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									Easy Ways To Install Computer, Netbook, Laptop with flash

       Nowadays many students who would rather buy a netbook because with
10 inc LCD screen without DVD RW, the price is relatively cheap compared
Laptop. As well as small size and lightweight. So easy to carry while in
college. Here I will describe my experience with flashdish reinstall windows. first
prepare the ingredients first seeks asking all drivers windows WinToFlash
software, which is free is more in favor of the purchase, has not it? do not need
anymore strings attached directly prakteksan just see the steps below
Here's tips on how to install the netbook computer using a stick:

Quick Ways
4 Gb flash plug into a normal computer -> Run WinToFlash -> Transfer Win 7 to
flash with WinToFlash -> Ready Used grouch!
4 GB flash plug into the target Netbook -> Booting from flash -> Install win 7 as
usual -> Done!

How to Detail
  1. Plug the flash drive 4 Gb on a normal computer
  2. Download WinToFlash here
  3. Extract the file downloaded earlier and open the folder extract
      Run WinToFlash.exe
  4. Click the "big check button" to start the Windows setup transfer wizard
  5. Click Next then Specify the lo
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