nods.
     “Yeah. And I call this payback.” Mel says. She teleports behind Tails. Mel then starts
tickling him.
     “No... Stop... Mel... That's not fair!” Tails shouts as he is dropped to the ground. Mel
then runs.
     “Catch me if you can!” she yells back at Tails. Tails gets up and starts flying after her.
Mel jumps into a tree and heads into the forest. Tails follows her and looses her.
     “Where are you?” Tails shots out. He then lands and looks around. “Mel, Where did you
go?” He walks and looks up in the trees. Mel then comes out of nowhere and tackles him.
They roll back out of the forest and onto the beach, laughing the entire way. They stop and
Mel is on top of Tails. He looks
up at her and pokes her nose.
     “You're mean.” Tails says. “Sneaking up on someone like that isn't very nice.” Mel looks
down at him and kisses him.
     “I like things a little rough.” Mel says in a sexy voice.
     “Is that a hint?” Tails asks smiling.
     “You'll find out.” says Mel. “In the meantime, I'd like to get to know everyone here.”
Tails looks at her curiously.
     “The only other person that lives here is Sonic.” says Tails. “Theres not much that I
know of him except that at one time, he did have a family.” Tails shrugs. “That's really all I
     “Have you ever asked him?” Mel asks. Tails looks up and thinks for a second.
     “You know, I don't think I ever did.” says Tails. “We've been so occupied with saving
the world that I completely forgot.” Mel gets off of Tails and walks towards Sonic, who is
already awake.
     “I'll ask him then.” Mel says. Tails watches her go off and sighs.
     “She's like Sonic.” Tails comments. “Always doing things very fast.” Tails lies back
down and stares at the sky.
     Mel walks to the house. She looks up and sees one of Sonic's spines. She then jumps up
and climbs her way up. Mel gets to the roof and sees Sonic sleeping. She sits next to him and
     “I know you'r e there Melissa.” Sonic says. Mel squeaks and scowls at him. Sonic slowly
opens his eyes and looks at her.
     “That's a mean thing to do Sonic.” Mel says waving her finger at Sonic. “By the way,
call me Mel.”
     “Alright Mel.” replies Sonic. Sonic thinks for a second. “Hows Tails so far?” Mel looks
at him and smiles.
     “I feel like he is the one.” Mel says. “My mom always said that I'd find that special
person that I'd spend the rest of my life with.” She looks down at Tails. “And that person is
the two- tailed fox down there. Tails is a great person. He has a personality that is just so
uplifting that no one could be sad around him. He's incredibly smart, very funny, and just an
overall great person.” Mel looks back at
Sonic. “Does he even have an anger streak?”
     “No.” replies Sonic. “Unless someone steals something of his, like a file of a top secret
project he's working on.”
     “He's a scientist?” asks Mel.
     “Why else would he show up on your island in a mechanized battle suit?” Sonic asks
her. Mel smiles and blushes.
     “Yeah I should've guessed.” Mel laughs. “I am scientist as well.” Sonic looks at her,
    “I use to make all sorts of formulas and chemicals. I even built a machine that
could cook.” Sonic sits up.
    “Wow Mel.” Sonic says. “Thats really cool! I'm usually the one who cooks around here.
I'm pretty good too.”
    “We'll see how good you are compared to a girl who was taught how to cook properly.”
Mel says grinning.
    Sonic looks down at Tails and says, “It seems that you two were made for each other.
Your both very smart, look great, and have really good manners and personalities.”
    “Yeah and he's really good in bed.” Mel says. Sonic jumps up and looks at her,
    “You two already had sex?!” Sonic shouts. Mel laughs nervously.
    “Yeah.” she replies. “It was kind of funny. We did it right after his meltdown over my
    Sonic calms down sits back down. “It was so wonderful! I had never had sex before and,
man, what a trip that day was. Me and Tails...”
    “That's enough Mel.” Sonic interrupts her. “I don't need that image of my little brother
screwing another fox.” Sonic shakes his head.
     “Sorry Sonic.” Mel says. “Well, I've told you everything about us. How about you do the
same? I would love to know your life stor y.”
Sonic turns away and says, “My family was enslaved by Robotnik. He killed them before I
had a chance to save them. That's why I have such a grudge with him.” Sonic looks back at
Mel. “As far as me and Tails, his family and I were close friends. They died in a rock slide. I
saved Tails but I wasn't
fast enough to save his family. I promised them that I would raise Tails for them. And now
we are back to the present day.” Mel looks at him and looks down.
     “Its weird.” she says. “Everyone here has had some sort of tragedy.” Sonic looks at her
and puts his arm around her.
     “Not everyone Mel.” says Sonic. “Amy, whom you met last night, still has her family.
She just lives on her own. Knuckles, who I'm going to have come over to meet you, he is a
guardian of the Master Emerald and he and his family live on Angel Island.” Mel looks at
Sonic and smiles.
     “So we are a family of loners.” says Mel jokingly.
     “You could say it that way.” Sonic replies. He and Mel laugh a little. Tails flies up and
     “Hey guys!” Tails says as he parks himself next to Mel.
     “Hi little buddy!” Sonic says. “Glad you can join us.” Mel looks over at Tails.
     “Tails, do you mind if you showed me you lab and workshop?” she asks.
     “Sure but can we have some breakfast first?” Tails says. “I don't know about you but I'm
     “I'll cook this time.” Mel says. “You haven't lived 'til you have my waffles!” Tails and
Sonic shrug. They get down the house in their own way and walk inside. Sonic and Tails sit
down at the table and Mel gets to work.
     “Are you sure you want to cook?” Tails says. Mel looks at him and smiles.
     “Of course!” Mel says. “I love cooking! It reminds me a lot of my mom.” She turns on
the burner on the stove.
     “Alright, I just don't want to take advantage of you.” Tails says. “I don't want us to fight
over something like that.”
     “Aw, thanks Tails.” Mel says. “How about this. I teach you two how to cook and then
one of us volunteers to cook the next meal every time. Does that sound okay?” Tails glows
with excitement.
     “I've always wanted to learn to cook!” Tails shouts. Sonic looks at him disappointedly.
     “Hey, what about my cooking? I'm pretty good!” says Sonic defensively. Tails looks at
     Tails replies. “Your good but lets see what Mel has to offer.”
Mel walks to the table with the waffles.
     “Alright guys, dig in.” Mel says. Sonic and Tails take their first bites. They
freeze for a couple seconds. Then their eyes widen and they attack their waffles. They finish
within seconds. Mel laughs a little. Tails looks up at her happily.
     “Mel, that was the most delicious waffle I have ever had!” Tails exclaims. “I love you!”
Tails jumps up and kisses her wildly.
     “Ahh!” Mel screams, laughing. “Sonic! Call your watch fox off of me!” Tails and Mel
tip off her chair and hit the floor.
     “I must say, Mel, that was the best.” says Sonic as he wipes off his face. “It didn't even
need any syrup.”
     “Thanks.” Mel says as she pries off Tails. She gets up and starts eating her waffle. “I
pride myself in what I make.”
     Tails gets down on his knees and bows to Mel. “Teach me, oh great one, for I am worthy
of learning.” Mel laughs and gets up, acting like a Zen master.
     “I shall teach you, two- tailed one, for I deem you my student/lover.” Mel says to him.
She leans over and they kiss each other. Sonic looks disgusted. 'Oh brother.'

Chapter 12
     Robotnik heads to his ship, his robot assistants toiling around the base. One brings him a
paper with notes on it. He looks at it and nods. The robot scuttles away and goes into another
room. Other robots bring the doctor more paper and he looks at them. He checks off and
signs the documents and they scurry off to their respective places. He walks into the ship and
heads for the bridge. Robotnik
walks inside and is saluted by other robots.
     “Take me to the X2.” commands Robotnik. “I want to see the progress.” R3 joins him at
his side. The pilot punches a button and the ship takes off. It heads out of the base slowly as
to not bang anything. It clears the doors and accelerates. The ship gains altitude and speed.
After a few minuets, the ship breaks into space. It turns and heads towards a large object.
     “On screen.” barks Robotnik. The giant screen at the front of the bridge flickers and
turns on, revealing a large sphere. A portion of the sphere is missing and sparks fly from it. A
robot wheels in and gives Robotnik blueprints. Robotnik opens the blueprints and checks it
     “We are approaching the airlock, sir.” the pilot says. Robotnik puts down the blueprints
and watches as the pilot maneuvers the ship into the airlock. The doors close and air is
rushed in. Robotnik.
     “We have successfully docked sir.” says the pilot. Robotnik stands up and heads to the
dock. Robotnik walks out and into a hallway. He and R3 are greeted by robots along their
way. They get to an elevator and head up to the command center. On their way, Robotnik
smiles and snickers. R3 looks at him quizzically.
The door opens and robots are scurrying about, making connections, doing repairs, wiring up
panels. Robotnik looks around and is pleased with what he sees.
     “Soon R3, we will have the planet eating out of our hands.” Robotnik says. R3 nods. A
robot runs over to them.
     “Sir, there is something you should see.” the robot says. Robotnik raises an eyebrow and
follows the robot. They get to the middle of the base and stop next to a door. The robot
punches a code into the panel.
     “Program complete. Initializing now.” a voice says. The door to the room hisses opens
and they walk in. Inside the room is a forest. Birds fly overhead and the trees rustle in the
wind. Robotnik kneels down and touches the dirt.
“Very convincing.” Robotnik says. “This actually feels like I'm back on the planet.” He
walks and everything around him moves. He keeps walking and never touches the other side.
“This is brilliant!” Robotnik exclaims. “Thank you Tails for such a wonderful idea!
Especially one I didn't have too think too hard on.” The images then start to fade and flicker.
The forest then disappears.
    “What happened to the forest?!” Robotnik shouts at the robot.
    “There are still some bugs in the system, sir.” the robot explains. “We need time get
them worked out.” Robotnik approaches the robot.
    “You have two months to complete the job.” Robotnik threatens. He heads back to the
ship. Robotnik gets in the bridge and commands to be taken home.
    “Yes sir.” the robot pilot says. It maneuvers the ship out of the airlock and into space.
    “On second thought, lets pay a visit to my old friend, Sonic Hedgehog.” Robotnik says.
The pilot turns the ship in the direction of Sonic.

Chapter 13
     Tails sits down next to Mel. He watches her as she eats her waffle. Mel looks over at
him and blushes a little.
     “What?” Mel asks.
     “Just admiring your beauty.” Tails says.
     “While you two are finishing up, I'm going to go outside.” says Sonic. “Make sure you
give her the grand tour Tails.” Tails nods and Sonic runs out to the top of the house. Mel
finishes up and sets her plate in the sink. Tails grabs her hand.
     “I'll show the workshop first.” he says. They walk out to the workshop. The Tornado2 is
sitting inside the hanger. Mel looks around the workshop in awe. She had never seen a place
that was this big. The Tornado2 only took up ¼ of the entire space. Mel then sees the
Tornado2. She runs over to it and examines it.
     “Tails, what is this wonderful piece of machinery?” Mel asks in awe. Tails runs over
next to her.
     “That, my dear, is the Tornado2.” Tails says proudly. “The greatest plane ever built.”
Mel looks at him.
     “Even better than me?” Mel asks jokingly.
     “Nothing beats you.” says Tails. “The Tornado2 comes in second.” Tails looks over at
the plane.
     “Its still my pride and joy though considering that I've been building and rebuilding it
ever since its creation.” Mel looks at him and smiles.
     “That's fine Tails.” she says. “As long as I get to fly it and help repair it, I'll be happy.”
Tails nods.
     “I'll make that exception.” replies Tails. “I don't ever let anyone help me on anything. I
like to work alone. But, since your here now, I can change that.” Mel smiles gleefully. “What
do you know about mechanics?” Tails asks.
     Mel replies, “I don't know the lingo but I can repair anything really fast. I'm really good
with my hands.” Tails stares at her. 'I'll say.' he thinks.
     “As long as you don't mind getting greasy and dirty, then you'll do fine.” says Tails. “I
don't want to hear that you broke a nail and that you need to leave.”
     Mel looks at him and salutes him. “Yes Sir!” Mel says jokingly.
     “At ease soldier.” Tails says. They both laugh. All of a sudden, the house shakes and
they hear an explosion. Mel and Tails run outside and see Sonic fly back at them. They run
over and help him up.
     “What happened Sonic?” Tails asks. Sonic looks at him.
     “One word. Robotnik.” says Sonic. They look up and see a huge ship. Robotnik's symbol
of his face is on it.
“How do you like my new ship Sonic?” says Robotnik sarcastically. “It will knock you right
out of the sky!” Robotnik laughs.
     “What do you want Robotnik?!” Sonic shouts at him. The ship fires another missile and
they dodge.
     “I want to test out my new ship on a live target. Starting with you!” Robotnik laughs
cynically. A laser gun pops up and fires at the three. Sonic and Tails dodge. Mel jumps up
and lands in the open.
     “Zoom in on that!” Robotnik barks at his crew. The screen zooms in on Mel. “Oh
another one. I'll take her out first. She doesn't seem to tough.” Robotnik orders to fire the
missiles at Mel. She dodges each one and lands in a tree. Sonic and Tails join up with her.
     “Mel, you can't stand out in the open like that!” Sonic says. “Robotnik will kill you.”
     “I know that.” Mel says. “I wanted to get a good look at the enemy.” Tails flies up
towards her.
     “Just try not to get yourself killed, okay?” Tails says as he puts his hand on her shoulder.
Mel kisses him and jumps back down. Tails lands and they face Robotnik.
Tails pulls out the remote and pushes a button. The Big Shot flies out and lands next to him.
He gets in and starts it up. He walks it out to the beach.
     “Where did you get that rust bucket?” Robotnik asks. Sonic and Mel jump up on the
machines shoulders. It then flies up and Sonic jumps off. He attacks the ship as missiles and
laser beams are fired at him. Robotnik fires at Mel as well as and Tails. Mel dodges all of the
firing. She jumps up and lands on a missile. She guides it at the ship. She jumps off before it
hits the ship. The missile explodes but does nothing to the ship. Tails starts firing his laser
machine gun, trying not to hit Sonic. A few of the beams hit the ship but do no damage.
Sonic jumps up and tucks into a ball. He rolls as fast as he can and rams the ship. The ship
rattles but is not harmed. A laser beam hits the Big Shot and it starts shaking.
     “Oh no! The laser scrambled th operating systems!” Tails shouts. The machine falls and
hits the ground. Tails crawls out of the cockpit but the machine explodes before he has time
to run away. Tails is sent flying into the side of the house. Sonic and Mel run over to him.
Mel kneels down and looks at Tails. His head is bleeding and he has a couple of broken ribs.
     “Tails? Can you hear me?” Mel says as a tears well up in her eyes. Tails opens his eyes
and looks at her.
     “Its hard to breath.” Tails struggles to say. “I think I broke a couple ribs.” Mel pets his
head.“You'll be fine Tails.” Mel says. She looks at Sonic. “Bring him inside. I've got
business to tend to.” Sonic picks up Tails and turns to Mel.
     “Are you sure You can handle this on your own?” asks Sonic. Mel turns and looks at
     “He hurt my Tails.” Mel says in a deep voice. “That doesn't go unpunished.” She walks
out and stares at Robotnik's ship.
     “So you are Tails girlfriend.” Robotnik taunts. “Ha! Not much of a hero are you.”
     “Come on, you son of a bitch! Lets go!” Mel shouts.
     “The compliments aren't really neccessary. But, if you insist!” Robotnik shouts. “Fire
everything on that pink fox!” The missiles and laser beams are fired and Mel teleports herself
onboard the ship.
     “Well that was easy.” Robotnik says. Mel then shows up on the bridge. “WHAT THE
HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!” Robotnik yells in shock.
     “You hurt my Tails!” Mel shouts. “You won't get away with it!” She then teleports over
to Robotnik and slugs him in the face. He pulls out a gun and shoots at Mel. She dodges each
shot and hits him again. Mel attacks him again but Robotnik grabs her by her tails. Her tail
snaps and she screams in pain. Robotnik picks her up and looks at her angrily.
     “No low life creature hits me!” he shouts. He picks up his gun and shoots Mel in the
shoulder. The laser beam goes right through her. He then takes a knife and cuts her
everywhere on her body. “I'm going to let you live, for now. This is just a message for you
and your boyfriend.” Robotnik drops the
fox and she lays on the floor. “Get this disgraceful creature off my ship.” One of the robots
pushes a button and teleports Mel back to the beach.
     “I let your girl live Tails.” Robotnik says over the loud speaker. “Tell her not to screw
with me like that anymore or you won't see her again.” The ship turns and leaves. Sonic runs
out and picks up Mel. He runs back inside and lays her out on the couch. Tails runs in and
sees her bleeding everywhere.
     “MEL!!” Tails scream. He runs to her side and kneels down next to her. He grabs her
hand and cries. “Mel? Can you hear me? Please say something.” he sobs. Mel's hand closes
and grips Tails hand.
     “You were right Sonic.” Mel says quietly. “He didn't hold back.”
     “Sonic! Grab something to stop the bleeding!” Sonic nods and runs. He grabs a rag and
runs back. Tails grabs it and puts it on Mel's shoulder. She winces in pain as Tails puts
pressure on the wound.
     “I know, I know. Shh.” Tails says as he pets her head.
     “Tails, it hurts!” Mel shouts. “The cuts! They're burning!” Tails examines the cuts and
sees the same red mist as earlier. The red mist has dug itself deep into the wounds. 'Oh shit.'
Tails thinks. Tails picks her up and turns to Sonic.
     “Can you run the bathwater, please?” Tails asks.
     “Sure.” says Sonic as he runs to the bathroom. Tails looks at Mel.
     “I'm going to give you a bath to wash out the wounds.” Tails explains. “That should stop
the burning.” Mel leans up and gently kisses him. Tails looks down at her and sees tears
streaming down her face.
     “I love you Miles Prower.” Mel says. Tails gets in the bathroom and slowly lowers Mel
into the water. The water is a nice luke warm temperature. Mel winces as the water gets into
the wounds.
     “I'll just leave you two alone.” Sonic says as he walks out.
     “Sonic?” Tails says. “Thanks.” Sonic gives Tails a thumbs up and leaves. Tails grabs a
sponge and gently starts washing out the cuts. The red mist slowly gets absorbed by the
sponge. Tails washes it off in the sink and wipes over the cuts again. Mel winces ever y time
Tails brushes the sponge over her. It takes over an hour to clean out every wound. Tails helps
Mel out of the tub and he bandages up her gun shot.
     “Tails?” Mel asks. Tails looks up at her. “I'm sorry for not thinking before attacking
Robotnik.” Tails smiles at her.
     “Everyone makes mistakes. Mel.” Tails says. “Especially when someone they love was
hurt. It took me quite a while before I started thinking about my attacks. Sonic still doesn't do
that as much as I do, but thats just the way he is.”
     “But if I had thought about it first then you wouldn't be slaving yourself over me.” Mel
says, depressed. Tails gently lifts up her chin.
     Tails looks at her and says sternly, “I love you and that means that I will always take
care of you, no matter what.” Mel smiles and tears a little. He leans in and hugs her gently.
     “I love you too.” Mel says. They kiss each other and Tails helps her up.
     “Are you able to walk?” Tails asks. Mel stumbles a little and regains her balance.
     “Yeah I can walk.” Mel says. They walk into the living room. Sonic is sitting on the
couch. He looks up and sees them enter the room.
     “Boy, you guys look like hell.” Knuckles says. Tails and Mel see him sitting in a corner.
Knuckles looks them over. Tails has bandages on his head and wrapped around his chest.
Mel has bandages around her shoulder and cuts all over her body.
     “Hey Knuckles!” Tails exclaims. “What brings you here?” Knuckles walks closer to
     “I saw the fight from Angel Island and I came over to see how everyone is doing.”
Knuckles says. He looks over at Mel, who is holding hands with Tails. “And who is this
beautiful young lady?”
     “My name is Melissa Tel. You can call me Mel if you want.” Mel introduces herself.
Knuckles laughs a little.
     “And you two are together?” Knuckles asks sarcastically.
     “Yes. I met her on an uncharted island I found and we were instantly in love.” Tails says
as he looks at Mel.
     “Yeah and they already are screwing each other like jack rabbits.” Sonic says. Tails and
Mel blush a little.
     “Holy shit!” Knuckles exclaims. “And I wasn't there to get it on camera!” He laughs.
Tails looks at Mel nervously.
     “I forgot to mention that Knuckles is a smartass.” Tails says to her.
     Mel smiles and replies, “Well you certainly live with a weird group of people.”

