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									Tips on Being a Programmer
Here I will describe 20 tips how to be successful in learning programming so that
it can be a gifted programmer. Being a programmer does require extra time and
effort.Besides logic also requires speed and skill to understand the programming

20 Tips to success are as follows:
1. The initial capital is the motivation to learn programming. If the motivation to
   learn a great motivation, Congratulations! You are a candidate for a reliable
   programmer. The next focus is honed skill to learn programming. Continue to
   maintain the motivation that has been owned. Do not let this motivation
   dashed when a failure.
2. Do not give up easily. It is not easy to learn programming. It takes struggle,
   hard work and experience (flight hours). Do not give up when a lot of errors
   that arise when making program.
3. Never assume that programming is entirely lesson 'memorize'. It's true, is also
   required to memorize that when memorizing the syntax and rules of writing
   the program. But in principle, the programming is learning how to think and
   how to solve logic problems.
4. Do not just be typists. When the teacher gives examples of programs in the
   classroom or when the lab, do not just look at every line of source code as the
   wind and you just move it to paper or computer. If it just so, as well as
   learning to be a handyman type. Try to understand every line of code and the
   program flow is written your teacher or lecturer. If you already understand, try
   to write his own version of the program according to a book or a computer. If
   this is done, it is not aware of having to train logical thinking and learn how to
   express logical thinking in the form of the program.
5. To support learning, try to find people who want to teach. When having
   trouble learning programming. Can be close friends, friends on the internet or
   even teachers and lecturers or anyone close and understand the question.
6. Do not rely on face-to-face in the classroom. The material was extensive
   programming.What is given when college professors were very small
   compared to the overall scope of programming knowledge. Try exploration
   itself is all about programming. There are many references on the internet
   that discuss tips and tricks and techniques in programming.
7. Look for the focus to the programming community. On the Internet there are
   many web via discussion forums or mailing lists that discuss
   programming. Remember that people often associate with the perfume
   salesman then he will come to be fragrant. So, we adopt this, many-many
   associate with people in the community together with interest programming.
8. It is advisable to have a computer at home or at the boarding house. As I
   have explained above that needed to master programming and hours of flying
   experience a lot in making the program. If you do not have your own
   computer, how can add flying hours? To learn programming not necessarily
      need a computer with high specifications. Simply Pentium III computer course
      that was to be, except that it takes to learn to program specification based on
      visual programan great example. Anyway, you should never rely on lab
      practicum hours beca
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