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									Snake report 593
Reported by James Mahaffy
November 26, 2011

Spirit Lake Beacon
Spirit Lake, Dickinson County, Iowa
P 3 col 5 vol 12 #27
June 1, 1882

                                        Harvey Colebour killed a large rattlesnake, with 6 rattles, on the Blakely
                                        place this week. We believe this to be the first venomous reptile ever seen in
                                        the lake County

This is in Dickinson County. Since they give us the number of rattles this is a fairly strong report. It is the only
report I have gotten from this county. That fits with the editor saying back in 1882 that this was the only poisonous
snake known to be fund in the county. I suspect that means there were not many early on in the county.

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