Chapter 14
    Sonic and Knuckles are sitting on the couch and Tails and Mel are sitting in front of
them on a couple of chairs. Tails explains to Knuckles all about Mel and her family.
    “And now she is living here with us.” Tails says. “I couldn't think of life without her.”
Mel blushes and they kiss each other.
    “Hmm. Is she good in a fight?” Knuckles asks.
    “Well,” Mel explains, “how good is this?” Mel body waves and she teleports behind
    “Hey! Where'd you go?” Knuckles shouts. Mel taps him on the shoulder and startles
    “Hi!” Mel says.
      “You're lucky I can hold myself back!” says Knuckles. “Its not right to sneak up on
someone like that.”
      “If you hurt her then I'll have to kill you.” Tails says. Knuckles looks at him.
      “Oh really Tails?” Knuckles asks sarcastically. “And how would you do that?” Mel
raises her hands.
      “Alright guys, lets get the testosterone levels down.” Mel says. “Besides, I could take
you on Knuckles.” All of them gasp.
      “What did you say?” Knuckles says, walking up to her. “You don't even know me yet
and you're challenging me to a fight?” Mel pats him on the head.
      “I'm not challenging anything. I know I can win in a fight against you.” Mel gloats.
“Come on, give me your best shot.” Knuckles gets really angry and throws a punch at Mel.
She teleports to the kitchen and grabs a mallet. Knuckles comes at her and tries to hit her
again. Mel teleports right behind him and nails Knuckles in the back of the head. Knuckles
falls to the ground, holding his head.
      “I told you...” Mel says as she collapses to the floor. Tails runs over to her. He checks
her breathing and pulse.
      “She's okay.” Tails says. “She is just exhausted.” Knuckles gets up and walks over to
      “Well she is a good fighter.” Knuckles says.”Welcome to heart ache kid.” Knuckles
leaves and shuts the front door. Tails picks up Mel and lays her down on their bed. He kisses
her forehead and leaves the room. He joins up with Sonic in the leaving room.
      “Mel is not use to using her ability so much.” Tails says to Sonic. He sits down next to
Sonic. Sonic puts his ar m around Tails.
“You're doing fine little buddy.” Sonic says. “Ha! Much better than me! I can't get a woman
if I tried. I'm just too fast.”
      “Thats true.” Tails says as he smiles. “What about Amy? Have you ever thought about
asking her out?” Sonic thinks for a second.
      “Maybe you're right Tails.” Sonic says. “I don't know. We'll just have to see.”
      Mel lays sleeping in her and Tails bed. She is completely exhausted. She never had to
use her teleportation ability so much before. Her mind has been working overtime lately and
she needed rest.
      (dream) Mel wakes up in a forest. She looks around and then sees the house. She stands
up and walks to it. Mel opens the door and walks inside. The house is dark and she looks
around. Mel heads to hers and Tails bedroom. She opens the door and doesn't see Tails.
      “Tails? Sonic?” she calls out. Mel hears some clattering in the workshop. She runs inside
and sees Tails working on the Tornado2.
      “There you are!” Tails shouts out. Mel walks over to him. “Hey pass me that cable in
front of you.” Mel bends down and grabs the cable. She hands it to Tails.
      “What are you working on?” Mel asks trying to get a good look. Tails pops his head out
and looks at her.
      “Just replacing a bad cable link.” Tails says and he goes back inside. Then Mel hears
someone laughing.
      “Tails what are laughing about?” Mel asks. Tails jumps down and approaches her.
      “I'm not laughing.” Tails says. The room starts swirling and Mel and Tails are outside.
      “I was just out here.” Mel says nervously. The laughing continues. Tails grabs onto Mel.
     “Mel, whats going on?” says Tails, scared. Mel grabs onto Tails as well. A shadowy
figure appears in the forest.
     “Hello Melissa.” the shadowy figure says in a raspy voice. “Its been a long time.” Mel
gets incredibly scared. The figure comes out of the forest and reveals himself. It is a man
standing about six foot tall. He is in a black overcoat and on his hands there are gloves with
knives on them jutting out about six inches. He is
smiling sinisterly.
     “No! Not you!” Mel shouts. She grabs Tails and runs to the house. She trips and lets go
of Tails. Tails falls to the ground and tries to get up. Mel tries to run over and help him. The
man in the black overcoat beats her to Tails and he picks him up.
     “You brought a friend to play with. How nice.” he says. He throws Tails up in the air.
Tails looks at Mel, scared, and falls. The man then slashes Tails and Tails hits the ground.
     “TAILS!!!” Mel screams. She runs over to him. She grabs his hand and cries.
     “He is already dead, my dear.” the man says, grinning. “Now your mine.” The man grabs
her and throws her against the wall of the house. Mel can't struggle. She is too scared to. The
man smells her.
     “Mmm. You smell wonderful.” the man says. He then licks her face. “And taste great
too. Just like before.” He runs a finger gently down her body. “Your going to be my pet.” He
then touches her between her legs. Mel then screams as loud as she can.
     “Go ahead and scream.” the man says as he unzips his pants. “That is music to my ears.”
Mel starts shaking.
     “Please don't do this.” Mel pleads as tears flow down her face.
     “Too late for that!” the man says. Mel screams again as the man begins to rape her. As
he rapes her, the man slashes her chest and arms with the knifed gloves.
     (real world) Sonic and Tails hear Mel screaming in the bedroom. They rush in and see
Mel struggling with no one on the bed. Tails runs over and tries to wake her up.
     “Mel! Mel! Wake up! Its only a dream!” Tails shouts. Mel stops struggling and opens
her eyes. She looks around quickly and feels herself. She feels her crotch and makes sure that
nothing was wrong. Mel looks at Tails and hugs him.
     “Oh Tails!” Mel says as she sobs. “It was so real and horrible! The man in the black
overcoat came back!” Mel sobs on Tails shoulder. Tails holds her and pats her back.
     “Do you want to talk about it, Mel?” Tails asks. Tears start running out of Mel's eyes.
     “When I was eight,” Mel explains. “I was out near the pond. I saw a bright light and
walked over to investigate. When I got there, there was a man standing next to some sort of
vehicle. He was about six feet tall, was wearing a black overcoat and had gloves on that had
six- inch long knives on each finger tip. At the time, I couldn't teleport. I hadn't mastered it
yet. I accidentally fell out of the tree that I was watching him in.” Mel pauses to wipe her
eyes. “He heard me fall to the ground. He turned
around slowly. I'll never forget that face. It was so evil. He smiled so cynically that it would
even scare Robotnik.”
     “Now that is scary.” comments Sonic. “Sorry. Please continue.”
     Mel continues, “He looked right at me and his fingers twitched. He approached me
slowly. I was so scarred that I couldn't scream or run. He stopped over me and knelt down.
He sniffed me and
licked my face. He said that... I tasted good. He then sliced my arm. I yelped in pain and his
grin got bigger. He said 'Thats it. Keep screaming. I like it.' He then ran his finger down my
body. I so frozen with fear that I couldn't do anything except watch. He then said that I was
going to be... his pet. He then touched me and... then... oh it was so painful and scary!” Mel
covers her eyes and cries really hard. Tails
leans over and holds Mel.
     Sonic asks, “What happened to the man, if you don't mind me asking?” Mel looks up and
calms down for a second.
     “When the man was finished,” Mel explains, “my father stabbed him through the heart
and he died immediately.” Tails continues to hold her as she cries.
     “Man, that must've been terrible for someone of that age.” Sonic says. “So then why did
you let Tails... you know?”
     Mel laughs and she says, “I felt safe around him. I felt that I could trust him. That's why
we are together. He brings I love him and I don't ever want to feel like I did eight years
ago.” Sonic laughs.
     “In other words, my little bro is a life size teddy bear with benefits for you!” Sonic says.
Tails and Mel laugh. Sonic walks out the door. Tails kisses Mel and tries to leave.
     “Tails, please stay.” Mel says. “I need you.”
     “Okay, “says Tails. “I'll stay with you.” They lay down on the bed and hold each other.
He wraps his tails around them. Mel grabs Tails hand and puts it on her chest. Tails looks at
     “What are you doing Mel?” Tails asks, half expecting the answer.
     “Can you make feel good?” Mel replies. They kiss each other and Tails gets on top of
her. After they make love, Tails and Mel lie quietly in the darkness.
     “You know what's funny?” Tails asks. Mel looks over at him. “We always make love
after a tragic story of either us.” Mel laughs a little.
     “I guess that it is the best way to know that you are loved and great way to relieve
stress.” Mel says scientifically.
     “You would get scientific on me.” Tails comments.
     “You know you love me.” Mel replies. Tails holds her closer to him.
     “Yes, I do love you.”he says. They kiss each other and fall asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 15
    Tails wakes up next to Mel. He stares at her, thinking. She had quite a nightmare about a
man in a black overcoat. Tails feels bad for Mel. First she gets raped by a mysterious man
and then, eight years later, she looses her family to the orb. Tails wonders if anything else
will happen. He gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom. When he is finished, Tails walks
back into the bedroom. He sits down on the
bed next to Mel. He looks at her and looks over at his nightstand. Tails opens a drawer and
pulls out the box. He pushes the buttons and it lights up. His parents are there waving at him.
Tails waves back. He sits there for a moment, staring at his family.
    “What's that?” Mel asks sleepily. Tails looks down at Mel and smiles.
    “This is a hologram of my family.” Tails explains. “Its interactive so if you wave, it will
respond and my parents will wave back. I have figured out how to make it talk but I've been
so busy lately that I haven't been able to do it.”
    “They look really happy.” Mel comments.
    “I used an old photo that I had.” Tails says. A tear falls from his eye. “I still miss them.”
His mother points at Mel and then at Tails and shrugs.
    “What is she asking?” asks Mel.
    “She is asking if we are a couple.” Tails says. He looks at his mother and nods. The
image jumps up with excitement. His father gives him a thumbs up. Tails repeats the gesture.
He closes the box and wipes his eyes.
    “You're lucky Mel.” says Tails. “You still knew your parents up until a few months ago.
Mine died when I was five. And you have someone to hate for it. I don't.” Mel gets up and
hugs him. “Its been so long since I've had a hug like this from anyone.” Tails says. “Sure
Sonic hugs me but its not the same. He's a guy and sometimes I need a girl to hold and love.”
    “What about Amy?” Mel asks.
    “Ha! She is a great person but she can be rough sometimes.” Tails replies. “You, on the
other hand, are gentle and caring. Something that I have longed for for 11 years.” They kiss
each other and Tails puts the box away.
    “Is it possible for you to make a box like that for me?” asks Mel. Tails looks at her and
    “I have something better than a box. Or at least I had something better.” Tails explains.
“I had a file that contained the documentation and blueprints to build a holographic room. It
was designed to simulate anything you programmed into it. I was going to use it to see my
parents again but someone stole the file. Thats the mystery that I'm working on now.” Tails
stands up and puts on his shoes. “But right now, I'm going to give you a couple tests to see
how intelligent you are and how well you can
problem solve.”
    “Oh really?” Mel says. “What if I don't pass?” Tails looks at her and smiles.
    “We will work on the areas where you fail in.” replies Tails. Mel gets up and Tails
smacks her ass. “Maybe a spanking if you're really bad.” Mel rubs her ass and looks at Tails.
    She smiles and says, “Perv. Lead the way professor.” Tails walks out and Mel smacks
him. He looks back at her. He continues walking and they get to the workshop. Tails turns on
the power switch and they walk to the Tornado2.
    “Your first test.” Tails says as he points to the plane. “Take apart the Tornado2 and put it
back together in the proper order.” He wheels over a giant tool box and show Mel whats
    “Ha! This will be easy!” Mel says as she picks up a wrench.
    “And your time starts now!” Tails shouts. Mel wastes no time in figuring out what tool
does what. She gets to work on taking apart the plane. Tails sits down at a nearby desk and
picks up a newspaper. About an hour later, Mel finishes taking apart the Tornado2.
    “One hour.” Tails says as he looks at the clock on the wall. “Thats really good for
someone who hasn't even seen the Tornado2.”
    “Thanks!” Mel says. Tails looks at her and snickers.
    “You look really cute covered in grease and oil.” Tails says. Mel looks at herself and
wipes some of the grease on Tails face.
    “Hey!” Tails says. “Alright, you asked for it!” Tails runs over to a barrel full of engine
grease. He picks up a handful and chucks at Mel. It hits her square in the face and Tails
laughs. Mel runs over to another grease
barrel and does the same to Tails. Sonic then walks in.
     “Hey, what's going on guys? Oof!” Sonic says as he is hit from both sides with grease.
     “Uh oh.” Tails and Mel say. Sonic wipes his eyes off and looks at them. He turns to the
barrel and jumps in. Sonic jumps back out and is covered in grease. Sonic then smiles
     “Sonic Spin!!” Sonic shouts. He tucks into a ball and spins in place. All of the grease on
him is sent flying at Tails and Mel. The two get covered in grease. Sonic stops and is
perfectly clean.
     “Now you two can clean up this mess up.” Sonic runs out and back with a couple of
mops and buckets. “Good luck to you!” Sonic runs out and onto the roof.
     “Damn.” Mel says. Tails just shrugs.
     “Oh well, lets get it done so that you can put the Tornado 2 back together.” Tails says.
     “I'll just do it now and get it over with.” Mel says. She picks up the parts and starts
putting the plane back together.
     “Mel, you are not going... to...” Tails says as he looks at the completely rebuilt
Tornado2. “Mel? How did you get that back together so quickly?!” Tails shouts in awe. Mel
jumps down.
     “I just memorized where everything went.” Mel says. She hit Tails in the arm lightly. “I
told you it would be easy!” Tails smiles at her.
     “That you did Mel.” Tails says happily. “Now pick up the mop so that we can get this
grease cleaned up.” Mel nods and starts mopping.An hour later, Sonic comes in to check on
Tails and Mel. Tails and Mel were just abut done.
     “Would you guys like some breakfast?” Sonic asks. Tails and Mel are startled since they
didn't hear him come in. “Oh sorry. I sometimes don't know how quiet I am.”
     “Yes that would be nice considering that neither of us have eaten anything since we
woke up.” Mel comments. Tails nods.
     “Well come on grease balls. Lets get you cleaned up and the we can eat.” says Sonic.
Tails and Mel drop the mops and go clean up. They get to the bathroom.
     “You first, my dear.” Tails says bowing. Mel puts her hands on her hips.
     “And what are you implying?” Mel says angrily.
     “Nothing. I just thought that you would want to go in first before me.” Tails says
nervously. Mel smiles at him and runs on in.
     “Oh shoot.” Mel says. “You don't have any soap for me, for me do you?” Tails thinks for
a second.
     “No, we don't. We rarely have any girls over so there was no need for it.” Tails explains.
     “Oh well. Can we go back to my house and grab some of my stuff?” Mel asks. Tails
     “We'll take the Tornado2. It'll be faster.” says Tails.
     “No, I'll just jump on over there myself and grab what I need.” Mel replies. Tails looks
at her,
“Are you sure you can?” asks Tails.
“Sure I can.” Mel says. "I need to go alone. There are things I need to take care of there." She
disappears and Tails takes advantage of this by taking his shower before Mel.
Chapter 16
     Mel teleports to her home and walks through it. It is very empty since her family was
killed. She goes to her room. Mel bends over and grabs her suitcase from under her bed. She
walks over to her closet and grabs a few essentials. She then packs it away in the suitcase.
She walks into her lab and grabs her papers and notes.
Mel had been working on a new model of her cooking robot. The old one had broken down
and was old. It was her first one that she had ever built. So Mel wanted to upgrade it and
completely rebuild it from scratch. She had included in her blueprints a part of the machine
that can replicate food. This was on the off chance that her family ran out food. Mel walks up
the stairs and looks back. She looks around the lab one last time. Mel turns and shuts off the
power. An alarm sounds.
     “Fifteen seconds until self destruct.” the alarm says. Mel runs out of the house and takes
cover. The house explodes, sending pieces of it everywhere. Mel gets up and looks back at
the house. She picks up a rose and looks down. Mel starts to tearing.
     “Good bye, Mom, Dad, and JJ. May your souls rest in peace.” Mel says. She walks
towards the blown up house and throws the rose into the fire. Mel sits down on the ground
and watches the house burn. She sits there for what seems like an eternity.
She gets up and walks to the beach. On her way, Mel looks around her at all of the beauty.
She remembers back to when she was a kid. Mel and her Mom would go out to the beach and
look for seashells. When they would find enough, they would head back and make jewelery
out of them. Her Dad and her little brother would go fishing on the ocean all day long and
then come back with a nice batch of fish, always enough to feed all of them. Mel looks back
on her past and doesn't see a point in
her life where there was any bad day with her family. It was nothing but good until they all
died. And the man in the black overcoat.
     Mel gets to the beach and sees Tails and the Tornado2 on the beach. She runs over and
joins up with him.
     “What are you doing here?” Mel asks. Tails opens his eyes and looks up at her.
     “I figured you'd be done and back at the house by now so I came out here to relax and
admire the raw beauty that this island offers.” Tails says, slightly surprised by Mel still being
     Mel looks disappointed at Tails and says, “But I said I wanted to come here by myself.”
Tails stands up and looks at her.
     "I'm sorry Mel.” Tails apologizes. “I didn't know you were still here. When you teleport
away I expect you to show up immediately afterwards.”
     “Then would you mind leaving?” Mel asks. “I'd like to be by myself for a while. I need
to say good bye to my home.” Tails looks at her sadly.
     “Um, alright. I love you.” Tails gets into the Tornado2.
     “I love you too!” Mel shouts back. Tails waves at her and takes off. She watches him fly
away and she lays down on the beach. Mel can still smell the smoke from the almost burnt
down house. She sits up and her ears droop.
     “I wish you guys would just come back.” Mel says as she buries her had in her arms. She
remembers when her family would come out here and watch the sunset in the distance. She
looks up and sees the sun is still high in the air. Mel sighs and stands up. She grabs her stuff
and teleports back to Tails.Mel gets back home and Tails is waiting in his room. He gets up
and hugs her. She hugs him back and tears stream from her eyes. They stay embraced for a
couple minuets and then Mel lets go of
     “Tails there is something I need to tell you.” says Mel.
     “You can tell me anything.” says Tails with open arms.
     “I blew up my home.” says Mel sadly. Tails looks at her curiously. “My father was a
very famous scientist. He had invented a lot of things and discovered new types of viruses
and cures for sickness. When Robotnik came about, we went into hiding and took refuge on
that island so that my father couldn't be found by anyone. He told me to blow up the house if
he should ever die.”
     “Why didn't you tell me this before?” Tails asks disappointedly. Mel looks down.
     “I didn't know that I could trust you yet with that kind of information.” Mel says
sadly. “I was concerned that Robotnik would find out about my house and that he would go
there and try to get some secrets out. All of my Dads work is on this disk.” Mel hands Tails
the disk.
     “Did your father ever experiment on you?” says Tails, concerned. Mel nods.
     “Only once though.” she explains. “That's how I got this ability. He was testing a new
cure for some sort of disease. The cure worked but the after effect was the ability to teleport.
I have this ability for as long as I live.” Tails looks at her suspiciously and asks, “What is
your real name?” Mel looks at him.
     “Melissa Tel. I was born with that name.” Mel says. “My Dad told me that I was born
after they moved to the island. He wanted me to keep that name so that I wouldn't be hunted
down.” Tails looks at her and sighs.
     “What was your Dads real name?” asks Tails. Mel breaths in and remembers.
     “His name was Dr. Gregory Terrin.” Mel says as she sighs. Tails then looks up.
     “I know that name!” he shouts. He grabs Mel's hand and brings her to his lab. He runs to
a bookshelf and thumbs through the titles. Mel looks around and is amazed that Tails even
has a lab.
     “I didn't know that you had a lab Tails.” says Mel.
     “Yeah I forgot to show you a while ago.” Tails says. “Then again, I just learned that you
have a few secrets yourself. Ah! Here it is!” Tails drags out a large book. It is dusty and on
the cover is Mel's father. Tails hands it to Mel.
     “This is a gift from me to you.” Tails says. Mel takes it and opens it. On the inside of the
cover, it reads, “To my loving family.” Tears well up in Mel's eyes.
     “I miss them so much!” Mel shouts as she falls to her knees and cries, clutching the
book. Tails kneels down and holds her as she cries on his shoulder.
     “I'm here for you now Mel.” Tails says. “I will always love you and I won't ever leave

Chapter 17
    Tails and Mel walk out of the lab. Sonic walks inside and sees them. He looks at Mel
and sees that she has been crying. Sonic walks over to them.
    “Is everything alright Mel?” he asks. Mel looks up at him and nods.
     “Yeah, now it is.” Mel says as she sighs. Sonic puts his hand on Mel's back.
     “Lets go outside for a bit.” says Sonic, smiling. “Its a wonderful day.” Mel and Tails
nod. They go outside and walk along the beach. They walk around the island for a few hours.
Mel explains everything about her family that she knows. Sonic is not too surprised about
her. He suspected something about her when they first met.
     Sonic looks at Mel disappointedly. “Can we trust you?” Sonic asks. “After all you did
keep this important information from us.”
     “You can trust me Sonic.” Mel says sternly. “I would never try to destroy a relationship
by lying!” Tails puts his arm around Mel.
     “Calm down Mel. He is just making sure that there won't be any more secrets between
us.” Tails assures.
     Mel looks down and says, “I know Tails.” Mel grabs his hand. “Its just hard telling you
guys theses things. Everything my father did was for good. He didn't do anything wrong.”
     “I know.” Tails replies. “I read the book I gave you.” All of a sudden , a ball rolls
towards them. They stop and look at it suspiciously. The ball explodes and a gas is sent out.
Sonic, Mel, and Tails breath in the gas and immediately are sedated. A couple of shadowy
figures come out of the forest and pick up the three creatures. One figure comes out of the
forest. It is Robotnik.
     “Hmm. I wonder why I never did that before.” he says to himself. R3 is standing next to
him. “So the pink fox had a famous scientist father. I'd like to get my hands on his papers.
R3, take an away team and search the house. Take everything that I might be able to use.”
     “Yes sir.” R3 responds. “Attention, I need ten workers down here at once.” he says into a
communicator. A beam of light appears and ten robots form on the beach. R3 looks at them
and says, “Alright, the boss wants us to scavenge that house. Take what can be used
including papers and notes.” The robots salute R3 and they wheel over to the house and
break down the door. R3 follows them
inside. The robots start looking in Tails lab. They break all of the glass beakers and bottles.
The destroy the file cabinets and take all of the files. The knock off all of the books and
leave. R3 and the team head to the workshop. They destroy the Tornado2 and knock over all
of the benches. The robots scatter and break all of the tools. They got to a files cabinet and
rip open. They take all of the files inside and destroy the cabinet. On their way out, each one
hits the power switch.
     The team head into Tails room and completely trash it. They rip the bed into shreds and
destroy his nightstand. The box gets crushed in the process. They find Mel's suitcase and rip
it open. They take her and her fathers notes. The robot team leaves and head back to the ship.
R3 walks back to Robotnik.
     “You will be pleased at what we found sir.” R3 says to Robotnik. Robotnik looks at him
and smiles devilishly.
     “Good. Lets get these three up in the ship and into the hologram rooms.” Robotnik says.
“Those rooms will hopefully kill them or, at the very least, make them go insane.” He and
the rest of the robots disappear and arrive in the ship.
Robotnik looks at the robots carrying Sonic, Tails, and Mel, and says, “Put them in the
transporter room and send them to their respective hologram rooms.” the robots nod and
head to the transporter room. The robots drop the three heavily sleeping creatures on the
floor of the transporter. One robot pushes a button and a tube falls over Sonic, Tails, and
Mel. The tubes then blast out of the ship and head to the X2 orbiting space base. The tubes
arrive a minuet later and other robots carry
them. Sonic, Tails, and Mel are put into their rooms and left alone. Each robot starts the
program in each room and leave.

Chapter 18
     Sonic wakes up inside the house. His head is swirling from the gas that had knocked him
out. He stands up and heads to the bathroom, wobbling a little. Sonic splashes some water on
his face and looks in the mirror.
     “Man, what the hell was that gas?” he asks himself in the mirror. “More important, what
happened to Tails and Mel?” Sonic shakes his head and walks out of the bathroom. He
checks in Tails room but doesn't see either of them. Sonic shrugs and walks downstairs to
grab some breakfast.
He sits down with a bowl of cereal and reads the newspaper. He then looks at the headlines.

“Tails and new hero, Mel, tackle Robotnik.”

Sonic flips to the page and reads the article. He gets to the last paragraph and drops the
newspaper. Sonic dashes outside.

“Will Tails and Mel make out alive?”

     Sonic races to the hanger and jumps into the Tornado2. He punches the start button but
the plane's engine just sputters.
     “Come on!” Sonic shouts. The engine then turns over and Sonic pilots the plane out of
the hanger. He is a little shaky though. Its been a while since he had flown the plane. He
heads to the city
and sees Robotnik's ship. He then sees Tails get hit with a laser and is thrown into a building.
Mel runs over to Tails and kneels down next to him. The ship fires a missile at the building
and the building starts falling.
     “NO!!!” Sonic shouts. He lands the plane and runs to Mel and Tails. A laser beam hits
the ground in front of him and he stops. The smoke clears and he sees Tails and Mel get
crushed by the building. Sonic runs and digs through the rubble. He then finds Tails hand.
     “Tails?” Sonic calls. Tails hand doesn't respond. Sonic looks down and sees a trail of
blood trickling from Tails and Mel's location.
     “Ha ha ha!!” Robotnik laughs. “Your too late Sonic! They are already dead! Looks like
the great Sonic Hedgehog was too slow!” Sonic backs away from the rubble. “And now to
get rid of you!” Robotnik says. Sonic looks back and sees a claw coming after him. Sonic
dodges the claw and tucks into a ball. He rolls as fast as he can and bounces off the hull of
the ship. Sonic hits the ground with a
     “You can't penetrate this armor Sonic.” says Robotnik. “And your friends can't help you
either!” the claw grabs Sonic and brings him into the ship. The claw drops Sonic into a tank.
Robotnik approaches the tank.
     “Well well, if it isn't my old and slow rival, Sonic Hedgehog.” taunts Robotnik. “Now
you can watch me take over the world and you finally can't stop me!” Sonic pounds on the
     “You son of a bitch!” Sonic shouts.
     Robotnik replies, “Now now. There is no need for language like that. I just spared your
friends from a fate that the citizens of Mobius are going to have!” Sonic looks at Robotnik,
shocked. “I'm going to completely roboticize and enslave the entire planet.”
     “NO!!! I won't let you!” Sonic spins on the glass. The glass doesn't even scratch.
Robotnik pushes a button and water rushes in the tank. Sonic stops and panics.
     “Robotnik, what are doing?!” Sonic says as he tries to get out. Robotnik pushes the
button again and the water stops.
     “You are going to be my pet, Sonic, for the rest of your life.” says Robotnik coldly. “If
you misbehave, you will drawn. I don't want to kill you Sonic but I will if I have too.”
Sonic gets really angry.
     “If there is one thing I hate more than anything is someone telling me what to do!” yells
Sonic. “I won't rest until your dead Robotnik! Nobody enslaves my planet!” Sonic continues
to spin dash the glass.
     Robotnik shrugs and pushes the button again. “Suit yourself Sonic.” Robotnik says as
water pours in the tank. The tank fills rapidly with water. Sonic panics as he tries to keep his
head above the water. Sonic then sinks to the bottom of the tank.

Chapter 19
     Tails wakes up in his room. He stays laying down for a couple of seconds as the room
spins. It slows down and Tails looks to his right. Mel is there sleeping next to him. Tails gets
up rather fast and the room spins even faster. The spinning makes Tails sick and he runs as
fast as he can to the bathroom. Tails throws up in the toilet everything that he ate last night.
When he is finished, Tails gets up and cleans out his mouth. He grabs his head and looks at
himself in the mirror.
     “Oh my head.” Tails says. “What happened last night?” He walks out and goes back to
the bedroom. He sits next to Mel and looks at her. He smiles and lightly kisses her on the
forehead. Mel twitches a little and opens her eyes.
     “Hi sleeping beauty.” Tails says. Mel stretches and sits up.
     “Good morning to you to.” Mel replies. They reach and hug and kiss each other. Tails
then gets a sharp pain in his head.
     “Ouch!” Tails shouts. He grabs his head and the pain goes away.
     “Babe, whats wrong?” Mel asks. Tails looks at her.
     “I don't know. My head just started hurting.” Tails says. Mel smiles and laughs a little.
     “I think you are thinking too much!” Mel jokes. Tails laughs. They get out of bed and
head for the kitchen. They see Sonic already eating.
     “Hey you two!” Sonic greets. He points to the stove. “Breakfast is already prepared so
dig in if you want some.”
     “Thanks Sonic!” Mel says. Tails gives her a plate and they serve themselves. Mel and
Tails sit at the table and start eating. Tails gets the pain again, this time a little more intense.
     “Ow!!! Tails yells. He drops his fork and grabs his head. The pain lingers a little while
and then subsides. Tails sighs and picks up the fork.
     “You alright little buddy?” Sonic asks. Tails looks over at him.
     “Yeah, I'm fine.” Tails says. “I've been getting these micro- headaches ever since I woke
up.” Sonic looks worriedly at him. “Don't worry about me Sonic. I'll be fine.” Tails assures.
Sonic gets up and puts his dish in the sink. Sonic then tackles Tails and noogies him..
     “Hey! Cut it out Sonic!” Tails shouts as he laughs. “No fair!”
     “Well I gotta pick on ya sometime!” Sonic says as he puts him down. Sonic lightly
Tails in the arm. Mel laughs as she remembers doing that to her little brother often. Mel gets
up and looks at Tails sinisterly.
     “My turn!” Mel says. Tails looks at her scared and tries to run. Mel teleports in front of
him and grabs Tails. She gives him a noogie.
     “Hey! What is this, pick on the fox day?!” Tails shouts.
     “Sonic can't have all the fun!” Mel says as she laughs. She puts Tails down.
     “Now that you two have messed up my fur,” Tails says sarcastically, “I'm going to the
bathroom to fix it.” He walks to the bathroom with Sonic and Mel laughing behind him. Tails
gets in the bathroom and tries to redo his fur. He gets the pain but now it is unbearable.
     “Ahh! My head!!” Tails screams. He barely looks up and sees himself in the mirror. The
images eyes are purple. Tails is in shock.
     “Hello Miles “Tails” Prower.” the image says in a deep voice. “Its been a long time.”
     “No! I defeated you! Your not real!” Tails shouts. The images eyes narrow. Tails head
hurts so much that he falls to his knees. He then hears Mel scream.
     “You might want to look out the window.” the image says. Tails struggles to walk over
to the window. What he sees he doesn't believe. The orb has returned and is attacking Mel.
Tails tries to leave but the orb paralyzes his feet.
     “You're not going anywhere.” the orb says. “I'm going to punish you for defeating me,
starting with your girlfriend.” Tails watches outside as the orb attacks Mel. It zaps her with a
lightning bolt and sends her into the water. “I'm going to kill her like I did to her family.” the
orb says.
     Tails bangs on the window and shouts, “Mel!! Get out of the water!!” Mel doesn't hear
him. The
orb fires a lightning bolt into the water and electrocutes Mel.
     “NOOO!!!!!! Tails screams. He then feels the pain from Mel. Tails screams in pain as
Mel is electrocuted. Mel's body falls limp and the pain stops. Tails drops to his knees and
     “No. Mel.” Tails says as he sobs.
     “And now for your idol.” the orb says. Tails looks up and sees Sonic fighting the orb.
     “Don't you dare attack Sonic!” Tails shouts. The orb stops.
     “You're right.” the orb says sinister ly. “I won't kill him. You will.” The orb forces Tails
downstairs and in front of Sonic.
     “Hey Tails! Help me will ya?!” Sonic shouts at him. Tails then feels a wave of pain as
the orb takes over.
     “Now you will die!” the orb says through Tails.
Chapter 20
     Mel wakes up in Tails and hers bed. The room is spinning and she gets really nauseous.
She tries to get up off the bed but tumbles over. She lays there for a second and gets up after
the room stops spinning. She goes to the bathroom, still feeling groggy. Mel leans over the
sink with her stomach still
feeling nauseous. She then feels sick and throws up in the toilet. She gets up and washes out
her mouth.
     “Oh wow. I haven't felt like this in a long time.” Mel says to herself. “What happened
last night?” Tails walks in the door.
     “What's going on babe?” Tails asks sleepily. “You alright?” Mel looks at him and sighs.
     “I'm fine. Just a little dizzy.” Mel says. Tails yawns.
     “Alright. I'd like to go to the bathroom now if you don't mind.” Tails says sarcastically.
Mel smiles at him.
     “Your thrown, sire.” Mel says as she bows. Tails pats her on the head.
     “Thank you, loyal subject.” Tails says as he walks inside. Mel gets dressed and walks
down stairs. She walks into the living room and sees Sonic sitting on the couch.
     “Good morning!” Sonic greets.
     “Good morning to you too.” Mel says as she waves at him. She sits in front of him and
gets a little dizzy. Mel wobbles a little in the chair.
     “You alright girl?” Sonic asks.
     “What happened last night Sonic?” Mel asks.
     Sonic shrugs and asks, “What do you mean? We didn't anything out of the ordinary.”
Sonic then smiles. “You must be screwing my little brother to hard.” Sonic says as he
snickers. Mel laughs a little as the dizziness subsides. “Speaking of which, where is the little
fur ball?” asks Sonic. Tails then tumbles down the stairs
and hits the bottom. He gets up and tries to run but a shadowy figure grabs him.
     “Sonic! Help...” Tails is stabbed through the chest. Blood spurts everywhere. Mel and
Sonic get up.
     “No!!! Tails!!!” screams Mel. The shadowy figure comes out of the shadows and reveals
     “No! Not you! Your dead!” Mel shouts. The man in the black overcoat raises his arms.
     “Do I look dead to you, my dear pet?” the man asks.
“You're going to pay for killing Tails!” Sonic shouts. He attacks the man but the man dodges
every attack. Sonic charges at the man. The man holds out his arm and Sonic is skewered on
his glove. The man pushes the dead hedgehog off of his hand and looks at Mel. Mel gets
really scared and tries to teleport.
     “Why can't I get away?!” she shouts. The man walks toward her.
     “Looks like your luck just ran out.” the man says. The man reaches up to cut her but Mel
bolts out the front door.
     “Go ahead and run.” the man says sinisterly. “I'll find you, my pet.” He then teleports out
of the house. Mel runs into the forest, jumping from tree to tree. The man reappears in front
of her and slashes her arm. Mel jumps back and heads in a different direction. She continues
jumping in the trees. Mel gets really tired and lands on the ground. She sits down on a log
and rests. Mel looks around, panicking, wondering when the man would show up. She
winces as the pain from her arm catches up to
     “This can't be a dream.” Mel says. “You don't get hurt in dreams.”
     “But you do die in real life.” the man says behind her. Mel jumps up and slowly walks
back. She trips over a rock and falls on her back. The man walks up to her and slashes her
chest. She screams as the man continues slashing her. Blood and fur are flying everywhere.
     “Please stop!” Mel shouts. The man then stops and bends down over her. Blood drips
down Mel's body and onto the ground.
     “Just like old time my pet.” the man says as he runs his finger down Mel's body,
smearing her blood. “Mmmh, messy.” he says as he licks the blades on his glove. All of a
sudden, there is an explosion. Sonic rolls through the wall and is drenched. The forest starts
waving and the man disappears. The forest disappears and reveals a large room. Sonic lays
on the floor, coughing. He then gets up, slowly, and looks around him.
     “Okay.” Sonic says trying to catch his breath. He then turns around and sees Mel on her
back, bleeding on the floor. “Mel!” Sonic runs over to her. He kneels down next to her and
sees all of the slashes in her body.
     “Mel?” Sonic calls out. “What happened?” Mel continues looking at the ceiling, her
voice quivering. “Mel!” Sonic shakes her gently. Mel's eyes blink and she looks up at Sonic.
     “Sonic?” Mel says weakly. Sonic picks her up to leave the room. He opens the door
and looks down the hallway. He sneaks out of the room and stands Mel up.
     “Can you walk?” he asks. Mel stumbles a little but catches herself.
     “Yeah I think so.” Mel replies. Sonic looks around and sees another door. He guides Mel
to the door and tries opening it.
     “Damn. Its locked.” says Sonic, annoyed.
     “Why don't you just spin dash the door?” Mel asks.
     “Because I might expose us.” Sonic replies.
     “And you don't think that breaking through a wall won't expose us.” Mel says
sarcastically. Sonic looks at her and sighs.
     “Alright.” says Sonic. He tucks into a ball and dashes at the door. The door flies off its
hinges and hits the far wall. Sonic and Mel walk inside and see Tails fighting someone.
     “Hey Tails!!” Sonic calls out. Tails turns and faces him. His eyes are purple.
     “Oh shit!” Sonic exclaims. Sonic grabs Mel and they dash farther into the hologram.
They hit the far wall and bounce off it. Tails lands next to them and approaches.
     “Sonic?” Tails says. His eyes return to normal as the room returns to its original state.
“Sonic? Whats going on?” Sonic looks at him and smiles.
     “I think Robotnik is the one who took your file for your holographic room.” Sonic says.
Tails then sees Mel.
     “Mel!” Tails shouts. She falls over and Tails grabs her. “Mel? Mel? What happened?”
Mel falls unconscious. “Mel!?” Tails shouts. He then sees that she is bleeding everywhere on
her body. He then looks at his hand. There is blood on it as well.
     “She is loosing blood buddy.” Sonic says. “We need to get her home.” Tails eyes start
tearing. “Hey, no tears. We will get home in time to save her. Got it?” Tails nods and picks
up Mel. They walk out the room cautiously. They then run to a computer on the wall.
     “Hold her.” Tails says to Sonic. He passes Mel to Sonic. Tails then starts hacking into
the computer.
     “What's taking so long?” Sonic asks. Tails looks at him and frowns.
     “I can't access the computer without a robot.” Tails says. Sonic then hears something and
gets an idea. He passes Mel to Tails and runs to the corner. He looks around the corner and
sees a robot coming down the hallway. Sonic waits and hits the robot, knocking it out. Sonic
drags the robot over and takes Mel. Tails grabs the robots hand and puts it in the slot. The
computer beeps and allows access.
     “Great thinking Sonic.” Tails says. Sonic just smiles. Tails types away on the computer
trying to find the location of a shuttle craft. It takes him a few minuets, but Tails finds the
     “We need to go that way about 200 feet.” Tails says. “From there I should be able to
pilot it back home.”
     “Right. I'll go down the hallway and destroy any robots that are in our way.” Sonic says
with a grin. Sonic runs down the hallway with Tails trailing behind him. An alarm sounds
and a bunch of robots run after them and start shooting.
     “You get Mel to the shuttle and I'll take care of these things.” Sonic barks. Tails nods
and flies faster. Sonic stops and turns around. He tucks into a ball and rolls his way through
the robots. He stops at the end and looks at all of the destroyed robots.
     “Now that's what I call Robo-bowling!” Sonic jokes. He runs and catches up to Tails.
They get to a door to the shuttle. Sonic busts it open and they run to the shuttle. The door to
the shuttle opens and they run inside. They get to the cockpit and Tails straps Mel into one of
the seats. He and Sonic strap themselves in and Tails starts up the engines. The shuttle shakes
and they leave the airlock. Tails pilots
the shuttle out of the base carefully and then guns it for the planet. He punches a couple
buttons and lays in the coordinates of home. Tails looks back at Sonic.
     “This is going to be bumpy Sonic.” Tails says. The shuttle hits the atmosphere and
shakes violently. Tails fights the controls to keep the shuttle stable. He gets about a thousand
feet above the ground and turns on the reverse thruster. The shuttle shakes and bucks but
does slow down. Tails maneuvers the shuttle in front of the house and lands it. Tails powers
down the shuttle. He types in a self destruction code and sets it.      "Lets get a move on
Tails!" Sonic shouts. Tails nods and picks up Mel. They run behind a boulder and duck for
cover. The shuttle glows and disappears, leaving nothing behind. Sonic and Tails bring in
Mel and set her on the couch. They start bandaging her up to stop the
bleeding. Mel is really pale and her breathing is shallow. Tails tears a little.
     “You did good little buddy.” Sonic says as he pats Tails on the back.
     “I didn't know that my hologram program could be used like that, to physically hurt
someone.” Tails says with a lump in his throat.
     “Well you did want it to be as real as possible.” says Sonic. “Besides, we did save her
before she was killed.”
     “Its just hard for me to see her in this condition.” says Tails, tears falling from his eyes.
“I have never loved someone like this before Sonic, not since my parents. I do care a lot for
you Sonic. You're like my brother but Mel, I actually love her.” Tails gets choked up. “I don't
want to lose her.” Sonic kneels next to him and puts his arm around him.
     “She will be fine little bro.” says Sonic. "Love is the strongest of all
the emotions. If she loves you like you love her, she will pull through.” Tails wipes his eyes.
“Now come on, no more tears.” Sonic stands up and puts a warm, wet rag on Mel's forehead.
“What she needs now is rest.”
    “I love you.” Tails says as he kisses her on the lips. He stands up and he and Sonic walk
out of the room.

Chapter 21
      Tails tries to fall asleep. He was laying next to Mel, who was sound asleep. Tails was
thinking about her. He knows that she will be fine but he couldn't help but worry about her.
'This is probably how Sonic feels when I'm hurt badly.' he thinks. Tails turns on his side and
closes his eyes. He continues to think about Mel and his family. Tails finally falls
asleep.Tails then is startled by Mel. He falls out of bed and hits head on the floor. Tails
stands up and looks at Mel. She is screaming and struggling, with no one. Tails jumps on the
bed and crawls to Mel.
      “Mel!!” Tails shouts. “Mel! Its me! Wake up!” Sonic runs in the room.
      “Whats wrong Tails?!” asks Sonic. Tails turns and looks at him, frightened.
      “She isn't waking up!” Tails shouts. Sonic runs over to him and looks at Mel.
      “No! Please! Let me go!” Mel screams. She then sits up and opens her eyes. Mel looks
around frantically and sees Sonic and Tails. Tears are streaming down her face.
      “Where am I?” Mel asks. Tails leans over to her.
      “You're home Mel. You're safe now.” Tails says and opens his arms. Mel looks at him
and thrusts herself in his arms.
      “Oh Tails!!” Mel shouts as she sobs hard.
      “There, there. Everything is alright.” Tails says as he holds her. Sonic puts his hand on
Tails shoulder.
      “I think we can blame Robotnik for this.” Sonic says. “He recreated her worst fear. I saw
the man.”
      “I think he recreated, in full detail, our worst fears.” says Tails as a tear falls from his
eye. “I would like to discuss this another time Sonic. Right now, I need to be here with Mel.”
Sonic pats Tails shoulder.
      “Alright buddy. If you need to talk, you know where I'll be.” says Sonic. He walks out
and closes the door. Tails turns to Mel, who is still crying heavily.
      “Hey, hey. Its okay. I'm here.” Tails says quietly. Mel looks up at him, tears still
streaming down her face. She runs her hand down his face.
      “I don't know if you are.” Mel says, frightened. “My dream, my nightmare, was so real.
The orb
had taken control of you and you were... attacking me. I looked into your eyes and saw...
nothing. No soul, no emotion. Just... nothing.”
      “I am here Mel.” says Tails. “The orb is gone and will never come back.” Tails holds
Mel tightly. “I guarantee it. I would and never will hit you for as long as we live.” Tails picks
up Mel's head and looks into her eyes. “Nothing can break that promise. Our love is strong
and we can take on anything that the world throws at us. With the help of Sonic, of course.”
Mel laughs a little. “There we
go. There is the beautiful smile. I'm going to turn on the light so that I can see that smile a
little better.” Tails gets up and turns on the light. He hears Mel gasp. Tails turns and sees the
room is completely trashed. Mel looks down at the bed and sees holes in the material and
springs sticking out.
     “My... room.” Tails says as he looks around. “Someone was in my room and trashed it.”
Mel sees her suitcase lying on the ground wide open. She runs over and sees that her papers
and her fathers papers have been stolen.
     “No! Someone took my dads notes!” Mel shouts. Sonic opens the door quickly.
     “Tails you need to see this.” Sonic says. Tails looks at Mel and they follow Sonic. They
run to the lab and see that the lab has also been destroyed.
     “Ahhh! My research!” Tails shouts as he runs down the stairs. He stops at the bottom of
the stairs and looks around in horror. “My lab. Its ruined!” Tears start rolling down his face.
He then heads back up the stairs. Mel and Sonic follow him to the workshop. Tails opens the
door and looks at the power switch. He then looks over towards the Tornado2.
     “No!!!!” Tails yells as he runs over to the completely destroyed plane. Oil drips from the
tangled mess off steel beams and twisted pipes.
     “No, no, no!!” Tails falls to his knees and sobs. Mel and Sonic run over to him. Mel
holds Tails.
     “Aw man. That's a low blow.” Sonic comments.
     “She was not even a year old.” Tails says as he wipes his eyes. He looks down and sees a
disk with Robotniks symbol on it. Tails grits his teeth and picks up the disk. He walks to his
room and pulls out a laptop. He turns it on and puts in the disk. Robotnik appears on the

“Greetings Tails. I hope you like what I did to your pitiful excuse for a fighter plane. I call it
'Ode to twisted metal.' Catchy isn't it? Anyway, I stole your hologram program as well. A
wonderful piece of work. Very impressive for such a young fox. In fact, I'm prepared to
offer you a place in my empire as the head of the science department. Of course, by now,
you've probably escaped my X2 Orbital Space Base with the help of your friend the
hedgehog. So I offer you these options. Surrender Sonic to me and
you and your little girlfriend can live freely. If you refuse, I will kill not just Sonic, but your
girlfriend as well. And I will slowly kill her and make you watch, helplessly, as the life is
drained from her. Then I will kill you. The choice is yours. Think wisely.”

     Tails throws the laptop across the room and hits the wall. The laptop breaks upon
impact. Sonic and Mel look at Tails. Tails cheeks are red with anger. He breaths heavily.
Sonic leans over to Mel and whispers, “I have never seen Tails so angry before. He never
brings out his dark side.” Mel looks at Sonic and gets a frightened look on her face. Mel
approaches Tails slowly.
     “Tails?” Mel says quietly.
     “He took my plans," Tails says as his fists clench, "he destroyed my lab and my plane,
and he has destroyed my life.” Tails says in a deep voice. “He has shot down my dreams for
the last time!” Tails turns and faces Sonic and Mel. “And I won't let him succeed any more.
He dies tonight.” Tails clenches his fists. Mel stands in front of him.
 “Tails I know how you feel but going after Robotnik on your own isn't a good idea.” Mel
says sternly. “I will stop you no matter the cost.” She approaches Tails.
     “Mel, don't come near me!” Tails says. Before he has time to say anything else, Mel
kisses him. Tails cheeks turn back to normal and he immediately calms down.
     “I told you that I would stop you no matter the cost.” Mel says. Sonic busts out laughing.
     “That was great Mel!” shouts Sonic. “I though for sure that Tails was going to slug you
into next week!” Sonic falls to the ground. “Oh man Tails! The look on your face was
priceless!” Sonic rolls on the ground laughing.
     “Thank you Mel.” Tails says as he kisses her. “I'd probably be dead if you hadn't help
me calm down.”
     “Eh, it was nothing.” Mel says smiling. “You help me, I help you.” Tails smiles and they
kiss each other. “Now how are we going to sleep?” Mel asks. Sonic continues to laugh.
     “Go to bed Sonic.” Tails says. “You're slaphappy right now.” Sonic calms down a little
and leaves the room. Mel and Tails walk out onto the runway and sit outside.
     “I've got an idea Tails.” Mel says. “Lets sleep under the stairs. Its such a beautiful night.”
Tails nods and runs off to grab some blankets. He runs back and hands one to Mel. They lay
down next to each other. They stare at the stars for a while.
     “Tails?” Mel calls.
     “What?” Tails answers.
     “Please don't get mad anymore.” she says. “Its terrif ying seeing you enraged like that.”
Tails turns his head and looks at her.
     “I promise.” Tails says. They kiss and fall asleep.

Chapter 22
     “Good night Princess.” King James Greenleaf says to his daughter.
     “Good night father.” Princess Lily Greenleaf replies as she falls asleep. King Greenleaf
leaves and closes the door behind him. He walks down the hallway and opens the door to his
bedroom. Queen Fiona Greenleaf lays on the bed, waiting for her husband.
     “How is she?” Queen Greenleaf asks. The King looks at her and smiles.
     “She is asleep, if that's what you mean.” the King replies. The Queen looks at him
     disappointedly. “She'll be fine, my Queen. Its been over 16 years since Uncle Greg took
Melissa into hiding. No thanks to Robotnik.” The Queen shutters at that name. The King
joins her in bed.
     “I'm just worried about him and his family.” the Queen says sadly. “We haven't heard
from him since the orb incident.” The king puts his arm around her.
     “I'm sure he's fine, dear.” the King assures. “If something happened to him his family
would've said something by now.” The King kisses her on the cheek. Their bedroom door
flies open and a guard walks in, covered in blood.
     “Whats wrong soldier?” the King asks sternly. The guard looks terrified and tries to talk.
     “Sir, there are ro...” The guard tries to say. A drilling sound is heard from behind him
and a spinning spike drills right through the guards stomach. The guard screams in pain as a
second spike drills through his chest. Blood spurts everywhere. The guard stops struggling
and the spikes retract. A hoard of robots enter the room. One of them is holding Princess
     “Princess!” the Queen shouts.
     “Mom!!” the Princess screams. Robotnik then enters the room.
     “What have you done, Robotnik?!” the King shouts. He tries to get off the bed but is
blocked by robots.
     “Didn't you get the memo? I'm taking over your kingdom.” Robotnik says as he laughs.
The King reaches for the phone but is grabbed by two robots. The Queen is also grabbed by
two robots.
     “Don't try it, Greenleaf.” says Robotnik.”Sonic can't save you. I captured the little blue
rat and his friends. They are now either dead or have gone insane.” The King gets a
frightened look on his face.
     “No one can capture Sonic!” the Princess shouts. “He'll escape and defeat you again,
Robotnik!” Robotnik scowls at her and snaps his fingers. A robotic arm slices through the
Princess's nightgown. It falls to the ground and Robotnik grins as he looks at her. He walks
over to her and bends down.
     “Such a beautiful specimen.” Robotnik says as he grins. “For a fox, you don't look to
bad.” Robotnik touches her face and the Princess snaps at him. “And feisty too.”
     “Keep your tainted hands off of her!” the King yells as he struggles to get free. Robotnik
turns to him and snaps his fingers. A blade comes from one the robots and cuts the Princess's
     “Aahh!!! Daddy!” the Princess shouts. The King falls to his knees as tears well up in his
     “Please don't hurt her.” the King begs. Robotnik stands up and walks to him.
     “If you don't want her hurt, you will hand over your kingdom to me.” Robotnik says
sinisterly. The King looks at his family. He then looks down. The King shakes his head and
the crown falls from his head.
     “Daddy don't let him win!” the Princess says.
     “I'm sorry sweetie. Its my only option.” the King says as the crown hits the ground. A
robot picks it up and places it on Robotniks head. “He is the new king now.” James says.
Robotnik laughs as James bows his head.
     “Yes! I did it!” Robotnik shouts. “And with Sonic out of the way, I can conquer the
other three kingdoms and rule the world!” he laughs loudly. Robotnik snaps his fingers and
the robots drag the former royal family to the dungeon. The robots throw them inside and
leave. The family sits up and watches the robots leave.
     “Why did you do that, father?” Lily asks. James looks at her and walks over to her
     “To keep you alive.” he says as he wraps his cape around her. Lily looks at him angrily.
     “So you gave up the entire kingdom just to save me?” Lily says angrily. “You told me
once that the good of the many outweighs the good of the one. You are supposed to sacrifice
whatever is necessary to save the people. And then you do this.” Lily turns her back on
     “I did this to protect you Lily.” James explains. “If I had the chance I would've killed
Robotnik myself but I couldn't. My family takes priority over everything else. That's why I
gave up the crown.”
     They hear screams from outside. Lily and her family look out the window. Robots are
pillaging the town outside the castle. People are running in all directions. Lily looks at James
and growls.
     “Your royal decision doesn't seem to be working so well, father.” Lily says angrily.
“Listen to those screams. Those are the screams of the people who look up to you. Those
screams are of good, hard- working citizens that thought that their king wouldn't let them
down. How can you live with yourself, knowing that you let the entire kingdom fall into the
hands of that evil thing that is now sitting
in your thrown?”
    “Lily, I'm sorry that I let you down.” James says. “I let everybody down. But you are the
only daughter I've got. You are the only one who can take my place when I'm gone. I can
replace the nightgown but I can't replace your life.” Lily points outside.
    “Can you replace their lives?” Lily asks. James shakes his head. “I didn't think so.” Lily
walks over to the far corner and lays down. Fiona looks at her broken husband and holds
him. Fiona knows of Melissa and that she can take over as well but Lily doesn't know about
her. Melissa and Lily are sisters and when Robotnik first attacked, Fiona and James asked
James' uncle, Dr. Gregory Terrin, to take
Melissa into hiding to keep her safe. 'I hope that Melissa is safe.' Fiona thinks.

Chapter 23
     Sonic is awake and doing his usual run around th island. He kept thinking about the
hologram rooms and why Robotnik would do that. It seems a little unusual for Robotnik to
just kidnap them without a reason. And why would he put them in rooms and have them face
their worst fear? Sonic didn't have an answer for anything and that scared him. He also
wonders why Robotnik hasn't gone after them in a couple of days.
Sonic stops at the house and walk inside. He goes to Tails room and sees a new bed. Sonic
then hears Tails and Mel in the workshop. He goes upstairs and opens the door. Tails and
Mel are hunched over a desk and are talking about something. Sonic walks over to them.
     “Hey guys, what are you up to?” asks Sonic. Mel looks up and smiles at him.
     “About four feet tall.” Mel says snickering. Sonic crosses his arms.
     “Funny Mel. Now what are you guys doing?” Sonic asks sarcastically. Tails looks up at
     “Mel and I have been redesigning the Tornado.” Tails says. “Its going to be much better
this time. Heavily armored and able to hold out against Robotnik. It should...” Tails stops
talking and freezes. Mel and Sonic call out his name but he doesn't hear them. Tails blacks
out and wakes up in an ancient city. There are explosions and people running all around him,
frantically. He tries to get someones attention when a creature pounds the ground behind
him. Tails is thrown and rolls on the
ground. Tails stands up and looks at the creature. The creature is huge and blasting
everything with some sort of heat ray from its mouth. Tails stares at the creature as it
rampages through the city. He then sees a little child in the path of the monster. His tails twirl
and he flies as fast as can. Tails picks up the child and flies him away from the monster
before it stomps down on the defenseless child. The
child's mother runs and grabs the child.
     “Oh thank you!” the mother says.
     “I do this all the time ma'am.” says Tails. The mother runs away and Tails looks back at
the creature. He then feels a rush of wind from behind him. Tails looks up and sees
something flying toward the creature. Tails flies up to get a closer look. He looks and sees
that it is an ice blue fox, with two tails! The blue fox is also carrying a glowing sword. The
fox slices through through the creature. It yelps in pain and hits the fox. Tails flies and
catches the fox. He lands and helps the fox up.
     “Thanks Miles.” the fox says. Tails is flabbergasted.
     “How do you know my name?” Tails asks.
     “I called you here to give you a warning.” The fox says. “I am you ancestor. My name is
Ice and I defeated this creature hundreds of years ago. I imprisoned it on the island that
Melissa Tel lived on. Dr. Julian Robotnik is going to awaken this monstrosity and send it to
destroy the world.”
     “So what do I do?” Tails asks.
     Ice replies, “With the help of Princess Melissa “Tel” Greenleaf and Sonic Hedgehog,
you can send this creature back to where it came from.”
     Tails asks, “What about that sword that you are carrying? Wouldn't that help as well?”
Ice looks at him and smiles.
“Yes but you must find it first.” Ice answers. “Your father, Amadeus Prower, was the last
holder of the Prower Katana. You must find it and be ready for the creature. Sonic and
Melissa can't hurt it but the katana can.” The city starts fading and Ice waves at Tails. “Head
my warning, Miles “Tails” Prower. Tell your friends.” Everything goes black and the
workshop comes into view.
     “Tails!” Sonic shouts. Tails shakes his head and looks up at Sonic and Mel. “Dude, are
you okay?”
     “Yeah I'm fine.” Tails responds. Mel hugs him. “But I know what Robotnik is planning
on doing.”
     “What do you mean?” Mel asks him.
     “Well,” Tails explains, “I just had a vision of my past. I had an ancestor by the name of
Ice. He looked like me but was ice blue. In my vision, Ice was fighting a giant creature. He
had a glowing katana and that seemed to hurt the monster. He was hit and I grabbed him. Ice
then explained that Robotnik was going to unleash this creature and command it to destroy
our world.”
     “Well that explains a lot.” Sonic says. “What else did he say?”
     Tails continues, “He said that the only way to defeat the creature is to use that katana
that he had. Apparently, the sword was past down through the generations and the last person
who had it was my father. Sonic, if my ancestor is right, then we have to find that sword.”
Mel looks at Tails funny.
     “Babe I think you've been under a lot of stress lately,” Mel says, “and I think you should
think about what you just said for a second.”
     “But if my vision is right then we should prepare for it.” Tails says. Sonic snickers.
     “You're just as hard headed as your father.” Sonic says. “Mel, Tails comes from a family
that has military background and has worked with the king. Amadeus Prower, Tails father,
was the highest ranking general on the king's army. If Tails is right, then we should take
action.” Mel nods.
     “Alright, I believe you.” Mel says. “I'll help you find the sword and defeat the creature.”
Tails smiles at her and kisses her.
     “I knew you would.” Tails says confidently. He turns and faces Sonic. “Do you know
where my father had the sword last?” Sonic thinks for a second and then remembers.
     “Your not going to like this but he had it on him when he was killed.” says Sonic
     “Which means that the katana is still with his body.” Tails ears fall and he looks down.
“I was hoping that I would never see that place again.” Tails says as memories of that day
flood his mind. He then sits up and remembers something. Tails turns to Mel.
    “Ice mentioned you.” Tails says as he points to Mel. “He said your name but the way
you do.”
    “How did he say it?” Mel asks suspiciously.
    “He called you... Princess.” Tails says with shock. “Princess Melissa Greenleaf.” Sonic's
eyes widen with shock.
    “Thats the name of the king!” Sonic shouts. Mel looks at them in shock and denial.
    “But I'm not royalty!” Mel says. “I am the daughter of a scientist, not a king.”
    “Wait a minuet!” Sonic says. “I remember something about the king having two
    Sonic runs to his room and scavenges around. He finds a piece of newspaper and runs
    “I knew you looked familiar Mel!" Sonic slams the old newspaper in front of Tails and

The king has just announced that he had twin girls. Their names are Lily and Melissa
Greenleaf. They are the heirs to the thrown.

     Mel walks backwards, in shock, and hits the back wall. She slides down the wall and
tears well up in her eyes.
“So... my whole life has been nothing but a lie!” Mel screams and she buries her head in her
arms. Tails gets up and runs over to her. “The man I knew, the one that killed the man in the
black overcoat, the one that raised me, wasn't really my father?!” She continues to cry. Tails
kneels down next to her and puts his arm around her. She throws Tails off of her.
     “Don't touch me!” Mel growls at Tails. “Ever since I met you I've had nothing but
heartache and pain!” She teleports to her home.
     “Mel! Wait!” Tails shouts. Sonic grabs him and pulls him back.
     “Leave her alone Tails.” Sonic says. “She just learned that her family wasn't her real
family. Mel needs to be alone for a while.” Tails looks out at the ocean from the runway as
tears well up in his eyes.
     “She didn't mean what she said buddy. Every couple has fights. Mel will come back.”
Tails looks at Sonic.
     “I hope you're right Sonic.” Tails says as a tear falls from his face.
     Mel sits on the beach on the island that she use to live on. She cries in knowing that her
family may not be the one she knew as a child. Mel doesn't want to face the fact that her real
father is the king of South Island. She wants the man she knew to be her father.
     “How is this all possible?” Mel asks. “Why was I told this? Why now?” Mel starts
thinking about Tails. She felt bad for snapping at him. Though she felt even more sadness.
Mel then starts to think about the positives of being a princess. Mel smiles and teleports back
to the house. Mel appears in the workshop and sees Tails hunched over the plans for the
Tornado. Its quiet except for the ticking of the clock above the desk. She walks over to him
and hugs him.
     “What do you want?” Tails asks coldly. Mel looks at him apologetically.
     “I'm sorry for snapping at you Tails.” Mel says sadly. “I've had so much stress over the
last few weeks and when you told me that my parents are actually the king and queen of
South Island, that was just the cherr y on the cake.” Tails turns around and looks at her.
     “You hurt my feelings Mel.” Tails says sternly. “You said that I brought you pain and
     “I didn't meant to say those things.” Mel tries to say convincingly. “I didn't mean to hurt
you.” Tails looks down. “Please try to forgive me." Tails looks up happily and jumps out of
his chair. He tackles her and they fall to the ground.
     “I forgive you Mel.” Tails says as he kisses her.
     “Can we try something?” Mel asks. Tails looks at her curiously. “Can you call me
Princess?” Tails laughs and smiles.
     “I can try.” Tails says. They kiss each other and stand up.
     “Are there any books here that can help me with my family history?” Mel asks. Tails
thinks for a second.
     “There might be something in the lab but with it in shambles it might be hard finding it.”
Tails says. He and Mel walk down to the lab and look around.
     “Be careful of any broken glass.” Tails says. “Last thing I want is to bring you to the
hospital and have Robotnik find out about you.” Mel nods and continues looking around.
After a couple minuets, Tails finds the book.
     “This should help you, my Princess.” Tails says. He hands the book to her and she runs
up to their room.
     “If you need me, I'll be in our room!” Mel shouts. Tails watches her run up the stairs.
Tails returns to the workshop to finish up the plans. Sonic joins up with him.
     “My Princess, huh?” Sonic says as he slugs Tails in the arm.
     “We are trying it out so that she gets use to it.” says Tails with a smile. Sonic pats him
on the back.
     “Shouldn't we be looking for that katana you talked about?” asks Sonic.
     “Not until Mel is okay with knowing that she is a Princess.” Tails replies. “She's in our
room reading up on the history of the Royal Family.” Sonic pats him on the back and runs
out of the room. Sonic runs into Tails and Mel's room. He sees her laying on the bed, reading
the book.
     “Hello Princess.” Sonic greets. Mel turns and sees Sonic bowing in front of her.
     “Oh Sonic you don't have to bow.” Mel says, grinning. “Come on, stand up. I'm your
friend.” Sonic looks up at her.
     “In that case.” says Sonic as he stands up. “Why did you hurt Tails like that?!” Sonic
runs at her and pins her against the wall.
     “Sonic, I said I was sorry!” Mel shouts. “I didn't mean to say those things! Honest!”
     “Sonic!” Tails yells at Sonic. Sonic drops Mel. Tails runs to her and asks if she was
okay. He darts a look at Sonic that could've vaporized him. “What the hell were you
thinking?” Tails demands.
     “I don't like people who hurt my friends!” Sonic answers.
     “She already apologized to me. That should be enough for you.” Tails says angrily. “I
believe you owe Mel an apology yourself.” Sonic crosses his arms.
     “Mel, I'm sorry.” Sonic says. Mel stands up and glares at him.
     “We are all under a little stress from the hologram rooms.” Mel says. “I suggest that we
get over it and move on.” Sonic and Tails nod. “Now if you two don't mind, I'd like to get
back to reading. Alone.” Sonic and Tails leave the room. Sonic follows Tails to the
     “Tails, can I talk to you for a second?” Sonic asks. Tails looks over and nods. He follows
Sonic over to the runway and they sit down.
     “Look Tails, I'm sorry for hurting Mel.” Sonic says. “I'm a little uneasy right now. After
hearing about your vision and not knowing why Robotnik hasn't come after us, I just haven't
been myself lately. I'm also sorry if I hurt you in any way.”
     “Its alright Sonic.” says Tails smiling. “You were just acting like any big brother
would.” Sonic smiles at him and Tails walks back inside. Sonic looks out at the ocean and
sighs. 'That's a load off my chest.' Sonic thinks. He then hears something in the distance.
Sonic stands up and look around. He sees a squadron of flying robots flying in the distance.
He stands there, wondering when Robotnik is going to strike. A robot flies over head and
looks at Sonic. It takes a couple pictures and flies back to the
     “Ever get the feeling that you're being watched.” Sonic says as he backs up into the
workshop. He closes the door and races over to Tails.
     “Whats wrong Sonic?” Tails asks.
     “I'm not sure but I think I just had my photo taken.” Sonic answers. “We might want to
hurry up and find that sword of yours Tails.” Tails nods and leaves to get Mel. He goes
upstairs and finds Mel laying on the bed reading the book. He runs over to her and pounces
on the bed, shaking her.
     “Hi!” Mel says as she looks up. “What's up?” Tails grabs her hand.
     “Come on. We need to find that sword, now.” Tails says. “Something is wrong. I think
Robotnik is making his move.” Mel looks at Tails and closes the book.
     “I'm right behind you!” Mel says.
     Tails smiles and says, “Thanks Princess.” They run to the workshop and find Sonic
smashing a robot. Sonic looks at them and smiles.
     “It attacked me.” Sonic says.
     “Right, lets go!” Tails says as he runs out the door. Sonic follows and they leave the
house. They run to the beach and stop.
“This is going to be slow, Princess.” Tails says to Mel. “I'm going to have to fly us to my old
house. It'll be about an hour.” Mel nods and Tails picks them up and flies in a southerly
direction. Sonic looks up and sees that Tails is not liking this.
     “Whats wrong with Tails?” Mel asks Sonic.
     “We are going back to his old house.” Sonic explains. “Thats where his family was
killed in the rock slide.” Mel nods and looks forward. To Tails, this wasn't going to be a
pleasant trip down memory lane. The last time he was there was when his parents died and
he hasn't gone back since. There were too
many memories. Now, he has to go back and grab that katana. All of a sudden, they hear an
explosion. Tails turns and they see in the distance Robotniks ship.
     “He's waking up the creature!” Mel shouts.
“Your very observant.” Sonic says sarcastically. Mel glares at Sonic.
     “What? I can still pick on you.” says Sonic, laughing. “Tails! Punch it!” Tails nods and
he flies as fast as he can. About an hour later, they arrive on an island. Tails stares into the
forest where his former home lays in rubble. Sonic and Mel stand at Tails side. Mel grabs
Tails hand and smiles at him.
     “You can do it.” she says as she kisses him. Sonic pats Tails on the shoulder and gives
him a thumbs up.
     “I know you can do it.” says Sonic, inspirationally. Tails takes a deep breath and they
walk into the forest. A little while inside, they find a large pile of rocks. Nothing of the house
     “Oh boy. Well, lets start digging.” Sonic says. Tails and Mel start picking up and
throwing rocks away from the site. Sonic goes into spin mode and crunches through the
rocks. Sonic stops and looks down.
     “Tails, I don't think you should see this.” Sonic says sadly. Tails and Mel run over and
gasp at what they see. They look down and see the skeletal remains of Tails mother. Tails
falls to his knees and starts crying.
     “Aw man.” Sonic says as he walks away, his eyes tearing. Mel bends down next to Tails
and holds him. Tails turns and digs his face in Mel's arms. Mel pets his head as tears well up
in her eyes. All of a sudden, their is a bright light. Sonic, Mel, and Tails look up and are in
shock at what they see.
     Mom? Dad?” Tails says in awe. His parents nod and bend down. Tails jumps up with joy
and runs to them. They hug each other.
     "I never thought that I'd see you again!” Tails says as he sobs. They let go and Tails'
parents look at him.
     “We have a limited amount of time Miles.” Amadeus says. “We need to get the ritual
     Tails mother, Rosemary, stands up with her husband. They raise their hands and the
sword rises out of the rubble. They guide the sword over to Tails.
     “Miles “Tails” Prower,” Amadeus says, “do you take upon the responsibility to defeat
the creature and guard it from falling into the wrong hands?”
     Tails bows and says, “Yes.”
     “Then I bestow upon you, my son, Miles Prower, the spiritual guidance and power of the
Prower family. May your ancestors guide you along your path.” Amadeus takes the sword
and swings it through Tails. Tails does not say anything nor is there any blood. His fur waves
as a burst of wind blows
through the forest. The tips of his ears turn black and pointed, his paws turn from white to
brown, and his eyes shine a bright, sky blue. Tails stands up and takes the sword from his
father. Tails starts crying again. Rosemary bends down and hugs her son for the last time.
     “I wish you could stay.” Tails says quietly.
     “I know baby but we can't.” Tails nods and kisses his mother on the cheek. Rosemary
stands up.
     “We always have and always will be watching over you Miles.” Rosemary says.
Amadeus turns and looks at Sonic.
     “Thank you Sonic, for everything.” Amadeus says. Sonic wipes his eyes and gives him a
thumbs up. Rosemary looks over at Mel.
     “You take care of my little boy, Princess Melissa Greenleaf.” Rosemary says. Mel nods
as tears fall from her eyes. Rosemary and Amadeus wave and they disappear. Tails ears fall
back and he walks back to Mel and he hugs Sonic and Mel. They stay there for a couple
seconds and then let go.
     “Well that was certainly sentimental.” Sonic says as he wipes his eyes. Mel and Tails
kiss each other.
     “Are you okay now?” Mel asks Tails.
     Tails nods and says, “Yeah, um, yeah I feel better. Well, as good as I'm going to feel.”
Tails puffs out his chest and glows slightly. “And boy do I feel good! I haven't had this much
power since the emerald!” Mel looks at him quizzically.
     “I'll explain later.” Sonic whispers. “Long story.” Mel nods.
     “Alright. Who is ready to kick some giant monster ass?!” Tails shouts as he puts out his
     “Lets do it!” Sonic says as he puts his hand over Tails'.
     “Count me in!” Mel says as she does the same.
     “Alright then, lets go!” Tails shouts.

Chapter 23
     Robotnik sits in his command chair, awaiting his arrival to the island. He had heard
about the legendary battle between Gorthos and the two- tailed fox known as Ice Prower.
Robotnik thought it was just a legend until he saw Tails. No other fox had two tails for
centuries since Ice and the fact that that Tails is a direct descendant of Ice further confirmed
Robotniks suspicions. Robotnik also remembers how Tails fight style has changed and
closely resembles Ice. Ever since Tails was born Robotnik has
been hellbent on finding Gorthos and using it to take complete control of the world. Now that
Sonic, Tails, and that female fox were out of the way, Robotnik could now do what he has
waited so long to do; take over the world and get the respect and recognition that he so
deserved. Robotnik has prepared for this moment for sixteen years.
     “Sire, we have reached the island.” the pilot says. Robotnik looks up eagerly.
     “On screen.” he barks. The giant screen at the front of the command center flickers on
and the island is revealed. Robotnik smiles happily.
     “For sixteen years, I've waited for this moment!” Robotnik with happilly. “Get R3 and
have him meet me in the transporter room.” Robotnik gets up from his chair and starts
heading for the door. A robot approaches him and hands him a file. Robotnik looks inside
and laughs.
     “So the blue rat and his cronies have escaped my base and destroyed the hologram
rooms.” Robotnik says. “Oh well. He'll be nothing more than a smear on the ground when
Gorthos is through with him.” He tosses the file and continues on his way. He meets R3 in
the transporter room and looks at him.
     “Lets make history!” Robotnik shouts. They disappear and arrive on the island's beach.
There is already a party of robots scurrying around. R3 makes a whistling sound and the
robots stand at attention.
     “As you all know, this is the resting place of a creature by the name of Gorthos.”
Robotnik addresses the robots. “We need to find it and awake it.” The robots bow and begin
searching. Robotnik calmly walks in to the forest with R3 trailing behind him. They walk for
a couple minuets and come to a cave. R3 starts whistle but Robotnik stops him.
     “No no R3. I wanted to find it.” he says. They walk inside and soon gets dark.
     “R3, light.” R3 turns on the lights on his head and they continue inside. They come to a
giant wall with hieroglyphics depicting an ancient language. Robotnik touches the wall.
     “I've studied these markings before.” Robotnik says. “Of course my genius I.Q. doesn't
allow me to have common sense and I forgot the translation. R3, connect with the mainframe
and look up the translation to this language.” R3 nods and begins his search. A couple
seconds later, he finds the
translation sheets.
     “You must activate the three diamonds in the center of the wall.” R3 states. “Just push
them in.”
     Robotnik smiles and reaches up. He touches the three diamonds and pushes in. The
diamonds shine and then the whole wall shine a bright green. R3 grabs Robotnik and the
teleport outside on the beach. The mountain explodes and the slumbering creature, known as
Gorthos, emerges and roars. Gorthos looks
around and sees Robotnik. R3 gets in front of Robotnik to protect him.
     “No R3. Just wait.” says Robotnik. Gorthos lowers his head and glares at Robotnik.
     “Are the one who woke me from my eternal slumber?” the monster asks in a deep, loud
     “Yes. My name is Dr. Julian Robotnik.” Robotnik answers. The creature bows.
     “My name is Gorthos.” Gorthos replies. “I am grateful for my release. I am yours to
command.” Robotnik smiles wickedly.
     “Good.” says Robotnik, rubbing his hands. “I command you to destroy the three
remaining kingdoms. Be gentle. I don't want too many casualties.”
Gorthos bows and says, “As you command,” He looks at Robotnik and sees the royal crown
of South Island. “Sire.” The creature stands up and wades into the water for East Island.
Robotnik laughs and is as giddy as a school girl.
     “Oh yes!” Robotnik shouts happily. “R3, get everyone onboard the ship. I want to watch
my new pet as it has a little fun.” R3 whistles and everyone disappears and arrives at their
respective positions. Robotnik sits in his command chair.
     “Follow that monster!” Robotnik barks at the pilot.
     “As you wish, sire.” the pilot says as he guides the ship behind Gorthos.

Chapter 24
     Tails, Sonic, and Mel run to the beach. Tails had just been given the power of his
ancestors and the enchanted katana. He looks a few years older now, and looks even sexier,
according to Mel. Tails has the katana strapped to his back as to keep his hands free. They
get to the beach and hear an explosion in the distance Tails flies up and tries to get a better
look. His heart sinks as he sees what
     “Guys, the creature has been awakened!” Tails yells down.
     “Aw shit sticks.” Mel says. Sonic looks over at her shockingly.
     “Never heard a princess say that before.” he says.
     “I'm not your typical princess.” Mel replies. Tails lands and looks at them.
     “We need to catch up to it but I don't know how fast I can fly now.” Tails says
     “But if you have the power of your ancestors,” Mel says, “then you should be able to fly
as fast as Sonic if not faster.” Tails smiles at her.
     “Alright, I'll give it a shot.” Tails says as he picks them. “Get ready guys. I'm going to go
full power on this.” Tails whirls his tails as fast as he can. His tails glow a bright yellow and
sound like a whirring jet. He then shoots off in the direction of the beast. Sonic and Mel hang
on for dear life as Tails speeds toward the creature. They fly over Gorthos and Tails becomes
     “Um guys? I can't stop!” Tails shouts.
     “Full reverse buddy!” Sonic yells up. Tails nods and tries to turn his tails in the opposite
direction. Tails starts losing control. He never had to reverse his tails in mid- flight before.
They lower to the ground and Tails is hit by a branch. He lets go of Sonic and Mel and they
fall about ten feet to the ground. They tumble for a little before coming to a stop. Tails looses
all control and slams through a
couple trees. Sonic looks over at Mel.
     “You alright?” Sonic asks. Mel nods and then becomes worried.
     “Where is Tails?” she asks frantically. They hear a moan about thirty feet away. Sonic
and Mel run in that direction and they see Tails laying in a bunch of leaves and pieces of tree.
     “Tails? Are you alright buddy?” Sonic asks. Tails stands up and a stick is sticking out of
his chest. “Um, Tails? Are you aware that you have a stick going right through you?” Tails
looks down and sees the stick.
     “Hm. How'd that get there?” Tails says. He grabs the stick and yanks it out. Tails yelps
in pain and glows. The wound heals and Tails stops glowing. Tails grabs the area that had the
stick and looks up at Sonic and Mel. Their mouths have dropped.
     “Dude.” Sonic says.
     “I didn't do that on purpose.” Tails says. “I guess I really have the power of my
     “Well, I didn't expect that.” a voice says says behind them. They turn around and see
     “How do you always pop up when no one expects it.” Tails asks sarcastically.
     Knuckles shrugs and says, “I just do. Besides, I like to keep tabs on my punching bag.”
Knuckles goes to attack Tails. Tails, without thinking, grabs the katana and blocks the attack.
hits the katana and his hand breaks.
     “OWWW!!!!” Knuckles screams. “What the hell?!?” Tails realizes what he just did and
runs over to Knuckles. He grabs Knuckles hand.
     “What do you think you are doing kid?” Knuckles demands. Tails looks at him sternly.
     “Trust me.” says Tails. Tails starts glowing and the pain in Knuckles hand disappears.
Tails winces as his own hand brakes and heals. Tails collapses as the pain dissipates.
     “Tails!” Mel runs over to him.
     Tails opens his eyes and says, “I guess I shouldn't play miracle worker any more, huh?”
Mel smiles.
“You are already a miracle worker in my eyes.” Mel says. They kiss each other and Mel
helps Tails up.
     “You, healed my hand.” Knuckles says. “Even after you hit me with that sword.” Tails
     “If you were really keeping tabs on me,” Tails says with a smirk, “my parents granted
me the power of my ancestors to put that monster behind us back where it belongs. The
whole sword thing, I apologize for. I didn't think and only acted.” Knuckles nods and then
     “Dude you look so much cooler than before.” Knuckles says. “The pointed, black ears
really suit you. Mind if I tag along?” Tails and Sonic look at each other and laugh.
     “If you think you can keep up!” Sonic says as he laughs. “With that boost of extra
energy, Tails can even keep up with me.” Knuckles smiles.
     “Well I'll try.” he says. “Bet Mel thinks your hotter now.” Knuckles points over to Mel.
She blushes and smiles. She walks over to Tails.
     “We'll have to discuss that in private later.” Mel says sexually. Tails blushes and smiles.
“Right now, we need to stop that monster.”
     “As you command, Princess Melissa.” Tails says as he bows.
     “WHAT?!?” Knuckles yells. “She is a princess?!?”
     “Well no need to shout Knuckles.” Mel says. “And yes, I'm a Princess of the royal
family of South Island. My father is the king.”
     Knuckles looks at her and sighs. “Former king. Robotnik has taken over the entire
kingdom. That's why I followed you here.” Mel looks at Knuckles worried.
     “Wait a minuet.” Sonic says. “Robotnik actually killed the king and took over as the new
king?” Knuckles shakes his head.
     “I don't think the king is dead.” he responds. “I think he unwillingly handed over the
crown to Robotnik. Probably threatened to kill his daughter.” Tails hugs Mel seeing that she
is becoming really stressed about this news.
     “If you want to go and save your family,” Tails says to her, “then I understand.”
     “No.” Mel says angrily. “I want to stay here and fight. Give Robotnik a taste of his own
medicine.” Mel's fists clench.
     “Calm down Mel.” Sonic says. “Remember what happened last time you didn't go with a
plan or any help?” Mel sighs and nods. All of a sudden, they hear a series of explosions in
the nearby city.
     “I think our friend has just arrived.” Knuckles says sarcastically.

Chapter 25
     Over in New Acorn City, capitol of East Island, Gorthos has just landed on the beach
and advances toward the helpless city. Robotnik's ship closely follows. Robotnik stands at
the viewing screen and watches as his new toy plow through the city.
     “On speaker.” Robotnik orders. The speaker is turned on and he hears the screams of the
towns people.
     “Oh how I love that sound!” says Robotnik as he shines with happiness. “This is the best
I have felt in years!”
Gorthos wades through the city, destroying everything in his path. He squashes the citizens
like roaches, smearing the remains on the ground. Gorthos gets to the center and opens his
mouth. His mouth glows and a beam is fired. The beam hits everything and turns whatever it
hits into ash. Gorthos turns in a different direction and continues. A blip on the radar is seen
by one of the robots.
     “Sire, something is approaching us from the north.” the robot says.
     “Zoom in on that blip.” Robotnik says. As soon as he says that, the ship is hit hard,
throwing Robotnik into a nearby computer.
     “On screen!” Robotnik barks. The screen turns on and Sonic, Tails, Mel, and Knuckles
are starring right back.
     “Hello Ro'butt'nik!” Sonic says, grinning. “Thought you could just take the world with a
measly little monster.”
     Robotnik grits his teeth and smiles. “I'll show you measly little monster. Gorthos, attack
the four cretins on my hull!” Gorthos turns and stares at the ship. He fires his heat beam and
the team dodges. They land on the ground in front of the monster. Gorthos fires his heat
beam again at the team. Tails grabs the katana and blocks the beam.
     “Go! Take out Robotnik! I can take chili breath here myself! ” Tails says to the team.
They jump back to the ship and start attacking it. “Alright buddy. You're mine!” Tails says.
He thrusts the sword forward and redirects the beam at the creature. It hits him and Gorthos
yelps in pain. Tails flies up and slices through the creatures arm. Gorthos screams in pain and
steps back.
     “I know that blade.” Gorthos says as he holds his arm. “That's the Ice Blade.” He looks
at Tails. “But, you're not Ice Prower. How can you be handling that sword?” Tails looks at
Gorthos and smiles.
     “I am Miles “Tails” Prower.” Tails commands. “Direct descendant of Ice Prower. He has
given me his power and his sword to put you back where you belong!” Gorthos glares at
     “You may have the sword and his combat skills, but you will not put me back there!”
Gorthos proclaims. He thrusts his claw at Tails. Tails holds up the sword and cuts through
the creatures hand. The creature reels back and grabs his hand. He swings and hits Tails.
Tails flies and hits a nearby building. Tails stands up and rubs his head. The monster runs
toward him and hits him with his tail. Gorthos grabs Tails and throws him into another
building. The creature repeats this over and over
again. Tails hits a building and drops the sword. He is knocked unconscious and Gorthos
approaches him. Gorthos picks up the sword and impales Tails with it. Tails screams in pain
as the creature picks him up with the sword. Tails struggles to get off the blade.
     “One thing your ancestor forgot to mention,” says Gorthos, grinning. “You can't die
normally but when stabbed with you own sword, you will die a very painful and slow death.
You were a good opponent.” Gorthos throws Tails into a building. The sword digs right
through Tails chest and the hilt crushes his ribcage. Blood pours out of the dying fox as he
continues to struggle to get free.Sonic, Knuckles, and Mel are fighting Robotnik's ship.
Robotnik comes onto the loudspeaker
and is laughing.
     “Looks like you knight in orange fur is no more!” Robotnik says as he laughs
hysterically. The team look over in the direction of Tails. They see him stuck on the side of a
     “Tails!!” Sonic shouts. He and the others get over to Tails. Mel gets there first and frees
the sword from the building. Tails falls and Sonic catches him. Mel teleports down and
kneels down next to him. Tails coughs and blood spurts out of his mouth. Tails turns his head
and looks at Mel.
     “Mel.” Tails says. “I tried.”
     “Oh man, not again.” Sonic says as he looks at Tails. Blood is slowly pouring out of
Tails chest. Mel holds Tails in her arms.
     “Its okay,” Mel says as she starts crying. “I know you tried.”
     “I... couldn't do it.” Tails says weakly. He coughs and blood spurts onto Mel. “I'm sorry,
Princess.” Tails brings up his hand and touches her face. “I'm sorry that I couldn't save your
family on the island.”
     “No, no. It wasn't your fault Tails.” Mel says as she grabs his hand. “And I'm not ready
to loose you!” Mel shouts.
     “Mel its too late for me now.” Tails struggles to say. “You must leave me and go to your
family.” Mel looks in Tails eyes. “I love you, Princess Melissa Greenleaf.” Tails says with
his last breath.
     “Tails? Tails!” Mel shouts. “Don't you leave me! I'm not ready loose you!” She grabs the
sword and tries to pull it out of Tails. “Please come back to me! I need you!” Mel tries even
harder. “I love you!” Her heart glows brightly and pulls the sword out of Tails chest. She
falls backwards and drops the sword. She sits up and looks at Tails. All of the blood starts to
disappear and the hole in Tails chest heals in a matter of seconds. Tails chest then starts
moving up and down, breathing. Mel crawls over to
him. Tails opens his eyes and looks over at Mel.
     “Whats going on?” Tails asks. Mel smiles at him as tears run down her face.
     “I just saved your ass from death.” Mel says as she kisses him. Tails sits up as they kiss
each other. Mel looks over at Sonic and he gives her a thumbs up. Sonic hears Knuckles
     “You alright buddy?” Sonic asks Knuckles. Knuckles looks at Sonic.
     “That was true love right there, man. Why can't I true love like that?” Knuckles says as
he wipes his eyes. Mel helps Tails stand up. She grabs the sword and hands it too him.
     “I believe this belongs to you.” Mel says. Tails takes the sword and it glows.
     “Ha! I'm back!” Tails exclaims. “Thank you, beautiful. Now, how about I get a little help
with Gorthos?”
     “I'm with ya!” Sonic says as he gives him a thumbs up.
     “I think we all are.” Mel says.
     “Right, lets go!” Knuckles says. The team leap and go after the creature.
     Gorthos has passed through the city and now is heading to the castle. Along the way, he
destroys little villages. Gorthos gets to the castle. King Geoffrey Jira orders his men to
defend the castle at any cost. Gorthos pounds his way through the king's men and heads
toward the castle gate. A blue ball rolls through Gorthos. The giant creature yelps in pain.
     “You can't stop me!” Gorthos bellows. Mel teleports in front of the creatures face and
slugs him, sending the creature backwards and into Knuckles. Knuckles starts punching
through the creatures legs.
Knuckles punches through and the monster falls.
     “What do you think you are doing?” Gorthos shouts. He glows and the wounds heal. “I
killed your friend. You don't have a chance against me!”
     “Guess again ugly!” Tails shouts behind Gorthos. Gorthos turns and gets hit by Tails.
The creature hits the ground, hard. Tails is glowing brightly. “I wasn't using all of my power
before. Now that you have pissed me off, I'm not going easy on you.”
     Gorthos gets up and wipes the blood from his mouth. “So then, you survived. That little
girlfriend of yours is pretty powerful herself.”
     “Its called true love.” Mel shouts as she pelts Gorthos with a tree. “Its also called pissing
off the one that has telekinetic abilities.” She throws another tree at the creature.
     Sonic runs and goes through Gorthos again. “You really shouldn't get Tails friends
mad.” Sonic
says. “They tend to get even.” Sonic rolls and goes through Gorthos' chest. The creature
yelps in pain.
     “We like to take our aggression out on evil.” Knuckles says as he power punches
Gorthos face. “We really don't like it when you hurt our buddy.” Knuckles fist glows and hits
Gorthos, sending him several feet away.
     Tails flies at the hurt creature. “We don't like it when evil like you show up.” Tails says
as he slices through the creature. “So now the time has come for you to go back into the
bottle.” Gorthos winces and tries to get away. Tails catches up to him and hits him. Gorthos
slides right in front of
      Sonic looks down at him and says, “Where do you think your going?” Tails flies up in
the air and dives as fast as he can, holding the katana out in front of him. Tails slams into the
creatures chest.
     “NOOO!!!!!!!!” Gorthos screams. The creature glows brightly and explodes. Tails is sent
into the air and catches himself. He holds the sword in his hand and slowly lands. Tails stops
glowing and approaches the team.
     “Way to go buddy!” Sonic says.
     “Oh I'm so happy your still alive!” Mel exclaims as she hugs Tails.
     “That was some power, kid.” Knuckles says happily. “I'm proud of you.”
     “Mel, I need to ask you something.” Tails says, concerned. Mel lets go and looks at him.
“How long did you have telekinetic abilities like that?” Mel looks at him and smiles.
     “Remember that experiment my... “father” did on me?” Mel explains. “It also gave me
telekineses. That's why I can teleport and move things with my mind. But it gives me such a
     Mel collapses in Tails arms. Tails smiles and kisses her forehead.
“Don't worry Princess, I'll get you home.” Tails picks her up and flies away.
“Hey what about us?!” Knuckles shouts. Mel stops Tails for a second. She opens her eyes
and concentrates heavily. She teleports Sonic and Knuckles home. She then falls limp and
Tails flies home.

Chapter 26
    “Where do you think you're going?!” Robotnik shouts. Tails looks behind him and sees
Robotnik's ship closing in on him. “I'm not through with you yet! Gunners, fire on that fox!”
The robot gunners aim for Tails and start firing.
    “Hang on.” Tails whispers in Mel's ear. Mel heard him but doesn't have the strength to
nod. Tails swerves and dodges the incoming bullets. A missile is fired at them and explodes
right behind Tails. Tails is pushed forward, tumbling and almost loosing Mel. He regains
control and catches Mel. He looks back at Robotnik and flips him off. Tails spins his tails
and launches out in the distance.
     “Damn it!” Robotnik shouts. “No body gives me the bird and lives to tell about it!” R3
looks at him and points to the screen.
     “Well, Sire,” R3 says, “he did and is long gone by now. His speed went well over our
gauges. With that instant speed blast the fox also threw out our navigation systems. We are
dead in the water until we can repair the navigation.” Robotnik grits his teeth. He hates
loosing and worse, loosing to Tails.
     Robotnik stands up and starts heading off the bridge. “Get those repairs done quickly. I
don't need the hedgehog coming out of nowhere and defeating me before I have a fighting
     “Right away, your majesty.” R3 says as he bows. Robotnik leaves and heads to his lab.
     Tails slows down and gently puts Mel down on the ground. They had landed at his old
home that was destroyed by the rock slide. It was still daylight and Tails could still make out
the remains of his mother. He digs through the rocks and finds his father's remains, the sword
missing from his fathers side. Tails wipes his eyes and digs out his parents remains. He then
digs a hole and slowly lowers his
parents inside. Tails replaces the soil and puts a stone at the front of the grave. He takes the
sword and carves into the rock:

Rosemary and General Amadeus Prower
Mother and Father of Miles Prower
Rest peacefully, my family.

     Tails sits down at the grave site and cries.
     “I hope you are happy.” Tails chokes out. He touches the stone. “Rest now, for you have
done your part in this world.” The stone starts glowing a bright light. Tails covers his eyes to
block out the
light. The light dissipates and Tails opens his eyes. Tails takes a double take and sees his
parents. He jumps up and hugs them tightly.
     “Is this true?” Tails asks as tears roll down his face. “Are you really here?” Rosemary
kisses him on the cheek.
     “Only as long as you need us my son.” Tails mother says.
     “But we can't leave this site or help you in any physical way.” Amadeus says. “We've
only been granted to talk to you and help you with your problems.” Tails just smiles.
     “You don't know how long I've missed you!” Tails says. Rosemary starts crying.
     “We have missed you as well.” Amadeus says. Tails looks at them. He has never been so
happy than at this moment.
     “Dad, is there something you can do about Mel?” Tails asks.
“No son, I can't” Amadeus says. “Mel has to recover on her own.” Tails lowers his head.
Rosemary picks up his chin and looks at him.
     “We are here as long as you need us.” Rosemary says. “We'll be here when she wakes
     “I just want to be with you right now.” Tail says as he sits down on the ground.
Rosemary and Amadeus join him.
     “Well son,” Amadeus nudges Tails, “tell us about your adventures with Sonic.” Tails
laughs and proceeds to tell them all about his life with Sonic. A few hours go by and Tails is
telling them about the first time he flew the Tornado.
     “I was a little shaky at first but I got better.” says Tails happily. Rosemary looks a little
     “Alright, admit it.” Rosemary says. “How many times have you crashed?” Tails looks at
her and laughs.
     “Too many to count.” Tails laughs. “I had completely rebuilt it before I came here but
Robotnik's henchman destroyed it.”
     “Thats life kid.” Amadeus says. “You succeed and then you crash.”
     “Well put dear.” Rosemary compliments.
     “Oh it sucks you can't cook while you are down here.” Amadeus says. “Tails your
mother can make the best spliced ham in the world.”
     “Well maybe you can give the recipe to Mel.” Tails suggests. “You haven't lived until
you try her waffles!”
     Amadeus laughs and says, “A little late for that!” The three of them laugh.
Mel wakes up and looks in the direction of Tails voice. Her eyes adjust and then she sees
Tails parents. She gasps and the family looks over in her direction.
     “Good your awake!” Tails say. He walks over to her and takes her over to his parents.
“But... But.” Mel stutters.
     “I know, dead.” Tail says. “But they are here and going to be here when ever I need
them.” He looks at his parents who are bowing in front of Mel.
     “It is a pleasure to finally meet you in person, Princess.” Amadeus say with his head
down. “I use to work for your father. He is a great man.”
     “You can get up now.” Mel says. Rosemary and Amadeus stand up. “I'm still grasping
the fact that I am a princess. I was raised with my father's uncle and that is who I knew as my
father, not the king.”
     “I just want my old family back.” Mel says. “It seems unfair that Tails gets to see and
talk to you.” Rosemary looks at Amadeus. He shakes his head.
     “I'm sorry dear but Tails lost us at an age when he needed us the most.” Rosemary says.
“Thats why we were granted the limited access to see and talk to him. There is a huge gap
that was left behind when we died. Sonic does his best but he can't fill that gap.”
     “But its not fair!” Mel says as she cries. “I lost everybody! I had no one for months!
Tails still had Sonic but I had nobody!” Rosemary look at Amadeus and they nod.
     “We can't bring you your family, but if you like, you can talk to us if you need to at any
time.” Rosemary says. Mel looks at them and smiles.
     “Thank you for extending yourselves to help me.” Mel thanks. “I would love to get to
know you and talk with you.”
“We are only doing this because you are going out with our son and that you have no one
else to talk to.” Amadeus says.
     “Thanks guys.” Tails says. “I know that I'll piss her off some way and she'll need to vent
to somebody.” Amadeus pats his son on the shoulder.
     “At least you admit it son.” Amadeus says. “Your mom and I still have arguments.” He
looks at them sternly. “Just remember, love is a two- way street. There are always bumps
along the way.” Tails and Mel look at each other and smile.
     “Oh, just kiss her already.” Rosemary says sarcastically. Tails grabs up Mel and they
kiss each other. Rosemary and Amadeus clap as Tails and Mel stay lip locked.
     “I love you.” Tails says. Mel looks at him and blushes.
     “I love you too.” Mel says as she kisses him again. Amadeus leans over to his wife and
kisses her.
     “I remember when we were like that.” Amadeus says. Rosemary nods and smiles at her
     “True love comes only once.” Rosemary says. “This is a prime example, our son.”
Rosemary approaches Tails and pats him on the back. Tails stands up and looks at them.
“We need to go now, Tails.” Rosemary says. Tails looks at them sadly. “If you need us for
any reason, just touch the stone you carved for us.”
     “But I thought you guys can stay for as long as I need.” Tails says disappointed.
     “Right now, son, you don't.” says Rosemary. “Watching you two, I don't think you'll
need us for tonight.” Tails blushes as he understands what his mother said. Rosemary hugs
her son and walks back to her husband. A bright light shines and they disappear. Mel leans
on Tails shoulders and flashes her
eyes at him.
     “Now, where were we?” Mel says as she pulls Tails on top of her.

Chapter 26
     Sonic paces in the living room. Knuckles is eating in the dining room. He watches Sonic
as he paces back and forth. They had been teleported back to the house by Mel and Sonic
becomes worried that he hasn't seen either of them for a few hours.
     “If you don't stop pacing, you're going to create a rut.” Knuckles says jokingly. Sonic
looks at him and stops. Sonic sighs as he sits on the couch.
     “Robotnik must've gone after him after Mel teleported us back here.” Sonic says
worriedly. Sonic grits his teeth and pounds his fists into the couch. “I'll ring that bloated
slug's neck if I find out he hurt them.”
     “Hey buddy, calm down.” Knuckles says. “I'm sure that Tails and Mel are fine.”
Knuckles stands up and puts his plate in the sink. “He takes after you and, now that he is
older, his father. That combination is really good for avoiding a fight.” Sonic then gasps and
     “I know where Tails went.” Sonic says. “Follow me.” They run into the workshop. Sonic
grabs what looks like a backpack.
     “Here, take these.” Sonic says as he hands Knuckles two paddles.
     “What are these for?” asks Knuckles. Sonic looks at him and shakes his head. “Oh no.
You are going to make me paddle a dinky little raft to get to Tails, aren't you?”
     “Thats the plan.” says Sonic, excitedly. “We can't swim across so we need a boat, and
you are the power.”
     “I should've known.” Knuckles says crossing his arms. They run out of the workshop
and stand on the beach. Sonic takes off the backpack and pulls the cord. It inflates into a raft
and they climb inside.
     “Knuckles, full speed ahead!” Sonic commands.
     “Yes sir!” says Knuckles sarcastically. He dips the paddles into the water and spins his
arms as fast as he can. The water churns and splashes as they speed towards Tails location. A
half an hour later, they arrive on a beach. Knuckles struggles to get the raft ashore.
     “You could help me, you know!” Knuckles shouts. Sonic laughs and shrugs.
     “Sorry man.” says Sonic. Knuckles grits his teeth and walks to Sonic.
     “Now what, genius?” Knuckles asks sarcastically. Sonic looks at him and starts walking
into the forest. Knuckles follows. A few minuets later, they see a glimmer of light. They rush
out of the forest and see Tails and Mel huddled together at a campfire.
     “Tails!” Sonic shouts. He runs over to him.
     “Hi Sonic!” Tails says. “How did you find us?”
     “It was easy.” Sonic says, smiling. “I figured you would hide out someplace Robotnik
wouldn't find you. And this is the place I thought you would go.” Knuckles runs to the fire
and gets as close to it as possible.
“Sonic made me paddle all the way here.” Knuckles says as he shivers. “You owe me kid.”
he says as he looks at Tails. Sonic looks at Tails and sees how happy he is, considering they
are at his parents former house. Sonic sits next to him and puts his hand on Tails shoulder.
     “You alright buddy?” asks Sonic. Tails looks at him and smiles.
     “Yeah I'm fine.” Tails says happily. “My parents came and talked to me and Mel. I know
it sounds crazy but that's what happened. They said that if I need to talk to them that I just
have to come here and touch the headstone I carved.” Sonic snickers.
     “Considering how crazy things have been these last few months,” says Sonic, “I am not
surprised at that. I'm glad you can talk to your parents now.” Sonic rubs Tails head. “I
assume that your parents approve of Mel.” Tails nods and looks at Mel.
     “How could they deny a face like that?” Tails says as he squeezes Mel's face.
     “Tails quit that!” Mel shouts as she slaps his hand. “I hate that.” Sonic and Knuckles
     “Aw but that face is so cute!” Tails says as he laughs. Mel snickers a little. “Alright, I'm
sorry babe.” He kisses her and she smiles.
     “Its okay but you do that again or I'm cutting you off for a week.” Mel says pointing her
     “Wow Tails.” Sonic says, laughing. “You got burned.” Knuckles laughs.
     “Thats something you should learn now Tails.” says Knuckles. “Don't piss off women.
They are much more vengeful than us guys.” Mel glares at Knuckles and throws a small rock
at him.
     “Ow!” Knuckles shouts as the rock hits his head.
     “Case and point Tails.” Sonic says.
     “What was that for?!” Knuckles shouts.
     “Proving to Tails that you don't piss me off.” Mel says. “I could've done worse.” Mel
looks down at Knuckles crotch and smiles eveily. Knuckles
grabs his crotch and looks frightened. She looks at Sonic and Tails and see that they look
scared as well. “What? It takes a lot to make me do that.” Mel says as she smiles.
     Sonic leans over to Tails and whispers, “Be careful buddy. I'm not helping you.” Tails
looks over at him, disgusted.
     “Gee thanks.” says Tails sarcastically.
     “Well, now what?” Mel asks. They stare at the fire for a couple seconds and Sonic
breaks the silence.
     “I think we can go back home now.” says Sonic. “Robotnik probably is working on
some scheme to continue raiding the world. We need to get back so that we can come up
with a plan.” They all nod and Tails looks at Mel.
    “Do you think you can teleport us back home?” Tails asks. Mel stands up and nods.
    “Yeah but I'll need to sleep right afterwards.” Sonic nods. Mel closes her eyes and
concentrates. They disappear and arrive in Tails and Mel's room. Mel collapses and Tails
catches her. He puts her in the bed and kisses her forehead.
    “Thank you babe.” Tails says as they leave the room. Mel smiles slightly.

Chapter 27
     “Alright, spit it out.” Sonic says. “We want to hear about your little adventure to your
home.” Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles sit down in the living room and Tails proceeds to tell
them what happened.
     “After you were teleported back here,” Tails explains, “Mel and I were attacked by
Robotnik. Thinking about where we could hide from him, I flipped him off and flew away at
top speed.”
     “Whoa.” Knuckles says, surprised. “You gave Robotnik the bird?” Tails nods happily
and continues.
     “We got to my home and I lay Mel down on a soft patch of grass.” he continues. “I sat
with her for a few minuets and then looked over at the rocks. I knew that I had to give my
parents a proper burial so I found all the remains I could and dug a grave for them. I then
found a good size stone and craved out the grave marker with the katana. I touched the stone
and my parents appeared right in front
of me.”
     “So the katana has the ability to bring back the dead?” Sonic asks. Tails shakes his head.
     “I wish.” says Tails. “When I asked them why they were there they said that they were
granted permission to come down and help me whenever I needed them. Unfortunately I can
only see them at my former home. They can't leave there and they can't help with physical
stuff either. But as long as I can talk to them, I'm happy.” Tails smiles. Sonic and Knuckles
sigh and try to absorb all of the
information they were just told. Sonic stands up and walks to the window.
     “Are you alright Sonic?” Tails asks. Sonic breaths deeply.
     “I'm just absorbing all of what has happened in the last few months.” Sonic says,
pondering. “Its a lot to take in. You with the orb and then your parents coming back and the
sword and monster.” Sonic runs out the door and runs around the island. Tails looks at
Knuckles. He stands up and heads for the door.
     “What do you think Knuckles?” Tails asks Knuckles. Knuckles looks back at him.
     “I don't know what to think anymore kid.” Knuckles says, thinking. He walks out and
shuts the door. Tails leans back in the couch and thinks. 'It has been a hectic few months.' His
eyes grow heavy. 'The orb, then the creature and the sword, and now...' Tails drifts off to
     Sonic continues to run around the island. After hearing that Tails can contact his parents,
Sonic became nervous. Nervous because this might not last long. Something could happen
that would cause Tails to loose his parents again and Sonic fears that Tails is going to go off
the deep end if that happens. Loosing your family twice is usually grounds for insanity.
Sonic kept running through out the night.
     Sonic wakes up on top of his house. The sun is shinning brightly and he can hear
mechanical noises down in the workshop. Sonic jumps down and head inside. He walks into
the workshop to find Tails and Mel working on something. Sonic walks inside and
approaches them.
     Sonic taps Tails on the shoulder and asks, “What are you doing little buddy?” Tails looks
at him and Mel pokes her head out of the contraption.
     “Mel and I are rebuilding the Tornado.” Tails says.
     “Its going to be so much better then it was.” Mel says, smiling. She goes back inside and
continues with what she was doing.
     “Do you know how smart she is?” Tails says, admiringly. “She came up with most of the
features of the new Tornado. She handles the wiring and the controls while I handle all of the
big welds and really heavy stuff.”
     “What is is it supposed to do?” Sonic asks curiously.
Tails smiles, wipes his hands with a rag, and explains, “It is going to have three modes.
Flight mode, walking mode, and battle mode. Each has its own features. Flight mode is
capable of flying at incredible speeds and offer support fire. Walking mode is for
reconnaissance and walking over rough terrain. Battle mode means that it transforms into a
battle suit and is capable of staying in the fight for up to three hours, depending on the
amount of damage it takes. Which should be a hell of a lot.” Sonic looks proudly at Tails.
     “Glad to see you back in the grease little bro.” Sonic says, smiling. “For a second there, I
thought you were going to abandon all technology and go into magic.” Tails laughs and
looks at Sonic.
     “You really thought that I would abandon technology for something I know I can't do?!”
Tails says as he drops to the floor, laughing. “Oh thats good Sonic.” Tails gets back up and
continues to bolt on a joint. Sonic looks over at the workbench and sees something
shimmering. He walks over and sees what look like two swords that are attached to straps.
     “Hey Tails, what are these?” Sonic asks. Tails looks over at him and gets up.
     “They are katanas I made to be strapped to my tails.” he explains. Tails grabs them and
straps them to his tails. The blades disappear in his fur. “They are on springs so when I'm in
battle, all I have
to do is spin my tails and the blades protrude out. Like this.” Tails spins his tails for a second
and the blades stick out. “And then.” He flicks his tails and the blades retract. Sonic gets and
     “You seem to be good with a sword Tails.” Sonic says. “Is there a way you can teach me
to handle one?” Tails smiles and snickers.
     “The student teaching the master.” Tails says. “I can try. With your speed, Sonic, you
could be quite good at it.”
     “Alright, I'm willing to learn.” Sonic says. He shakes Tails hand.
     “The only sword I can't let you handle is mine.” Tails says sternly. “No one but me can
handle it. Its an ancestor thing.” Sonic nods. All of a sudden, sparks fly from inside the
Tornado and smoke pours out. Mel stumbles out and coughs.
     “Mel! What happened?” Tails asks. He and Sonic run over to Mel and help her up.
     “I crossed (cough) a couple wires.” Mel says, coughing. “There isn't a fire. (cough) But a
lot of smoke.” Sonic brings a chair over and Mel sits down. Tails walks over to it and
examines the interior where Mel was working. He comes back out looking grim.
     “Well,” Tails says grimly, “The entire electrical system is shot. All of the circuits are
fried and the wires are all melted.”
     Sonic looks at Mel and smiles. “Wow, Mel, you really did a number on that one.” says
Sonic, snickering. Mel looks at Tails and frowns.
     “I'm sorry Tails.” Mel apologizes. “I got excited and wasn't paying attention.” Tails
kisses her.
     “Its alright babe.” Tails says, smiling. “We all make mistakes.” Mel gleefully looks at
Tails. Sonic looks over at the Tornado.
     “Well how long until we can get it up and running?” asks Sonic. Tails and Mel look at
each other and think for a second.
     “It might not be for another two to three weeks Sonic.” Mel says. “We need to make all
new circuit boards and program them.”
     “She is the electrician.” Tails says as he points to Mel. Mel gleefully looks at Sonic.
     “If you need anything done involving electricity,” Mel says, “I'm the gal to do it.” Sonic
smiles and snickers.
     “In that case,” says Sonic, thinking, “I'll need you to do an overhaul on the wiring in the
house. Some of it was fried and Tails and I have been very busy lately.”
     “Sure!” Mel says excitedly. “I'll be glad to do it right after the Tornado is rebuilt.”
     “Good.” Sonic says as he nods. “Just keep your word and get it done.” Sonic looks over
at Tails. “When you get some free time Tails, I'd like some sword lessons.” Tails nods and
Sonic runs out of the room.
     Mel looks at Tails and comments, “Sonic isn't really mechanical or electrical savvy, is
he?” Tails looks down and shakes his head.
     “He's always been like that.” says Tails. “But, now that I have you, the most smart and
beautiful girl I've ever met, we can get all of this done in a matter of days. If it was just me,
it would take me weeks.”
     Mel blushes and says, “You are always complimenting and making me blush.” Tails
     “I'm only saying the truth.” Tails says as they kiss. They start making out and then Mel
nudges Tails.
     “Work first, then play.” Mel says as she puts her hand over Tails mouth. Tails smiles and
     “Yes Princess.” says Tails. He gets up and heads over to the Tornado. “I'll continue
building the infrastructure and you start making th circuit boards, okay?” Mel thinks for a
     “Alright, kill two birds with one stone. Got it.” Mel says as she gets up. She walks over
to the workbench and starts building the circuit boards.

Chapter 28
    Its night time and Mel and Tails had just finished making love. Mel was sound asleep
against Tails but he was wide awake. Tails kept thinking about everything. He couldn't stop
thinking. It seemed to be going to well. Tails gets an awful feeling that something bad is
going to happen. He can't take it anymore and he leaves the house. Tails heads to his parents
grave, making sure to dodge Robotnik. He arrives and touches the headstone. A bright light
glows and Rosemary and Amadeus Prower are
standing in front of him.
     “Mom, Dad, I need to talk to you.” Tails says.
     “What about son?” Amadeus asks.
     Tails sighs and says, “I just need to talk about the latest stuff that has happened. I need to
get it off my chest.” Rosemary and Amadeus sit on a rock and Tails joins them. “First, I need
to know what you know.”
     Rosemary looks curiously at Tails and asks, “What do you mean?”
     “Well, do you watch over me constantly?” asks Tails.
     “Off and on. Why?” Amadeus asks suspiciously. Tails looks down.
     “Did you know that I died twice?” asks Tails irritatedly. Rosemary gasps.
     “No! We didn't know that!” Amadeus shouts. “How are you still alive?” Tails pulls out
what looks like a chaos emerald.
     “This emerald saved me the first time.” Tails explains. “I don't know what happened but
I know that it was incredibly painful. Sonic said that a mechanical arm was stabbed right
through me, a second drilled through my chest, and a third one was a blade that continually
stabbed through me.”
     “Oh my!” Rosemary shouts. “What did that to you?”
     “The orb.” says Tails. “You do know what that was, right?”
     “Yeah we do because there were, all of a sudden, a lot of dead people showing up.”
Amadeus says.
“Good.” Tails says. “Since I went that far I guess I'll tell you about the second time. I figured
out that if I activated all three emeralds, I could stop the orb. However, I didn't expect to be a
huge explosion. I was thrown onto a metal pipe that dug right through my chest. I remember
because I was struggling to get off. I eventually bled out.”
     “What brought you back?” Rosemary asks.
     “The orb did because it saw that I had a lot of good in me and it didn't want to see that
wasted.” Tails says.
     “Oh I'm sorry you had to have that kind of ordeal Miles.” Amadeus says. Rosemary hugs
him tightly. “You're surely one hell of a fighter son.”
     “The reason I told you this,” Tails explains, “is because I thought that you needed to
know and... I wanted to know why I didn't see you guys.”
     “Miles it wasn't your time.” Rosemary says. “Thats why you didn't see us.”
     “Then when is my time, Mom?” Tails says, tearing a little. “I'd really like to know.”
Rosemary looks at Amadeus.
     “We can't tell you that son.” Rosemary says. Tails looks at her sadly.
     “But why?” asks Tails.
     “Miles, there are some things in this world that cannot be predicted.” says Rosemary.
“Death is always unpredictable. Sonic could die right now or he could die 100 years from
now.” Tails nods. Amadeus looks at the emerald.
     “Can I see that son?” Amadeus asks. Tails hands the emerald to his father. “Has all of
the energy been spent?” Tails nods. “Alright. This Miles, is a special emerald. You can
“recharge” it with any kind of energy.” Tails ears perk up at Amadeus.
     “And how do you know so much about it Dad?” Tails asks.
     “I found one just like this one in my early days as a scout.” Amadeus says with a smile.
“What do you think helped me in The Great War and got me to general?” Tails smiles.
     “You cheater!” Tails says as he laughs. “And I thought you were noble.” Amadeus looks
at Tails sternly. “You're not laughing.” Tails stops laughing and looks down.
     “Son, this is something special.” Amadeus says. “This can create life, it can take it. If it
falls under the wrong hands, we are all screwed.” Amadeus shivers. “It can even take souls.”
Tails and Rosemary gasp.
     “How in the hell did you find that out Amadeus?” Rosemary shouts.
     “I was fighting an enemy soldier,” he explains, “he had me pinned on a wall and I
grabbed the closest weapon. I grabbed the emerald and shoved it into his chest. His body
shook and withered as his soul was sucked into the emerald. That is one of a thousand of
memories I wish I could forget.” Amadeus hands the emerald to Tails. “Use it wisely, my
son, for it can destroy the world.” Tails holds it in his hands and starts thinking. Tails stands
up and hugs his parents.
     “Thank you for listening.” Tails says. “I love you.”
“We love you too son.” Rosemary says. Tails stands back and watches his parents disappear.
Tails flies back to the house and quietly heads into the workshop. He was too wide awake to
go to sleep. Tails sits down at the workbench and starts coming up with ideas to use the

Chapter 29
     Mel slowly wakes up. She feels around for Tails but he is missing. Mel sighs and gets
up. She walks into the workshop and finds Tails asleep on the workbench. She walks quietly
over to him and gently shakes him.
     “Tails?” Mel whispers in his ear. His ear flicks and he opens his eyes. “Good morning
     Tails sits up and stretches. “Good morning Princess.” Mel looks down and sees a clear
     “Whats this?” Mel asks. Tails looks at her.
     “Its the emerald that I told you about.” says Tails. Mel nods and studies it. “Please be
careful with it. I'm not quite sure what it is really capable of yet.” Mel slowly puts the
emerald down. Tails smiles at her. “It won't explode baby.” Mel looks at Tails and smiles.
     “Is there anything you know about this?” Mel asks, still studying the emerald.
“When I had it, it had the combined power of all of the Chaos Emeralds.” explains Tails.
“The emerald was able to enhance the person using it. Man that was a rush!” Tails sighs and
continues. “But the power doesn't last forever. Its like a battery.”
     “Is it rechargeable?” asks Mel.
     “Yes and can take on any kind of power, even souls.” Tails says grimly. “My father
found one when he was in the Great War. He discovered its true potential. I've spent all night
coming up with ideas to use the emerald.” Tails hands Mel a bunch of papers. She thumbs
through the stack and marvels at the possibilities.
“I'd like to use it for the Tornado, as a power source.” Mel says. She picks up the emerald
and thinks. “Can we make more of these?”
     “How? It takes millions of years to make an emerald Mel.” says Tails.
     “We can make an artificial emerald.” Mel says as she runs to their room. She comes
back with a notebook and flips through the pages. “Ah. Here it is.” Mel shows Tails a
chemical formula to make gems.
     “If we tweak the formula a little then we can make more of these emeralds.” Tails says.
     “Thats the plan.” says Mel, excitedly.
     Tails kisses her and says, “You're a genius!” Tails grabs her arm and they run to the
lab. Sonic wakes up abruptly when he hears a knocking at the door. He gets up and runs to
the door. Sonic opens it and sees a letter on the ground. He picks it up and sees that its for
him. He opens it and reads:

 Please help us. My parents and I were captured by Robotnik and we need you and Tails to
us. We need to get Father back his crown and fast. I don't know whats going on outside the
cell but the
screams are unbearable. Please, SAVE US!!!”
Princess Lily Greenleaf

    Sonic runs down to the lab and hands the letter to Tails and Mel.
    “You guys should read this.” says Sonic grimly. Tails and Mel read over the letter and
    “What do you think is happening over there Sonic?” Mel asks.
    “I don't know and I really don't want to know.” says Sonic. “But we should head over
there and check it out.” Tails looks over at Mel and she nods.
    “Give us a half- hour and we'll be ready to leave.” Tails says. He and Mel run back to the
workshop and starts prepping the Tornado. Sonic runs after them and watches them work.
Tails grabs the emerald and shove it into a generator. He turns it on and powers up the
emerald. Mel is inside the Tornado ripping out bad wire and installing new wire.
    “Alright, I can't figure it out. What are you two doing?” Sonic asks.
    “Tails still has one of those emeralds,” Mel explains, “and we intend to use it to power
the Tornado. Just to get us to the castle and back.”
    “Right. The emerald is charged and ready for use.” Tails says. He brings it over to Mel,
who is admiring the colors that the emerald is producing.
    “Wow, I've never seen such a beautiful emerald before.” says Mel in awe.
    “Come on, just put it in the plane so we can rescue your, um, new family.” Tails says.
Mel sighs and puts it the emerald in its holding place. The Tornado jolts a little and lights up
a dark green color.
    “Hm. That was unexpected.” Tails says.
    “Is it ready or not.” Sonic says impatiently.
    “Yes she is.” Mel says. “Lets go and get this over with.”
    “You're not looking forward to this, are you?” Sonic says. Mel glares at him.
    “What do you think?” Mel says angrily. “I am nervous as hell right now. I don't know
them and I definitely don't know what to expect.”
    “As long as you keep your head, everything will be fine.” Tails says as he touches Mel's
shoulder. “Come on. Lets see a smile.” Mel smiles a little. “There we go. Thats the girl I
     “Can we go now?” Sonic asks, growing more impatient. He climbs on the plane and
waits for Tails and Mel. They climb into the cockpit and they plane takes off.
     “How do you like the controls?” Mel asks Tails. Tails smiles excitedly.
     “Its like a dream!” he replies. “You did great Mel!” Mel smiles happily and checks the
     “Everything is running properly so far Tails.” she says. “We can't do anything else but
fly. The emerald only has enough power to get us to the castle and back home.”
     “Right.” Tails replies. Tails eases on the throttle and flies at a moderate speed. He looks
over at Sonic. 'Sonic seems to be happy.' he thinks. 'I just hope I don't have to repair the
Tornado again.'
     A couple minuets later, Mel sees South Island in the distance. She looks down at her
radar and sees a bunch of enemy robots scouting around the perimeter of South Market, the
capitol city and home to the castle of South Island.
     “Tails, I suggest we land a couple of miles away from the perimeter of the city.”
suggests Mel. “It seems to me that the patrol robots don't have that great of range on their
radar.” Tails looks for a spot to land.
     “I'll land there, in the tall grass.” Tails says. “Hold on Sonic!” Tails shouts at Sonic.
Sonic gives him a thumbs up and Tails nods. Tails pushes a button and the landing gear is
dropped. Tails slowly pulls back on the throttle and gently touches down. The plane stops
and Tails shuts off the engine and systems. Tails and Mel jump out.
     “Lets camouflage the Tornado so that it isn't discovered.” Sonic says. Tails and Mel nod
and start burying the Tornado in debris. Sonic kicks up a lot of dirt onto the plane to add
more to hiding it.
     “That looks good.” Sonic says. “Alright, we need to be quick and quiet. We can't let
Robotnik know we are here. Tails, you have your tail swords?” Tails spins his tails and the
blades spring out.
     “Good. Mel, are you completely rested and able to use your telekinesis?”
     “Yes. I'm ready when you need me.” Mel says.
     “Alright. When we get close enough to the castle,” Sonic commands, “I need you to
teleport us inside.”
     “But I can only do that if I know where I'm sending us.” Mel says. “My teleportation
won't work. We need a different way in.” Sonic and Tails think.
     “What if I distract the guard and then you and Sonic can run inside?” Tails asks.
     “I'd like to keep this as quiet as possible.” Sonic says. “Why don't we do this? Lets figure
out how to get inside when we get there. I don't think anyone here knows how the castle is
built.” Tails and Mel shake their heads. “Thats fine. Lets go.” They run quickly into the
forest. Tails flies as low as he can, Mel quietly teleports from tree to tree and Sonic runs as
quietly as possible, avoiding anything that can make noise. They get to the perimeter of the
city and observe the robots.
     “They don't look so tough.” Mel says as she gets up. Tails grabs her and pulls her back
     “What do you think you're doing?” Tails asks, irritated. “We are supposed to be as quiet
as possible, not to attract attention to ourselves.” Mel sighs and sits back. She looks around
and doesn't see anybody.
     “I don't see anyone.” Mel comments.
     “Thats what scares me.” Sonic says. They see a break and they dart into the city. They
get to a street corner and see a robot coming at them. They hide behind a vehicle. When the
robot leaves, they dart back out and run to the castle.
     “Shit! Here comes another one.” Sonic says. They hide inside a store. The robot sees
something and goes to investigate. It goes inside the shop where Sonic, Mel, and Tails are
hiding. They watch the robot and see something strange.
     “Its not a robot.” Tails says. “Its a person.”
     “Whats that thing on his head?” Sonic asks. Mel looks at it and her heart sinks.
     “Its a mind control device.” Mel says. “Robotnik must've planted it on most of the
citizens in the city. And by the looks of it, it seems to be a very painful process.” Tails jumps
out and hits the person in the back of the head. It falls and is unconscious.
     “Tails what the hell were you thinking?” Sonic asks, irritated. Tails bends down along
with Mel.
Mel gasps and shuts her eyes. Tails turns away and holds her. The metal device, that is on the
persons head, is welded to the head and is physically attached to the brain via wires. The top
part of the skull
has been removed and replaced with the device. The person then jolts and stands up,
screaming. The device vibrates and blood and brain matter fly everywhere. The person stops
screaming and falls to the ground. Sonic bends down and checks his pulse.
     “He's dead.” Sonic says grimly.
     “Oh no!” Mel says. She starts to cry.
     “There there.” Tails says holding her. “At least he isn't in pain anymore.”
     “How could anyone do that?” Mel asks. “Why? Why hurt innocent creatures?” Mel
pounds her fists into a wall. “Robotnik will pay for this!” Mel shouts. All of a sudden, they
hear an alarm.
     “Intruder alert! Capture all three and prepare them for complete assimilation.” the alarm
     “Well, we've been discovered.” Sonic says. “We better get ready for a fight.” Tails and
Mel nod and ready themselves. They run outside and an army of mind controlled people rush
at them.
     “I... I can't hurt them!” Mel shouts. “They are people!” Tails looks at her.
     “They are not people anymore Mel.” Tails says. H grabs his katana and slashes through a
person. “Get it together Mel. We need you!” Mel nods and throws the wave of people farther
     “That should buy us some time.” Mel says. Tails pats her back.
     “This is all part of the job babe.” says Tails. “Its sometimes really hard.” Mel smiles at
him and they kiss.
     “Thanks for the inspiration.” Mel says.
     “Guys come on!” Sonic shouts back at them. “ We are close to the castle!” Mel and Tails
join up with Sonic. Sonic hits a buried land mine and his blown into a tree. Tails runs to him
and helps him up.
     “You alright?” Tails asks.
     “Yeah I'm fine but I think we have company.” Sonic says as he points to an advancing
army of people. Tails, Sonic, and Mel run to the castle. They are met by flying robots. The
robots fire at the trio. They see the hole in the wall. Mel stops and waves her hand. The
robots explode and the army of people are sent flying. Mel starts tearing and she joins up
with Sonic and Tails. They hide in some
     “Mel, can you teleport us back to the Tornado?” Sonic asks.
     Mel nods and says, “Yeah. Why?”
     “I've got a plan.” Sonic says smiling devilishly. Mel closes her eyes and they arrive at
the Tornado. Mel becomes really dizzy and lays down.
     “I need to lay down for a second.” Mel says. “That really wore me out.” She starts
     Tails sits next to her. “I really don't like hurting those people Tails!” Mel covers her eyes
and cries.
     “I know Mel.” Tails says. “This must be really hard for you. I'll understand if you want
to leave.” Tails looks down at her. “I just want to let you know that, whatever choice you
make, I'll always love you.” Mel sits up and hugs Tails.
     “I'll understand as well Mel.” Sonic says. “You're not use to this like Tails and I are. I'll
admit, I don't like either. I wish that Robotnik would just leave. But, he won't and thats why
we have to stay strong, for the rest of the world.”
     “I know Sonic.” Mel whimpers. “I'll get over it eventually. I just need a little time.”
     “Well, you have until morning to make your decision.” says Sonic. “When I know what
you are going to do, I'll come up with a plan.” Mel nods and stands up.
     “I need to be alone for a while Tails.” Mel says and she teleports to Tails' parent's grave
site. She touches the headstone and Rosemary and Amadeus Prower appear in front of her.
     “Can I talk to you?” Mel asks.
     “Sure dear.” Rosemary says. “Come sit next to us.”
     “Thank you, Mrs. Prower.” Mel says as she walks over to her.
     “Call me Rose.” Rosemary says.
     “You can call me what you want Mel.” Amadeus says.
     “Mr. P?” Mel asks.
     “Sounds good to me.” Amadeus says. “So, what did my son do to make you come here?”
Mel smiles and snickers.
     “Tails has nothing to do with it.” she says as she wipes her eyes. “I just don't know if I
can continue to fight with them. I just hurt and possibly killed a hole bunch of innocent
     Rosemary puts her arm around Mel and says, “What made you do that?”
     Mel replies, “We were in South Market. Robotnik had taken over the entire kingdom of
South Island and we went there to save it. When we got there, most if not all of the citizens
had these mind control devises welded to their heads and they were coming after us. The
horrible thing is that when the device thinks its host isn't worthy anymore, it kills them by
drilling out their brains. I saw it when Tails smacked one in the back of the head. All I can
hear is that horrible scream
that man let out as the device killed him. It was so horrible!” Mel cries hard. “How can
someone be so heartless?!” Mel shouts. Rosemary holds Mel and Amadeus kneels down next
to her.
     “I knew this would happen.” Amadeus says. “I knew that Robotnik couldn't be trusted.”
Mel looks at him curiously.
      “You knew Robotnik?” Mel asks. Amadeus sighs.
      “Yes.” he replies. “His name was Dr. Julian Robotnik. He arrived to our world in a giant
ship. He said that her brought peace and good fortune. The king believed him. Robotnik
brought advanced technology that no one on Mobius has ever seen. Things were going quite
well. The king had made Robotnik his head science officer and things were peaceful. Until
one day. Robotnik always wanted to
take control of the planet. He was just buying his time. That day, Robotnik disappeared to his
ship and launched an attack against the king. Thats what started the Great War. By this time,
I had already made general and was in command of a huge military. The Great War lasted
five very long years. So many
people died. So many of my men died.” Amadeus sits down. “It was then that Sonic came on
the scene. I had never seen such a courageous young lad before. Sonic busted through
Robotnik's ship and ended the war. To think that Sonic had so much hatred towards
      “And the fact that he was only fifteen.” Rosemary interjects.
      “He never did tell us why he hates Robotnik so much.” Amadeus says.
      “Sonic told me once.” Mel says. “He hates not being able to be free. The thought of his
freedom being taken away from him is terrible. He hates it. Also, he told me that his parents
were enslaved by Robotnik and he killed them before Sonic had a chance to save them.”
      “That would explain everything.” Rosemary says. She looks down at Mel and sees tears
still streaming down her eyes. “I know that killing innocent people is a terrible thing to do
but if it means
saving the rest of the world from a tyrant like Robotnik, then I think you should go back and
help Sonic and Miles. What was that thing you would always says, dear?” Rosemary looks
up at her husband.
      “The good of the many outweighs the good of the one.” says Amadeus. “That was how I
was able to get through the war. Robotnik had similar devises and used our own people
against us.” Mel looks at them and smiles.
      “I will take your advice and knowledge back with me.” Mel says. “Thank you very
much.” Mel gets up and stands back.
      “Be good to our son.” Amadeus says. They wave to her and disappear. Mel teleports
back and finds Sonic and Tails sitting at a campfire.
      “Mel!” Tails says as he stands up. They hug and kiss each other and sit back down at the
      “Are you alright now?”
      “Yeah I'm good.” Mel says. “At least now I know the history behind Robotnik. Nothing
really surprising. Your parents are really nice people.” Tails smiles and hands her a hot dog.
      “Its not much but its all we have.” Tails says. Mel takes and devours the hot dog in a
matter of seconds.
      “Sorry, I'm a little hungry.” Mel says.
      “A little?” Sonic says sarcastically. “Did you taste it?”
      “Yes and it was very good.” says Mel.
      “Its good to see you've got an appetite.” Tails says as he hands her another hot dog.
      Mel replies, as she eats the hot dog, “Telekinesis is very hard work. Makes me very
      Mel sighs and says. “I'm good. I don't want to overeat.” Tails laughs a little. Mel looks
over at Sonic and says, “Okay so what is the plan?”
      “The plan is to sleep while we can.” Sonic says. He stands up and heads for the Tornado.
“I'll leave you two alone. You can sleep where you like, just try to keep the noise level down.
Don't need any of Robotniks new toys snooping around.” He jumps up on the wing and lies
down. Mel looks at Tails.
      “I want to play a game.” Mel says. “Its called catch me and you can have me.” Mel
stands up and runs into the forest.
      “Hey you got a head start!” Tails shouts. “Get back here you little minx!” Tails runs after
her. Mel jumps from tree to tree. She looses him and heads back to the fire. Mel looks around
and doesn't see Tails. Tails then dive bombs her from above and they roll a little bit.
      “Alright, you have me. Now what are going to do with me?” Mel whispers in Tails ear.
Tails pulls the straps off his tails and the blades fall off.
      “Just this.” Tails says. He kisses her and they start making love. Sonic looks back at
them and smiles.
      “Hm. He really does love her and she really loves him.” Sonic says. He turns back
around and looks at the stars. 'I hope this doesn't turn ugly.' he thinks. He eventually falls

Chapter 30
     Sonic wakes up at the crack of dawn. He jumps up and stretches. Sonic jumps down and
goes for a run, just to survey the land. South Island is the biggest continent on the planet and
Sonic wanted to see it. About fifty miles down, he spots a town. It is completely destroyed.
All of the buildings have been demolished and not a living soul is there. He walks down a
dirt road and sees no one. He then hears someone grunting in one of the huts. Sonic runs over
and starts digging. He finds a hedgehog.
The hedgehog looks like him but much older.
     “Please help me.” the old man begs.
     “Alright just hang on old timer.” says Sonic. “I'm going to get you out of here.” Sonic
looks over the old man. He lifts up a beam and sees that he has been crushed from the waste
down. 'This is going to be harder than I thought.' he thinks. Sonic picks up the old man and
tries to run away. A mind controlled person steps in his way.
     “Oh no! Not them again!” the old man says, frightened. Sonic looks over his options. He
either puts the old man down and risks losing him or he runs through the crowd and risks
losing the old man in the crowd. He sets down the old man.
     “I'll be right back sir.” Sonic says. He faces the crowd. “Alright, lets dance!” Sonic
charges at the crowd, spinning in a ball. He goes through the crowd, blood splattering
     “Help me, Sonic Hedgehog!” the old man shouts. Sonic looks back and sees the old man
being taken by a robot. The robot flies away before Sonic has a chance to save the old man.
     “No! Damn it, get back here you son of a bitch!” Sonic shouts. The other people disperse
and leave Sonic. He falls to his knees and pounds his fists into the ground. He starts tearing
because this reminds him of when he tried to save his parents.
     “I failed you, Mom and Dad.” Sonic says. He gets up and runs to Tails and Mel. He gets
to the Tornado and find Tails and Mel awake and getting ready for another attempt. Tails
looks over at Sonic
and sees tears in his eyes.
     “Sonic? What happened buddy?” Tails asks.
     “I... failed. I lost him!” Sonic says as tears stream down his face. “Just like Mom and
     “You lost who?” Mel asks. Sonic grits his teeth.
     “I lost the only survivor in a village not too far from here.” says Sonic. “A robot carried
him off and is probably getting that damn device attached to his head. Errrr, I'm so sorry!”
Sonic drops to his knees and cries.
     Tails runs over to him and kneels down. “Hey Sonic. Its okay buddy.”
     “You don't understand Tails!” Sonic shouts. “You didn't lose your parents to Robotnik!
You never
had the misery of trying to save them and then seeing them die by saw blade to the neck!
You didn't have your parents blood on your hands! I did! And Robotnik is going to pay for
what he has done all these years.”
     Tails looks at his buddy and slaps his face. “Sonic, snap out of it.” Sonic calms down.
“You can't live negatively like that. You have to except the fact that you can't win every
battle.” Sonic smiles at Tails.
     “Thanks Tails.” Sonic says as he holds his face. “Not so hard next time.” Sonic removes
his hand and Mel starts laughing.
     "Whats so funny?” Sonic asks.
     “There is a giant hand print on your face now.” Mel says as she stops laughing. Sonic
smiles at Tails. Tails smiles and laughs nervously.
     “Heh heh. Sorry?” Tails says.
     “Its alright bud.” Sonic says. “However...” Sonic grabs Tails and give him a noogie.
     “Ah!!! Mel help!” Tails shouts.
     “No way! This is too cool!” Mel replies. Sonic puts Tails down and shakes his hand.
     “Now we are even.” says Sonic. “Now that that is over, lets go over what we are going to
do today. Mel, I need you to teleport us back to the castle. We need to be in that same bush
we were in last time. Can you do that without passing out?”
     “I can try.” Mel responds.
     “Good.” says Sonic. “Tails, you ready to go?” Tails spins his tails and the blades shoot
out. He grabs his katana and faces Sonic.
     “I was born ready.” Tails says.
     “That was cheesy buddy.” says Sonic. “Don't do that again.”
     “Are we ready to go or what?” Mel asks, impatiently. Tails and Sonic nod. Mel closes
her eyes and they arrive in the bush outside of the hole in the castle wall. Mel gets dizzy and
holds her head.
     “Stay with us Mel.” Tails says. The dizziness subsides and Mel returns to normal. They
sneak inside the hole and find themselves inside the castle.
     “Robotniks cronies are all over this place Sonic.” Tails says. “What do we do?” Sonic
thinks for a second. Sonic notices a pattern in the robots movements.
     “When the robot stops to turn around, its sight is turned off.” says Sonic. “We can use
that to our advantage. Everybody move when I say so. Try to stay together. Tails, you fly
above and keep up. Mel, teleport where ever I go or point to. We should be able to reach the
king that way.” Tails flies up to the ceiling.
     “Ready when you are.” Tails says quietly. Sonic nods and looks around the corner.
     “Mel, there.” Sonic says as he points to a wall pillar. Mel teleports over to the pillar and
Sonic and Tails follow. They do this until they reach a door. Tails lands next to them. Sonic
tries to open the door but its locked.
     “Tails, open the door.” Sonic says quietly. Tails sneaks over to the door and picks the
lock. The lock opens and the door opens to a stairwell. They walk inside and Sonic closes the
door, quietly. Sonic and the team walk down the stair case slowly. They come upon the
dungeon and look around. They don't see a guard and walk in. Mel then sees the king and
     “Sonic, over here.” Mel says. Sonic and Tails rush over and see the king. “Sire, wake
up.” The king opens his eyes and sees Mel.
     “Who are you and why don't you have that mind control thing on your head?” King
James asks.
     “I'm Melissa and I came with Sonic and Tails to get you guys out.” Mel says. The King
shakes his head and looks at Mel a second time.
     “Melissa? Princess Melissa?” The King says in disbelief. Queen Fiona and Princess Lily
wake up and are just as surprised as the King. The family runs to the bars.
     “My baby! Is it really you?” The Queen asks.
     “Yeah, it is.” Mel says. The Queen hugs her daughter through the bars.
     “Oh I never thought I'd see you again!” The Queen says. “What happened to Uncle
Gregory and his family?” Mel looks at her and breathes deeply.
     “They are dead, Mom.” Mel says sadly. “The orb killed them.”
     “Then how did you survive?” Princess Lily asks.
     “Well, Dad, I mean Uncle Gregory, did an experiment on me and this is what happened.”
Mel teleports into the cell. “I have telekinesis.”
     “Oh dear.” The king says. “We'll worry about that later. Right now, we need to get out of
     “I know.” Mel says. “Hang on.” Mel closes her eyes and concentrates really hard. They
arrive at the Tornado.
     “Now... we ... can” Mel collapses. Tails catches her. A bunch of mindless drones show
     “Everyone, into the plane!” Tails shouts. He hands Mel to Sonic. “Get her in the
Tornado and turn on the engines. I'm going to distract these things.” Sonic nods and takes
Mel to the plane.
     “Alright, who wants some?” Tails says. He spins his tails and the blades shoot out. He
runs into the crowd and starts slicing and dicing with all three swords. Blood flies
everywhere as Tails defends his friends. He hears the Tornado start up and he flies into the
cockpit. Tails punches the throttle and they take off.
     “Hm.” Robotnik says as he rubs his mustache. “Clever to use that fox to teleport
everyone to that pile of shit plane.” Robotnik laughs. “R3, capture Miles “Tails” Prower and
Princess Melissa Greenleaf. I need them alive.” R3 launches and goes after the Tornado.
“You haven't won yet Sonic.” Robotnik says.
Chapter 31
     Tails lands the plane on the runway and shut off the plane. Everyone gets off and walks
into the workshop. Mel has woken up and Tails is helping her inside. He sets her down on a
     “Are you going to be alright Mel?” Tails asks. The King rushes over to him and smacks
him in the back of the head.
     “You address her as Princess, cretin!” The King shouts.
     “Dad, its okay.” Mel struggles to stand up. Tails helps her up. “Dad, this is Miles
Prower. To us, he is Tails.” The King looks astonished.
     “The son of General Amadeus Prower?” The King asks. “Oh Tails, I'm sorry I hit you. I
didn't recognize you with the black, pointed ears.”
     “Its alright sir.” Tails says. “This is all pretty complicated. I'll start from the beginning.
Mel, please sit down.” Mel nods and flops in the chair. “I met Mel on the island that Dr.
Gregory Terrin took her. When I met her, I just fell head over heals for her. It was then that I
knew I just had to have her. It was also then that I learned that the doctor and his family were
killed by the orb.”
     “And you two have been a couple for how long?” Princess Lily asks. Mel looks at Tails.
     “About a month going on two.” Mel replies. “Tails and Sonic, mostly Tails, have been
very good to me even before we knew that I was a Princess.”
     “Well thats good.” The King says. “Are you planning on getting married you two?” Mel
quickly picks up her head and she and Tails look at each other. They smile and kiss each
     “We'll worry about that later.” The Queen says. “Right now, Robotnik is probably
looking for us and...”
     “No, just Miles “Tails” Prower and Princess Melissa Greenleaf.” R3 says as he lands. He
shoots a net at Tails and Mel and captures them. R3 then grabs the net and flies away.
     “Sonic!!” Tails shouts.
     “Hang on little buddy!” Sonic shouts back. He runs and jumps for the net. Sonic gets
close but starts slowing down. He drops back down on the beach and watches his friends be
taken away. He falls to his knees.
     “Damn you Robotnik!!!!” Sonic shouts into the air. Sonic runs back into the workshop.
     “Sonic you have to save them!” the Queen says.
     “I know, my Queen.” says Sonic. “I'm working on it.” Sonic grabs the phone and calls
Knuckles and Amy. He asks them to come over right away. Knuckles and Amy arrive a
couple minuets later.
     “Whats wrong Sonic?” Amy asks.
     “Tails and Mel have been taken by Robotnik's right hand man, R3.” explains Sonic.
Amy then notices Knuckles bowing in front of the King and his family. She does the same.
     “Please just rescue my daughter.” the King begs. “I don't want to loose Melissa as well.”
Amy and Knuckles look puzzled.
     “Mel is the King's second daughter?” Knuckles asks.
     “Yeah and we need to rescue her and Tails before this happens to them.” says Sonic. He
shows them a video feed from South Market. They gasp as they see the mindless people.
     “What's wrong with them Sonic?” Amy asks.
     Sonic looks down and says, “They are slaves to Robotnik. Those things that are on their
heads are mind control devices.”
     “Sonic this is terrible!” Amy shouts. “We need to go now!” Amy starts heading for the
     "Well no shit sherlock!" Knuckles comments
Sonic grabs her and she stops.
     “We need a plan first.” Sonic says. “If it were just me, I'd be going there right now half-
cocked. But since I'm dragging you two with me, I am not going to take the chance of
loosing you.” Amy sighs.
     “Alright Sonic,” Knuckles says, “so whats the plan?”
     “I don't know yet.” says Sonic. “Lets just go. Get in the Tornado.” Knuckles and Amy
jump inside. Sonic walks to the King and pulls out a small, wooden box. He opens it and
pulls out the Heart
of Mobius, the highest award given by the King.
     “I gave this to General Prower years ago.” the King says. “Why are you giving it to me?”
     “Tails father asked me to hang on to it.” Sonic explains. “I'm asking you to give it to
Tails if I don't return.” Sonic jumps into the cockpit and starts the engine. “I need you guys
to stay here. Its safer.” Sonic punches the throttle and they take off.

Chapter 32
     Tails wakes up in the dungeon. His head is pounding. Tails remember being thrown into
the cell but it goes black after that. He looks around for Mel but doesn't see her. Tails gets up
and walks to the bars, hoping to see Mel in another cell. He looks around but doesn't see her.
Tails drops his head and
sits back down against the wall. Tails then hears screaming coming from above him. Its not
Mel but another person. Tails listens to the screams and then a saw blade whirring. The
screams get louder. He then hears a welding torch welding on something. The screams from
that person stop but they pick up
again with someone else. Tears well up in Tails eyes. He covers his ears to try to block out
the screams. 'Aw man, this is horrible.' he thinks. Just then he hears the lock on the cell door
open. Tails looks up and sees two robots. They come in and handcuff him.
     “Stand up, fox.” the robot says. Tails stands up and the robots lead him out of the cell.
They walk past other cells with people inside them, all dead. Tails tries not to look inside
them. The robot shoves him and they keep walking. They get to a door and one of the robots
punches in a code. Tails memorizes it by the sound each key makes. The door opens and the
they walk inside. Inside the room, computers buzz and beep. Fluids are running through
tubes and lights blink. Other robots scurry around
doing their work. Tails and the two robots stop in front of a giant pillar. The robots force
Tails onto his knees.
“Sire, we brought the prisoner.” one of the robots says. Robotnik turns his chair and looks
down at them.
     “Good morning Tails.” says Robotnik, politely. “Its been a while since you and I talked.”
Tails continues to look down. “Giving me the cold shoulder, huh? Two can play at that
game.” Robotnik snaps his fingers. The robot on Tails left puts his hand on Tails shoulder.
The hand goes instantly from
warm to -200 degrees Fahrenheit.
     “Ahhh!” Tails screams. He falls down and the robots quickly pick him back up. The
robots hold Tails up.
     “Now Tails, lets get down to business.” says Robotnik. “I need you to help me.”
     “Give me a good reason to help you!” Tails shouts. Robotnik pushes a button. Two
doors open in the pillar and reveals Mel. She is in a tank full of a green liquid. A breathing
tube is attached to her mouth and nose. Mel is wide awake and she looks at Tails. She is
incredibly frightened. Two giant, metal prongs enter the tank. Mel looks at them and then
looks at Tails. The prongs charge and electrocute Mel.
     “NOOO!!!!!” Tails shouts. The prongs stop and Mel falls limp.
     “You can keep her alive Tails,” says Robotnik, smiling sinisterly, “if you help me.”
Tears flow from Tails eyes. He looks up at Robotnik.
     “I'll do what you want.” Tails says sadly.
     “I knew you'd see it my way.” Robotnik says. “Put him in the power housing.” The
robots holding Tails drag him to a wall. They lift him up and strap him against a wall. The
robots take sharp, pronged wires and stab them into Tails wrists. Tails screams in pain. The
wires send a jolt of electricity and the wounds stop bleeding and the pain stops. Lights lining
the wall start lighting up. Tails feels like
he is being drained of all life.
     “What are you doing to me?” Tails says quietly.
     “I'm going to use you as a new power source for my latest creation.” Robotnik explains.
He pushes a button and the screen in front of the room changes over. The screen shows a
giant creature that looks just like Gorthos, the monster Tails fought a while back. “I have
recreated the feared monster Gorthos. I needed your life force to power it. I took the original
Gorthos and made him into what you see here. A bio- mechanical creature that is double the
strength of the original. How do you like that
     “I think your crazy.” Tails says. Robotnik thinks for a second.
     “Okay, I'll agree to that.” Robotnik says sarcastically. “Mad scientist is more like it.
Whatever you prefer.” Mel wakes up and sees Tails.
     “Robotnik, let her go.” Tails demands. “I'm doing what you want.”
     “And lose leverage over you? I don't think so.” says Robotnik. He jumps down and gets
in Tails face. “My dear fox, there so many things worse than death!” he says quietly. “Don't
do anything wrong and she'll be fine. Piss me off, and your girlfriend will suffer. I'll try to
keep her alive as long as possible.” Tails growls at Robotnik. Robotnik slaps him across the
face. “You don't growl at me! I'm
your king! Your master!” Robotnik jumps back into his thrown. Mel looks up at Tails and
     “I'm sorry Mel.” Tails says as he looks down. He feels a jolt of electricity. Tails looks up
at the screen and sees the mechanical beast awake.
     “Finally, its finished!” Robotnik shouts, happily. “Tails, you have control over it. Go
after all the villages on South Island and collect more slaves.” Tails nods and syncs up with
the beast. His eyes go blank as he sees what the creature sees. The monster raises up and
blows through the roof. He looks around sets his target on a town about seventy miles away.
The monster roars and walks off. He is then
surrounded by Robotnik's slaves. Then monster continues walking.
     “Sonic, look down there!” Amy shouts. Sonic looks down and sees the beast.
     “That looks like the creature that we fought on East Island.” says Sonic.
     “Yeah but it looks much more tough and without Tails, no one can stop it.” Knuckles
says. Sonic gets really mad.
     “First, we rescue Tails and Mel.” says Sonic angrily. “Then we'll take care of the beast.
We take out Robotnik, the creature should go back to where it came from.” Sonic lands the
plane farther away from the beast.
     “It didn't see us.” Amy says. The ground starts shaking.
     “You had to say something, didn't you?” Knuckles asks sarcastically. The creature stops
in front of him. It lowers its head and stares at Sonic. It winks at him.
     “Everyone hang on!” Sonic shouts. The creature hits them and they fly towards the
     “Why didn't you kill them?!” Robotnik shouts.
     “I just want to have a little fun with my prey.” Tails says as he smiles. “How often do
you get the chance to control such a deadly beast?” Robotnik laughs.
     “I'm glad you are finally seeing things the my way.” he comments. Robotnik turns back
to the screen. Tails looks down at Mel and winks at her. Mel understands and winks
back.Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy land and run to the castle.
     “Why are we running from that thing Sonic?” Amy asks.
“I'm not quite sure but I think it has something to do with Tails.” replies Sonic. The creature
appears in front of them. Sonic looks at Knuckles and Amy. “Lets go!” Sonic rolls into a ball
and rolls through the creature. Tails screams in pain.
     “You didn't say anything about me feeling what your creation feels!” Tails says as he
yelps in pain.
     “I'm surprised you didn't figure that out.” Robotnik says.
     Knuckles and Amy beat the creature as hard as they can. Sonic keeps rolling through it.
The creature painfully picks up its monstrous hand and pounds the ground, sending everyone
flying into trees. It then opens its mouth and fires its heat beam, which is three times as large
than before. Sonic grabs Amy and Knuckles before they become barbecued.
     “Everyone alright?” Sonic asks.
     “Yeah.” Amy says.
     “Good.” Sonic says as he comes up with a plan. “Looks like we can stop it. Not kill it,
just knock it out.”
     “If that's the case then that'll buy us some time to get into the castle.” says Knuckles.
     “Right.” Sonic says. The creatures hand crashes down again and the three jump up to
dodge it. Knuckles hangs onto the hand and jumps up to its face. He jumps off and lands on
the creatures head. Knuckles starts punching through the protective armor. Amy takes her
hammer and, with a boost from
Sonic, rams the hammer into the creatures chest. The armor splits as the hammer plows
through the creature. Knuckles jumps off and the creature falls, grabbing its chest. Tails cries
out in pain. The locks that held him into the power housing unlock and drop the fox. Tails
falls on the floor and rolls in agony.
     “You weakling!” Robotnik shouts. “I thought you had the power of the ancients!” He
picks up Tails by the throat. “I thought you had strength and endurance!” Robotnik throws
Tails across the room. Tails hits the wall and yelps in pain. Robotnik picks him up again.
“You're useless!” He throws him again. This time, Tails lands next to the tank that has Mel.
Mel bends down and bangs on the glass. Tails opens his eyes slightly and smiles at her. Mel
gets a curious look. Robotnik approaches Tails.
Tails moves quickly and grabs his katana. He smashes the glass tank and the fluid pours out,
Robotnik slip and bang his head on the floor. The katana slips out of Tails hands. Mel falls
out and Tails limps over to her. She coughs and looks at him.
     “Are you alright?” Tails asks.
     “I'm okay.” she responds. “Are you?”
     “I'll be fine.” says Tails.
     “Oh no you won't.” Robotnik says as he gets up. “You think you can get rid of me that
easy?” Robotnik grabs the sword. “I know what happens when you are stabbed with your
own sword.”
     “Can you teleport us out of here?” Tails asks, frightened.
     “Not until I can get this liquid off me.” Mel responds. Robotnik swings the sword up.
     “You wont see your friends again!” Robotnik shouts.
     “No!” Mel shouts. She jumps up and is stabbed through the shoulder. She lands with the
sword in her shoulder.
     “No matter.” Robotnik says. “I can still finish you off!” Robotnik grabs Tails and starts
choking him. Tails struggles to get free. Mel takes the sword and slices off Robotniks arm.
Robotnik screams in pain. Mel drops the sword and falls to her knees. Her shoulder is
bleeding heavily. She crawls over to Tails. Tails slowly sits up. They kiss and Mel hands him
the sword. Then the room becomes dark. They look around and then the lights come back on.
They see Robotnik run into a room. He is then blown back through the door. Sonic, Amy,
and Knuckles run through the door. Tails and Mel's eyes light up.
     “Sonic!” Tails and Mel say in unison. Sonic and the others run over to them. Amy hugs
Tails tightly. He yelps in pain and Amy lets go.
     “Sorry.” Amy says.
     “Its okay.” Tails says. He glows and the pain dissipates. He grabs Mel's shoulder and
heals her. They all stand up and face Robotnik. They see Robotniks arm and see no blood.
They surround him and see something strange.
     “He's not alive.” Tails says. “He's... a robot.”
     “Now that explains everything.” Knuckles comments. Mel turns to Tails and hits him.
     “That's for scarring me!” Mel shouts.
     “What do we do about him?” Amy asks. Robotnik's eyes shift and his arms hit all of
them. He stands up.
     “Sonic, I didn't expect you to come by so soon.” Robotnik says.
     “So you are a robot.” Sonic says.
     “Yes I am.” Robotnik replies. “But you have not won yet Sonic.” Robotnik looks at his
arm and hits a couple of keys. He then starts beeping.
     “If I'm going down then you are coming with me!” Robotnik shouts. They all gasp and
start running. Robotnik laughs sinisterly. Sonic gets in front of everybody.
     “Grab my hand!” Sonic says. They all grab hands and Sonic speeds out of the castle. The
castle explodes, incinerating everything within a three block radius. Sonic and the others just
barely make it out. They run until they find the Tornado. They stop and pant.
      “Everyone okay?” Sonic asks. He looks at everybody and sees that they are okay. Slaves
then surround them.
      “Aw crap.” Sonic says. The slaves then fall down and return to normal. Commotion
starts as the people start looking around, wondering what happened.
      “Its over.” Tails says. He looks happily over at Mel. “Its all over.” He kisses her. Sonic
looks at them and smiles. 'I hope he is right.'
      “Lets go home.” Mel says. Everyone climbs into the Tornado and they take off. They
almost reach home as the power from the emerald is depleted.
      “Guys? We are going to have a rough landing!” Tails shouts. The engines cut out and
they start dropping. Tails glides the plane down to the beach. The landing gear couldn't be
deployed so Tails struggles to land without them. The plane hits the ground and skids to a
stop, knocking off the wings in the process. Everyone gets off.
      “Well done Tails!” Amy says, smiling. The King and Queen run out of the house.
      “My Princess!” the Queen shouts. She runs and hugs Mel. The King and Princess Lily
join in. Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy watch them, smiling knowing that they had reunited
a family. The King looks at them and bows.
      “You all have performed admirably.” the King says. “Especially you, Miles Prower and
Sonic Hedgehog. You have taken great care of my daughter. We are in your debt.” Tails and
Sonic look at each other and high five.
      “I hate to bring up bad news,” Tails says. “But the castle was destroyed when Robotnik
self destructed.” The King looks at him.
      “A building can be replaced.” the King says. “A life cannot. You all deserve awards for
saving the world once again.”
      “We'd be happy to help rebuild the castle.” Sonic says. “You can help to Knuckles. I
don't think Robotnik is going to be much trouble anymore.” Knuckles sighs.
      “I guess.” Knuckles replies.
      “Alright then.” the King says. “I would like Miles, I mean Tails, and Princess Melissa to
design the new castle. The rest of you can be head of what ever you want.” Mel walks over
to Tails.
      “What do you think, Mel?” Tails asks. “You want to rebuild your new home?” Mel
smiles and her eyes light up. She nods quickly. She then looks at the King.
      “Um Dad? Is it possible that we can let Sonic and Tails live at the new castle?” Mel asks.
“They let me stay at their place. It only seems fair to let them stay there.” Mel turns to Tails.
      “I suppose so.” the King says. “If it makes everyone happy. I just want my crown and
my castle back.” Tails runs to the Tornado and pulls out the crown. It is banged up,
scratched, torn, and a little burned. Tails hands it to the King.
      “Sorry we couldn't return it in better conditions.” Tails says. The King laughs and takes
the crown.
      “Thank you.” the King says. “I'll put it in a special case to remind us all that good can
still come out even in the worst of times.” Everyone smiles and claps.

     A few months ago, the castle was incinerated when Robotnik self destructed. Sonic and
the others volunteered to rebuild the castle. Tails and Mel were in charge of designing the
new castle. Sonic was in charge of delivering materials quickly. Knuckles took the head of
heavy equipment and construction labor. Amy took charge of in interior design and castle
gardens. Tails and Mel had incorporated a lab and workshop into the plans as well as a
proper runway for the Tornado. Tails had
contemplated on asking Mel to marry him but doesn't know how to approach it. He figured it
would be best to ask her father first. At present, the castle is practically done. Tails walks
down the corridor to the King's thrown room. He stops at the door. Tails is extremely
nervous. He had never asked this kind of question before. Tails gathers up as much courage
as he can and knocks on the door.
     “Come.” the King says. Tails opens the door. “Ah Tails. What brings you here?” Tails
breaths deeply and approaches the King.
     “Your majesty, I have a troubling question for you.” Tails says.
     “Alright. Whats your question?” the King asks.
     Tails breaths deeply as a lump forms in his throat and asks, “Sire, may I have Princess
Melissa's hand in marriage?” The King stands up and approaches Tails. Tails stares at the
approaching King, frightened beyond comprehension. The King stops in front of Tails and
glares at him. He grabs his hand
and shakes it. The King smiles and laughs.
     “Of course you can marry my daughter, my boy!” the King shouts. Tails nearly passes
out. “I didn't think you would. Oh, I need to tell Princess Melissa.” The King runs for the
door but Tails stops him.
     “Sire, I want this to be a surprise.” Tails says. “You can tell no one. I'd like to actually
propose in the courtyard but it needs to be a secret. Can I trust you?” The King smiles and
puts his hand on his heart.
“I give you my word.” the King says. “I'd like to give you something first. Follow me.” Tails
follows the King to his quarters. The King walks to his bed and pulls out a small wooden
box. He approaches Tails and opens the box. The King pulls out the Heart of Mobius.
     “I gave this to your father after the Great War.” the King says. “Sonic passed it to me to
keep and now I'm passing it to you.” Tails gets choked up at seeing the metal.
     “I remember Dad telling me stories about his bravery in the war.” Tails says. The King
hands it to Tails.
     “Now, you can tell your children about your bravery and courage in the face of death.”
the King says. Tails wipes his eyes as he looks at the metal. “But there is one more thing I
need to give you.” The King opens a drawer in his closet and pulls out a ring.
     “This is my mother's engagement ring. In the center is a small chip of a Chaos Emerald
and surrounding the chip are seven pure diamonds. My
father worked hard to get this ring. I want you to propose with this ring Tails.” Tails takes the
ring and cradles it in his hand.
     “I don't know what to say.” Tails says. The King smiles at him.
“Don't say anything, my boy.” the King says. “I just want my daughter and her friends to be
happy.” Tails smiles happily and runs off. He joins up with Sonic in his quarters.
     “Did you do it?” Sonic asks.
     “Yes and I can marry her!” Tails shouts.
     “That's great little bro!” says Sonic. “Did you get a ring?” Tails shows Sonic the ring.
     “Hot damn Tails! How did you get it?” Sonic asks.
     “The King gave it to me.” responds Tails. “It was his mothers and now its going to be
Mel's. You have no idea how happy I am.”
     “You are smiling from ear to ear buddy.” Sonic says. “I can guess how happy you must
     “You have to keep this a secret Sonic.” Tails says.
     “I know Tails.” replies Sonic. “You told me already. I'll take the ring and put it in my
dresser. I don't think you want Mel to find this.” Tails hands the ring to Sonic.
     “I'll be right back Sonic.” Tails says. “If Mel asks where I am, tell her I took the Tornado
out for a spin.” Sonic nods and Tails leaves with the Tornado.
Tails flies to his parents grave and activates the headstone. Rosemary and Amadeus appear in
front of him and he hugs them tightly.
     “What's the matter Miles?” Amadeus asks.
     “I just asked the King for his daughter's hand in marriage and he said yes!” Tails shouts.
     “Thats great!” Rosemary says. “Oh we are so proud!” Tails takes out the Heart of
Mobius and shows his father. Amadeus gasps and looks at the metal.
     “The King gave it to me.” Tails says. “I thought you might want to see it.” Amadeus
takes the metal and stares at it.
“I haven't seen this metal in so long.” Amadeus says. “Thank you son, for letting me see it
and hold it again. Now it belongs to you.” Amadeus hands it back to Tails.
     “I would like to know if you guys would like to be in the wedding.” says Tails.
     “What do you mean? Have the wedding here?” Rosemary asks. “And have us present?”
Tails nods.
     “Of course we would!” Rosemary shouts.
     “Oh this is great!” says Tails. “Now I just have to ask Mel and we'll be in business.”
Tails waves at his parents and he leaves for the castle.
     A couple days go by and the everyone is celebrating the brand new castle. The castle is
brand new and has a whole bunch of new features. Its security system has been revamped
and is ten times better. The outer walls have been enlarged so that the citizens of South
Market can escape inside. The power source is much more efficient at distributing power
through out the castle. Even the kitchen has been redesigned to accommodate a cooking
class. Tails and Mel are quite proud of their creation.
     “To the Greenleaf Castle.” the King says as he raises his glass. “May she serve us well.”
The party drinks from their glasses and continue eating. Sonic looks over at Tails and sneaks
the ring under the table.
     “If she faints, then you know the answer.” Sonic whispers in Tails ear.
     “I'm really nervous.” Tails says. “I don't know if I can go through with it.” Sonic puts his
arm around Tails.
“Do you remember when we fought off Robotnik's creations, Metal Sonic and Metal Tails?”
Sonic asks. Tails nods. “And how you were brave and strong enough to defeat your
mechanical double?”
     “Yeah.” Tails replies. “How does this connected to me and asking Mel?”
     “You were eight, I believe, and this was your first ever real battle.” Sonic answers. “You
were so scared and nervous of trying to impress me that your tails stopped rotating in the
middle of the fight. Your mechanical double took advantage of that moment and beat you to
a pulp. You then got really angry when it hit me. You turned that machine into a pile of scrap
     “So you'r e saying that I should just do it?” Tails asks.
     “Yeah. Just do it and see what happens.” Sonic responds. “Don't try to impress anybody.
You can't screw it up. Mel loves you and she is expecting this. She will say yes.” Tails smiles
and stands up.
     “Thanks Sonic.” says Tails.
     “No problem little bro.” Sonic says.
     Tails approaches Mel and asks to see her outside in the courtyard. Her father excuses her
and they walk outside. Tails is extremely nervous to the point where he feels like he's going
to throw up. They stop in front of the water fountain.
     “What is it Tails?” Mel asks. Tails looks up at the stars.
     “Do you remember when we first met?” Tails asks. “And how we slept outside because
the stars just seemed to shine ever so brightly?”
     “Yes and it was absolutely romantic.” Mel answers.
“I have looked at the stars every night until now.” says Tails. “The stars seem to be shinning
ever so brightly now,” he looks into her eyes, “just like you.” Tails gets down on one knee.
He pulls out the ring and presents it to Mel. Mel starts tearing.
     “Princess Melissa Greenleaf, will you marry me?” Tails asks. Mel's eyes explode in
     “Yes I will!” Mel says as she hugs Tails.
     “I love you too but can I get the ring on your finger?” Tails asks sarcastically. He stands
up and puts the ring on Mel's finger. They kiss each other and stay there for a while.
     “I love you, Miles Prower.” Mel whispers.
     “I love you too, Princess Melissa Greenleaf.” Tails replies. “Shall we walk inside and
break the news to ever yone else?”
     “Yes.” Mel says. They walk inside and they run to the King. Mel runs up to her father
and shows him the ring. The King stands up.
     “May I have your attention please?” the King bellows. “I have an announcement to
make. Miles “Tails” Prower, has just asked my daughter, Princess Melissa Greenleaf, for her
hand in marriage. And
now it is up my own decision. Miles, please join me up at the table.” Tails walks up to the
King. “I, King James Greenleaf, hereby grant your wish to marry Princess Melissa
Greenleaf.” He shakes Tails hand. Everyone in the dining hall claps and shouts. Tails looks
down at the table he was sitting at. Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles are sitting there, clapping as
well. He looks at Sonic and Sonic give him a
thumbs up. Tails just fills up with happiness.
     “They grow up so fast.” Amy says as she wipes her eyes.
     “Yeah they do.” Sonic says. “I never thought I'd see the day.”
     “Neither did I.” says Knuckles. “I'm happy for them. With all that they have been
through, Tails and Mel deserve this.”
     “Tails is in for quite an adventure.” Sonic says. “Lets hope nothing bad happens to either
of them.”
     The King looks at Tails and says, “Where would you like the wedding?”
     “At my old home, on Lilith Island.” Tails says. “I asked my parents to be present at the
wedding and that's the only way to do it.”
     “What do you mean?” the King asks.
     “I'll show you.” Tails says. “Mel can you teleport us to my old home so that I can show
the King where I would like our wedding to be?” Mel nods and the three of them disappear.
They arrive at the grave site.
     “What are you up to Miles?” the King asks. Tails touches the headstone and his parents
appear before them.
     “Do my eyes deceive me?” the King says in disbelief. “General Amadeus Prower? Right
here? In front of me?”
     “Yes sire.” Amadeus says. “I am humbled that you came out here to see me and my
     “I don't understand?” the King shouts. “You two died sixteen years ago.”
     Rosemary explains, “We were granted permission to help out our son if he needs us. But
we can't leave this place.” The King approaches them and pokes Amadeus in the arm.
     “Yes Sire, I am real.” Amadeus says smiling.
     “Oh my word! It really is you!” the King says. “I am grateful to have met your son. He
has saved the planet many times.”
     “Don't forget Sonic.” Rosemary says. “He raised Tails to what he is today.”
The king nods and says, “Its been so long since I saw you two.” The King turns around and
looks at Tails. “If this is where my daughter wants the wedding as well, then this shall be the
     “Mel, do you want to have the wedding here, so that my parents can be there with us?”
Tails asks.
     “Yes I do.” Mel says.
     “Then its settled.” the King says. “We will see you in about three weeks.” the King says
to Rosemary and Amadeus. They wave and disappear.
     “We need to get back to the castle!” the King says. Mel shuts her eyes and they appear in
the castle dining hall.
     “We will have the wedding on Lilith Island.” the King announces. “Please be ready in
three weeks.” The party gets up and starts leaving. Tails motions Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles
up to the royal family table.
     “Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles, will you be in my wedding?” Tails asks.
     “What kind of a question is that?” Amy shouts. “Of course we will be.”
     “Amy, it would be lovely if you could my Maid of Honer.” Mel says to Amy.
     “I would love to but what about your sister?” Amy asks.
“I asked already and she declined.” Mel says. “Its okay, she wants to be the decorator
anyway and Mom is going to be the wedding planner. So that leaves you.” Amy shrieks with
     “It would be an honor, Princess.” Amy says.
     Tails turns to Sonic and asks, “Sonic can you be my best man?”
     “Sure buddy!” Sonic says.
     “And Knuckles, are you able to be part of the bridal party?” asks Tails.
     “Well lets see.” Knuckles says sarcastically. “I'll have to move that over and reschedule
that and cancel that.... Sure, no problem.”
     “Good, I'm glad thats settled.” the King says. “In the mean time, everyone off to bed. I
need to talk with my future son-in-law.” Everyone leaves the room.
     “Tails, come sit with me.” the King says as he sits on the steps. Tails obliges and sits
next to him. The room becomes very quiet as King James gathers his thoughts.
     “You know, your father and I were really close friends.” the King says. “We would go
out, have wild parties, even play sports on the weekends. Then I met the Queen. I fell head
over heals for her and that's all that I thought about. Amadeus was pretty upset that I all of a
sudden ignored my best friend. I never got a chance to tell him I'm sorry. The Great War
started right after I married the Queen and I was
only using Amadeus as my tool to win the war. He did his job valiantly, as he always did, but
that didn't excuse my behavior towards him." Tails looks at the King curiously. "The point is,
Tails, just because you are marrying Princess Melissa
doesn't mean that you ignore your friends. If they invite you to something, take Mel with
you. Just don't do what I did.”
     “Alright Sire.” Tails says. “Just to let you know, Dad speaks highly of you. Not just
because you are the king but because you were his friend. Talk to him at the wedding. You'll
see what I mean.”
     “One more thing Tails.” the King says. The King takes his sword puts it against Tails
     “Don't hurt my Princess in any way shape or form. If I find out you did something to her,
you'll be sorry you ever met me.”
     “Okay, okay, I promise never to hurt Mel, I mean Princess Melissa.” Tails says
     The King smiles and laughs. “Go on, be with you fiancée. You two have a lot to work
on.” Tails stands up, bows, and runs to Mel. The King stays behind and looks up at the
     “I hope you can forgive me Amadeus.” the King says. He leaves and joins the Queen.
     For the next three weeks, things were hectic. People were bustling around the castle and
Lilith Island getting everything ready. Tails got fitted for a tux as well as Sonic and
Knuckles. Amy and Mel got fitted for their dresses as well. As the day approached Tails and
Mel got more nervous. They don't know why. Tails and Mel wrote their vows and each of
them practiced in the mirrors. Sonic and Knuckles would constantly play sports outside in
the courtyard and Amy would sometimes play along. Tails remembered what the King said
and he and Mel would sometimes join them. The King didn't like it very much when he saw
Mel playing with the guys but he put up with it. He would check in on occasion to make sure
Mel wasn't hurt. Things are going great.
     In the deepest part of the ocean, Robotnik's ship lays on the bottom, lifeless. The robots
inside are no longer active or have been destroyed. One machine, R3, has taken refuge inside
a transporter tube. His eyes glows and he opens the door. R3 walks out and explores the ship.
He walks to the lab and sees a red button on the computer console. He approaches it and sees
a test tube next to it. Inside the test tube is a small cylinder. R3 becomes curious and pushes
the button. The engine room starts
humming and the lights start turning on. The screen in front of him flickers and Robotnik's
face appears, laughing.
The End

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